The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 8
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Mij t * * * ^ ',* v * f '* ' ^ i t " ( ' v " i * i i » ' * , l ,, V \ * t * * r( 'J l * * * x, / ri b ' ^ t rt'^ ( i. ^ "" j* •. * ! ' <•* C ' •" ' ^ ' "' "* T ja . ^ »*•*'* ^,'j, *'" * ^ • rir { ( t?'C il «- A ^ i * "* j"^? t a __ _ , L t_ ..,_. j,, .,^..._._ . .. .1 -,&...-• ......a. .... ^.......... . ""injrr.lTn 1 %t»inifi 1 MT.HfrJrtr'-^-iin^--riiin-ifr-Th-;ririt.--rr-ii'-- j - JJ - t —— 3 jLjad^-^j~-j-^-» J -^!i^i^-i^--^ujL-^-^^ On the Air KOO-KPO — N«tl«n»l Broiiltutlfli (Mm- Survey Shows One Out ofj Ton Homes Has Rooms Ucntcd. Bcporls fVntltit rrcm LrnntH Wtrei ClltCAOO, Kept. 2S.~One out of every 1° families In I he typical American city him lodgera or board-j ei-H, Professor William V. Ogburn, j University of Chicago, revealed In u. , s>irvry of "AvcrngMown." One out; of cvrry 10 iielultB liiiHl 15 IH illvorocd j or wWownil, lif found ; Ogburn, tiildng of hln ilatJi ( from Hi" llilto riTiHiin, fo\inil tbiH ono-third of proplr- working urn cri giigfd In iniinufucture-; oni'-«lxU) buy, and Hi-ll for a living: eini-U-nlli mnvo ; thlnKH from one plue-i- to unotlii-rij Bin) (hut ono out of 10 IWM :i typo.-j writer or dors other rlrrlcnl work. i lOvcry tlmo B)IOI>H aro fililnorl, bnlr| cut, or dinner Bi-rvevl, Homoonn IH | iiHlng Ihn BnrvlrpH of u cliiHH mnl< I Ing up onei-nllilli of thn working population. Tho typical worlenr In Dm north pariiH on thei average' JI300 a yntr; in the Houth tli« flgurx dropn to $|ICO In munufaclurlnK 'i n<1 *' 1!( 0 In; n-tiill Htore-H. Dlffnri'iKTH In ront In , the two HO'MloiiH of tins iiuuiitry of-, Home I'oinpenHiitloii. The liver- ; sign family In the north n-ntH a; dwflllng feir J^H u month, while In : th. KOiith $18 provldeH uderiualii j ICve-ry Iliouwinil workerM In "Av friigetei'wn" onllnarlly ri>i|ulrn morn nfflrlalH. phyKk'liinH, lawyern, prenrh- CTH H ml teai-hei-H Ihfin pollremen. TtH'ro are only 2.7 of the Inttor for i every thousand, while there are 2».H i tcitrherH, !l.7 offlelnlM, S.!i phyHli'lan.H, 4.a lnwyiTM. und !i ' preai-hcrB for . the wimo numlier. | Six out of evnry In perHonn ovi-r lu aro marrloel, ami one out of Mix j wlv«B wurkH outHldc the home. i Averagetown'H per capita d"hl IB I f70, and thn deht of tho working adult In |80. Fred Preston Will Open The Cedars I"red I'rnBlon, who for tho pa«t several yearn hu« conducted "Krcd'H IMiirn" on llrilndiigt) I.ann, two tilockN niiHt of t'hiiHtor aven\ie, tomorrow will open hlo new i>Htiil>- llHhmoiit, directly went of tho old one. Taking tin mime from Iliu many fine nld trueB that abound, llif new place will t«i known as "Tim CedarH" and will Hpm:lall7.<i in Hlenli and chicken dlnnern and mixed ilrlnltB. Dancing to erri'lie-mra nuiMlu will be a nightly feature. CoiiHlntliiK of threu and n hulf lieit'M. tlie nnw place) ban boeu inuili! over liy Mr. I'ri'Hton to MUlt hln jieeilB. The groundH have been Iniiil- Krupcd. un outdoor lighting nynlcm lUNtulU'd and a well llgliled parking Hpiice- of e)im and it half aorew provided. The building him been ro- iniideled mid new flxtureN and equipment Installed. A danee floor, buffet, private boot ha and dining rooniM jiuvo lieen added. Harold Oakley, formerly of the Went Hide, will bo iiMHodated with Mr. I'ri'Hton utt manager In the nnw I'llterprlMe. ttiullo KTSD. KI1W, KEX, KOMO, KHO, KJR, KOA. KOA, KflHU, KDYL, KdlR, KTAR. KFHC-CBR— Don L«i intf Columbia-- dun- tillM treerimi t«l KHJ, KQH. KOR. KM), KOW. KFBK, KKHN, KOU, KVI, K8L, KDIN, KEPY. BlOO to 5l30 p. 'm. KKHN nuii iiRlwork— To bo announced. • NHC network— Jack Mwikln'n monk'. Wfl.XAf— IlocordliiRB. KN'X- — runlor Club; 6:16, Maurloa'ft Orc'howirn. 6i30 to 6 iOO p, m. KKHN ami iiPtwork— To bn an- notjiii-ert! 6:45, Moonglow Mftlo- illcn. Nil' 1 ii"lwnrk--f'roH(i Huts. WilXAl— UpcordliiRH. KNX---Jiu'k Arninlrong; fi;46, Or- liluiti Antil' 1 . 6:00 to 6:30 p, m, KHUN it nd nnlwi.rk--t.iix Tlartlo Thimlrr Nil' 1 network — To b« nminwiord. WtlXAl- NIIWM Kliinlii'ii; (1:10, Dinner i-iitiriirt lo tf:4fi. KN.V~rulu.llnn, giMirtnl: 8:16, N'twii 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKflN nml network —I. ux Thi'iilrc. Nllf network -Dlniifr I'otion \Vfl.VAI---fl:4fi, Ti-nilr TIIIIPB. KN.K— Mnry Martin; (1:15, fhuiMfirit . 7:00 In 7>30 p. m, KKHN and network — U'aynn KliiB Ori'linolra. Nllf nnlwork— CmitrnlBd prntfram, W8XAI— Ijdl's Muiicn; 7:16, World I IIUHTH. KNX Klinir OOPH Hollywood; 7:10, Pntnona Kiilr. 7i30 to 8:00 p, m, KKHN und nnlwnrlt- Happy Fluyn; 7: 4B -— drama Creek 1'iirnon. Nil'' network— ITawthorn« Iloimn. WOXAI l.ovo Hlory; 7:16, <?ecll niul Hrillj KNX Ni.wlywedn; 7:45, KliiK Cowboy. 6:00 to B:,10 p, m. KKHN and network — William Hard; S:lb, llnnfrew of tbu Mnuntitd. NIK' nelworlt — 'AinnH and Andy; N:U". Liim nnil Abnnr. WflXAl Hollywood nn Parade; ft:lfi, Kriink Wiitunabc. KNX .— Offlunr or Mm l.)ny; 8:15, Maurenri (I'l'minor. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKKN und network — Plrk and )'at. NIH 1 network — fhornl Kymtihnny. s; «:46, IMtn Director of 'Emergency Work Suys Corps Is Restoring ' Forest Lundft-Pu'Ht ..... (AtfiirAnlnA I'r6»t Leaned -W<re) WABfriNCJTON. Hopt. 28.— Hobort Vechnnr, director of- emergency con- Hervutlon work, Bald today tho Civilian Conservation Corps, co-operating with stales and other federal agon* Hies, IH winning n nationwide battle to roBlore, forest lands faster than they win lm ilevastaled by fire, In- oeelH, fllnnaHcM and cutting. "In tho far wont rind mountain stnleH, (.hi: program bus rocogntod flro protect Ion, rather than Iron planting, as tho key to perpetuity," he mild. "In the tnlddlowoHl and oast, It IH Iron planting." KeiOmer snld a compilation showed I he r:CC. from April, 19:13, when It wa« organized, to August 1, 1030, planted 770,122,100 trees (seedlings), Hpenl 2,040,8)15 man-days fighting forest and brush fires, built 2,538,08 (I er,onlon control dams, 77,428 mlleH of roads and trails, 40,07(1 miles of telephone Iln«H, 2760 lookout hounds and towers, 60,940 miles of fire breaks, rcdticed flro hazards on I.CCR.'Hin ticros, Improved forest. stands on U, 4112, 890 ncren, conducted rodent control operations ov»r 22,- :i1!!,r>7« acres, und eovennl 12,089,1171 acres In control of tree-attacking Insects and diseases. AT NILE Itnpeirtom; KNX Hoiimnr.i In Hhythni; H:1fi, TownHmnl IMan. OlOO tn 0:30 p, m. KKHN and not work •Iliiraee llnldt HrlguilliirH. NHC nnlwork—l p ll)bor MeO*« and Mully. Wll.XAt -NIIWH IHanlinw; 9:15, Vie VrnHor. KNX—Newn: 0:18, Huhlnoff. Oi30 to 10:00 p. m. KKHN and mitworU—f-nllfnnilii'H Hour. Nlir network—Uloliard lllinbnr'n iireliiiBtra. WIIX Al—liramiiH of (,lfn; OMT), Hhylhm and Ilniiinnei). KNX- Crockett I'-iunlly. 10iOO to 10i30 0. in. KKHN anil net work - i.'iillloriila'n )lour. NHC nnl.w«rk--N«WH Klaidion; Hl:ir>. MlrhiKlng MIHIK WOXAl—Vill Hei|iic'Hl priiKrum. 10)30 to 11iOO p. m. l< KHN—World In Itnvluw; 10:4(1 — WllXAl—All IU-i|tieBl proHrimi Mayor Steps Into Bay Bridge Fight (( I'mtt Letitfd Wire) HAN KRANCIHCO, 28.— Mayor Angelo Uossl today slopped siniarely Into the bay bridge, approach billboard argument. I lo ankod Ilin hoard of permit, up- peiilH lo deluy action on IH appllca- tloiiH fur prnnllH to ernct Hlgnu ulony; the lirldgn approach highway. "I shiill ask the permit board not to act until the lost day of tho 40 days which It IH allowed by law," the. mayor said. Hrticilon of billboards along tho approach ban boen protested by morn than a score of f.'lvlc and btisl- IICHM organluillons. Thu mayor asked tbi'lr reprnsentallveH to address tho permit board meeting tonight.. Cemetery Dynasty ! of 87 Years Ended Claire Trcvor ; kiid' EdWard Uromhorg "HPi JERK'S a catch In It some- I- whero," «o.ld J. ISdwurd Brorrtborg when Informed that ho wan not going to malie> up for hlH rolo In "Htar for a Night" now Playing nt Ihu Nile) theater on u double features program with "Tho I/a»t of tho Mohicans," Bromborg won wrong, howovnr, and in tho film ho appears naturally for tho flmt tlmo slnco ho cafno to Hollywood, Deaplto tho fact that ho IB only 82 Bromborg alrn6st Invariably plays older men. TIo started playing character purls whnn hr> first embarked on a theatrical career and HO groat was hid artistry that ho won tho Now York critics' award for tho year's b«st acting when ho playod the agml Doctor Mochberg In the» Htngo version of "Mon in White." Htdllar iiamos Included In ttio cast, of "Star for n. Night" arc Olalrc Trovor, Janu Darwoll, 15vo- lyn Vonablo, Arllno JuOgo and Dean Jaggor, "Tho Uust of tho Mohicans" brings to tho screen ono of tho fluent ea«tH eivcr lutMombled for a film.' iteadlng tho cast, Randolph HroU, Hlnnlo Barnes and Henry Wllejoxon kro ably supported by Uruco Cabot, Iloborl Barret, Ileathnr Angel, Phillip Hood and Wlllaril RobcrtBon. "Swing ^iftie" Rated Fittea^ Astaire-Rogers New Picture By MAK 8AUNDKR8 "CW1NO TIME," now at the Vox & thotttAi 4 , will be a lucky choice of a plcttiro to sec with Freft -As- tatfe o«, tho J^ticky hero, and Olnger * as tho good llttlo Penny that turns up again, as hla dance partner. \Vln« Ills Way Tho picture will probably rcatoro your faith In slot machines and redheaded women for It IM thlH lucky combination which .makes tho hero dance Into- the ;lncotno-payln(f clans. The plot concerns a young hoofer, Lucky by name, -who cherishes a goijd-luck fuiartor and builds It up into ii fortune. lie has the original Intention of going back to ".marry tho home-town girl' that no almost marrlnd once except for the small matter, of getting cuffs on u pair of afternoon trousors, which It s6ems, was a wrong Idea anyway. (Both tho trousorn and the home-town girl), He* meets up with Ginger, who Is .an. 'instructor at a dance studio. Good Combination CHA&llE 1 i'' . n, , -.1.; (' 96 Acres Added to Fox Film Studios i Mmunnlr-il l'rr»n lionoeil Wlrt) I, OH ANCIMLHfl. Hopt. ar>. ...... Ninety H|X iirres were ailded today to I ho tiri'ii of Iho Went wood Illlln Htildln nl' Twiiiitlelh ( n eiilnrv-l l 'ox ( 'nrpiiralliin. A $:i.tHil),uo() Impripvomoiit program now under way required Hin jiur- oliutiR (if land fur expansion, film ex- erutlven eald. I ,\ I'retm Lctim'.tt It'irr.J LKVKLAND, Sept. iH.--llack In AtiKiiHl Ulndfli-lNcli paid *L'0 for a Jnb a« ctiHtuillan of thu Wlllet Ml reel ceilliHi'l-y. lie held I ho IIOHI. until he died In Mini!, then his son, Henry, nin'cecilcd him Henry dlod lant nlKht, In a franm collage In th<> cemetery, where ho wan born 8>l years ago. UAIUCOADH KKillT MOS((I ! ITOF,S WABIIINUTON, Hepl. '-'«. (U. I'.)— Thn railroads, pnrlliMilarly thoso In the Houlh, have been ainoim' the leaders In brliiKlng about I ho control of iiM IIH a proven! !vn me.asuro the spread of malaria and other diseases, iieenrdlng to HID As- Hoclal Inn ill' Aini-rlt'iiii KallriiadH. Lyons' Orchestra to Initiate Union Al Lyons und ht« orchestra, of "PartIBM ut PlcHfuIr" radio famo, aro thn outstanding inimical group Hnlfictpd by Lloyd Nance and "Buck" Buchanan to play at the oponlntf of tho first wlntor Heaaon at thn Union Avonno pavilion HlimiUuneounly with Frontier Duyn noxt week end. Tho puvlllon IIHH just Ix-en (,'0111- plntoly roofnd and rmlf;corut.od ut: u cost of $8000. At LyoiiH and hlH huiiil will bo hero on Friday and Halurdny nlghtM, Oclobur li and 3. Organizing his orchcHtra In 19H2. aftor yours of professional music ("xporlonnp. Lyons conducted his uroup In Ht. T^oiils for two years, finning thcnco to tho Ambassador Lido In Los AiiK<i1"'s. Tho Troeu- dcro In Hollywood and an engagement In Hun Dingo followoil, and after another Intorludo at Uto ^.ni- buHsiidor Lido, a record-breaking run lit Ilin <!oi;«Rtiut Urovo which firmly cHtiibllHhod tho band's popularity. . 4 » * TOIWINO DOOM HOUSED FLOnlflNClfl. Orn.. Hopl. 28. (U. P.) Jack Ponsler hau tho latest In accommodations for touring dogH and (Mils. Motorists may leavo Iholr animals at Ponslor's dog and cat rust room for a romp while they aro In town. Pair of Magicians Held at Mandarin Cazah, the girl Houdtnl, and her manager, yantlno the. magician, have been hold over .for another week at tho Maiidarln cafe because of their popularity, It was announced today by'Eiirl Wong. 'Vantlno was forced to cancel an engagement In a Phoenix night club. Cawui's escape from a packing case built by a local lumber company attracted a large crowd and her ro- rnoyal of several pairs of handcuffs presented by Mandarin patrons amazed witnesses. This week she presents the Hindoo .trunk mystery In which she Is securely tied, placed within tho trunk aiid the ropes bound around it. Vfintlno's magic net will also incjudo some now mysteries 'This act has been booked for tho King's theater In Honolulu, fron- where Vantlno will go to Knglund his homo. A new danco team, Ethel anc Lowls, who have played at tho Man diirln before, and Miss Patsy Dawn acrobatic dancer, entertained a large audience Haturday evening Patsy Stlner, clad In western cos* lutno, Is mistress of ceremonies. 4 « » United Airlines Faces$6500 Suit (United 1're.n* Leaned Wire) SAN FHANCTSCO, Sept. 38.— UuKcr Brarny today sued United Air lines for $(1COO, charging his hear Ing vriuf impaired to that extent dur Ing a flight from Los Angeles to Sa> Francisco August 20 because tho airliner ulewardesn wits unable to furnish him a stick of chewing gum ttramy said ho asked for some Bum to chow during tho flight be anise ho belloved that chewing gum rollevos itching eardrums. MISS HELENE AUBREY Elmo Cosmetiste will 6« in this store SEPT, 28 TO OCT. 3 She will be glad to give you a personal consultation regarding the care of your skin. Telephone our store and make 'an appointment for your complimentary Elmo facial and makeup. Phone 4700 Toiletries—Main Floor WEILL'S In trying to be a pferfectly dumb pupil, ho- Causes Penny to lone her job and then he gets It back for her again with a display of suddenly-acquired technique. Having, found tho perfect dance partner. "Lucky goes Into the spotlight of big-time clubs and romance develops along with his new Bteps with Penny, The songs aro. clever, the dialogue bright, the settings are smart and effective and tho dancing Is on a par -with any of the previous team work negotiated by this .expert duo. On theipremlso .hat four Astulrcs uro better^ than one, a shadow number Is an original and bright moment. The highlight among tho danco numbers, however, s tho waltz which wlllprobably send ballroom enthusiasts off on now practice routine. Of course, the ending of the pic- uro will bo no surprise to picture, fans who know how home-town 1 girls ire able to take care of themselves while awaiting for a wanderer's re- .urn, but there Is plenty of enter- ;alnment anyway, Others In Cast Victor Mooro a« Pop, tho magician, who controls luck at time with hl« power over the ace of spades, and ttelen Brdderlck as Mabel, secretary at_ the dance school, who casts In her fortunes with Penny provide the broad comedy. Eric Blore la typod as Gordon, v tho head of tho dance school, but ho doenn'c have much opportunity to display his original brand of humor. Betty Ifitrnesn Is the home-town girl and George Mo- taxa Is, the orchestra leader who thinks Penny needs to be put in'a roHu-covorod cottage of his .own design. If you are smart you will arrange to see tho clever Mickey Mouse colored cartoon, "Moving 13ay," In which Donald Ducjc is tho hero, and miss "Tho Bulldog Edition," a picture which is the absolute nadir of gangster and newspaper yarns. It hasn't a single redeeming feature, except that If you 8k'p It and go home, you'll get more shut-eye than a double bill usually allows. W ARNER bLAKp again appears on the California, screen an Charlie Chan In "Charlie Chan, at tho Race Track," one of the three grand attractions showing there today, tomorrow and Wednesday. The second feature In "Ills Brother's Wife"/ co-starring Robert Taylor and Barbara Stan- wyck with Jean Horsholt, Joseph Callcla and John. Eldredge. Tho Mickey Mouse cartoon In techni- color "Mickey's Polo Team" and • Fox ' Movietono News completes tho program. ' INFANT BECOMES ZULU CHIEF DURBAN, Sept. 28. fJJ. P.)—An Infant bdyi grandsc-n of tho Zulu warrior Kambl, Grand Chief of tho Nge- netshenl' trlbo, now holds sway over an area of ZUluland comprising a black population of ; 1,600,000. HOLD EVERYTHING! IT'S TIME FOR THE GOOSE CREEK PARSON! Ridio'j Neweit Stir ia Josith Hopkins, "The Goose Creek Parson"! Tune la on his side -splitting, horaelr humor and phllojophjr... • •tbrillinc lore story ... mig> n!6ceot jfnitlnK by the Goose Creek Choir! Brought to you thrice weekly by Suptr SfiHi. GOOSE CREEK PARSON TONIGHT KERN 7:45 AND EVERY WON. WED. AND FRIDAY VIRGINIA Open 12-11 p. m.—20o and 10o TODAY and TUESDAY TWO BIQ FEATURES, Sylvia Spencer SIDNEY TRACY "FURY" JOHN MACK BROWN In Big First-Run Western "EVERY MAN'S LAW" Our Qang Comedy and Shorts TODAY—2 BIQ FEATURES W. C. FIELDS In "POPPY" and CLAUDETTE COLBERT In "THE QILDED LILY" Cartoon Newe GRANADA TODAY and TUESDAY Clark QABLE, J, MaoDONALD "SAN FRANOISOO" and CHAS. BICKFORD In "PRIDE OF THE MARINES" Also Newareel and Cartoon PRIZE CROP TOBACCOS ... make them Double-Mellow tr- •JMHavMWBBBMBHMBBMMWMHal MI*aMlWMMMMaMHaWM ' 2 JACKETS. DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," keep them FACTORY-FRESH Each (acket U moltturgjiroof Cellophono ... the hlghetr quality obtainable. Thli double Cellophane wrapping keeps out dampness, dryness, dust and every other fo« of cigarette goodness. SCORE: A GRAND SLAM...the finest cigarette you ever tasted! Buy ONE pack; WEIL pay you for TWO. if "Double-Mellows" don't make That's the not of our Double- Money Back offer. H you're not pleaied, alter smoking half a pack ot "Double- Mellow*," mail us the remaining 10 cigarette* within 30 days of thl* date, Pronto, we'll send you doubfo the; price you paid for tho full puckitgo, tfus (railage. P. LORlLt^RD COMPANY, Tnc,, HOW. 4Qth Stroet, Now York City, • Foreign Tuning System PHILCO 610-J $64.95 plBtn with all. w»v« aarial. Nolhlng «l*o to U,uy; EASY TERMS Let ? er Buck! Ride the Airways With a New 1937 PHILCO Thft Valky'i Uading Phlloo Dialer WEILL'S 2 ACE FEATURES Contlnuo'ui Tonight -After 7 ind 8;« p. m. RAN DOUPH' SCOTT BINNIE BARNES HENRY WILCOXQN "THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS" ' . PLUS fa-Hi i_rin Ilium CLAIRE TREVOR "STAR FOR •."--• A NIDHT" £ Thursday 0 "The Oar Who; Took MB. DEEDS TO TOWN STEPS OUT WITH A NEW MAN" • NILE NOW | ENDS WEDNESDAY ^ 3 BIO HITS Your Frltndly Th««tr» Robert TAYLOR Barbara STANWYCK "HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" Warner OLAND "CHARLIE CHAN AT THE RACE TRACK MICKEY MOUSE "MICKEY'S POLO TEAM DOOB8 OPtN Ji4S P. NOW SHOWING AIM ^ - Ev»lyn KntM , ' Bi» W(UK«r In "BUUOOQ EDITION" Mlekty HoiiyOttlwi. QET TICKETS NOW For th« "Frontier Days Midnight Jamboree" Fox Thiilre Saturday, OcUltr I «_ ENDS TODAY Otto KRUOER, Martha SLEEPER "TWO SINNERS" Frank MORGAN, Steffi OUNA "DANOINQ PIRATE" "The Lost City" (1) and New* Bakergfleld'a'Mo»t Unique.Cafe 7 BIG ACTS All This Week (Three Shows Nightly) Entire Change of Program Cazan The Girl Houdlnl Vantine The Mad Magician. Etheland ..Lewis Adagio-Dancers. Supreme ; Dale Dawn High Kicks; Acrobatic Patsy Stiner Mistress of Ceremonies Laurie Foster and Ills Rhythm Boys DINE — DANCE — DRINK Delicious Chinese and • American.-Dinners . ' 6 P* Mi STANDARD TIME KERN and Coatt-to-Coatt Columbia Network Ail-Star Cast * WALLACE BEERY * CECILIA PARKER * CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG MARJORIE RAMBEAU ERIC LINDEN Under lh» dlr*ctl»n of Hollywood's tamout |irodu<or CECIL B. DE MILLS Don't mils Booth T«rkinjton'» absorb- Inf itory of the •dventure* of • re»l American in Europe. An ilNitir out— • full hour of exoitini entertiinmentl Fred Preston Announces V , , < ' i the Opening of His New Place t ' L , ^' •' , * Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29 The Cedars Brunduge Lane, TAVO Blocks East of Chester Avenue, (Next Door (o Former Location) 4 Steak and Chicken Dinners . Mixed Drinks That Please v i » . * \ lu his new and larger location Mr. Preston \vill endeavor to give the same high class, service as in the past. Old and new patrons are invited. MUSIC AND DANCING NIGHTLY 'Abundance of Parkins Space, Well LtfilUed 't , ,''« ,,• ». i»*-. ,»>< ,. >; « r -' .i,-,,,^!, . - ...~v/vs i ®»«&!fv**'i>.'*' ,:.

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