The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 1, 1938 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 3
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SAl IfURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGEUSTOWN, MARYLAND. THREE 'he Gospel of Mark-—A Preview ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Scripture—Math 10:S5-4J • By the Rev, AJvIn E. Bell I And Alfred J. Buescher | John Mark, nephew of Barnabas, accompanied Paul on his first missionary journey, but deserted them. Paul refused to allow him to go on his next journey. But Mark later made good with Paul. Mary, the mother of John Mark, often opened her home to the Apostle Peter. From Peter Mark learned the story of J"sus' life, which he later wrote in the Gospel according to Mark. Mark pictures Jesus as servant of Jehovah. "Whosoever of you will be chief- est, shall be servant of all. For even the Son of Man came to minister and give his life a. ransom for many." SUNDAY IN THE L The Church of God Summit Ave. and Baltimore St. Rev. F. h Snavely, Pastor Sunday S"liool 9:4ii o'clock MornhiR- 'Service 10:-1.1 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:<ir> o'clock Evening Service .' 7:30 o'clock Emmanuel U, B. Summit Ave. and Howard St. Rev. Paul Holdcraft, S. T. D. ( Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:30 o'clock Holy Communion Y. P. Service 6-:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Holy ('onimnnion Revival every night at 7:30, Antietam~St U. B. Antietam and Locust Sts, Rev. F. G. Mentzer, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10::iO o'clock Y P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Mid-Week Prayer Wc-d.. 7:30. St. John's Lutheran S. Potomac St, J. Edw. Harms, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Holy Communion Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Holy Communion Howard St. M. E. Howard and Chestnut Sta. Rev. W. DeWitt Dickey, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock V. P. Service 6:.TO o'clock Mid-week service, Wed.. 7:30 P. M. s of America ashIngton St. Staff Captain J. A. Dunn in Charge Girls' Club. Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Boys' Club. Wed.. 7:30 P. M. Christian League. Fri.. 7:30 P. M. Sunday Worship. 8:00 P. At St. Paul's Evangelical Cor.,High and Franklin Sts. Rev.'R. S. Daubert, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock MorninK Service ...... 10:45 o'clock ".Imperative Xced of Heavenly Intervention" Evening Service" ...... .7:30 o'clock Evangolislic Rcrvlrps Evangelistic '.services each night except Saturday. Seventh Day Adventist Mulberry Ave. and McComas St. W. R. Riston, Pastor Sabbath School. Saturday, 9:45 o'clock. Morning Service. Saturday. 11:00 o'clock. Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 7:45 P. AL Christian Science Society 235 N. Potomac St. Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock GOD Oolden Text: P.salniK 77:13. Thy vay, 0 God, is in tlie nnnct usiry: who is so ffreaL a ("Jml UK our Hod? Wednesday evening testimonial meeting. 8:00 o'clock. Reading room. 235 North Potomac St., open Monday and Friday. 2:30 0^4:30, where the Bible and the Thrfstisn Science textbook, by Mary iaker Eddy, may be read, purchased or borrowed. Mark 10:44 — "And \vhosoever would be first servant of all." among you, shnll Gospel .Tabernacle Pentecost Ross and Lanvale Streets Rev. L. E. Gilbert, Pastor Sunday School I) :4.i o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer meeting:. Z:R(t P. M. 'flairs. Union Chapel .Corbett Street MRS. OLEVJA HAREAUGH Sunda\ School Superintendent Sunday School 2:30 o'clock Cottage Prayer • Meeting every Thursday. First Baptist W. Washington St. Rev. P. B. Watllngton, Pastor unday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock "Happy Xew Year" Lord's Clipper and Baptism '. K Service ti:li) o'clock 'vfnlnc- Service 7:30 o'clock 'Thfi World's T.argf^t Biography" Prayrr .\lpplhif,' Wrd.. 7:30 P. M. Zion Reformed M. Potomac St. Rev. Scott Fi. Wagner, D. D., Pastor Innday! .... 9:45 o'clock loruiUR- Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Forum 7:00 o'clock Church service Wed. 7:30 P. M. ' St. Mary's Catholic West Washington St. Very Rev. T. D. Reinhart, Pastor lasses Sunday Morning 7:00. 9:00. 10:30 o'clock Evening Devotions 7:30 o'clock St. John's Episcopal S. Prospect and Antietam Sts. Rev. Walter Byron Stehl, D. D., Rector Church School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service S:00 and 11:00 o'clock Rvenlnpr Service 7:3d o'clock Christmas ISvr 11:30 o'clock Chri.slmas T)ny 11:0(1 o'clock Sunday, 7:30 P. M., Church School carols. St. Paul's M. E. N. Potomac St. Rev. J. E. Kemp Horn. Pastor Sunday Srhonl !):SO o'clock Morning" Servico 11:00 o'clock Holy i Vimmnnlon Epworth League fiillfl o'clock Evening Service 7 :oli o'clock "Tim Rnnstl/is- of \\"ri() Olives" SMtl-\vftek Hcrvlcd Wed., 7:10 P.M. Washington Square M. E. Washington Ave., "at the Square" Rev. Lloyd G. Davis, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock AJnrtiinc Service ... . 11:00 o'clock Dr. Harry J2vaul, Dl.«t. Supt., will proach. V. p. Sorvice r.:-):, o'clock Evening 1 Service 7:30 o'clock First Christian South Potomac St. Rev. Wm. M. Norment, Pastor Morning Service !t ;30 o'clock Sunday School 10:31) o'clock Int. C. r: fi:3(i o'clock Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock W. M. p. l\>r]., 7:.TO P. M. The Salvation Army 324 W. Washington St. Capt. and Mrs C. Langlcy Andrews SUXDAY- Sunday School 9:15 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Sunday tich'1. Ridge Ave. ^:30 o'clock V. P. Legion 6:30 o'clock MONDAY Red Shield Club for Boys, 11-20 years —7 P. M. TU1CSDAY Teachers'!' raining Class 7:15 P. M. Bible Study Class (Public) 8 P. M. WEDMSSDA Y I.lte SavlnK Guards tor Girls. 11-18 yearn—7:3(1 P M. ( Corps Cadet Class ( Vocing People) 7:30 P, M. tloiro League for Women 7:30 P.M. Band TrainillK Class Mala voice Darly practice. 8 P. M. FRIDAY Youne People'? Singing Class 4:00 P M. SATURDAY Open Air Service, Court House Plaza 7:30 P. M. St. Paul's U. B. Franklin and Locust Sts. Rev. F. Berry Plummcr, D. D. Pastor .Sunday School 9:45 o'clock .Mn:-:.:IIK Service R::!0 ,t- 11:00 o'clock Hnlv Communion Sr., Int. S: Jr. C. 1C. . .. t:.1(l o'clock Evening Service 7::iO o'clock Hnlv Communion In early Christian art Mark was represented by the ox, Matthew by a lion, Luke by a man and John by an eagle. .Mark's is earliest of the gospel records. tGOLDEN TEXT—Mark 10:41.) .CHE St. Mark's Lutheran Washington Square Rev. Roy L. Sloop, Pastor Sunday School 9:!U' o'clock .Morning Service .... 10:45 o'clock Holy Communion V. P. Servii'G (1:;>0 o'clock levelling Service 7:30 o'clock I Inly Communion Grace United Brethren Rev. ri. I. Ilidcr. Pastor. Sltn'day Sonool S:45 o clock Morning Set-vice 11:00 o'clock Holy Communion C. E 6:30 o'clock livening Service 7:30 o'clock Holy Communion Candle hiprht service by choir lo- nip-ht 11:30 U J?.-,'!f). Jehovah's Witnesses Church 704 Chestnut St. A. F. Laupert, Service Leader \VntPhto\rer Study Wednesday /:;;n p. M All quesiions oC the Bible will be :ully answered. Assemblies of God (Bethel) Howard and Spruce Sts. Rev. Ralph Jeffry, Pastor Sundav School !>;•!& o'rlorfc .Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Christ Reformed Rev. H. A. Fesperman, Pastor W. Franklin St. •Jnnday School -°:30 o'clock Morning: Service 1 i :00 o'clock Holy Comimiiik'ii V. P. Service' fi:3ft o'clock Rveniny Service 7::id o'clock J-loly Communion First Brethren Antietam and Mulberry Rev. Frank G. Coleman, Pastor Sunday School S:30 o'clock Morning' Service 10:<n o'clnc-k V. P. Service G:llO o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Trinity Lutheran Potomac St and Randolph Ave. J. S. Simon, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Mornlnf? Service 11:00 o'clock V. P. Service -... 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Church of the Nazarenc West Side Ave. and Church St. Rev. C L Arnold, Pastor Sumliiv g.-hool 9:4b o'clocli Morning Service 11 :IK> o'clock V i j . Service 7:00 o'clock ICvnniiif; Sor\ ice 7:ilO o'clock .\lid-Wi>ek I'rayer Service. Wed 7 ::iii P. M. Cottage Prayer Service, t'ri.. 7:31 P. M. Presbyterian Washington and Prospect Sts. vVillia-n S. Hess, D. D., Pastor Siridnv School 9:45 o clocli Morning Service .... 11:00 o'clock "Tho One Thing Which Lasts" l.'H-d'.s .Supper Vesper Service 4:30 o'clock "The ideal Chmvh" VrVi'i-V'wVd'.,' 7:3(1 P. -\I. Christian & Missionary Alliance Tabernacle 128 N. Mulberry St. O. R. Degelman, Pastor Sunday Srhool 2:aw o'clock L'l-encliing 3:OH o'clock Preaching 7:45 o'ctn.-'.- Prayer Service TUPS., 7:45 P. M. Bible Study Fri, and Sat.. 7:45 P Church of the Brethren E. Washington and Mulberry Sts Rev. A, M. Dixon, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service ,.,... 11:00 o'clock Y. p. Service 6:15 o'clock Evenlnp Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer MeethiK and Berean Bihl.- Wedncsday 7:"0 P M. Ebenczcr A. M. E. 40 W. Bethel St. Rev. A. L. Criglar, Pastor Sunday Srhool 2:30 o'clock AInrnlnir Pcivira 11:00 o'clorl '•r; n Thru the Year ^'Itli flod 1 ' V. P. SCJ-VJCG 7:00 o'clock ICveiii nt: Service S'Of o'clock "nesnlullniiis That HHp" Second Christian Church 65 W. North St. M. F. Robinson, Pastor Sunday School 3:30 o'clock MorniiiK Service i i :00 o'clock y. p. Service 7:30 o'clock Evening Service S:00 o'clock Asbury M. E. Jonathan, near Church St. Rev. -V S. Jackson, Pastor SirmJ.'iv .ScfiooJ 5:30 o'clock Morn 1 i\K Kfcrvk'p 11:0n o'clock "Or-sU-nvcd Ono, Savod Two" Kpworili Lcasne 7:00 o'clock Kveninjr Service 8:00 o'clock "Whitt D-ilh it Profit V" Jlnly Coin nut M inn hut li pcrvicep. Zion Baptist Jonathan and Bethel Sts. Rev. Cnarles P. Comer, Pastor Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Sunday School ........ 2:00 o'clock Y. P. Service .......... <j:45 o'clock Evening Knrvlcft ...... 8:00 o'clock SUNDAY IN COUNTY AND SUBURBAN CHURCHES ST. PETER'S EVANGELICAL CHURCH, Clearspring, Md. Luther L. Hare, pastor: Sunday Srhool ........ fl:l5 oV-lnek MorniMK Service ..... 10:30 o'clock "Simeon, the .Mill] of Cod" T. P. Service .......... 6:30 o clock ST PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Greensburg.'Md., C. M. Huddle, Pastor: Sunday School ........ fl:flrt o'clock ' 1fl:(HI tho J-loly 'clork Com- CHEWSVILL.S U. B. CHURCH, Rev. B. R. Andrews, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:30 o'clock Y P. Service .......... 6:4. r . o'clock EveninP Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Candle Light Service ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN Church, , Western Pike. (Clearspring Par\ ish). Luther L. Hare, Pastor: P Sunday School 10:0(1 o'clock \ ,Horninp; Service fl:(lrt o'clock ' "Simeon, the Man of (!od" C. E .... .. 6:30 o clock SALEM EVANUKLICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, BaKersville, Harry M. Young, Pastor: * Sunday School ItHT, o'clock V. 1'. Service 6:30 o'clock Kvenint; Service 7:30 o'clock TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Smithscurg, Md., C. M. Huddle, Pastor: ST. PAUL'S M. E. CHURCH. Smithsbnrg, Rev. W. DeWitt Dickey, Pastor: Sunday School !>:30 o'clock V P. Servico G:M o'clock Evening .Service 7:30 o'clock SH1LOI1 U. B. CHURCH, Rev. E. P. Andrews, Pastor: Sunday School 0:31) o'clock .Morning Service 10:30 o'clock Holy Communion IT. P. Service 7:00 o'clock Christmas Entertainment CHDHCH OF . THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Boonsboro Toarge, F. L. Stlne, Pastor: BOONSBO/iO— Rible School 9:30 o'clock Wor.-ilihi 7:00 o'clock IIKNKVdl.A — Bible School 9:30 o'clock Worship 10:15 o'clock Mi IN i;i il-;~ Worship ri:30 o'clock Rible School 10:30 o'clock '.HilK.VT I.K.VA— Bible School J:30 o'clock RKHOBKTH UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH, Wiiliamsport, II. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Mornins Service .... 10:45 o'clock r. p. Service, Jr. C. E. Sr. C. JO 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Holy Communion at both *er\-- icc.s on Sunday. ZICN LUTHERAN CHURCH. Wii- liamsport, Rev. W. C. Huddle, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Servico 10:30 o'clock Y. p. Service .'... 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Annual ConKri-Kntlonal Meeting will tollou- morning \vnrship. MT. TABOR LUTHERAN Church, Fairview, 'M. (Clearspring Parish). Luther L. Hare, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock V T'. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening .Service 7t30 o'clock "Simeon, the .Man of (!or!" 3T. PAUL'S EVANG'SUCAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Funks town, Rev. Harry M. Young, Pastor' Sunday School .... 10:10 o'clock Morning Service -9:30 o'clock Holy Communion Y. P. Sol-Vice 6:30 o'clock SHARPSBURG Sharpsburg, Dec. 27. Miss Glndj's Wade and Miss Eve. lyn Baker, of Frederick, visited over the week 'end with Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wade. Miss Katherine Adams left last )weefc for an extended visit In Wnshinglon will] liie Misses Garroll. Miss Allen McQuay. of Washing. Ion. spent Iho holidays here with Mr. and Mrs. Clnronco Easlcrday and family. Miss Phyllis Gross, of Leonards- town, arrived homo oil Thursday to spend tho Holidays her' 1 wllh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Gross nnd family. Supl. nnd Mrs. .1. K. Reckon- liaiiRh spent C)ir.lslmns Day at Ily- attsvllle wllh their son and (laugh- if.r-lnOnw, Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Jteckcnbnugh. Miss Hotly llutzoll student at Petersburg, Va., is spending the holidays hero with her mother, MJ-B, Alice Hulzell. Mrs. Gen. M. Snnvely of Washington, Is hero visiting her mother, Mis. Joe Hammond. Wm. McQuay and Mi's. Rebecca McQimy of Heiadlng, i'a., arc spending some time lioro with Mr. n.'id Mrs. Clarence Knslcrdny. Mrs. Avlle McTlcr and Kilwln I''l3hcr, of Roanoko, Va., spent the holidays here with Mr. and Mrs. Seymore Fisher nnd family. Miss Janice Wilson, of Washington, visited here a couple of days with Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Dorsey nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lowla and son Tommy, are spending the holidays at Froslhurg with relallvcs, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoover entertained Iwenly guosls ill I heir home nt an oggnog pnrty (luring the past wook. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cramer niul family, of Cumberland, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Jennie Seaman and W. H. DeLaunoy. Mrs. Harry Brooks and daughter Dorothy, of Hnnccck, «•< re Sunday guests of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Furry. Capt. and Mrs. ('. M. 'Paulo, Cemclcry Hill, entertained flfloon guests on Thurstlny evening at a Christmas house parly In honor of their daughter Sldonie, of WnshlnB- Ion. Miss Tantr, is a registered nurse at Walter Rend hospital. Miss Frances Hill, of Cleveland, 0.; Miss Roglnn. McNainer, Wash InRton, and Miss Ann Gatroll, of MarllnshurK, are visiting here with Dr. and Mrs, W II. Shoalny and family. William Thomas -if Malllmore, spon! a couple of da.vs here wllh l.ho Intler's mother, Mrs. Lillian SALEM U B. CHURCH, Keedysville, Md., Rev. C. M. Sparrow, Minister: Sunday Si-hoo! 9:30 o'clock Morniue Service 10:30 o'clock Jlr. H. i). Furry, guo*l speaker. C. !•: 7:0(1 o'clock FAIRPLAY CIRCUIT OF THE CHURCH OF ODD. Rev. Clarence McGaha, Pastor: F.unpr.AY— Bible School 3:00 o'clock \Vor.ship 7:30 o'clock Message by Kev. I'reston l.uc;is, of lirunmviek. Md.. of tin; P.ible hi- ylilulo of rvmiyylvnilln. LOCUST VA1.UCY — Hinlc School S:30 o'clock Worship 10:30 o'clock Prayer ,iud Praise, Thursday, 7:30 ". Jl. SALEM REFORMED CHURCH, Cearfoss Pike, Rev. H. A. Fesperman, faster: Sunday School 1 :30 o'clock Aflei-noon Hot-vice L':30 o'clock Kvangeiist ic services hcgln AVednesday evening at 7:30. THE LEITERSBURG LUTHERAN PARISH. I. D., Pastor: ST PAUL'S— Rinulny School 9:30 o'clock BKAKD'S— Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Holy Communion .... 10:30 o'clock WILL1AMSPORT METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 27 E. Church St., Rev. Robert H. Hiller, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning .Service 10:30 o'clock V. P. .Service <i:30 o'clock Kvt'llini; Service 7:30 o'clock "III tho nogiuning, Oml" ?ra.\er Meeting Wed.. 7:30 P. M. (lly Thi> .\MNiifliltci9 1'rrxx) What of 1938? Experts who devote their time to reporting developments In chosen fields can do some very clever speculating, if pressed. Leaving speculation aside, here are trends they actually have observed, predictions they have heard leaders make, and events they know a scheduled. * * * Business Business men are starting the new year without a clear answer to the question 'Has another depression started? nut a broad sector of opinion holds that business trends will start up again in 193S. Dunking authorities say (here is plenty of capital but no incentive to invest. Tho administration hopes its housing program will start things going. Congressmen feel that revision of the undistributed profits and Ihe capital gains tax laws would help. Here's the National Association at Manufacturers' views: "Business will move forward— producing more goods and therefore more jobs—if it is .permitted to face the future with only the natural hazards of legitimate private competition." * * * Aviation Fliers are set for a big year. Air travelers will be riding the new 40-passenger Douglas DC-4 and Boeing's 35-passenger landplanes and a 50-passenger flying boat.. Besides the American, British and, possibly other planes set to start regular airline service across the Atlantic, the Germans in their zeppelin L/5 130 will be the first, to attempt a trans-oceanic crossing in a helium-filled lighter-than- air craft. Great Britain will be busy with plans for a new airway from England lo Australia, via Canada. Private projects include Jimmy Mattern's plan to backtrack th3 Russian filers" path across the North Pole. Harry Kichman's plan for a non-stop trip from Toronto to Rio do Janeiro, and a round-the world sky cruise by Howard Hugh GS. * * * Foreign Affairs Japan, still on the march, will have a busy year making something of its phenomenal conquest In China. Hitler still lias unfulfilled his Mitlel Europe objectives Mussolini is slill backing Franco in Spain, and challenging Englanc for supremacy in the Mediterranean. The question is whethei victory for either side in Spain will bring real peace. The League of Nations, ils pacification powers spiker! by the absence from Geneva of four powers —the United Stales, Germany, Italy and Japan—presumably will have lo consider changes in its structure. England counts on growing influence during the year as its rearmament progresses. With America. England will undertake to make a trade agreement, that, may have far-reaching economic and political effects. * + * Politics All political eyes turn in 193S to (he congressional elections: 1. Because Ihpy will test the strength of New Dealers, anti- Roosevell Democrats, and Republican conic-backers. 2. Because I hey will indicate Roosevelt's prospects of controlling the pre-election Congress of 1939-40. 3. Because they will help Indicate Roosevelt's influence in the selection of a 1940 Democratic Presidential candidate. * t » Fashions Fashion trends, say many designers, will be lownrd greater simplicity early in 1938. The style nart is lively with talk of "casual- less" in spring clolhes. MT. BETHEL, lit. >•:. CHURCH, Lain/, Md., \V. DeWilt Dickey, Pastor: HEAVER CHEEK CHRISTIAN CIIUnCH, Chas. Hume Funk. Pastor: <"hiirch Service S:30 o'clock .\o preaching service. ST. JAMES BRETHREN CHURCH. Lydia. Md.. W. S. Baker, Pastor: Sc.ndav School C.'.'tO o'clock c. K. ' |0:30 o'clock Aflernoon Scr\ico 3:00 o'clock lOvening Service 7:30 o'clock Al'lernonn services at Tilghmaii- lon. Kvcning services :it St. .lames. KvangoHstie services will begin on Sunday. .Ian. lull. The P.ev. Anlmtm. of l.inwood, ltd., will be the evangelist. Thomad. Chester Bruco McGraw, of New York City, spent Iho holidays here with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Allen MnGraw and family. Miss Louise Pry, lull mi Saturday to spend the .Christinas holidays in Washington with Mr. and Mrs. Mod Hoffman and Mrs. Chns. Pry. Ralph Smilh, Mrs. Wm. A. Smith and son, of llngerstown, visited here the past week wllh Mr. and .Mrs. V. M. Smith and family. Roichard Mumina, of New Jersey Is hQre visiting his mother. Mrs. V M. Mumma. Miss Nancy Mumma, of Washington; Miss Frances Muinma, of Ha- gerslown, spent the holidays here with Iho Misses Miimmn. Messrs. Fred and Klhort IleLau- ucy, of Roanoke, Vn.; Mr. and Mrs. Oils. Klalro nnd daughter Helen, Wcshlnglon. spent Mm Christmas holidays here with Mis. Laura Uo- Lalinny. .Vrs. Emma Carney of Washington is here visiling her parents, Mr. anil Mrs. John Hammond. Miss Mariba D. McGraw spent the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Carrie Simian at Essex Falls, N. J. Tho Trinity Lutheran Sunday school held their annual eioclion of ollicnrs on Sunday morning with the following results: Superintendent of Adull Do.partment, J. Wesley Doisey; suporinlondnnt. of Junior dftixirlmciu, E. P. Earlcy; asslslanl, Albert Mowers; secretary, Arthur Horsey; assistants, Allop Gross and Lester I'j'asterday; IreaMirnr, Chna. F. Gross; organist In adult de- partinenl, Miss Martha Gross; organist In Junior .opnrtmcnt, Virgl. nhi Chiipmnn; asslslnnt, Flossie Weaver; librarian, Richard Lcath- crmnn;, Hngli Chnimitin; cradle roll siiporliilcndont, Mrs. Flossie Weaver, Radio Television, radio men say, is going to he a fact in 1038. That Is, if—there's always an if—the laboratories can complete work on a cable of 2,000,000 or more frequencies, which will be necessary to carry tho -100 or more scanning lines per inch for satisfactory television. Already'they have developed the coaxial cable, a wire within a hollow wire, which will (lo the trick 1,000,000 frequencies. And, with 100 receiving sets already potted about the New York area lo test broadcasts from the Empire State building, experimenters will be trying out a transmitting set on wheels. * + * Social Security In January, Federal unemployment insurance becomes effective in 22 states and the District of Columbia, with 11,500,000 workers ligible for unemployment instir ance under the social security act. This act, the largest mass wel fare project ever undertaken by the government, is up in Congress for major proposed changes. Payment of unemployment in- nrance, plus the recent increase of 350,000 persons on work relief, adding $23.000,000 a month to WPA payrolls, will boost purchasing power somewhat. Most government moves early in 1D3S will be made witli one eye the business barometer and at this time it plans no new large- scale spending program. * «• * Science Physicians say .they are going to find out in 1938 what sulfanila- mitle, sensational new medicine, really can do. It has been found good for main™, meningitis, yellow fever, gonorrhea, urinary tract infections, erysipelas, septic sore throat, bra!n infections, mastoids, some chronic skin diseases and pneumonia. But as yet, it is known to "cure" only blood poisoning. The new year may give paleontologists a tale to tell about the origin of man. They are going to work along the Solo river in Java to see what happened back when the Himalayas were just starting to become. , * * + Movies In 183S, the moving picture pub lie will see still more $1,000,000 pictures even though the studios are in the throes of an economy drive' as the year starts. Fotn such films are in the making— "Wells Fargo," Marco Polo," "in Old Chicago" and "The Buccaneer.' Color movies are expected to make further strides; two more big studios have scheduled rain bow reels. Last year was a bonanza of stellar limber, so 1938 is expected to project several new stars. Here's what insiders are sayng about some players: LOCAL SHOEMAN GETS INVITATION John G. Smilh, Bikle's Shoe Shop, Hagerstown, chairman of the National Shoe Retailers Association has been invited to attend the breakfast being given during the National Shoe Fair at Chicago, January 4. Representative shoemen have been appointed chairmen in 600 towns and cities by the association, doubtless the largest of- icial representation of any trade association in the country. George B. Hess, Baltimore, is state chair- nan. MAYOR RESTRAINED. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 31 (/P).— The Pennsylvania supreme court oday temporarily restrained Mayor S. Davis Wilson from putting into effect at midnight a proclamation aking over and operating the $70,000,000 city-owned gas works. Simone Simon will become the singing comedienne sensation of the season; Andrea Leeds will play leads; Jon Hall ditto; Olympe Brarlna, Majory Weaver and Jaen Rryan will bo seen a lot. * * * Agriculture The hureau of agricultural economics foresees a slight rise in costs of producing crops and livestock in 193S. Farm wages, farm machinery, automobiles, building materials, fertilize.- and supplies probably will command higher prices, while feed prices will be materially lower than a year previous, at least clurlnK the first half of 1938, the bureau says. Seed prices during the spring planting season are expected to be under 1937 prices, with the possible exception of alfalfa and clover seed. It is likely that agricultural exports Kill'exceed those of recent years In view 'of • supplies in foreign countries. Greater numbers of prime slaughter cattle, due to larger supplies of grain, are expected to be marketed during the first part ot the year, and prices may be expected to decline. 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