The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on November 29, 1937 · Page 9
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 9

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 9
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1937. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGEKSTOWN, MARYLAND. NINE Help Yourself To The Economies Which Are Placed Within Your Reach HERALD-MAIL nns INFORMATION All ads are restricted to the proper classifications and to tl regular Herald-Mall style of typ Errors In advertisements »hou be reported Immediately. Tl Herald-Mail will not be responsib • for more than one Incorrect Innei tlon. Advertising ordered for Irreeul: insertion, takes the otic time rat IMIONK YOUK CJ.ASSII'-IKHAn'N 104 - ior> - :oc No ada "taken for less than a bas of three lines. . Count six averag words to th« line. The Hve Word contains six letters. Daily rates per line for consecu tlve Insertions: CIjASSIFIED ADVERTISING RAT Ifi Cash Rat Ona time .. • 1ft THree times 08 Six times 06 All Classified 'Advertising is .CASH-IN-ADVANCE ' Ads ordered for three or six time and stopped before expiration wl b* charted for only the number o times the ad appcaru and adjust jnenta made at the rate earned. .Special rates for yearly advertl: 'Inff upon request. Careful attention given to cms WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE TOUR AD, The Classified Advertising De E irtment is situated at the Herald ail. These offices are open to rtcelv advertisements from 8 A. M. to P.'-M. dally. All ads received up un til 11 A. M. will appear in eiiiUor name day and 8 P. M. will appea in edition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly assls you if desired so that the copy fo your ad Is prepared in such » man ner as to bring the greatest results CLASSIFIED INDEX ' Th« following advertisements un d*r the following classifications are ' arranged in ALPHABETICAL orde for quick. references. : ' ANNOUNCEMENTS I—Notices. 2—In Me.morln.rn. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mourning Goods.' 5—Funeral Directors. 6—Monuments and Cemetery Lots 7—Personals. 8—BowIing Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. 10—Lost, Strayed and Found. 'AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles for Sal*. 12—Autos fpr Hire, 12A—Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Servic*. 14—Body and Fender Work, Paint- Ing Tops and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 16—Repairing and Service Stations, 17—Tires, Parts, AcccssorlM. 17A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE H—BiislneHS Service Offered. 38A—Beauty Parlors. 18B—Barber Sohns. 18C—Radio Repairing. 18D—"Welding and Brazing. 13—Building and Contracting.' 20—Cleaning. Dyeing. .Renovating. 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating, Plumbing, Roofing. 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Laundering. 25—Moving, Trucking, Storage. 26—Painting, Papering, Decorating. 27—Printing, Engraving-, Binding. 28—Professional Service. 29—.Repairing and Rcflnishlng. 29A'—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 23B—Shoe Repairing. J9C— Harness ,and Leather Goods. 80—Talloririg : -Jind Pressing. 11—Wanted—Business Service, ... . '... EMPLOYMENT 32—^-Help Wanted—Female. «—Holp Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 9tS—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents. 38—Situations Wanted—Femal*. 37—Situations Wanted—MaU. FINANCIAL 18—Business Opportunities. 3S—Investments, Stocks, Bonds. 40—Money to Loan, Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. 41A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42—-Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes. 44—Musical, Dancing, Dramatics. 45—Private Instruction. 45 A—Instruction—Male. 4<—Wftflted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats, Other Pets. 48_IIorses. 'Cattle, Other Stock. 49—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted—Livestock. MERCHANDISE II—Articles .for Sale. SIA—Barter and Exchange. 62—Boats and Accessories. 63—Building Materials, 64—Business and Office Equipment KB—Farm and Dairy Products. 56—Feed and Fertilizer. B«A—Coal and Wood. 67—Good Things to Eat. fiS—'Homemade Things, fifl—Household Goods. «&—Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, fil—Machinery and Tools. H2-*-Musical Merchandise. 62A—Radio Equipment. 63—Seeds, pjants, Flowers, «4—Specials In the Stores. 15-i.Wearing- Apparel. 4fi—Wanted— To Buy. ROOMS AND BOARD 87—Rooms with Board. 68—Rooms without. Board. 69—Rooms for Il'iiisckeeplng. 70—Vacation Placet. <XH 71—Where to Jttu. 72—Whore lo Stop in Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments ,and Flats. 75—Business .Places for Rent. 7fi—Farms and Lands for Rent. T7—Houses for Rent.. 77A—Garages for Rent. 78—Offices and Desk Room, 79—Shore and Mountain—For Rent 80—Suburban—For Rent. 81—Wanted—To Rent. REAL ESTATE FOR SALB R—Brokers Real Estate. 82—Business Property for Sale. 83—Farms and Lands for Sale. 84—Houses for.Salo. 84A—Garage* for Sale. ; 85—Lota for Sale. 86—Shore, Mountain, Lake for Sal*. .87—Suburban—For Salo. 18—To .Exchange—Real Esjate. 89—Wanted—Real Estate. AUCTIONS—MflQAL no—Auction Sales. ii i _j^gal Notices. Announcements Monuments and Cemetery Lots 6 WANTED—One half lot in River View cemetery. CJIvc best «ash price. Writ i Box S, o-o Herald. Automotive Automobilei For Salt 11 11U1CK— mr. ( S cyl. -i door sedan. lOxcelleiH umuUUon. Cheiip to i|iik:k buyer. Call HC^lt, between C and 8 P. M. > . PerBonal* ADVKNTUKh', Romance, Detective, Western, Kportf, etc. 11-1 North Jonathan. CIlAltlS & KwuvlH & alterations. Lora Kahrncy, representative, 827 Lost, Strayed, Found 10 LOHT—Blue /.Ipper pencil case containing pen, licnell £ gla.sHe.s. Reward, return to ilc'rald-.MiiU. LOST—KMk hose made by llie New Process Co., Warre'ii, Pa., between North & .Nhiry 1 iimt_AvcM. Call IBOSW LOST—Lady's hrown purse containing keys, driver's license, bank iiook, cnsh, in or near Henry's 'I'heat re Friday evening. Reward. J!^ l _HiL to Jlfl''jild-.Mall. LOST—Brand new wheelbarrow on C.ivctown pike between Uagcrs- town and Wolf.svillo. NotIfy_Mall. Automotive Automobiles For S»l§ LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 5 PASS. SEDAN Driven 4,000 miles. Good atf"-new. 800.00. Harold Levey, ilton Blvd. 1000 1337 CHRYSLER Sport Coupe A beautiful t:in. Radio & niiiiiy extras, low mileage. Looks just like a brand new car. SCO this olio and eret our low price .1 S SNOWBERCF.R & SONS 219 K. Washington St. Plione 801 19117 OLDSMOBTi.E C TUG. SEDAN A beautiful shade of. green, heater, defroster and many otlter extras, perfect condition throng-bout. See this cur today, it won't last long at tbfi price we are asking. .1 S. SN'OWUERC-ER £ SON'S 210 E. Washington St. Phono SQ1 193U CHEVROLET Pick-mi Truck- In perfect condition, Bood rubber, small mileage, Sil&O.OO to nuick buyer. Apply Alex. J. Mundl. Incorporated. 139-111 1-3. l''ranklin Street, H.-tKOi-.-itown. Maryland. EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! .SELECT ANV CAR IN STOCK. Pay down what you can spare, $10 - ?2. r , - ?r.O or ?100, or trade your present ear a.s down payment. Leave tlio llest lo IJs 12'- IS - IS .Months In Pay STAltT PAYMENTS NEXT YKAH! '37 STUPEIJAKER Hedn $7S. r , ':t(J LA FAYETTI'l Coupe .",(." '36 FORD Del.iixo Scilan (Ill) '31 NAKI. .Sedan is."i '31 CHEVROLET conch 17.", ':ti ii;r. MO (IRAHAM Sedan I cl.1 M" STIJDEI1AKER Sedan 110 •21) STUDEBAKER Coilcl 110 'HO ISUICK Victoria 1LT, MO CHEVROLET .Sedan Sr, '2'.' HUPMOBILE Sedan S.I ':!0 OAKLAND Coupe 75 '26 CHEVROLET Coach 20 Satisfaction Cna ran Iced i"-Dny .Driving Trial FLEICH .MOTOR (Ti G70 Oak Hill Avo. Phono 23f)0 ^^^ RARE goods come in small packages. You'll often find the rarest of goods, Opportunity, stored away in one of the Classified Ads. • READ THEM TODAY! SAFKTl' TJSSTKD 1ISBD CAKS AT CARUA1X PKICES All Jlnkos and All .Models Open Evenings 1,'ntll 10 O'clock .1. S. KNOWBKKUKK & SO.N'K 2111 E. WasliinsUin St. Phone 801 133 1S5 l:i="> :I6 DODCil' Coupe ............. f<!>5 'U CHKV. Sctlan .............. I liu 11 CHEV. Sl>. IWsl ............ " 1 1. FOI1D Cnacll ............... 10 CHEV. Coupe .............. to Oltl.s Conv. Cpe ..... ' ........ •15 FOI'.D Coupe ...... ........ 2'.l CADILLAC Sedan .......... 20 FOHD Coach ............... 20 others. ?I5 up. U.sed tircK and parts. SAI.E.M AVBNUJ'! SBHVJCB, MO Salem Avc. HURRY Last chance to save at ,,^,. i-EDUCTION SALE OK USED CAIl Only a few more days for you t save at our groat stock rcductio ST In of used cars. Last niinut trade-ins on new Pontiacs hav brought us many more desirabl cars for you to chouse from. Price have been dropped oven lou-er tha before to assure ljuick clcaranct Jake our advice and eomo la no\v— profit by these last minute pric cuts on Good will Used Cars. fTILL A WIDR SELECTION TO CHOOSE -FRO.M AT SAVIN'CS LT TO ! 100.00 1D.V1 FORD S. Coupe S19 132!) OLDS Coach . 3 1S3S PONTIAC G Couiio SO 1330 DODGE G 2 Door Sedan y> 1S30 ERSKJNE T, 1S30 BUICK DcL. 'cAu'p'o' ] : ! 192J DODGE -I Door Sedan . " 1 1323 OAKLAND Sedan i 193.-, FORD Coupe .. ..•'!!"" 34 1330 PONTIAC C Coupe ... •-,! 1935 FORD Coach . °. 3.. 133< FORD S. Coupe ......'..'.'. 2f,i ifl.tO (iHA'lIA'M JJ ° UPQ 'g 100< FORD Coupe,'Cio'iiorai Tire's, BUlCIi u FassenKer Victorin Coupe, reconditioned and repaint ed, tires all good lor »23 Also , . orne 1330—23 and 28 good BUICK Sedans at Bargain Prices. THE USED CAR MARKET 224 Frederick St. Phone 220« 936 O1.DS.MOBILE 6 TRG. COUPE itlack; heater, defroster and many other extras, A-l condition. Priced for quick sale. Trade and easy terms. .1. S. SNOWDEUGER & SONS 219 1-;. Washington St. Phone SOI. PACKARD A Safe Place To Buy Used Cars 338 FOIL' Sedan. DeLuxe SSfa.OO Heater and Kadio. 33( OLUSMOBJLK Sedan 445 00 (Heater.) 331 CHHVSLE1V ROstr \ 235.00 (Heater.) 323 I-'RAXKLIN Sedan 145.00 (Heater.) 929 FRANKLIN Coupe .... 95.00 028 DODGE Sedan' 65.0(1 327 FORD 2 Door Sedan .. 25.00 COSTON MOTORS Phone 625. 24- W. Franklin St. BIO BARGAINS IN USED CARS MARYLAND MOTOR CO.. Inc. Distributors Chrysler - Plymouth B6-6S W. Franklin St. Phone J500 PHONE If, 40 PONTIAC SALES IS E. Franklin St. Thumma Motor Co. b'nvo 7 On - A - Safe Dependable - Used - Car GUARANTEED USED CAP.S 1537 FOIiD DeLuxe Tourine. .Radio heater. 1337 FORD Tudor. 193C FORD Tudor TourinE 193C PLYMOUTH Coach 19.15 PONTIAC Coupe, with radio. 133o FOrtD Fordor Tourlnt 193- FORD Coach/ ' 1934 FORD .Cabriolet. 19.13 CHEVROLET Coupe 19.13 FORD Tudor. 1_932 FORD Coupe. 1336 FORD 157" Truck 1936 INTERNATIONAL Chassis. 1330 FORD Panel FORDSON Tractors- NEWMAN AUTO COMPANY Phone 7< SinlllisuurE Md Autos For Hire 12 TAXI DRIVER IS Winters. Every person carried safely PAUL H. JOHNSON. Motorcycles and Blcyclet IS BICYCLE Parts, tires, accessories and export ronairhiB. -IwJSE-CycIc Co.. 4.1 N. Mulberry Repairing i Service Stjtiont 16 CAR WASHING 50c—GeneraT pairing & battery service. Am- broso'H Garage, rear 33 N. Jonathan THEN At Birr HOFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES • Where Used Cars are Reconditioned "With an OK That Counts" GUARANTEED OK USED CARS 936 OLDS.MOB1LE « Sedan. En.ulp- ? ed with radio and heater, 'rfced for quick sale. 335 LA SALLE Sedan. Dark maroon, splendid shlpe ..'.•; !E>4S 336 CHEVROLET Mstr. 4 Dr. Sedan. Finished In fray, flne condition . ...i $550 93S CHEVROLET Master C Coach. Black finish' with red wire wheels, linn condition .... $496 36 FORD Tudor Sedan. Trunk model, equipped with radio : 1496 i38 CHEVE. Std. Town Sedan. Black. Nice appearance ..$486 i36 BUICK DeLuxe Sedan. Equipped with radio and heater, fine condition thruout. r li BUICK S Pass. Coupe. Original black finish, in perfect condition throughout .... |4A5 135 CHEVE. Std. Coach. Black. . Has had excellent care .. 1380 35 FORD DoLuxe Tudor, with radio. Has had excellent care . J385 CHOOL BUS. 45 Pass. Body and chassis In fine condition. See this 'or a real value. OrlK. sold for 1,800. Now I4KO ORD & CHEVROLET TRUCKS. ft ton panels. 11£ ton stake and lump bodies. Many Other Makes an<1 Model* Priced AccordlnKly.. Terms to Suit Your Income OFF.MAN CHEVROLET SALES. Ino USED CAR LOT 13 W. Washington St. Phone 458 Look For the Bin Neon Sicn "Between the Railroads" HERALD - .MALL classified ad- kers .are busy people, but they e never too busy to take time ouffh to help you prepare an ef- ctlvely worded ad If you phone i or call at the offlce. Tires, Parts, Accessories 17 1—600x18 tires & tubes, (rood as new. Moses Borkson, 143 N. Jonathan St. Phone 218. Business Service Business Service Offered II GLASS—Sold and replaced In automobiles mirrors, window glass. Glass Shop. 11 N. Locust. Ph 2693W Radio Repairing 18-C MILLER'S RADIO SERVICE All Makes Repaired. Open S A. M. In 9 P. M. 4 N. MnlhArrv f.gnv Repairing and Reflnishlng 21 F. J. GACK—Reupholsterlnt & repairing furniture. Mattresses renovated, work first class, reasonable prices. Ph. 2305.1. 32 Center SL Employment Help Wanted—Male 3} MAN—For Coffee Itoute. up to fl5 first week. Automobile Riven as bonus. 'Write Albert Mills, 1220 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O. TWO subscription solicitors salaries and .coin. Apply Mr. Warner, 51 N. Joanthan, 8-9:30 a. m.; 5-6 p. m. YOUNG MAN—High school ace, to work In Men's Furnishing Goods Stove. Position to beffln about Dcccnibci 1st and to extend through until Christmas. Applicant will be required to work during entire day. Apply In own liand- writinp to box 8, c-o Herald-Mall WANTED—Man to clean wall paper. Telephone 361. Situation! Wanted—Female 36 WOMAN—Wants c:iro of children evenings. Write Box «, c-o Herald-Mall. Situations Wanted—Male 37 TRUCK DRIVER Wants job. Ex- nerlcnccd. Apply 1024 Corbett Financial Money to Loin—Mortgage! 44) MONEY TO LOAN—On good 1st mortncts, 6%. H. P. Hartmin. IS N. Jonathan St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES W. MURRAY BAECHTEL Aneticy. 804-5-8 Second Natl. Bank Bide. Financial MONI5V TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE N. II. ROWE. 26 N. Potomac St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE GROH REALTY CO. 13 Summit Ave. 5% MONEY for First Mortgages COURT REALTY CO. 214-15 2nd Nat'Bank Bldg. Ph. 248 Instruction Musical, Dancing, Dramatics DANCING CLASSES—For beginner every Mon. &Thurs. nights, 8 P. ^' Prank Strasaer. !J4_W._Wa3h._16B.7j Livestock Dogs, Cats, Other Pets 4 FOR SALE—Pcdisrced English set ter pup. 6 mo. old, female. Ill -N Artixan St., Williamsport. Hortet, Cattle, Other Stock 4* i-AT HOGS—For sale. Weight 300 t 400 Ibs. Harry S. Ditto, Clcarspring Md., R-5. 'Ou^ STEERS—Car load on sale Horses,'' cows, 'hogs, fat cattle bought, sold & excbanged. Sam Pashen, Beaver Creek Road. Phon" 4094F22. == Poultry and Supplies JUSTOM HATCHINU — Marshal Hatchery Memorial Blvd., E. Phom 1)02.1. Chicks on sale at How ard'.i Feed Storo. Phone SOC. Wanted—Livestock OULTRY — All kinds and eggi wanted. Zimmerman & W. 1 ' 1 !*''? Cor. Church <• Jonathan. Ph. Merchandise Articles for Sale ALL .TYP15 ELECTRIC MOTOR! ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION. Mo" Tons uid PARTS. Wholesale «nd ^l.'-r.tow^Cul^men, C^'M.?,' land Ave. Phone ELECTRIC MOTORS & PAKTS- Now and used motors control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes any make or type. ORiSENWALT ELECTRIC CO. Phone 397 'URNACES—Pipe. hose belt ' m ?' nulley- plumbing supplies. OFFICE FURNITURE. HaBcrstown Equipment Co.. Maryland Ave Phone 146. NATIONAL Cash Register, suitable for garage & service sliiUoii. practically new. Write Box i, Herald. EVERAL Battery Philco radio sets with now batteries; two> Baseline motor MaylaR wnslicrs. All In class condition and priced right for ""'^BOnWwARN'E, Inc. Phone Sa. 16 Summit Ave^ VASH1NG Machines repaired, parts & wringer rolls. Jones Anpll. Service, 24 Summit Ave. Phone 21. 5000 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS Selections of all kinds. YOUR CHOICE. IOC EACH. HARRY'S RADIO SERVICE. 16 W. Franklin St. Phone 13I4-R. Feed and Fertilizer St ""OR SALE—Loose alfalfa hay, sec- 1 and third cutting. Pho 1153M. W. S. Miller. Coal and Wood 66-A EN. RED ASH LYKENS VALLEY Takes 2-3 the Tons. 1-2 the att. W. M. BEATTY. PHONE 1208J 'COAL — COKE — WOOD High Quality Plus Good Service LEISTER COAL CO. Phone 778. 69 W. Lee SL We Make It Hot For You" OCAHONTAS — Nut or stove, Penn. lump, Lykens Valley, pea, -ut or stove. Mine run & stoker oal. Call or see PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phone 2036. 10 McComas St.. ASHED, Grantvillo and Lump Try a loao 54.50 up. 1 have . coal for all drafts. DERR'S TRANSFER Pliongjil. Good Things To Eat 57 jpLES—Staymnn Winesap, York tripe, Blacl? Twig, Yorka & other aricties. A grade to suit the rice you want to pay'. Sweet cid- r. l!0o per gallon. Snyder's Or- trd, Snyder & Virginia Aves. I'ARKS rjellcions, Golden Dellc- OUR. Stnyman Wlncsap. Black 'wig, VorUs. First and second rndcs. Ct<lor apples, Sweet elder ml vinegar. Open 6 a. m. to 8 . m. dally except Sunday. D. S. Inrtln, new packing house, Mld- k' urg pike. Merchandise 3 PQ. LIVING ROOM SUITE .Mohair. .MouqueUo reversible cushions, good condition. S35.00 The Original '.MILLER'S FURNITURE STORE 31 S. POTOMAC ST. USUD I'LAYKR PIANO Walnut (.-abiiiol, good condition. Cheap tn quick buyer. Terms If Desired SIIOCK'KV Fl.'RXlTI'ltV: CO 2S-30 Summit Ave. I'lione 1270 Machinery and Tools 61 FOR SALE— This ivc oVo n 1 y7 a~S p e~- cial on New Idrr spreaders. 1-:miiiej-l: Manhvn r^_CjQ^Ji} C: _ Musical Merchandise 62 PIANO— Upright. '"Lester." inaTTolT- any case, splendid condition. Phone Wanted to Buy p or Apartments and Flats ,'4)i,!, i-; Apply It SUMMIT AVIV.22S, St.. 41 East Ave. Ey,-rly Store. _ VVAHflLNGTON 'ST.-K.-2U2 —3 nli'ii light ruoinn, cunvcnl.Mi.'os. reason. : .-.blowout. Appb' 12:: S.Miilh. ;;;.,sll .U r AsTn7NGTON' SOUAIIK—5 rooms. private balh. 2nd lloor. i\i-n r-iled. Call- .Mrs. I Phone If,21. . L. B ro - and 1' ..... _ ......... :i ROoif'^ipiU'tVuent i" 111" Koval ilpartments, Ci-1 (»K ,Av;-. I'linnn 1021- __ . " i" kilc-he l TttKiMs7"biiril fivmr: . .. Business Places for Rent Xsi i 75 s'GTi )N "sT."-l':.-:ui:-20s— u'cii l hullilliiK for garagi-. fl«r- iroliouse or oili -2 S Mulb ._. ._ „ ry.:il._PJ.i ; J^' Farms and Lands for Rent iVrn.\('i;l'fl : 'ARM—To roiil on hnl .Must have equipment. Apply 'I- l''i-;in!clin St. _: Houses for Rent ' ; private hiiHi. r~.\i6DER>T~iidME Should have an Auioniatlc Gas Water Heater Installed. Be suro^jiefore renunK; CAXXON ""AVExiTTl—6 room house, Hr-c l»l Possession IVcembcr 1. Apply ::i:l X._t'annoii Ave. i-Viit" I;KXT — My "propm-iv, OIK-HI mile Knst of Kiinkstown. edlalu .,'il'esTo".Vliare fiirnislicd home; all convcnienccs.^Aliply same. j~L\7TlOK ^KT.---ti—*• room house, modern convenience. Apply 22S 1 laser St. Plionc Jj^^-j 11 -\GlTii ST.-2P.S—New U room brick, modern conveniences. Possession December J si.>_2 : lJ_IlaKe^_ 'I'-onvcilfi-m-e's.' ' Apl'il'y -''5 HaBLT.St. _Phono_f.l!5W. S1,XC.I.IO flOUSE N I PLEASE! When iinswcring any of llicso (ids, cither by writing or in personal interview, kindly stale that you saw the advertisement in the Horakl-iMail. This will immediately identify yon as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you I he very best service. Real Estate For Sale __ Lots For Sale 86 M-:.SIKAKI.K [Inil.lhm' lul.s in Kootl In.'.-itiims. jti:.. K;is-v h-i-iiiH. _(;l:<M[ KKAI.'n r .. I" Summit .-\vo Auctions—Legals Legal Notices 91 Cja_ss[fied_Dispkiy_ Automotive PUBLIC OK VALI'A lll.K RKAL KKTATP; SITUATED AT HUOWXSVILLM, MARYLAND l!y virtue of n power of s.ilo con laiiipd hi a morlK.'iKf; tinted Do comlior .">, Jim, anil recorded in 1.1 Itcr llty. folio ;i, default having oc t:i:rrf>d I ho rein, and the same having broil assigned unto mo for fore(•Insure and collection, I. Joseph I) Mi rh, Ass Ip noo as aforesaid, will offfr at public, snlfi In front of the Court JfnuHO In Hagorsunvn, .Maryland, on TI'KSDAV. DKCKMI.Kn 21 1<U7 h.nwtM'ii the hours of 1 and ;i o'clock 1'. .M.. all that parcel of land adjoln- U:IT i lift l.iaplixt ('hapel lot in Urownsville, Washington County, Maryland, having a frnntaprn on the Miitr* Illyhway of 100 feet and a drpth of even width of 100 feet. «'0]it;uiiintf our-fourth of an acre "f land, morn or less, and being the sanift property convoyed unto Edward T, nest and Althn. 0. Best, his wifp. by S. F. Spitzcr and wife, by drfd datnil July Ifi, 1!t2.-,. and recorded in Liber T72. folio 17C, properly is hnprt -y.frame dwelling li (Hi with - - •- ~ n .iv LI SO With containing 6 room*. There , Tim the from dm ount . All P» 111 F.nd for rent. )' TI'U'R RAY" n A EC 11 T E L A e e n cy, tins. 304-5-6 Sec. Nat. Rk. i>j^n;7._ T^7—Mndern. tile .MAlJj Two wheel girls' bicycle, good conditinn. Also 1C A!. ,M. movie projector. Write Box -(, Hern Id. 4 CEDAR TRJ3KS—50' high, 30' i"n di;imctcr, for Xmap deconUions. .M. K .Miller, 'City Light Plant. Ph. 700 VV'Slf ST \V. '1U—2 family house. liXth," furnace, in rooms. Imd.pos. Mso 8-11 N. Locust and 130 lliRli St. JJ9 N. Hotomnc. PlioiH?_12^1jH : _ = . "Real Estate_forjaJ£ == ~^Farms and Land For Sale 83 !~Aii.M — AiTjolnintr HnECrstown along main highway; about CO A. Rooms and Board Rooms With Board \V.K.ST SIDE AVJ ; :.-2L'K—Nicely funi- iKhed room witli hoard in private JVunily. Phone lOilS-.M. ItAKH Opportunity: iiO A ilagorstown: modern iv hnilding.s. attractively Must sell because ot tie rrasonahle. D. M. , oast of durable lucatod. tHi. I'rice Rklenour, Rooms Without Board ' Jj AlUjK front hod room, jilcel. ftimlslicd, ?a weekly. 235 13. Biiltf- rr.ore St. UKOAD'V'.Y-ISG — Furnished he< room suitable for 1 or 2. Photi NICELY Furnished bedroom, hot cold running water; garage. 51 Summit Ave. 1 LARGE front furnished bod room suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor 136 & Pntoniac. ,-*-__ Rooms For Housekeeping 6fl UBDHOO.M, Kitchen and sun parlor, furnished. Modern. Oariiffc. Adults orly. Apply S20 Guilford avo. FRANKLTK ST.-K-109 — Slonpinp room and kitchenette, 2nd floor; n children. MULBERRY ST.-N-16—2 or 3 furnished rooms, private bath. gas light, good ht; $5-$C.25. Ph. 224OAL POTOMAC ST.-N.-230 — 2 rooms suit- OTOMAC ST.-N.-230 — 2 able for housekeeping 1 . SUMMIT AVE. 173—2 largo completely furnished • rooms. Largo porch, gas, lights Incld. Con Ira I. Real Esfate.For Rent Apartments and Flats \PARTi\I13NTS—arodorn, furniKhed and unfurnished. Apply 1st floor 21G S. Prospect. APARTMENT—Five rooms, all modern conveniences. Dec. 1. Apply 1GL Summit Ave. \PTS.~r.27 Keyonlds Ave., Hill Crest Jtoad, 15 W. Antie^am. • GROH REALTY. Co ., 13 Summit Avc CENTRALLY LOCATED— 4 .room.. & bath, hardwood floors. J20 per month., HAGERSTOWiN REALTY CO. 12 W. Franklin St. Phono 16C •'OK RENT—Private apartment ;i Inrffc rooms, bath, hall and attic; all outside rooms. Automatic hot water heat; 2S2 South Potomac SL. Possession Dec. 1. 1!K17. Apply Zel- ICI-K Alarkot, 2S-t S Potomac St. FREDERICK ST. 7il2 — Furnished cottages for light housekeeping. JUfcIV GABLES—Oak Hill at Pot. Avc. Newly decora tc'd furnished apt., 3 rooms & bath. Elevator service. Also unfurnished 6 room &, bath, Hrst floor apt. Both with Glcclric kitchen. Apply In building. -IAM1LTON KLVD.-920 — 3rd Hoor north; noKsession Dec. 15. Call 1099H or SOS. 1AM1LTON BLVD.-915—1st floor. 5 room apartment. No children, W. Prank Wolfe. Phone 54R. S'EW MODERN APARTMENTS— .1 and 4 rooms. Private baths. Ap- ply/UB N. Potomac or Phono 2G09.I. 'OTOMAC ST.-S.-617—t room apartment, hardwood floors, all conveniences; possession Dec. IS. Call ' 7TP 'OTOMAC AVE.-1006 — Potomac Hill Apt Desirable 1st floor: no -ililldrcn. oil iipaL^ Phonft 1 IfiT.l. HUNDREDS OF OFFERS appear .illy In tho different columns of he Classified Section. Some of hem must certainly bo useful ti- ll ACRE fill-in C room house other rnlhiiildhms S1SOO SEE us for FAR"! CITY COI.INTKI- t COM- MKK'MAli Properties. W. .MUIIUAV UAECnTEr,_A^oncy, BAROAI.X—Nortli Kllil. dwellliiB. conlil be liiiulc inlo - iints., only ?5,.700;. A';i Avo., Itnifwfiy, a nice home hot iv:ilc.- -Heal, bntli, lianlwno, door, only ?3,COO. John L. Siviur (.!' s;iid KMIIK luiviim- i-liiiniH c.*;i.'--otl aro horehy wurnrd In cx- hihlt tho saints with the vnnchors tho roof, legally aiithonlic:ittil. to ihn siihspi'lher "ii or liol'ore tho ISth day nf .liiiio nrxl; they may nthcr- \viso. by la\v. bo o.xHucled from all I hoiipfit. of said oslnto. All person." : iiuloblod to HiiiH estate are rpijuested : (o tnakr. iinniodiato payment. j flivr-n un do i' m v ha ml this Ifi Hi i day ot \uve.Mibor, A. IX UUiT. , AhU'F. C. -Mi;.\L\IA K\criil.i- '"^i^s^i'r.ij^ikvsKn;,. raiiiiiratuui of .^aie by the Court; i-'ixes in bo :«ljiiMtMl to tlie date oC Mil*. Deposit nf JflOO.OO reciuired on «lay of s-ale, balance to boar interest from day of .sale JOSKl'H D. MTRFF, Frc-il M". WhltP, Aiirtiom>er. lonCC ' 1BLIC SALE Classified Display OF TRANSFER Aiipllcation for ininsrer of alcoholic beverage license has been received ns foiinu-s: CLASS B (ON SALE) BEER Transfer from .lo.s. A. Kellcy .Mcarl D. Itice, Antlclam Tavern, Shnrpslnirg, -Md. Notice is hereby given to pro- testr.nts :uu1 npplic:int that hearing on the above application will be held at room 401 Second National !5ank P.ldf,-.. Hiiger.stown. at 10:00 .'.. M., December Till, 1937. BOARD OF LICENSE COMMISSIONERS for WASHINGTON COJUNTJl Public Sale IALE O !•' VALUAHLIO R 1-3 A L ESTATE KNOWN AS flOO-12-H PHWHY A v I-:NI;M. j i AC, K IISTOW N, M L>. Ky virtue oi :', power of sale con- tainod in :L morigage ilatod April 4, i:t:i-l, and recorded in Liber 105, folio 22 'J, default having occurred there! ii, the undersigned Att D'liSIRABLETlomcs and invcstmen oropcrtioH in all sections. Cnl Thurman C. Ltndsey, Court Realty Co., 314 Second Nat'l. Bank Bide. Phone 2431. ' _ DUPLEX —Hamll ton Blvd. Rent $G5 00 per mo. Priced for immediate sale, $r»,SOO. llaBrerstown Realty Co. Phone ICG. POli SALE—Desirable homes, lots, business locations. Insurance. Also rents collected; 1st mortgage loans 6%. Chas. E. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd. Phono 2391-J. GU1LFORD AVE.—6 rm. dwl., hot water heat, built-in garaye. ?2,400. Terms. Soutli End. double near Jr. High School. ?2,250. Farms, 2 to 400 acres. N. E. Rowc. 26 N. Potomac St. __ i ___ Pay n HO.MKS—Without Dou-i for few select familic; payments $12 and up. GltOH RKALTY.Cn.. IS .\lonthlj 1-1 AM I L'J:bX BLVD.—Duplex. This Is a fine property, priced to -sell. John E. Taylor ASCII llldg. Phone , 309 Arcade IF YOU Want to buy estate see C. 1C. Winder, tlmorc St. Phone 2SS3. jr sell real 12(5 E. Bal- JL<' A HOME or property for Invest- monl, we have them in all sections of llagcrstown and suburbs at low prices and on easy terms. See us for good buys. Strolo Realty Co., Arrado Bids. I'UTKIISBIMU;—Restored Colonial dwelling, modern liatli ft kitchen, hardwood doors, hot water healing plant, with stoker. Deep well & large filtered cistern. '1 car garage. 1 A. ground, lawn, flower garden, fruit trees. Possible to convert into G room d well i n g & -I room apartment without expense. Easy terms can be arranged. 1 ftidson- IfoUor Agency, 7 Summit Avc. Phon e J 2DS 1 _ .\fOEHC flN*—G room house. ',4 mile from city limits, 1U acres good level land, $2SO cash, balance financed. L. S. Span'gfcr, 2nd fl., 2nd National Bank Bldg. MODKIJX bungalow with garage, ?HiOO. Large 1 or 2 family house wilh garages, North end, $;jGfiO. .Modern double brick, E. Franklin. Mndern double frame, S. Mulberry, .?;(000. (.nod farms—priced right: 12"i A. new bldgs. running water, 30 A. n r. city, S'J A. nr, Chcwsville. S. L. V, Young, 1116 S. Locust St. ^X"l,K OK TUADK—Farm of approximately 100 • acres, old stone (lour mill (in operation.) Two big brirk houses (one with bath, eiec<- irfcity it furnace.) Stone bank barn; orchards-, only :t5 minutes from (own. 1 A bargain What, have you? Herald-Mail.!iin for ? 15,000. Write Box 2, c-o ! , amed In mortg foreclos in . the purpose nd collection, will alu in front oC the Hagerstown, Mary- Cou land, on TUESDAY. DUC^MBER 21, in3T lie t ween the hours of 1 and o'clock P. i\l., all those lots or parcels of land • .situate on the East side of powcy Avenue, In Hapers- town, Washington County, Maryland, being known as Lots Nos. 37, 3S, :!!> and -10 on the Plat of Park , dition to llagcrstow Plat Record Folio 45, . recorded salt! Lots , liS, 3!) and -10 each fronting SO feet on the East wide of Dewey Avenue d running' back a uniform width 1K7 feet lo an alley, and Lot No. 37 being a triangular piece of land djoining Lot ItS on the West side thereof, and being the same property conveyed to John Z. Miller and Tennio Miller, his wife, by Ernest I. Newcomer and wife, by deed dated November 20, 1921, and recorded In Liber 101, folio 33!). This property is improved by a frame bungalow containing- G rooms T n t ! ba t h and all modern conveniences known as DOG Dcwey Avenue. It is also improved with a. 2 story :lonble brick dwelling house containing fi rooms and bath on each side equipped with all modern conveniences, known its 1M 2-914 Uft\voy Avenue. There are also two 4 -car garages on said property. TERMS OF HALM: Cash upon the ratiiication o£ sale, by the Court; taxes and all other public charges Tin 1 , assessments to be adjusted to .Ii ; date of sale. Deposit of J.'OO.OO required on day of sale, bal- iiico to bear interest from day of sale. JOSEPH D. MISU. Attorney named In Mortgage. •d M. White, Auctioneer. defau LOT XO. 32. SECTION A, 0-Uv HILL ADDITION. LOT NO. 21. COUNTRY CLL'R HEIGHTS Hy virtue of a Power of Sale contained in a certain Mortgage dated ]>o<vinbor 1), 1331 and duly recorded in Liber ItlO. folio S3 of the Land irds of said Washington County, U. having occurred in the cove- naius in said mortgage coiitained and said mortgage having been duly assigned to the undersigned for the purpose of foreclosure and col Ire t ion, tlifi undersigned, Assignee, will offer at public sale in front of the Court Hon.™ in Hagerstown, \\ nshington County, Maryland, on TrJilSUAV, DECI.CAIREK 21, 1037 between the hours of 1 and I! o'clock 11 those two valuable build- ins lots in tlie residential section ot Hagerstown and being' more particularly dcsmhed as follows: PARCEL NO. i.—Fronting 50 feet oii thci East marginal line of Oak Hill Avenue and extending- back therefrom ISO feet to Peach Alley and is known and designated as Lot No. 32. Section A, Oak Hill Addition to Hagerstown and being also one of the two lots conveyed to Albert H. Gunncll by Mrs. Clara. Hamilton by deed dated November IS, 100!) and duly recorded in Liber 1-1(1, folio 4-IS, of the Land Records of "Washington County PARCEL NO. 2.—Fronting GO feet on the Kiist Hide of Hamilton Boulevard and running back therefrom ivith uniform width a distance of - 17T> feet, more or less, to an alley and is known and designated as Lot No. 21 Country Club Heights, lining the same that was conveyed to the said Albert U. Gunnoll and wife by deed dated .Inno 28 1*124 and duly recorded in Liber 1GR. folio i»U. nf the Land Records of Washington County lioth of these lots are located In the residential section of HagerF- town, Washington County. Alary- laud, and are ideal for residential TE°KMK OF SALE: One-third of the purchase price to be paid in hand on the day -of sale or tho ratification thereof, by the Conn and the balance in -two equal annual payments in i and. 2 years respectively from the dav of «air and same are to be secured to tin satisfaction of the undersigned m all cash at the option of the purchaser nr purchasers. ELLSWORTH R. ROULETTE. Assignee for the purpose *•' foreclosure and collection Joseph C. Snydcr. Auctioneer COURTESY 104 and arr AND INTELLIU I-J.VJ a classified ad with service await you when you cali an ad-taker. Merchandise Close Out Prices, on all HEATERS and RANGES Meyers & Berkson, Inc. 41-13 W. Franklin St. Public Sale Public Sale VN I1AVR Several double frame* will pay , 12% net. Many other bargains. John K Taylor Agency. I'lignn jiitS. Agk fnr It. T.. Cooko. CLASSIFIED READERS find the ingest and best bargains. CONSISTING OP HORSES, CATTLE, HOGS AND FARMING IMPLEMENTS The undersigned will sell at Public Sale at his farm, situated along tho west side of Conocoelieague Creek two miles northeast of Wilson, Md., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, 1937 BEGINNING AT 11:30 O'CLOCK A. It. 6 — HEAD OF HORSES — 6 Good farm horses; two three years old, one four years old, one nin« years old, two 11 years old. 18 — HEAD OP CATTLE — 18 Consisting of good grade Guernsey and Holstein cows and one good Guernsey bull. All these cattle are tested free from T. B. and Bang'* Disease, Several fresh by day of sale a:id others clos* springers, 35 — HOGS AND, SHOATS — 35 Consisting mostly of 50 to SO pound shoals. FARMING IMPLK.MKNTS—One Rood McCormick-Dcering hay loader, Osborne Binder, Superior Drill, 2 mowing machines, plows, harrows und other Items. Also Harness. TER.MS—Cash. E. T. HAYMAN. KIgenbrode &. .Rentier Aucts. Foekler & Fodder, Clerks. OAKY DOAKS Trademark Applied Por U. 8. Patent Offlc*. You Dropped Something, Oaky By R. B. FULLER

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