The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 4
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- " "' ' OMMUMTY Trip lo Mexico Subject of Tnlk by Pixley Man nt Delano Luncheon iHpcelal to DKliANO, Sept. OUB Forfl- bind of J'lxloy was n Kuost upeakar at the weekly luncheon scemlon o( tho Exr.hango Club whnn It mot on Friday noon at Kern hold. Mo tnld of a trip to old Mexico during tho past minimer whon iicpompimled by Mrs. I'-orablud and their two ters, thoy journoyed ?5 mllfin boyond Mexico City to visit Uio old pyra- mldB. Ho told of tho striking oon- trafitB In our southern rmlghbor which hnfl beautiful modern build Ings and tnodurn lil«hwiiy» from Which may bo ween farmers plough ln» with woodan plows and oxen. Ho observed that food Is clump with excellent mwtln for ->,i POBOM, but clothing Is high. Ho alwo iluncrlbod tho Carlsbad Cavorna In Now Mex loo, which they visited on the re turn journey. Mcrvln Morrln, local high Bchool Bludeiit, was also a speaker. Jlo told of the early voyngcN of discovery by Cabrlllo and siihl that nil msldnritM of California Bhotilrl feel Indebted to him for ihn dlscovory of this do- llghtful Hlute. Dr. Wllllnm Hrnllh, flub Introduced tho Npvakurci. Sageland of Kelso Valley Once Thriving Community (Special to The Oattfornto*) Out-of-town »f tho club wero liorbert li. Bourn, A. f>. 1 mid Jack Uyfleld, nil of Hakursfli.-ld. ^« » .......... Fire Department Is Viewed_by Visitors W,\HCO. Hcpt. 2H.— VVn/tco flro <}<•• parinwui inomberH woro honla Thursday (.-vcnliiK to a largo group of luminous men and vl«lt.oru who Innpoctad tho now flro truck recently purchased. Special RUOBtB for tho nvonliift wero Hoy WuoIlotnoH HiipurvlHor of I bin dlHtrlct, Chief Van Meter of HnUorn- field flrn department and nydor of TiakfrsflKld, l p . H. K ERNVTLLE, Sept. 28. —Tho Klioflt towns of tho golden ago of California, In most Instances, servo as mule romlndors of a ponderous past. Kern county, being the Bcenn of tho first gold rush of southern California, has h«r quota of such towns. A fortttnato few of those have Btirvlvod thi piunlng of rich placer ground and grass-root ledges because of being so situated JIB to cupltnllzu on tourist and ranching Interests. Others—-typical ghost towns llko Httvllah, Kern county's first county Beat—bavo become | silent and deserted for tho most | part. i But lo tho. eyes of tho roal old- timer there appear other towns now houseless on sites long slnco returned lo tho unmnrked, primitive Htnto which provallod when the onrly Spaniards knew California bo- fore gold had mado such towns to materialize, then molt away llko ml- rages of the dosort. Such a town was Bageland In K«l«o canyon. Tourists who now pass that way observe only a high- banked wash dotted by tenacious IrepH which HMH! rootn deep Into tho sunbaked s'and to water that works along a subterranean ohumiol. Tho rnoro observing tourist may noto bits of broken chlnawaro and faint trnrc-H of jilaner ruining; bill such nvldonco IndlPiitos but faintly the town that once was Sagolarid. Only tho old-timer rncnlls that It oncn was necessary to appoint a Mr. Hrigt'ly us poacn offli-.or lo regulato of IJOH AngeloH of HtrMnli and llliwli bulldors of flro cnulpmont, and Ifi. Dunlap of I..OB AngolnB rnprimoula- Uvn of truck butldurfc. AVIth Inland Hrlar »« tonstmnntor. tho ovonlng wan Mpcul In coiiKi'atula- tlonH and Informal talks by inembo.™ of tbn local flro dnpartment and Urn vlMllors. _ the social and civil strife of the community. Like most mining towns, Sagoland was called Into existence by tho discovery of a mine. In this caso it was tho discovery of the St. John mine, located at the very source of Kfilso canyon. Most of the mtmes of the men of Bageland have been lost with tho passing of tlmo; but It Is recalled by the old-llmnr that Jim Brldger once ran a quartz mill thero and that David Walker was his mill man. It IB also known that Doctor Hoover, prominent early physician and lawyer of Kernvllle, once conducted biiBlnesn th«ro and at ono tlmo attempted to purchaao tho St. John mine. J. J. Murphy, leading chain store merchant of early days, operated stores In Kernvlllo, Sageland, Glen- vlllo and Hnvllnh In tho late 1880s because thcBo woro then the most thriving towns In tho county. In addition to being a mining town of Importance, Sagclanrt once served as an Important commercial link among the towns of the county. 71 was thero that pendorouB freight trains, bearing merchandise from Los Angelas, stopped. And, no doubt, the oarly "bull whaokur" often quenched his thlrflt for whisky and night life In the old town in Kelflo canyon. Perhaps tho bit of amitthyHtlno glass, Btalned by tho suns of thoBo many years, which tho tourist kloks out of the sand with an Inquisitive too Is all that IB loft lo show whoro,ho turned down his last tumbler. ELECT YEfSLEADERS Woodrow Wilson Is President of McFnrland Chapter of Scholastic Group (ffpeetol (a The OoH/ontjortj McFARLAND, Sept. 28,—Woodrow Wilson was elected president of the California Scholarship Federation Chapter 287, whTeh was chartered In the McFaHand High School last spring, Miss Mario C. Lourenzo, faculty mombor, who httH boon in charge of the honor department of tho school for seven years, was pros- ent ut tho meeting at which plans waro rnado for an evening mooting October 0, at which the two charter members, Edith Shlck, .Bonlor student and Wnndalea Hargravo, sophomore student, will have tho pleasure of planning tho Initiation of the other two members, Woodrow Wilson and Mario Davis, also a senior and sophomore respectively. Fellows Lodge in Leaders' Meeting Other Other Officers officers Include Delano Group Has Annual^Elections D15LANO, Hnpt. 2H.—Offlcora bavo boon oloclod for Urn oiiBulng flHCul year by the Anna Gordon Loyal Tom- pumnco Legion, and Includa Both Hhln, proBldnnt; Dorothy Idtmu&v, vliso-proBldonl; Murlnl Hodges, Biicro- tary, and Joyce Wagner, treasurer; and Jimmy Ilorton, Betty Seaman, yoll leaders, Installation will bn tbn third Hun- day In October. Tho Legion infiits tho first, and third Sundays of HID month In tho social hall of tho Community Methodist Church, with Mrs. II. H. McClnos, nn ndvlHcr. HER FOOD TURNED TO GAS AND BLOAT! LADY EASES PAIN BY VAN-TAGE HERBS Golden Queen Club Plans FaU Doings MO.TA.Vlfl, Hopt. 28.~A,t tho regular mooting of tho Cloldon Queen Employed Club hold at tho I. O. O. P. hall recent ly planfl woro discussed for tho full activities for tho members of tho club and Iholr families. A bonoflt dance la to bo given at tho Clold Quart/, Club In Itosntnond. Tho dato ban not yot boon announced. Tho committee on dance arrangements am W. Hchtiltx, James Korn and C. U. 1'Yariklln. Tho next mooting will bo hold October B at Mojavo. During tho mimrner montliH recreational iiollvlllen of tho club In- dudod Siinduy hiiBoball gamon at tho Qnldnit Queen diamond located seven miles southwest of town. Two barbecues have also boon sponsored by thn club. Tho membership consists of approximately 125 employcB, Officers for tho fall term nro: It. C. Franklin, president; Wlllluni Clury, vicopresident: W, MahtilU, seurotary; Tod Chuptuan, treasurer, and Ham Mooro, club manager. Edith Hhlck, vice-president; Wandalea Margrave, secretary, and Mario tiavls, treasurer. Tho following as- noolato members were voted on: Patty Alexander, idolla Phillips, Evelyn "Waller. The»o students are not O, fl. F. members but will be an Integral part of tho social side of tho organization. Thoy are food students who laok only two points to bo entitled to full membership. The prerequisites for membership are throe As and ono B In four one- unit subjects, two of which get col- lego recognition; or two As, two Us and two points received from extra currlcular work, such as tnterschol- usllo athletics, forenalos, elo. Associate members are Miss Alice Brlgllo and Ml«a Mary-Ellsiaboth Johnson, faculty members of tho local school, who hold life membership In tho C. H. jr. They will be present at tho meeting Tuesday, October (1. FB1LLOWB, Sept. 28^-The Buena Vista dhaptor 884 of Fellows held the past matron and past patron night recently. Daisy Carr and Canpor Parsons wero coohalrmon, Mary Anderson, worthy matron; John Stevens, worthy patron! Irene Benett, associate matron; Leonard Russell of Marlcopa chaper associate patron; Henrietta Young, secretary; 55o1la Parker, treasurer! Maggie Tabor, conductress; Daisy Carr, associate conductress; Oer. trude Smith, organist from Marl* copa chapter; Caspar Parsons, chap' lain; auy Parker, marshall; Marie Lillhorn of Maspah, Adah; Pearl Moriss of Marlcopa chapter, Ruth; Alma Varner of Taft, Esther; Elizabeth Stevens of Taft chapter, Martha; Mr. Llllyhorn of Maspah, Eloota; Henry Morris of Marlcopa chapter, warder; Ernest Smith, sentinel, Worthy matron, Sussy Russcl, and worthy patron, Charles Dower, were escorted ISast and introduced. Past Patrons Mr. Dunn and Mr. Campbell of Delano chapter were escorted East and Introduced. After the meeting 'everyone went down to tho banquet room. Tho game of telegrams wan played with Mrs. O. D. Young winning tho prize. Delightful refreshments of Ice cream and sherbert woro nerved by Mes< dames Nell Fisher, Nellie Johnson, Eelma McNamara, Jerry Rhoedor and Mr. Jennings Peterson. Citt us Association Elects * Officers at Annual Mefetiftg FELLOWS DELANO Awful Gas Dispelled—Digestion Fine Now— Van-Tape Relieved Sluggish Kidney Pains, Testifies Well Known California Lady, 53 Years Resident. .Sufferers from stomach trouble •wh as gas and bloat, sluggish liver and Icldnoys, causing Nhurp, neurlllc> puliiH und inttsouliir rhounmllr pnliiM, are finding quick rnllnf from their trouble nl leading Unltcrrflcld drug Hloroc. If you urn sink, by all rut-ann aonsull tbt'Ho dniKglsts, who aro per sonully talking «>vory day to many sick und allliiK PIM-SOIIH Necking relief. Thousands of buttles of thin new iiif.dlcnted borb medicine have boon distributed lo lorn I people. Tow- thnunluls from grateful formor wlif- furors urn pouring Into tho drug Btoi-i'B anil every day many portions atop In personally to thank the driiK- glnis I'nr K'HIni; them to try Van Tut!" for their Ills. UIIAO you e\er drlviMi Ihrougb Qrahoncr, Calif.? lloro'B a eonvlnc- InK Midomemonl of Van-Tag" from MI-H. p. Oruhvner. who him lived thm<> for tnl yem-f, Stiir Ttoute No. 2, via «'lovIs: Couldn't DljceHl Food "over K yearn iigo I Hlarlod having Hovei'e puinH In my Hiomnch mill bowels from (tun fornmtJon," wrllen til In 0!l-yeur-old liuly, who linn lived In this vlrlnlty for the hint IiH yt'iim and IH widely known throughout thin ROSEDALE Hopl. ^8.—Mr. Mrs. 1'. M. Kllinvi-r rind dims (Bpeolal to DICHOROVH, Sept. 28,-tfOhn W. •"•Reed was re-elected president of he Itlchgrove-Jaamme Citrus Association for the third consecutive time •ocently, When the • newly elected )oara of directors of the association organized following their election by hn stockholders o< the association at their annual meeting. Other officers elected were W. A. Welch, vice-president, rd-elected for tho second term, A. V. Button, of Terra Bella, soorotary-treasurer, and manager, and Miss Merle Double, of Terra, Bella, assistant secretary. Twenty-two stockholders attended the meeting. The auditor's report was also accepted. Secretary But:on gave a detailed report of tho year's marketing activities and Improvements at«the packing hoUso. A- M. Drury, president of the Tularo County Citrus Exchange, gave a complete report of the crop and market conditions. He revealed that thero is 4400 boxes of Valencia oranges still marketed in southern California before tH6 Navel crop of this year can be moved, and that they must be marketed in the next U weeks. He stated that the crop of Navel oranges is of excellent quality and that there is a good crop, * , New bylaws . for the association were read and adopted and will be printed for, distribution. Directors elected for the ensuing fiscal year were John. W,, Reed, W, A. Welch, Charles H. Hart, Willis A. Goodell, Frank Daybell of Por. ervjlle, Homer Coo artd B. O, Wash' , Attending tho meeting were Frank Daybell, Portervllle; Miss Merle Double and A. V. Button, Terra Bella, Homer Kyte, John M..Kyte, H. O, Washington,, Peter Wolf, Charles H. Hart, Willis A, Goodell, Gilbert Doble, all of Jasmine, Mr, and Mrs, Frank J. Coddlngton, John W. Reed, Hdmer Coe, W, W. Welch, H. L. Haell, B., J. Barnes, H. Hlrose, Stephen L. Kleffer arid Paul Driver. 4 »» A movlo star dances in "Never Qonna Dance/' • Still, many a bridegroom ends up by Washing dishes. Pretty Rites Are ; Held lor Couple SHATTER, Setot. 28.—Cowiied In white bfotiftde eatln and wearing? a whlto net veil, Aldlne Myrlck, daughter of Mr*- and Mrs. W. R. Myrlck of' Shatter wa« married' to Ralph J&nzen here recently. The ceremony took pla.ce in the H. R. Janien hoijio with ihe Reverend William J.- Bestvater dfeilvejrlng the sermon, The 1 couple moved to Avenal today whertf Ralph has been working for nearly ft year; • Tho ceremony, was informal with tho brldo carryroef an armful of cream rose buds./ There wer6-no attendants. • Miss Amanda Johnson played "The Wedding Match" by Lohengrin preceding: the ring cere* the out-of-town guests were Mr. and > Mfs. .Johnnie Pan- krate, MrB. O. B. Warkentlh artd her tWo daughters, Mrs. Roy Stoltenberg and Miss Virgle Warkeritln of Reedley; Mr. and Mrs. Burton Myrick and Johnnie Fleming of Santa Monica. Both the bride and groom were graduated from Shatter High School. mony. Among DICTjANO, Sept. 28.—C. L. Me- Cormlck of Chlcfiso joined Mrs. McCormlck hero at tho homo of her mother, Mrs. I>ona Heall, on Wed' nesday. Mrs. MeCormack hns boon hero for flvo wookH with her mother and ulsters, and after another week Mr. and Mrs. McCormlck will leavo for Los Angeles ''-om whoro they will leave for Chicago. Arthur Bronstoln, local merchant. IB convalescing at hlB homo from a rnnont Bevere Illness. Jntn«a "Whlto motored to Bakors- field on Tuesday to transact business, j Mr. and Mm. Alfred C. Brockman, their daughter. Miss Josephine Hrockmnn, her brother, William, and her brother Carl and Mrs. Hrocknmn have returned from IJOB AiiKclflH where they were called to at lend funeral H«rvlcoH for their FELLOWS, Sept. 28.—Mrs. John P. JTInster passed away Thursday evening at her homo In Follows. Tho funeral services were held at Flick Inger'fl Funeral Home In Bakersflek on Friday afternoon .at 2 o'clock. Al of tho storeB In Follows wero closed from 2 to 8 In memory of Mrs, Fin ster. Tho Rebeccas of Fellows are celo bratlng their anniversary Monday ovunlng, September 28. All Rebeccaa • arc Invited to come and a play, tho. story of Rebecca, will bo given. Mr, and Mrs. Harry Harrlston and daughter Virginia have returned homo after a nine-day deer hunt. John Wagner has gone to Ocean Beach to visit his wife who is stay- Ing there. Herman Petit of Parller and formerly of Taft la Bpendlng a couple of days visiting his friends in Follows and Taft. A group of officers from the Buona -Vista Chapter attended star point night at BakerBfteld Thursday I ovonlng. Those who went were-Mes-1 dames Margaret Bears, Winifred WaUion, Mary Griffith. Lucille Barhes and Lola Mnnon.' nnd liter niorlii Ann and Mr. and Mrs. Abo Hurlnll of I.OH AngoloM, woro roeont vlwltoi-H of Mr. and Mrs. Henry liar- loll and family. Mrs. HOBO JCroohllcih returned to her homo on Monday aftor a throe weeks' vacation with her slater In tho wtnto of iCniilucky and with relatives In Chicago. Mrs. Albert Clark of linlcersflold called on hnr piguMilti, Mr. and Mrs. U. .1. NuHon, Krlmiy ovonlng. Bho also called on Mlsa Burlha Krugor at hor homo. Mrs. A. M. Scott, ulster of D. O. Mooro, nnd Mrs. Dolly Hcott of LOH Angplos, passed tho wrtolt end at tho grand fa thnr, tttglowood. Albert Brockman, of "My Nuffrrlnir NlitrliMl over B )onm HKO from limollvo nlomach, boivplN mill Ulilni>>'N," Bull) Mrs. I 1 '. <iriibcner of (li-iibcncr, Cullf, (urur lliiharNfleld). "Sliu-» tiihlim Vnn- '1'iiKe I for! lllic a new woman." this mrdlclno to every ono wlm iiuffcrM IIM I did." Nulurc'H Own Herbs \ AN-TAUH IM natloiially recommend i>d by landing drugKlHt* and t-untalnH a comblniiUoii of Ingredl- 1'ntH I'liiiud In no othor foranilii. 'I'lu'Hn liiKi'Killonts mix with tho food In OIIO'H Hloiiim'h. tliuH ilirowliiR off |iii|»oi\n Hint foNtrr Htiiinncb IroubloB ami livlptriK tlu< liver and bowcla to function properly. II will rloonso yuur ImwolH (iji'iuUially--not drastlo nr Movi'iT) and IODCJ ihoin Into bettor dull)' nrllim D. i). Mooro roBldonuo. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Jackson of Weed I'atoh cnllod on Mr. and MrB. Arthur rtonfro and Mm. Margaret I'roddy roconlly. Mr«. A. I.(. llonfro, MrB. Andrew Helmforth and MrB. Arthur liar- baugh nt I «m1«d tho Kern county rohcursiil for tho luitlanul Mrs. N. J. Woyoker has returned from Denver, Colo., whoro she spent several weeks with her mother, Mrs. 11. C. Hamlln. Mr. and Mrs. David O. Jones are entertaining as thulr house guest their daughter, M!HB ICIoanOr Jones of Polo Alto. Clyde and Uoy Chambers have returned homo from Orovllle where they sponl several days visiting with their Mister. Alfred Wnnfett. employe of the Karl Fruit Company. IB convalescing slowly at tho local honpltal from an Infected loft elbow. Mr. and Mrs. Krwln O. Blair are visiting with their BOH ROBCOO Blair anil family In Avondale. Ariz. Moadamns Charles II. Hart and W. A. Ooodcll motored to Portervlllo on Thursday to shop. MfiOdamoH C. T. Carver and B. W. Blair motored to Bakersflold on BOYS MISS HORRIBLE DEATH WEST HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 28. (U. P.)—Throe frightened youngsters, thoroughly "whipped," tumbled from the pylinder of a huge cement mixer near Colonial Park School which had boon sot In motion by a companion who was unaware of tho human material within. A cable became in- tangled with tho running gear and Btallod tho motor before a passerby, attracted by the cries of the boys, reached tho mixer. IT'* HERE "Tills gas wonld fnrm iiflor iiieaUi ; Wllltl VllH-Tuji'C l.)OC8 and would nmlie nm feel painfully j It will bring out awful RKMOS and bloated all thn time I hud no much inipurlllrii (li-ei|\ienl\y from thn flrnt iloMti) whleh may have buen InHldo of you for u IOIHV thin\ ••uuHliu; you mnny dnyti of nilHin-y with head- itrliex, dl//y Mpi'lls, nhhi ei llpllonii, f<uil lu-eiiih, In'olten Hlfep und rhi'ii- IIIMlle iil'fllellim. And, |II<H| of nil, Ihn emit IH Hinitll. \Vhlle It IH bl'lnu Intl'oilueed hero anybody ean takn VAN-TAtllH for a lew eimlM dully! Thin In u UltlUAT mndlclnr. but very ri>uxiinal>ly prloed due In Ihn ImniiMino Vuliuue lit Whloh It nellH. Mo, If HlllKKlNh hovvelM, Htnlll Farm Bureau convention In field Thursday evening. Othefn rep- ro«ni)tlnK KoHi'ilulu In (ho chorus aru Mr. and Mrs. lli'iiry Uartoll and Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Jonos. Mint) Muxlnp Moore, who 1« at- tho UnlvorBlty of California Monday lo shop. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Buswoll ul \MH Angeles, paised the wciftli end hero with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. O. Mooro. Mrs. Harold Prleo and son Dickie of Baker* field, called on Mr. und ^Il•H. Arthur lienfro and M.rB. Mar- Krtri.-t 1'rldily Haturday n\(>rnlng, Arthur llonfro. Jr., rsturntid to Ball- ersflold with Mrs, Vrlco, whoro ho pitHsed tln> wock end. The Himi'iliili.1 Onuigors aro planning a OnuiKe dedication prograin o 110 presented on notobor 10 to llcnto tho uninploiloit of the ,lrango hull In have returned from a hunting trip on deer crsok. and have gone to Loft Angeles to «p«nd several days on bunlnrss. Mr». Bortha Mitchell and son Hugh have returned to tholr h6me at Tularo after a visit with Mrs. MUolKiH'a brother, J. O. James and family. Ronald Qobel. Bon Of Mr. and Mrs. Hnrbert Oobel. buffered a broken loft ni'in whem hit fell Into a holo. A. 1!!. B|-n|imrd of Berkeley called on friends lioro Friday night and attended to business Interests. Dr. Dnrroll Cliirk opened office* In Lindsay having bought out an eBtabllnhod practlcn there. M|B« Anita Clark, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Albert riurk, is iittmUltng In my hldm-yn that 1 Buffered oontlnunlly from hurnlnu aunHatlonn. J uneil to huvo to take baking soda ,1 or •! thnex u duy. I -WIIH crtiHH und Ill-liable nil the lime. My fin nl didn't taMe KIMH! nnd u didn't iier-ii) llko It would oven dliccxt at all. (,'etH Quick He-suits "I noticed Van-TiiKt* beliit; advpr- tlwed In tho paper HO mueh that 1 decided to glvo It a trial. Now thai 1 havo taken a few bolllen 1 I'eel many | aeh m- kldnoyH urn kouplng you In y«sarH younger. My dlgenilon IH flnn | nilm>ry. It would onrliilnly lio'u now. That awful Rn» IIIIH been din- j tnke not to try VAN-'I'At'lli!, pelted and thn agonlxlnu IninihiK m i (let VAN-TAOI5 luilny ut tho l«nst my sluggish kldno.vH IH wondorfnlly relieved. 1 feel llkn a new woman bi>cause of Van-Tago a nil I um Kind to I Tuft, or Marlcopa. oru IM-UB Htiuv, tho Dwl, or any it her good ilrUKglrU In Bakorsfluld, There Is No Substitute for Good Workmanship! W. G. Willoughby Repair Shop 2216 "Eye" Street Member Independent Auto llvimlrmon's .\Hsocliilloii FOR 1937 AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO Again A Y««r AftMd junior your. (>oll»gf ttv ItukcrsfloKl thin Buttonwillow CALIENTE IIUTTONWU,U*\V. Sept. 28.— rim Hvittonwllluw UratiKo haw iliuinmi nn open iiiouunK' fur VtMlnoHilay ulRht, HiiptnmbtM' 30, tit ho Hultonwlllow Holiool. All rnonv JOM i>n> urittHt to nttcnd with their 'rlondn. Tln> ooinmunlty In Invited, crd will \w 11 Hpoolul iimtrrum. Mr. mill MIH, O. H. Crawford ro- turni'd homo aftor u w«ek ami vl»lt with tholr aon'x family, Mr, and M'lti. nruoo Crawford nnd son ot lto» An- lOB. « Mr». Hftrotd Rnlnsy cntortnltwd tho Wudnoaday At'turnoon Club at hor home with iv lunchuon. Thoao who nttondud wero Mnadnmen Cluirlon Dumblo, QMl lltUhov»«, Wilson nioHoy. Ooortto ColeniMn. John Moriran, Dn\\ Crawford, Clmrloa 1\ Koinn, B. V*. Bunkin- and tho hOHtoac. Tho flral prtio went to Mm. Dumble and the Bpoonrt to Mrs. Colomut. Tho Lamktn lunohroom and norv. loo nt&tldn liavo boon temporarily cloned on acoouut at lllnenii of Mm. Uunkln, who i« mush Improvnd nnd IIOPDS to be out in a. fow dayc, Martin Hlllhouno returned to bin CA1.1MNTW. Sept. 28.— O. B. l.ou- than IH hero from Point Cnncuptlon wltb a crow uf «0 men rnbulUlluw; thu ti'|i>|ihoii( v . ti<U<Kraph und radio lino to thu wowl of horu, HOUR 1 tl.'i tulU'H of wli-« In thn two-inHo utrotch, tlu<ro Monin 40 tdniflu straiulH. This work IN ciiviHt'il by tho now mil lino whnro tho polo llm> \VIIK, From Mojavo Hnnday vlHltlnir at his BOII'H homo hens on Kust J Htroot \va« fiporiro n. lOvorott of Uw HiKnal dopartmont of tho Southern 1'nrifln. After un tibHonuo of a your or more WIHItun do'Aroy Irvlno U Uick at homo In tho Collcnto canyon, the dee no of curlier mineral nffortu and accomplishment. Mr«. Irvlno, the former Virginia, Turdlff, and dauKh- ter uecompanled htm. FEATURE* YOU NEVER SAW OR HEARD BE. FORE ON ANY RADIO $29.95 $750.00 Eaty T«r»i liomti nftnr severnl (tay« on ' vlneyuiit ut. Kornian. his Mr, nnd MrH, Bu<1 Hhufor returned homo lifter-A vacation trip to t,ong Hoiu'li a f»\v ddya and to tho mountains near Ann BonmnMno when* they enjoyed •overal d&y« of real runt. Painful Piles Go QulcU—No rutling—Xo Snivel It take* only ono bottle of Dr. ,1, 8. Leoimnrdt'B prtsoriptlon—UlSM-lXOlD ~tO rollevo Itching, bleadtng or pro- trurtlnt pilot. This InteriiHl tnodlolno aoli quickly even in old stubborn h*lj»»'to h«al and reiitora thw Af(«at«d Com* into out •tor* and look over these new Zenitiu. An unbelievable number oi models to chooae from. Prioei •o moderate, you will wonder how a manufacturer with * 20-year reputation lor making $2,500 radio* can do it parts »hd relieves blood eong^ntlon in lower bowel—the urumo of " & "No More Rubber" Dr. Campbell has discontinued the use of rubber enUrelyln the making of dental plates .... ' ', , Dr. Campbell is now a direct importer of the new REAUSTIC <IenUl plat* materials that are used in maWnk no rubber "NATURAL EXPRESSION" plates. This raakew it possible for him to charge you no more for these beautiful plate* than ho would for /ordinary rubber plates. "No Matter" No matter how little you pay for your dental plates they will be made of "REALISTIC." This is that new beautiful dental plate material that contains absolutely no rubber whatsoever, and is almost impossible to break. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES PHONE 846 "See Samples" Dr. Campbell has samples of these beautiful plates on display in and is more than willing to have you see and inspect them so that you may compare values. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES "NATURAL EXPRESSION PLATES" These BEAUTIFUL, ALL-PINK, NATURAL GUM COLOR PLATES •re very SANITARY ... ARE ODORLESS and CONTAIN NO RUBBER ... are all beautifully HAND-CARVED. allowing you to LAUGH and SMILE WITHOUT BEING EMBARRASSED ... are made very THIN and DAINTY, yet they are practically UNBREAKABLE . . . here you have BEAUTY . . . NATURALNESS .. . SANITATION and DAINTINESS COMBINED with STRENGTH. SETTING OF TEETH FIRST of all the PROPER SHAPE ... SIZE . . . COLOR and SHADE of TEETH are SELECTED to SUIT the INDIVIDUAL.,,. . then the TEETH are SET as NEAR LIKE ONE'S OWN TEETHTB possible ... A FALSE APPEARANCE la AVOIDED by NOT SETTING the TEETH TOO EVEN, etc.... WRINKLES, ETC. GREAT CARE is taken NOT TO CAUSE WRINKLES ... DROOPING MOUTH... UNNECESSARY LINES. .>. UNNATURAL EXPRESSION, ETC. . . . when muklng these BEAUTIFUL PLATES. "Main In Our Own Laboratories CONTAIN NO RUBBER Phone for Special Offer 846 "Roofless Plates" We Do Not Charge Extra for Plates Made "Roofless Style" Only an internal nmllalne «an do tui*. that's \f\\y Halves and euitlntr often fall. Uuglmi Urue Ktorn «nd nil drug, gist* wy one bottio of uion-Huiu or, money b^ctt. A.JV. Fu ThMlir MIC H Sir**! PROM IIM Our BKp«r|«net AMur** Your, Plate Repairs There's no need of buy- Injc a new pUte when you/ old plate ean be made to fit tight and look like new, Vie Dft CAMPBELL'S dental laboratories fer* your next plute repair. DENTIST 1431 Nineteenth Street Phone 846 OVIR KIMBAUL 4 STONE DRUQ STORE : 1"> HOUB8 8!30 A. M, TO 8 P. M. CLOSED SVNDAYS PHONE 846 OUT-OF-TOWN PATIENTS

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