The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 18, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 4
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4 Wednesday, October 18, 1944 ^^^^j^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^ ^^^K^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^B^_^^£0^^^^^^_^^^^^^b^fe^H^^^^^A£^^^^H*M&^|^^^H«f^M ^^P^P^^^^^^^^H^H^^^H^^^^^^^^WQP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Recollection Day Planned JjyJ. L. Moss at St. Joseph's to Open Program of Events Kiiuil plans lor the "I My "f i:*v»>!- lection" were announced to il"-* t>.< tu bers of Iho Voting I,;uhrs ln.-iuut«' when they iin't [•'•<•<' Knights <>!" Columbus Arthur C. Meivulf, rhai « it ml I'li and ProU'Staiit wom< n the county tlial they are -.-ordialh' jnvjtrd to tltU on* 1 day n-tn-.u to Kunday. « Vt"h.'r L'J. u }}\ Hafcfrgfitlb Califor sas-l Psychiatrist, Attorney Are MEMBERS Speakers at B. P. W. C. Event TO BOARD SOCIETY PARADE MRS. WATTS ALSO NAMED TO AUXILIARY POSITION Ttirhard [,n\vi'iiiMTK, ps\•(-hiaii ist, ' "CJiamiina Mia," from "Tho Fir*** .-.i;tl Thomas II. \Verdel, a-s"inbiy- ! fly" (Kudnlf Friml). Her offerings, \M'u- I'm* speaker*, and Mvv. f uf ' ro ^ roa( 'V *n Joyed ana applauded Kfil.ilM W.i^iK'it, armm[».'U(i<"d by Mi--. l,.iin;i Xi< h'ds. was tho .soloist, \\ iit-n I iusini'ss and with Mrs. < i \\'*'ineu'H Club JieM its ("Jctohcr moot- in Mrs I '"t ;L 1 h'.-kius vi< .'-pi *'-i(t''nl. atnl A! rs. scat i-il ji.ill. Mis. \v,itls as musician, when of district No. \~>, Auxiliary, mot Kl 'IVion. Talks " Hamilton, president, Airs. Johnnie Warren as war activities chairman, AIKss Cjiy i H'-aii, moving picture rhairivmn anil inx, .Mon<lay n IK lit, in the form of Miss Hilda Ciiovanclt), sunshine a ilium r at Hotel Kl Tejon. Mr. < hairman. Miss Dorothy Donahue Lou rill" -}'K spoke on tin; topie "A spoke in behalf of the war chest. rhiairisL Looks at BakersUold." , Announcement was made of a ruin- at t,'vrn \V;iUpr Snnkrl. pjist. district Th i\ s t |i»S«'pl('S <- h II in;! rinVr, n will) '-li.'P'an .it ,< l. p-iiiM. »"»"»>•' ; von! cunt iii .Mrs. Tom .\friphan. la )iart m'-nl a] • >/ I be s ft -1". lie bt'lieve.s problems of t!ie injured' mii^e sale November 18 with Dr. in tho present and po.-'Uvar days : Dma Klopp, Docia Curfman should not ho minimi/ed, and he- and Airs. Hamilton in charge. lir\f> it out of plan; to "force cheer- ; Mrs. Laura Xiehols opened discus-" on people. Hr* cJostM hy sion on the possibilities ot" forming i-mnnienttn^ on tlie fact that .Mr. (fniinu his t : cven uiontiis 11 a. in. n ." by tin 1 J s .-in- it A< >.til Inl- iv. .\'l !;U b"\ and in- mhi i>' "i ' i"' ^ - I '• ' • 1 1 i i - > :! * '• •i M!I<! < oil ! r; ' Ii< <' \\ l\\ Infill ^j'l 1 ) n \inuu<'lv 2 I-, ti'.. in;> i<> turn i ( tl hv n»-;jr\ ;t)t«i lirMi i '.lh 1 ion ^ * in the < hurrii at 4 p. m. Social plans for tin 1 im-nili o(" < V- toher and November \\rrt- also tentatively announced ;it the l;\si uio-'Uim. Scandlan reported thai. ;i party )ms- br-en mu< BTid that a brief ni'M-tintr viii be nt f»:Jr> p. m. on Tin-day. October 'J4, dcnl; In 01 der that mrinbei s will ho free to attend the evening mission at St. C'hureh. .'f> k nf r'-Jt/i I'l Jlf 't f t"M n< <\v ; MX- ;niMii;irv. ;m-l Mrs. <><i' ;is )irr t»pir III*- s< i rv- ' ' n ! II U r«'lMll'l<''l to liic p:|li-Ml. n i/.i ! ji iji. .-n *-'|MM (-. inu* \\ \\'.\f I'd fii a eluh chorus, Miss Betty Gould announced that speech class will meet had ser-m<-d t" him a VOUIIK city, and the second and fourth Tuesdays of In- ar-krtl \\\.\\ Die people- remain each n mn ill, Ali>« Dorothy Hftner ;in»ionnci'ii ;i conrsv of interest to hnsinesH women and there was a report on a central district meet mi;. y tut t nr". ntnl lor t he.* rity's f M- as miroi hy Mis.-- Myja Xo] ( |e, \\}\« tuld «(' th' 1 speaker's experience in \\^, i ivld i»f th-ir wnrk as m.-diral (.•,.),Mi,-i..ri'. • n( ' linilll «>* ; ' M<I n " ui ' jl P>Vh"In^y in 11 an thin ^, Slianuhai. San i-'rancisco and olliei' i ilies. on Iho and ^s. Report was made Cto-to-chureh'' da at First flight gray -wool siilt with Krench blue bat arid aec-essorios and wore a rni'MiiKe of bride's roses and gardenias. The nmirJ of honor wore a mustard colored wool jersey one-piece dross with brown hat and accessories. Her corsage was also of roses and gardenias. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick, of 325 Flower street: the parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. J, >V. Hoffman, of Steinauer, Neb. Private Hoffman is attached to the link training department at Winter Field. The service at the church was followed by a breakfast at the Bakersfield Inn, nftei- which the young couple left on a short trip north. Private and Mrs. Hoffman .arp now at home to their friends at 2200 Lake street, apartment Xo. 3. * * * " u ; a plft tire v reei-diny t }\r J'JJH ))-'(.n a b\ M \vnjn (,'in i'stian church in ohservance of \Vomen's \Voek, and of arts- for a party, Octoher ltt» v . ( Mi. >\'eide! spoke hriel'Iy on tho ' 1'or neu* iwnihors tit the ijome of r»f tlie : ''e^innin^s of Kovormneni in this j.Miss (Jladys SltellalKtr^er, \vilh past Xovemher \vill f<-atnro initiation on .mxiliai'y ami ineinhers of the Am'-ri- ca n Legion, Installed. besides kins of this city, \\-ere: M rs. r Ku?)fs-fii.-ui, "f \'i^:ili;i. prosj- Alrs. I In! h Aherrromhie, of s«'cret;irv 1 rea surer: Mrs. } lodges, Mo ja \-,\ sergeant -al- Viruhua I'l-Moli. Arvin. iola Ifarris, \'f- i (Hinti y, and discussed measures to presidents 'as hostesses. ;ippo,ir on the liallot No vein her 7, he clvib endorsed Miss Frances .\frs ! ( ' OII1I11 '' nt ' n «: at a little more length ' Marie Hrey of PorterviMe for a niern- her of the state women's prison arms: marshal: Mrs. M and 12. Miss Doroth Decker, state president for Husinoss and Professional \Vomon 'a chilis. ,-tsked {'or a secret poll on the laUor two anif-ndnieiitH. which was taken. Wordol wan Introduced hy Mr?. Hooper following a short fom- board. Dr. oina Klopp introduced five new members, ma king a total of KS1, an all time high record. Mrs. Ruth Mo user was ^iven the first a Men dance prixe ami Aliss ISKIDK OF SKIWKANT — Miss Dorothy Luwk-Ul, the daughter of MJ-. and -Mrs, JoJni A. Lawieki, of Oak I^iiwn, 111., was married to Sergeant John W. Kunkel, of Minter Field, during the early part of this month. A double ring ceremony was performed in Minter Field Chapel. fourteenth and tho ,'mnnal past . s: 'h":i. rliajjlain: and Mrs-. Margaret jiropident's ni.ulit o n Xovemher L'K. ' Wat t s. of this city, musician. Act- Mrs. Margaret Stanley, institute dep- ntv. \\itt J*e chairman oJ* the latter event. Writers Section Will Meet on November 1 intr as Insf aMfnt? officer u as Mrs. Lilly P.rannema n, state \i<-e -pros i! denl . Xe\t Mdarteilv meet inq of the f'jf- teenl h di--t l let is scheduled for Sll 11- day, February 11. in Tularo. nn slate MISM Merle Scales. M i 'p. Wag non's I'oleasoH bv Loniso Snow, the second, which were $:; and $_' in war stamps, re- ineludod, j spectively. The tallies were ap- "Von Are i-'reo," from "Apple V.los- - pointed in ;\ U:\Ho\veon inoiif, Mrs. sonts" fl'"ri(x Kreisler), "f)ai?dy'.« ; Lottie .Myers is the dinner' chairman Sweetheart 1 ' (Li'/.:v LennianV and for tl)* 1 seasmi. Creative writers sections of l-iak- sfield Hi'ancJi, American Assot ja- tion of I'nivt-rsixy "\Yuu\eu \Mil meet! Caledonia A. NOTES I Lodge NO. Free .Mini >*ovemher 3, instead of tonmht, us, ( Accepted .Masons, will confer a first, originally niniounccO. The place of , decree of Ahiso?»ry, AVednesday. at 7i MliIloe in Plans were discussed for a Halloween party and fun night to be held at Lakeside School under the au.s- pjces of the P. T. A. when the com- met recently with the session will be revealed Inter. REGISTER TONIGHT An announcement here toda re p. m., in Caledonia Mustmk 1 AM Masons are Invited; refreshments wiH be served. ('. A. Simmons, worshipful master, will preside. vealed the reopening of the Creek To MrH Thursday Kl Tojon Coimcil. School hero tins year. I*'ei:istratioM is being conducted from 4:-''" l>. ni. to 7 ii. m. tonight m 1 l\o Hellenic Community hall, -lot Truxtun avenue. the. c.huirnutn, Mrs. Ktnu> Dostoi'uni. B. W. R. S. Sends More Articles Tho \vas hold at Iho W. H. nbo homo on Marieopa of Mrs. Met'Mio. nnd Mrs. Dostofani wore assisted hy Mrs, Coy Daffcrn. < Hhfr.s present u ero: Used clothing, layettes and dolls as well as other toys were packed at the recent, meeting of the British War .Relief Society, Bakorsfiold unit. Mrs. Percy CuoUo, gonernl chairman, says, "We wish to thank the donors who mado it possible to send these gifts to cheer tho unfortunate victims this comin Christmas sea- hontas, will meet Thursday at S p. m. | (inward in I >rnids hall with .Mrs. It. I'ratliev, Vei-lon son. " brief business meeting was hold Here's One I'urahnnlas. prosidinK. A lull at- Iciidancf i^ urycd. To M<M'( Tlttivstlity f ,S«M i;,l I'Jnl/ ^^ ill inrct Thursday al I he limnr nf .Miss Nit 1 /, A Nicy. L':i'JO Turutictli siicct, at. m., with Mrs, \\';i)irr Hatt'in Don Hulhjck, Millard Kanford, Juo during the day presided over by the Report M were MI hi nit ted FOR Friday To Moe( Thursday Ladies A u\ili;iry hood of Railroad T rinii'Mla v at FISH SCALLOP with GRAVY MASTER eap* rnnncrl or 2 ibupn, biiller or ! Ju- ii \\ill in tin- .Mas.mi ill lio scr\'c-d. 1 tup. •alt 2 tbppfl, chopped chopped pimento 1 ib»p. flour J y% cap* milk 1 t*p. <;UAVV MAXTKK \ rup liultr-rMl bread r rumba Mix fifth with *V •alt T par»l«y, and *up br^ail crumb*, limenio.Mell butler, in flour, adtl milk. Cook until thirken* ', »tir ronstanlty. Add CRAW MASTER. Jlulier fill with •llernai« UVCPB £nli mud cauee* Sprinkfs fop with reel of enunbi. Bake in rood* •rat« oren about 25 mJn. » otrt for tMaft TKIM THAT SLIT h As; a dashing afcoss^ry for ft tai- 'd suit, a douhlo sti'iind choker nf pears worn aiio\o iho lii hlifuso Js I'ocunimcndcd, Fo wear pr-arls may he fastened at the iiiu:k of (lie nork with u how to mat t.'Ii t lie rosf niiip; 111' 1 If'np; st raiul may ho loop* 1 *! t \vioo and 1'aslened . A. K C'ohh, Uerljort Cox and chairman. Cliffoj-ii Xai'hary. and letters of appreciation from Mu; jnr Kohert C.len to Mrs, Peter C. Miss Lida Si.-mon of the HaUers- ! ( ; l »»» -••'"I her knitfers for (he splon- , , . ,, , 'did work aceompHnhed and to Mrs. field Mi^li .school spoke on 'KelalK-n n)0 ,. p fo) . 1hfl !X . spon , o o( - tho wnmon Alcoliol to I-'ood' al u , of this city to the appeal for dolls. Mrs. K. K. Barber was hostess for (lie afternoon. The honor roll of workers is now beum compiled to he sem* tu Kn^land and post members who are eligible to bo included should ^et in touch with Mrs. 10. K. Barber, secretary-treasurer. Tlie Hakersl'ield unit has now lieon in existence for four years and a constant supply of garments and comforts for victims oi' the war has been shipped during that period. recent meeting of William P. T. A. A film was shown in eoi with (he address, and t hf voted ti> purchase new books for the sehool lilti ary. 'Tea was served at the conclusion of the program sixth iir Missionary Society to Hear Mrs. Nelson t'lnuer. H«n*'« a luncheon or cap* per dith that** easy* inexpensive, different. GRAVY MASTER jri?** it that "extra something". Gel • bottle and 117 it. SOU 150. "In Trtist. for Tomorrow" will he l he topic of ti\e discussion hy M rs. , ,., f .. . ,. , T. I*. Nelson, when Women's Miri-. u- th a favor te jeu-e or - ,. = , . c ., ; . ,, , t •, siouavy Stn-U'ty ol r irst rresbyler- bm ('Jiiu ch uioeLs at the homo of Mrs. Harold Moore. IJ100 San Kmidio, Tfiursday at ^ p. in. The hostesses will he Mesdames Medical Auxiliar I BE PREPARED 1 io relieve colds' achy muscles, sore throat with St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at 3 IV. No aspirin ran do more for you. Dig 100 tablet size for only 35e. Minnie I Joan, Arthur Taylor, and O. M. Annsh'ojiK- with Mrs. Willard Wilev, president, presidms. i • • ' MSUft Mokes your cookin' good lookin and OH! WHAT FLAVOR! Havi Your Eves Examined Open a Charge Account That are right for your e>es and your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-7335 LES TAB AM TAB Nee Gingras to Make Layettes Members of the. Kern County Medical Auxiliary will begirt work on layettes for tho Klorenco Crittondon homo when a meeting is held Thursday night. The session will be held tit the home of Mrs. J. M. KrevHt, li'S Bedford Way, with Mrs. liaoden Inman presiding. Mrs, Vincent liotiruls and Mrs. F. Kdward AValthul will assist Mrs. Krevitt. A rummage- sale is planned for November « and 7 at Si^ Baker street. Mrs. Tl. .1. Cuneo heads the committee, which i.s comprised of Mrs. William McDonald, Mrs. Chester Mead and .Mrs. Jack Nicholson. Contributions may be brought to this mooting or taken to the home ot Mr\s. Cuneo or Mrs. McDonald. La>vi(Ui'Kunlu>I KH Miss TJorodiy T.awieki, the daufth- lf-r of Mr. and Mrs. ,Iohn A. l*awick\, of Oak hawn. III., became the bride of .Sergeant John W. KunUcl, of the Ordnance department of Minter I-'ieid, on Oetober 7, the double ring ceremony hemp performed in the Minter Field Chapel at lli noon. Of- I'tcfat int; was i.'hanlain Xorhert \\'lieeief. Meet.rations of ihe church consisted of an aJiar Irijnmed with four baskets of assorted gladioli. K«>r her wedding the. bride wore a two-piece \vhitu a Her mum frock. She chose white accessories and a corsage of gardenias and pink roses. Attending Mrs. Kunkel as matron of honor was Mrs. Kdward Faniie- chi, of liT-o t street, who \VUP attired in n yellow afternoon t'ruck with brown accessories and a gardenia, corsage. Best man was Private First Class Ignatius (5. Custer, of Minter Kield. Following tho wedding the bride opened gifts in the lounge room at Minter Field. The bridal pnrty then enjoyed dinner in the crystal room at Biikorsfiold Inn. The bride attended Argo Community High School in Illinois and the sergeant is an alumnus of Lemon t Township High School of Lomont, 111. Me is the SON of Mr. and Sirs. Stanley Kunkel, ol" Lemon t. * * * Stewart-Hoffman In the presence of a small gathering of friends and relatives, Miss Patricia Stewart and Private First Class Robert CJ. Hoffman pledged their marriage cows at S p. m. nn October *i in St. Joseph's Church. Tin; double ring ceremony was performed by- the .Reverend Father T, J. Ivarley. The bride was attended by her sister. Miss Peggy Stewart as maid of honor and Private First Class Fred K. Hoffman, of Gllti Bend Air Base, acted as best man for his brother. Mrs. Hoffman was attired in a Tlevealed here this week was the marriage of Sites Slary "\Vinn. daughter of Sir. and Sirs. Conrad \Yinn, of.5j."i Fig street, to Dale Slax Miirtcr, of i!oise, Idaho. Tlie double ring ceremony was recently performed in the First Christian Church wUh the Reverend William Siefke, professor at Northwest Christian College, Eugene, Ore. For her wedding the bride wore white brocnded satin frock made with headed pearls outlining sweetheart neckline. She chose a fingertip veil with tiara of peed pearls, and carried a white Bible with gardenias. Attending Mrs. TIarter as matron of honor was hor* sister, Mrs, Newell Green; sister of the bridegroom, Miss Faye Harter and Miss SFary Lou Harter, of Kugene, attended her as maid of honor and bridesmaid respectively. Sir. "U'inrt gave his da lighter in marriage. Dun Maxfiold of Kngene attended the bridegroom as best man while Bruce Jones and Arnold Porter, all students of Northwest Christian College, aoter as ushers. The young people wore feted at a reception itt the church annex fol- inwing the ceremony. The bride attended Bakersfield .High School. Xorthwost Chn>h'an College and University of Oregon, the bridegroom at Boise High School, Northwest Christian College, ami University of Oregon. He is now preaching at Fall City and receiving: further training. * * * Vi.sif Recent visitors in this city wore Mr. and Mrs. Novman BolUnghouse, of T..O.S Angeles, who visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Coy J. Hughes, ISuT Forest street. Mrs. Himhes and Mrs. Hollinghouse are sisters. * * * . To Visit naiiffhtrr Mrs. Gladys Avery r of 220 Truxtun avenue, will leave this week to visit her daughter, Miss Jane AviT.v, of the Vnited States C'.ulrt Nurse Corps. The young cadet nurse is training at the Good Samaritan hospital in Phoenix, Arix. CARD PARTY SLATED St. Francis Altar Society is sponsoring a card parly in the school hall Friday at 8 p. m., an invitation extended to the public to participate. Bridge and five hundred will be played and refreshments served. COLD CLOGGEDIJ NOSE? Feel stuffy? 2 drops in each nostril, help you " roatbo freer. Caution: ee only as directed. Get PENETRO NOSE DROPS Buy only as many Smith Bros. Cough Drops as you need, so others can have a fair share to soothe their coughs due to colds. In spite of war, Smith Bros. Cough Drops, Black or Menthol, ttill ore only 54* TRADE cou MARK Dr. S. C. Long 172* Truxtun Avenue Phone 2*1352 MINED PAIR LASSES Smart sm thics with lots of style, quality and wearability! Black or brown with high or medium heels. Sizes to 10. widths to C. '4.45 1431 Nineteenth Street MO MAU OKDfKS / Models on Display by Richard Briner A varied display of models con- struc'tcrt hy Richard Briner, freshman student, is now attracting the interest ot students in the East I-iakersfield High School Hhrary. The exhibit includes ships of varying types from an KlizahctUan mnn-ol'-war to a modern battleship. Similar variety is Peon in nn airplane exhihit which ranges from the early biplane to the modern bomber. Another interesting item in the display is a "Tom Thumb" locomotive drawing railroad carriages of the same period. Seaman Hale Takes Azusa Girl as Bride Self-Improvement Talks Continuing of a series of five patterns for sell'-^oyprmnont, available to s i>L' tbu Hakersfiold and Kast iold Cai-cnt-Toaclicr Associations and other adults in the community, will bo discussed Thursday afternoon, when "Patterns for Voice" will be the theme. Held in room 17 of the Bakersficld Junior College building: from 1 ::'0 to :t:;tO, the series is sponsored jointly by Bakersfield Evening High School and Junior College and the. Bakersfield High School Pnrent-Tenrher Association. AVith Miss Dorotliy Bihier, Bakers* field High Sohool merchandising: in- sirurior, werviu^ a.s co-oi'dinnloi 1 j'or the series, tho meeting Thursday, will feature a disi-Ussion of "Patterns for Voice," led by Miss Kthel Robinson, high school nnd junior college drama coach. Highlights of voice control, effective uses of the voice, and the relationship of tin* voice to the development of pleasant personalities will be emphasized. CV-openuing with Principal Guy AV. Garrard, of P.nkersfield Kvening High School and Junior College, and Alfss- Ritner, was a conimitteo including Mrs. U. H. llutchcson, Jlrs. L. G. Fell and Mrs, J. C. Bviscoe,. AU adult,*? jn the community interested in the series are invited. There is no charge for the series of meetings. Give Your Feet An Ice-Mint Treat Get H*pp* Coding Relief For Burning Callouses—Put Spring in Your Step Don't groan about tired, burning feet. Don't moan about callouses. Get busy and give them an Ice-Mint treat. Feet the comforting, soothing coolness of Ice-Mint driving out fiery burning...aching tiredness. Rub Ice-Mint over those ugly hard old coma and callouses, as directed. Sec how white, cream-like Ice-Mint help* soften them up. Get foot happy today the Ic«Mint way. Your druggist has Ice-Mint. More than 100 puests witnessed* the ceremony uniting Miss Mary Alice Harrison, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harrison of Azusa, and Seaman First Class Keith Hale of the United .States Navy based at San Diego. The young 1 people were married in Pasadena weddins chapel, a double ring ceremony being 1 performed by the Reverend Mr. Cobbs, of that city. The altar was decorated with white dahlias and gladioli. The bride was attired in a white taffeta gown, fashioned with drop shoulder neckline. She wore a fin» srerHp veil 1 and carried a white* Bible, upon which rested yellow- throated white orchids and Ulfes-of- the-valley, tied with white streamers. Attending Mrs. Male as inaid-of* honor wa.s Miss Margie Hesla of Hollywood, who was gowned in a blue net frock nnd carried dahlias mixed with small flowers. For her daughter's wedding, Mrs. Harrison wore an orchid frock with gladiola corsage. The bridegroom's mother rhose a black tailored «uit and gladiola corsage. Following the wedding, a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents in San Gabriel canyon. Mrs. Harrison was assisted as hostess by several close friends. Tho couple then left for San Diego, where I hey will reside temporarily, during the bridegroom's stay there. The bride attended schools, the bridegroom, Rakersfield High School and Junior College. Seaman Hale, the son of Mrs, .7. M. J->r- n:\ndez of KiUmore avenue, was outstanding in athletics while in school, having 1 played football and basketball with the Drillers. pink Are You Embarrassed By HOT If you, like so many women, between the ages of 3ft and 62—Buffer from hot flashes, nervous tension, irritability, are a bit blue at times—all due to the functional middle age period peculiar to women—try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. • For almost a century thousands upon thousands of women—rich and poor alike — have reported remark* able benefits. Many wise women take Pinkham's Compound regularly* to help build up resistance against such annoying distress. Lydia Pinkham's Compound helps nature. It also has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic effect. Follow label directions. Wortk trying! LVDIA E. PINKNXM'S WHS Misunderstanding By AL MARTIN (This alary \vu» \vri((pn to nhow the lo.vulity anil love of a wife, that .. - * men of the Army to face life umlef any handicap.) It was a hot Stitimhty afternoon hi HaktU'slteUl. Many people with siunmer clofhi's won* seen down town Nhopping, probjibly buying clothes, groceries, and sundries for their families. Muiiy working people who could not go down town usually patronized the *'Vrtl- ley's Store," a general stove located across the tracks, which was very neat in appearance and almost all you asked for they had. AVlmt was different about this particular store than any other stove in Bakerstield was that when the customers entered this EH* - h ri - h *'•'- ;•:•.-, AL MARTIN store they noticed all the time a % vonn# jnan around his envly thirties sitiinj; all the time with a hook in his hands reading and KmokitTg cigarettes endlessly. K very one that Ijought supplies there conlil tell or thought that this youns man, tho owner of the store, was very mean, cruel, and lazy for lie did nothing wnt behind the counter and tell his wife what had to be done. She would wait on the trade, she packed the groceries and swept the place and would even take care of all the hard nnd soft work, She looked worn out and everybody resented this man for making his wife a slave, feiuee he did not hire anyone else to help her. Although his wife was very beautiful and young and could enjoy her life move, she could not do so. She was very devoted to her husband, and she never seemed to complain or worry. On this particular hot Huturday » working mini entered the fetore to buy He had* heard of the owner being cranky and that he took ad vantage of bis wife and making her even do the hook work late into the night. This working man. who had just gone in to trade, bad four little children with him, one of them a crippled girl, whom he was pushing in a wheel chair. Naturally, he was in a hurry to be waited on so that he could go home immediately. As it so happened, the owner's wife had goue to lunch and she had not returned. He, the owner, could not wait on him. Meanwhile, the customer, somewhat upset, spoke,as follows: Customer (to the owner) "Will you wait on me? I am in a hurry." Owner replies (to the customer) "I am sorry that I cannot wait on you right away but my wife will be here any minute and she will take care of you. She went out for lunch/' Customer (to the owner) "What is wrong with you? Why don't you lake care of the customers? I have a sick little girl and I work hnrd and I still manage to help my wife do house chores. I have heard of you and everybody knows that you are very inconsiderate and idle and that you work your wife to death. Why, men like you should be in tlie army. Get up and fight." Owner (to the customer) "I really woujd like to wait on yon but, as you see, I was discharged from the army last year and I sit here behind the counter because I do not want anyone to see my legless body. Would you like to see it? But somehow I do nofc like to have everybody see my legless body. I do not like pity from anyone and the reason I do not hire anybody is because my wife is so true nn d faithful. She is* helping me to buy artificial legs so that 1 can walk again. My reading and my smoking draws me away from everybody and I» can be myself again when nobody disturbs me and I can forget my condition. I lost my legs in the war but no one knows about it only myself. It was my fate." Tlie customer suddenly recognized the owner of the store. He had seen a picture of him in many newspapers some time before, advertised as the great "Bolero Dancer," and perhaps his pretty wife was his dancing partner. All these things came to his mind . . . Suddenly, he did not speak any more . . . He turned his buck and he drew his children out of the store. Tears blurred his eyes. Then, without looking back, he mumbled silently and brokenly to himself* "A Slight Misunderstanding." LOUISE BEAUTY SALON 1431 Pacific Street Phone 2-8639 Now Open for Business Specializing in Cold Wave Permanents This advertisement entitles the bearer to $1 credit on any price permanent wave if brought to our shop OH or before November IT, 1944,

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