The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on November 29, 1937 · Page 8
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 8
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EIGHT THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. ON DOWN THE SPORTS TRAIL By PAUL MICKELSON Now York, Nov. 28 (ff\ — A dnlfy column— a chronicle of dizzy happenings o[ Die 193 world : Tlip smartest official decided to fool everybody else, too, by playing on tbo spot. Puppy love ruined YVcllsville, N. Y., High's team. After losing six games out of seven, tho players agreed to have no more dales until the end of the season. YVilberforcc and Tusliegee won [ the "honest" title. They railed j off their game with the simple ex-J :)lanation they couldn't make auy: college iiigskin noney by nlayin; A broken nose epidemic lilt I3cni- worlied son. In early contests five players Iho Bnstrop Eniillio-Culnmlnis Prep | broke their sdmozzolns. Al Beilz- (rame down jn Texas. Noting Bast- j inger, Jlartinette puard. rimmed HIP fop led, 13C-0, at tho end of the ; black eye title, gotlint a separate third quarter, the officials suggest-i shiner 'in each of the first four, cd the game be conceded. It was. games he played. Coach Frank Wilton, of Miami, 1 ]„ a game' between Frankford. broke the union rnles by predict-: and Xortheasl Jllsh Schools in ing bis team would beat .Mat-shall. ] Philadelphia, the (leises family had Marshall won, 7-fl. ! their biggest day. Khvooi! Geiszes Palmetta High beal Liberty High, j coached Franktord. Harold Ci-ige? 109-0, but made only two first , master-minded for Xortheasl anil a d 0 "' 118 ' ! third brother, Carl, referred ill' Two Alabama high school teams] game, won by Frankfort 1 . 3-1-7. each thinking it was to play on the i Hero of the year to the spot- other's home field, met each other j writer was Leonislaus Joseph! going in opposite directions and; Fraiu-isko Antonio Krotoszynsl ~7~^~ ~ i South Carolina guard, who i his handle no Leo Kroto to h--. the boys. Bob Reed, second .string qttarti, back for Greeley (Colo. I State, goi ; into and oni of the ycai's biggest iam. Unaccustomed to playing, Boh dropped back to throw a [lass against Utah and then had to pause to ask a mate who he should throw the ball to. The male told him and Bob completed the pass. Lot In IMC. Minnesota won first n> llomil making- but didn't win the Big Ten title. This year, they missed the national ranking by several notches but won the Big Ten, Chuck Sweeney, Notre Dame end, won three big games in a row with out catchini: a pass or carrying the ball. The gent who nicknamed Dlt- quesue's boys the "Night Hitlers" knew his stuff. They won all their night games hut failed to win a game in the daylight null] their finale on Thanksgiving Day. "Twelfth men.'' once the rage, were bounced out of all stadiums unceremoniously as the fani yawned. Ai Stub Allison tun hit California team to tho Rose Bow) job, ho wan swamped with "dream plays." Ono of them, sighed Stub, would require a halfback who could pass while standing on his head and ends who conld jump 20 feet into the air. Tho greatest piece of roportoritil •esearch was done by a Now York writer after the Yalo-IIarvard ;amc. Ho figured out that tho last fine a Harvard team, captained by a guard, beat Yalo was back in 908. Fumbles were as numerous as ever but it won't be long if a cer- tain Inventor get* his chance. The Inventor, an Australian, has come up with a ball with a, Anger hole like a bowling ball. And that's really an Idea. CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago, Nov. 27 (/}>) — Closing grain prices: Wheat: Dec., 90%-i/j; May, 89%- U«e Our Monthly Payment Plan On all purchases ov«r $10 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. Weit Washington St. MONDAY/NOVEMBER 29,1937. 90; July, Corn: Doc., B394; May, 56%-K; July, C LOCAL QUOTATIONS FurnHh.d by Klliu ttn. Itnivola Local Print Paid Producers Wheat (delivered) .......... 9l c Jorn (delivered) .......... .'.. 75 C Shoulder ............... ... it. jn c Distributor Fo r "0. P." AUTOMATIC STOKER AYERS BROS. Rear 39 W. Antletam Ph. 900 Potatoei bu . Mo Country Him 15. jtc E K" dot 35 0 Spring Chickens Jb. I8e to 20c Old Chickens >,. Ib. 18cto20c i"? I Ib. lOo *""•' Ib. toe A i>P |e « ba. CO to 78 Onloni b|l J6c Conntrjr Bacon i ( igj r val. . Has th'» ? w " m publl ° •»• MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN 1 The New 1938 No Squat—No Stoop-No Squint Philco Radio With Automatic Tuning . New on Dliplay Bohman-Warne, Inc. Natural Bridge SHOES $5.50 ARROW SHOES 25 W. Washington St. Save the Middleman's Profit $15.00 CRANE'S CLOTHES "Factory to You" LET US GIVE YOU A DEMONSTRATION Hoffman Chevrolet Sales (Incorporated) 140 W. WMhington St. James Millikin University ran so j low on material it drafted Student j Manager iloy Dunning to play. The cheer leader escaped duty. Boat schedules helped the promoters of Stanford's games against the Honolulu town team and the University of Hawaii. To their delight, the boat schedules were so unsteady the games were cancelled. Yell meters to gauge the vocifer- onsness of cheering sections made their debut at Loyola University. XMAS BARGAINS Harry's Loan Office Patching Up a Quarrel By LEE FALK and PHIL DAVIS YES, BUT WE'RE ' MANDRAKE, IVE BEEN THINKING • THAT AS LONG AS YOU AND I ARE YEAH,THAT'S WHAT I HEARO.NORVELL. NOW, HERE'S WE WANT TO 00. GLAD TO. THANKS. I'M HUNGRV ENOUGH TO EAT A BEAR. 1 NEVER HOLD A GRUDGE, NORVELL. WILL YOU HAVE SUPPER WITH ME 9 I'M WITH YOU. LET'S HEAR IT. IN THE SAME SHOW, WE OUGHTA PATCH UPTHAT QUARREL WE HAD. yOU GOT THAT KNIFE . THROWING ACT IN GRUNTZ5 REVUE AND YOU KNOW MANDRAKE. DON'T you? TAILSPIN TOMMY Tommy Feels Low! By GLENN CHAFIN and HAL FOREST OVER HALF AN HOUR FLISHT Ttn HAS BEEM ROARING THROUGH THE FO6-BOUND MISHT WITH TOMMY AND SKEETS AT THE COMTROLS, WHEH SUDDENLY TOMMY TURNS . TO .HIS CO-PILOT AMD ANXIOUSLY ASKS A QUESTION . SKEETS, DO THE MOTORS SOUND OKAY TO YOU ? MO..I. .WELL SEE IF YOU CAN COMTACT OATMArt AGAIN AflD GET .THEIR WEATHER OKAY! .. WHAT!S TH' MATTER?. DIDT-iY YOU SLEEP LAST WIGHT? THATS FUMMY. MY HEAD'S BUZZ in', TOO. ME8BE IT'S IM SYMPATHY WITH A STICK OF GUM EXCUSE IT, PLEASE! YEAH, SURE.' AMYTHirT DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH HOT FOXEf! irlf HEAD* '• H/fre* DICKI& OAKS, THIS HSKE 6OU> DOUBLOON THAT YOV . GOTTA niK I toJ W, M/6TEI?! ' ™ PLEAfE.' TOUCH HIM, RAT/ i reu you voVu IF WKTER READY ! OKUK HEAR YOU CAll ONE FLIP OF COW ONLY DONE BY fPORT.'.. HEAL HZ-SPORt A.IWAY4 MAKES IT THO OUT OF By PAUL ROBINSON WHS, DEAR-ALL7HAT TALK ABOUT VOUI2 FAIHEE PAILIN6 IN BUSNfSS IS SILLV WHV HE N£S, ITS ALL TRUE/ AND THE ONLN MAN THfiTCAN HELP US IS THAT SCAMP POLITIC/^ AND HE WONT LIFfA F/NGEfZ UNLESS VOU WELL, IVL NOT STAND ABOUND AND LET CAPfiOTHBOUfiH THE WB/NQE)?- I'U MABm THE ON ANDSAVETHEOLD HOMESTEAD.» •Jhe boss, who thought his office boy was pulling a fast one when hejaid he had to sit up with his sick brother, goes along.. PREVOUOUrOFYOUIZ LISTEN MAMA-'fcU MAM WOTHE PUBLIC .. THING RASH ."ETTA.V WHN CWfc HEALTH IS BAD-HESlNOKBVINS.' IKNOW VC 1.0SC CTTA/DONT eCPEAMATIC, 1 THIS IS NO TIME COB JOKING ' THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY. Tndemtrk AppU«d For C. I. r«1*nt Offlo« NOTHINS SON OF HIS." ?.., P3H4W, J YOU OOH'T 1HIHK THAT'S. AHYTHIU& 70 UP - ABOUT! HIGH PRESSURE PETE By GEORGE SWAN KMew jT- -m^fre^ 60NNPl''^fblL MH &K ', AU' 1 THOUGHT IHfT /Hf PICTueS WAS /! BUS HIT <,IH TUi PUBLICITY — com WITH mE BIG SISTER 13EMT By LES FORGRAVE , oovoo Rew.«e THAT'S ONE TIME NOOKNJSTHAVE THAT CHK K CAME YES - YOU SEE , YOU sece/veo TO " , HCH.LYWOOS wsee senr ITUDIO VflHEN tT CAM6. AND BEUEME Mft I'M COISC TO DO MY SHOPPING RtCMT NOV « AU3*0 -MW N OPP Viv N\«sJO. OF IT, IT'LL B& ALMOST PRSSEK1T MONEV. >NHV HAVEM'T VOO

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