The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 2
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Nnmcd Democrat and Craemer Is Elected G. 0. P. Chnirnion (UnUetl W(rt) ' SACRAMENTO, Sept. 28.—Mnjor party political campaigns got started In California today under tho official leaderRhlp of new central, com. mitten chairmen—Clifford Angllm, Semocratlc, and Justus Craorner, "fSJK 1 OPHHW newspaper pub- llMh.-r »nd HHHlwUml Ktatn director of public works ami Angllm. »r Ul>'h- H • --•--.i chnlnnfn of HPPted their rc-P-H-ilvo Parly <-< > ntml com- WHU-eH into Saturday • AMBlIm ir- feoded StatP Henator Culbi-il 1 <-)!• offers etectod: t)omor.ratlo vlco-i'hulnnnn; . ' Donald Youngnr. Hunt". Crur, lury, and 30 district vlce-chalrme,, Hcpubllcan— Hlato Senator -Walter . -Govern, cliulrmaii: Ban FrunclHeo, vleo «• Williamson M-ivj,. HCCOIHI vlce-chalrmnn; HIM HiKTiiniMito, third vli-f-chalr- Ijawrcnci- Cnbb. I'™ Angoloa. nvi-i.-.m-y. Nol AbrainH. Him Fran- clHi-o. iisslsiiint Horri-tary; Hay M C'urllHli- Uakernflold, norg<mnt.-at' man; Cry of "Fraud" Brings Two Capitalists Together Hepl, 28,—A cry'ot "fraud" brought together In death today the names of two capi- talists—Colonol 13. IT. H. Qroon, whom famed Hetty Groan started down an $80,apo,000 pnih In rallroiid- Injf, and Colonol Henry Huddlcston ItogcrH, who amassed $20,000,000 In oil. In a to that. In which parallel In anVcral vast hold. ln«H wore brought Into controversy thl» Hiimnior tho widow of Colonel Oreon Charged In a Port Henry, N. y., court yoKterday that the flnan- rlor hud wlthliold nernwHary Information from hor when sho ro- iionin-«'il rill rlalm to hlH enlalu, bo- ton- th'-lr I !H 7 marrlagn. MTU. Green IH pontost.lng n. 1DOS will thai boiiuputhcd nil Colonel Orren'H rlolv wloclt and real estate holdings to hlH Mlslnr— -Mrs. Mathow Astor WIIkH, only surviving child of Ili-lly flir-i-n Hurrogate Harry Owr-n, In Port llpnry, allowod Mrs. Groon until October S to provo her r-ontontlon of fraud, If isho ran do BO ho will throw out of court tho prenuptlal Court records nt lllvorhoad, N. Y,, liparw tn»Uinony Hhowlng Mrs. T'aul- Inn V. Roger*— third wlto of tho man wliciHO fatliPr laid the foundations of hln forlunc with John 1). Hockn- fi«lloi — tdgru-d a wnlvor of her dower Mho had been misled, Sho had accepted an Inoomo arrungemont under which nho would rocelvo lass than one-half of the not estate provided for a widow by law, Blie, too, asked that the will be sot aside. Her counsel declared tho widow had not bean told of her rights under tha will as comparod with her dower Boeing Company Announces Construction of Ships to Fly Pacific (ttMted I'rftt fjttHtii' rights. A Rlvorhoad surrogate denied Mm. Uogorg plea to void her walvar of dowor righto, and hor counsel announced an appftitl. Mr«. flogcr* still IK living, under court dlapensatlon, In "Tho Port of Missing Men," the oxpa.ntilvo entato f'dlonel UogorH built on Long Island, Ureon, four months rtftor hnr death, still HVOH In rights In 1934. Klie, too, declared ' tax laws. "Hound Hill," tho mansion Colonol Union watched rise on the landhold of hlii ancostorM at South Dartmouth, MUSH. Another parallel appears In (ho govern men t's common Intorest In tho two CUSPS. Approximately $10,000,000 of Hogors' ostato Is dRstlncd to roach tlio United States treasury through Inheritance taxes; other million* will swell tho Now York treasury. A fourth or moro of Colo- nol Greun'fl estimated $80,000,000 will go to tho federal government, while four «tatos— Now York, Massachusetts, Tnxns and Florida — whero Colonel Ciroen maintained rosldoncos arc sonklng more tnllllons understate Tax Returns Mean Business Increase ? if nitnl I'rrtf l.raurd Wire) • KADI AM UNTO, H'«pt. 28.--- Cloner- 'fcllv Improvoil buHlnoMs i-omlllloim In ('iiilfornlti wi-n> rofloclod during tho ViiHt two months I'V an fxi.'npllon- iilly hl«h itaiirn In tn.xoH, (Jontrollur "luiy I/. HH«y rnvoalcd today when hn tho inonth-nnd »lutmri<-i>t or H for AiiKliwt. Tux L-ullccllniiH rlnrlnK .Tilly and 'AiiKiint rxof.,clo.l by »9.0«0.000 thn (Hnmint rw'lvotl clitrhiK Hin corrn- hpoiulliiK l"'Hod a yrar ago. Tho pcraonul IIICOIIK^ and Htnto valuation lax un iiuUmioblloH. which worn now year, accounted for $i;,t>00,000 ; t)f tho gain. A THXOH un Insuranco coinpanies, N, rotnll , bank and corporation frun- 'clilHCH, llnuor and gatollno Bhowud in:ilcrl(il IncroustiM. C Thn total amount rolloclnfl from ;)nly I until AugUBt ill— tho flrnt two Jiioiithn of thn now fiscal your— WUB us, 000, 000. comparod with tho $2U,- colloclcd during tho corro- iliioior tranHportalloii lli I Plundered Man's Gratitude Shown ( l»»or(«l<!(f I'reni tifa»e<t Wire) PILLON, Muni., Hepl. 2K.—Host- IOHH lii his Jail t-oll, Albert Pott in- Niimmoned Hhorlff J. A. McCollurn. Tho sharlff quoted him thus: "I was In on Iho holdup of Arthur Hull. 1'iirt i/f tint loot WIIH a wot of faloo toiUh. Hlnco thru my coiiMflcnci 1 . . . " "Tho blggiist. t-liono Btrnk In town," Hull ordered whon hn not buck. the JI,I<NI5HH UN OS HKI'All/VTION TOHClNTO, Out., 28. ((J. I'.) Hlat«r Mary Phin, Mother Huperlor of a Dunilnlcnn convent at Now Or- leann, t/a., and her brother, John McMiillon, woro reunited hero fur tho flml tltno In -17 yearn whon Mo- Mullen foil rdck. I'KIIU UKPA1KH WAHHIIII'S IMlILAUtSI.PHIA, Hopt. ^«. U. P.) Two I'oruvlan navy mibniarlnoii ur« being reuondllloned hero I>IM-IHIHP, tho Houth Ainerli'iin nation lacks ftiel lleH for rnpluclng storage ballorlos In period hiHt. your. thn i-rafl. Thn iiiuto Konnral fund rontlnuod to bo In Uolit, however. OuUtandliiK V'-ulslcrcd wttrrantH AUKUH). HI nniounU-d lu nnnrly $37,000,00(1, Vvhllo thorn WIIH a rimh hnlun»i> «t )l(>,r>on,noo. HlU-y fiontlnund hlM !>»• lift Unit tho (Inflcll would tipproxl Uiato |00,(lori,000 at Iho <md of thn -tilennliim, Juno 3», IU37. Trees, Weighted With Snow, Snap (AitoniateA Prett Leaiet Wire) Hopt. 2«.-~ Trees, snapping under eight Inches of snow, menaced Uenvor today as winter ro- treated from moot of tho Kooky Mountain region. 1'olleo broadcast warnings to mot orlHlM to howaro of power linos linockod down by fnlllng trees. Hovoral slrootu wnro Yemporarlly blocked by troos which had crashed down under tho weight of tho snow blanket. Tramway officials said branches foil iicrosH trui'kH fostor than they could bo cleared away and that car linen wero kept op«n with difficulty All alrllno traffic was halted. . • — •« i » • ' ' " OAKD AHHIVI5S TONKDO, Kept. 2$. (U. I'.)— A postal card wart posted In Haltlo Creek, Mich,, addressed In Uulgar- Inn to Kvunkn. Colchagoff. No nuin her, street, pity or Hlato wan given Ten duyn later tho card arrived tit thn homo of tin: uddroNseo, In To lodl), Sept. a*.~8eaui« iopdd today to become a western ban* of a tranwpaclflo alrllno to tho orient with tho announcement that the Booing: Alroruft Company would build 'clipper «hlp«" for Pan American Airway, which has Juet opened an ottlcfl here. Tho city council will reconsider ocallng: a near>lano bane on Lalto WanhlngLon. Tho flying boat*, which nro «x- poctnd to carry BO p«.n8er)K*rH, cost mord than $360,000 each and take a year to build, will bo tho flrnt son- 3lan«« biillt at Booing; »lnc« 1020. Transpacific "cllppqr" pusaensor Horvloo will start from Hun Fmn- <:"'.'>j*i> *a!W?&m:.; V, '.- ' ' ,\i*f> ' "'V,> CALIFORNIA**, MdNDAy, Baldwin Grandson Sued for Divorce First Well Beglin by V.'Wlfci Side Area interWrlnfi 1 TV'Hn 'in autffcinlctvitth'* ANV bivi?ion v bf & 011 Is 6hangM at FIRM PORIS LQ8 ANOBLlSB, . ng desertion 10 y^ars ago. .Mrs. fell Maxlne Baldwin ha* on flld a Ivoree suit today against Baldwin if. Baldwin, grandson ot the late B, j. "Lucky" Baldwin, wealthy mining magnate and sportsman. 'hey married Jn 1924. . ,„ In 3082, Mr*. Baldwin sued tot anarato maintenance and ntiestldnod hq validity of a divorce decree sh6 aid her "husband obtained in Riga, ^atvla, that year. Tho null nover was brought to trial, however,' Mrs, Baldwin's 'now suit said hero had beBii a property n«ttlomem undcf which she will receive cus- ody of tho couple's twin daughters, Dextra and Anno, 11, 420,000 Cash nd notes totaling $34,000. October 21. Officials of tho Booing plant would not »ay how many of tho largo flylngr boat* would bo built under contract, what slzo the ships would t)0 or how much they would coat. An announcement merely said they will bo Hlmllar to tho 'four-ongined Hlkoraky and Martin 'clipper Hhlpn' now In acrvlco on tho International route." Thn Boeing factory In being en- nrgcd to enable thci company to build planuH bigger than any now In UH(!. To Name Successor to Fair Secretary (UnUca r'ren Leaned Wire) 8ACKAMBNTO, Sept. 28.—Selection of a successor to Charles W, Fulno, who retlrea January 1, 1037, ftH secretary of tho California atalo fair, probably will ho considered at tho November mooting of tho oxpo sHIon's directorate, according to m ports at tho capital. Pulno IB loavlng tho position In which ho BiiporvlMcd thirty-six Htato fair* bocauHo of a Btato law which fixes tho legal retiring ugo at 70 ywit'H. Tho act becomes offectlvo next New Year's Day. Directors of tho exposition at a ro cent mooting hrn sot September 4 to 13, Inclusive, up tho period for hold Ing next yenr'B fair. SCORNS VIKRV HOOK HAN TIAKABI., Calif., Hopt. 28 (U, P.)—When tho root ot John Kncchl'H fmnouH Inn on Mt. Taina pulH caught flro ho refused to perml tho firemen to put It out till ho lu*d flnlHhea tho roast ho was cooking Ho arguod It meant moro to him t food hlH guests than to lose hlM roof Reality Is Subject at Church Meeting 'Kyu hath not seen, nor car heard, neither havo entered Into tho wart of nmn, the things which God hath prepared for thorn that lovo )lm.'! The*e WordH of l j aul to the CorlnthlonB were tho dolden Text In ho Lesson-Sermon on "Reality" on Sunday In all Christian Hclenco Churches, branches of Tho Mother Church, The Klrflt Church of Christ, Scientist, Iri Bbitton, Ma«»achuBett8, Among tho Scriptural passages wore the versos from Luke! "And Jesus returned In tho power of the Spirit Into aallico: and there wont out a fame of him through all the region round about. . . . Now whon .ho sun was Hotting, all they that tad any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him: and he laid hTs~ hands on every ono of them, and healed them," A correlative passage from tho Christian Hclenco textbook, "Science and Health with Key to tho Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, staled: "It Is not well to imagine that .IOHUU demonstrated tho divine power to heal only for a select nunr her or tot- a limited period of time wince to all mankind and In every hour, dlvlno Lovo supplies al" good." Rev. Vincent Peale for "Hot" Sermons (A.ito<:(<H<sA I'roit Looted IPJro.) NEW YORK, Sopt. 28.—"Hot BOr monH" Is tho Kov. Norrnan Vlncon Pettl's answer to the Rov. Frederl* Fleming's recent suggestion for a "moratorium on preaching." "A thermometer ought to be hung on every pulpit In the land, Docto Pealo told his Marble Collegiate Ro formed Church congregation. "By their temperature shall yO know them!" By A. J. MASON State division of oil and gaft has ndergono changes In personnel, oth at Taft artd BakorBfleld. Edward J. Kaplow has boon tranltorred o Taft from Coallnga, where he has wen stationed for five years. Taft iffloo now comprises B. H. Muser ( deputy supervisor: B. J. Kapow, engineer: R- N. Williams and . V. Bloom, who are Inspectors of veils. A. O. lladdon, production ilerk, has the record for length of ervlco, having been stationed at raft for 18 years. Bakersfitld bfflce, which also Is directed by Mr. Musser, comprlstn It. W. Wnllutg, engineer, and Jn- wpectors Ralph Frame and Verne Austin. •• . ' Tho work of this Department of .ho state Is to conserve the Oil and gas resources. Srlhdlpally this consists of regulating the seUltig of cawing so that water does not break n and flood oil'Sands of neighbor- ng leases. Although the department Is part pf tho state atovernment, It Is no' supported by state funds, hor Is i< entirely controlled by tho state. Ii Is supported by a laX on oil produc tlon, and the final appeal to Its do clHlons rests with a group of ope ratocs who are In no way connected with the government. Party poll tics has no voice In Its policies and members do not change wllh elec tlons. . Employes are' chosen entirely b; civil service examinations. Up til lately the only appointive office wai that of chief supervisor, who wai selected by the governor. R. D Bush, who has had lontf expcrlenc with tho work,'was appointed fo that office by four successive gov ornors. This position also Is now under civil uorvlce. . ^ • » »— -?• INTERLUDE HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 28. (A. P.H- Al Kaye, violinist, complotcd a Bele< lion at a night club,, stepped from tho stage und married Miss Hole Coburn, a law office secretary. The ho returned to tho singe, picked u hla violin and resumed playing. . north oftost lIUls by- s ding Vheto^«>'£'on '^tloti-ll, 26- 8Q. OrtiUttiyU . ( beWiM Hone In it steel tjorriclt Mlth steam-driven rotary machinery. *.' No name has been- given to this new arc'a. U 1168 a mile from the north end of Ix»st Hills field, at id oast of (ho tt'cnd of 'the I.ost irills anticline. Not enough wells Imve been drilled to r doflno tho limits, 6r to prove or dlnprovo a connection with I>0st Illlls field. Sunset Oil Limits Yet Undetermined Limit ,of the rich Lakevlew- 611 ease In Sunset field Is not yet tnown. It recently has been ox- .ended northwest another hulf-mllo >y General Petroleum Corporation's completion, of Midway,No».,.6 for, 175 barrels dally of. 16.4 gravity oil. Production is qornlng.from, between the depths,of 8010 andw3075 feet., This was effected by deepening an old idle hole from 2816 feet. Texas :ompany and Standard Oil own most /..».MoAdia.rn« drilled <thrftito'.tortll?'lft the 1 y«5*r and abiindohed , It wUHout" Betting ' 'pipe, when Mo'was ih_,the hospital. The property 18 subleased from Ohio- Ojt Company, which retains the scop-Band rights.' ' , ,' Plugged depth is 1GOB fc6t, and 0%-inoh caning is cemented at 1491, Gravity of the crude is ,18.7. • • . " "•,"!• , » «> CaldweM6 Pumps 363 Barrels Daily Shell Oil Company's Caldwqll No. 10 at the north fend ot the lease in Round Mountain field, section ,1, 28-20, offBeUlng.Callforrila 'We«tfcrn's pumpers, has come in for" 868 barrets of tho surrounding land. . 4 > » <$>— " OIL AGREEMENTS Buttonwlllow Land and Cattle Company .to Union Oil Company—Leftso dated September- 10, 1988. one-eighth royalty, B-yoar drilling clause, h south half section E, 29-24. Vincent Antonglovannl, Ugo Anton- glovannl. ot ux and David AlitohBlo- vannl to General Petroleum Corporation—Lease dated August ,20. 1036, one-eighth royalty, 3-year ^drilling clause, lots 17, 24, section .ill, 30-27. Jean and Duncan McLennan, Alice M. Hacker. • Mary Slml, Nettle Carlock, Jonnio IBstes and Lorono' M, Davis to L. O. Helm— Lease dated September ' lOi 1036, one-eighth royalty, 0-year drilling clause, west half of northeast quarter, section 32, 30-27. nUMMINQ BIRD KAITHKUL 1NDBP13ND.KNCB, Calif., Sept. 28. (U. P.) — For 20 consecutive years, a humming bird has 'annually built Its nest on an 'electric light bulb In tho homo of Judge William Dohy. ? dally. Production, IBSUOB from the Vedder sand at WflS-lBlB feet. . »«» _ . Amerada ^Continues Deeper in Gas Try * fclHI-tlMBurj-J.™! ^ f^ Absence of gas s.xnd in Happo No. 1, tho Amerada Petroleum Corporation's second well ; on the Sacramento river bottom, soctlon 22,. 4-2, haa not stopped drilling. Operators are exploring „ ahead , at 6100 . foot, Tho location is a ' mile northwest of Bmlgh No. 1, the discovery well which hit tho sand at 4278. Little IS known' of tho extent ot tho sand in the three similar gas fields, lately discovered along a 40- mile stretch of tho lowest part of thd valley, opposite and parallel to San Francisco bay. It is thought that the gap may bo evidence of deep oil In tho valley, ilko Ten Section field, and progress of the deep tost Is being watched with Interest. -— +«* .—-. , •; . HARDY PIONEER OKLAHOMA CITY, sept. 28. ><A. < P.)—Miss Florence Hensley, 7B, suffered a broken "arm. "Pooh," sho said to a physician, in spurring a suggested hypodermic to • eaao tho pain. .. ....... ! •'•-. "Pooh," sho Bald tho next day in rejecting other before the bone Was sot at a hospital.' A few hours later Hho went shopping. - • ^Canada Planning Big Arsenal, Say I'reti Ijnmnl lt'lro> VALCAUTII3U, Quebec, Hepl. 2R. Tho Cuniullaii government Is build- Ing a village of flroprnof hiniMori hero an tho preliminary ulep inward jpHtabllHhmonl of a lilant new ar- Deiiul. ,;. The new arHenal, expeoteil to bn ihi) largiiHl In Canada, will replaro •thn biilldlngn at proHPiit In nn« on IT'alafe Hill and the I'lnlnn (if Ahra- buin and will be mirnninded by a Kiimill liiwn, where the employeM uT 1he plant and their famUlon will bo huum-il In Hpei-lally built reHlileni'i'ii. Valearlli-r Camp, m'eim nf the mo- Mll7,ntton fur Caniiilu'H flrnt i<xpndl- }liiniii<v fi>ri'e In HIM, iiml luler iihed -JIM un iinempli'veil relief ciiinii, him 'IniiB been regarded IIM an Idenl nlle 'lor un arHPiuil. Men lire iilremly en- "ijnKf-d In cri'i'lliic liuiinen fur thn jtiiinv iiiiiiiltlcni timld-rn ti> lie ein- ]il(iye(l ill 111' 1'liinl, und once their limU l« eii|ii|)letcd mull cm the nrKclivl llm-lf will begin. Al.Tl.'llAH. Sepi L'S IA IV) Ilin old Cm-mil nl SnlhiiiH \venl di-fi- hunt IIIK mi ii mill". At Ihe hiinl Ni'i'lie. < 'iirroll lied the mule in n tree. I'Mr HltiK. In ln'it hit bi-iirhiKi* There Vim ii rustle (if hriixlf Ciirrnll flr»<l. j\ln», 'IWHW u KIUM! mull', Inn. "Denture Static" A FALSE TEETH Qlve-Away \Vliy ti'll Hio wholo tiiwii yen th'iiu liy ullowlnt; UMIFU< pluli-H ID llllllnliMllK. hlxnlliK lipiii'rll, ur III e or P"i> mil '.' FAST! 1 "!''. I'll, nmv liuprii |iu\vilrr, urlpn pliili-M ilulil fei- !I4 IH Sperlnl hlluillni' riinli'iii pn-vcelu triiiitH, di'titui'e Ineiith. TivMtt-lt'HM. liiiiiiii-ii. Hot KAS'I'KMTII at liny i HlllfC WlH-ll Illiilllll llNHIIKH rllll wet' your ddiiltM — Ail\. lli-lt yiul HII-N Mirn No I ll UR TIPFC^^V AUTO J!?r A sTRADios T <%B| C • Ai IOW raiwiac T*r«$tOIU BUDGET BATTERIES AS LOW Ai 50< KM WICK Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Storest Ino, Choiler it Twenty-fourth Stritt Phon« 4060 G R U N 0 W Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phoni |4IO 1662 Ohtilir Avinui around the sun &, I.UK.M-I It takes 3 long years to cure and age tobacco for Chesterfields You can't make a good cigarette in a hurry. While the world whirls through space to measure off the years, Chesterfield's mild, ripe*tobaccos are packed away in warehouses—ageing .and maturing 'for mildness and better taste. And keep this in mind.. . It's a long slowprocesSf this mel* hiving of cigarette tobacco, but tfs the only way yet discQyewd, * * * ' ' i . to produce a ml4erhetterit($tiitg \ v cigarette* ' '.' ^ •' ;:,/,'-, •'.,*/ feiife^^^^^ -.'' '"?'•/' --"^ , ^ : '

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