The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 28, 1936
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3* •• •• *'V ; ^N '. employe, wa« inatunUy' killed al 1 400,000 Acres Of Timber " o'clock this afternoon when the r in Foothills, Mountain Blackened IMPERILED Prc«« Leased \ ARSHFIELD, Ore., Sept. 28.—Almost the whole of tim- 1 RESORTS ber-clad southwestern Oregon was aflame today. Fires crackled at the outskirts ,of Coquille, North Bend and i Livestock Killed' Farm — - --. . -- * « -. *• .^ *-* • . ** **h *« M y^ #11" • § I? I JL-JJ, V V^sO Lv/lwflV JJVll-LV^U % JL t**. &&& "Marshfield; Myrtle P.oint, 30 miles from Goqmlle, town of 1 * 2000, \yas reported in flames, Bandpn already was a mass of ruins. The settlement of Prosper was wiped out. Damage the millions. Fifteen hundred were homeless. £S3S •SSSsKStfg i s™™:-M^- ¥ Buildings Razed; Great Redwoods Periled Grand Canyon Limited, crack Santa Fo, flyer, struck her automobile at a grade crosdlng one milo. south of W;aaco n hurling tho woman*« body 100 feet into the air and strewing wreckage of tho car half a mile along the railroad HghtrOf-way, Mrs. Williams apparently attempted to shift gears ns the car climbed a slight rise to tho railroad tracks and stalled tho engine, it was reported. Tho speeding passenger partly derailed by impact, At a lalo hour this afternoon, Santa Fa crows wore still laboring to gfit tho engine's "pony" trucks back on tho rails, W. R. White, Santa Fo agent In BakerafiMd. said a now train was being rushed to the scene of tho accident to continue tho poesengor run. Tho body of Mrs. William*, ter* rib'ly crushed in the accident, won hurled so far from tho tracks It was not found Immediately." Bho wa« alone In tho car when tho crush occurred. In Ragged Flight South and East; Path Norlh Not Available MARCH ON MADRID FRANC TO ADJUST ••n I • •'•% PLAN 4** win iwl /Vena Government Is Making Elaborate Plans to Counterattack was in ( United Lewd Wire) son$ were dead. An unesli- mated number were injured. Only a shift or diminution in j valuable timber stands and : black- daily 'Winds or a rain could save at [ ening nearly 400,000 acres ot foot and brush fires swept across 13 California counties today, threatening towns and lives, endangering win least three towns aud thousands of hill and mountain land. The vtnoBt dangerous lire was in aq L qS -i? £ -' ^ )e *£^ northern tip of the sa^d^ More tb^u 8000 men were on ^^-.'where'. Games roared the fire lines, Hufnboldt and Cutlers -'-' J ," •j-. '•I'* j-» » . ehtion 1921 The United States Forest Service | endrl CaU£ , S^t^^Red. Informed the flames I ,js«^ii^2^^irr\^*^^' ' i --^*^^- :K ^"v^~^* wood^ParirttmM 1 : hadwy^d^i>^)^^^ne,^rd| ^xhe Wa# ^ro^cned , OU,JTUieB the k< ^. m WACO, -TexasV Sept. -28.--Thou hiffti>yay. looking wind; the forestry officials | jiomeicfla. eald the flames were making no fur **?* Orogbnv .^r^vtSbifeda^t/rgpre? " already have boon devastated byflrea • ^ <. - . , - wn » t ^_ which razed two towns ad left 5000- •i v.--j ^••^'-^'v***& r -X£&3m ;^Sf|Iints I- •' •''*" t ^. -. -" . ' .- L . "'• •••'•' . ->V* • ^', .' '"• • . —•— Red , 10.14, by Awo?Ut«d Pr**i) Spain, Sept. 28,—A Fascist army, 8000 strong, com- mandml tho nnolont city of Toledo today utter routing government db- feadorn und freeing comrade from the ruins ot the long-bealaged fortress Alcazar. The government forces fled to the south and oast, tbelr paih'ttorth to MiiUrid blocked A . ll ~ ,'-.'.- ^ - .- f- - •* ^ _ ^ K to in rastged night, Loyallet mlHUa Mioppad at Intw- F IVE no lions were joined today in the break up of Europe's gold bloc and the march toward currency adjustment, led off by France under the protection of a "monetary" equilibrium" agreement with the United States and Great Britain. While the Socialist government of Premier Leo it Blum won a majority in its first parliamentary test of the French devaluation program, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia and Greece were listed us' embarking on new currency stabilization programs. Meanwhile, from Moscow camo tlonlnls by the Russian Slutt* Bank that sales of British pounds were intended as an effort to (on-*. down thfl BritlHb twrreuoy ratX Tho Hales were "ordinary hanking transactions." the hauk declarwtl. Tho Hortea ot financial develop- r • • - .- * * were ho r mel8s21h; central foxafl ther headway. Other Fires *r«a§ Sept. E8.—Three thousand' Filipino lettuce cutters tenta aid damage was .mounting into tho mUUdh's* as tho LIU lo rfyer rolled on at record breaking- flood .stages. Only One Road Open Other fires were reported in Men- tlvely have dftc |ded to strlko in sym- iAl^ir\ 'T'rt Krt *v*.fi T-lii4^n XT^wn^A I . T , i _ _ L ^ * v . docino, Tahama, Butto, Nevada. Myrtle Point remains the only road Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Amador and open from- the Curry and Coos YUba counties. Many of the areaa and trlbutarlea equalled, In county fire areas into tho Inland sec-affected ore famous scenic vacation some Hections, flood stages attended during tho 1921 disaster that claimed 224 lives in tho area. ' Fears for Lives '. VFears for lifo and property at Cameron, 85 iriiles eaat of Temple tlons of Oregon. The Oregon holocaust broke loose northeast of Bandon late Saturday* By Sunday morning, that town of 1500 on the banks of tho CoQulUe river was reduced to ashes. Only a on the Little river, were considerably I few homes, a tourist camp and parts lessened when Sealey Lampkin. of downtown buijdlngs were stand- Iraaed. prominent farmer and river gauge Ing. Prosper, , across the river, reader? reported the river had risen | shared the same fate. Travels Ifopldly * Traveling with Incredible speed, small fires joined forces, crowned through tree tops toward Coqutile, districts. Numerous resorts wero menaced; much pine and fir timber has been destroyed; some of California's grlant redwood trees, centuries old, have been,consumed; livestock has been destroyed; tarm buildings have been pathy with packers and plant work er». a Filipino labor union committee announced'today. Meanwhile, violence flared again -but- feet since sundown yesterday would not threaten tho" town t Brazoe river waters started re Towns MenacdcT • f L :: .The towns ot lAytonvllle and, Ce- darv'Jlc Mn northernmost California beat and critically Injured Clarence Lyons, 28, a field worker. To Present Demands Although outcome of a lengthy conference of Filipino leaders was regarded aa Inconclusive, it was learned that they drafted a group of demands which they wilt present to BERLIN, Sept. 28.—Tho Nazi people's court today sentenced Lawrence Simpson, of Seattle, to throe whlRh have broken out sporadically throughout the week If theoe demands at«-not.jnot, C. D, Mensalves, general neerftU^y of 0 j-» * m • : w IM.IU a BMUIVU »«- tnrougn tree lops tow&ru uuqume, "•*~-o"-~- «••«• ,, v ~.. .-• . miAL n1nk*t tin. at Waco aa .2500 homele 8? destroyed mibdrban bulUlngs on .the . One. of the most extensive fires S'SftJ^KS} K soght emergency relief. The flood outskirts of that town and sent offstage was;38 feet at 9 a. m. as com pared to 41 loot at Us height. W. T. Torranco, city manager of Waco, estimated damage at $000,000. • .' ^\ -'.:•'.' >Vithout Gus .-:/. „ Seventeen: towns; below, Waco ;wlth- out gaa Avhen t.he TUsne Star Gas Company's -suspension bridge on shoots for miles arou.nd tho country. Other fires, nourished in tindor- dty underbrush and fanned by a swirling breeze, sprang up along more than 200 miles oC coastline,, j v .- Big Towns In Peril . Coquille, Coos county seat with a population of 3000 about 18 miles tho Brasos. was washed' put. ThellnlaWd froni Bandon, was saved, towns included Temple, Helton. Lit*(at least temporarily, by a cessation tho Rtvqr, Moody, Eddy, Holland, of wind. The samo hold true at damerdn. Kocttdalo, nosebua,^Ix)tt, MarshfJeld* about 6000 population,on burned, along a 25-mile front in Te* haina county. Grass valley, Nevada county, menaced by blazes, licking over a 10-niUe area of valuable timber land. Flfly~CCC workers were battling the flanioa, attempting to bring them under control before they reach the perous mining tovrn. leven thousand acres already wore burnod over in Butto county bo organized torabrrov^ ft'ti< will, leave lettuce fields In Monterey and Santa Cruz c< Paralyze Harvesting Such a walkout would virtually paralyze all lettuce harvest opera- tlons In the "world's salad bowl," where employers have been cutting and shipping Iwttuce in defiance of striking members of tho Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union. Demands Lfotoil The Filipino demand^ reported by Taylor, Troy, Georgetown, Round I Coos bay 18 miles north of Coqulllo, I foothills. Rook, Granger, South Waco and and North Bend of almost equal slzo Bai'tJett. - on the same indentation 3 miles Tito Temple •waterworks pumping 1 north of Marahfield, station was threatened when the reached the 2i*foot ^ ^^ ^^» • W ^p ^ w ^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^v ^ ^^ » ^F- ^^^ » ^- ^ ^m v i ^^_ ^-, « M. B. Pratt, atato for- Monsolveji wero: (Oorititwed on Page Three) Pumps were used to empty the water and the Teniplo Telegram reported the water mipply Avaa, not immediately in danger. J I • t L__ L_ ^ ft _ , ' j. Dn Turns to Home After Tour *384^434 Visitors "•',"',' --•*">- '^_ " '"-•'' ' " ' : ^at^ ;; A* ; rl -•• . -i Pr««» POMONA, Hept, 28; Fair Wire) The curtain ' last night before £•• A — " 1 '. >' f.' EAR GAS Red Candidate Has Night in Bastille /"Untied Pre«» Leaied Wire) SACRAMENTO. Sept 28.—Perry Hill, 31, Communist party candidate for Congress from the third district, spent tho night in jail because he sought to address a city plaza crowd despite the fact his speaking permit had been revoked. Patrolmen Martin Charles and R. T. MoCleUdn,' who visited the plaza to inform H1H his permit had been eanceHefJ, ^aid they arrested him neka* W*ui uud*f>toOd^ ip v con^lder hls^ W"^n ho ;attcmiHed to strike Uiem. five-state jqurpex more oi ^ mjccess ' " l4 " "—-— T ° " than he had"*eaEpectetf. ; ^Governor tendon's proposal to spend- two ( daya ca^mpalgnlng through tho state dominated by tho La Fpllette organlstatldp, £rje>idiy to . President Ko^sevelt, ihad:>been (grant pernilte to frown : ed upon by somo of, his advls "artt-but tho Kmisaa governor ; in aist«d; (United 'Prw Z/co«(irf Wire) SINI8SIPP1 FAHMJS,' Oregon, III.. S^pU ^S.-rOoverhor Att M- Landon tyrned^ homeward today trbro his first campaign thrust into the farm outlined his Tho^Republican presidential npml- o?«ou1&J n **^ l »^^ of oi neany|. ^^p^tf5^ appearances in I|llriols t to. To That all Filipino field ImndH engaged In "stoop" labor bo paid 00 cents an hour. 2. That the Filipino labor union Is to be recognized as the collective bargaining agency for these workers. 3* That there shall bo no discrimination for labor acilvltle*, 4, That these demandw are to be » part of a contract between the union and the Growerw-Shlppers Association extending until September 1, 1937. Lyons was given emergency treatment at the Monterey County Hospital. years' liuprleonment on chargon treasonable activities against Urn Kelch in connection with the sailor's Communistic activities. Simpson, who confessed the Com* munist activities on tho stand during his sensational trial this morn* Ing, will be given credit for 14 of the 16 months he has spent in prison pending trial. The prosecutor told tho court tho charge of espionage against Blmp- son was not sustained by the evidence, concentrating on tho sailor's Communist connections, freed of Bttplonoge Simpson's attorney, "Werner Am- thori had asked the court to give the American a maximum sentorice of one year In prison on the treason charge; and throw out tho espionage? altogether. Amthor In defense of tho nation ressed he wiu» not tho Initiator of any attempt to distribute* Commiinls* tic literature in Gernmny before May 1, 1936, He said a heavier sentence would be justified -If II could be proved tho Communist party In America or womo other prominent Communistic organization were linked with the small group at Hamburg which Simpson was charged with dealing. Felt Illtternetm Amthor eaM Blmpaon had had a chance to become a ship's officer, but economic circumstances forced him to remain a sollor, adding: "One could understand & certain bltternetm arising." "One could understand that America with Its 'InlsflOE falre* a It Hud", could tifford Communists more nour* Ishment for their aclivlUew than thts present regime In Germany," he added. "And one could imagine tho defendant, who is not German, could fall to roeognlrx* the hlenstngv which the present government lion brought to Germany," Tho Fascist troopsritnafthett way Into the city yesterday ttfter- noon. T^helr first »tap was to free tlio joyous Alcaaav defontJnrt, who for 10 weeks had reniiited nholl flrft. dynamlto ond gatioHno fumes directed against their battered fortress by-government fighters. The Alcasar—more than 1200-year- old fortress—spilled forth il« Insurgent detachments who joined the battle with trembling shouts of "viva ?& . ounce on (he .'•U>«do» ati0p«ifd«d In and Dutch llebel lieadquart«rN them were 80 dead and .500 woundftsl among the vatlntn in iho Alcazar, who numbered 1200 at tho Hturt of the ond dealing*. Victory for Blunt Premier 4'*hnn won his first llamontary victory for tho devalua- ^Pf ^^ ^P^r f H ™ ^^^^^1 ^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^" ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ deputle.ii, In extraordinary Hosttlon. defeated a HightUt motion to w\\d tho le com ml RepuWican- Progressives of State to Work b for President f 3. Cook, manager of the Illinois campaign top Senator \Vllllam 15. Borah Idfthoan was .seeking 1 ' the K H * Delirious with enthusiasm over release from thoir self-nmdo prison to which th«y fled after governmont forces dominated sternly the relxsl- lion In Toledo, they charged tho defending lines. Between the withering blasts from bofoix* and behind, th« lost KooUiUnt linen scattered and fled. Tho alego of Toledo, immediate objective In tho Houthern Kanclst army march on tho capital, wns coiiiiurnated. grajn by night, but wild Rightist position presaged H hard fight In tho Conservative Heuat*?, Devalue Swliw SwlUerland itftclded to fiwtsa fninc approximately 30 per cent, ordered stern measures to prevent price rises and increased living costs. Tho Hwlsa governing council decreed agalnHt tncrenm) In whole- wilo. r<*tall and public service prices without government authortzutiou. Tlio Ueorees were to bo submitted to Parliament today. Cook naUl of h support for Tho NciherlandB announced ostab- IlHhmcnt of an equullxatlon fund approxImutMy $^02.800.000, to let the Dutch guilder find K» own City A|anager James S. .Dean ox plained the * permit had been Issued by a subordinate. "Since we have had so much trouble with Communists it has been Urn policy ofc the • administration to U. S. Mediators Strive to r Avert Ship Tie-up Oct. 1 The Madrid government, mapping elabornte plans for 11 counterattuck In tho Toledo • nector, ordered reinforcements for a "cold steel" charge. Throughout the night, troop taden lorrlea escorted by war plunoM, rumbled noutUwnrd. Tho frenh troopn were unable to contact the floeing Boclalint army of the nouth however, because General FranoUco Kranco'n InnurgenU had cut the Toledo-Madrid highroad. Meanwhile, at Bilbao on tho Bay of UlHrny c<w«t. Spanish government warships gave the northern city a re- n pi to from Kattclet attack. A naval bombardment halted the* InMurgent advanw, and tho wurnhips convoyed food aupptioH Into the harbor. DOCTOR HVWKKNDKHH IX^H ANOKLE38. Hnpt. 28. (U. P,)— Dr. AVtlllam Norman Power*, 02, Hentltct j>hy«icliin, Hurrendereii horo today to a blunkot Indictment, charg* Ing him und oth«*r« with complicity In a count wide illegal operation ring. to In APCX TERMITE ASH £ ASH ... • ', BROCK. MALCOLM COMPAMV BURTON'* OIN1NU ROOM CAMPBELL. OR. CEOARS. THE ..... CMOY, HARRT ..... PAVI8 FURNITURE EXCHANGE DRINK-O.UNK ... DUNN. JIMMY ...... - ftRGUSON'ft PAINT STORE rLICKINOCR, 01GIER f Annotated l*retf Leaicd Wire) religious twp^ear ro>yd of striking high school students to dl»pcrse a demonitrJitiofi in front } of Memorial Illflh school. The stUdenU fled to a hM sm>«. and apeak«r» on j QAK FRANCISCO. Sopt, 28.-™Ffld- •n -^ ,. conclliatora vorked agatnttt only/' Pesn eaid. Jumps to Death . i • ^^ • - • * (A$$ooiated Pre** Leated BERKKLRY, Sept, 28, Preit betted Tejcaa. Sept Aallaa ( TJtoe*HeraJd said today Mabel Gardner, 40, secretary of a M tfk ^Bm ^B^I D V^vJft D'1^*HB il^^F^ J^HB • ' Vi^flVi •^••A • 9\ • •LJM •••••• •vLLfl j^V •• mt *vV " mmmf m. m \f^f m f vA4^3v VH^PVvv-Bw In what police aaUi wo» a »ulclde time hero today in efforts to ^ avert a labor dispute tie-up of Pacific coast maritime shipping October I. Extension of the Wednesday limit set by employers (or expiration ot Union working agreement* was immediate objective of the conciii- "Matora, AaeUUnt Secretary of Labor V* Mi|£i$3$"?fceol|«ii ^fmMmm?*m> .,,.. a .... ff^tw^tp^ 9^M*^-?$m:$M&.?. -tf,» k M 4 A^e.U^u^l^ A-. i * ^ two anvifftanU con* f erred with the employer*' commit* -W «t« *=" '-^i %iiP ^•rfew •" *Mra under *'.' ^ ' ^* :~ - - T I L • ' '• '* '- JT. - ' h- AOTQft - I •- ^ ". 'J n- - . - -.** »Tl' ••_• - ,V: 'J-~_ ,\' - ' *'- I -..'!• •?* -- i -i -- _j- >A. - brought them together for joint meeting. UHOTIIKHN KIIKHNO, H«*|it. 2*. (L\ P.H-A1 und Tony Hoto. Ix>8 AngHofl, l»roth«m, ag«d 22 and i'G, drowned in the Hu.n Jonquin rivfr iu*ar hen* while ewlm- in ing '-. -. -- *^4f lilVBTBttANS • %&&$• U/ P.X- Wood actor, wan p&ttieJwM •• war i, vm wmimmm -'T ,-, ' ^ .H. *1 - i-' ' \. ±, L - ."- A . *. "I Ft I'- ^?». "Now afain, both aides have called on the government to lend Us good i offices to prevent a general stop- * page of work which would paralyze the water borne traffic of the coast, We are here to do evorythng we can." Harry Bridges, coast president of the International longshoremen's Association, Mul other ° maritime union leaders indicated they are hopeful for extension of the present agreements* They proposed an extension to October 15. during which new agree menu would be attempted. • ".• ' Kftl' Iwue - •' • As In the pnrfijy»ing 1»94 Strike, the question of control of hiring luu arisen us the J^ty Issue, The employers informed •Uwt ONE KILLED AND 15 HURT. BLAST rtlNT, MUh., 8«pt. 28, ^' ^-^ --•* •, i". rj' i r 9 L ^ t v m One person WRS killed «nd 15 (n* jured today when • gasoline tank exploded In the General Tire Company's service station here. Hospital attendants said some of the Injured might die* The explosion occurred at Court and Harrison strsets. In downtown Wllnt II the office* 0f the tire • ».T • ^ f »j v ™ r - w-v* ^-^ ^ ~~ w f m~^ *" »-—-'-• — •- - • -~- - — - ^ • ^ *ht lflv«I without fixing a dofinlio valu i KeiJublU'iui imny atlon ttt this lime* Tho guilder's cur-i Invlnlhte IHI\V*T u rent quoted valut* IH 07.0 n»nt»". The lAlvtan govprnm*M)l announced It u-ould abandon gold back- Ing fur itM currency, niwl iho Wank; of Greece took stopn to "adjust I he drachma" to th« pound Mt<M*llng. rnto of exchange was Hxod at twoon £40 and 560 dmchnm to th<> pound. Italy ; Stock and exchange markets in; Italy won? closed today but the Bank ! of Haly ordered Uio Saturday official L rate of 12.71 lire to the dollar paUl j to tourists. Transactions In Kreiioh,, Belgian, Hu-lun and Dutch currenclen \ wero prohibited. s Tho Italian government, Informed \ sources said, is utudytng inNuanco of tourist lire on a lower bo*is but authoritHtlvn obwerx** 1 ^ exprevaed J confidence ih>*re would bo no dvval- j uatlon of tho lira. i Belgium The Delgluii ittock market for busineM, with trunwactions In Iho foreign truri^nric heduled for i**»ndju»tnu'iil. Front OertnHtiy »nd Turkej r«ino mtnouncemeitl those couu- ; trie** will make no udjti«(inentit lit j tlielr n 10uleft. The RumiUin Slate Bank of Mo« j cow n««ort(Hl Hoviot tulea of Urltish j pounds Avere "only ordinary banUlng! inuisuclionn," In an»M*erlng a&iitM*- j UonK by United Rlaieu Secretary of the Trea«ury Morgenthau that the ! Bulp» wero an uttempt to up*wi the j foreign exchange market, \ Two Pilots KUled I Outright in Crash the Hopublloan t.f j tiKW> for u-ovikl IH» ostubttelicd here today U: lino up Hrv»gr«»»«Kx'M of the Htuto for Dcmucratto nominee. Uuitlo!t Steu llarkward At the same tlrw, Cook niad« pub- llc a letter to Senator ttonih In which lie outlined hi* reasons for changing his politic**: "J btllnv* Umt the noiiihuitioii of ftovenior Uitulon Ih not » step forwnnl, but H itac'lita! *«t«*p back- wtird for uiir sorrly iUMrrw*etl nation," the tetter HuUI In part. • tottay inoiv finul}' than ^i ^f In ii^t- that l*litni) tho ftU "I u^'tng no rrs|H>i\j?tbllliy »»1« K'Urr. ' \H»li, a rhtouKO al- tin opinion It was INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PAGE CO ••• ...... * J J J * ..... I 7 J - t II - . 'I 1 - ;^' - / -". "• -i :• !*? .r-"V.J. (A9t<xfate4 Pr<«* t«a««<l Ot.'yMPU. Wa«h., Sept. Spinning to earth during a stration flight, a rebuilt airplane crashed at the airport, bora killing two *sttiU«ur pilot*. Arthur A. |iow«, 27. the plane wn«r. -.'jtad• miter E- Wlbltkop,-, t*. a i^oapdcUve purchaser, Ipo^f of? trotft In «. Wl split, n^ ' _ -_ J ^^ l-m ^^ r . put rOX THIATER J rRAOCR'* T*MALE GROTTO T GLOBE OflUO CO, GRANADA THCATCR MAKC. MARRY H CLMi CO ..> «,..,.,••«••••««•*•• HOQUC 4 CQi* I* A ..».**•*.** Hurr. JOHN R. JtN&KN OrtlCAU COMPAMV JOHNSON'S FIIUSTONC TIRES JOHiB. HCHDAUU KtBN COUHTY ROOFING COMPANV KtRN POULTRY MARKCT KIMRALL 4 STONt It tCO*t' FUR CKCHANflt .....* T M.LfV. CAROL M'MAHAN ru«NllURE COMPANY M«NAUL*S . MANDARIN, THE ,....» MtNNtrS FURNITURE COMPANY .....7 NEW CITY CLEANERS - M NILE THEATER - * » * NORA'S BEAUTY IALON 7 OWENS STORE -v, •- - » »*• <f PACIFIC TEL 4 TELEGRAPH CD. . ....H PECOY'S BCAUTf.lUi.ON .,.*^..,^.*? PCKIN HERB COMPANY ............» PHILLIP* MUSIC COMPANY ...,,,,-,7, II PHILLIP* SCHOOL OF MUSIC »-U POPCL fURNHURE EXCHAN6E ,...,. 7 PRESTON. DOM C* ;.*V, .....*.i, 3 RAQLANO. Ktl REX THCATCR .. RIAtTO THEATER tArtWAY STORKS .,.-....,.,.......,.* 3 SASJA 4 WALLACE -'.-.«T. fRANCH QArE SUN KONtt HEIB COMPANY en** WMltt ^ " f • 'i • '. ,' AW cx&ustVE UNITED PRESS REPORT YNt'UUfttmrMiWiMWi Of TMt SOUTHIRM SAM JOAOUIM VAUIY AssociATeo>:pR6s , MONDAY, SBPTEMBKR 28. 1936 THREE SECTIONS -SPANISH REVOL F1RK8-- LAND N Young Woman Kille ra assenge LAD osco M RS. JAMBS WtLIjTAJtia, 25. wife of a Waaoo Creamery V - /•A - I I ^ '-1 J >• T ' I ' . I. - ' -- '.L •V J-h 4 N. _ r ,._.. _.,_ „ ...„ ,, , ,4J mmit*mms^*«^^»$m yr-* ._ ^fl if' W>

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