The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on November 29, 1937 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1937. THE MORNING HEUALD, HAGKRSTOWN, MARYLAND. UTTIEUDVIIKK CONTHTJSaOH Starch for Mistreti of ' Ceremonial Enters the Final Week Tho trl-ilBto search for "Little Lady Luck" began Its final week today at (he headquarters of the Modern All Gas llunic Lions' Club Rabies Milk Fund campaign. The race continues close among most of the 41 entries, each leeklng the honor of becoming little mistress i of ceremonies—«oon to present the $16,500 home and other valuahlr gifts from the Maryland Theatre stage. Six carefree play-days, under summer skies, await the victor who wllf sail December 27 for either Havana or Miami, and a gala New Year's Eve returning aboard America's largest and finest ocean liner -i-wlth all expenses paid for "Litt(« Lady Luck" and her mother or father. She will be named Saturday night, when all the votofi cast by our readers have been counted. Present standings show little Joan Seal as the new leader: Jban Seal 86,100 Shirley Ann Stahl 85,700 Louise Jones (Funkslown) 83,900 Joann Bailey (Waynesboro) 76,900 Jane McCauley 76,400 ijlllie Flcigh 75,000 Joan Snowberger . (Chewsviile) 71,700 Nancy Shambaiigh 61,200 Barbara Gibney 59,700 Bpnney -Barney 58,700 Saumh-a Hiiher • (Chambersnurg) 57,700 Dolores Wolfe 57,50(i SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R.J. SCOTT John Litel, whoso featured role a; "Gat" Brady in "Alcatniz Island,' the picture now allowing at the Academy Theatre, has been widol} acclaimed by who have seci this exciting drama. "BUTTER TOASTED NUTS" Toasted Fresh Every Day They Taste Different A Trial Will Convince You Cauffman't Cut Rate Store 10 E. Wuhlnittm SI. FR1GIDA1RE POTOMAC EDISON CO Authorized R. C. A. RADIO Dealer < Fmi Trial On Anr Slodef Shockey Furniture Co. 2ft - 30 Summit Arena* See Our Display of Majestic BICYCLES SCHINDEL - ROHRER 28 S. Potomac St. Quality FURNITURE AT LOWEST PRICES The Orlxln.l Miller's Furniture Store 31 S. POTOMAC ST. Betty Doub 6(i,000 Dolores Weaver 55,40t Beverly Pague 55,000 Doris Art/, 5:i,100 Mary Hiklc 51,500 Loraine Heller (Hancock) . 51,000 Sueila Loekhaum (Hancock) 51,000 Eileen Schlotterbeck 50,400 With votes between 45,000 ant 50,000: Virginia Rohrer (Cham- l>ersburg), Patricia Roane, Jerfn Owens, Letltla Toiip, Jacqueline Barbour, Betty Baker, Dolores Myers, Dolores Pollz. With votes between 40,000 am 45,000: Donna Miller, . Dolores Davis, Jean Cunningham, Margaret Beard, Mary Hirshman, Sally Schindel, ,Io Ann Beachley, Sue Ramaeeiotti and Betty Thompson. Also .Peggy Forsythe, Peggy Ban- zof and Nancy Ainsworth, of Wil- liarnfiport. One hundred votes are credited with each ticket of admission to the Modern.All Gas Homo, 500 with each group of. three . tickets, and 5,000 with each .book of 25, for sale by the Gas .Company,, or .any. member of the committee of 20,0.. A 25 per cent increase in. the .total of each entry, will .be made, when the Gas Company, polls close, for .today at 5 p. m. as a. reward, for. prompt balloting of all. available votes. Benefits. . go - to. the - Hagerstown Lions' Club Babies Milk Fund. • William A. Tobias, chairman ot the campaign, has called the third eport meeting of all captains for 6:30 p. m. today, with a dinner at Beck's Tavern. TUOMAS PAINE (1737-1809) FOU4H1' FOR ABOXI-flON OF SLAVERY 9O YEARS BEFORE. -rttE civic WAR- HE UR<ED A LEAGUE oF KAflONS ISO YEARS BEFORE WOOD Row/ WILSON AND WAS <HE FlrVSf'iN AMERICA •So APVOCMt WOMEN'S RKirl-r? - ALSO «E WAS -^E FIRSf-fo UftQE COMPULSORY EDUCATION A.Nt> PUBLIC «-rCrllMC<-<AO ( A DAILY PAPER., ' PUBLISHED AT PEiPINCi , <5rilNA ( IH-TKEYEAR. >i.D. <5I2. ( 8OO OF tT$ . EDHbRS'HAVtBEEH BEHEADEO ^ MALE •HAS CELLS OH 4US BACK -10 ••THE'YOUN3 DEposrttD THERE By "IVIE- FEMALE, COPYRIGHT. 1937. KING FEATURES SYND'C/RtVc. AMD AU$0 HIS WIFE , ANrfA WWo AlDEP HIM IK fHE. ITALIAN WAR. OF INPEPENPENCE GRAB BAG. One-Minute Test. 1. Who is King of Italy? 2. Who is chairman of the U. S, senate finance committee? 3. Define the term "thespian." Hints on Etiquette. Persons who read daily newspa- pers are never at loss for interesting conversational subjects. Words of Wisdom. A. mercantile democracy may govern long and widely; a mercantile aristocracy cannot stand.— Today's Horoscope. Many persons whose birihday occurs today are of jolly nature. Optimism wins Ihom a wide circle of friends. One-Minute Test Answers. 1. Victor Emmanuel III. 2. Senator Pat Harrison, Democrat, from Mississippi. 3. "Thespian" means "actor" in modern speech. HOW'S YOUR HEALTH Bellied br Dr. L««o ««l««to» For the Neir York Academy of Mrdloln.. Seals And Tuberculosis Johni-Manville ROCK WOOL Blnnn-ln Method Cnmpure nnr prlpea. I*hoae S7f) BETTER HOMES, Inc. WORK STOPPED ON ROAD FOR WINTER The Warfordsburg road proje ia« been closed down for the wi er. The road, closed for sorn weeks while concrete was belli put down, will be opened for tra ic about December ], it was lean ed yesterday. The M. .1. drove Co., has the cor .ract for laying concrete from Hal cock to Ihe Pennsylvania slate llm The closing down of the projec )ecause of cold weather will ease between 30 and 40 \v. P. A workers for other projects in tl Hancock area. It is expected tha several new projects in that sec lion will he started shortly. 25c The Finrnt Coffee on Salt Today CHEER CUP COFFEE ... Ib. Double Tour Money Hack Ciimrnnto if you don't think »n. Triangle Food Stores WARNER BROS. THEATRES • MARYLAND TODAY 3 TOP-FLIGHT FUN-STARS GO GAY! 'Yoo'Bf*«llik«paintinQ Ihe town after yob get y through howling at this '' romantic ravel of fciises , .'..and hm«! fCosalmsf RUSSELL PLUS • A PETE SMITH NOVELTY • NEWS Start* TODAY EVERY CELL HOLDS A PUBLIC ENEMY...FOR KEEPS! EVERY MINUTE HOLDS A NEW THRILL...FOR YOUI ACADEMY The American frequently Is twitted Tor being a "joiner," but those who see only the humor of this tendency miss its significance —a joiner is likely to be a highly gregarious creature.aiid. gregariousness is at the .root -ot .civilization. Millions of. A.mericans have joined the war on. tuberculosis. Since JH04, when the .National, Tuberculosis associatiau . was. ILi'M organized, they have, .in . various way contributed to - the, .creation of veritable army of anli-tuberculo sis workers. Sinee_]92n they Ij contributed millions of dollars cry year to finance the unrelciil ing war against 'tub'erc'uTo'sis. The method for 'Oils financing is unusual, for it has'bee'n'carried 01 Ibrough the sale of Christinas seals These penny stickers Vi(h'the dou l)le-harre(I cross, which' 'adorn the Christmas season ' mail' have con tributcd substantially to the rednc- lion oE the prevalence'of'tubercu- osis. The accumulated . pennies have financed medical and social •esearch, have made possible the education of the public and have iclped to define, organize and in- egrate the work of the various anti-tuberculosis associalions, official and voluntary, national and ocal. Since 1904 Ihe number of death* Vom tuberculosis has steadily declined from nearly 200 to less than 60 for every 100,000 living persons. N T O small part of this reduction has >cen effected through the services of the sanatoria; hospitals; clinics; urses, both institutional and pubic health; preventoria; summer amps and open air schools, all of vhich have waged a concerted war CONTINUOUS 11A.HL to 11 P.M TODAY — TUES. — WED. DOUBLE MURDER ON THE/ GREAT WHITE WAY! / ...Chan on the gay- / es» whirl and the / strangest cose —of / his entire career!/ CAPTURE YOUTH. BALTIMORE, Nov. 27 (/P).—William Bergen, 1C, escaped Reform School boy arrested in a cave hide- nut he had used for five weeks, was I-eld under $13,000 bond today on 13 robbery charges. He also was sentenced lo a yenr in jail for cnr- rying a deadly weajion. Police Thursdav located him in t. and said another escaped from .St. Mary's li cave y who lufitrinl HOMICIDE HEARING IS PLANNED TODAY Coroner Says Second In*, quest Foils to Alter His Verdict Philadelphia, Nov. 2S, (/P).— iuinouiieeinont by Coroner Charles j llerst:h ilial si second Inquest, liad failed t" niter his original verdk-i (hat live-year-old N'ancy (Menu drowned accidentally eonfi-onU'd investigators today as they pro- Hi rod lo Klve Alary K. O'Cunnor a! second hearing on a charge of I lomlcido in the child's death. The 19-year-old physical educii- on student has been hold without tall since her arrest a week ago. Her friend, Mrs. Aim-In Klbler IMi ill ips, comely li'M women's Ctympic gymnast, Who said Miss 3't'onnoi confided lo her she was esponsihle for Nancy's death, was icld In ?500 hail as a .material wit- Itoberl Montgomery nnd Rosalind Russell am starred currently at the! Maryland Theatre in tho romantic 1 comedy. "Live. Lovo and ],parn,"! which also features Robert llem-li- i ley, famous humnri»t. ! HUNT FOR EXTRA REVENUE_SOURCE WAUINGTONT~NOY. 27 (#).— Congressional lax experts began a, search today for extra source! of revenue) In tho event tho admin 1st ration's crop control program exceeds present farm benefit cost*. Some mem hers of tho House lax sub-committee, which discussed the problem, favored processing taxes on major commodities similar to those In the invalidated A A A. No decisions were readied, for mom hers pointed out that the amount needed will not be known until (he crop control hill Is enacted. ECHOES OF OLD WEST Both will be Kimi hearings bo- 'ore Mayor S. Davis . \VIJsoii to- norrow. Coroner Horsch announced the •eopcning of his .inquest after ucilve Captain John Murphy made niblk; a statement In which if ssertod Miss O'Connor said she filled Nancy last Labor Kay with . blow of her tist. and pushed the indy into a mud puddle. A coroner's jury originally hold hut Ihe child drowned accidentally. 'oronor llorsch said after his sec- nd investigation there was "noth- ug new." Tho jury report said- mud and nibbles in the child's lung indlcat- d she was-alive when she-fell face own into the puddle. • • Mean while Magistrate Jacob )i)£!e announced he had issued new .-arrants for both Miss O'Connor ml "Mrs. Phillips on morals charg- s not directly connected with (ho hlid's death. They were based, e said, on information given by a /alter at a children's camp where lie women were employed last mmner. William A. Gray, counsel for Miss 'Connor, has said he would de- land at tomorrow's hearing thai is client be released on bail from loyamensing prison, where she is eld. TO INVITE PITT. DURHAM. N. C., Nov. 21 (#>).—J. nrlis Sauford, president of the 'alias Cotton Bowl Association, ar- ived in Durham today to extend le University of Pittsburgh Pantli- rs an invitation to play in the Colon Howl football game regardless f the outcome ot! today's game nth Duke. 1 ).— Old Cacins Pete Xov. 27 disgust- "Fust thing you know." bo said, "they'll be press! n 1 thr-ir own pants." i Texas has gone soft, anil the two-1 gun man has Riven way lo— i Youngsters who throw rocks nt • rabbits! j Yearly in December droves of | hunters hold a rabbit drive. The may lake only onu (ling at racl bunny. BABY STILL LIVES. CHARLOTTE, X. C., Nov. 2l (Jf) -i' baby girl born Tuesday night a few after her mother died irimnmxl alive today in a hospital incubator Attending physicians said the infant, delivered by a caesarean op- rnuinn on ihn niolher, had a better than fair chance to live, although Voni nearly two hours prematurely. INCREASE SOUGHT ClflCAfiO, Nov. 27.—The Pullman Company n/tked a 10 per cent increase in all Pullman fares in a pfiition filed Friday with the Inter•suite Commerce Commission. A j company statement said Pullman I I ruffle volume showed a "declining ! trend of increase over (he corre- |-spoiidtnK period in J93li" and that j i lit 1 increase "was necessary in view of the pronounced uptrend in LINCOLN. Nub.. Nov. 26 (£>).— nhe company's operating casts and Police Liem. Gene Masters is a I la.tes." BACK FOR DINNER grieved him and It considerably when .lohn Hudson, 41, dashed out of ilie city jail just before Ihe Thanksgiving dinner was ready for prisoners. Masters caught him in an alley near the station and brought him back for a dinner of roast pork nnd dressing. STYLE WHIMSY Some new shoes for spring have ligh hacks, low fronts. This Js the newer interpretation of height it shoes which is a prominent part if. present styles. Boruholm Is a Danish island In lie Baltic Sea which has a popu- iition of about 40,000. Chief industry on the island Is pottery making. Coaster Wagons O.McKEE C'hinesp painting is a form of haiidwriling. siure a brush is used both (or panning and writing. Ink Is the favorite medium for painting. Little Take The Chill Off That Room with i Gas Space Heater Onl * 7Sc Down Your GAS CO. lie Chan -and • his • • "number one" son find 'new 'a'dvehlures an gripping mystery on ''Manhattan' "great while way" in .".Charlie Cha. oji Broad way," .showing totlaj Tuesday and Henry', theatre, . . on the white plague.- • • • The Christmas-seal--was an idea born in 1D03 in the brain of Eina Holbocll, who then- -was a- clerk ii Ihe postoffice in Copenhagen. Bu it was in the United States that the effectiveness of the Christmas sea a weapon against the white plague was best realized and dcvel oped. While first sold to finance the war on tuberculosis, the Christ mas sea'l has in recent years help cd to support campaigns against other morbid conditions. In various communities thcse-hnve included heart disease, cancer and the •enereal diseases. • • - • AIM NOT SO GOOD Alhambra, Calif., Nov. 27, (/P) Prank Beutel, 71, former.plainsman, 'atally wounded a hold-up man in lis 1i(|tior store. Me fold police he did it,'with "Old Setsy," a gun he bought in 1ST!). "I just aimed to wing him," ho id, "but I guess my aim ain't so good any more." WAXING GOCD FOR FLOORS A weekly waxing, requiring only T few minutes, will greatly length- m the lives of hardwood floors. It ;Iso will save work, since the wax ills (he pores in the wood and feops out dust. Buddhism was introduced into I China from India. tHARLIE WARNER OLAND 11 A. M. To ( lOc - 20c « P. M. to 11 15c-25c HEW 1338 4-DOORSEDU Delivered in Hagerstown With Federal Taxes and Transportation PaM. Local, State Taxes Extra All This Included In Today's tow Price 1. Federal Tax Paid 2. "Freight from FactbryVaid 3. Five Steel Wheels and Tires 4. Ajrplane-type Shock- absorbers 5. "Live" Rubber Body Mountings 6. Floating Power Engine Mountings 7. "Radio Studio" Sound proofing 8. Double-action Hydraulic Brakes 9. Safety All-Steel Body ib. Safety Glass throughout i I. Hypojd Rear-Axle 12. Completely Rust proofed Body 16 Full length Water Jackets 17. All-Silenl Transmission 18. X-TypeBox-section Frame 19. Roller-hearing Universal Joints 20. R.idi.itnr Ornament 21. Front and RearBumpjjrs f-fr-fo'.vnMftnv.-n. • *^* ' ' v*T i -pfC*--s3a**^' st the price P rinted above for Plymouth's big 4-door Sedan. Lookatthcfeatureslistedatthc left. Here's the BIGGEST VALUE of "All Three" low-priced cars. Plymouth steersfaster.handles easier. you most for your money in comfort, luxury, economy, safety. You don't know this new Plymouth till you've driven if.'See it —today! PLYMOUTH DIVISION OF CHRYSLER CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan. THE NEW PLYMOUTH w priced with the lowut. Commercial Credit Company's low termi through Dodge, DeSoto»ndChryil«rd««leri. TUNE IN MAJOR BOWES'AMATEUR HOUR. COLUM•M NETWORK, THURSDAYS, I TO 10 P. M. E. S.T. New 1938 Deluxe 4-Door Sedan (WITH TRUNK) 50 DELIVERED IN in. rtn Ton •Tnnbtn. PLYMOUTH BUILDS GREAT CARS

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