The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on November 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1937. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN. MARYLAND. fHKKM BODY OF MISSING WOMAN IS FOUND Verdict of Suicide Given in Death of Mist Eva I Russell The body of Miss Kva Russell, 52 was founil at 11 o'clock Saturday morning hanging from a rafter ii thu barn on (lie farm of Charles A llydn, Broiulfording. 1 Following mi investigation l>; SlitM-ilTs ofllcoi's and Captain of Po lli:o Curl II. McClcui'y, a verdict o suicide was given by Acting Coron er C. Edward Heard, Kenr of the future, as rcvoale< In a note addressed to a hrothci and found with her hat and pocket hook in the barn, prompted the well known hotel clerk to take her life She used a new sash cord to Imii herself, officers reported. • From all indications Miss Russei took her life the day she disappear ed, Tuesday, November 1C. Mr'. Hydo told officers that on the evening of November 16 he place( some tools in the barn and had noi New Fall Under-Grad SUITS By VARSITY TOWN JOHN D. MYERS * Co. 27 N. Potomac St. E 11 a t e HEATROLAS Phone 2041 CARVER'S 1 32-34 N. Potomac St. Stylish Winter Clothe* for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS-' PEOPLES I STORE 67 W. Wash. Street OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstowri Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000-2001 Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes MUSEY& EVANS . 59 W. Washington St. BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST entered It again until this morning. However, the teacher of a nearby school placed her automobile In the burn every day and failed to eve the body. ' The woman was the subject of a county-wide search from the day following her disappearance. Boy .Scouts assisted oDIcere In searching Hie liiinhH of streams and various localities. Tho body was removed to the Kniiss mortuary. Miss- Ilussell was a member of Won Reformed Churcb and (bo Daughters of Uliorly, • Sho Is survived by a brother, Frank K. liussull, Ibis city, and sis- tf-i-s, .Mrs. l.cah M. Mundoy, Ihis city; Mrs. Catherine Caruochan, Knnkstown and Mrs. Pauline Cassatt, IliigGi'slown. Private funeral services will be Isdd on Monday artci'iioon at 3:00 I), m. from Ibo borne.of her brother, I'rnnk K. Itusstll, 71 East avenue.! Service by llov. Scott 11. Wagnfiiv r.nd Kov. H. A, Fepporman. Inter- 1 mcnt, in Iloso Hill 'cemetery. ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN SALESMAN, (C066S.OFJHE HORSE AAARtNES, •BUT,YOU CAN CALL 'fAE SWOSYj -—SAY, BABE JS THIS WHERE-' 'JUDGE PUFPLE .LIVES?**** iw .AN UNCLE ON HIS MOTHERS SIDE,-* ;-—THE BEST SIDEBAND HOW D& HOwJ GET THAT BABE STUFF/?'—-; JUDGE LIVES HERE^PROP VSELF ON A CRUTCH AN*. t\L CALL BLESS (AY' BUTTONS., ,— -\V- IT' ISN'T UNCLE--II •BERTRAIA!! -WELCOME, UNCLE* 'TO PUFFLE TOWERS I WASHINGTON DAYBOOK By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON, Nov. 27.—Shou President. Roosevelt decide (o ru for a third term in 1940, 37 Dem cratlc senators now in office ett er will have to oppose him or ado; the vie\v r of Senator Ashurst tha inconsistency is the proper conn of true statesmen. These J7>, Democratic senatoi ire recorded in the following la guago against third terms for Pre dents: . . • . . "Resolved, that it is the sense o he Senate that the precedent ablished by Washington and ot! 21- Presidents of the United State n retiring from the presidentia iflice after their second term ha lecorae, by universal concurrence a part of our republic system o government, and that any depai ure from this time-honored cus om would be unwise, unpatrioti i ml fraught with peril to our fre usLitutions.." * * » Aimed At Coolidge The resolution was adopted b he Senate in 1928 as a means o elling President Coolidge how th icmbers felt on the subject. Coo- :dge had already said: "I do no hoose to run for President i 928," but there was much nncer aint.y. ; Those Democratic senators no\ office who voted thus agains liird terms are: Ashurst of Ar ona, Barkley of Kentucky, th resent majority leader, Copelan f New York, Gerry o£ Rhode Is mid, Glass of Virginia, Harriso 'f Mississippi, Hay den of Arizona \ing of Utah, McKeller of Tennes ee, Neely of West Virginia, Pit nan of Nevada, Shepjwrd of Texas mith of South Carolina, Tyding f Maryland, Wagner of New Yor! ml Wheeler of Montana. The 17tl a Senator George, who was pairei ut'announced he was for the reso ilioh. Incidentally, two incumbent Re ublicans and a Democrat vot gainst the resolution. They are enators McNary and Steiwer >regon, Republicans, and Walsh 0 lassaclmsetts, Democrat. * * * ,shunt Bridges Unburncd Senator Ashurst hag already in icated his belief that Presiden' Licenses for Coal Issued to Clerks TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ia 25 3» 13 28 7* ACROSS 1—A hardwood 24—Soft food for timber tree babies 5—Strongholds 25-To be «uf- 9 —The patron ficient aalnt of the 27—Short for hy- sailors pochondria 10—Overawe 29—Quit 11—Exclamation 30—Wrath 12—One who 32—American makes a naturalist visit , —died 1926 15—Not—prefix 35—Exist 16-LA compos!- 37—Signal of lion In verse distress 18—Short for 38—A wood wind 17—Descry writer born 19—A malarial In Holland fever 33—Instrument 20—Blows used In place 23-Newt of a sextant 25-Thlck slices 34—At the pre»of anything ent time 'J* -Go astray 3«—Expression 28—Food fish of inquiry 31—Black 37—Chinese 32—American , river editor and Answer te previous puttie: laboratory 21—A crime 32-Glve (Eng. dial.) Instrument 39—An Arab • chief 40—Chew* upon SOS DOWN 11—To ilop* 8—Disgrace 13-Hlgh prleit IO-A Chines* >: of Israel philosopher ;S-Prlnter'> ' n-Also mtamirei 14—A book of 4-Mlnt ' the Old !8-BtcMM Testament «-Cryofp«ln ie—Vim r ^ HEEH naan ncmn OPEN SEASON FOR VISITIN6 RELATIVES^ Roosevelt will not seek a third term. However, . it was Ashurst who made a virtue of inconsistency in defending his quick switch to the President's side on the court bill after earlier deploring any idea of .increasing the court membership. "Inconsistency," he once said, will save the United States yet." Coolidge had politicians really up a tree, but perhaps no more than President Roosevelt has now. In 1928 many believed that when Coolidge said be did not "choose to run," that it amounted to a complete withdrawal. Now there are many who believe that when President Roosevelt said he wanted to complete certain objectives in time to turn his office over to a successor in 1941, he also had completely withdrawn. As in the case of Coolidge, however, no one has been able to say positively that the President is out, of the picture for 1940. • The musical pitch-pipe was the basis ot the Chinese system of measures, of the calendar and of their Bftronomical calculations. MAPLEVILLE LETTER Mapleville, Nov. 27. A committee was appointed by the superintendent of the Sunday School to prepare a program to be rendered at Christmas. Miss Nancy Hose spent several iys with her nephew, Omar Myers and wife, Hagerstown. Mrs. Smith, Hagerstown, was a •ecent visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Beard and family. Mrs. John Gross spent several days last week with relatives in Frederick, Mrs. Lillian Plottner and granddaughter, Mary Reichard, spent. Sunday with" Howard Plottner and family, Cool Hollow. William D.ubel and wife, Harrisburg, Mrs. Ida Pratt, Hagerstown, visited John Dubel and wife, Sunday. Quite a large crowd attended the program by Sniilin' Dave an'd Linda Lou, radio stars from the Frederick radio station, who appeared in person at. the schoolhouse last week. Mrs. J. R. Glenn, Boonsltoro, spent Tuesday with friends here. Mrs. Mary Gross, Boousboro, en- t erla ined three of . her eons a ml families at a dinner on Sunday They wore Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gross, Mr. ami Mrs. Elmer Gross, Mr. and Mrs. "Woodrow Gross and children and Miss Verllc Gross. NOT FOR CIGARETS WInted, Conn., Nov. 27, (/p). — Sebastian Italics girl friend had an exciting time learning about an automobile. Riding with Sebastian, she mistook the dashboard throttle control for a cigaret lighter and pulled it vigorously. The car leaped backwards across a sidewalk and into a store, amid a shower of flying glass. Italia said he'd buy a new win- flow. WINDOW SHADES WALL PAPER R. M. HAYS & BROS. 28-30 W. Washington St. Annapolis, Md., Nov. 28 (/P)—| CIrtMtit Court dorks of (ho State '•. have been supplied with licenses for, dealers soiling solid fuel in Mary- • laud. A law pns.scd'by Iho last Ic^isla- i turn requires licenses for the. dealers and wclghinasters, provides re-j Kiilntlon for all transportation of 1'uol and requires u uurtilicaln of origin for all anthracite coal j brought into tins slato by motor i transport. A Ballimon! court do-! creij recently nulliltod 11 pot it ion i wlik'li vonld have forced the l:iw to I a referendum vote in 1!)3S. . Tliu lourl dnrks issue tho licenses to ilcalors upon payment nf ;i ?10 license foo and a »0 cent court, rh;ir«o. Wcigbmaster II- conscH at. $10 each are issued by Dr. John .1. Kutlcdgtt, chief engineer, I State Mut'unu of Mine-s. Dealers do-1 liverinir moro than one-qimHer ton ! of fuol must give a delivery ticket j with weight npprovc i by a licensed weighmaslpr. The law envoi's the sale oE anthracite tiiid - bituminous coal, patented fuol and other types of solid fuel. SURVEY PLANNED . ' Humiliation of the grade crossing at MaiiKansvlllc, one of the most hazardous In the 'county, Is helug considered by the Slate, Hoads Commission, according to a letter received this week by Iho Hoard of Ooiiniy Commissioners. The Idler from Ntitliiin I,. Smllli. chief engineer, advises the local boards that a Stale Honda surveying corps is now litisy In Ibis coilll- ey and that a survey of the cross- li.K will be made. MAN Y~CHILDREN IN CITY GIVEN TESTS Thomas B. MoNeoly, U. S. Public Health Service. Dr. McNcoly said that parents hnvo given splendid cooperation In j the present campaign, aimed lit jolliiiliiulliig tuberculosis from tho ^schools. The examinations have been given In Iho Washington Street, Ftldgo avenue. Winter, Street, St, Mary's, llroadway and Wayside and colored schools. .Monday x-rays of those whose tesls showed positive will be started and the results of these given to parents. SIGNS NEW CONTRACT. About l.liin) public, nml p;ii'ncbi;il Hollywood, Nov. 27, (/!'}. — school children in lln^i-rsiown hav<; Mynia Low pin her nruno on a new IHMMI Kivrn i'liysical oxaininntions < t -\'\n M. 0. M. contract today which thus fiir in ih".ciunpaimi IKMIIR con- M :!S sn irl unofllclnlly to put her in ducted hiM-ii by thi» I'. S. Public il, c ?l. ; '0l) per week category. Her iloaltli AKsociiilion in cnopt-nliou .-.,.<; X | picture will co-star her with wiih the local health department, | \Villiiim Powell. His "Koturn of it was announced Kit tin-day by Dr.' m fi Thin Man." FATHER LOVE Pittsuursli. Pa., Nov. -'7, (/P). —Alex Soil, Si), refused (o fake "no" for answer when nurses refused to let him kiss his new baby sen. They explained it was apunst hospital rules. Poll started a rumpus, wrote angry notes to the hospital snperin- ttudent and his wife's physician. Arrested for disorderly conduct. Soil pleaded his aclions were mere- Iv oiilhurst of fatherly affection. Hut ha was held for examination by welfare physicians. See Hagerstown's Largeit Display of .Good Furnltur* at Reasonable Pricei MEYERS 4 BER^SON, Inc. 41-43 W. Franklin St. /a/ Winter Quality See Our Display of Up-to-Date Poultry Fountains and Feeders HOWARD'S 7 E. Baltimore St. Phone 806 SECOND NATIONAL It's Old Enough To Speak For Itself IEPHACERSTOWN EYES EXAMINED Kay's Registered Optometrist will not prescribe glasses unless there is a definite need for them.' You can have faith in him.. . . his years of experience are at your service. You don't need Cash to buy at Kay's. 40 W. WASHINGTON ST. GLASSES ON CREDIT fj 1 ' ^/cr«x^ ' - A-^y|A--C ^'/'\^vr<?*w^5fy "" ' vf"i ff -. V Cw, ' f . " " *" TC'»«'";•" - *"-' X >~;?;*K- ,,-<v i.^'-r X *?-..L"C 'r *;v« ^iii^r / ^ 'V.'-c i * ~> ^ A ", '-»,Y} • „', f,')'~-i"i '"- \v& ;\ t& ,\ -, v,, • A ;; - - f _ ; ^ ^ t ^ •l;!'T;t i^'x^v-^*""' • s. -. A? 1 - 1 ^ &., "" /'•• '•%, •,-' ; ! v^'*i; -v;?!*—; 3 \ 1 A.- t f. -.!, V. ! V fv 3t'" ' ?-.< .*%*•& , ,:•- -;-»?'•=';<."?,"-,'->*•:« « .Notice the pure white cigarette paper... notice how every Chesterfield is like every other Chesterfield — the same-size and every one round, firm and well-filled. Notice when you smoke one how Chesterfields are milder and how different they taste. That's due to the careful way Chesterfield tobaccos are aged and blended. Mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper .. that's why they're MILDER ( why they TASTE BETTER f ive you MORE PLEASURE ; - ,. '' S '*•>< ^ -.- j , IMWfftAwmTftijWO^,'' ^ :,^ ! i

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