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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 70
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 70

Orlando, Florida
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14 The Orlando Sentn.3l. Saturday, December 7, 1985 Evening viewing Noel Holston's best bets .5 ins i ii 1 1 i ki.b.m M.flci.m in b.i.ii ithktiii hum 1 mem I I -i i I I Here are highlights ot tonight's prime-time television shows. For complete listings, consult your TV Time magazine, published Sundays in The Orlando Sentinel. For latest on TV sports, please see today's Sports section. NBC(wesh) Dance Fever Fla.

Watching Gimme Break FactsLife GoklenGirls 227 Hunter News Saturday Night Live CBS(wcpx ffS HaeHaw Grinch Frosty "VatoVlctoria" News Get Rich "TellName" ABC(wftv) solid Gold The Fall Guy (CC) Lady Blue (CC) The Love Boat (CC) News Lifestyles of RichFamous (R) Comedy PBS (wmfe) fZ) Snowman Rabbit Wonderworia(CC) K-9 Company rJoctorWlwt''Underworlif' Signoff INOrwoFL) Buck Rogers "Middle Age Crazy" INN News BobNewhart Archie Bunker "Strange Snadows in an Empty Room INDfWMOO) Qc) Dempseyi Makepeace Coi umba "A Friend in Deed" TaleDarkside IfsaUving Hcneynwoners Visions of the British Invasion IND(wtog) (44) Wrestling: From Rorida HeeHaw Country Music RockyInn INN News Tampa Bay MAO Movies "Plague of the Zombies" IND(wbsp) (51) Xmas Parade Switch Street Hawk Rockford Files BamabyJones Soul Train EbonyJet IND (WTQL) () Kingdom ChristWorld OurWorld fresbytertan Ernest Angtey Power of Pentecost JessyDixon Reality Signoff IND (wiye) (5) CelebvPraise Rich Cook Real to Reel Jewish Voice Sword of the Spirit Frederick K. Price LatePraise C.Sussewell Real videos In Search Of (ED BARBARA MANDRELL'S CHRISTMAS SPECIAL WASHINGTON SEMINAR IN TOUCH MOVIE "Protocol" (1984) Goidie Hawn, Chris Sarandon. (1:36) (D CINE "De Criada a Senora." (SS) MOVIE "Psychotronic Man" (1980) Peter Spelson, Christopher Carbis. (2:0) 6:05 COUNTDOWN TO VICTORY: V-J DAY Actual film footage recreates the final days of World War 8:1 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER "Our God Is a Woman." 8:30 FACTS OF LIFE Jo tries to keep her ballroom-dancing lessons secret. (CC) FROSTY THE SNOWMAN STREET HAWK $2 ORLANDO PRESBYTERIAN (551 JEWISH VOICE CINEMAX "Johnny Dangerously" (con't) "Red Dawn" (CC) "Bolero" HBO GHfO) FjrnrrrtCWer'sristmas 1st 4 Ten NotNews "Saturday Night Fever" "Goin'." MOVIE CH (MV) "Hans Christian Andersen" "Irreconcilable Differences" The Osterman Weekend" "Cuba" SHOWTIME (SH) RottnHooaChilotWlsraal "Protocor(CC) "Nightmares" "H.O.T.S." li i i liwt-j um i mm umi 1111 1 tm i maa raffing PERSPECTIVE GOSPEL MUSIC MOVIE "Irreconcilable Differences" (1984) Drew Barrymore, Ryan O'Neal.

(1:54) 9:05 (BS CHARTBUSTERS '85 A look at the year's hottest musical events with clips from the "Born in the U.S.A." tour, the Madonna sensation, USA for Africa, Live Aid and Farm Aid plus a countdown of 1985's top ten videos. 9:10 fS SHOWBIZ WEEK 9:30 227 Mary and Sandra compete to see who will be the better pianist after three weeks of lessons. ROCKY MOUNTAIN INN (5J ROCKFORD FILES (51 WEEKJAPAN 1ST ft TEN NEW YOU 9:45 (S) SOCCER: THE TOYOTA CUP Argentinos Juniors vs. Juventus (Italy). 1985 World Cup Championship from Tokyo.

10:00 CAN ONE WOMAN TAKE HUNTER DOWN FOR GOOD? TONIGHT! Adv. 10:00 HUNTER Despite McCall's warnings, Hunter becomes involved with a lovely young model who consorts with a murderous jewel thief. THE LOVE BOAT A woman (Sandy Dennis) meets a wealthy man (Harvey Korman) who promises to make wishes come true; a professional golfer (Jeff Conaway) learns the truth about the woman (Diana Canova) he loves. DOCTOR WHO "Underworld." The Doctor helps the survivors of Minyos find their lost spaceship which contains the gene banks of their race. With Tom Baker, Louise Jameson.

mm INN NEWS CD TALEDARKSIDE Events occur to a woman when she lives the results. (S3 PENTECOST 59 FRED K. PRICE MOVIE "Rainy Day Women" (1983) Charles Dance, Suzanne Bertish. (2:0) NEWS MOVIE "Protocol" (1984) Goidie Hawn, Chris Sarandon. (1:36) (B) TENNIS (L) Australian Open Championships.

Men's final, from Melbourne, Australia. NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS' JX) CHRISTIAN Saturday night 8:00 GIMME A BREAK Katie has her own apartment but Nell still interferes. HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS Dr. Seuss' tale of the mean Grinch who tries to erase Christmas from the tiny town of Whoville. Narrated by Boris Karloff.

Animated. (R)(CC) THE FALL GUY Ghosts and murderers haunt the set when a producer insists on using an old English mansion to promote latest horror film. Guest Elvira. (CC) E) WONDERWORKS "Miracle at Moreaux." Sister Gabreille (Loretta Swit) and her students help young children escape from occupied France during World War II. (CC) 9 MOVIE "Middle Age Crazy" (1960) Bruce Dern, Aim-Margret.

(20) COLUMBO "A Friend in Deed." Colombo suspects a high-ranking police official of complicity in a homicide. HEE HAW Ray Stevens, Shelly West and Ernest Borgnine. (H) OUR WORLD 9 REAL TO REEL (S) MOVIE "Overlord" (1975) Brian Stirrer. Davyd Harries. (2:0) MOVIE "The Bells of St.

Mary's" (1945) Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman. (2:30) NEWS (B) COLLEGE FOOTBALL (CONT'D) (L) MOVIE "Red Dawn" (1984) Patrick -Swayze, C. Thomas Howell. (1:40) MOVIE "A Christmas Story" (1983) Peter Billingsley, Darren McGavin. (1:34) (JD FAMILY GUIDE VIDEO JOCKEY: MARK GOODMAN VIDEO JOCKEY: DON IMUS GRAND OLE OPRY LIVE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER "Shooting Africa." The Vidiots entchtainmentCSD OnedinUne "Overlord" "Rainy Day Women" "Overlord" news (CNN) Sports Sat.

CNN Report News News; Showbo Week Japan News Pinnacle Sports Tonight News EvansNovak CBN (CBN) Laramie "The Bells of St. Mary's" Not Lack SuccessLife JAnkerberg Music of Compassion DISNEY (QlS) A ttsney Channel Christmas Mouseterpiece 'Tron" DTV "The Blue Yonder" (CC) ESPN (ES) College Football: Brigham Young at Hawaii (L) Tennis: Australian Open Championships (L) LIFETIME (Rx) Work Mother NatureThings Family Guide Adventure A Better Way New You Christian Mag. Tomorrow Jimmy Swaggart Child Fund Family Guide MUSIC TV (MP Video Jockey Mark Goodman (cont'd) Wdeo Jockey Mart Goodman Night Ranger7 Wishes Tour Video Jockey J.J. Jackson hitIo (VHJ) Video Jockey Don knus (cont'd) VKjeoJodceyJonBaurnan Video Jockey Jon Batman NASHVILLE (rM) alley's (con't) Country Notes GrandOpry Church St Gilley's Saturday Night American Sports Cavalcade fT) Fire GrandOpry "Roll Along" odeon' (NIK) You Cam Do Dangermouse National Geographic Explorer Turkey Television Route 66 PRAISE (PR) EarlPaulk Lundstroms In Touch Gospel Music USA PhilKeaggy Children of the Streets JimBakker access (PC) Focus on Foreign Policy Washington Seminar Week in Perspective U.S. House of Representatives SPANISH CST) Loco Amor "De Criada a Senora" Soccer The Toyota Cup Lucha Libre "Del Sabado" TBS (f) Wrestling (cont'd) Countdown to victory Chartbusters'85 Night Tracks -Chartbusters Night Tracks USA (US) Check It Out Cover Story "Psychotronic Man" Alfred Hitchcock Hour Night Right WGN (GN) Fame (cont'd) "Magical Mystery Tour" College Basketball: Illinois State at DePaul (L) News INN News College Basketball (T) WOR (OR) News In Search Of Barbara MandreH's Christmas Shirley MacLaira Wrestling: WWF Superstars Horse Racing "Maneaters Are Loose" tape.

closed caption; live; repeat; Syracuse, N.Y. (T) NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER "Irving Johnson, High Seas Adventurer." (SD WRESTLING PHIL KEAGGY II MOUSETERPIECE G8D COLLEGE BASKETBALL Illinois State at DePaul. (L) JOURNEY TO ADVENTURE (ED CHURCH STREET STATION 9:00 GOLDEN GIRLS When Dorothy's sister visits, Sophia announces that she wants to live with her. MOVIE "VictorVictoria" (1982) Julie Andrews, James Garner. (2:30) LADY BLUE McNichols works to save Katy when she is forcibly injected with a hallucinogen that causes violent reactions.

(CC) G) K-9 AND COMPANY Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) finds her Aunt Lavinia has disappeared after a coven of witches has ritually burned her picture. The only clue seems to be a mysterious crate in the attic sent by the Doctor! COUNTRY MUSIC (52 ERNEST ANGLEY dS SWORD SPIRIT fju) NEWS UPDATE MOVIE "Tron" (1982) Jeff Bridges, David Warner. (1:36) OS) A BETTER WAY VIDEO JOCKEY: JON BAUMAN GILLEY'S SATURDAY NIGHT NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER "God's Acre." SHIRLEY MACLAINE: EVERY LITTLE MOVEMENT WEEK IN By Ken Bowser 11:00 "Riding Wild" (1935) "Protocol" (1984) 11:30 39) "Protocol" (1984) Afternoon 12:00 9 "Against a Crooked Sky" (1975) Richard Boone. 09 "The Rover" (1977) (so) "A Christmas Story" (H) "Simon, King of the Witches" (1971) 12:30 (Ml "The Plainsman" (1966) "Cuba" (1979) 1:00 0 "Drums Along the Mohawk" (1939) "Latitude Zero" (1970) Ho) "The Red Shoes" (1948) (SH "Treasure of Matecumbe" (1976) S'- Js IMfKiBI KAY 4 Vinotvu stJUts Preview The Disney Channel Free in your home! Only Jim Free Days of The Disney Channel left-December 7 and 8. (S) INSIDE TAMPA BAY BARNABY JONES SHALL NOT LACK NEWS MOVIE "Saturday Night Fever" (1977) (1:59) (K) WORLD SATURDAY DEC.

31 111 II 1 jf II Key to listing abbreviations: CC: LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 8D VIDEO JOCKEY: MARK GOODMAN IS) AMERICAN SPORTS CAVALCADE The Schaeffer 200, from the one-mile track at the New York State Fairgrounds in 12:00 0 GETTING RICH IN AMERICA 12:30 0 MOVIE "Tell Me My Name" (1977) Arthur Hill, Barbara Barrie. 0 COMEDY BREAK 1:00 0 2 ROCKS TONIGHT 0 MOVIE "Guadalcanal Diary" (1943) 1:30 3 MOVIE "Bullets or Ballots" (1936) CD MOVIE "From Hell It Came" (1957) MOVIE "Sea of Grass" (1947) 2:00 0 NEWS (R) 3:00 0 MOVIE "The Purple Heart" (1944) 69 MOVIE "Chain Lightning" (1950) CD MOVIE "The War of the Robots" (D NIGHT FLIGHT 4:00 COUNTRY MUSIC 3:30 0 "The Sex Symbol" (1974) Connie Stevens, Shelley Winters. "High School U.S.A." 4:00 iS "It's a Wonderful Life" 4:30 (M) "Avalanche" (1978) 5:00 OH) "The Word" (1978) David Janssen, Florinda Bolkan. (Part 2) S) "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" (1984) 5:30 ffl "Meatballs Part II" (M) "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (1983) Evening 6:30 S3 "Johnny Dangerously" 7:00 M) "Hans Christian Andersen" (1952) 7:30 "Magical Mystery Tour" fhs 11:00 OO NEWS ARCHIE BUNKER 0 HONEYMOONERS To please Alice, Ralph tries to change his personality. MAD MOVIES (M) NIGHT FLIGHT Featured: the 1957 film "Mr.

Rock Roll," starring Alan Freed, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Lionel Hampton and Rocky Graziano. 11:30 0 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE NEWS 0 LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS (R) MOVIE "Strange Shadows in an Empty Room" (1977) VISIONS OF THE BRITISH INVASION MOVIE "Plague of the Zombies" 1:05 "Attack!" (1956) 1:30 fta "Saturday Night Fever" (IS) "Roll Along, Cowboy" 85) "Mae West" (1982) 2:00 9 "My Name Is Nobody" (1974) Terence Hill, Henry Fonda. Q3 "Ring of Fire" (1961) David Janssen, Joyce Taylor, (g) "Little Lord Fauntleroy" IS) "The Cat People" (1942) Simone Simon. Kent Smith. 2:30 (ft "The Rose" (1979) 3:00 OH) "The Word" (1978) David Janssen, Florinda Botkan.

(Part 1) 3:15 "Chief Crazy Horse" (1955) Victor Mature. Susan Ball. 'Now remember if we spot a rescue ship we lay low until we know the Christmas specials are S3 6:00 AM I Donald Duck Presents 1:00 PM Treasure ot Matecumbe 6:30 AM Mousefcise 3:00 PM The Wonderful World ol 7:00 AM Contraption D'sney 7:30 AM Welcome to Pooti Corner 4:00 PM If a Wonderlul Lite OO AM Good Morning Mickey! ft5PM DTV 8:30 AM Dumbo's Circus 6:30 PM Disney Family Album 9:00 AM The Adventures ol Ozzie 7:00 PM A Disney Channel Christmas Harriet 6 30 PM Mousterpiece Theater 9:30 AM Donald Duck Presents 9:00 PM TRON 10.00 AM VbuandMe.Kid 10:40 PM DTV 10:30 AM Spirit ol the Wind 11:00 PM The Blue Kinder 30 PM The Fdison Twins 30 AM The Making of Blue Kinder MOVIE "Nightmares" (1983) Cristina Raines, Emilio Estevez. (1:40) (DD A. HITCHCOCK 10:30 9 BOB NEWHART Carol quits, claiming she has too much work.

60 IT'S A LIVING NOW: of Central Florida Carta ORDER NOW AND SAVE! If you order Tlx Disney Channel before December we'll connect you for just $10. Tliats TOMORROW U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 10:40 DTV 10:45 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER "Koalas Out on a Limb." may apply. Call lor details. iff JS-TOdi' ms m- -3 a eJ a Morning 6:00 "High School U.S.A." 6:30 SH) "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (1983) 7:00 95) "Heidi's Song" (1982) 7:15 (H) "Dot and Santa Claus" 7:30 (is) "Back to Bataan" 8:00 6l "Tommy" (1975) 8:30 SH) "Elvis on Tour" (1972) rjg) "Hans Christian Andersen" (1952) 8:05 (E) "Red Dawn" (1964) 10:05 (M) "The Yellow Cab Man" 10:30 9 "Tarzan's Fight for Life" (1958) Gordon Scott.

"Spirit of the Wind" Jry) "Irreconcilable Differences" (1984) 10:35 "Task Force" (1949) 40 off the regular charge. Cxtll today! Station guide CALL WWFL-AM (1340). The Handyman Hour. 9-10 a.m.; WKIS-AM (740). Jazi on the Beach, with host Jack Simpson: 8-11 p.m.; WUCF-FM (89.9).

Metropolitan Opera, featuring Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacch 2 p.m.; WMFE-FM (90.7). Music Country Network, interviews and music broadcast from Opryland: 10 p.m. WOAT-AM (1380). Call-in number: (800) 251-9600. Paul Harvey, news and commentary: 12:15 p.m.; WDBO-AM (580).

PDQ Bach: 8-9 p.m.; WMFE-FM (90.7). Perspective, with Ken Garrison: 1:30 p.m.; WAJL-AM (1440). A Prairie Home Companion, featuring Garrison Keillor: 6-8 p.m.; WMFE-FM (90.7). Prime Time Jazx 11 p.m.-l a.m.; WUCF-FM (89.9). Saturday Night Alive: 9 p.m.; WTLN-FM (95 3).

Saturday Night Oldies Show: 7 p.m.-mid- night; WDBO-AM (580). Saturday Sounds of Remembrance: 9-11 WPRK-FM (91 5). Silver Eagle Cross-Country Music Show: 8 pm WEUS-AM (1400) and WDAT-AM (1380). Soundings, National Humanities Center panel discussion: p.m.; WPRK-FM (915) Unshackled, dramatizations of life's problems: midnight; WTLN-FM (95.3). U.S.

Coast Guard Band Concert p.m.; WPRK-FM (91 5). WlneLme, with host Peter Lane: 2-3 p.m.; WKIS-AM (740). A Wise Woman: 11 30 a.m.; WTLN-FM (953). Afternoon Light Clittlct: noon-1 p.m.; WPRK-FM (91 Bwthovanl: 9-10 p.m.; WMFE-FM (90.7) Tha Bt of King, highlights of this week's Larry King Show: a.m.; WMMA-AM (990), WTMC-AM (1290). Big Band Bandstand: 6 a.m.-S p.m.; WUCF- FM (89.9).

BIms laraal Hour. 1 p.m.; WAJL-AM (1440). Boston Symphony: 3-5 p.m.; WMFE-FM (90.7). Bruc Williams, NBC talk program featuring advice on personal finance: p.m., WNDB-AM (1150). Call-in number: (800) 223-4141.

Car Car, with host Jeff Brooks: 10 a.m.-noon; WKIS-AM (740). Classical Music with Clark attars, featuring Wolfgang Amadous Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra, Piano Concerto No. 20 in 6 a.m.-l p.m.; WMFE-FM (90 7). Country Music Closaup with Lon Helton: 9- 10 a.m.; WFIV-AM (1080). Country Music's Top 10, countdown of the week's top country hits: 11 a.m.-noon; WFIV-AM (1080).

Dining Around, with Gene Bums: noon-2 p.m.; WKIS-AM (740). Dr. Harvey Reuben, NBC talk program: mid- night-5 a.m.; WDBO-AM (580). Call-in number: (800)223-4141. An Evening of Choral Music, with Hal Kent: 6-9 WPRK-FM (91.5).

First Hand: 4:10 p.m.; WTLN-AM (1520) and WTLN-FM (95.3). The Gardening Hour, with Randy Knight: 8-9 a WKIS-AM (740). Gospel Hour 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.; WTLN-FM (95 3) Great Band Dance Party: 9 p.m.-3 a.m.; Here is a directory of radio stations whose signals can be received in the Orlando metropolitan area: Adult contemporary; WCFI-FM (101 9); WDBO-AM (580); WJYO-FM (107.7); WMMA-AM (990); WSTF-FM (101.1). Album-oriented rock: WDIZ-FM (100.3).

Classical: WMFfH-FM (90.7); WPRK-FM (91.5). Country: WFIV-AM (1080); WHOO-FM (96.5); WWKA-FM (92.3). Easy listening: WSIR-AM (1490); WSSP-FM (104.1); WUEZ-AM (1400); WVFM-FM (94.1); WWFL-AM (1340); WWLV-FM (94 6). Hits-oriented rock: WBJW-AM (950)- WBJW-FM (105.1); WHLV-FM (106.7). Hispanic: WONO-AM (1140) Jazzpop: WLOQ-FM (103.1).

Newstalk: WKIS-AM (740). Tourist Information: WWLD-AM (1190) Religious: WAJL-AM (1440); WVCF- AM (1480); WTLN-FM (95.3) and WTLN-AM (1520). Rhythm-and-blues soul: WOKB-AM (1600); WORL-AM (1270). Variety: WUCF-FM (89.9). aw Preview Channels: Orlando Ch.

Orlando Kissimmee Ormond Beach 291-2500 847-8001 677-1232 S. Seminole Sanford MelbourneCocoa 293-7900 322-8512 254-3300 Kissimmee Ch. 9 Melbourne Ch. 6 Ormond Ch. 7 In rules, regulations and restrictions.

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