The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 13
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J ,';' ; («) 'Yar'di fodulredi 10 M specified for C-S S3. _HfeaULAfl6N8 FOR A 6ISTBIOT8 i«u .iSls/"/wltn 'which are dl*trWUt in addition,to — heretnbtfore specified and shall be subject to the - of Section, 27 of this or no m In the re ^iov-is^mttnedr " <abh th * " A s,Y 8 sft n M!^>*atotijwta«, cow or ar live- twenty rbej' of'lamftip'on'which the are kept, to a maximum of it - ( ? ) ,, co *?, or ten (10 > B«> at s or other similar, livestock maintained in any One establishment. '•ifn Any "A district a dairy may be conducted on any parcel of land not less than five (B) acres in area. ^A.Salo of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon the premises upon which such Drodiicts are produced; provided, that s building shall bo constructed prl- arlly for such sale. S. Kteplng of saddle horses and of such hortes arid/or mules as may be necessary to the conducting of any of the^uses permitted in any -A dls triot. • 6.! Accessory buildings ahd accessory USflB* >.'•.-'.- ,,* ' ' ' " * ' • • • • • (b) Location of Aootftory Buildings! , No livestock or, any building used in connection with the sahie shall be located or maintained on any lot closer than forty (40) feet to the street upon which the lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling. On the same lot or on the front half of nny contiguous lot Otherwise, any accessory 1>{illd,ingr used In connection with small livestock farming.may Occupy any portion of any rfcar yard or of any side yard along {he rear half of the lot upon M-hlchv located, except of *ny side yard adjacent to any street, , • • . •,- • •;.•• ... SECTION 23. REGULATIONS FOR • H DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all districts with wh oh are combined -H districts, {n addition to 'the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall bo subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordl nance: lance: to) Permitted: All uses •'• _ . uses permitted in the respective ^district with which the -H district Is combined, provided, however, as fol 1. No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall be placed and/or maintained In any such district Unless placed and/or maintained within a business district as .defined In the California Vehicle Act; provided, (however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for Informational or dl- rectlofidl purposes of a public or quasi- public nature may be placed and/or Sittlrttalhed. In any such district with which Is combined a,n -H district upon the securing. of n use permit, as provided. In Section 38 of this ordinance. for each such sign or structure; and proVldpd, further, that there may be displayed on the premises occupied • by any permitted place of . business •which Is located In any such district with which Is combined an -H district but outside any business dls- tfllct aw defined In the California Ve- Kiclo Act outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for the advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for any ono place of business are made a part of tho architectural design of the building in which such business Is conducted and are approved under the provisions of Section 30 of this ordinance, no such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall exceed twenty-four (24) Nquaro feet In area and the total area for all, outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures in the aggregate displayed by or for any one place of business shall not exceed the equivalent of one (t) square foot for each one (1) foot of frontage actually occupied by such business. Including the widths of driveways directly appurtenant thereto. 2. No junk yard shall be established In. any such district with which Is combined an -H district within five hundred (GOO) feet of tho exterior boundary of any public street unless }.he same is completely enclosed within a building or within a fence approved by the 'Planning Commission. (b) Building Location: In caso no building line is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of tho County or by the provisions of this ordinance, for the street upon .which any building will front In any district with which an -H district Is combined, , no such building shall be erected, constructed, moved or. structurally altered 'so that the same wilt be closer to the nearest boundary of the right of way of such street than a distance adequate to provide space on the site of such building for the traffic tnove- tnents and standing of vehicles which wilt bo Incidental to the use of such building. Such distance shall be designated by the Planning Commission as a part of the action on plans nubmlHed with the application for a permit for such bonding, as provided •in Section SO of this ordinance. SECTION 24. REGULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS In any district with which Is combined any "B" district, such regulations as to building site areas, depthp of front yards and, widths- of side yards as are designated on. the sectional districts map showing such -13" district shall be applied in lieu of the respective regulations as to 'building site areas, depths of front yards and widths of aide yards which are hereinbefore specified for such district with which Is combined such "B" district; provided, however, that any parcel of land In any "B" district, (a) which parcel was under one ownership at the time of tho adoption of this ordinance, when tho owner thnfeof owns no adjoining land., or (b) which parcel Includes not less than on* (1) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map Which was recorded In the office of tho County He- corder of 'the County prior to the udoptloh of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less than three thousand seven hundred fifty f8750) square feet, or (c) which parcel Is shown as a lot on any subdivision map which may h*r»after be recorded 111 the office of said' County Recorder, . after approval or said map by 1 the Board of 'Supervisors In the manner prescribed by law, may be 6 sed as a building sit* for a dwelling of the character permitted In the district with which is combined such "B" district, provided that all other regulations for such district, as proscribed by this ordinance, shall be compiled with, except that on any such parcel haying an average width of Tes« than fifty (80) feel the width of each, side yard may be reduced to ten (iff) per cent of the width or such parcel, but in no case shall the width of any such side yard be less thart three (8) feet. SECTION 26. FUTURE WIDTH LINES "• . The following specified future width lines are hereby established for the •following streets and 'highway*; 1. Gslifornl* Av«nu«, from Union Avenue, Baktrstteld, to Sumner Street, which u commonly known as th« Bdl- son- Highway and which is California State Highway Route Number Gf. an Designated by the Division of High. wayi of the Department of Public crkji oMh* Btanfof CfHN»h>t»i "if. <*&> f*|f frflin uT« cenljr line ty.«y« thereof on each side thereof, fHE BAKERSfrlELD CAL1FORNIAN, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 193ft to ajpotot oh the center line thereof, which point Is one thousand (1000) MS*. 4W*ftv measured , easterly and J'W'U'fMteriy along said center liri«, frwn the easterly boundary of see. 85, T. 29 8., R. £8 *E,, M. D. M.t Flfty^ five (BS) feet from the center Una lh»reof on each side thereof. SECTION 26. BUILDING LINES The following specified building !!?"?, 'IS* hereby established adjacent to Golden Stato Highway and Golden Stale Avenue, being California State Highway Route Number four, fa designated by tho Division of Highways of the Department of Public Works of the State of California; . !• Jfrom the southerly boundary of tho city of Delano to the northerly boundary of thfe right of way of Perkins Avenue. McParlahd: Thirty (80) If et V r £ m l . ne exterior boundaries of tho right of wdy of said highway on each side thereof. . , ..3- From the southerly boundary of tho rlrfht of way of Sherwood Avenue, , McFarland, to the northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T. 29 S., R. 27 IB., M. p. M,: Thirty (30) feet from tho exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on oach side thereof. • 8. Krom the northerly boundary of See. 10, T, 2? B., R. 27 B., M. D. M., to the northerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld, and from the southerly boundary of the right of way of Brundage Lano to the southerly boundary of Sections B and 6, T. 30 S., R 28 B., M. D. M.: Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on ,oaoh side thereof; provided, however, that gasoline pumps and their appurtenances fof the retail sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances are structurally separate frohv any building or other structure and which gasoline pumps and/or their appurtenances are not covered by a,canopy in any case, may be erected, In each case, on a concrete baso occupying the smallest rectangle within which sUch concrete base , may be enclosed, which rectangle is not greater than four (4) feet In width, with tho longer *dgo of such rectangle which Is nearest to tho nearest exterior boundary of said highway being located along a lino fifteen (ID) feet distant from such exterior boundary, subject, In each suoh case, lo tho scouring of a use permit 'therefor, as provided in Section 33 of this ordinance. 4, from tho southerly boundary of tho City of Bakerafleld at California Street to the northerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundage Lane: Ten (10) feet from the exterior boundary of the right of way of said highway on tho easterly side thereof. 5. From the southerly boundary of Sections 6 and 6, T. 30 S., H. 28 E., M. D. M., to tho northerly boundary .Of tho Rancho Castao: Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL , PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS Tho regulations specified In this ordinance shall be subject to the following Interpretations nnd exceptions: (a) Use; 1. The following accessory uses, in addition to those hereinbefore specified, shall bo permitted In any "H" district, provided that such accessory uses shall not alter the character of the premises In respect to their use for the purposes permitted In such respective district: (A) Tho renting of rooms and/or tho providing of table board In a dwelling »s an Incidental use to that of Its occupancy OH n dwelling of the character permitted In tho respective district, but not to the extent of constituting u hotel as defined In this ordinance, unless permitted In the district. (B) The operation of necessary facilities and equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other institutions permitted In the respective district. (O) News and refreshment stands and restaurants In connection with passenger stations. (D) Recreation, refreshment and service buildings in public parks and playgrounds. 2. pn any lot In any "R" district there may be kept not to exceed twenty-four (24) fowl other than roosters, quacking ducks, geese, guinea fowl or peafowl nnd there may be kept not to exceed twenty- four (24) rabbits or guinea pigs, provided, that no such livestock shall be maintained closer than forty (40) foot to any dwelling now existing or hereafter erected on the front one- half (H) of any adjacent lot nor closer than twenty (20) feot to any other dwelling now existing or hereafter eroded. 3. In addition to any other outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures permitted hy this ordlnanqe, (A) such signs and structures, none of which shall exceed four (4) square feet In area, may be displayed for tho purpose of advertising the sale or lease of uny property upon which displayed; (B) such signs and structures other than thoso permitted by this ordinance may be displayed for the advertising of tho •ale of a subdivision upon which placed upon Ihe securing of a use permit, us provided In Section 33 of thin ordinance, for each such sign or structure. 4. Horses may bo kept in any district, subject to the securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each case of such use In any "H" or "C" district. 5. Nothing In this ordinance Hhall bo deemed to prohibit the excavating of natural materials for tho construction of a. building permitted In the district in which tho same Is to be located. Which building Is to be constructed on tho same lot from which such material Is excavated, and no use pegmlt shall bo required for such excavating. (b) Height) 1. in any district with a height limit of ess thari seventy-five (75) feet, public and serai-public buildings, schools, churches, hospitals and other Institutions permitted in »uoh district may bo erected to a height- not exceeding seventy-five (75) feet, provided that the front, rear and side yards shall be Increased one (I) foot for each one (1) foot by which such building exceed* tho height, limit hereinbefore established for such district. 3. One-family dwellings In R-l districts may Jje Increased in height not to exceed ten (10) feet and tS a total of not exceeding three (3) stories when two (2) side yards of widths of not less th»n fifteen (15) feet each are provided. 3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, o|l derrick, lightning arrestnr. tower, building or any other structure or thing whatsoever shall be erected, constructed, converted, altered; enlarged, added to or caused to exist in any district in any manner HO that tho same will exceed a height of thirty (80) feet within n distance of five.hundred ($00) feet from the exterior boundaries of any airport owned by tho County of Kern or so that the Bume will exceed a height of Aixty (»0) feet within a distance of one thousand (1000) feot from said exterior boundaries, or so that the same will exceed a Jielght of ninety (10) feet within a distance of one thousand fire hundred MDOO) feet from said exterior boundaries. The height of any such structure or thing •hall be deemed to be the height of the topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenance thereto, above the level of the ground at the nearest ppint to such structure or thing on any such exterior boundary of *uch airport. ,4. -The height limitation* of this ordinance shall not apply to chimneys, church , spires, flag pplts, monuments and radio towers, exctpt as provided In thft prjcedlhar parajrratJh of* this! section wltb respect t6 height limits adjacent to strporu. 0. Wnorf Iho average slop* of a. lot U> gftat«r than one (1) foot rife or! fall In f»v«-n m feet of dUlancp Irom the established ctre*t elevation at' the property line, one »tory In addition to the number bermiUed In LEGAL NOTICES in which weh totlo tu- shall be perniHtedfcn th<i d6wn- l*i!L "'0* °* t an y building! provided, n&wever, that th» height of the btiUdln* shall not be !wer«i*e<l above the limit specified (or such district. (c) Ytr-dit ' 1. For the purpose of computing front yard dimensions the measurement shall be tak«n from the near- g«t pool of tho front wall of the bulldln* lo the street line; provided. ilO^Syer. that If an Official Plan I,ln» Is ftgtabt shed .for the street, or, If a future width line Is established there- for by tho provisions .of this ordl- pance, then the measurement shall be taken frWiv the nearest point of the • fair of the building to such plan i,lno or such future ' l > ept , thiu the ? enaln .,,.,. u f .? aturc « hereinafter enumerated shall not be considered '"^ making any such measurements, ( A) ,.. Cornl(:e . 8 ; canopies, eaves, or any other architectural feattiros may extend beyond said front wall a dls- io?°u, 1 ot « xcccd| ns two (2) feet, six (B) inches. • » IJ , escB P« s may extend beyond said front wall a distance not 8lX (8) (C) A landing place or uncovered porch may extend beyond said front J » al , t ° 1a ntstonco not exceeding six (6) feet, provided that such landing Place or porch shall have its floor "? ,i h '*l! e ^^^ hftn tho entrance floor °f tho building. A railing no hlshcr than three (3) feet may ho placed around such landing place. In no case, however, shall any such land- Ing place or porch extend beyond ?"£. ?ff' cl tt 1 Plan Line which Is established for uny street or beyond anjv future width lino which Is os- tabllshed therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. (D) The above enumerated nrchl- toctural features may also extend Into any side or rear yard tho same distance that they are permitted to extend beyond any front wall, except that no porch, terrace or outside stairway shall project more than three (8) feet Into any side yard and then, In tho case of an outside stairway, only if tho sarrfe Is unroofed and unenclosed above and below tho steps thereof. 2. Ordinary front y«rd and farm fences, sprinkling systems and such Irrigation systems and their appurtenances as do not extend abovo tho surface of tho ground may bo extended beyond any Official Plan Una or future width ifno. 3. In any R-l or R-3 district or any combination therewith where twenty-five (38) per cent or more of Iho lots In any block and located In the same district, exclusive of tho frontage along the side of a corner lot, has been Improved with bulld- \"SS at tho time of tho passage of this ordinance, which buildings are of a character permitted In said dls- trlct but not In n more restricted district. (Including, In an R-l district, buildings permitted In such district), and the front yards on such lots vary In depth to o,n extent, not greater than six (6) feet, then the required front yard depth for such district shall bo disregarded In such block and In lieu thereof tho front yard required on each lot In said block shall bo of a depth not less than the average depth of tho front yards on tho lots on which arc lo- i-uled Much existing buildings to R maximum of fifty (50) feet. The same rule shall apply In any U-3 or lt-4 district or any combination therewith, but only, however, In CIIHO such average depth of front yards on thn lots on which are located such existing buildings IK less than tin- dr-pth of front yards otherwise required by this ordinance. In no i-aco. however, shall uny building be creeled c'osor to any street line than any Official Plan I.lne which IH estHli- MHhed for isuch street or than any future width lino designated therofor by the provisions of this ordinance. 4. When any Interior lot In nn R-l or R-2 district Is adjacent to any lot In any district other than an R-l or n-2 district and other than any c-1 district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and tho County boundary, the depth required for the front yard on such Interior lot may be reduced to not less than tho aver- aB ?., of " uch required depth and the 2, . or . depth of yard required on said lot In such other district which yard Is adjacent to the street upon which said Interior lot faces 6. When any interior lot In an n-3 or R-4 district Is adjacent to any lot In any "C" or "M 1 - district, except any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and tho County boundary, tho front yard requirement for such Interior lot may be disregarded and In lieu thereof that portion of any building on that portion of the width of such Interior lot not exceeding one-half (14) thereof, and not exceeding twenty-five (20) feet, which portion of tho width of such Interior lot Is next adjacent to such lot in such "C" or "M" district, may bo built to tho street lino. and the line of the building for the remainder of such building shall bo not nearer to said street linn than a distance, equal to such required depth of front yard. 0. In delermlnlng tho depth of roar yard for any building, but not for any dwelling group, whore such rear yard PP.""'' ' nto an alloy, one-half the width of suoh alley, but not exceeding ten (10) feet, may ho considered "*. a portion of such rear yard; provided. however, that this provision shall not be so applied a* to reduce the depth of any rear yard to lotss than ten (10) feet; and provided, further, that In no case shall tho door of nny building or Improvement, except a fence, which door opens Into any alley, bo erected, constructed or established closer to the center of such alley than a distance of fifteen (16) feet. 7. In case an accessory building Is attached to tho main building. It shall be made structurally a part thereof, and shall comply in all respects with the requirements of this ordinance applicable to (he main building. An aoressory building, unless attached to and mado a parf of the main build- Ing as above provided for, shall not bo closer than flvo (B) feet to tho main building. 8. A detached accessory building of not over nne story nnd not exceeding twelve (12) feet in height may occupy not to oxrpcd thirty t30) per cent of the urea of any rear yard. Any suoh accessory building' may have not to exceed one (1) additional story u»od for apartinenlH, provided that: (A) Such additional story, herein oonslriiPd to be H dwelling, shall not be permitted unle«n the same Is permitted under tba regulations hereinbefore in this ordinance specified for the district in which such accessory building Is located, escept that any Huch additional story In an R-I din- trlct may be tised Is a dwelling when no rent, either direct or Indirect, IH paid for such use. or as n dwelling for Hen-ants, Including the family of the name;, which uro employed on the xumi.1 lot. (B) No exterior wall of such additional story shall be nearer to uny lot line than a alstaneo equal to the width of u side yurd required on tho name, lot, (C) No exterior wall of such additional story shall be nearer than ten (10) feet to any main building on the came lot. (U) No such .additional story shall be constructed on any lot (n any R-l district prior to th« construction of a one-family dwelling thereon, un- le»» and until a use permit, a* provided In Section if of this Ordinance, shall first have been secured for such additional story. 6. Detached accessory building* In 'R" district* jihall conform to the following additional regulation* u* to i their locations tipoft the lot; provided, however, that where the slope of Ihe front half of the lot is greatrr than i one (!) foot rise or fall In it dUUnce of ftet en (7) feet from the entabllrhed rtreet *MvitU<m al tho property line, or where HIP ri*v»tlon of the lot ut Ihe I5tr«-»t line js flvi- (5) f«et or more above pr below the established street elevation, « private garaga , nH> , ^ built to the front and side lines of the lot; ..(A) In the case of an Interior lot abutting upon .one street, no fleUched accessory buildlngr shall bo erected or altered so as to encroach upon the front half of the lot. (B) in the case of an interior lot abutting upon two or more streets, no accessory building shall bo erected or altered so as lo encroach upon the one-quarter (U) of the lot niareat either street. . <C) In the case of a comer lot abutting upon two (» streets, no accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the area between suoh respective streets and lines drawn parallel to such streets, respectively, in such a manner that each of sunh lines divides tho lot into two (2) equal areas; provided that on a corner lot adla- cent to a key lot-no accessory building shall be located nearer to the street line of tho street upon which such key lot faces than n dlslance equal to the depth of the front yard required on said key lot, provided that this regulation shall not be KO applied as to .require that that line of syuh accessory building Which is nearest to said street line shall bo nearer to the lot line opposite* said street lino than a distance of slxtefen (18) feet. (D) In the case of a corner lot abutting on moro than two (8) streets, no detached accessory building shall bo erected or altered so as to bo nearer to any street line than one-fourth (H) the width or length of the lot. (E) No detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to be within flvo (5) feet of tho side line of the front half of any adjacent lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (F) Notwithstanding nny requirements In this section, the foregoing rules shall not require any detached accessory building to bo more than seventy-five (7fl) feet from any street line bounding the lot. id) Interpretation of Ordinance: In interpreting and applying tho provisions of this ordinance, they shnll bo held lo be tho minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of tho public health, safety, comfort, convenience nnd uonoral welfare. Except as specifically herein provided, It is not Intended by this ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul or In any way to impair or Interfere with nny existing provision of law or ordinance, or nny rules; regulations or permits previously adopted or issued, or which shall be adopted or Issued pursuant to law relating to the use of buildings or premises, or relating to the erection, Construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of any building or Improvement; nor Is It Intended by thin ordinance to Interfere with or abrogate or annul any easement, covenant or other agreement between parties; provided, however, that In cases In which this ordinance Imposes a greater restriction upon the erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of buildings or the use of any such building or promises In said several .districts or any of them, than ts Imposed or required by such existing provisions of law or ordinance or by such rules, regulations or permits, or by ptirh ' easements, covenants or agreements, thon in such cases thu provisions of this ordinance shall control. SECTION 28. NON.CONFORMING USES JJxcept as otherwise provided In this section, the lawful use of land exiting at tho time of the adoption of this ordinance, although such UNO does not conform to Ihe regulations specified by this ordinance for the district in which such land Is located, may be continued; provided, however, that no «uch non-conforming use shall bo enlarged or Increased, nor shall any such non-conforming use bi) extended to oocupy a greater area of land than that oo- cupled by such use ut tho time of thn fidontlon of thin ordinance; provided, further, that If any such non- conformlng use censes, any subsequent usa of such lapd shall bo in conformity to the regulations wperl- fled by this ordinance- for the district In which Biich land is located. Except us otherwise provided In this section, the lawful use of n building cxlsimg at the time of Iho adoption of this ordinance may bo continued, although such use does not conform to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which surh building is located. Any such use may bo extended throughout the building provided no structural alterations except those required by law or ordinance ore made therein. Jf no structural alterations arc made, tho non-conforming use, o; a building may bo changed to another non-conforming use, which. In tho opinion of the Planning Commission, Is of the sumo or of a moro restricted nature. Jf a non-conforming use hereunder ceases for a continuous period of not. less than six («) months, any future use of Bald building shall ho In conformltv to the regulations specified by this ordinance for the district In which such building Is located. No existing building designed, arranged or Intended for or devoted to a. nso not permitted under tho regulations specified by UI|H ordinance for tho district In which such building or premises is located «hall bo enlargod, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered unless such use Is changed to a u»o permitted under the regulations specified by this ordinance for such district In which «ald building ts. located; provided, however, that work done In any period of twelve (it) monlhs On ordinary structural alterations or rep acements of walls, fixture* or plumbing not exceeding Iwenty-flvo (2&) per cent of the building's a»- nesised value according to thn assess- jiioiit thereof by the Assessor of (ho County for the fiscal year in whluh such work Is done shall bo permitted, provided that the cubical oon- J£' u ?i or lh . l> bull<J lng as It existed at tho time of tho passa^o of this ordinance be not Increased. If nl nny time any building In ex- Islent-n or maintained at the time of the adoption of ihlx ordinance, which does not conform to the regulation* for Iho district In which It l« located, filial! bn • destroyed by fire, explosion, Act of UorJ or hct of the nubile imerny 'o the extent pf more than seventy- five (76) p«r cent of the asNenxr-d value thereof according to the as- woxsment thereof hy the «aM Assessor for the fiscal year during which such destruction occurs, then without further a.-iinii br'iho Board of fiuper- vl«orB the »nld building arid the land on which Mild building was lonil«<1 or inHlnlnlnnd shsll from ami aflnr tho date of inch destruction b« ugb- jpct to all thn regulations Bpeolflnd by this ordlnnni-e for the dlMrict In which nuch land und building are located. The foregoing provisions shall also ply lo noit-r-onforminjr. u«es In districts herenftor changed. Nothing contained In this ordinance Rhall be doumod to require any (-'Imnge in Ihe plntiK, construction or iioNiKnatcd u»o of any building upon whlnh actual i-oiislruction wu» lawfully begun prior to the' adoption of this ordinance und upon which build- Ing actual construction ha» been dlll- genlJy carried on. Actual construe- tion 1* hereby defined to be the actual placing of cpnutruollon materials In thslr permanent position fa*l«ii«d In u permanent mannor; except that where a basement IA being excavated, such excavating shall b« deemed to be actual construction; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure lm« been begun pr«paratory to rebuilding, such demolition or removal «hall be duemed to b* actual conctruction; provided that In all ca«e« ootuul construction work shall be diligently carried on until th* completion of the building or structure involved. Regardless of any other provision of this ordjiutnvfe. »ny junk yard which, after ihu adaption of thl* or dliiKiic*, exists on u non-conforming JIB* )n any "R", ••<*• «, r .ij ,jl*iricl I* hereby dpclar*d jo bo » ptibllo mil. fiance, and Mtall be abulcj. removed Or changed to H conforming use with- I in one (1) year from and after the date that much Junk yard becomes ft non-conforming use. Regardless of any other.- provision Of this ordinance, any outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure which, after the adoption or this ordinance, exists a* A nonconforming use in any district is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, and shall bo abated, removed or changed to a conforming USD within six <5> months from and after the date that such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure becomes a non-conforming use. Regardless of any other provision of this ordinance, any use for which a use. permit Is required or for which a use permit may be granted, as provided in this ordinance, which use Is existing at tho time of the adoption of this ordinance In a/iy district (n which such use Is specifically permitted subject to tho securing of a use permit, shall without further action be deemed to be a conforming use In such district. SECTION 29, BUILDING PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having nn aggregate value In excess of Twenty- live (26) Dollars, and no building or structure designed or Intended to b« used for any commercial or Industrial purpose (except an accessory building having an aggregate value of less than Twenty-five (26) Dollars) shall hereafter bo erected or constructed unless and until n permit therofor shall first have been secured from the Planning Commission or from such officer or employee thereof as said Commission may designate for such purpose. No repairs or alterations of an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-five (25) Dollars and no repairs or alterations which would change tho characicr of any building or tttrncturo to a commercial or Industrial nature (except an accessory building having an aggregate value of less than Twenty- five (25) Dollars shall hereafter bo made on any building or structure until a permit therefor shall first have been secured from tlni Planning Commission or from tho aforesaid officer or employee thereof. No building or structure Imvlng an aggregale value In excess of Twenty-five (S5) Dollars and no building or slructuro, designed or Intended to bo used for commercial or industrial purposes (except an accessory building having an aggregate value of less than Twenty-five (2R) Dollars) shall hereafter bo moved until a permit for such moving shall first have been socured from the rinnnlng Commission or from the aforesaid officer or employee thereof and also from the County Surveyor. Tho aforesaid permits shall bo required for all suoh building* and structures, except fences, hereafter erected, constructed, altered, rep.-ilrcil or movod within or Into any district eNtabllshod by this ordinance except any A-l or A-2 district with whlnh no -It dltitrlct Is combined, except that no such permit shall be required for any building or structure designed or Intended to be need as a one-family dwelling or for any agricultural purpose, or for anv purpose accessoM/ thereto. In any "A" or -M" district with which an -H district I* combined If such building or structure In located or in to bo located al a dlslance of not less than ono hundred (100) feet from tho nearest boundary of the right of way of any stri'at, nnd not less than ton (10) frflt from any property Him. Every application for any permit required by the provisions of this unction shall he accompanied by a drawing or plat, In duplicate, drawn to scale, showing the lot and building Nile, the proposed location of the building on tho lot. accurate dimensions of the building, of the yards and of the lot, und such other Information an may bo mvcstmry to tho enforcement .if this ordinance. A ciireful record of tho original copy of mu-li application nnd plat nliall hi- kept In (bo office of thn Vlannlrig Commission and tho duplicate copy shall lie kept nt the building at ail times during construction. SECTION 30. ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION In case an application IB madn for a. Permit, us required In Section i!» of this ordinance, for unv building, strueiuro or other Improvement In any district with which |« combined mi -11 district, nald application shall he accompanied by dr»\vln»» or sketches idiowtng the front, sides and rear elevations of the propoHed building, structure or other Improvement or of tho building, structure or other Improvement as the ramo will appear after tho work for which the permit In Bought shall have, been completed. Such Drawings or sketches shall be considered hy thn Plnnnlni; (..ommlKMlon In nn endeavor to provide thttt Hurh buildings, structured nnd other Improvemnnls Hhall be so designed and constructed that they will not be of unsightly, .undesirable or obnoxious appearance to Ihe extent that they will hinder tho orderly and harmonious development nf the County, Impair the desirability of residence. Investment or occupation In tho County UK appearing to travelers passing through or traveling In the County. limit thn opportunity to attain the optimum use. and value of land nnd improvements, Impair tho desirability of living conditions In Iho same or adjacent agricultural or residential areas, and'or otherwise adversely affect tho general prosperity und welfare. To this end, tho Planning Commission Miall suggest any changes In Iho planH of such proponed buildings, structures und other Improvements which It may deem to be naenssary to accomplish the purposes of this section, and shall not ttm ! r '?, vo , nn >' MUOh P'a'" 1 until It Is Hitlsflea that nuch purposes will he accomplished thereby. )n case the applicant Is not satisfied with the ncilon of the I'lnnnlng Commission, he may, within thirty (30) days after Mich action, appeal In writing to the Hoard of BUnervUor*. Balil Board shall hold a hearing on said appeal and .Niiall render Its decision thereon » w i! lhln i.. thlrty (SO) (3(1 >' (< nflnr <ho filing thereof. No permit, n« provided herein, Khali be Issued unleHM the plans filed with the application therefor uh required In thin section shall first have been approved bv the Planning Commission or by Ihe rtonrd of Supervisors. Upon nuch approval tho Planning Commission, or mich officer or employee thereof M wild Commission may designate for mien purpose, hhnll IKHIIB mic.h permit, p r ,,. vlded all other provisions of law have been complied with. Rvery drawing or sketch filed under the provision* of this s*fMlon shHll hei*omr a part of the permanent records of tho Plan. nlng Commission, SECTION 3i. CERTIFICATED OF OCCUPANCY No vacant land In nny dlylrlct established by mis ordinance, except any A-l or A-2 /lisirlci with which »» -II district |.« combined, ohiill Ijsre- after hi- m-cuiilcd or UCMI. except for agricultural UMPC, and no building hifrcuflor erected. MrueUiriilly altered or moved, for which building a permit In rtvfiilrod undnr thn provlxlons Of Section *P of this ordinance. «hali be occupied or used until n c«rtlfli>nle nt occupancy whull have h««n |«*ut>ci by th>- Planning Commission or tiy such offlc.ii or employee thereof as tin- Comminution may designate for •uch uurpo»u, Application for a certificate of occupancy for H now building or for an existing building Which ha* been altered or inovpd shall bw jnudo ui th« name time a* thp application for a permit for suc.h building n« mqutred Ip Section 2» of this ordHittnDo. Bald certificate tdiall \, K itj«u«d wlthlii three <3) dnys utter H written request for th* «am« (.hftll have been mad« to the Manning Commission or to Maid officer or einyloj«?e thereof after the erection, -alteration or moving of •ueh building or part thereof ohall hav* b«*n completed In conformity with th« provlnlomv of this ordinance, Finding tu» lt>Kuah«e of sgch a c*r- Mfl^atfi, u temporary certificate of erottpmner may br imria-d by the I'lunnina Commlttirion or by wild of, flow or employe* thereof for a period of not *xr#*f!l>ig six t«) month* dur- !nf the completion of alteration* or during partial occupancy of it building pending It* completion, Huch temporary certificate shall not be Construed as In any way altering the respective rights, duties or obligations of (he owners or of the County relating to the use or occupancy of the premises or any other matter covered by thin ordinance, und such temporary certificate shall not be Issued except under such restrictions nnd provisions as will adequately In- sufre the safety of th,e occupants. Written application for a certificate of occupancy for the use of vacant land or for a change In the character of the uso of land, as herein re- aulred, shall be made before any such land shall be so- occupied or used, except for agricultural purpose*. Such it certificate of occupancy shall be Issued within three (S) days after tho application therefor has been made, provided such un« Is In conformity with tho provisions of this ordinance. Every certificate of occupancy shall state that tho building or proposed use of a building or land complies with nil provisions of law and of this ordhmnce. A record of nil certificates of occupancy shall bo kept on file In the office of the Planning 1 Commission and copies shall be furnished, on request, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy Interest In the building- or land affected. No fee shall be charged for a certificate of occupancy. No permit for excavation for any building shall be Issued before application has been made for a certificate of occupancy. SECTION 32. ADJUSTMENTS, VARIANCES AND APPEALS The Manning Commission, subject to the approval and confirmation of tho Hoard of Supervisors In each case, as hereinafter provided, shall have power to grant adjustments and variances In and to any of tho provision* of this ordinance to the extent of tho following and no further: 1. To vary or modify the strict application of any of thn regulations: or provision* contained In this ordl- 1 nance In cases In which there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships In the way of such strict application. 2. To permit the extension of a district where tho boundary lino thereof divides a lot In ono ownership at the time of the passage of this ordinance. Application for any adjutitment or variance permissible under the provisions of Oil* section shall bo made to tho Planning Commission In the form of u written application for u building permit or for a permit to use the property or premises as set forth In said application und shall sot fortli all dctiillN of tho proposed construction or use. Upon receipt of any such application by thn officer or employen of tho Planning Commission designated In tho rules of tho Commission for mich purpose, such officer or employee shall sot a lime and place for a public hearing before thn IMannlng Commission on such application. Such officer or employee shall cause public notice of such public hearing to bo given by causing one no- tlco thereof to be published In a newspaper of general circulation In the County at least ten (10) days before tlui dati' of nald hearing. At said hearing the applicant shall present a statement and adequate evidence, In such form ns the 1-Mniinlng Commission may require, showing;: 1. That there are Kpeclal circumstances or conditions applicable to tho land, building or use referred to In the application, ". That the granting of the application Is nccrturary for the pre»ervu- tlon nml enjoyment of substantial property rights, 3. Thai th,» granting of tho application will not material))- adversely nffoet tho health or snfi'ty of prr- foim residing or working In tho neighborhood of the property of this appllr-ant and will not bo materially detrimental to tin- public welfare or Injurious to property or Improvements in «ald neighborhood. Tho Commission *hnll thereupon make Its decision on tho nald application and shall report such dnoltdon to the Uonrd of KupArvtiiors within forty-five Hf>> days nfter the filing of the application. In grunting any adjustment or variance under tho provisions of this KW- tlon, the Planning Commission idmll designate mich conditions in connection therewith ns will. In Its opinion, secure fiiilmtaiitlally tho objectives of the regulation or provision to which swh adjustment or variance Is granted, as to light, air. and tho pub- lln health, waffly, morals, convenience and gnnnrnl welfare. No permit ahull bo Issued under the provisions of this suction iinlens and until « decision of the rlannlng Commission, as aforo- HuUl, approving thn samn, shall have been approved nnd confirmed by the Hoard of Supervisors^ In reporting Itf, dfl.'lKlon to the iTiTaid of Supervisors the Planning Oimmlerion shall report Its findings with respect tliere- to and all facts In cunni-cllon tncre- wllh. and shall specifically nnd fully KM. forth any adjustment or variance grained nnd the conditions designated. Upon rttcolpt of such report, If the decision of the 1'lannlng Commission approved the graining of ihu application, the Hoard of HupnrvtsorH either shall, by resolution, npprovu and confirm said decision, whereupon tho permit nn applied for may ISHUC; or shall refuse to approve and confirm such dnrlsion. In all CHAC* In which adjustments or vnrlnnce* aro granted under tho provisions of this seel Ion. (he Planning Commission shall require such evidence and guarantees ft» It may deem to be necessary that th« conditions designated In connection therewith are being nnd will ho compiled with. Tho rimming Commission Hhall huvB power to hear and tiwlde np- ponls Involving the enforcement of this ordinance when such appeal* are based upon questions of the Interpretation thereof. SECTION 3J. USE PERMITS Use permltn may be IwMicd for any of the following In any district: I. Any of the uses or purposes for which surh permit* aro required or permitted by the provision.? of this ordinance. 1. Public utility or public service u«es or public buildings when found to he riecewssry fnr the public health, safety, convenience or welfare 8. Commercial excavating of natural materials u*ed for building or construction purposed. 4. To classify a« a conforming use "">• «»« PftrnilUed In C-S district*, hut not In more restricted district*, which use 1* existing ut the limn of the adoption of this ordinance an a non-eonformlqi u*« In a C-l district. 5. To oltt»*lfy n» a conforming u»e any Institution*.! use existing In niiv district'at th« time of the c»l*,b- IiKhment of BU<:h divlriut. 6. To perm 11 (he locntlcn of anv of the following u««s In » dlitrk-t fVom which they are excluded b»- the pro- \Ulnhs of thlH wdlniiiK-*: alriiorl, II- lirary, community center churrh hospital. Institution* of an i>duoa- tlonal, philanthropic or charitable nature, cemetery, crematory, mausoleum and any other place for the j dlnpocal of the human dead. j .Such use pi-rtnlt* shall be l«Hued | under tho «nmii procedure as that j Htmclfled In Kvctlnn 33 of this ordl- luince for the granting of adjustment* ( or varlanrctt. i.xcopt that: ' I. No pui.lio hiring need bo held thereon; provided, however, that the PlHiinliitf Commission may hold such hearings thereon us It may deem to be ncvoHMtry; and provided, further. that u public homing shall be held on any application'for a u*o pcrmll for the hbiubllnhment of uuy u»« luted In tha preceding pttragravh numbered "«" of this nautlon. 2. The finding* of th« I'latiulhg CommtMlon. nxci-pt u« othern|«« pro- vlded In thin Bvtlon, n*cit Include only that tho establishment, maintenance and/or conducting of the us« for whluh H u*o permit is nought will not, under the clreum«t»nc*8 of the particular cue, be dfttrtmtnljil to tho h»«)(h, wifely, moral*, comfort, convenltnc/n or general vveifare of per*on» reftdlng or working Ih tli* iKrlghborhooU of »u<?h M*e »nd will not, undtr tho «tr<?um*tai)c<?i of the p«i-t|oul»r CMC. b« d*irtmonial to thu oublio « r !slf»r« or injurious to urop- erty or improvements in said neighborhood. 3. Any proceedings to classify certain Us«s as conforming uses, as provided in this section, may be Initiated by the Board of Supervisors or by the Planning Commission, or by petition as hereinbefore provided. AH other provisions of said Section 32, including tho designation by the Planning Commission of any conditions upon which the use permit may be Issued and guarantees that such conditions wilt be complied with, shall apply to the granting of a use permit. Any use permitted under the terms of any use permit shall be established and conducted In conformity to the terms of such use permit and of uny conditions designated In connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS, This ordinance may bo amended by changing the boundaries of districts or by changing any other provision hereof whenever the public necessity and convenience and the general welfare require such amendment, by following the procedure specified In this section. Raid amendment may be Initiated by: (a) The verified petition of one or more owners of property affected by thu proposed amendment, which petition shall be tiled with tho Planning Commission and shall be accompanied by a fee of Twenty-five (!5) Dollars, no part of which shall be returnable to thn petitioner; or by (b) Resolution of Intention of tho Board of Supervisors; or by (c) Resolution of Intention of the Planning Commission. Tho Planning Commission, not later than at ltd next succeeding meeting following the filing of such verified petition or following the adoption of suoh resolution of Intention, shall set the times, and places for such public hearings thoreon as may bo required by law, and shall give such notice of such hearing* as may bo required by law. Such notice shall Include no- lice of thn proposed amendment. In case tho proposed amendment consists of n change of the boundaries of any district so as to rcclasslfy property from nny district, except an A-l or A-2 district, to any other district, the planning Commission shall give additional notice of the time and place of such hearings and of Iho purpose thereof by: 1. Posting public notices thereof not less than ten (10) days prior to tho date of the first of such hearings along each and every street upon which the property proposed to be renlasslfled abuts. In case a majority of tho properly proposed to bo rtwlasslfled has been subdivided Inlo parcels of one (1) acre or less In areu. such notices shall be placnd not morn than flvo hundred (fcOO) feet apart and such posting shall extend along said slreet or Klreets a distance of not loss than flvo hundred (BOO) feet from tho »;xterlor limit* of such properties as lire proposed for re- clRsslficutlon. In the case of all other property proposed to he r«clas- slfi*d such notices (.ball be placed not more than one (1) mile apart, I3ach Kuoh notice, shall consist of the word* "Notice of proposed amendment to Land Use Plan" printed In plain typo with letters not less than ono (U Inch" In height, and In addition thereto a statement In small type setting forth a general description of tho properly Involved In tho proposal change of district, thn time and ]>la<-e at which thn public hearingH on tho proposed change will bo held nnd any other Information which the Planning Commission may deem to bo necessary; and by 2. Mailing a postal curd notice not less than fen day* prior to the date of the first of nuch hearing* to the owners of all property within the polling area nbovn defined, using; for tlilK purpose the lust known name and address of mich owners us shown Upon tho records of the Asueosor of Iho County. Any failure to post public notices or to mall postal card notices as aforesaid (.hall not Invalidate uny proceedings for amendment of this ordinance, Kollpwlnp Ihe aforutald hearings tho Planning Commission shall make a report of Its finding* and recom- mendatlons with respect to tho pro- poheil amendment and shall file with the lirwrd of Supervisors an attested copy of uuch report \vlthln ninety (50) days aftnr Ihe dat,< of the meeting at which urtltl Commlhslon i»et thn limed anil places fur paid hearing*. 1'allnro of lh« Planning Commission so to re- lion within «nld ninety (»o> days nhall be drf.ined ID lift approval of the proposed amendment by said Planning Commission. Upon receipt of such report from tho 1'lnnnlng Commission, or upon Iho expiration of such ninety (90) days IIM uforesuld. thn Hoard of tjn- parvlsora Hhall not the matter for public hoarlng after notice thereof and of tho proposed amendment, given as provided by law. After tho conclnHlon of such hearing the Board of {Supervisors may adopt the amendment or any part thereof set forth In the petition or In tho resolution of Intention In such form as mild Board muy deem lo be advisable. The decision of th« Board of Supervisors shall be rendered within tilxty (60) days after the receipt of ft . r<1 j?, ort >nnd "commendations from the Planning Commission or after the expiration of such ninety (00) days, as aforesaid. Upon thn consent of tho Planning Commission any petition for an amendment may be withdrawn upon ll je written application of a majority of nil tho p«r«oiis who signed such petition. The Bourd of Hupervl«orM nr the Planning Commlmdon, as tho cane may be. may by resolution, abandon any proceedings for an am«udmi<nt Initiated by ll* own resolution of Intention, provided that such abandonment may be )nad« only when such proceedings are. before such body for consideration und provided that any hearing of which public notice has been given *hall be held. SECTION 36- FORM OF PETITIONS. APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS The Planning Commission shall In It* rules prescribe the form and scope of ull petition*, application* and appeal* provided for in thl* ordinance, and of accompanying data to be fur- ntdhed so nn to assure the fullest practicable presentation of fuel* for propor consideration of thn matter Involved In each cose and for u per- niHtiMit record. Any petition for an adjustment or variance as provided In Hectl.m 3} of this ordinance, or «? r "*!'»« Permit as provided In Section 83 of this ordinance, or for »n ninemlmfnt «» provided In Hecllon 34 of Mils ordinance, ch*!! Include a verl- f c»lh.>n by at |ea«t one of the petitioners, attesting to th* tmth nnd correcini'ts of ull farts *nd rnnpij pre- «ent*d wlih «a<d petition. Such verl- flcfttjon ehitll be dated and aitented b«fpre u notary public or before the County ("If-rk. onment in tha County JWl . County fof a twin not fhr«4 (J) month* or by and Imprisonmsftt. Such or corporation shall bft -"• -vwi fw« (»%«u*t o**n>ll W' (UfTOAlJBW tOn-OWj*^, guilty of a separate offensa for 1 eacU-'j and every day durin* ahy ixHtfito>' of which any violation of tttto o»dt-< nance is committed, continued «r - ' !$ irmltted by such person, firm or corporation, and shall bo punishable , as herein provided, ,« Any building or structure set ue, , erected, constructed, altered. *«*- larged, converted, moved or maltt- tamed contrary to the provUtonp M, this ordinance and/or any tue of v any ' land, building or premises conducted, operated or maintained contrary w > the provisions of this ordlntXnee shall • be and the same is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance and the District Attorney of Uie County shall, upon order of the Board of Supervisors, Immediately commence action or proceedings for the. abatement and removal ahd en- Jolnment thereof In the manner provided by law and shall take such other steps and shall apply to such court or courts as may have jurisdiction to grant such relief ns will abate ond remove suoh building or structure and restrain and enjoin any person, firm or corporation from setting up, erecting, building, maintaining or using any such building or structure or using any property contrary to the provisions of this ordinance. The remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive. SECTION 37. REPEALING All ordinances and parts or ordinances of said County In conflict with this ordinance, to the extent of such conflict and no further, are hereby repealed; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be deemod to repeal pr amend any ordinance of said County requiring a permit or license or both, to cover nny business, trade or occupation. SECTION 38. VALIDITY If any section, sub-section, sen- tenco, clause or phrase of this ordinance Is for any reason held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be Invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portloiiH of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares that It would have passed this ordinance and each section, sub-section, sentence, clause and phrase hereof, irrespective of tho fact that any one or moro sections, sub-section*, sentences, clauses or phrases be declared Invalid. SECTION 39. REFERENCE This ordinance shall be known ana oiled as the I,and U«e Plan Ordinance of the County of Kern. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT This ordinance shall take effect and bo In force thirty (80) days after tho date of Its passage, and shall within flftten days from the date of Its passage, ho published for one week In Ills Bakersfleld Californlan. a newspaper of general circulation printed anil published In the said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance wa» duly and regularly pushed and adopted by Ihe Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, at n regular session of said Board held on thu 14lh day of September, 1650, by the following vote, to-Wlt: Ayes: Parish. Hlnmnn, Abel. Vow: None. Ab*«nt: Yl'oollomes. Wimmer, (SKAI.) 8TANIJSY ABEU Chairman Pro-Tern of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stain of California. ATTEST: V, E. SMITH. County Cleric ami ex-offlclo Clerk of thrt Board of Supervisors September ?2 to is tnc. Survey Shows CCC Has Younger Men (CnlfrJ Prei» Ltaiei Wirr) WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. — Tht new deal's amateur foresters are becoming younger. Itolxirl Fechner. director of Civilian Conservation Corps work, baa made public the results of a survey conducted by the Department of labor lo determine the men between tho ngo« of 17 and 23 who were selected for enrollment In the CCC corps between October 1. 1936, and July 3J, 193«. This survey, covering the selection of nil young men enrolled In the CCC Hlnoo the minimum uge limit of 17 was set .showed that moro than one-half of the tnen came from the 17 and 18-year a«o groups. The sui^ vey also disclosed that 75 per c*nt worn in the 17, IS, 19 and SO year ago brackets. Not morn than 17.22 por cent of the applicants were olwvo 21 years of uge when selected. •*-•-• , Parachute Jumper Falls From Ladder f'pnlfrrf Pr»»» l.tetti Wlrt\ OAt,VESTON. Tesu». Sept. 26.— \V. C. 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LEOAL PROCEDURE, PENALTIES All departinenl«, official* and public employees of the Couniv which •TO veMed with the duty or authority to lssu« permits or license* jijial) conform to the provisions of this ordl. nauoe and shall Issue no such permit or license for ust-«, buildings or nur- when, the «ume would !>i In conflict with th« provisions of thl* ordinance Bn d any such permit or If iHstied In conflict with the It Bhall he the duty of the Plan- nlng commission to enforce the pro' J-'Hlou* of thl* ordinance pertaining to th* erection, construction, reconstruction, moving, conversion, alteration or addition to any building or Structure. * It *hull be the duty of the Sheriff of tb* County and of the officer of the County herein and,'or otherwl** charged bylaw with tho enforcement of this ordinance to enforce thl* ordinance and all ihu provisions of the same. Any p»r»oh. firm or corporation, whether ux principal, agent, eruplojes or otherwl**, violating a'ny <S the provision* of thin ordinance »h*Jl l>« guilty of u mltdemeauor. unj upon fonvialion thereof »h»ll be punt»h«bt* by a fins or not mote than Three Hundred <suo> Dollar* or br IniprU- ro I EVERYBODY LOVES TO SING THE OLD SONGS "Everybody's Song Book" is the most complete collection of thv favorite old songs obtainable toddy In a popular edition. H*r« are :o; of th* song* we all IOVB to sing, expertly compiled for voice and piano. Au- thurltAtlvo Historical note* ro- l»lf th,' beginning* of the celebrated patriotic- Airs. In Its 144 pages you will find your favorlto hymns and *pir- mmlf. tlip most popular col- l*g« songs, cowboy chants, marching tunes and tonga of the MO. Hound In durable paper. Completely Indexed to guide you instantly to tha old songs you love. ICnclono HO cent* to cover cost, bundling and postage. 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