The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 12
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ORDINANCE No, 312 AN ORDINANCE OP THEJ COtmTT OF KKRN, STATB OF CAUFOn- NU, ADOPTING A I.ANp T'SW PI..AN, BEING A OIHTRICTiNO PT.AN AS A PART OF THK MA8- TKH Pt,AN OF SAID COUNTY; spraciFYiNa Tins PURPOSKH AND THE EFFECTS OF THM ADOPTION OF SAID * l '£N WH15REBY VARIOUS DISTRICTS AJII3 ESTABLISHED IN SAID COUNTY; SPECIFYING T.UI3 tTSF.S OF IjAND AND OF BIJttiDINOS PERMITTED IN SAI1J DISTRICTS!- ESTABLISHING t emit- TAIN HEIGHT LIMITS WITHIN SAID DISTRICTS! REQUIRING CERTAIN YARDS AND OTHER OPEN 8PACK8 WITHIN SAID DISTRICTS; PHI58CHIH1NO H15OU- LATIOXS FOR THIS KRKCTION, COXSTIUICTION, AI/rBRATTON* AND MAINTENANCE OF I'lHI-D- JNCIS, STRUCTURES AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS IN HAID D1S- TUirTH, 1NCUJD1NO THE RE- OUIREMENT THAT CERTAIN PERMITS STTAI.t. HE RECURKD FOR CERTAIN OF SUCH ntJU.D- LNOH, STRUCTURES AND IM- PHOVEMKNTM AND FOR THE USE THEREOF AN'D OF LAND; PEFININO THE TERMH UHEIJ HEREIN; SPKCIFYINH THE PROCEDURE FOR THE AMl!.N'D- WENT HEREOF: AND PHRSCRin- JNG PENAI.TIEK FOR THE VIO- I-ATION OF ANY OF THIS PROVISIONS HEREOF. The Honrd of Supervisors of the Cnunty of Korn Hliito of California, do ordain (is follows: SECTION 1. ADOPTION OF LAND USE PLAN Them l» herody adopted a Land Una Plnn ns n pnrl of tho Manler plan of tho Counly of Korn. Stale of California, snld IJind I!*o Plnn being n Districting Plnn an provided by law. SECTION 2. PURPOSE OF ADOPTION OF LAND USE PLAN Pnld I-nnd T?BO l"lnn IH ndoptod to promote and protect tho public health, safety peace, moral*, fuinforl, coti- VenU'Vioe and (fermrnl welfare nnd for tho accomplishment thereof in ndoptod nmong other purposes, for the following morn particularly np«i:l- fled purpoited, to-wit: (!) T" n»«l«t In provldlnir n ilerl- nil' plan of devi'lopniPtit for the County ;md to guld«, control nnd res- ulnto iho future growth of the County In accordance with suld plan. I (I) To piotcct the charm tor and ' thn nodal nnd rcniiomlc slnblllty of :, re«ildentlnl. commrrclnl. | lr.dni««ri«l mid other ureas wllhln the •'•ounty nnd to umurr tlio orderly und \><!iiefh ial d<-\.'l<>pnient of Mich Hi-can. •31 T<i obviate lh<- meniK-* I" the public h»foty remilllne from the locution of hull.lint!!-, nnd tin- use- thort-of , nnd "f Inn'l. adjacent to hl«hwtiys I A-1 dlntrlcln. which uri- n part of tho Hlrent und j Highway Plan of tho Muster I'lnn of; .I- which uro Important ' for Iho County, which plan In In th« proccsB of proparntlon by thn Plan- nine CommloDInn pursuant to tho provisions of law anil In accordaneo vmn tho InolnicllonB of tho Hoard of 8tip«r- vlnors. Owing to thn tnrrltorldl extent of Ihn Counly (inrt tlio cllvorslly of enntllt.lonn nnrt IntorcntB therein nnd to tho cnroful BtiKllen and BtiHly*«iJ bring mndo by tho PluiinlniJ Commld- slon of all <WB having ft bearing upon Inn dntermlnlnir of n comprehensive T..aml Unn Plnn for Ihn County, c.onsldornbln Ilmo will ho roivilrm! for tho oompliHlon of unlil I-nnd U«ft Plnn. Hnld Hoard of Rupnrvlsord hf-rrb)' find* thnt tlifl publlo lnt«re«t. norodBlty, convi>nl«*c* and wolfnrn require that a* rapidly n« portion* of KAlit I-nnd I?»« IMnn nhall Im com- plntfid thn Riinm nhould bn adoplPo and put Into full foroe nmJ nffiri nnd heffby dsclarcn ltd Ind-ntlon no to propped with the oormldfrntlon and adoption, In Iho manner provided by law, of dueh porllonn of nuld I.nnd UN* Plnn. SECTION 7. EFFECT OF ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS Exmpt n« hcr*lnaft«r otherwise provided: fn) No bulldlnR nbnll bo frft'ited nnil no cxIdtliiK hullilliiR shall be rnovod, nllornd, lidded to or "nlitrisnd nor dhnll nnv land, bullrtlnu or prninls^B bn iis^d. rtpnl«cnnd or In- tcndnd to b« imnd for ftny purponn or In Hiiy miiniior othwr RIIIII In Incluclod nmonn thn \\HQH horxlnnftnr llatiid a« porinlttdd In lh«i dlotrlot In which (nii'h imlldlnir, Innd or protnlacs In IOPftl(-(J. (10 No biilldlnK dhnll bn «r*nl«d, rftronctruflod or utruoturnlly nlton-d to (ixopbd In liplght thn limit hm-oln- aft(>r dpslunatfld for the dlstrlot In xvhl'-h KUOh blilldlnK IB li'-iitf-d. (i!) No btillOliiK abnll b« «r«otrd, nor slmll nny "JtlHlliiK btilldlnu b« altered, nddrd to, inilnrni"!! or rebuilt, nor Khnll iiny opon npnce» Hiirround- Injr iiny htilldlnir h* encroached upon or rnducoil In any innnner, nxrept In conformity to thn yard, bulldlnij all* urea nnd httlldliiK locution reg;ulatUinii lifirelnnftcr d»(ilgnnleil for thn district In which mich btillilltiB or open wpaon \n located. (<1) No yiird or other open itpnc.a provided iiljout nny blilldlnK for tint purpose of complylnc with tho pro- ylmlonn of tliln ordlniinco Mh«ll be ronnldarnd UK provMlnff n yard or open Hpiice for nny ollmr bulldlnu, nnd no yard or olhnr open wpin!n on one tot nhnll be cnnnldernd flu pro- vlillnif n yard or O|«>M Mpnco for n hiiMdliiK on nny oltifir lot. SECTION 8: A-1 DISTRICTS All the itrilnrorpornlud territory of tin- County which l» not Included, under the term" of this ordltinnce. In nny othnr ilthtrl'-l l« heroliy ilcelK- nntcd ;mil i']i\«"lfli'il UH cunntltiulng SECTION an, QOLDEN HIGHWAY STATE rhfan-s In cucb inaiin.T n« interference with c»lr,lli.K to or ... The following rtlBtrlcts nro hereby tHbllKhed. Indudlnif lher*ln. reupe--. 3. NATURE OF LAND USE PLAN I.nnd UHO Plnn consists nf the etftahllxhmont of vnrloiiN iilntrlcts wllhln Iho nnlni-i'iporiili'd territory of thn I'oiint) wllhln Homo, nil or none of which H nhnll he lawful, nnd within mime all or iniiio of which II I'hnll ; bo unlawful to free i, confdrin-l, niter : ur maintain certain bulldliiKi or to , rurry on certain Inulnn or i upnllotiH | or to conduel certnlii linen of Innd | und'or of building" nnd/or wllhln | whl'-h the hf-Urhl nnd InilU of fuluro i bulldliiHh Hhnll 1>" llmlle'l nnd or , wllhln whlih eerlnln open spnci-n Mhnll bo rii'iulrrd about future build , and cont.lsllne. further, of up- : •lalo rctfulnll'inH to hii enfnr'-etl ii-h dlHiilclH, »H an i"'I forib In. oi dlnii n'T. SECTION 4. DISTniCTS Tho. nfoi-i'HiiUl dlntrlels nro an fol- town, to-«ll: Non-Urbsn Qroup. A-1 I'lr-lrlclH: AH the unincorporated territory "t the County Inclndrd In any oilier dlnlrlcl. A :'. lilBtrlclii. Subiirbnn Agricultural ll.K" thin Community (Jroup. It-t lilNlrlnls: Ono-Fiimlly Hi'Hlden- tlal niNlrlotn. Il-I! I>I*H II-IH-. Two Family Henhlnn- tlnl I'dNlrlclN. It-; 1 . t>l«trl,'ln- 1.hulled Multiple Itosl denllal l>IMrlcln. 11-4 ninlrletM. (tniiernl Multiple. Reid- dentlal niHlrlclii, C-1 I ilHtrlctn: llelall llnnlniiui |)|N- trlclN. f'-i l.i|slrlctM: nenornl f'nmnierclnl 1 ilnt riot n. M I I'lHtrlcln: Hi M-2 lilMrlctn: Ilfnvj Indii'ilrlnl I>ln- "'SECTION D. COMBINING REOULATtONS In nddlMon in Iho fon-K"lnK dlMrlotr, oortaln e'inililnltiK rouubilloi'H are en- tubllNheil n n *"t forth In UilH ordln nni-o, hiild ci'inhlnlnK ii'KvilallnnN hclim Ufl folliMvn, to- u It; -A- Aurleulinrnl PHOH -II: lllithwny l-'t "ntiiKn llecnbitlnnx II: Apodal HiilldltiK Hltn Aron fled dlntnncrn from tho exterior boun- liirlen of thnt rond or lilghuiiy i-nm- ruMiily l<n'"vn nn Oolden Pinto Illgh- i wnv nnd «'f linlden State Avenue, ho- MI>K i 'iillfoi nla State Illfthuiiy llouln i Nunthnr Konr, n* denluniited by Ihn ; I H\ Mm* of IllKhwnyn of Iho 1'iepnrt • iiimit of I'ulilli: Wurkn o( the Htnto of i ("allf'.rriln- I ! I From the noulherly Imundnry of I the CHv i'f liehino to nn f-aM nnd wesi j line ilrnwti through n point, on the! westerly hinindiiry nf (he rlcjit of wiiy of HII i,I hlKhwny, '<h|i-li point In one 1 thoii«nnd ll'm'li feet nnrlhcrli- from I tli' norlh'-rlv l,oiindnry of (ho rlRhl of ; unv nf I'erlilni, ^-rime, Mi-Fin la oil, Jiii'l tvllhlii a Ol^tiinee of Hi K hundred i(","iii foet from thr enterlor hovin ilarlen of Iho light of nav of mild blKliwny on oncli i.ldo thi'rrof- A-1 II dlHtrlel | i 2. From HII enpt and went line drawn ; |thrniu:h u pi'lnl on the wciteilv IH.IIII "- |dnry of Iho rl«lil of \vny of fluid hluli • it i way, \\Mrli point IH one lluniini ml (Ilidli) foot northorly fmm tho north-! orlv honnilarv of Ihn rluhl of way of i I'orlilmi Avenno. Mcl^urland, lo th« northerly t.iiiiinihirv of I'erUlini Ave- nno. MrFiu liinil, und within u dlNtanco "f one hntiilriil rifl\ (IMM fnot from ,1110 ixlrrlor hnuii'liirloM ,,f the right of! ;way of Miild hliihw.i> on cm-li ride thereof, i '-nil district • :i. C-foni nn Mint uii'l nenl linn drawn Ihroiiiih n iiolni on Ihe woninrlv lionn- ; diirv on Ihe rluhl of «»y of mild highway. M hlch point In one Ihnnmitul IdlMKli feol northerly fnun lh«- north- i erlv houndiiiv of Iho of u-ny of 1 I'ot hliiii A\i'iino. McFiirland to the inoriborlv houtnlary of Porliliui Avo- i iiuo. McFiii land, nnd wllhln a dlnlnnen | of ril.v luindreil (flillll feel from the |o«l«rlor houniliirle« of nnld hlgliwny on en. h nldo Ihereof, o«oi>vllng Ihero- ' all I hut portion of »nld territory r-pci Iflcullv Includod nniler Ihe lernm ; "f till'- nrdlnnnce. In any oilier dlu- ! lil'-t A I II district. I l''roin the noulherly boundnry of j III" rich! of 1MIV of I'erlllllM AVOIllin, McKiirhinil. to tho n"llheiiy hounihiry Ight of way of Hlierwuod A\e I'^iiland, iiml wllhln n dlHium-o humli'eii I|IH)I feet from Ihn honiiiliiry of tlio rlnht of way hlHhwny on tho wonlorly sldu Ml (llnli let in tho Ninitliorly hounihiry of Iho rlifht of wnv of porlilim A\onuc, McFiulnnd. i« tho northerly hoiindnrv • f Iho right of way of Hhoi wood Av ' ' Of the I nue, Mc | of one ;c»|i>iloi i of "Bid I Ihnreof; B. Fr under the terms of this ordinance, In any other district; M-l-H district. 18. Vrotn tho wo»tcrly and eastarly prolongation of tho geulherly Una.of Jjbt 34, Cnsa IjOmtt Acren, a« recorded In M. u. 8 at page an, In tho office of Iho County Recorder of irald County, to the northerly boundnry of T. 82 B., 1L 2« IS,, M. D. M., and wllhln tt^dls- tanco of six hundred («00) feel from the exterior boundaries of said nigh* way on each sldo thereof: M-l-H district, 14. From tho northerly boundary of T. 82 8,, U. !8 15., M. D. M. to tho northerly boundary ot the Itancho Cnstac, nnd within n distance of six hundred (800) test from the exterior boundaries of said highway on each side thereof: A-l-H district, IB. From the northerly boundary of Ihe Ttancho Cnstac to the southerly boundary of the County, and within a distance of six hundred (800) feet from the exterior boundaries of said highway on each side thereof, and, in addition thereto, nil territory within view of said highway: A-l-M dli- lrict. SECTION 11. DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this ordinance certain terms used heroin are defined n« follows: All words used In tho present tense shall Includo thu future; all words In the plural number shall Include the number and all words In the number shall Include tha plural number; unless thn natural con' Hirucdon of the wording Indicates otherwise. Tho word "lot" Includes the word "plot"; tho word "building" Includes tho word "structure" and the word "shall" Is mandatory and not directory, The word "County" shall mean the County of Korn, Hlato of California; the words "Moiird of Supervisors" shall mean thn Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, Hlate of California; tho words I'Plan- nlng Commission" shall mean the County Planning Commission of tho County of Korn, State of California; nnd thn words "County boundary" shall mown tho boundnry of tho County of Kern, Stato, of California, nnd/or tlin boundary of nny Incorpo- rnled municipality within snld Counly. Agriculture! The tilling of Ihn soil, the mining of crops, horticulture, small funning, dairying and/or animal husbandry, Including all uses ctiHtoimirllv Incidental thornlo but not Including *lau«liter hnunen, fertilizer ynrdn. bone vnrds or plants for lh" rmlyiloii of anlmul mutter ur any other IndiiKtrlnl imo which Is similarly objectionable because of odor, mnoke, dust or fumes. Alley! Any public ihornughfaro, not oseeedliiK thirty f.ldl feol In width, for thn IIHO of podcxtrlnns arid/or of vehicles which affords only it nocon- diiry moniui of UCCOHH to abutting properly. Apartment: A room or nulto of two or moro roonin which IH designed for, Intended for nnd or occupied by one family doing lt« cooking therein. Apartment Court: 800 Dwelling Group. Apartment Home: H«o Dwelling, Multiple. Automobile Camp: Land or premises which l» used or Intended to bo used, lot or rented for occupancy by ciimp- em traveling by automobile or otherwise, or for occupancy by or>of trnllern j or movnhlo dwellings, rooms or iilavp- IIIK M'uirtorH of uny kind. Automobile Court: A group of two I or morn dotnchfld or seml-dotnohcd i linlldlng* containing uui-Nt rooms | und or npnrtruontw npu'lded In con- inecilon therowlth. wnlcb group IB de- I Hlunod, Intended and'or uneil prlniarlly i for Iho iiccoinniodnlIon nf automobile llru^elerri, Including Kroupti doHiKiiutcd IIH unto cabliin, motor lod^e.", and hy ' iHmllar dfHlgnutloriH. I Automobile Wrecklna: Hoc Junk , Yard ' Dnanmont: A wtory partly nnder- uroiind and having nt Irunt one-half ('-,) ,.f UH hHnht nhove grade. A liiuieiiieni hhftll bn counted aH u story If the \,M it, al dIMnnco from grnde lo Iho , fdllni! In ovi r fl\o feel or If used : for hnfdniiHH purponeM or If tided for ' ' dwplllng piirpimeH l>> olhor tlmn « Janitor or domestic horxanlw employed In Iho same building. Including the tatnlly of Iho ntune Block! Thiii property abutting on one N|I|O of u Micet and lying botwveti the Iwo neureHl InteinectlnK or Inlnr- I or mien epilnif nlrni'ln ami ritltronn • il^'lii of way, i ana! rltfht uf wny or : Uiilldlnn: Any Ntnn-luro having n roof Hiipporlod by coliiniim nnd'or by wall'i und Intended for Iho Hholtor. houidng and/or enclosure of npy por- KIIII. iinlinal or chaltol. Whi-n liny portion thi'ieof In coinplotely Nopnrnlcd from every other portion thereof by n nuiHonry dlvbilon or flro wall wUhnut HII.V window, door or olhor opening therein, ulil.'li 1V ull exteiuU from tho ground to Ihn uppor nurfaco of Iho roof ill oxnry point. Ihen ouch nuoli portion Hhall hu Uooiued to bo a Hep- nrute building. Bulldlofl, Accenory: A nuhordlnnte blilldlnK, Ihe uno. of which IM Incidental to that of a niiiln blilldlnK on Iho name lol (in nny lot upon which IB locnled :i divoltlng nny building which In Incidental to tho conduct IIIK of iiny HKrl- ciilturnl UNO nhnlt be doomed lo bo nn Bulldlno. Mslni A building In which IH conducted Iho principal uio of the lot upon which It in iiitualoil. In any 'H" or "A" Dlntrlot nny dwelling Hhall bo dimmed to bo u main building upon Iho lot upon which Iho mimo IH situated. any ot «ald dlstrlel* with which any combining regtulatlonii are oomblnedr Tho term "C dldtflot" shall mean any C«) or C-S diotrlot or any of »iald din- trlctn with which any combining r<*(?iij latlotm nr«. onmblnnd. The term "M term "placed." a« uwd.ln . t)6n of "outdoor advertising sign" and "outdoor advertising struciure 1 ' shall Include erecting, constructing, posting, SECTION fi: EBTADLIBHMENT OF DISTRICTS The nforo-mld dl»trlotn nnd certain conililnallun.i thi.rcof in n hereby on- tubll,'h-d In HO fur u« Iho dojilenullon,,, j ,, f '„,,,;•;.,„,;, ;, r Vviiv'or'HiiVrwond'Av'o' i Dunqslow Court: Ho,, lloum, Court. locullonH and boundar OH ihoioof nro j „„„, Mcl-'ni bind, und wit In n dlslan le "'"" »«"IM"K llroup. s..t forth nnd n.llciited In Hecdoim ».,,, r , bundled (100. f" e f, „ " I B"«lne« or Co.iimorc.: The pur- lin, Sb, and otlu-r iiecllons of this or- e,terl,u lioimdnrv of tho rlahl of wnv 1 1<hl1 '" 1 - Knl(< or "'her transaction In- dlnnnce. ouch of which other nocllonn ,,f „»!,! bl K liwny' mi Iho eniitorly idd'o i Vtl| , v|ll « " 10 handling or disposition In deslgnntod by tlio ninnbor 8 followed (hereof. M-l! illslrlct ' > ("(her tlmn muniifavliirc, rodudlon or by a letter or IOIUM-B of tho ulphnbet. I fl K,.,,,,, ,| H , B oiHhorlv boundnrv nt "'"'" nnd In Hectlonn y, I'a, !>b. nnd oilier .... . .. • nf Ilil- nrillnnncK. cnch nf which oilier evcltiuiH In lleHlKllllt c.l by tho number !' followed by a leid>r o'r of the nlphnlini. and In Si-ctlonn H It), Ida, IHh i.nil otliM- Hr.'tlonn of ihln tir.llnn nci . each of \vhtch ..OUT r.c*- tlonii I" denlKnnled bv (he nuinbi-r 10 folluvinl hy M letter or U»ltorn nf the • Iphnhel. Ri-cllonii N, Sn. Sb iiinl ,,ltu>r Rei'lloiiN of Ihln ordlnnnciv cnch of Which nlhcr eeciluiin \u dcMmui I ,'.! !>>• Din number K fi'll<iwc,| b\ u b'ltcr i<r li'ttnrn of the iil|ihnhei. dc'icrtlu ..... r- trill, i.r Hiild dlntrlctH. Hcctlon '.., !in. !^h Iiinl other Brctlnn.n of th|., iirillnimcc. each of which oilier ...... ilon>i |,. ,le>.| H . nnleil liv the nuoibrr t' fnllnwoil b\ a letter or letlern of Ihc nlphabcl, ,-nn. nUt of liiib-x niapn to Yi.rlnuM <-cd lo.uil fllrlrlctH iiuipft. am) Sicll'iiin n^ \t)i\ t inb nnd other WI,CI|OIIH nf thin nnlln- nnc.«, each of whlci. nih<«r p,-cnnni IH (li'Hlui.Ji teil by Ihn nuiiibi'i l.i f«'lln\\ p t \ liy n Idler or IdierH «,f the alphnb»i. eonnlut of vnrhuin ni'cllnni.l .livt.ldi. tnnpn which nhow I ho ilci.lKinil IOIIM. localloiifi nnd houmhirli'H of ccrlt.ln nf : thr I the rluhl of way of Hherwood Avenue. ! Mi I'-iuland. lo (ho northorlv boundary of Hoc. 10, T. 2!l S , II. 'J7 |.; , M ri.M nnd wllhln n dlntnnce nf nl?c luindroii (ilOO) fenl from tho nxtorlor hoiin- darloH of tin, rluhl of way of nnld hlKhwny on ouch nldo tin-roof. A-l-ll dlntrlct. Froni (ho northnrly lioundnrv of ' ID. T. '.".i H , n, ;!: |i;,, M f, M lo (he norlhorly boundnry of (ho City Halu'iKflelil, and wllhln u dlslnncn ono hundred fifty lUilli fe.M from boundnrloh of i.ul'l hluli deMlrnctloiO of nny nrtlcle, Hiihulunco or commodity for profit or livelihood. ch side thereof: M I iluli din- i.aid or i lntriclK ap\il> Bald dlHlrlclR Hai'l miipn ami all m,- tatloiif. rel'nrnncpf,. iiatu anil olb, r In- : forinntton Bhown Ibeteon tiro h,rnhy i iTindn n purl .'if thlH ordinance ^Vhn|•e Ulicellalnty exl-ln an tn Ilie I boundaries of mi> of the ufoiixuilil Ulutrlclh n • deHcrlbed UN nfo lin nliown on HI. Id ceoilnniil InnpN, the follow low rnlcii hhall (id When. Mich bound, nlnx in,. In illcatinl an uppronlmati'ly lolhiivhm Nlrci'l un.l llllev llnifH, Niich turcel mid lillny lliinn Hhall lie construed to bn micli bouiidnrle™ <b) Where nuch buundurlim are In. rtlcnlt'il UH npproxlniatnly follow Im; lot linen, Nlich lot llncN Hhall bn conNtrned to bo Much boundnrleii (o) In uimuhdlvhlml proporty or Whuro n dlMti'lot huundnrv dlviden n lot, the location of nny Nuch bnunilnry, UnlctiK the name In liultunltut by ,11- inenHlotiN nhown on nnld Neciionni illn- trlclH UIIIPR, shall bo determliuMl by the une uf the icale appeurtnir on nuch neatlonal dUtrloU IIH.IIS. (d) In cime further uncertainly ex. 1st*, tho Planning Commlnnkm. upon VTltteii anpltoallnn or upon Its own motion, email determine this location of nuch boundaries The flections of thin ordinance totting forth and Indlcallnir the iicdu. natlonu, locutlonn nnd bounilnrleR of any of tho nforo«,Btd dlntrlctn which •eotlons are mtide a purl of thin or- Olnance at tho time of the oiiginal adoption thereof constitute tho pur- tlOHB then completed of a oompre- honslvc Land Use or nistrlotlny I'lun "f 111, e\t \\l\V Oil (I let I N. From the norlhorly boundary of , Sec. 10. T. "fl M , |(. 27 ,!;,_ j, ,-, M ,„ > i "i ""'V'fJ' 1 .* boiindrir.v of tlio city of ! Hull,'infield, „,„) w |(h! n n dl/itniH-'e of "iv hundred iilom ((.,,( f,.,,,,, ,],„ f ^ ( ,,. i I"i- boiiniliirlot of Hiil.I hlKhway on j each i.lilr iheiouf. ..xce(i(Inn therefrom ;»u Hint portion of Hiild Icrrltory «\ino Hi' ally Includod, under (he (onus of thin oullnniu'e, In unv oilier district- M '- II illj.ti let. ,l'' r "m_ (ho Houthi'ily houiid»rv of i MM iiniiint. in addition, offlco 1 officon, gnrngsH, laundries, luinhVr : ynrdH, outdoor udviirtl«lng signs and lontiloor ndvorllttliiK dlrucTuros. nllto- I inobllo iiunpu, nuloniobllo oourls, r«c- Irontonnl und nmiiKoiuont eiitcrprlHas i conducted for profit, und commercial oxcnvutlng of building or construction lllnlel lulu, but not >ardu, UN dnflnod In thin Center Lln«! The co Nlroot. UN roferied lo In this ordinance, nluill moan the center lino | thereof us oKlnhllnhod by the County ; Mirvoyor of tho Counly or by (ho City '" «'f any oily wllhln Iho or by tho Slnto l>lvl»lon of .-• of tho noparlinoiH of Pub- Worln of the NdKo ,,f C H llfornln. •'• Mich center lino him boon on- lationti are combined. The term rttelrlet" nhnll mean any M-l or M-2 district or any of nald dlntrloU with whlfih any combining regulations arc combined, Dlttrlot, Mere Ba*trlet«d or L«ll R«ltrlqt»di In f ho following lint caoh dlntHot nhall be oYornad to bn more reittrlotcd than Die dl*l,rlot Biicoesd- till? It and nnc.h dlwtrlet BhaU be deemed to b« lew restricted than lh*. district prceeedinjf It: n-t, tt-2, H-3, 11-4, CM, 0-2, M-t and Al-8. Dwelllno, On«.p«mllyi A detached blilldlnK designed for and/or occupied exclusively by one family. Dwelling, Two.Pamllyt A detached bulldlnir denlirnod for and/or occupied oxclunlvely by two families living Independently of each other, Dwelling, Multlplei A bulMlnft or portion Ihereof need and/or denlgnnil »« a residence for three or morn faml- Hen llvlnir Independently of «ach other, and doing their own cooklni? In nald bulldlnir, Inchirtlng apartment hounen, apartment hoteln and flntB, but not Ineludlng atitoniobllo oourta. Dwelling Qroup i A group of two or more detached or neml-detached one- family, two-family or multiple dwelling:* occupying a parcel of land In one, ownership and having any yard or court In common, Including house courts nnd apartment court*, but not Including automobile courtg. Famllyi Onn or more persona occupying a premised and living an a •Ingle housekeeping unit, an distinguished from a group occupying a hotel, club, fraternity or sorority house. A family shall he deemed to Include nenensnry (tervanto. Pront Walls The wall of tho building or other structure nearest tho street upon which tho building faces, but excluding certnln architectural features ns npnclflcd In this ordinance. Onrage, Private: An uoceusory building for only tho storage of self- propelled vehicles. Qsrsge, Public: Any prnmlsen, except those herein defined a« a private or slornKo garage, used for tho storage nnd/>or earn of self-propelled vo- hlc.lnn or where nny nuch vehicles nro equipped for operation or repair, or Kept for retmnierntlnii, hire or wnle. Qsraae, Storage: Any premises, except thono herein defined ns n private pnrago, tmod oxcluslvnly for the «tor- nitn uf solf-propclled vehicles. Qrsdo: » 1. For buildings adjotnlng one street only, thn elevation of tho sidewalk at thn center of that wall adjoining the tilroet. 2. For buildings adjoining more than one street, tho averngo of the elevations of tho elde.walks ut tbn cotilflrs of all walls adjoining streets. 8. For hulldlngH having no wall adjoining thn Klrflnt, tho averngo love! of tho finished surfacn of tho ground adjacent to the exterior walls of tho building. 4. All walls approximately parallel to and not more than flvn (fi) feet from thn ntrnet llrin shall bo con- sldered nn adjoining the street. Quest Room: A room which Is In- tomlort, arranged or designed lo bo occupied or which Is occupied by ono or more guexlH, but not Including dormitories for slopping purposes. Height of Building: The vortical dlHtancn from tho a Venn? o level of thn hlghcHt nnd lowest point of that portion of the lot covered by tho build- Ing to the celling of the topmost ntory. Home Occupation: Any use customarily conducted entirely within n dwelling and carried on by thn Inhnhl- tantn thereof, which URO Is clearly Incidental iiml secondary to thn UNO of the dwelling for dwelling purposes nnd does not clmni;n the. chnrocter thereof. Clinics, hospitals, lulrber f>hnpn, bnnuty parlors nnd nnlmnl hospital shnll not bo dcemod to be homo ocrupatlona. Houie Court i A group of two (2) or more dwellings on tho sumo lot, whether do Inched or In connected rows, having a sepnrato outside entrance on tho ground floor level for encb family unit of such group. Hotel: Any building or portion thereof containing nix (6) or morn Kiie«it rooniH used, designed or tn- leniled to bo imod, let or hired out to be occupied, or which nro occupied by BU nn or morn guoNtn, whether Ihe compensation for hire bo pnld directly or Indirectly In money, goods, wares, merchandise, labor or otherwise; Including lodging nnd rooming houses, dormitories, bachelor hotels, studio holds, public nnd prlvnto oluhs, nnd nny mien building of nny nature whatsoever no occupied, diwlgncd or Intended to be occupied, except Jails, honpiinu, asylums, sanitariums, or- phlinngnH, prlNonn, <letentlon homes, and other slnillnr buildings. Junk Yardi: Tho use of more than two hundred. (2001 snuftrn fnot of the nr<>u of nny lot or of miy portion of that half of any lot, hut not exceeding n depth or width, as the, rase may be, of one hundred (100) feet, I which half ndjolns any Blrent, for the j storage of Junk, Including fcrnp metals or other scrap material, nnd/or for the dlniniintllng or "wrecking" of nulomoblleH or olhnr vehlcleH or mn- chlnery; provided, however, that this definition shnll not bo doomed to In- oludit any oaso of any of the forngo- IIIK usi>« which Is nccesHory, and Incidental to any ngrlculturnl use. Loti Land ocniipled. or to bn occuplnd hy n. building ami Its accessory build- Ingn, or by a dwelling group and Itn accessory buildings, tCgnthnr with such open Hpucos as are rotiulfed under tho provisions of thla ordinance 1 , having not less than the minimum area required by this ordinance for a building situ In thn district In which such lot Is situated, and buying Its principal frontage on a street. Lot, Corner: A lot Nltuiited at the Intersection of two or more streets, or liouiidcd on two or more adjacent „. , _ „ Hides by street lines, provided that thn Including Junk 1 angle of Intersection does not exceed pamung, : prM(ng, " tacfclrtifr "nalllrig! ginning, sticking, carving or otherwise fastening, affixing or making visible In nny manner whatsoever, Outdoor Advertising structure! Any structure of liny kind or character erected or maintained for outdoor advertising purposes, upon which any outdoor advertising sign may. t>« placed, Including also outdoor advertising statuary. Small Llveitoek Firming: The raising and/or keeping of more than twenty-four fowl of any kind and/or twenty-four rabblte or twenty-four similar animals or any goats, sheep or ulmllar livestock! or the ralilnr and/Or keeping for commercial p«r- poses of any cats or oogi! provided ihal tho term "email livestock farm- Ing" as used In this ordinance shall not Include hog farming, dairying or the raising nnd/or keeping of horses, mulos, or similar livestock as determined by thn Planning Commission. Storyi Thnt portion of a building Included between the surface ot any floor and the surface of the next floor above. It, or If there la no floor ubovo It, then-the apacn between tho floor and the celling next above It. Story, Half: A story with at least two (2) opposite exterior sides meet- Ing a sloping roof not more than two (2) feet above tho floor of such story. Street). A public or private thoroughfare which affords tho principal means of access to abutting property, Including avenue, place, way, drive, lane, boulevard, highway, road and any other thoroughfare except an alley as defined herein. Street Line: The boundary between a street and abutting property. Structure: 'Anything constructed or erected, tho use of which requires locution on the ground or attachment tu something having location on the ground. Structural Alterations; Any change In the supporting members of a building, such as bearing walls, columns, bentrm or girders. Uiei Tho purpose for which land or promises or a building; thereon Is designed, arranged or Intended or for which It Is or may bo occupied or maintained. Use, Aeoesioryt A use Incidental and accessory to the principal use of a lot or a building located on tho same lot as the accessory use. Any ag'rluul- tural use. In nny "H" district or In any "A" district shall be deemed to be an accessory use to the use for residence purposes of tho lot on which such agricultural use Is conducted. Yard: An open space other than a court on tho same lot with a building, which open space Is unoccupied and unobstructed from tho ground upward, except as otherwise provided In Section 27 of this ordinance. In measuring a yard, as hereinafter provided, the lino of a building shall be deemed to mean n linn parallel to tho nearest lot line drawn through the point of a building or tho .point of a dwelling group nearest to such lot line, exclusive of tho ro.spoctlvo architectural features enumerated In Section 27 of this ordinance as not to bo considered In measuring yard dimensions or as being permitted to extend Into any front or rear yard. Yard, Front: A yard extending across tho front of tho lot between tho Inner side yard lines and measured from the front Hue of the lot lo tho nearest line of the building: provided, however, that If nny Official Plan Uno Is established for the street upon which tho lot faces or If any futurd width lino IS specified therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance, then such measurement shall bo taken from mich Official Plan i. 4 lne or such future width lino to the nnnrest line of thn building. Yard. Reari A yard extending across thn full width of thn lot nnd measured between the rear line of the lot and tho nearest line of tho building. Ysrd, Side: A yard between the side lino of thn lot and tho nearest lino of the building and extending from the front lino of tho lot to the rear yard. SECTION 12. REGULATIONS FOR A-1 DISTRICTS The following rngulallons shall apply in all A-1 districts and shall be subject to tho provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: fa) Uses 'Permitted: All uses nut otherwise prohibited by law; provided, however, I lint none of the following UHCM shall bo established In any A-1 district unless and until, In tiny such c.iso, a use pnrmlt, UH provided In fioctlon 33 of this ordinance, Nhnll first have been Hccurcd for such use: 1. Any use sought to bo established within a, distance of one-half (V4> mile from any dwelling for which use a use permit, as provided In Hcctlon 33 of this ordinance, IH required for tho eslnhlbdiincnt of such use In any M-2 district. . V,, Any •' lmk >' linl sought to be established wllhln a distance of one- hnlf (>-<j) mile from any dwelling. .1, Cemetery, crematory, mausoleum or any other plnco for the burial or olhnr disposal of lite human dead, or any addition thereto. (!)) Additional Regulations! Tso building BhiUI hereafter be erected, nor shnll nny use of land be conducted except the usn of Innd for ngrlculturnl purposes HO that the nnme will bo closer to tho right of way llho of any Btrnet than any Official Plan l.lne or any building lino which Is (•Htnhllshnd for mich street by tho Street nnd TU|?hwny Plan, or Bcctlon thiM-nof. of tho Mnster Plnn of tho Cnunty, or than any future width line or building linn which Is upeel- fled therefor by the provisions of thla ordinance, fin* Her within a distance at fifty (60) fast frbfn any dwetUnit.T**' -, , t , iv f THO condition* ttnoaf whlon sown, goats or fowl ar« T«ept shall ba subject tO the approval ot the County Health officer. (b) Bulldlnfl Hsloht Llmlti Two and one-halt (2U> stories but not exceeding thirty-five (86) feat l« (c) %u|ldlna 8I.U 'faijHHplfttk Bftcn, one»fa family, d together with IU accessory buildings, hereafter erected, shall be located on a building atte In ono ownership having an area of not l*sS than five thousand (BOOO) square feet; provided, however, that any parcel ot land Having an area <>f MM than five thousand ((000) square feet, (I) which parcel was under ont ownership at the time Of the adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no' adjoining land, or (II) which parcel Includes not less tlmn oho (1) entire lot ak shown on any subdivision map which was recorded in the office of th* County Recorder of the County prior to the adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less than three thousand seven hundred fifty (3750) square feet, or (HI) which parcel Is shown as it lot on any subdivi- llH 01(1 nnter I Innnoe. tounlv If >f Hnhei-fiflold, HI (.-ullfornln AMMUIC, to the Koutherl.v lino of i .ot . ¥ i i ana l.oinn Acren. UH recorded In M H M at pane ;IS In Ihe offlco of Iho founty Hoci.rd.-r of MHld County, und •ilihln u dl'.liinco of onn hundred iweiiiy (l"oi foci from Iho onlnrlor boundnry of mild blKhwny on (ho oiint- • •rly (ililn (hereof: i-.j dlNirloi « In From (he noulherly lino of l,ot i t', ''ata l,oinii Ac.nv,, »n recor.lod In M II •! nl IIIIKO !1H, In (ho offlco of the f.iunly heconlov of Hal,I County, I" Iho nouthiirh lino of l,nt at of mild Cuiiii l,omu AcroM, iiml within a din- innoo of throo hundrod ninety-four 1.1!'D fi-ot from tho oxlorlor houinlury of Bald highway on Iho uiiHtorly Nldo (hereof: It I-A district. II. l^roin the southerly boundary of (ho rlKhl of-wuy of tirutnlagu Uine to tho woMtorly prolonuutlon of tho southerly line of UH gl, Puna Loitiu AI-ITB. UN rorordod In M, U. 8 nt png« 38, In the office of the County Uo- (•order of mild Counly, and wllhln a distance of ono hundred twenty (120) feet from tho exterior boundary of mud highway nn tho westerly 'side thereof, C-8-II dlntrlct, 12 From tho southerly hoiindnry of tho rlithl-of-wuy of Driiiidiiito Imui to Ihe wenlorly proloiignllon ol tho southerly lino of Lot Cl, Cnnu Lomii Ac|.'h. an ii-coriloil In M. IV 1 ul pagi) as. In the office of (ho O'ounly Ko cordor of rubl Counly. und vylililn u dlnliinco ur nix hundred (OOOi foot from Iho exterior houndur.v of niil.l highway on tin. westrrly ulrti? thorrof, oxcoptliig Ilii-rcfroni nil Hint portion of nnlil territory Hpnolfhuilly liu-lmloil, Inbl »hrd, Iho conicr line of n mrent * hull b,. u lino lylii|{ mldwny lii!twe»n I he sldo llno.i of Ihn right »if wnv thereof; provli|»d, hoivovcr, that If only n purl w kith rlali! of way OAllttn for any portion of nny street, the center line for such purl.width portion nhall bo dftornilnod by prolonging Iho ci-nicr UnoH «in ouch slcie of iucri pan width portion pimillol io the M ldo llnoN n f Much pnrt-wldtii portion, in nny on HO in which tho foregoing dnfl- nltlon IM not uppHcnhlo, the I'lunnlllg 1'onmilsnloii Mhall dpslguale tho center line Court: An open, uiiniu-upted Hpiicc, olhor tliivn u ynrd, on the nuiini lot wllb n building or bulbllngK nnd which 1» houndoil on Iwo (21 or moro »ldws by mich building or bulhl|ng«. lnoli|(J- IIIK i bo upon npnco In n Imuso court or court iipiirtmi.nt pi-uvuiing ncceiv lo tlio unit,! iluiifliif. Dlitrloti I A portion of tho unincorporated lonliory of (ho County wllhln which oerinlh UNI-P of Innd, prumlses Olid bulldliiKN uro permitted and certain olhor UK** of land, premls«M and huUdlngs lire not permitted and within which orrlulii ynrttn nnd other open spiifes HI-O rpqulrad and o^rtalll building site nt-ua* HI-O putuhllshed and oar- lain hxlnht limits are, esmhllnhrd for HM forth for and speol- flod 'in"llil» r I' A portion of tho unincorporated lerrliory of tlio County within which »ro applied curtain rtgulnilons rtenlii naisrt u» combining i-»»iilnllon« ut wi forth Hi this ordliinncf. The term "A district" »hnll meari any A-i, A-i; or «A district or any of snlil dlnlrlciH with which any com- blnhiK rogulatlons uro i<omb|n*d. Tho term ".« district" shAll in win any 11-1, H-«, U-S or lt-4 district or one hundred thirty-five (136) degrees, mid having n width not ^renter than sevei|ty-flv« (75) foet. Lot, Insldei A lot olhcr than a, corner lol. Lot. Key i Tho flrnt lot to tho rear of it corner lot, Iho front lino of which Is n continuation of the aide line of Iho cornet- lol, exclusive of tho width of uny nllay, Ktid fronting on tho slreot which IntorHoolw or Intercepts (ho street upon which tho corner lot fronts. Lot Ares: Th r total horizon!nl ar«a Included within lot llnus, Imiludlpg one.half (H> 'ho width, but not to *scertl Ion 110) feet, of nny alley or portion Ihereof nbiilllng any such lot line. Lot Deptht Tho nvorngo distance from Iho Mlrftct Hue of th« lot to Us four linn incnmircd In Iho general direction of tlio sldo HUOH of tho. lot. Let Frontnoe: Thnl dlmciiHlou nf a lol ur portion of u lol nbiitllnij; on a Btreot, oxi'opt thn sldo of ft corner lot, Lot Line; Tho line.-, bounding u lot us defined herein. Lot Lln«, Henri Ordlnurlly, that line Of u lol which U Honoriilly opposlto the lot lino nlnutr the frontngo ot snld lot. In uny C:INO In which this definition in not uppll'-nblo, the Planning iluu ahull tluKlgiiHtD the roar lilt Hlll'H. Non-ConformliiB UKI A building or Iniul oocuiiled by a use that does not conform to tho rvftulutlons for the district In which U T* HltuaUd. On* Owntnhlpi Ownership ot prop- arty (or iioHMfunion thereof uiulor n conti-Hct to tmrvhnse ur under u U-UHO Iho t«rm of which Is not less than ten y«urx) by u purson or persons, firm, corporation or piu-tntrshlp,- Individually, Jointly, tit common or In any other wann«r whoreby «uch property I* under single or unified control. Th* t*rm "Owner" shull be dfeuifd to mean Iho pursou, firm, corporutlon or pui tiicrshlp i-xmvlfliiK ono ownership, ft* herein defined, Outdoor ^<Jv«rtlilno Slant Any i;ar<^. cloth, paper. mMul. painted, «l|i»». wood#n, plustfr, Ft on*, ei- other Hlgn of nny klijd .or charucUr whnt»oev<ir plii'oil for onuioor itt)\«rll*luR pur* PCS** on ihe ground or on »wy tr»l>. wall, luiiih. voi'li, pout, fiMi',-0, bullillug, Htrutiluro or Uihig wlmtsoavAr. Tho SECTION 13. REGULATIONS FOR A.2 DISTRICTS v The following regulations Rhal? apply in all A-2 district* uni| ulmll be subject to tho provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance; (u) UMS Permitted: All uses not otherwise prohibited hy Inw; provided, however, thnt no use whirl] In not permitted In nny R-1 district shnll bo established In any A-3 district unions and until a use permit. UK provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, shall f| r «t havo beon secured for mich use, (h) Additional Regulations: All regulation* specified for A-1 districts shall also iipply In all A-2 districts. sion map which may heoeafter be recorded In tho office of said County Recorder after approval of said map by the Board of Supervisors In tne manner prescribed by law, may bo used as a building site for one (1) one-family dwelling by tho owner of such parcel ot land or by. his successor In Interest, provided that all other regulation* for the district, as _ prescribed in this ordinance, shall bo compiled with; provided, further, that In lieu of. the foregoing bulldjng-s te area regulations In any it-tf district in which , there are also applied the regulations of any "B" district under the provisions of this ordinance/each one-family dwelling with Its accessory buildings hereafter erected shall be located on a building site in ono ownership having an area not less than that specified for such "B" district. In no case, however, shall there bo more than one (1) dwelling on any one (1) lot. (d) Front Yard Required! Bach lot shall haVo a front yard not less than twenty-five (25) feet In depth except as otherwise specified tor any "B" district In which such lot may be located; provided, however, that In case a building lino for the street Upon which any lot faces la established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of the County or Is specified by the provisions of this ordinance, then the front yard on such lot shall have a depth of not loss than the distance from the street lino specified for such building line. (6) Side Yard* Required: Each lot, except as otherwise specified for any "D" district In which such lot IB located, shall have side yards each having a width of not loss than five (6) feet; provided, however, as follows: 1. On any parcel of land having an, average width of less than fifty (BO) feet, (T) which parcel was under ono ownership nt tho time of tho adoption or this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (II) which pnrcel Includes not less than (1) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In tho offlco of tho County Recorder of tho Counly prior to the adoption of this ordinance and which parcel hnn an average width of not less than thlrty- nevon and one-half C17U) feet, or (111) which parcel Is shown as a lot on nny subdivision map which may hereafter bo recorded In tho offlco of snld County Recorder nfter approval of snld map by the Board of Supervisors In the manner proscribed by law, tho width of each sldo yard may be reduced to ten (10) per c.cnt of the width of such parcel, but In no cuso shall the width of any such sldo yard be less than three (3) feet. 2. One-family dwellings on adjoining lots nmy bo built to tho common lot lino between such lots upon approval by the Planning Commission of plans therefor and In case a width equivalent to the width hereinbefore required for tho sine yard thus occupied on each such lot bo added to tho width of tho other sldo yard on tho name lot. 8. On a corner lot adjacent to a key lot the slda yard on the street sldo of such corner lot shall have a width in addition to that hereinbefore specified, so that the total width of such side yard shall be equal to not loss tlmn forty (40) per cent of the front ynrd depth required for the lots to tho rear of such corner lot. to a maximum width of ten (10) feet for Fuch sldo ynrd, provided, however, that this regulation Nhall not ho so applied as lo reduce the bulldablo width, after providing tho required Interior s|do yard, of any such corner lot to less than twenty (20) feot. 4. In caso a dwelling Is so located on a lot that the front or renr thereof fnces any side lot line, such dwelling shall be not less than twenty-five (25) feel from mich lot line. (f) Rear Ynrd Required: Kuch lot Mhnll have a rear ynrd of n deplh equal lo not less than twenty (30) per cent of tho depth of the lot, to a maximum required depth of twenty-five (25) feet for such rear yard. SECTION 15. REGULATIONS FOR R-2 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all R-2 districts and shnll ho subject to the provisions of Section 27 of thin ordinance: (a) U*e* Permitted: 1. All uneS permitted In R-1 dls- trlctx, subject to tho securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for any use for which a use permit Is required in an H-l district, Two-family dwellings. a deptH.of n6t loss than flfUeri,(16) feet, except a* hsrolnafter (pBclflsd for dwjlling groups. ,• ,, , (g) Distance Between Bulldlno* en 8am« Ubtt No main building shall be closer than twenty (20} feet to any other main building on tho same lot, except tm hereinafter specified for dwelling group*. (h) Dwelllho Qroupit • The following addmoiinl regulations •hall apply to Dwelling Oroups: " (A) In case th4 bblldlngi of the group are so located on the lot that the rear of the building which faces the street la faced/by the front of a building to the rear, at nod.. (1. «., in a "front to back" series), no auch building shall bo closer than twenty (20) feet to any other* ouoh building. (B) In case the buildings ot the group are so located, on the lot that the rears thereof abut upon orfe Bide yard and the fronts thereof abut upon the other-side yard (I. «., In a single row "sldo to Bide" series), the side yard to the rears thereof shall have a width of not loss than seven (7) feet, and the sldo yard to the fronts thereof shall have a width of not less than twelve (13) feet. . . (C) In case the building* of the group are BO located oh the lot that the rears thereof abut upon either side yard and the fronts thereof face a court (1. e., In a double row "side I'* ta» ' ermitted! uses permitted t „ . In any "R" (b) Building Height Limit: T\vo nnd one-half "•" ' (2'Xi) Ntorles but thirty-five (35) feet in REGULATIONS FOR DISTRICTS .SECTION M. R-1 The following regulations »h»n apply In nil n-1 districts and »h»U be subject lo the provisions or Section 27 of thin ardlnnnce: IBI U§«» Permitted: 1. One-family dwellings. S. i"lolf course* mid country olul>». a. Public parks mid publlo playgrounds. 4 Crop nnd tree farming nnd truck Riinjcnluf;. fi. Nuryerles nnd greenhouses used only for tho propagating and cultivating of plant K. »l. Homo occupations, provided that there shnll he no external ovhlmioo of nny nuch home occupation nxcnpt H niuiio plain not exceeding two (2) Miuarn feet In area. 7. Acovsbury bulldlngx and uvceisury usnli, S. Hchnols, libraries ami churches, nubJiHH to thn »«ourlng of a use permit In each ruse, n»i provided In Section S3 of this ordinance, ». 1'cndliiK residential development, oow«, gonu und fowl may be kept In nny R-t district subject to the following limitations: I. There iiiuy bo kept not more thun one (I) cow or two (3) goats for each ana-half (U) acre In area of the parcel of Iniid on which the snm» are U*pt nor niors than one hundred. (100) fowl foe «*A<U on«-quart*r (U) aore In aren of the parcel of land on which the fame ar« kept. II. No cons or goat* chall be kept within » distance of two hundred U00> fc«t from »ny dwelling other than a dwelling o.u the parcel of land on which (h«T name lire' kopt i\of within a dljitanci' of fifty (5J> fe«t frenv o«y dwelling. UT. More than twenty.four ISO fowl ahull not t>« kept within a Ul«- tnnoc of fifty (60> fo«t from any strod not exceeding belght. (o) Building Site Area i Required! Same as specified, for R-1 districts; provided, however, that there may be not to exceed ono (1) one-family dwelling or one (1) two-family dwelling on any one (1) lot, except as otherwise provided In Section 27 of this ordinance; und provided, further, that one (I) nddltlontil one-family dwelling or two-family dwelling may bo erected for each additional flvn thousand (HOOO) square feel of area by which the lot on which such dwelling Is erected exceeds tlvo thousand (6000) square feet In area. (d) Front, Side and Rear Yard* Required) « , Same as specified for H-l districts. (o) Distance Betwoen Bulldlno* on Same Loti No main building shall be closer th»n thirty- (80) fe»t to anS' other main building on the same lot, SECTION 18. REGULATIONS FOR R-3 DISTRICTS The following regulations Khali apply In all K-3 district!) and shnll bo subject lo the, provisions of Section 27 of IblN ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: I. All uses permitted In R-I districts, without regard to thn securing of u use permit for any such use. S. Two-family dwellings, dwelling tiroupM and four-family flain. (b) Building Height Llmlti Throe (3) storlo« but not exceeding forty-five (45> fwnt In hni«ht> (c) Building Slt« Are* Requlrtdt Same as Mpcolfled for H-l districts, except 1 thnt ther* may he more than one (it dwelling upon one (1) lot. Wl) Front Yard Required! finch jot shall have a front yard hot 1«8» thali twenty (SO) feet In depth except as otherwise specified for any "B" district In Which «uoh lot may he located: provided, however, that In case a building Un* for the street upon which any lot faces I* establlMhea by th> Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of t,hu County or l» (specified toy the provl- Hloii* ot this ordinance, then the front yard on such lot fhs.ll have n depth of not Irep than the distance from the uireet line bpeclfled fur such building tine. , <«i Bids Yard* Required! 8»m« a* ti>*clfl«d for R*l dutrict*. **cept D| hereinafter speclfiM for dwelling gi-ouup. (h Riar Y«fd .n«qulr*d: Kach lot »h«.H have R rear yurd of to side" oerles), each side yard shall have a width of not less than seven (7) foet'and the court shall have a width of npt lew than twenty (20) feet...:' ••••.•• . . • • •• - .•••••. -. ••• -. (D) No building shall be so located on tho lot that thd rear thereof abuts on any street line. . (B) In no case shall any building of the group be closer to any other' building of the group than a distance of ten (1.0) foot. (F) Each lot upon which a dwelling group IB constructed shall have a rear yard of a depth of'not less than ton (10) feet: provided, however, that them may be deducted from such width a portion of the width ot any publlo street, alley or park upon which such rear yard abuts to an extent not exceeding one-halt (%) the width thereof and not exceeding five <B> feet. SECTION 17. REGULATIONS FOR R-4 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all K-4 districts and, shall bo subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted; 1. All uses permitted In R-1 districts, Without regard to tho securing of a use permit for any such use. 2. Two-family dwellings, multiple dwellings and dwelling groups. 3. Hotels. 4. Clubs, lodges and fraternity nnd sorority houses. B. Museums not operated for profit. 8. In an apartment house designed, constructed and/or used for twenty- four (24) or more families or In a hotel designed, constructed and/or uscjl for fifty (50) or more guest rooms, there may be conducted a business Incidental thereto for the convenience of the occnpantB::and tho guests thereof; provided that thoro shall bo no entrance to such business except from tho inside of tho building In which the snmo IB located, and that tho floor area used for business purposes shall not exceed twenty-five (25) per cent of the ground floor area of such building, and provided, fur- Iher, that no street frontage of any such building shall bo used for any such business nnd that no sign shall bo exhibited on tho oiltsldo of any such building In connection with such bUSi]K'S«. 7. Tho following uses, subject to tho securing of a USB permit lh each case, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance: (A) Hospitals, rest homes, sanitariums, clinics, and other buildings used for the treatment of human aliments. (B) Philanthropic and charitable Institutions. (G) Automobile courts and automobile camps. (b) Front, Side and Rear Yards Required: Same as specified for H-3 districts: provided, that for any building of moro than two (2) stories In height, the width herein required for each side yard shall bo Increased by one (11 foot for each story by which the height of such building exceeds two (2) stories. SECTION 18. REGULATIONS FOR C-1 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all C-1 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: 1. All uses permitted 1n any "R" district, without regard to tho securing of any use permit, ftxcopt that In any C-1 district which Is entirely surrounded by "H" districts or by such districts and thn County boundary, a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, shall be required for (ho establishment of any uso for which a use permit Is required In R-4 districts. 2. Stores and shops for the conduct of any retail business; automobile sorvlco stations for only tho sale of gasoline, oil and minor accessories; banks; barber shops; beauty parlors; nonservatorles; dressmaking, millinery, shoo and tailor shops; messenger of- flceti; professional offices; storage garages; studios (except motion picture Studios); telegraph offices; theaters; and other business uses which, In the opinion of- the Planning Commission, aro of tho same general character as those enumerated In thla sub-section and will not bo obnoxious or detrimental to tho district In which located, 3. Outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures, except that no such uso apart from a place ot business herein permitted shall be permitted In nny C-1 district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and the COunty boundary. 4. Public garages, automobile repair shops, automobile service stations at which general repairing I» done and undertaking establishments; subject In such case to the securing of a usd permit, as provided In Section 33 of Ihls ordinance. (b) Yards Required: None except:. 1. Hvory building or portion thereof which Is designed, Intended and/or used for any purpose permitted In 11-4 districts or for any automobile court Khali Comply with the provisions of this ordinance as to rear yards and sldo yards which nro required In K-4 districts; provided, that when tho grogml floor of uny such building IB used for any commercial purpose, no side ynrd shall be required adjacent to a street line, except as hereinafter In thla seotlon provided. 2. In tho caic of u C-1 district which In entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and the County boundary .there shall bo provided on each lot In that portion Of such dlHtrtot which Is located In any one block a yard adjacent to the street bounding such block of a Width or depth equal to that required for yards adjacent to snld street for the remaining property in the same block: exoopl that on a corner lot In such C-1 district which IH adjacent to ft key lot the side yard adjaoont to the street shall be of a width equal to not IOHB than one-half of tho depth re- ri ul rod for front yards on tho lota to th* roar of nuch corner lot. In caso •uny portion ot mich c-1 district occupies the entire frontaga of any block tlicro shall be provided adjacent to the street bounding such block n yard of a depth or width equal to that required In the next adjacent block of such surrounding "R" district (or in tho least restricted of such surrounding "R" districts. In cuse they differ). S. There shall be a tilde yard along th* Hide uf every lot In a C-1 district wliloli M« Is bord«rltiB on property in any "R" district, which side yard Khali o* of a width not Its* than th* which in established for riueh street by tho Street and Highway Plan, or section thereof, of the Master. Plan of the County, or than any, future. width line or building lino Whlelr 1« specified therefor by tho provls!6n» of tb|« .ordinance. SECTION 10.' REGULATIONS FOR C.Z DISTRICTS The following regulations shall.ap- ply .In all, c«2 dlsfrlcu and Bhall.,tt» subjeot to the VovtBlons of se«tlo» 27 of tf-'~ " (a) L. I, AH district. 3. j\.ll uses permitted In C-t .districts wttboiit regard .to any limUa- tlons specified in this ordinance for without regard to tho stourlng ,0f any use iSermit foj? any such u««. , 3. All other uses not otherwise prohibited by law, except the following! Anmal hoBpftal Automobile aslombly Bulldlnir materials yard Carpet cleaning' Chemical laboratory Contractor's yard Cooperage works Dray ing terminal •.-.-. Kledtrlo welding Electroplating Feed or fuel storage Feed or fuel yard, <Jl»trlb\itt«iK «H Prut canning or packing , Junk yards, except as otherw ill provided In thla section Machine shop . . • . , Manufacture of: clothing, cosn\otlOa, fefed, furniture, macaroni or shoes Paint mixing Poultry or rabbit raising, slaughter or live storage , Stono cutting or polishing, except a* * an accessory to a Jewler's shop Storage elevator ' " Tinsmith shop . Truck storage, service or repair uses excluded from M-l , districts by the terms of this ordinance. 4. Junk yards only when eonductedi entirely within a building completely encoded on all aides or when entirely enclosed within a fence approved by the Planning Commission. 5. Tho use, of power-driven machinery Incidental to any of the usea permitted In said C-2 district. « (b) Yard* Required! None except: 1. Every building or portion thereof which Is designed, .Intended aHd/or used for any purpose p6rmltted In R-4 districts or for any automobile f court shall comply with tho provisions of this ordinance ng to side yards and rear yards which are required In said R-4 districts, provided that whin the ground floor of any such hulldlngr Is used for any commercial purpose, no side yard shall bo required adjacent to a street line. 2. There shall be a side yard along; * the side of every lot In a C-2 district which side Is bordering on property In any "R." district,- which side yard shall bo of a -width not less than the „ width of u side yard ad required. In R-4 districts, There shall bo a rear ynrd on the rear of every lot In .a C-2 district which rear Is bordering on property In any."R" district; which roar yard shall be of a depth eq'ual to not less than twice the width of a sldo yard as required In R-4 districts. 3. No building shall hereafter be erected, nor shall any use of land b«, conducted except the use of land for. agricultural purposes, so that the-' same will bo closer to the right of way line of any street than any Official Plan L,lne or any building line which Is established for such street by tho Street and Highway Plan, or Section thereof, of tho Master Plan of the County, or than any future .width line or building line Which Is specified. therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance. SECTION 20. REGULATIONS FOR M-1 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all M-l districts and shall b« ' pubject to the provisions of Station ' 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted! 1. Commercial excavating of building or construction materials, subject to the securing of a use permit In each Case, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. 2. AH other uses not otherwise prohibited by law, except tho following: Bag cleaning Blast furnace Boiler or tank works Central mixing plant for cement, mortar, plaster or paving materials Coke oven Crematory Curing, tanning or storage of raw hides or skins Distillation of bones, coal or wood Distillation of tar Dumping, disposal, Inclperatlon , or reduction of garbage, sewage, offal, dead animals or refuse Fat rendering Fdrge plant > , Foundry or metal fabrication plant Hog ranch* .* Junk yard or the baling of raff"' or junk, except when conducted entirely within a building completely enclosed on all sides or when entirely enclosed within a fence approved by the Planning Commission. Manufacture of; acetylene; acid; alcohol; alcoholic beverages; ammorila; bleaching powder, ehlorln. chemicals, soda or soda compounds; brick, pottery, terra cotta or tile (except handcraft products only);. cement, gypsum. lime, plaster of parts; celluloid, or py- roxylin (or treatment of same); chew- Ing tobacco (or treatment of same); creosote (or treatment of same); disinfectants; dyestuffc «mery cloth or sandpaper; exterminators or Insect poisons; exploslvep; fireworks or gunpowder (or storage of same); fertilizer; glass; glue, slae or gelatine: grease, lard or tallow (manufactured or refined from or of animal fat);, Illuminating or heating gas (or storage of same); lamp black; matches; linoleum, oilcloth or oiled products; Unseed oil, paint, oil, shellac, turpentine or varnlih (except mixing); paper or pulp; .pickles, sauerkraut or vinegar; potash products; rubber or gutta porcha proaticta ($r treatment of same); shoddy; shoe pol|shv sojip (other than liquid soap); starijh, glucose Or dextrlp; slove'pOllahl'Ur r&Of- liig or waterproofing of' other t&r ' •'' waterpr products; yeaat. , Pumping, refining o etrofiu , » ..,. t or, wholesale stor- Smelting of or other orea .,, S team power plant copper, »lnc, iroa Stock yard Stone njlll or quarry width of a »)d« vanl n» required In R,4 dl»*rlete. Th«>« Shall be a t**t yard on thn rear of every lot In *. C-1 district which rear I* bordering on property In any "R" district, which pear yard shall be of * d«pth equal to noi !**» than twice the'width of a aide yard as required In R-4 districts. 4, >'o building shall hereafter b« Sugar refining Wool pulling or scouring All other usas which, In the opinion of the Planning CommlBBlOn'-ir* similarly obJectiopEble by reason of Odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration, or would Impoje hazard to Ut* or property In the neighborhood. (b) Vardt Requlrtdi Same as specified tor C-1 districts. SECTION 21. REGULATIONS FOR M-2 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall ma- ply In all M-2 district* and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 ot this ordinance: (a) Uiei Permitted i ' All Uses not Otherwise prohibited by law; provided, however, thai none of the fqUowing u««a shall p« •stab* llshed-Tn an? M-I district unles" and until a use ptrmtt th each cam, as provided In Station 33 ot this ordinance, shall first hs,v» been secured for Mich Use: Distillation of -bones Dumping, disposal, Incineration ,or reduction of g*T*><Mr«. sewage, otfal. dead an'mn.1* or r«fu«f Pat reod*rlng Hog ranch Mawutaoiuro of 5014, cement. M. Plwtlvfca or - « p «... w «'^.Ll ( »r__ jt|rjij*V same), planter of parti Smelting of tin. I or other ore» copper. »lnc. Iron

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