The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 11
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ir:*? t«. "* H ' THE fcAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?*, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28,1996 Vr' t Porterville Here This Evenin_ Renegade Gridders Defeat Long Beach Jaysee by 6-2' ScorJ MillllllX PKSFS I Mil) DIAMOND ATTACK SUKDAYl CI1IIT lUflCI II I FAMOUS POSE TO ARRIVE SOONl'SANDABS WII.I, PT.AY Hackney Receives it and . Scores Unopposed in Bitter Battle T5AKERSFIELD Jaysee ripped a •"hole In the Long Beach Viking prow yesterday at Long Beach, defeating the Norsemen 6 to 2. The battle was bitter from the kick-off 1 to the final gun with the southerners leading 2 to 0. Bakersfield •cored on a 26-yard pass from Mad, dux to Hackney in a play -which •tarted as a double reverse. Hackney ran 80 yards to score. The Vlklhgs made their two points In the second quarter when Jelsma blocked Oldershaw's punt and the ball roiled over the end zone for an automatic safety. , The 2-polnt lead only put more fire in the Renegades, however. By the time the fourth quarter was under way, the Maroon and White machine was clicking like a chronometer. The lone touchdown of the r game came In the third quarter when Maddux heaved the pig Hide 25 yards to Hackney and the veteran and lugged the ball 30 yards for a score. Long Beach blocked . the attempt to score a. conversion. A bigacrowd attended the game and was, startled by the bearded men from, Bakerafleld. The local giants sported long, black beards much In the House of David man„ ner. The Sprague brothers, Allan and John, were especially colorful. B,oth men are in the 200-pound class and perform on the line. They . flanked Wayne Fllkel, a bushy-faced tackle with a face decked out in "gambling man" style. Frost Pleased Coach Jack Frost Was pleased with the performances of both his second and first teams which he started In that order. The second team Is reported to have looked ,even better at times than the regular starting eleven. Starting Line-ups Renegades, 6 Pos. Vikings, 2 Moon L. E Barlow Jones L.T Robblns Singleton L. G Olson A. Spraguo C Creocy ( Waltron R. G..., Martol J. Sprague . ...R.T. .Telsma Hackney R. E.. '. Pohlad Maddux ........ Q Wheeler Picrrucol L. H.... Johanneson Carper. .... ...R.JH ' Filbert Jeffries .F Whltmore Diamond Dust (.i»»oclattd Prc»» Leairil Wire) Jack McCarthy, Giants—His homer with. mate on base beat Bees. • . Tied.Wolfe, Yankees—Broke up ball game 1 with tenth Inning homer agalnnt Athletics. Peaches Davis, Reds—Ills single drove In two runs In 3 to 2 win over Cardinals. Pictured here are Joe McKnight, pitcher and Dan Bachtel, manager ot the Long Beach ball club to Play the new All-Stars of Bert HOI- lingsworth tomorrow at Recreation Park hero, 2:30 p. m. In the All£ tar llne ' u P' among others will be: gS k . aaedo ' UhftU '' Solomon nnd Avery Brundage Says He Paid Out His Own Money (Unttet Pro* Ltastd /CHICAGO, Sept. 26.—Avery Brun ^ dago, president of the A. A. "U. and head of the American Olympic committee, back from Europe, said that the games cost him approxl- STANDINGS COAST LEAGUE mately $16,000 of his personal funds. Ho said he would not seek re-election as A. A. TJ. president when his term expires in December and asked for a moro businesslike method of raising funds for future Olympic teams. "It was an Imposition to ask individuals to go through what we did In the last six months," ho said. "There should be. ( a permanent Olympic staff which would handle financing. There is no reason why, over Yesterday's Results No games scheduled. NATIONAL LKAGUE Won Lost The BIG LEAGUES DOMINOS in <^-^ LEAGUES CFLLOPHANf WRAPPID THE MILD CICARETTE New York St. Louis ........... 87 Chicago ............ 8u Pittsburgh .......... 84 Cincinnati .......... 72 Boston .............. 70 Brooklyn ........... 65 Philadelphia ........ 53 • Won Lost i a Period of four years, amateur 1 sport events could not contribute a percentage of their gate receipts to more than finance Olympic teams. Then we would not be embarrassed at the last minute asking for Individual contributions." Commenting on the suspension of Mrs. Eleanor Holm Jarrott, backstroke swimmer, Brundago said: "Mrs. Jarrett was rooming with two young girl swimmers, ono I the other 16. Suppose yon had your 60 65 67 68 SO 82 87 99 Pet. .605 .572 .659 .553 .474 .401 .428 .349 ,.. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD ATAUGOQDRICH' SIIVIRTOWN STORES VOUDON'TNEEDCASH.^ Silvertown RES WITH aOLOEN fir iiow-eir MOTICTION BATTERIES GAR RADIOS . HOME RADIOS St.,,-, s frrari . V ! PHINI •i Yesterday's Results New York, 3; Boston. 2. Cincinnati, 3; St. Louis, 2. Only games scheduled. Games Today Boston at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at New York. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Chicago ut St. Louis. AMERICAN LKAGUE Won-Lost Pet. New York 101 DO .6(19 Detroit 83 69 .648 Washington 81 70 .G3fi Chicago 79 70 .630 Cleveland 78 74 .613 Boston 73 79 .480 St. Loula 07 93 .380 Philadelphia eg 99 .344 Yesterday's Results New York, 6; Philadelphia, 6, (10 innings). Rt. Louis, 8-6; Cleveland. 2-7. Washington, 9: Boston, 8. Only games scheduled. Games Today St. Louis at Chicago. Detroit at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Washington. LITTLE WORLD SERIES Won Lost Milwaukee (Am. Asso.) 1 o Buffalo (International) .... o l Yesterday'* Results , Milwaukee, 7; Buffalo, 6. Stanford to Meet Santa Clara Team STANFORD STADIUM, Stanford University, Cal., Sept. 26.—The Pacific coast conference's greatest unknown quantity, the Stanford University football eleven, defending champions, gets it* first workout today against a University of Santa Clara eleven which might spoil the Cardinals' record at the start of the" season. Graduations and injuries left head Coach Tiny Thomhlll with only a •hell of that great machine which for three year* dominated the Pacific coiuit. Graduation took away Bob Qrayson, Bob Hamilton, Jim Moscrlp. Bob Reynold*, and a ho*t Of other*, and Injuries cut down the only vanity backftelder* back foe more action, Bill Paulman an? Jimmy Coffl*. *A« a result only two players (n the tentative starting line-up have faced the enemy on the opening klokoff ot a major game. They are tackle, Claude CsJUway, who laid off toft year because of, Wnewi, and '- 1 - Vigna, a scrappy little halfback. . our daughter on tho team? Her dismissal was decided upon by a committee of which I WUH the chairman, not by me alone. I believe that if the committee had to consider the case again its decision would bo tho same." PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 16. (U. P.) Mrs. Eleanor Holm Jarrett said today that Avery Brundago was crazy when ho said sho roomed ro glrl8 of 15 *"<' 16 on the I roomed with Man' Lou Petty who Is 26, and Olive McKcun. who is 24. r m 22. What kind of arithmetic Is that?" sho asked. -» i • California Opens With Two Melees (United /»re«« Leaned Wire) BERKEljEV, Sept. 26,—Unlvf»rsltv of California opens iu 1936 football season today with a wholesale display of personnel against California Aggies from Davis and Coach Alonsto Staggs college of the Pacific team ™ e twln bl ». which will begin at J.:30 p. m. and may last until Memorial stadium la nearly dark / m . ar i k f. , 1 ^ 0 f* 8 * 111 " 1 "* "f Leonard (Stub) Allison's second year in charge of tho Golden Bears football fortunes. If tho doubleheader run* true to form, however, the CallfornlatiH may glvo little indication of their 1936 strength—which many critics be- llevo will land the Bear* In tho'top bracket of the Pacific coast conference battle. Allison indicated he will use every man on his squad of 47 during the two gamos. Terry and Jackson Will Get Needed Rest lo Strengthen Legs By ALAN GOULD (As«octnttit Prat Leaned irtrej TUKW YORK, Sept. 26.—One of tho main advantages to be derived by the New York Giants from the fact that they have finally clinched the National League pennant is that they can give the ancient underpinning of those infield stalwarts, Manager Bill Terry and Captain Travis Jackson, n much- needed rest. Upon the ability of these two veterans and survivors of tho McQraw orn to stand the Berles guff without cracking up depends much of the hopes the Giants hold of overthrowing their Yankee neighbors. Tho defensive touches that thoy contribute to ono of tho game's most resourceful infields itro vital to tho operations of the National League's standard bearers. Jackson, after nearly two seasons of Inactivity bei-auso of a pair of bad knees, started a wonderful come- bnck by Jumping Into the Giant lineup for the 1933 world series. Torry has been hobbling through this season on one leg, so to speak; playing through the critical stages of the pennant battle with charactcrlntlc defensive gonlUH, but yielding whenever possible to Sambo LcHlte. Flanking Dick Bartell nnd Burgess Whltehead. probably the best double pluy combination in either major league, Terry and Jackson give tho Giants a defensive edge over the Yankee Infield. Tho question Is whether thot will be tho payoff. The Yankees havo a cK-nr margin of superiority in speed and hitting power In tho combination consisting of Red Holfe, Franklo fro- settl, Tony I^azzerl and Lou Oohrlg. Succulent Statistics Tho succulent statistics show, for example, that three of tho four Olant Infield regulars bavo better fielding | records than their rlvaln, whereas ! three of the four Yankee inner workers enjoy a decided edge In j stlckwork. Tho Yankee Infieldei-H I havo driven In more thnn 400 run*. I Tho Giants, on tho other hand, havo | a margin In tho double play department. In a short ecrlaa, of ooursc, «ueh compaHsonu may not forecast a thing. Oehrlg ban It all over Terry on the year's playing record nnd enters tho fray with a world series hitting mark of .422 to his credit, but the crippled GlarA manager might rise to greater heights for a shurt engagement. Even with ono bad knee, Terny overshadows tho Yankee Iron man an a craftHinun around first biu^e. Lazr.erl a Knot or Similarly the wily Lazzerl, ono of tho smartest players In the game, might produce more effective result* under pressure than the speedier, flashier llurgess Whilehoud. Crosettl nnd Bartnll both have moments of nhorUtopplng brilliance. Robert (Red) Rolfe, Is on the way up while his third basing rival, Jackson, IH nvarlng the end of his career. Tho Yankee haa tho edge In everything except ex|H!r!ence. Tho Giants have more and better reserves: Leslie. Eddie Mayo, tho COLLY Dntlmorn recruit, and tho veteran 'O Mark Koenlg. Since the loss of Dan Heffner. duo to appendicitis, tho Yankees have only one experienced Infield substitute. Jack Hallggaver. : •• t » SANDABS WILL PLAY IN PRELIMINARY TO BIG GAME OF pOACH D. W. GRIFFITH'S Drillers will make their 1936 debttt to v ' night when they clash with the Portervllte High varsity here The" gnino will follow a preliminary tilt at 6:30 o'clock between the Sandabs ixmi tho Porlervllle lightweights. Just what the elevens of Bakersfield High will do under fire remains to be seen and this evening will give thp fans thoir first chance this fall to see the Blue Blaze in action. George Williamson, mentor of the Sandabs, is out to make the best of the season with material which Is under par In many respects. With tow veterans back in the uniform of the Sandab army, he has pounded his men through a week of fundamentals, a few plays and some I I GRID SCORES Moi-o than 30 mcmboi-s of the world-famous .Sheriff's Posse of Low AjlgeleH county will bo hero with their silver-mounted outfits to take part In tho pnrado of the Third Annual Bnkernflelfl Frontier Days. Tho parade will bo Saturday, October .1. Hodous featuring champion riders and ropers of the notion \ytll bo Ktaged October 3 and 4 at Korn County falrgroundH. FFUI II .JJL v^ Jj j JIM DAY M «"><*(« (ol I'rrtt Lraffit W(re) Oklahoma City U.. 0; Oklahoma A. a tul M.. fi. colli'K'e of Emporla, 7; Northwestern idklii.) Teachers, fi. I Mcrhorxon, "K: Bncone Indiana, 7. i linker, 6; Southwestern. 0 i HfixUi'll, :i; Ottowu, 0, | Temple, 00; Centre, 7. j OiHirgo Washington, 27; limory & i Henry, 0. , Uoorgln Tech, 55; Presbyterian. 0. i ever 1 Hut-Knoll, fl; Ursimis, o. 32: Urlgham Young Both of the visiting teams arc 1 of an unknown quality here. Porter- I vlllo has never tailed in the past to glvo the local teams a lot of •?• | nctlon. however. I Griff win Bum with full power except In the pivot position, where he will use Howard Shlvely, tough but Inexperienced recruit from the Handabo. O'Connor, regular center, . will not Htart the game, according to i present platiB, but may see work ' before tho end of tho contest. He j has been In bed for the past few j days with nn Intestinal disorder. The rent or tho team will t,« Intact, how- A Kugged Center Mnrtlnez, rugged center from last TT/'KLL, if wo must play powt " office 1 mippoHo wo must. One Is about "dear derbies," mi- other Is about "ents," and a third concerns Itself with target shooting. Seems that "wo," meaning the custodian of this column and tho column itHolf, didn't furo so well lust Wednesday with Homo of our readers. Letters indicating what 1 inumi follow; "Dear Plpefuls? There's ono thing 1 admire nnd that's consistency. In Wednesday's column you criticized Red IJIuff for HH 'doer derby, 1 hriindlng il an an 'uxtHrmiimllon' plan, yol year after year HH long IVH I've nmd Till! California!!, you or your city editor or somebody has boanlod annually of tho number of dt>«r killed In Korn county and Uio tremendous number of dollars that door slaughtering nnd attempter) door HlaughtorliiR Jmvc brought Into the county. So why bo so harsh with Hod Bluffs advertising? "A, K. L." "Doar Plpofnls: "Wall, w«H. well, and a couple moro. I note you devoted a considerable portion of Wednesday's column to 'innn'H host friend,' tho dog. lleally, that drivel by MisBourl Sunntor Vest falls to Impress mi>. And besides. I don't llko dogH. "To bogln with, 1 havo n ont that probnhly hap more hrnln* than hnlf the dogH in Hnkorsflclil. And bcdldoB that, It 'Hlnndn by mo' nnd sticks with mo 'In Hick IIOHS or In health, In poverty or In rlchofti for betlur or for worso.' And that isn't hoouy bocttiiHu I'vo been through all of those and when 1 couldn't, buy cat food ho found hlH own and still displayed an umtlntod affection. "CAT LOVER." Arizona, \'., Kentucky U., 21; Xavler, 0. j fal! ntul ono of the strongest men on l>i>trolt U., 40; \Ve.8tern State"" " Touchers. 0. Crelghton. 2S; South Dakota, 0. t)envor I'., So: Colorado Mines, 8. Howard Payno, 44; Southwest Texas Tenohom, 0. Duiiuesne. 14; Wnyno«burg. 0. lUmnokc, 38; Onllford, 0. PHKVBNT KIHKS "Dour Sir: Komo fellow hlmsolf 'HoiTtttoH' haH started tlu> hall rolling. I.H'H «<>t our Hiipi-r- vlsorn to fix UN up with a rlflo rnnge nnd n uUoot Inyout. Why can't wo have u Bkeet Inyout nt tho fuirKroundH? \Vo would ho using it every Sunday nnd there nrd'Dom oof tho finest rlfloinnn In (ho west In Kern county. They hud to milt tinliiK their range on tho bluffs ImcmiRi! roughiierkH tore down their equlpmml as fan! as they left tln> pliici- iifter tnr- got shooting. They built n nice track for horm-nion that use It two or three days u year. A rlflu range mid nkoet layout would etmi next to nothing. \Vhy don't you hkent shootr>ro and riflemen do a Ilttlo talking to your miporvl Horlul friends? "SHOOTISlt." 6. Orgon U., 14; Portland I*., 0 . Springfield Tom-hern, d; Korth- eamcrn Oklu. Junior College, G. Cnliforiilii Scorcn Loyola i»f LOH AtijjoleM, 20; Hod- landn. 7. Arizona Stuto, 12; \Vhlttlerl*0. Siinta Ana J. C., 13; (Jlendale J. <.'.. (I Pullertoii J. C., 7; Lo« Angeles J. ('.. 0. Huliei-Hfl.'I.l J. C., fi; Long Beach J. c.. •:. Citrus ,!. C.. 7; Wbluipr KYo*h, n. •Santii, liarluini .State, 37; Cal- leeh, I! Pnwulena .1. tlltlo .1. r.. li. '' . 31; San Bernivr- Huskies to Meet Minnesota Squad fUnilril I'rrt* I,rated Wire) KKATTLK. Sept. ;«.—The mi' vornlty of Minnesota (iophern. myth- I'-al notional rlmmiilons for two \cnrn. Mlnkr their neiiMttlonnl record itKiilnnt an underdog but admittedly ("•wrrfiil t'nlvorslty of Washington i elf veil l<uluy, The (iophoi-N have not boon beaten •since 111:13. mid rxpert« hen» favored ('ouch Hornlo Hlemmn'n iftjtt warriors to opt n their »eimon with n vie- 'lory In llilw linportnnl Inlernnutlonnl the Samlab line. Is expected to stand tho brunt of tho Portervlllc smashes. The backfield will probably feature Tobias, veteran of two seasons with the Ilttlo men and one of tho fastest men on tho squad. He Is a right half. Powers wlll play the other wing and may do a lot of the block- Ing for the swivel-hipped Tobla*. Stellar Linesmen The stellar linesmen of tonight's gome should bo Williams, blond, curly-hatred right tuekla. This boy was powerful loat season, running with Soils. Ills running mate this season In Arburn, veteran of last year. Watson is another boy that will bear watching tonight. Ho Played with the Sandabs where he made quite a name for himself as a blocker and vicious tackier. Perex In regarded as a certain start at the left flank position but tho other end post in more or less open. Either Snider or McCoy could go In as right end nt the start of the game. Big Night for These Boys Jaussuud, quarterback, a mean .blocker, and lleffernan, all-around I back and team captain,, have a big night ahead, according''to the latest dope from Griffith Field. '^; ' Following are the line-ups for the heavyweight game: Drillers 1'eroj: . . Arburun fleinon Shlvely Wtitmm Williams Hnider Approximately 40.000 ponioiiM. In- r-Iudlng iiliout COO MlnneMota tvotur* who in-rived here by apodal train nnd plnneB. will watch tho Knme In w.'iithrr r'ontlttloiiH which were ox- to be Ideal Snappy Amateur Boxers to FightHere on Monday EveiShaftcrElevens " Train for Wasco JniiHMuud . Hef Toman Hobesky . Brown Hanson . Collier . Harrel — Ross Grfowold Jamison long-coarod \Vn«,,,. ...mi Santa Barbara Is Football Winner Monarch Ball Team Delano Bakersfield Monarch* will tangle, with the Delano ball nina on the California and T utreet diamond tomorrow afternoon starting at 2:30 o'clock. The Monarchs wonv over Delano last week in a tight B to 4 tilt and are out for a second "wi«." A preliminary to thU game will feature the Oann A Ross and Dl Giorgio clubs in ocUon at 12:30 o'clock. Both came* should be fjut a« all of tho teams are reported evenly matched. The Monarch* are »tlll looking for farter competition and can be booked through Bill Wilker•on at 701 H «tr*et. Bakerafleld. •« « » ., TAFT FOOTDALL The Taft High School Wildcat* engage Fred Hamilton's Santa Maria. High eleven *t Taft thl* evening With the game scheduled for «!I6 o'clock. The Taft cquad wlll make Jto debut for Monty Heed, new We»t Side coach southern California conference football teams saw action last night, but only one, the Santa Barbara State Gauchos, emerged victorious In the, nonconferenco. tlltx. Coach Spud Harder'* Santa Barbara outfit walloped vttdtlng (,'aJ. tech, 37 to 0, the engineers scoring their lono tally In the third period against an aggregation spotted with I substitutes. | The Whlttler Poets, conference j champions two years in a row, worn rudely bumped over by ti colorful Arizona Htato Teachers team, 12 to I 0. The Poets were mmblo to pen<«- i trate tho visiting Bulldog forward wall, and excelled In only ono department of tho game—fumbling. a hard customer at Jeffries' Horn tho other night, has he«n xlKlied to take on Henry Juhnaon. This boy Henry hus "l<«ol;H good" since ho first clltnbeil Into the local ring. ,.........»,,. .,, fc ,, w BtiiiK;~--i uinuiirig. 1-ditely, he ban i UHbed ovor n wln- Kive bobbles, two of them leading to j nlng streak und fans give him the Arizona touchdowns, were charged edge with ,Myern, i Kddle Honilxlni, tho old oonwlwlent puncher, wlll meet Jock Murphy of L. A. Lupo Munor.,'u main evpntcr on a Burn program recently, ID xcln-duted to claxh with Irving Freldman of LOB Aiigelmi. The rest of the can! wlll present: Sinn Houftion of Hakersfleld, vermin Freddie Cage of L. A.; Pete Hunolx-z VALBNTt, from Monco of horo Monday night. Thono boys bond a curd of Bcveti fights. Solly has been gone from tho Hakorsflpld , nrona for many montliH and nn-i ffnitnt rrp»» i,m»r<t wire) nouncen ho is now roiuly to maku' LOH ANOKt.KK. Sept. 2«.--<r. p.) ft (Strong comoblicli bid. , Francis ,\, Shields nnd Jack Tldball Kuns wero delighted with tho j primed by four con«ecutlvo straight- wild style of Manny, a JowUh boy j HPt wltllli to( , w|1 , , that fought here lant wer-k. llci,, . 1 the victory mnrcnoM of the world"n two greatest men's Nlnglon |>lnyr>iH In the xcml-riimlH of the PaHflr South- wt'Ht tournnment. The husky motion picture actor will duel with Fn-d I'erry, while the youthful Tldball meet* Donald lltidgc In what im> expected to !»<• the inoct bitterly contosted inatrhen of the tourney. Shields, third ninklnt; American who ban rnnie biicU MfU-i- n yi«ur"H layoff, wns nn nlmofft cvi>n choice to Kusxy Myet-H. having knocked out | f rack the winning Hlrenk of the dp- IH punch 10 feet away. His open handed mnnckn have the NounO effects faun love HO well to hear and they go for hln Max TJaor type of comedy. Wilson Muckry of ItnkerNfleld 1* slated to fight ICddle Ilnn-l*, a tough little man from Los AngeIe>H' »:nst fide. Wilson nliNorbed n lot of punishment from Manny In the last fight but In now out to regain hi* !. Sept. 28.--roach Hill | Whlte'H firm two Cardinal cloven* i tied «core|<-»H In an Intni-Mi|und gumn ; yesterday afternoon. The local coach • I had a chance to Hee what bin teamn ! , conlil do iiniler fire but was not too HiitlHfleil with the result*. He has two strong defensive outfits .which : nro munewhat weak offenwlvely In bin otilnlon. Shatter "showed prom- If- of developing a« the H<m*on KIOWN." Kuld White. Tin' i'anIn will be outweighed by ; WIINCO hut ((till expect tu hold their own Art Kadel appoarn at prownl tu be one uf the best l>lockern on the miuiid. Walker I-'ry, »htfted from end to halfback, nhowi'd u lot of fire yesterday while the nutHtnndlng luickii wer« Mike Janzmi and Jack Whlto. "Pen. .L. E.. .L.T... .L. O ,..C.. .U. O .R. T....... .R.K • •<•)••• Adams •L. 11 Eckard • B. H Kerley • • • '•' Graham The Lightweight Sandalm POH. Porterville Johnson L. K Dykes Wentworth ...L.T '.'.'. Qraef VfUoa L. G Rutherford Martinez c Cannella Nouinan ...... R. G Edsell Hrlggs R. T Demetrlff Ktchevorrj- R. E Ellcdge Tobias R. H Hargett rowers UH Searle Phlpp* F Bottu Q Helton AMATEUR BOXING Bakarsfield Stadium MlnttMnlh and V S!rt«ls Ii30 o'clock p. M, Monday, Sept. 28 to tho Whltller boys, Redlandx buttled Loyola Unlvnr- 8lty'« powerful lAona to a falr-you- well for the flr«t half, leadlnR 7 to 0. but Loyola staged a comeback and the tnvadurn lout the frame, zo to 7. Heventeen Ihounnnd faun uaw the thriller at Gllmore Ktadlum horn. Coast Baseball Is Now in Second Tilt of Hahornflfld, of Main Street. VITSUH Roger Luna PORTLAND, Sept. 26.—Portland i T i -r> T\* l A and Oakland meet tonight In the sec- J JLOCJll KOVS F IC'hf' ond game of their Pacific Const: "_ . ^ . ^P 1111 League pennant play-off aerie*. The i Beaver* won the first clash Thura- < day night. Posedel or LUka was scheduled to pitch for the Portlander*. while bontilr KnifllHhnian. Tldball ban I scored two iipMetH over players he j was given little chance of defeat Inn. , nrnl may I'imttiiui- |I!M drive i i tin- ivd-headed oaklntiil fln»h. ' The wlnnet-M will nn-.-t In the flnnln Huuday. i In a fenl\ireil Hi-nil-flnal match y«s- Merday. Alice Marble hint one of the imlffi'Hl biitili-H nb«' ever encoiititnrcd I I on n (.'iillfornlh i-diirt when fihe wimj ' forced to two coin anO 14 i;:iniri< )„, | t forr- Hciirliig a S'6. 0-3, !• 7 victory ov. i ' ! solemn lltilr Mnrjorl- (lladnmn X'uii | '| , H ,-, r „., ;R>IIi of Philadelphia. | Triple-- Avrrlll. IndtanH, HI M, « ' T VI' ""' """ U> ~ '" 7 -l'M<.«KU. ami Rolf... Yaiik-vx, all U,. A I".H ' i "' ','""", ," Vl>l1 " M ' rl '' H ° f ' "" n "' Ul "" 1 "'t"-' K . Yank.., ;s , 49 whistling bnw-lln,. ilrhw. thai co,,|,| j -,•,.„„,,, ,,„„„„„ nut be cuverod. uiul defrufil h«T ».p. pon.'iit with IOHB (it only two polntx. Miss Mnrblo inei-U Carullne Hub- cock In the finals Sunday. League Leaders (A»»tii;la/ril l'rt»» Leam-d \\'irrl A.MEIIICAN liiittliii:--A|i|illnK Whlto Sox. .3*S: Averlll. IniiliiiiH. .37S. Huns (>«>hrlg, Vunkeex, 167; (lehrlriK 0 ' 1 . TlRxm, 142. Run.H Hitttt'il In -Trowliy. Indians. •V (lehrlK. Vnnkei'H, 151 Illli. Averlll. Indluiiit. ?"9; Gehrln- •r. TI««|-«. ."?X. UoubU'H-(iebrlng'-v. Tluers. Dtl; - l,ury. UI'M\VII Vanke«H. 13--1; . Tobin W&B tentatively de*lgnated a* the Oaks' hurler. \V. C. Tuttle. league president, arrived ta*t night to attend the remainder of the ner)e« game* NAVY OPENER ANAPOLIB, Md.. 8«pt. St. (V. p.) The United Stats Naval Academy and William and M*ry College open their gridiron wsaaon* hem today, More than 1Z.OOP «pectator» are expected Lupo Munoz declnloned CR-nc Allen ', Thursday night in the main event of! the amateur fight* held at Jeffrie*' i Barn. Lu|x> wu* given every round by the ruferee In thl* flgnt. which; was one of the few he hut fought out of liakerafleld. Ji*UMy My era, another Bakersftold boy, knocked out Krod Itoyce to Uie •eml-windup. According to witneiwe* of thU fight, it wa* one of the beet of the night. Floyd Uunlap And Kddla Bondshu tb«"t»fly» on their WEST SIDE IU8EHALL i tu TA1-T, Bt-pt. 20.—Ruted every bit i DiKlK'-rit ail gOOd Hit tilt! lAlllg Ill.-IKh KlllwuH, ' Santa Paula MoruhantH, who like the Kllbeen w«rw eliminated In th« finals of the rt-c«iit Htitte. Powell. Vai Pitching -Hadley, .MaluiH-. Yankees. U NATIONAL ItatttiiK--P. Wam-r, :!7:'0; Phelp*, championships, will strut their ( stuff ; hero Munday aftornwjn ttgalinJt the \VijDt Kltl« MerchanU. erv Jaunt aid acted a* «« •' '*••*•, > v, , WVKOFF TlUtOl (ill VKNTtfiiA, Calif., Sept. 26. <A- P.) frank Wykoff, thrice an Olympic n printer for " " -. -- ,-, »...^™ Kiun, vorbally hung Up bin track shoe* today. ?'The <iwn«p <^ tho world r«cord fori --•-•-- -. —.-.,..., v «. the 100-ywd diutt la principal of n al». -'*:«• AlarUn. Cardinal*, n "ITrom now on 111 devote my tinio PUehlng~-Hubb«ll, Olanu. to toachlntf," he *&id. i Lucas. I'lrataa, 19.4. Run«—Vttughan, I'lratua, j;i; J. Martin, Cardinulw. U'O. Runs Batted In—M«dwlck, Cardl- - niilx, 139; Ott, OlaniH, 134. Hit*—Medwlck, Cai-Uiuuls, 221; p. « Wftiu'r, 1'iititeM, 313, ? Uoubkts, Medwick, Cardinals. fi4;! Herman, Cubs. 6C. j Trljileti—Cunillli. Phllllo; Medwick, f Cardinals, and Goodman, Ucxla : all 13, J Hom« rUnit—Ott, Olunts. SS; Canv illl. I'lillll^s, SS. • - Stirfun Himej»-J. Mariln, Cardl-. MAIN EVENT Four lteandi-146 Pound* SOLLY VALENTI vs, MANNY MOSKI L.M Sally Win Scml-Wlndop-Foar Round* IJ5 Poundi WILSON MACKEY a>l«rtll«ld vs. EDDIE HARRIS tut Sl«». LM Auxin WIIMH Wlll B. ti. tli. T>| So*n SpctUI Event-Four Rauads 145 Pound* Ftiny Miyin vs. Henry Jonnten Bitvitl.U Chk* ThU SheuK B« I Qi*4 Flfllt t.ur R Eddli Bondthu vs. Jack Hurry EMI (Ul.nll.U J.ttriM- Bvn r«ir Lap* Manoi vs. Irvine Frtidnia Four Rn*4»— 114 PWI<I Si* HeastoM vs. Fnddit LM AlfllM Fwir Rm»«»—III P«tt Sanehtz vs. Roftr Lui M*l> st Cjw. t_ A. PRICES: R|«*U ( ?H. A4«iHiH we. 6«ii«nr »•! Stfftmt kt A««i<M Frank «. Hunt* Pwt H..I. (WOODY) W000» PftlM 3M| ' »t IfKt, H«W Ntt Uttf Tfcti •* flffct ili(M

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