The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 13
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^THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1949 Get Recognition Improved Ware How Combines Hygienic Glass With Steel Penny (or penny, housewives who Defer cooking in porcelain enam- piedware today get a higher quality wlciisil than ever before, according K> (he Enameled Ulensil Manufacturers Council, Cleveland.'Ohio. The eroup represents all major enamel- cdware manufacturers mid reported recently on the success of Its nine- War research and product improvement program. Early in 1041 member companies of the Council agreed to sponsor a reward! program at the University of Illinois and to supplement It with individual company programs. As a result, porcelain cnameledware has : M'en improved more dm!-- : the last m'e years than during the previous 80-year history of thp industry In (he United States. Professor F. A. Peterseii; ceramic engineer In charge of the university 1 research, has .stated that modern . Porcelain enamcledware Is scientifically designed to incorhoratc all ot the sanitary features of glass with the rigidity and strength of steel. He pointed out that- the porcelain '. enamel whicli Is fused onto steel utensils during the ware's manufacture is a glass: it is non-porous, stain and acid-resistant and easy to clean. I As a giass-on-stecl utensil, porcelain enameledware not only is sanitary to use but is assured long- life because its hygienic finish is in, organic. This means that the glassy porcelain enamel coating is com• posed of minerals and noi of vegetable materials, so that it will last. Indefinitely if given a reasonable amount of care in everyday kitchen use. Homcniakers are advised by the Enameledwar'e' Council to follow a few simple rules • to assure maximum, sanitary service from modern porcelain .enameled utensils and to extend the kitchen,- life of each' utensil by several years. Tlie riilcs of-use anci care of porcelain enameled ware are not nearly as stringent as in 'Grandno trier's day, , but , housewives will do well to follow a lew ol them, according to the Coun*' •.'•Here, arc the' suggested ways to Use and-care for the product:. I. Use low heat when cooking on top of the stove: this eliminates . wasted fuel and minimizes the dan.- • gcr of boiling a utensil dry,-which injures both 'food and. the utensil , holding it. i 2. Keep utensil handles facing; to: wards the rear of. the stove; this ',. is a safety.-measure to protect cooks • from hot liquids spilled from an" upset utensil. - . T 3..Store ntenslls In/ the .area in 1-which they, are normally used; this : saves time-arid effort locating pots and pans.":-, ' ;.' ' : \ .. " ; ;' -1. Avoid, using harsh cleansers to .; clean porcelain enameled ware':, its ?poreless:fmlsh usually rcqiilrcToniV a soapy^water wash and a hot' -wateer rinse. Stains may be rei ; moved by rubbing them with a damp cloth .coated with baking soil a" 5. If fooa.clings.tb a utensil; soak the utensil to loosen the food before the .container is washed ;, 6. Remember, the glassy finish of Hiorcclain enameledware is fused to BI,YTHEVru,E (ARK.) COURIER NOT* Use Apples in Special Pudding Or Combined With Sweet Potato OCTOBER SPECIALTY—There are tots of looi. appie* arwnd. Use them In. in applesauce merlnrue pudding. October means lots of good apples.* : So take a look at these two apple recipes: ' Aujllrsnucc Pudding (!) servings) Three cups applesauce, 2.3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon grated lemoir rind; 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 lea- Cigar Band Collectors Are Infrequent Smokers PHILADELPHIA — (A'j— There was a noticeable lack of smoke at spoon vanilla extract, 3 egg yolks, 3 egg whites, ',« teaspoon salt', V3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 9 marachino cherries. Mix together applesauce. 2|3 cup sugar, grated lemon rind, lemon juice and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Beat egg yolks into applesauce mixture. Pour into heat-resistant glass square cake dish, eight-inch size. Beat egg whites until fluffy; iinnd salt and beat until stuff but not dry., Oriulunlly beat In .:l]3 cup sugar • until egg whites stand In peaks;' beat In i teaspoon vanilla extract/Arrange this meringue in nine mounds on top of applesauce mixture in square cake dish. .Bake In slow .oven (300 degrees P.) "or about 15 minutes or until meringue Is slightly browned. Garnish-w!'h'maraschino cherries. Serve either hot or .chold. Apples' combine deliriously with sweet ppta'tocs, also on the list of October plentiful foods. Sweet Potato am! Apple Serves C) Pare and slice (!& to '{-Inch thick) about 3 me'dtum-sized raw sweet potatoes and - raw apples (leave skins on red apples to add color). Then place In a hot frying pan with 3. tablespoons of melted .(able fat. Sprinkle with V, to '/, cup of brown sugar and a little salt. Cover.. Cook over low heat Until tender and lightly browned about 30 minutes. Turn occasionally. Blind Couple in Business - *P)±:" glintl 'since irth, the- 1 married: team of Jane and Avcry Dotsen has started a furniture repair business as a home industry. Avery does the manual work, Janes gets the orders steel; it cannot be damaged seriously if utensils are handled with care due any modern equipment the annual convention of the International ciflar Band Society. President Grovcr Greasby, of Waukesha, \vis., explained that about 30 per cent of the Society s members don't smoke. President, Greasby, a middle-aged mechanic, and his wife brought along what they called their master collection, dating back {o 1900. The collection includes eight complete sets bearing the likness of U.S. Presidents. Mrs. Grcasby also has a complete set of German rulers, from 17U to the late Kaiser; a set of 89 flags of the world, 'and a set of 50 state shields. -Another set displayed by Mrs. Greasby was imprinted with the faces of playing cards. There was enough variety for one complete deck: Grcasby said members get their bands by swapping or writing direct to manufacturers, Some buy cigars and give them away after removing the bands. plump and tender FHANKFURfERS MtMFHIl raCKINC CO. SPECIAL SALE of WOMEN'S SHOES! Begins Tomorrow Morning - Friday * * Dr °" Shoes'-. Wedges . Cuban Heels . Oxfords ^ Widths AAAA to C _ All sizes but not in every style. CHOOSE FROM A BIG TABLES! Reg u la r 7,95 & 8.95 4.90 Values to 4.95 1.95 Values to 6.95 295 Values to 7.50 395 H E UERS SHOE STORE Across from the Goff Hotel Evaporated Milk Gets Top Billing From USDA Foods Good 1 news for ' lusty appetites! Cheese, evaporated inilk, dry milk and, by' Inference,. "America's Sweetheart" — ice cream, get ton billing by the 'United ; States Department of Agriculture on-the list of foods to be'In plentiful supply during Octolier.^ ....... Remember 'that milk ! is nil-important in the .family :p!an for vigorous health. II 'Is a must for children. Is also a must, for adulls. The . FcTd ad .Nutrition Bcsrd O f tJie . National , Research Council recently . announced thai adults .should get three'cups a day lo Insure needed 'supply of rnl- cium. Therefore"''Include milk in some form in each meal. Here arc a few October dinner menus using'plentiful dairy piodI'cls: (The dishes printed in black- face type contain dairy foods.) 1. Fruit cup, pan-Drolled chopped beef niUtfos. casserole of mlveil vce- FlablM and noodles with white sauce, hoi Mscults, buKer, sliced tomatoes with chopped. chives or erera pepper, chocolate chiffon nic coffee, milk. 2. Tomator juice, frizzled ham or crisp bacon, casserole of mararonl or spaghetti, and chceso. Freneli or Kalian-type hrrad, butler, mixed greens and raw vegetable salad trench dressing, ginger pears, nut rookln, coffee, nllk. 3. Broiled chicken, nianhrd p» tapped wllb Parmesan cheese, butterM ireen beans-with slivers of 'saul'eed «1- monds, enriched soft rolls, biittrr, frull and cheese Iray: grapes; pe«rs, apples and vcdses of. awrted cherst, coife. nllk. : '".. i. Here's » mouth-watering .luiich'- con :or supper dish to fit intoY'lhe more hcnltli. Ihrouijh good eating 1 ' plan for all (he family. Baked KISS and Cherse lUllitn • Style '••• •• • ; : ..'.« s»rvlnjt«C: ' * ; One-half pound sharp Cheddar cheese, 4 to 9,egg5, -alt «nd pepper to taste, ii cup light creani, i cup f!ne : soft breadi crumbs,' 1 [3 clip grnlcd Parmesan cheese. . ; .' • ' Cut Cheddar cheese in Ihh! slices- line 4 Individual cg^ slilrrer dishes or very-.shallow cnsseVoles, Break one or two eggs Into each casserole on.lop, of cheese: sprlnkl- with salt au.d nepper. Pour two lablesiwons cream over csgs In each casserole, then sprinkle with a thin layer of bread crumbs and grated cheese. Ha! :e in moderate oven (350 degrees P.» abo- k 10 minutes, or until cgt;s are set. .... . . . Coo/ Months' Favorites Are Now on the Market Oysters'are cool months" favorites of. most families. • Served raw bnkcd. : scalloped,, or '-i soup they arc equally l.isl.v. Thnt is, If they, are not over-cooked or healed too' Economical Fall Recipes Include, 1949 Meat Pics Both of thew appetizing fall reo- pes are different, economical and nearly. Need more be «ald? M»r pie,. 1M* Style (Serve* 4 •• «) .Iliree-ijuiiitei- jwund ground beef, 1 cup soil, bread crumbs, ',* cup milk, i egg, i teaspoon salt, l!i teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons minced i bh'loii. PILLJNO: One and one-ha'lf cups drained canned tomatoes, \<, teaspoon salt, !i teaspoon basil, butter or fortified margarine. . •••-. To in a k e ."crust,", soak • bread crumbs In millc and beaten e^g for rupldly. fmproiwr cookfni; produces oysters that are tough-ahd tasteless. To protect oysters' true flavors, It Is wise to cook them In .porcelain ennmcledwarc. Poic^lnlu: enameled utensils heal evenly and have a non-porous glassy finish whlch'can- nol affct-t delicate flavors. Here's how to .make'an excellent oyster stew rorfoiir;'scald A cups mill 1 (use pure 'cream for added richness! in a pbrcdnln .ennnielr-rt rtoiiblc boiler; 1 '•^C-lille "milk ' licnls, melt 'i cup butler In porcclnlircn- amelcd saucepan; add 1 pint oyslcrs and lln'ild nnd .heat 'for 4 'niinules or until edges''curl;- add lo scalded milk; season lo tasle and serve gar- nishcd with chopped parsley. S mtnutcs. Add beef, salt, Worces- ersnlre say co, and orjloj). MJ X thoroughly. Line bottom and sides »/ a 9-inch pie plate with m i x . ture, Bake in moderate oven I3sn degrees P.) for 10 minutes. Meau- *'«llc mix together com and to- llnulT^li" 1 '"' aln ° lf 811 - V cxce ^ "quid. Add seasonings. Remove shell wlthiT 1 ' ad(1 -'" lll »e. »nd dot ««li butler or margarine. Continue baking f or 25 minutes. Cut in p ic . shaped wedges for serving. Now for a French Candadian r.iK- out, Serve II with boiled pola- " eabbaee " S *** I'ork Hock Ragout 14 srri'hijss) One pound pork hocks u pieces) tablespoons shortening, i onion' sliced, 2 teaspoons salt, 1 bay leaf' \i teaspoon whole cloves (If desired), i cup water, >,'•• pound ground »<!fl: !i pound ground pork v, teaspoon popper, browned flour di- boui 14 cup). nrown hocks in 2 tablespoons shortening In heavy kettle or fry-' mg pan. Add onion, 1 teaspoon snlt bay leaves, cloves and water. Cook 2 hours or until meiit Is fork tender Add more water from time to time If necessary. There should be about' lliif"'" lf<1Ul '' - at ell(i ' ot co °>5l"B Mix together the ground beef l>ork, pepper nnd 1 teaspoon salt Form into l>i Inch bulls and roll in the browned flour, Brown In a second frying pan in 2 tablespoons of Khoi'tciilng, Add the browned meat balls lo the pork hock mix- PAGE THlk'l L tEir ture and cook ',i hour. jua»' to- fore serving, thicken the broth »Jth 4 tablespoons browned llour mixed with litiuld left in pan after taint meat balls. Hygienic Dish For-New Arrival Car* New mothers will find that one of Ihe easiest ways to boll and-refrigerate water for bab!e« Is'to lite a porcelain enameled refrigerator dish. Covered with non-porom porcelain enamel and equipped with a close-fitting cover, such a di«h m»T be used sa/ely for sterilizing. and storing waler, whether' it b* for drinking or washing. ' _'-' Available ln : a- variety of tiar* porcelain enameled refrii«rat»r dishes are Ideal for preparing,and storing baby foods, too. The a«nl- taiy conlalnefs cannot collect hold or transfer food odors. They r««jV« only n soapy, water wash and a hit water, cleaning. ' ^ Til addition to the above iiwi 'oV» refrigerator dishes make convenient and safe receptacles for cotton and gauze which, arc reserved for"the exclusive needs of a new' A new branch of science known as , X-ray absorptomelry, which mean.; measuring the amount 6t an X-ray beam absorbed in pua- Ing througn ft suostance, promilti to become 'Increasingly Important as a method of chemical analwi. and of chemical control. PARKING SPACE GALORF Af MAY<' ^.—^-^—— ' > ' \ >t* _ ) Domino Pure Cane SUGAR IGA Sno Cream •%*•-» •*!•» •WICUffTI ' ^ , r , , SHORTENING 3 78c Swiftening • " SHORTENING •. 3 * 78c IGA Dctux« ; COFFEE ------ - fc 49c ^ * ' r * : Golden Ripe ' • ,-• BANAN AS >». 27< Solid Heads Iceberg LETTUCE 17 Fresh, Crisp Pet Milk CELERY 2 fe 29 3 Tall Cans IGA All Purpose Fl OUR----100 H 6.77 Tea Table SUPER FLOUR 100» 6.89 IGA .I BARS k 27c OLEOMARGARINE »> 29c FRESH MEATS u. 49' u, 49- MAYS n Fs In Charge of PORK HAMS I.Oill Clll PORK CHOPS Tender Cul CHUCK ROAST ,. b 45' Cure I'Vesh GROUND BEEF Ib 39 C Mays' Meats Are Always Fresher-Finer ' IGA SUPER MARKET 421 So. 21st, Highway 18 Blytheville; Ark.

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