The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 8
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yfflfw "* M '*,% 3 r i ' * * IHE BAKI?R8^BLt> CALIg6RNt^T, SATURDAY 1S|P^EMBER 28, trig Choice Building Lots in Real Estate BRANDT INVESTMENT COMPANY 1815 H Street Phone 1298 BAKERSFIELD REALTORS SINGING . LIVELY SONGS OF PROSPERITY AS BUILDING EVERYWHERE AT PEAK ^ If You Want to Sell Now Is the Time to List Your Properly With ELMER KARPE 1517 18th Street PHONE 210 ACTIVITY IN HOME BUILDING pllOOK that activity In homo * building In nakcrBflold continues on the upgrade IB found In report* from oporutorw of viirlouB nubdlvl- Hlons In und Just outHldo of tho rlty. In the California Aveiitio Tract, Harry Hmlth Btnt.*8 that J. H. Kmlthoy, Boeretary of tho County Chamber of Commons pinna to build a $BOOO homo them thin fall. Donald Itubbiird, contractor. HOOII hpglnn two morn now howo. nnd IH completing another. Joseph llurkn planu to build two hornnn for Bpmru- Inllon, I'liirl IIiidHOn planH to build limit) n'!W hoimm In thin tract Inv iiifidliitoly. The John Martor homo IH In the flr«t fltiig<;« of construction, and J. IS. I3f;cl<>« will build thlH fall. tn Caau. Loma Ar.ron Mr. Voor- bleu and C. W. 1'earnon nxpool to begin work on now hornon Immediately. Two other $6000 homed have JUKI bpr-n completed. Heveral new honv« to bo built thlH full will complete tho homo Hlte* In oleander Terrace operated by tho rtonoor Hciilty Company. Threu hlnukH of now lioincM have bonn completed In tlm punt five month*. [n tbo Alta VlHttt Irac't Oeorgn HodgpH, Frank Vatty, (Umrgo rial- yrn and I'Veomun Chamblt>« ar« building buinOH cooling from $5000 to $700u. Many otlmrn urn plannltiK to build HOOII, nut nt Mloukdalti Harry Hiilio ro- pot-til tbul John LoiiHlalol, C. Kobxrt PortiM- und L. H. HobliiHon arii plan- nlii» to mart homo bulldliiK at onof. Hiipcntly cninplotuil b(iin"» worn nwnud by (li'OfB'J Ileindci-Hon, HOHC.OH Arnold, .loHli CbiipiniLii, Hob»rt .1. Kltncr and \\'nlti>r Hprynr. New Homes Under Construction in Many Sections While Costly Remodeling and Improvements Indicate Prosperity of Bakersficld A T TUB threshold of full the real ostato mon of HaltcrBdold look with Jubilation upon the coming BOUHon with tho well founded gen- erul opinion that both tho city and county tiru entering upon ono of Dip greatest building booniH to Htrlko tho community In more than a decade. ' They point to tho Blendlly growing building activity ot tho pant IS months and oxprcBN atfrccablo our- prlHO at' tlm nummpr juHt olo«lhg which wlttioHHcd unabuted iictlvlty In tho erection of new homoB, biwl- noun hulldltiKH and Hcorefl of cxpen- nlvn modcrnl/.alloiiH which liavo boon complntnd. CornmcnlH, from loading real fBlato mnn In thu city, follow: JBd- ward Kelly, of Kelly & Son: "When you tako Into conHtdnrallon that city biilldlnK pcrmllfi for the first half of Iho yenr tataltirl noarly a million dollnrn, and that oven that murk In boliiff liicrr'axod «v<>ry month Blnco Juno It IH no wonder wo find happy ovor Hid building iiltuntlon." Marry Halco: "When ono reodn In HID pupor Hint 1(18 now honu?H IHI.VI broil built horo In tlui pant yi«nr end- Ing In July, tho avorago pnrnon doc.H not count tho HCOI'IJB of honn?H that havo bcnn erected oiitsldd of tbo clly llmltii. I'll ventui'ii to Bay thoro aro a« many npw homo« outHldo of the llniUM, within, rlvo tnlnutoH of eenth and Chester, as the 108 actually built In our closely confined cor- jorato limits." Harry F. fimlth. California Avenue Tract: "What seen™ to mo to bo a solid foundation ot building Is tho fact that with hundreds of 'now •lomCH already completed and bun- :lrodH more under construction there ire very few being built for speculation. Pooplo are building homes Tor themselves. They expect to stay tiore and prosper with the community. A good Blgn of returning proa- porlty." Louis Hrandt, Brandt Investment lornpany: "I believe tho demand for the hotter clans building lots In tho city Is Increasing every day. I reach that conclusion from sales In close- in Hunsct I J o.rk. Purchasers are buying to build for themselves." Taylor ft Taylor, subdlvlders: Most of tho now homes In tho city llsolf aro of tho better class from $4000 up. Wo aro witnessing a brisk revival In lot saleu In tho Alta Vtata tract." Oscar Johnson, of Johnson A Isaacs, contractors: "Tho building boom oxtonds out In tho country. At WOHCO In the northern part of the county, wo have contracts to build 25 new homes, many of which have been completed." A. 1C. lloagland, I'loneor Uoalty Company: "New homes doesn't be gin lo taUo It all In. Hales In farmlands aro getting better every day particularly cotton ranches." lOlmer Karpo: "No ono can doubt tho corning activity. 1 look for a rapid turnover In buslneHs property during the fall and winter." BUILDING PERMITS OF WEEK •OUILDING permits for the •*•* first four days of the week reached an all time new high, well above the forty thousand dollar mark. Monday and Tuesday -witnessed a total of nearly (36,000. Among the permits issued were! C., W. Crook, 185, Pacific street, house, $3000, with M. T. Carton, contractor. George C. Wilbur, 1330 First street, $3000 house, $200 'garage. Forest Brown, contractor. <G. E. Gllmorc, 2830 Twenty • first street, house, $7500. Modcna M. Metcalf, 314-316 • t street, $8000 duplex and $376 for garage. Madfcr, 401 house $3900, Tenth garage John street, $280. Other construction included alterations at the Hopper Machine Works totaling $2900; a $370 garage by Joseph Bresson ; C. L. Stanley store alterations costing $120. W. J. Burk, 401 B Street, house $4350, and garage $350. Various other smaller, permits totaled several thousand dollars. KERN FARM LANDS NEAR TOP PRICE IS CLAIM OF REALTORS OF COUNTY Hail Five Million Dollar Potato Crop in Shatter District and Gteat Harvest of Grapes and Cotton as Causes for BiggestJump in Many Years rpHREB major factors aro ••'Bible for top prices.being asked and received for farm.' lands In Kern .county according to several Bakersfleld real estate men specializing in this branch of, trad*. , v According to city dealers in this class 'ot ..projjerty, top prices are the offspring of i the lowly < potato, the juicy grape and * the snowy acres of cotton,- - .„ '•' <•"•-•> Lost summer the town of'Shatter awoko over night to • a- new found prosperity, so these land 'dealers nay. Evening time found the.streets wero crowded block after'block with the cars of neighboring farmers who came to the HUlo, city to do their shopping at night. All stores remained open, for customers were too busy harvesting- a potato crop that brought the Shatter growers a DEM AND IS INCREASING FOR STOCKDALE SUES REAL ESTATE NEWS BRIEFS O N 13'of-the \ HOME LOANS 5% Interest Paynuiiils loss Ihun ronl in (lie building, liuy'intf or rcfituiiicing of your huinc. Modorniziilion or rqmir loitiis Small nionllily puymuntN, no down ptiy- nu'iil. THE KING LUMBER CO. I/onn Department Help You Phone 12 :L^^,^ '-'&jSri,5fJ*^»/? •VYI.-TV^T.,' fcV.vK'i For Sale Three Hcdroom Frame Dwelling, Tile Sink, Modern Interior. Located ut 430 Chester Avenue Price $3,500 For trade or cusli -IT) acres '/« mile east of Shafler Experiment Farm. Price $8500. Inquire 1017 CHESTER AVK. PHONIC (55(11 CITY IS RICH IN PROSPECTS FOR FUTURE Hy PUICIC NTANI.KV r plllfi jirlci) of real property In bound A to flue. Anyino familiar with mil estate, who In free from blim will have to udmlt Ihlii Is I rue I lm«e my predictions of the coming boom In real propfrty on plain tacts. To begin with, reul properly Is not like liny other coiiiinodlty. If then; IH a Nliiirtnirn of earn, nhooH, imlloii or any certain article, Industry run Hpri'd up their machinery ilonlile their employes and inanufin'i urn morn to keep In step with the div miuul. With reul property, II ran- not bo rniiiuifactnreil There In only MO much land. Nittiirully when there Is a MhurliiK'' of property of iinj Illml the price ralsex wllh the In crciiHcil demand, and we are ccr talnly fuci'd with a HhnrliiK 1 ' of properly today, cnporlnlly the whorl lllfe <if hoiiU'K. Due to econiunle eun dlllolui thei(< <IUM been lltlle lillIIIIllin done In Hie I'lilled MtnteM fin the pntd nix yen I'M The hoiiHlni; Hliortiifte In llaltern field and MIII i oiindliiK tert llorli H If more iiciite than In liny other plnce. Toiliiy there nlf al>solule|y no (milieu or npiirliiKMilfi for rent. The rental Nllniitlon In IliiUei »fleld In HiM'louH New linlldliiK>i cunimt be (jompliiteil raplilly enoii|;h or In HIM flclent i|iliin(ltli>H lo coiinleriiet the HhortiiK" and (he shortuxe tliiil will develop during (he next five yearn In another cinuin for real eslate to In erensu In price, The tthorlnK" will cause a xhnrp ndvanco In runtM ami will miilte collections bntter, ellnil niitlnit loKiies ruiiRcd by heavy vu- I'ltlU'leM of recenl yenrs. Iteiil estate In the niifeHt tnvcHtnicnt on earlli. 1 siiy buy hefore prU'en mine HAKE GROWS GOURD CROP AT STOCKDALE Hurry Italic, city realtor, claims that HtocUdulo Is a garden hpol for I lie |iiu\vlnii of ornninenliil i;ounln Kiirly In (he nimimer Mr. Unite plnnlcd u number of varieties of »nmll Koiird HccdH anil bin lultlihil attention lo their cultivation during the Niimm«r month* has been iv- wiirded with a plentiful Imrvoxt of small Ki'unln In every color of tlio rainbow The first k,'nmn worn ex hlblled In bin window H on Twentieth street, and he rluiniH they have IH< come much In d«mnml as house ornaments. K! I'loiincr Multiple Lint or* llfj.V & HON. pioneer Hukr»rH- fllllll rt'lll t'Hllltci Illlll InHlirUIUW off IRK \VIIH oil" of tli<> flrr.t firms of KM kind 111 Ihn city to adopt tlio miilllplii llfitltlK worvU-'O of sales, HO iniii'h In vo|{ii<' n( tlilH (line-, Tlin Multllili* LlntlriK Hyslotn lie- ronlliiu lo Kilwnrcl Kelly In u MK iilil to llin prompt iitul nfflcii-nt nalf'n of propcrlloH. Id* Minion Hint ihrotiKh thin mirvlci' iiml u liu'tfr 1 Riilco (urcn |I!N oonilinny IH riiulppcil to nm'vo a lnr«" real f'Kliilo cllcnti'liv Tim Ki-lly & Nun ofrii'n roporiH lirlHlt | Hiili'H In nil rlimm'H of property, par Hit In Prlina Vora t'ark and ha« lot a contruct for tho emotion of a $3500 hoinn for lilinnolf and family. tlciilurly In vuluuliln fnrm lanilB. Now Ijonn Service Tho KliiK Liimlii-r Company ban liiHlltutcd an ontlroly now depart- muni to tako care of tbo rush of biilldlnK In llnkiTHflohl and Kern county. Tho now dupartmcnt han- dlcH IOIIIIH of r'Vory deiicrlptloh for tlio bulIilliiK', romodollriff and re- fltmnalntf of bomoa.' Mnrlon K. Lawrnnco, wlio for two i yi'iirH IIIIH IK-HI H|ioclnll/,lnK In T"ed- i oral HoiiNlnif AdmlnlHtratlon most :<lcBlrable tiubdl- vlsionH in Kern county is located at Htockdale, nestled back of the adobe* and tllo wall along tho Slock- dale- highway and cast of tho Block- dale Golf and Country Club, among tho Htatoly pecan trees; a part of that beautiful tract of land that HlandH out. BO prominently In tho i rnlmlH of many dlHtlnctlvo Callfornl- an» and acknowledged to bo ono ot California's most beautiful parkH, already frilly developed with 18 beautiful liomcH, with artlHtlo Bhrubhory and tri«eH, bamboo groves, wlntllng and artlatlc roads, adjacent to Stock- dalo Country Club with Its golf links, tennis courts, swimming pool and other recreational features; only 10 minutes njotor ride from Nineteenth j In .Sun J'ranclaco IH In charge of tho i now King Lumber Company depart- i mont. Newcomer lo HiilttTHflrld i • • • Sum I .nclieniiinler, liewi'oiner '" ' . liiikerHfl.-!.! IIIIH piirchnsed nnd sold! Now Cu»loninr Service sevi'cnl p|ecr'« of i vMlili'itl lal pro|)ertyi Tho Mlnnor l^urnlturi! Compiiny, In lln> illy In tin I'Hi'i ihreii \veeliH | thrifty tniirt In lOaHt HiiUermlrUI. IH HeMldi'iiri u he purcliatied Inr.luiled . offering a circular to prospnutlve lioiiHeH ul -IMii I'hi'Hier nveini", l!ll!i | hiiyors which IH both uttraollvo to I'liellli' Hlrei'i, ll'.Ti I'earl Hired and i new homo owners seeking furnish- MM H. uili of A ni' i Ira ImllilhiK at i IIIKM and uniiHual In di'HlKii. The folder dem-rlbes bow to buy a rut; anil llko It, In other words, t'Tt- pluliiH how a ruf< or oarpet should bo filled to your room furnlshliiKH. Tho rich reward of five million dollars for their efforts. According to tho estimates of one prominent land dealer In Bakersfleld tha -farmers of that section will re- oelve an even better price, for their 'potatoes next year, basing his claims On a'-repbrt of tho United, States Department of Agriculture which shows an .Immense potato shortage. At any rate, this, dealer states that many Shatter .farmers made $1000 an aero from the,potato harvest .and [.here-' were some Instances" 'of the figure gpiiig to $1000 an "acre." " • Later in the summer a bumper grape crop came In, Luscious, rare varieties were rushed from nearby vineyards to the farmost marts of the world as great trucks, loaded down with tone of grape crates crept to the north and to the south, to serve closer markets. With the advent of fall, Kern county looks forwafd to harvesting ono ot the greatest cotton props to be grown In the. history ,of this country, -which will give 'steady and profitable employment to hundreds of local people. From every section reports indicate that the crop Is larger and more superior in every respect. This fact Is Indicated by brisk sales of-cotton ranches owned by Miller & Lux, according to A. B, Hoagland, sales manager, of, the Pioneer Realty Company, who handle tho Miller & Lux properties, and crieslor, via: the Stockdalo Boulevard. • .. ...... Lots at Stockdalo are sufficiently largo for a home, tennis court, cro quet ground, private driveway ant many other attractive features which are not possible on a small lot in town. Stockdalo has the reputation of being just a little cooler than any other place In the valley. Just recently much additional territory has been voted into tho Morris Mosquito Abatement District, and therefore, during the years to come, all water pools adjacent to Kern rlvor for miles will bo treated and tho mosquitoes abated. Harry 13. Hake, tho owner of Htoekdale subdivision, reports that ..many sales are being made in that section. Company Seeks Loans in City FIVE DOLLARS AVAILABLE FOR BUILDING HOMES i' s' i * if- ' •' * 6% Interest , ' j? ' Irrespective of who your builder is or from whom you purchase-your material. Fo*. detailed plans relative to Federal Housing, Administration Secured loans see us at once. W. F. BRAY 1414 17th Street Phone 157 PIONEER REALTY COMPANY Exclusive Agents For Miller-Lux Lands. FOR SALE 5 or 6 nice cotton ranches for sale. Reasonably priced with gravity water and irrigating | wells pumping 1000 to 1400 gallons of water per minute with 15 H. P. motor. Rm. 7, Haberfelde BIdg. Phone 2500 A. E. HOAQLAND, Sales Manager FEDERAL HOUSING ACT IS AID ; TO MANY CITY HOME OWNERS Long Time Loans on Easy Payments Benefit to Building Activity in Both City and County D IIK m-al HIlllftlT. Ml l-iirli till- I'lldl'lr Mill.M- mill III lllll'.'ll ' mimliT iilrruilv Nlri'H ]irupi>rt y tin 1 1'i'nrl Htivcl \VuiT<'li. Tim had noli! lo I.. H. property Hlmftor Mi*. of Aiin'ili'M litillilhiK I inn re- lii'i'ii mild lii Mr ( 'onH'orl, lll'f 111' I III' Slmri'T I'l'CHH. 1 .urlti'iihui |i-r IWM purt'lui.Miut u foldor was deHlgnud by thu Blgelow UUK people who mumifacturo a blish Ri'iulo linn of modern, quality I-IIBH, whtoh can ho found In full HliH-u at tbo Mltmnr Hturo. LAND DEALS OF WEEK \Y/1TH KnU-H of lots reported ' from iH'iirly every mibtll- vision tit anil near the city, the week's h an-mctlon In Intul NiileH this week were topped by u Tclmi'hiipl laud deal, InvdlvhiK Ht» stitu of • $.15,1)0(1, und which WUM hrotiKht to u clone by J. Marion Unicorn, lu'iul of (lie real cHlntc and laud department with T. W. McMnnuH. The property Involved IH one of (lie oldest runrhoH In IhU Hoi'llon of tlie hlate and MHS Known UN tho Hninlnn t'or- (Hirntlon property ronslNtlnK iif S820 ucroH. I'm I of tho properly IH now plnntod to potatoes. Accord- Ing; to Mr. HOROTH, conslder- ahlo Interest hnH heen aroused In thin Tclmcluipl dlHtricl Hlnce it became known that proportleH there are Ideal for KruwliiK Heed potatoes. Mr. Ci. Martini ami Dick I 1 'Hnuochi of HaUersfleUI were the purchasers of the Teha- chupi land and according to Mr. HogerH the new owners plan to develop it into a lilRhly productive ranch. The McMantiH real estate department, Hucciullzini; in lands, report over $100,000 worth of business in the past forty.five days. Mr. Kogers of that department is now In San Francisco concerning an important land transaction. to tho activities of tho Ked- ral housing act this Is a new homo Thousands of people are, accoutring homos at monthly payments less thiiti rent duo to this government activity. Families nil over Halcersflold and Kern county are finding out that now Is Iho time to build and now IH th(v time to take advantage of this government method of financing. .Space on this page will be devoted ench week to Informing prospcetlvo homo owner?, builders and contractors tho procedure In connection with tho building, buying, remodeling and refinancing of the home under tlio provisions of tho act of congress croutlng Iho federal housing administration. This werles of articles Is Intended to furnish Information enabling all llakcrsfleld people, to take advantage of today's moderate cost for materials and labor and tho sound financing for new construction, which has never been moro favorable than it IH today. Today it Is possible for . thoso wanting a now home to acquire such property and pay for it In easy monthly installments. The. federal* housing administration has placed in tho office of AV. F. Hray, 1414 Seventeenth street, a few thousand bulletins for free distribution, showing Jtow you can build, buy. or refinance a home. This office is furnishing freo service In connection with filling out applications for those who deslro to build or refinance through a "financial Institution whoso program Is to loan up to flvo million dollars Federal Housing Administration secured loans tn this city. Approximately $200,000 In loans, through this source has been made tn tho last three months, all of which la helping to build Bakers- fleld. All persons aro urged to familiarize thomaelvcH with this movement and co-operato In this great reconstruction measure, which Is furnishing employment and rehabilitating tho building trades industry. T IFJ3 Insurance Companies are -'-' again seeking loans In Bakersfield, according to Elmer Karpo, real estate and loan agent.--, The Prudential Life Insurance Company, whose mortgage company Mr. Karpe represents, lias recently signified their Intentions of actively soliciting loans in this city. The mortgage department of the Prudential Llfo Insurance Company first entered Bakersfleld about four years ago. , Bakersfleld has prpvon to bo tho "white spot" of all, California as the company. did, not have 1 a single foreclosure during tho low period of 1932, 1933 and J934. . . '; Their loans have always .;bceti placed only in restricted territories and upon newer properties, nothing being accepted on properly over 10 years old. This restriction is due In a large part to tho attractive Interest rates offered. The popular loan being for 200 months with interest at 6 per cent per annum on the deferred payment plan. Loans are also made on downtown retail business property. Interest rates show a tendency to decline as very conservative loans on newer properties have a rate of 5% per cent and even 5 per cent. These interesting rates coupled with tho very liberal pay-off privileges arc making these loans attractive, according to Air. Karpe. Mr. Karpo states that the Prudential people have always looked with favor upon homo loans and arc ono of the largest private lenders in America today. ^ _ NEW TRACT OPENS SOON It Takes a Heap of Living and MINNER'S FURNITURE To Make a Home Out , of: a House -' ; •,:;:'•;-.,..:'• ::r- ij We specialize in conr-. 1 plete furnishings for the modern home from kitchen to front porch. MINNER'S 1028 Baker Street Phone 900 FOUR NEW HOUSES IN SUNSET; DEMAND FOR LOTS IMPROVES New homes continue to dot tho skyline of Bunset Park, ono of tho largest subdivisions in Dakorsfleld, according to bouts J. Brandt, of tho Brandt Investment Company. During aho past week two new homes have been started In tho Sunset section, Ono Is a two-story homo at 8000 San Kmidlo street, be- I Ing constructed for William Buorkle. ! Tho other residence, la located at For Houses Lots Real Estate of All Kinds See HOWARD NICHOLS, INC. Chester Avenue ut Seventeenth PHONE 383 Lots for Sale CASA LOMA ACRES $500-$1000 California Avenue Tract $400 to $850 "One of HokersficUTs Choicest Subdivisions" H. F. SMITH 1725 Chester Avenue Phone 118 FOR SALE Income Properly ! HU uultn on 100-foot cor- i nor lot, olOHo to high Ni'hool. Will show ItK'omn of $i!UO por month tho your round. ThU Is uot old. run-down property t>ut Is modern and In excellent Blmpe. Al' wnya fllKul. I i TOTAL PRICE $12,500 j About $2500 tlowu will 1 handle. Price Stanley 1700 K Street Phon« 1804 For Sale or Exchange HOTEL BUILDING and Equipment Throe - story brick building in splendid condition. Thirty nicely furnished, nir-cool- ed rooms, two stores, and basement. PRICE $20,000 Will consider good, improved residential property together with some cash. 1 Kelly & Son i 1712 CHESTEU AVE. | . . PHONE 863 Oscar Johnson and John Isaac CREATORS AND BUILDERS OF BEAUTIFUL HOMES We Finance nnd Build Office 1700 K Street PHONE 5555 3031 Park Way and will bo the homo of Fred J. Rutherford. Tho Brandt Investment Company hut) junl completed u homo for Leslie A. Anderson at 3015 Park Way. Other new structures under way aro a duplex dwelling on California avenue for Lou In Itarrlti. and a new residence an Park Way for Mrs. Lou la Lewis of Vltmlla. Lot ealea In Sunpot Park are on tho Inorcaao, BtutcB Louts Brandt. • "Weyerhtfuser" 4 Square Lumber | • "Coolaerator" • "Electrolux" Gas Refrigerators • "Yale" Hardware. • Building Material "Loans" Olldale, the adjoining suburb to Bakersfleld is to have a new subdivision opened in the near future. Operations await the completion of blue prints. The new property will bo opened to the home seeker as Winner's Villa and consists of forty or more desirable building lots. It Is owned by A. W. Mlnner, well known furniture man of this city and Is located three blocks west of tho Standard School In Oildate. • Tho property lies between Olldale avenue and Highland Park with the Homecrest addition on the west. Qeorgo Carrere, well known Bak- ersfteld real estate man will bo In charge of Mlnner Villa .lot sales, which will attract many home builders desiring to obtain building sites near the city In a deslrablo location. i Come Out to Beautiful STOCKDALE Where (juiet exclusiveness amid beautiful surroundings make living a pleasure. —and Stockdale homes are among the finest and; most beautiful in the. county. SEE HARRY HAKE 1523 Twentieth Street PHONE 391 • Plan Service SANDSTONE i BRICK CO. 18th at Sonora LAND SALES See ROGERS with T. W. McManus ' EliklMtitk Strut "We Have the Best" ALTAVISTA LOTS Reduced In Price 50-Foot Lota Formerly $1000 Now $850 NO OTHEFt COSTS RESTRICTED Some Lota at $500 TAYLOR AND TAYLOR 166Q Chester Avenue J»hone 712. V^'i <.«' ,".M-' !<I ;> > ' '->-•''''„"-< ,'*; N "< a,^'--sr'j «'*• ,', ••• v^''-''', "

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