The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 6
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f l,T' ^ j^V'-.'t^' i'''yf'"if" ' ( - i "- 1 - i - \'" *,' f S* < •« ' ' ' ' Thiy I START TOMORROW GREAT ATTRACTIONS Mickey Moust "MICKEY'S POLO TEAM In Technicolor Ends Today — Thrilling Myitery "HALF ANQEU" Romance and Intrigue "SECRET AGENT" SERIAL, CARTOON, NEWS "Fury" Is Strong Drama at Virginia A new romantic team of unusual ippeal is Introduced In the Metro- Qoldwyn-Mayer picture, "Fury," opening H'iinday at tho Virginia .heater. The co-«tarrlng leads are Hylvla Sidney and Hpcncor Tracy, and their ictlng In many of tho difficult ncenos of this powerful screen play •ipproachcH now heights. In the supporting cast are Walter Abel, Union Cabot, Edward Ellis und Waller Hrommn. "Kury" IH strong faro, strongly presented. It In a ehallungo to every rlKht-thlriklng adult In America, not an a preachment, but as' gripping real life drama that recurs constantly on the front pngn of tho nutlon'N papers! mpliHInK the douhln bill IH John Mack Brown In a first-run western, "Kvery Alan'H Law," and Our (Jang Comedy and other shorts. Contlnuoui 2-11 Sit. and Hun, (starts Today CORA AND UNCAS -BULLLW EDITION KAY WALKER KNAPP 2 THRILL HITS CONTINUOUS TODAY TOMORROW AFTER' 2 P. M. MATINEE im«r OlIINt! NKHIS Of CLAIRE TIIEVOK JANE DARWELL MICKEY MOUSE In "MICKEY'S MOVING DAY" ()«Ulir«tlnD Hit llh Annlnrnrj Sunday and Monday TWO Did FEATURES Frank MORGAN, Steffi OUNA In Dig Technicolor Succeti "Dancing Pirate" OTTO KRUOER Martha Sleeper, In Love Hit "TWO SINNERS" "Loot City" (I) ami Newn LAST TIMEB TODAY Lloyd HUQHUS, Lonn ANDRA In "SKYBOUND" and KERMIT MAYNAI1D In "RED BLOOD OF COURAGE" Frank Merrlwell (B), Coniody. N«w« VIRGINIA Op«n ia-H p. in.—aOo »ml 10o Bundny, Monday, Tuuidny TWO BIQ FEATUOBS Sylvia SIDNEY Spencer TRACY «nd Star C»t In M-Q-M DOAMA OF WEODINO NIQHT "FURY" JOHN MAOK DROWN In Dig Flrot-Run Weitern "EVERY MAN'S LAW" Ainu Our Onng Coniady Newi nntl Cnrtoon LA6T TIMES TODAY OAnv coorcn IN "MR. DEEDS DOES TO TOWN" und JACK PERRIN W««t«rn "DUN QRIT" Comedy, Ntwi and Novelty Heather AIIKI-I HIM! rhllllp Heed TJANIJOLPII KCOTT, Blnnlo •*-*• Barnes and Jlonry Wllcoxon bend one of tho greatest casts of stum nvor ussamblad on the screen In "Tim I/a«t of the Mohicans," film version of the JameH Fonl- more (;oopor classic which IH now playing at the Nile theater on a double feature program with tho lilting mUHlcal comedy romance, "Hlar for a Night," starring Claire Trevor. Hcott IH Hufsn IIH ITawUoyo, tho bravn colonial Heoiil, beloved by the millions of readers of tho book. MlHH Marries IH cast IIM the glamorous Alice Mtinro, who Is torn between love for him anil loynlty to thn gallant Mnjor Uun- ciin lleyward. played by Wllcoxon. Cabot hiiH the role of Tlagua, tho runegtide Indian «py; MI»H A.ngel IH seen an tho lovely Cora Mtinro. and Hoe.fl pluys I'niMit, tho young Indian brave who hopelessly worships her. Hrcuth-tahlng hlKhll«litH of the picture are the dcfinine of Kurt. \\lllliim Henry ngiilrixt th" on- Hluiighl of the Krench legions; (''ira'H death leap from the hulghtu of Lovurs' C!llff; the thrilling rescue of Hawlteye from thu torture Htnlie of (he navagn IturotiH; the harbnrli! war dancu of Indian (rlh»H, mid l».Ht but not leimt, thn hand-tii-hand tomahawk battle to the ileath lietween tho renegade hiilfbreod and "The Last of the MiihlcaiiH." TOMORROW- 20<| i» tun 2 BIO FEATURES "Ladies and gents, I bring you a scintillating extravaganza of wit and music..." f "And while you're I lurking, <lon'i fnrgec I to menllnn love!" 'San tfrancisco" Comes to Granada In tho M-O-M musical drama, San Franclnco," in which Clark Oablo Is co-starred with Joanette MaoDonald and Spencer Tracy and which openn at tho Granada theater Sunday,, ho In Been on tho owner ot a, flashy dance hall, Tho plotui-o, directed by W. S, Van Dyko of "Ko«e Mario" fame, deals with tho romance between the daughter of a mlnlntor who obtaln« work Ringing In thn rawcoun Bar- hary O'Oawt danco hall, owned by Clablfl and fallB In love with tho proprietor. Jack Holt, JeBHle Ralph and Tod Hoaly have prominent supporting rolen. Becond feature IH "Prldo of tho Marlnen," a Columbia feature with CharloH Rick ford und Florence Tllco In the leading rolo. It IH a romantic action-drama. , + >» Kruger Plays Lead in Rialto Booking Otto Kruger, star of tho currnnt Htnge BucceHH, "Parnoll," ha« tho landing rolo In tho iiurecn version ol Warwick DcoplnK's famoim riovn^ "Two Hlnck Hhcep," which opens Hunday al llin Ulallo thcutor. Tho Hcrcen vornlon In tilled "Two Sin nor«" and IH Bald to bo even more (; thim tho novel, giving Mr KiMiKRi- opportunity for HOIIIO of his flnost acting. Flaying oypoalto him IH Murthu Hl«i»per. "Uanclng Pirate," Bccond feature wan fllinmi In technicolor. It IH i Buy, romuntli: fantawy with unuMun dnnciiH, vivid HCOIICH and some gooc (i|>era boiiffo comedy. Frank Mor- Mini. HU'Tfl Dunn und Charles Col- HUH hpiul thn cant. 'MplHodn one of "Tho IjOBt City," an exciting Horln.1. Htarrlng William (Hlage) Hoyd will ul«o be Hliown. . W.C. Fields Star in Comedy, Poppy 1'rofoHnor IdiiHtaco McQargle, a carnival moilleliio man export on every! hhiK, IH 'tho rolo played by W. C. FloldH, conipdlan of Rtago iincl Hcrc-nn. In "Poppy," an appeal- Ing comedy opening lit the Hex theater Knhday to Tuesday, In which flochollo ItudHon IH "Poppy." An plghleon-year-old K<rl with W. C. in<>l(ln IIM linr guardian, nlio fallH In lovo with tho mayor's HOII as they uro playing In a small-town carnival. CompllcntloiiH arlHO when )''!ehlH puhiiH hor off HM a rnlHHtng lii'lremi, but tho picture ends happily. Claudotto Colbert and ji'red Me- Murray, In "Tho Glided IJly," form thn othor hiilf of an outstanding ilonhln fi-aturo proKrnni rtt tlm Hex. HE LOVES HIS BBOTfifc'S Radio Progratns Tonight KOO.KPO— NMKflM Bfti««u«n« e»m»»ny— «opll«» tniriffli tot KFI, KEOA, KP8B, KOW, KEX, KOMO, KHCL KJH. KOA. ROA, KOHL. KOYU KfllR, KTAR. KFKO-OB8— DM U» IM OolumMi— 8up»ll»« program) t«t KHJ, KQ3, K08, KM/, KOW, KFBK, KMN. KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIN. KCPV. B AU1.U1U. STANWYCK and Robert Taylor OB they appear In a scone from "His Brother's Wife," one of. tho three outstanding attractions starting tomorrow at tho Fox 'California theater. "Mis Brother's Wife," Is a daring romance with Jean Hnrsholt, Joseph Callola and John Bldredgo in tho cast. Tho second feature Is "Charlie Chan at the Race Track," \Varnor Oland Is again cast as the groat Chinese sleuth. Koye Luke, Helen Wood, Thomas Beck and Alan Dlnehart are In the supporting cast. The third attraction Is a. Mickey Mouse cartoon In technicolor "Mickey's Polo Team." Movietone News completes tho program. Closing today at tho California are Robert Young and Madeleine Carroll in "Secret Agent," Frances Boo and Brian Donlevy In "Half Angel," chapter seven of "Ouster's Last Stand," a cartoon and news events. BlOO to Bi30 p, m. KERN and network'— Larry Kent Orchestra. WBXAI— Recordings. B)30 to 6iOO p. mi . KERN— Colonel Grant; 6:45, Mu- steal Varieties. W8XAI— Recordings. NBC network— Chateau. KNX— Buddy and Ginger; 6:46, Children's program. 8 too to 6i30 p. m. KERN and network— Your Hit Parade. ' NBC network— Chateau. W6XAI— News flashes; «;15, Colonel O. 8. Grant to 8:46. . KNX— Catallna Quartet; 6:16, News. „ 6)30 to 7iOO p. m, KERN and network— Your Hit Par rade. NBC network— Strlngtlme. W6XAI— 6:45, Col. O. S. Grant. KNX— Peter Kent, Batty Borden; 6:40, Calmon Lubovlskl to 7:16. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KERN and network— Artie Shp.w Orchestra. * NBC network— National Barn Dance. WGXAI— Home Folks; 7:16, World Dances. ICNX— 7:13, Pomona Fair. 7 130 to 8:00 p. m. KERN and network—Night Court of People. NBC network— National Barn dance. • W6XAI— Let's Dance; 7:46, Cecil and Sally. KNX— Larry Leo's Orchestra. ..,,.. « . KERN — Studebaker Champions; 8:16 — to be Announced. NBC network— Hotel Ambassador Orchestra. WCXAI— Hollywood on Parade; 8:16, American Weekly. KNX— Hollywood Barn Danes. «|30 to 9:00 p. m. , KBRN and network—Dick Jur- > gnn's orchestra.. • ' NBC. network—Lotus ' Gardens W?XAr^5hib ' Reporters; 8:46, Hits and Encores. KNX—Hollywood Barn Dance, •too to 0130 p, m. . KERN- and network — Harry Lewis' Orchestra. NBC networks-Grand Terrace 1 Cafe. Orchestra. . ..' ' W6XAI--NeW8 Flashes; 0:16, Pop Concert to 8:46. KNX — News; 0:16, Hollywood Barn Dance; 9:80 to 10:00 p. m. KERN and network—To be Announced. NBC network—Oriental Garden* Orchestra. W6XAI—9:46, Rhythm and Romance. KNX—Barrt Dance. lOiOO to 10:30 p. m. K10RN and network—Kenny Allen Orchestra. NBC network—Hotel St. Francis orchestra. W6XA1—All Request Program. 10)30 to 11:00 p. m. KERN and network—Colo Mo> Elroy's Orchestra. NBC network—Bal Tabarln Orchestra. W6XAI—All Request Program. • • «* » ' OENTM5 DOMINIE! 8TEUBENVILLB, Ohio, Sept. 28. —(A. P.)—Burglars attempted to loot the'sacristy of St. Peters' Cathollq Church, were surprised and fled, leaving their tools behind. The Rev. Thomas A. Powers, pastor, advertised that the tools might be obtained with no questions asked, by a call at the rectory. , GRANADA thindny, Monday, Tuentluy TWO BIQ FEATURU8 CLARK GABLE II *SI Ml M AC DONALD Cartoon Act New« CLAUDETTE COLBERT AND FRED MACMURRAY IN "THE GILDED LILY" L«it Day—Throe Big Allr»otlon» EDWARD O. ROBINSON JOAN BLONDELL IN "BULLETS OR BALLOTS" AND CHARLES 8TARRETT IN "STAMPEDE" AUo Ohapler 2 Duok Joiw In "THE PHANTOM RIDER" RADIO CLUB CAFE st Olldilt JOHN J. LEV), Proprietor DANCE Saturday Nljht Starting at B p. ni. to 1 a. CD. RADIO CLUB TRIO ORCHESTRA Everyone Welcome—Eat, Drink, Dance and Oe Happy. Htmimbfri Dittoing Evdy WednMdiy «fld Siturdiy Nlghti H«r« nit M'O-M und CHAB. DICKFORD In "PRIDE OF THE MARINES" New>r««l and Curloon LAST TIMES TODAY "WE WENT TO OOLLEQE" and JANE WITHBI18' Siicoem "QENTLE JULIA" Comedy, Newt and Cartoon IL TROVATORE ElphteeiUh and K Spaghetti Dinner, 60o Chicken Dinner, $1.00 Our Stenk Dinner* Are Delicious DANCING Every SaUirilny nnd Sunday Nights. Music by Rose H. Parenti Acoorcllon nnd Piano Fred Parent! Saxophone Try Our Delicious Mixed Drinks Served In Our Coty, New Cocktail Lounge TELEPHONE 4633 NEW HINKY DINKY I Oc HOUSE 1924 L Street TODAY AND SUNDAY Special Chicken Dinner 30c Steak Dinner OA«* Served Dally ........ OUC Hot Lunch Day or Night A Good Place to EAT And DRINK VITO QUINTOL.I, Prop. iA*. lUG GRUNOW Rafrigirators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phont .2420 1682 Ohsilor Avenut The Kavern DANCE NIGHTLY (,'OOD MUSIC IHoor Show Krlduj und Nnlnr- (luj, fpnlurliiK Diinffp £ Col. l«t)o, t'oiinl-lo-Cimst Till! PARTY MOUSl! SUI'KliMI! I'v .MIU'N KiiNl tin Ktllm.ii FIOR D'ITALIA CAFE Now in Now Location at 1001 Nineteenth Street Open From 11 A. M. to 10 V, M. Noon QK/» Itegular KA^ Chicken Lunch.. .DOC Dinner...OUC Dinner...< Fine Italian Dishes—Wine and Beer Our lluvloll mul TimUnrlnl Kuctory IH now In operation. AVIutlusnln or retail antarti talion. Piisquinl Ill-others, Proprietors Phone &54Q Death Calls Joke Editor, Dramatist (A moolatcd 1'rtit Leaned V,'(re) BOSTON, Sept. 'JO.—George Hip- plsley, 71, bettor known as George Hombort Wcstloy, who, after serving anonymously for 20 years as joke editor of tho Boston Bvcnlng Transcript, came Into fame two years ago by writing the film story "The HoUHo of Rothschild" died today. A recluse, who spent his time between hlH room and tho periodical room of tho public library, Hlpplsloy wan not known oven by his follow employes. Ho said tho noise and confusion of the city room bothered him. He hnH written Bevoral plays In addition to conducting his "Facts and Fancies" column. SUNDAY TEXACO CAN HE DANCE Director Lubitseh Praises Dietrich (United Prett Leaied Wire) NHW YOmc, Sept. 25.—Ernest Ijubltsch of Paramount Films was on record today as opposed to the school of thought which places the success of Marlene Dietrich squarely on her celebrated legs. "There arc plenty of girls with gorgeous legs," said tho producer. "But they aren't Marietta Dietrich. It takes moro than legs to mako a good actress. Bar Association to Meet at Coronado (United PrctB Leaned Wtr«) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26.—Tho state bar of California will open Us ninth annual meeting at Coronado September 30, It was announced here today. Tho meeting will continue for three days with Georgo Wharton Pepper of Philadelphia, former United States senator, delivering tho annual Alexander F. Morrison foundation address. Fn-d Aslalro 1JMIED AKTATU1S baa created a -*- new danco for Mr. and MrH. America. "Tho Waltz In Swing Time," and It IH destined In UH modified form for ballroom popularity. Frud Astalro and Ginger ItoKvrs appear at thti Fox today In their mlrthquuke of rhythm and laughter picture, "Swing Time," which will bo given an extended run. Tho second foaturo showing IH "Hulking I'klltkm," a Htory with dynamite thrlllH ripped from the flaming front pages of tomorrow's nowBpaper has for Its cast Hay Walker, Kvolyn Knapp and HoglH Toomoy. A MlcUoy MOIIHO cartoon, "Mickey's Moving Day," and Fox Movlclon IICWM cumploto this program. NOW YOU CAN HEAR Orphan Annie's New Radio Adventures On STATION W6XAI 5:45 EVERY DAY Except Saturday and Sunday I STARTING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 • A brand-new «erie§ of exciting adventured More lun, more thrilli than ever before for Little Orphan Annie listen era 1 Be aure to tune in Monday at 5:45 P. M.I PABST ON TAP ENTIRE NEW SHOW STARTS TONIGHT! Cazan Vantine The Girl Houdlnl The Mad Magician In Amazing New Stunts In Amusing New Tricks BOTH HELD OVER BY POPULAR DEMAND Also Two Other Big Acts PATSY STINER M litres* of Ceremonies LAURIE FOSTER and Mandarin Rhythm Boyi Chiokin, Steak, Chop Dinners Specializing in Chinese Dishes Cover Charge, 2Se per Person, Saturday Only 3 Floor Shows Wiik Nlghto Id-lltSO-l Siturdty Nlghto 10-12 and 2 a. M. TONDIJIONED Regular Saturday Night Dance Tonight Duncan Carlyle Johnson's La Granada Ballroom Orchestra With Ray and McKay, Featured Soloists Admission 40c Dancing Till One Steak and Chicken Dinners arc alwnyo cnjoyod OB pro- pared by our c'lu-f and served ij In thu comfortable halls uC tho 'i i! Ambassador Club , East Bakeraflelci i FRANK LUCAS, Manager REGULAR DANCE TONIGHT at the Barn bTINE ROAD Music by the Southern Stars Gentlemen, 40c; Lndles, Free SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND ( SALADS Try Our Mixed Drinks Open Dally From 6 a. m. FREE DANCING TH8 LANTERN Oak and Brundage Lane 0. Wtlchelt and A. B. Upward UIHIHIHIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIinilllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHinilllllU i Enjoy Another Big Time Tonight at • .§. 1 BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION 5 "Where They All Go for Fun" S E Dance to the ever-popular = | WILSON'S HARMONY BAND | S on the omooth-as-glass floor. s I Cash Door Prize and Special Spot Dance Prize = i S Three Dates to Remember: Tliursday, October 1, Cooks' and = is Walters' Annual Bull; Friday, October 2, Old Timers' Whlskerlno 5 = Dance, Saturday, October 3, Grand Whlskerlno Ball With S 1 E Special Prizes. E HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir: Meet Me at the EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avenue at Terrace Way $1.00 DINNT5R—CnOICK OF; Vlrarlnla Baked Ham. Candled SweeU Special Italian Roast Chicken Filet Mignon, Spanish Salsa Mixed Cocktails With Dinners Hot Cheese Rolls OTHER DINNERS: 60c, 75c, SOo MIXED DRINKS A SPECIALTY For Reservations Phone 6210 Free Dancing und Entertainment 1 Nlxhta a Week Old-Tune Dunces Monday and Thursday Modern Dnnnss Other Nights Palms Gardens Just Across the River Bridge Kd llnrrlaon, IVopHetor Grand Opening of JO-EL CLUB 1!4 Mlltt Baat of Traffic Clrol* On »9 Highway WEDNESDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 30 formerly 'Shady Qrov* Now under tho n«w ownarthlp of Joa and Ell»—Union Mualelan* DINB AND DANCE NIGHTLY 0000 BATS PRIVATS OOOKTAIC ROOM* "GLORIFYING THE AMERICAN CHILD" The Meglln syttem ot training has achieved a •mooes* nevar before attained by any other tchool of 1U kind. Our great objective la child development—clean, alert mlndw in healthy bodies. Good training brines professional opportunities. Tap, ballet, character dancing, acrobatics and ., voice and dramatics for utaffe, screen and radio. Special training in microphone, technique— child or adult. The Moglln Dance Studio will be. looaUd- at th> I. O. 0. P, HALU 1710 Chaster Avenue • Phone 254 "IT'9 A DISTINCTION TO BK A MEQLIN KIDOIS" '

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