The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 2, 1996 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1996
Page 6
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1996 NEWS THE SALINA JOURNAL AIR BAGS Big Three warning Automakers warn car owners that air bags can By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL ThpAssnriatrrt /'rm WASHINGTON - Responding to a worried public, the Big Three automakers said Friday they will send letters to the owners of 22 million cars with passenger-side air bags in the United States, warning that the devices can kill and injure children. The automakers also said they would put less powerful air bags in cars sold in Canada and press for permission to do the same in the United States. "The good news is that air bags work and air bags save lives." said Andrew Card, president of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association. But, he added: "We also know air bags can cause deaths." The association represents Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Twenty-eight children and infants have died of injuries caused by rapidly deploying passenger- side air bags, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Children and certain adults — especially smaller women — are particularly vulnerable. An air bag released in a crash deploys at about 200 mph, Card said. The "depowered" version to be introduced in Big Three cars in Canada will expand at about 150 mph. Card said passengers should be at least 12 inches away from the dashboard to escape air bag injury. Chrysler. Ford and GM will also consult with federal authorities on warning labels to be put into their cars to alert drivers and passengers to the risks involved with air bags and to emphasize their proper use. The labels will say that it's safer for children under 13 to ride buckled up in a rear seat, that lap and shoulder belts should be worn, and that both driver and front passenger seats should be moved back as far as practical. Experts also warn that infants in rear-facing child safety seats should never ride in the front seat of a car with passenger-side air bags. The executive vice president of Toyota in the United States, Yale Gieszl, said his firm will put a similar plan of warnings, labels and lower-force air bags, where legal, into effect shortly. Carmakers cannot reduce the expansion force of air bags in the United States without a change in the standards set out in regulations adopted in 1993. There are no such constraints in Canada. The Big Three proposed in August that U.S. regulators move quickly to change the standards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it would review the proposals for their effect on safety. Air bag safety To date, 28 children and infants have been killed by air bags in car crashes; up to 1,136 lives have been saved. Air bag , Inflates „ . \ at a rate of Baby could get \ 200 mph The National Transportation Safety Administration continues to recommend that children up to the age of 12 ride In the back seat. If a child In: a safety seat must go In the front, the car seat should be moved back as far as possible to allow the air bag to Inflate safely. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NHTSA AP/Carl Fox T FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION Kessler's travels questioned Review of FDA chief's travel records shows a number of irregularities By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — A hotel room here. Dozens of excessive cab fares there. A government-discount plane ticket for the wife. For five years, Food and Drug Administration chief David A. Kessler submitted expense accounts riddled with nickel-and- dime overcharges in his favor, a review of records shows. Confronted with travel vouchers that were signed as truthful under penalty of federal law, Kessler insisted Friday the errors were unintentional and he has written an $850 check to cover anything he owes the government. V MODEL SLAYING "Even while things are being corrected and so there can't be any questions, I've reimbursed the government based on preliminary figures," said Kessler. He earns $115,000 a year as FDA commissioner and has a net worth of between $700,000 and $1.77 million. The Associated Press reviewed some $17,377 in federal reimbursements that Kessler claimed on travel vouchers from mid-1990 through spring 1995. More than a third ($5,732) was for cab fares for which he had no receipts. Many of the fares were far in excess of actual costs — in some cases two or three times. The review also found: • Kessler sought and received federal reimbursement for two hotel rooms that actually had been paid in total or part by outside groups. Kessler said he prefers never to allow groups to pay his expenses, but was unaware of these payments. • Kessler misused his government credit card to purchase his wife a government-discounted plane ticket to join him for a night at New York's luxury Waldorf-Astoria Hotel during an official trip in December 1992. Federal regulations strictly prohibit personal use of government-issued credit cards or discounts. FDA officials said Kessler did so on faulty advice from the department's ethics officer. • On several occasions his travel vouchers were auto penned or signed certifying their accuracy after they had already been approved. In two instances in 1994, his signature was backdated to appear as though he signed it prior to approval. FDA officials said they don't know who did the backdating. Travel vouchers explicitly warn that intentional falsification requires a worker to forfeit the claim and can be punished by up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Kessler has served Presidents Bush and Clinton, and has won wide acclaim as pointman on the government's war on teen smoking. Photographer is found guilty of killing model By The Associated Press TORRANCE, Calif. — A freelance photographer was convicted of murder Friday in the sex slaying of model and former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader Linda Sobek, and will be sentenced to life without parole. Charles Rath- RATHR , IK , bun did not move HA ' MBUN a muscle as he heard the verdict. Sobek, 27, vanished Nov. 16, 1995, after going out on a photography assignment. Rathbun sodomized and strangled the petite blonde before burying her body, prosecutors said, and led police to her grave along a remote road in the rugged San Gabriel Mountains nine days later. Rathbun, who had worked with Sobek before, claimed she willingly had sex with him during a shoot on a dry lake north of Los Angeles. Rathbun, 39, told the jury she was accidentally asphyxiated when he sat on her in the back seat of the car after an argument, and that he buried her in a panic. Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay reminded voters in closing arguments that a medical expert testified that no such death had ever been recorded in the history of forensic investigations. Kay called Rathbun a "human monster" who hated Sobek and sodomized her, probably with a pistol, when she wouldn't submit to him. Rathbun then strangled her to hide his crime, he said. When you think about YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE • Mutual Funds • Investing/Saving for College • Financial Planning Services • Investing for Retirement • (IRA, Keogh.TSA, 4()l(k)) • Tax-advantaged Investments • Money Market Funds Prospectuses fur securities listed above may be obtained from jour local Waddell & Reed office. Remember Waddell & Reed FINANCIAL SERVICES Randal Krug 213 S. Santa Fe 913-827-3606 Huge baby has 'big baby syndrome' By The Associated Press BLOOMINGBURG, N.Y. A 71- pound baby who was diagnosed as morbidly obese actually has a rare genetic disorder called Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome, or "big baby" syndrome. At 20 months old, Zack Strenkert weighs as much as the average 8- to 9-year-old. He's 3 feet tall and nearly as big around. His T-shirts are size 14. His diapers are the largest adult size made. Dr. Robert Marion of New York told Thursday's Times-Herald Record of Middletown that the problem is genetics, not food. The condition is not expected to have a negative effect on Zack's health. Marion predicted the boy would be 6-foot-6 tall in his teens. 2nd Annual Antiques Dried flowers November 2 & 3 Comer of Santa Fe & South St (Large Victorian House) 10:00-5:00 Saturday 1:00-5:00 Sundav - Dried Flowers • CrafU Volunteer Program I'liifi'i'ils lo HriH'Itt ll»\i>iff l-'timilics Ncctliiif" l-'iiniin-iiil llt'lp l'u\-iiifi l-'tir Mt'tlifittiitnx Introducing the Sentry III Cleaning System By Simplicity™ Features: * Automatic car/x'l height adjustnn*iit * Kusy access optional attachments * Filler bug supporter * Edge cleaning * Carrying handle * 2>t foot cord * 10 quart dust capacity * Quick cord release " 90 Days Same As Cash With Approved Credit Layaway for Christmas Financing —MIDWEST SEWING & VACUUM \pf*#^ 111 340 S. Broadway • 825-0451-9-5:30 M-F, 9-5 Sat. IVi Peace, Comfort, Caring NATIONAL HOSPICE MONTH » NOVEMBER 1996 Silent Auction For A Print Lithograph, Signed, In Original Condition Signed By Birger Sandzen Donated By Jack Schwartz Will Be On View At The Fall Sale, November 2-3 Comer of South and Santa Fe, Salina November 4-25, View at Hospice Office, 333 S. Santa Fe During Business Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday Proceeds to benefit the ongoing work by Hospice of Salina, Inc. Silent Auction Concludes End of Business Day, at 5:00pm, November 25 Hospice of Salina, Inc. Protect every level of your home from carbon monoxide the silent killer. A must for any home with attached garage, chimney, gas furnace or appliances or portable kerosene or gas heaters Today's air-tight homes can trap dangerous carbon monoxide gas from clogged chimney, wood stove, fireplaces, garage, kerosene heaters and faulty gas appliances, furnaces and water heaters. One carbon monoxide detector should be installed near the sleeping area on each level of your home and a second near the primary utility area. CARBON MONOXIDE '". •m* mumttQ WATERS On sale now as low as $29 HARDWARE Help Is Just Around The Corner™ 460 South Ohio or 2106 South 9th Street Hough Piano & Organ Special prices on KEYBOARDS Layaway NOW for Christmas! SINCE 1936 128 S. Santa Fe • Salina • 67401 913-825-4541 • 1-800-828-4541 Donna Riffel Candidate For Dickinson County Commissioner Dist. 3 Resident of rural Enterprise, where I have continued to maintain a Polled Herford cow herd since the death of my husband, Leon, ten years ago. Part-time employee at Barbieri Insurance Agency, Abilene. Community volunteer and 4-H supporter. I believe: (1) Politics lias no place in county level government. (2) We don't need u county administrator. (3) We don't need any more taxes. (4) Working together there can be solutions to our problems. Pol. Adv. Paid fur by Frk'mls of Kilfel for County Commissioner Scott Tones far Sheriff Qualified for the Job of Sheriff Ottawa County, Kansas •JL- Scott has been an Outstanding Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer and Emergency Medical Technician over the past twelve years. During his career he has received several commendations and awards for his work and community service. ^L As Deputy Sheriff, and Police Officer, Scott has consistently been one of the beat in Crime Solving, and in the Conviction cf Criminals. Scott had a solid reputation for applying law and justice fairly. Scott also studied Budgeting for Law Enforcement Organizations geared towards reducing costs -fa Scott won the 1996National "Law and Justice Scholarship" This Scholarship was awarded for his work and participation in Crime Prevention research, his outstanding record as Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer, and his Community Service over the past ten years. yf Scott was the Honor Graduate of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC). The KLETC is the Academy for all major Law Enforcement Commands in the State of Kansas. JL- Scott has maintained his Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician over the past twelve years. During most of those years, he was the only Deputy in Ottawa County who was authorized and qualified to perform Emergency Medical Assistance to victims of life threatening trauma including automobile accidents and violent crime During this time, Scott saved lives and assisted in many medical emergencies. - Scott was a certified CPR and First Aid Instructor for the American Red Cross while serving as a Police Officer here in Kansas As an Instructor, Scott provided this training on a volunteer basis for over three years. Scott was the only Certified Firearms Instructor and only Certified Hunter Safety Instructor in the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department for several years. He also won the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, I994 Top Gun Award in Pistol Shooting. Scott is endorsed by the Institute for Law and Justice as Candidate for Sheriff of Ottawa County. This institute reviews the careers of Law and Justice professionals, including their community service, educational achievements, and their work and studies in reducing crime and applying justice fairly. Based on their review, Scott received their endorsement. This Institute is made up of current and former career Law Enforcement Officers, Public Safety Officials, and Attorneys at Law. Scott is married and the father of three children. His two sons attend grade school in Minneapolis. His youngest child is a girl just under one year old. Scott's wife Rebecca, has been a nurse for over ten years and is currently working in this field in Minneapolis. Scott is currently pursuing a College Degree in Criminal Justice. The families of both Scott and Rebecca are native Ramans Your questions and comments are welcome. You may reach Scott al 392-3417. Thank You for your interest Political advertisement paid for by the Committee to elect Scott Torres, Sheriff. Don Klna Treasurer •• ^ line When you need to know. 825-6000 Using a touch-tone phone, call Community Line at 825-6000, Then, enter one of the 4-digit categories listed below. /*• CATEGORY MENU 1000 *- ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Salina & Region (ARTS)2787" «r ADVENTURE/TRIVIA GAMES Adventure Arcade 6942 Outer Space Adventures 6872 '• Ghost Hunters 6874 ' Treasure Seekers 6875 Wizard World; ».:>.,.., 6873 The Weekly Arcade Gattie 6947, Trivia Arcade .".. 1( .6902 Interactive THvia ,..„..,..:.. .690-3 Entertainme'nt.THvia t 6904, Sports "Trivia....;,,.:..: .».6906 History THvh ....J6907. Really Hard Trivia ,,;6905: Really Really Hdx4Triviav.'.;.: 6908 Newspaper Trivia. i 6940' Weekly Expert Trivia 6941 •r COMEDY Joke of the Day v . ..6865 •^EDUCATIONAL ,.- -,} Salina Public School InftLJ.., v .,'.8050 KS Wesleyan Info LaneLl.:..;..';..5984"; Brown Mackie Gollegelnro 5466 ' •^ EMPLOYMENT .. ; f Job Talk .'. ;.'.;, (JfObS) 5627 *- FINANCIAL ; Commodities Hotline 9270 ' Stock Quote Hotline 9000 ; Stock Market Update . 6730 NYSE Update..'...; 6735 AM EX Update 6740 OTC Market Update .'. 6745 Bond Market Update. /.., 6755 Precious Metals Update.....,,. 6760 Wall Street Headlines 6731 Mutual Fundft'VJpdatc.' 6736 10 Most Widely Held Stocks 6739 •r HOROSCOPES Aquarius 6850 Aries 6851 Taurus 6852 Gemini 6853 Cancer 6854 Leo 6855 Virgo rr *-v 6856 Libra .....'..'...'.I 6857 Scorpio ,.! .;.:,.. 6858 Sagittarius 6859 Capricorn 6860 Pisces 6861 Today's Birthday 6862 •-KID'S PAGE ",% > ' * * Dial-A-Game.:,..;.,;;.,.,,'.;,;-;., 6975 Trivia for Kids'. .*.•...> 6976 Entertainment Express.... 6977 Kids m'the News...,.,.,'...,.,, 6978 Children's Activities ,'.*„..„.,., 6948 «r LOTTERY. SCENe,.;'..,;.,;,4866 * " * "" "V * *- MOVIES, TV, MUSIC Top 10 Movie Grosses 6918 Top 10 Television Shows 6917 Top 10 Records 6927 TV Tonight.....':.,.;;...3,;; 6973 Movie jfcvjews.,'. ..], v '.,.,..,'.<,.6928 » NEWS- -' - '' ,", 1150 Salina Journal- Headlme'News, ,',|,,.,, 6006 National Nf«W? Update.!.^ 6705 World News Update .'. 6700 Current Events 5463 •r RELIGION Daily Devoicjpji,.,..,,,.^..^,. 7772 Local ChurehpijrecW$, v ,.«.. 7729 -• SOAP QPfRA FEATURES All My Children ...*, c,,6885 Another Wgrld" „„..„ 6886 As The World Turns ,..., 6887 Bold &i Beautiful.,,,,,,.'.,..,.,,,... 6898 Days of Our Ljrwwu., ,... 6889 General Hospital . 6891 Loving 6895 Melrose Place 6890 One Life to The IUTDOJ iKWiKWieSi.:/ , . X^'f^iW&P&^W^^'' ' ^^ Lake 5253 Sports UpdatfelslSHfe:^ 6000 Major League Baseball 6770 NFL Football Scorecard 6775 NHL Hockey Scorecard 6780 NBA Basketball Scorecard 6785 College Sports Scorecard 6790 ,*- WEATHER. .0927^

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