The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 3
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J "<•' Bl LAN Bank Bobber tfdw Serving •Term Seeks Means to Go Straight (Anoohtted Preu Leated Vfirt) McALESTER, OkJa., Sept. 28.—An "alibi receipt book" to protect htm from "bum raps," nestled tn the pocket of Ray Terrill, Oklahoma bank robber, today as he completed serving nine years, six months, and four days In the state penitentiary. "I believd as soon as the public .realizes I am trying to beat back they will be for me, and help me all they can," said Terrill, now 87, "But there will probably be a few who would not want to see me make good, and would "Job" mo If they got a chance. To minimize such possibilities, Terrill, known In the southwestern underworld as a safe-cracking wizard, had his receipt book printed. Each page .contains two receipts. Upon entering a city, Terrill said he will fill out both blanks, with the date and hour, sign, then ask some responsible citizen to countersign them. The co-signer will keep one receipt, Terrill ihe other. By this mean he hopes to keep a continuous record of his travels, and have written proof to refute charges tending to Involve him In criminal actions. ,"For the last 10 years I have been trying to qt»it the game and go straight," he said. "I am not going to fall," and ho patted his "alibi" book. - «•«•» MYSTERY SOLVED WARREN. Ohio, Sept. 26. (A. P.)— Andy Marshall of Brlstolville found a strange lump behind his ear and went to the doctor about It. The doctor removed a bullet from the bump. "Then I recalled," said Marshall, "that I was shot accidentally in the arm by a playmate 60 years ago and the doctor could not find the bullet. This Is It." THE BAKERSFtELD CALIFORNIA^, SATURDAY SEWEMBER 26, 1936 ?.U F . ALL TWINS* ALL IN ONE FAMILY These four'sets of twins In one family stole the show at the fifth annual convention of the National Twins' Association In Fort Wayne, Ind., attended by a crowd of more than 1BOO. The six boys and two girls shown hero are the, children of Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark of Zonesvllle, Ind. Left are Robert and'Ross, 14; Don and Dale, 12; Joe and Jim, 10; and Mildred and Margaret, 6. TREASURE HUNT DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 26. (A. P.)—Eleven-year-old Louise Hammond has been pardoned by her parents for getting muddy while play- Ing in a ditch. She brought home not only mud but also a fruit jar containing $700 in mildewed bills, found In the ditch. OLD YALE PRINT FOUND NEW HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 26.— (U. P.)—Yalo University has acquired a rare print of the college by B. F. Nutting of Boston, whoso long career ended In 1884. Tho print, an uncolored lithograph, was found by a Yale alumnus tn an old Boston bookstore and purchased for tho university. OIL and MINI NO Trico Planning to - Drill Near Tipton In Tulare county, Trlco Oil & Gas Company has temporarily stopped operation near Alpaugh, and gone over to rig up a derrick near Tipton •where It has 9000 acres under lease. The Alpaugh well, California Western ;No. 1 on section 7, 23-23, -was drilled to 3187 feet In search of gas. It was plugged back to 1800 feet and 4%-Inch casing set at 1600. Pro. duction tests were unfavorable according to field reports. The new project, Calllson No. 1 lied in the southwest quarter of section 27, 21-26. which is three miles cast of Tipton. A No. 7% rotary draw works is being Installed and the intention is to prospect formations, to 4500 feet. Keith Le Gar is superintendent. TWO Zones Open in Shell Pumpers Both first and second Vodder nands are open to production. In Shell Oil Company's latest completions In north Mount Poso field on section 9, 27-28. Vedder No. 28 is pumping 286 barrels daily 'from 1681-1860 feet, and Vedder No. 29 Is putting out 250 barrels from ap- proxlmately tho same depths. BURNING PACE YAKIMA, Wash., Sept. 26. CA. P.) H. Konda walked so fast his pants caught fire. A spray tho Japanese rancher was using In his orchard saturated his trouser leg and when they rubbed together ho was enveloped in flames. Slight arm and leg burns resulted. Land Company Stocks Soars as Ohio Plans New Gas Job K EUN County Land Company stands to benefit again if Ohio Oil Company's latest new project strikes "pay." The land company now has producing wells on Its property at the northwest tip of Mountain View field, central part of Frultvale field. 10 section field and Buena Vista lake bed field where tho new derrick is situated. Price on the stock market of Kern County Land Company's stock. Is said to be rising with none offered for sale and $300 a share bid. • Ohio Oil Company is rigging up an outpost, KCL B-l, in the center of the southwest quarter of section 4, 32-26, which if successful, will extend the proven part of the gan area three-quarters mile to thn southeast. At present five scattered gas wells extending two miles, have been completed and shut In at tho lako bed field. Ohio now has three active projects In. tho valley which can bo classed either as outposts or wildcat wells. These are KCL E-l In 10 section field. Title Insurance No. 2 east of Grapevine, and this well. Fred E. Smith Is superintendent of tho company. mm ypy GREYHOUND BUS IS CHRISTENED Would Guarantee at Least Partial Restoration of Their Benefits (Untttd Preit Letted Wirt) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26.—A new reorganization plan for the Pacific 'Mutual tilfo Insurance Company, guaranteeing at Iwust partial restoration of benefits to non-cancellable Income policy holders, was presented In Superior Court late today by State Insurance Commissioner Samuel L. Carpenter. The plan, revised from that originally approved and later sot aside In court,-bears the approval of, the 78 general agents of tho company and of 18. A. Smith, Jr.. Utah sta'le Insurance commissioner, representing other commissioners In states where the Pacific Mutual operates, Carpenter reported. It proposes, as did tho original plan, to wit tip a now company— tho Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company—to take over the business and asset* of the old company, "thus affording full protection to holders of nil pollclwt of every nature except those hold- ign non-cancellable Income pollrlo* and who arc not yet claimants.". These policy holders would become general claimants. Claims of the controversial accident and other non-can callable pollclen would bo reduced between "10 and SO per cent, depending upon thoir series," Carpenter said. NtiW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED M. F. Pearson et ux to L. O. Helm— Lease dated September 8, 1936, one- eighth royalty, flvo-year clause, lots 26 and 32. section 29, 30-27. Harold W. Orwlg files notice of lease from Hattle A. Irwln to Kern Lousing Company, dated August 8, 1936, covering lost 1'and 2, section 2, 10-33, and northwest quarter of southeast quarter section 21, 10-23. 10-23. Harold T). Leddy et ux to Zola Blaknley and Louise K. Orwlg—As- signment lease on southeast quarter of northwest quarter, southwest quarter of northeast quarter, south half lot 2. In section 3, 10-23. Qrover C. FugBHt et ux to Rally &. Son, Ltd.—Lease dated Juno 1, 1936, one-eighth royalty, six-month drill clause, lots 17, 18, 19, 20, section 0, 81-27. U. S. A. and Associated Oil Company et al file plan for co-operatlvo development of Buona Vista Hills oil and gas field. Same'as above as to same. What's this Dog iklnklna ? WOULD YOU FEEP BEST FRIEND Scnpt, no nutter hew aUiaf,**r* net A dog", dlgtttlrt tytttm i e CMccntrM*4 ftorf for perfect fault*. • Yen eta f««4 (««• KENNEL KJJfC bwtUM It fa . i Uhlng, edible food •Mat, bone, cereal* mil veacublt*— *cwndfic«D> preportiecMa, FWy vit» •United «nd fully MlMtrtllicd for •Abdtntrsf. IT ISN'T THE BULK IT'S THE A/MM o • CAUKMNIA JTATE JNSKCTD Wh«t'« thii dog thinkinf ? Can 7011 tell? Why »ot try? Rcnem* bcr, the belt antwer received will win a full 30 day* 1 lupply of KENNEL KING • Jiutkttach y«ur answer to a label from a can *f KENNEL KING (or a fcctimile thereof) and tend to KENNEL KING, 631 Bait Pint Sfc, Lo* Aageltt, C«Ufornia, yogi wrir MUST u IK . »tf«r« OCTOIfR ten. Buffalo Oil Company to W. R. Scott —Assignment one per cent oil, etc., from Buffalo Oil Company well No. 4, on portion northwest one-quarter section 19, 30^29. F. A. Nbrhbort et ux to James T. Mullck et ux—Assignment of VI of 1 per cent oil, etc.. from east half of west half of southeast quarter, section 18, 30-29. Same to Margaret Claflln—Assign- ment same as above. MINING LOCATIONS Ernest C. Mather—Wlllard, In Covo district. R. L. Tlbbetts—Yellow Aster Tungsten In CUar Creek district. Kug;ene v. Moore—Keystone group In doler district. John Beum—Little Oera In Qoler district. Jamos T. Halblrt—Blue Monday mllUlte In Greenhorn district. Mary P. Young—i'oung NOB. 7 to B. o'i *°" t n w »8t one-quarter, section *Z| 11*14. Cassady—Dixie Lee In Harry Payne—Last Chance, unknown district. Mrs. j, Cowley—Indeflndth, In RandHburg district. _ w - W. Quint—Ventura Fraction in RandHburg district. F. D McSwoeney—Clolden Lane No. 1, In Rademacher district. L. A. Plumloy et al—Owl Nos. 1, 2, 8. In Rademacher district Donald H. Flnley—Betinle Allen and Top Row. In Rademacher district. _T»V. u. Aioran ot al—Clear Creek district ' l ft " d 2 ' '" Clear Creek Roy Salsbury—Salsbury Nos. l and 2, In Jawbone district. Albert C. Lynn et al—Pharlap No. l in Mojttve district. W. H. Kluhart—Pancake Nos. 1 and 2 JJ?.<?l«ar-Creek district. Work Suspended at Piling Project E. L. Piling, Canadian operator, haa suspended his Havelln No. 1 In Sunset field, section 34. 82-24. after drilling to 4400 feet, experienc- l n *.,?A£ ad ftahln K Job and redrllling to 2600. Location la down the dip, half a mile notreast of Lakevlew area where the oil sand U topped at 2EOO feet. It Is said that operations may be resumed later. Jerman Drills Ahead in Buena Vista Test Drlliin* I* belnjr aontlnued by R. w. Jerman and associates in its wildcat, Junior No, 1, which is exploring formation* northwest of Buena Vlata hills field on section J7, «•?«. Depth is 8871 f«et. Top ot th« Etohegoin formation waa reported «t Recommend Trees for Arid Growth (Atioviattd Prtti Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 26.—Soven species of broadleaf trees aro recommended by tho Department of Agriculture for windbreak planting In the northern Great Plains, where scanty moisture and extremes In temperature mako tree life difficult. Tho sevon species wore selected from 18 tested for 20 years. They are Chinese elm, green ash, choke- berry, boxelder, Siberian pea-tree, bUffaloberry and American plum. Tests were begun In 1914 at Mandan, N. D., and plantings worn completed in 1017. A few years after planting, tho willows, poplars and birches began to die and moat of thorn were gone by 1928. Although tho Norway poplar survived better than other poplars, it cannot bo recommended whore moisture is scanty. Failures of early settlors to grow trees in the northern Groat Plains prompted the department to investigate Hheltcrbolt planting In 1914. Although tho department points out that the seven recommended trees may not bo the only broadloaf spocios for windbreaks, they arc the only one with u good record out of j tho 18 that seemed most promising when they wore, planted. - • Two Railways and Men Settle Suits (Vnitcd Prtft Leased Wlrt) SAN FRANSJSCO. Sept. 26.—Tho Southern Pacific Railway and tho Northwestern Pacific Hallway Bottled out of court today tho suit of approximately 700 members of tho Ferryboatmen's Union of the Pacific for overtime wages and interest amounting to nearly $100,000. Under the terms of tho settlement it was reported that the Southern Pacific would pay tho men $86,000 and the Northwestern Pacific $12,. 600. Settlement of the dispute with tho Western Pacific, Involving approximately $3000 still was being negotiated. Tho dispute concerned work performed by the m«n In 1927 and 1928 when they assertedly were worked 12-hour shifts of eight hours, as pro. vlded In a railroad labor act award. K V Insurance Official Declared Travel by Skyways by Automobile A full-sized bottle ot champaign was shattered on tho nose of a Greyhound yesterday In front of tho City Halt. But the Humane Society wan not called, because, It was tho christening of a now type of Pacific Greyhound bus which was named "City of nnkorsflclil." In the picture above are, loft to right: Mert Wcatherwax, prowl- dent of Bakcrsfleld Frontier Days Association, Councilman H. J. Sollors, Hob HortNon, (wi-oinry of Bakerafleld Chamber of Commerce, City Manager Fred Nighbert, Councilman Walter Kamln- ski, Miss Helen Axt who christened the bus and Robert Hewlett, district mannger for Pacific Greyhound. News From Kern's West Side Modernization of Banking Favored (Atiootatcd I'rnt Leated Wtr«) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 26.— There appears to be an urgent need for modernization of the American banking systom. Vice-President Walter LIchleiiNtetn of the First National Bank of Chicago told the Commonwealth Club of California. He urged "tho necessity of an Impartial scientific investigation of the whole financial and banking structure," He blamed "faulty banking structure" for at least part of tho recent depression. Los Angeles Man Will Be Speaker TAFT. Sept. 26.—Colonel William Evans, noted orator from IMS An- gelcH, will bo the principal speaker hero Tuesday night when tho Young Democrats of tho Wusl Side will stage a political rally at the auditorium of the Lincoln Grammar School. Many visitors from Hakcrs- field and other Kern county points will bo In attendance. President Herbert Evans of the Young Democrats, with his commit- too, Is sparing no pains to mako thin one of tho biggest and best rallies ever hold In this district. Tho newly elected Democratic county rent nil committee IB assisting In every way possible uiui Indications are that the auditorium will bo pucki.-d for thlH meutlng. ». » Pigeon Is Rescued by Maricopa Couple MA RICOPA "sep'tT S6.—Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson of Maricopa, aro In possession of a carrier pigeon rescued by them in nn oil sump near their home Thursday morning. A message in code and a number "AU 36 Ing 109" Is wrapped snugly around one leg. Tho bird wan badly smeared with heavy tar-like oil and was thought nt first would not live, but with careful treatment by Its rescuers It Is recovering and may soon bo able to continue its Journey. Tho bird likely mistook tho oil for water and attempted to cool off. West Side Woman Honored at Party TAFT, Sept. 26.- A layette shower was given In honor of Vi>ra Stockton by her ulster, Hostile. Leai'h and Imogene HOSH at tho home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I. ». Loach. Games wore played with first prlzo being awarded to Mrs. Adit Walker. After tho social period thn gifts were opened and >a luncheon was siirved to the honorco's many friends who attended. Thosn present were: MesdaniPH Thomas. HORN, A. H. Kunh, .loo Haley. John Maker, Virginia Onllo way, lloxy Stockton. A. K. llaima, .lacks, Ada 'Walker. lYIdor. Ann HOBO Ulley, L. C.'. Ayorn, S. \V. Smith ami <!won Slftley. MlNMCN Mnry IXMI Ise Thomas, Vera Hush. Iinogono KOSH, Marguerite. Miirjorlo Haley, HeltMi Joan Ayers. Hu/x-l Kndlcolt and Mi-sRlo l^each. Those who wero unnhlo to attend but sent glftn were: Airs. Gladys Goodnight, Mrs. Shellon, Mrs. Dorothy Gnode, .Mrs. Ham Kndlcotl, Miss Marie Kdmomls, Mrs. lla Sarnt, Miss Florlno Hulso, Mrs. Hcrtha Crnw- ford, Mrs. Sam Lnndrum, Mrs. W. A. Klllian. Miss Lottlo Kllllau and Mrs. N'fvii Goosll. •» » * Taft Chapter to Fete Lodge Chief TAFT, Sept. 26.—Taft Chapter No. 337. Knntern Star Is giving a reception and ilanuo for Uuth Ross, as HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 28>James E. Ho.ikins, chairman of the aviation committee of the Actuarial Society of America, asserted that airline travel has become nearly as safe as by private automobile. In an address before the National Association of State Aviation officials, Hosklns said "the odds are several thousand to one against the slightest Injury during a trip by air." He compared tho relative safety of aviation and other forms Of transportation such as private car, buses and trains. "It Is only the man who travels frequently by airplane who Is charged oven a moderately Increased rate for life insurance, and some Hartford companies give standard life Insurance to business men travel- Ing by air regardless of the number of trips." The assistant actuary of the travelers' Insurance Company ex* plained his figures were based on statistics gathered during tho last eight years by the Actuarial Society from governmental sources and prepared for use by the principal life insurance companies. Director Berkeley Is Free of Charge (Allocated Prett Leaded Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28.—Busby Berkeley, film dance director, had a clean slate today, freed of the second degree murder charges which hung over him so long, A Superior Court Jury In his third trial acquitted him last night after deliberations of an hour and a half. Two other Juries could not reach derisions. Berkeley was accused of murder for precipitating a three-car collision the night of September 8, 1935, in which William von Brlesen, Mrs. Ada von Brlesen and Dorothea Daley lost their lives. Berkeley wept when tho verdict was rend. So did his mother who sat at his side. "Thank God—Justice at last," said deputy grand matron of the thirty Hlxth district of tho state of Call-1 manic uoa—justice at last," said fornta. order of tho Kamern Star I Berkeley as he left the courtroom, at iho Masonic Temple in Taft at 8 o'clock on Hatunlay, September 26. A largo crowd It) anticipated as thi' worthy grand matron, Bertto Y. Todd. u numlmr of grand officers and members from different parts of tho state aro planning to attend. All Itantern Stars and their escorts uro Invited. •• » » surrounded by friends. SNAKK8TOKY RICHMOND, Va., Sept. John famupbell thought a ...... „,„„ he fell whlln walking around a dark bedroom was his pot poodle being playful. He turned on tho Unlit to make sure. It wan H moccasin snake and it wasn't playing. Campbell killed thn snako and ho has recovered nufflclently to get urourid on crutches. Park Officials to Measure Glaciers f.\nortaterl Prt*» Leated Wire) Sept. 26.—Park service officials left Sept. 26.—Park servlco officials left hero today for the annual expedition to measure the major glaciers of the Yosoniito high Sierra in furtherance of long rnnge weather forecasting. Carrying scientific Instruments by mule back, the party's first objective will bo the glacier on 13.096-foot Mount Lyoll, highest peak In the park and locale of the largest glacier. Vi*•;•""*• '"" ••'•iii'vn ijanuon-ivuox ! The government men then will < lul> and iho Follows Young Kopub- proceed to the glaciers on mountains liCiLMfl MtmnMiirtxI t lift t*mr\*!.»«. ,.,i,i,.u i \t...» A ri_ a »•»___ FELLOWS FELLOWS. Sept. 20.—Mr. and Mrs. Jim Foster hiivo returned from it three-day business trip to Avonal, I'nalliiKu niici Htinford. A Republican rally was hold at the Fellows Itocroalloiml Park Tuesday evening. The Fellows Landon-Knox Iho Follows Young Kopub- Ilcans H|>onnnr<«d tho meeting which was fairly well attended. Louis IMI\ Maclure, Dana and Conness. They will measure the rate of Young Tully Term Fixed at 25 Years {AttoctatfiS Prfii Lcaicd Wire) LOS ANGELES, S«pt. 26.—A 2B- year prison term for criminal attack was fixed today by tho State Board of Prison Sentences and Paroles In the case of Thomau Alton Tully, 26, son of Red-haired Jim Tully, well- known novelist. Tully's son pleaded guilty to a statutory charge In Suwmvllle. Calif. Juanlta Shophord. 16. accused him of assaulting her after a Saturday night dance. HP was placed In Sun Quentln prison September 24, m6, under Indeterminate sentence. Two days ago he appeared Iwforo th prison board and asked for parolo. It was denied and tho SB-year term wa« levied today. Morals charges hod be«n brought against young Tully on four previous occasions. » • • Favors Denial of Ousts Crookshank TWA Application WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. — Two Interstate commerce commission examiners in a report to the commission today recommended denial of an application by Transcontinental and Western Air Inc., for ponnls- slon to start air patwenger service between Albuquerque, N. M., and Son Francisco. Aylesworth Quits NBC Directorate NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—M. H. Aylesworth, former president of the National Broadcasting Company, today announced his resignation an vice chairman and member of the board of directors of the company. The approaching reorganization of Radio Keith Orpheum Corporation, of which he is chairman, "now call« for my entire tlm*," he said In a statement. SNOW. RAIN, WIND ™;. sept. ze. CA. Aimee Discusses Temple Trouble (A uncial fit I'm* Lfated Wtrt) LOS ANGELES, Sopt. 2«.-_ An- gclus templo milled today to tint mip- port of its new business manager, Olios Knight, KviuiucllHt Almeo Scm- pie McPherson antuiunceil. A dispute over Knight lion brought a rift between tho noted woman pastor and hor daughter, Kolxsrta Semple. but Mi-s. Mcl'hor- son declared conflilently that she believed "Hoberta will romo to Iwr Menses soon." Iflvcry employe of Iho tempi' 1 , KH|<! Mrs. McPherson. Hlgin;i| u rr-Hnlutlon i-xproHsIng "our ChrlNllan luynlty, love and appreciation to our buiilneHs manager, Mr. Knight." A rumor that thn templo board of eld"rB mot last night and n-com- moiidcd that Knight resign In orilor to restoro peaco within tho church was termed by Mrs. MePhcnioii "very Intorestlng." "As a nmltor of fact," said Mr«. McPhersoii. "tho bonrtl of Hdera met — _ i (U) t night and signed u iM'itutlftil QC A HtYlinicifl»ofrin ! '"'P er »f |vll| K « vote of .•onflrtpiu-f. to do AQminiSiralOr | Mr - Knight and «.xpr.-*Hlng the bo|,« imlgn. A program of ,.„ been outlined for the next few wnokH. Goorgn ItllwH, Hopubllcan can<ll(lati< for ConeresH. was 111 and rould not attend tho meriting as he hud planned. The Wasco Itobccca lodge gave a bower for tho Hobecoa dep- my Kriind inarHhnl tho other evening, ThoHo from Fellows who attended worn McHiliinii'M Xada Hath- burn, A Ivan Sutllff, Joe, Erwln and Leota lliirnelturg. Tho Fellows Hobeccos held a past noble grand mooting Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Hylton. tho president, was In clmriw. Those present wero Mosdnmos .loo ICrwIn. 7,oila Rathburn. Htta Smith, Etta Maygi-on, J. A. Hylion, C. A. Lindsay and Mrs. Lrwln and Mrs. Hylton served re- froBhmonts. It was derided that all thi) members should bring children's books of all kinds to give to the orphan homos. Visitors at tho home of Mrs. Joe Scott and Mrs. A. H. Ullev aro Mr. and Mrs. Irving Hrooks of Lompoc. Kreddy HOHP. from Santa Maria Is visiting Claudo Dallas of fellows for a few days. Willie Schuster, Fred Starcky and Knilo PiMinlngton have returned home from (iroenhorn with two dtscr to show for their hunt. Konnoth Houo.hnr spent Thursday In Uakorsflold on business. « » » Ing, and sound the depths of tho larger crevasses. ITS HERE FOR 1937 AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RAIW MARICOPA I'rftt Leaned Wire) LOS ANOKLKS. Sept. 28.—A Superior Court order removing David C. Crookshank. SG, wealthy former Pomona rancher, as special administrator of tho $160,000 PHtalp of hU lato wife, Anna Cruok*hank, wan set asldo today by tho District Court of Appeal*. Superior Judge Charles 15. Haan ousted CrookHlmnk on thn pp.t U Ion of Oliver Clark, attorney for the. en Mr. Knight and pxprfPHlng tho hope i cl :' Iiri11 - ... that he would hav.« many mort. v y<>ar8 « ""JL M ', nn f, r of ^ af of sfrvlc" In our niM«r •• ' *l >p|lk °r at thn weekly Btrvic- in our muiHt. , M url) . 0 ,, u Exehango Cl Delano Youth Wins Horse Show Prizes DELANO, Sept. 16.—-Billy King, eleven y«>«r old won of Mr. and Mr*. Oeorgn King, won two lilm- ribbons at th« Tulare County Kalr llor*« Show, on Wednesday and Thursday • « -.. i nights. Both priors carried cnnh ox i , Cr " ok »' llink Wtt * appointed i well >IH blue ribbons. On Wednesday special adminlstralor before the fll- j night Hilly and his horw Tony, won ing, 'Of ( probata. of a will leaving! the musical chair contest: and on Thursday night ho look firm print.* for the bent girl or boy rider undi-r sixteen yean of age, BnglUh style. MA1UCOPA, Sept. 20.—John Pat- terwon was advlsiul over long di»- tnnoo telephone Thursday morning from Ontario, Canada, of iho death there of his Bistor, Mrs. Mary Buchanan. Mlnncr of Taft won the ly dinner of i -- ,- - —„.. .'lub Wednos- i <lny. Ills subject wan Boy Scouts and tliplr value to the social and economic wolf are of tho community. About i'2 members ot tho club wero j prt-wcMit nt ih« (lliirti-r. ! John Patmrnon rutiimod Wednps-! day from San FYanclHco where ho j wt.-nt nlxnit a week IIKO on a bus!- ' ness trip with hlM brothor-in-law, E. < E. Ballagh. Mr. Ballagh remained i In tli4- buy city to transact further ! bimlnrm. i --.«,, .-w. I** vis,**.*, i/j n n in jdiivin^ most of his wife's estate to hot- pro logo and secretary, Thacf * eni», 21, poot and palntor. Pick- •*• ___.. —1-V-w --« •»••.» A •/ 4T*. WAU wind sweeping out of the north brought snow, rain and dust to the plains area east ot the Rocky mountains and left one person dead today. Temperatures dropped as much aa 40 degrew, nearin* freezing during the night, Harry' pltttnger, electric lineman, fell to hto dtath in Denver while repairing an arc Ught during a 3S-rail»-an-bour gale Sutt *W>t« '•'".."'' i ,1 " -• V i . *' < He competed In the Taft horse show Al _Smith tO Speak ! "VL^U Tony can do .,«, »ep. Onf nh«i» Q ! ftr "t« tricks, among which arc. shoot- v/VI/UUCj; O jing gun, untying knou, teeter totter _ , S on a twelve Inch plank, open doors, prttt Ltaied Wire) \ puu down bar*, bring* a bucket of •and, and many others. Billy and hi* hone have had a tryout for a clrcun picture which. i» contemplated by the Republic Picture Company of LOM Angele«. PHILADELPHIA, 8«pt. 26. — Harry M. IXJUgherty, regtoter of wllla of Philadelphia, announced today that former Governor Alfred E. Smith of New York will deliver an address in Philadelphia on the night of October 8. "Co-operatln* with Mr, Dougherty in tbte matter," the announcement •aid, "i» a committee of Ufa long Democrat* throughout the state, and ?L r : *?*?.»»»?« «» J»vita tion to .hi the AVHV-r ^'•'"Si't> 1ST , _. SUIT rOSTI'ONEW . LOS ANOI3LE8, Sept. 26. (A. P.>— Bult of Mm. Lionel Atwlll, wife of the movie actor, to collect $10,000 on an insurance policy she wild nh« took out on her Mnllbu Peach home shortly before it vra» burned in a brush flrn Uut October 3J, w&n postponed today until Monday. < FEATUMIt YOU NCVCM S AW O R NEAKD BE. FORE ON ANY RADIO 529.95 5750.00 T«nn Johnson's Fireitoni Auto Supply and Strvioi Stores, Ino, Chuiir at TWMtjr>f«irth Jtrwt WJ Com* into out sior* and look ov*r th«M n«w Zanithi. An unbalieTebl* number of model* to chooM irom. Ptic«e •o moderate, you will wonder how a manufacturer with, a 2O-T»ar reputation for male* tug $2,500 radio* can do tt. William & Bootl Fn Mil M Stmi Our •vp«r>l*«e« _•«£'•* r$ •••»• '

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