The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 2, 1996 · Page 4
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 4

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1996
Page 4
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A4 SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 2, 1996 FASHION THE SALINA JOURNAL T AFTER A FASHION The leggings are cool but lose the shoulder pads Football needs more excitement; I suggest mixing and matching I was ignoring a football game on TV the other night, waiting for it to be over so we could watch Martha Stewart, or a "Hawaii Five- O" rerun, or practically anything, when something on the screen caught my eye. Some of the little players running across it were wearing these really shiny black capri pants. At first I thought they were black, but actually they turned out to be a green so dark it's almost black. "Hey," I said to the person who was watching the game, "cool pants. I'd wear those." Well, maybe without the little wings on the hips. No point in calling attention to hips. "Those," he informed me, "are the Eagles' new uniforms." The Eagles being the professional football team in these parts. "Good marketing decision," I T SEW SIMPLE PATRICIA MCLAUGHLIN Uniiwrsal Press Syndicate said. I read somewhere that teams with black uniforms sell more hats and jackets, and also play more aggressively, fight more and look scarier, which apparently is all to the point. You, me and the lamppost Fascinatingly enough, the Eagles' new midnight green turns out to be the same color the city of Philadelphia painted its lampposts long, long ago. I happen to know this because the city historian researched it when the city was spiffing up several blocks of East Market Street, and wanted to install some historic ye-olde-lam- post-looking lampposts on the street. He found that the originals were painted a really dark green, so dark it was almost black. But they didn't paint them that color this time. The East Market development honchos decided that historically correct wasn't cool and European-looking enough for them — history equals fuddy-dud- dy, no? — so they picked a custom- car black cherry from a place that sells little things of car paint for touching up nicks and scrapes. Which somehow makes it all the more wonderful that, when the Eagles got bored with their historic (since 1941) kelly green, this really dark, dark green that the Soft Polarfleece great for outerwear EUNICE FARMER King Features Dear Eunice Farmer: I have just discovered Polarfleece. Is it difficult to work with? What kind 4> of garments do you suggest? — Claire W. Dear Claire: The name Po- larfleece is a trademark for a specific fabric; you will see many versions under similar names. Polarfleece is definitely the fabric of the '90s for many reasons: It is *washable (never dry-clean), easy to sew, lightweight yet warm and resists pilling. It has a soft, fleecy feel that makes it perfect for outerwear, casual dressing, pillows, blankets and throws. • Preshrink dry in your clothes dryer. It's best to cut a single layer at a time in one direction. Its soft finish is actually a type of velour, but a knit. A perfect unisex pattern is Stretch and Sew 196. You may use a serger for most of your construction. Polarfleece does not ravel and needs no seam finishes. Trim seams to 1 A inch to avoid bulk. Use a slightly longer machine stitch and long, white head pins to hold fabric in place. I highly recommend that you purchase "Polarfleece Pizzazz," a book available in fabric stores. It is filled with great ideas, details and patterns. Dear Eunice Farmer: My daughter is getting married next year and plans to wear my wedding dress. The bodice needs to be reconstructed due to torn netting and size. I have purchased a similar lace, but the lace of the gown has become slightly yellow. How can I dye the new lace for a closer match? — Pat N. Dear Pat: I have spoken to several women who restore old gowns and they all feel that tea is the best and safest answer. Place three or four tea bags in one quart of very hot (not boiling) water. Wet the lace to be dyed first to remove any sizing the manufacturer might have applied. Try it on a small swatch first. Remember, it always dries lighter in color. If you think you have the right color, proceed by allowing the lace to set for several minutes. You can always make the color darker, so it's best to start out light. Don't dye more than one yard of lace at a time. 12 packs 19* 3 2 liters -109* * Prices good through November 5th, 1996. Universal Press The Philadelphia Eagles' Troy Vincent sports this year's new, updated uniforms. lampposts aren't going to be appealed to them as looking fresh and sharp and exciting and-new, but still green, and therefore, unlikely to make anybody mad. "Do you like the new shirts, too?" the person watching the game asked. "No way," I said. " Those shoulder pads are so '80s. But the hel- Pattern: Stretch and Sew 196. Dear Eunice Farmer: I know slits are needed in the back of narrow, straight skirts, but how do you keep your slip from flapping out through the slits? — Peg H. Dear Peg: Line your skirts instead of wearing a separate slip. When you line a skirt, you must slip-stitch the lining to each side of the vent or slit of the skirt (whether it's at the front or the back). The lining could easily flap out if you don't connect it to the skirt itself. Sim-Flex winner Winner of the Sim-Flex measuring gauge, for the sewing tip of the week, is Betty Chamberlain of Caneadea, N.Y. Her tip: "With arthritic fingers, it is difficult to use pins for cutting out a sewing project. I made little drawstring pouches from 5-inch circles of fabric and filled them with lead shot. They can be moved around to hold your pattern on the fabric more easily than pins." (You can find weights for this purpose in the notion department of fabric stores). mets are nice." The new helmets are a sparkly version of the dark green, glitzy but in a discreet way, and the grills on the fronts look bigger and smoother. They remind me of the rhino bars on those nice, big bulbous Toyota Land Cruisers. I like that they look serious and tough. Toughness was key, according to NFL Properties' Bruce Burke, who oversaw the transition from kelly to midnight. He says the color "had to feel right for the game of football," and the midnight green "felt tough. It felt appropriate for the game." Your tender greens like chartreuse and celadon never had a chance. Traditionally, football teams have had two jerseys: one for home games and one for visiting other cities. Which may have been enough way back, when most Americans had only their work clothes and their visiting clothes, but it's clearly inadequate in the age of MTV. So while they were renovating, the Eagles sprang for white pants and green shirts as well as the green pants and white shirts. This is terrifically exciting from a fashion point of view since it gives them a lot more versatility, a lot more choices. Because football is traditionally a fall game, it "The color had to feel right for the game. The midnight green felt tough." Bruce Burke spokesman, NFL Properties always seems wrong to me that they start playing exhibition games in August when it's still so hot. But now, at least, on a really hot day, the players could wear all white for delectably cool, crisp, summery look. If they're in New York, where everybody wears black, or just happen to be playing a team they want to impress with their sophistication and savoir-faire, they could wear solid midnight green, for a sort of little-black-dress elegance. In a more relaxed and formal mood, they can mix green tops with white capris, or on days when they feel fat, they can wear their classic white shirts with the blessedly slenderizing midnight green pants. For a really fun look, some players could wear green-and-white, and some could wear white-and- green. Or the offense could wear white, and the defense could wear green. Or, or, or ... So many possibilities, such a short season! DICKINSON THEATRES i ,^ BBQ jork aiid Beef Ribs, yCliili Soup; anM^lr| Brunch Buffet 11 am-2pm Retired Senior Citizens Receive $1.00 Off Sunday Brunch Buffet Breakfast Buffet $C95 7am-11 am write to God. is answering, GREG KIN N E A R DEAR GOD Central Mall; Frl. & Sat. ('1:35-*4:20)-7:10-9:40 Sun.(*1:35-*4:20)-7:10 Mon.-Thura.('5:10)-7:35 OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY!" Featuring New Daily Menu Lunch Buffet Monday - Friday ll:00am - l:30pm HgUPOMtl <t £ us] » »•m •+* cism* if 1 K^nnsBi fel 1616 W. Crawford • Salina. KS • 823-1739 [jr!l H""*~" ""-* 1 "A 'Working Girl' for the 90s!" JdTCr«l«.SIXTV SECOND 1'REVIKW WHOOPI GOLDBERG -"ASSOCIATE Central Mall, \ Frl. & Sat. C1:2S-M:10)-7:05-9:45 Sun.('1:25-'4:10)-7:05 ' Mon.-Thurs. C5:05)-7:40 Sleepers Robert DeNIro Brad Pitt DB Frl. & Sat. 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Sun. !>-2 We've gone world wide web! v/ww. die New Dickinson Theatres Policy: No children 1 yr. & under are ollowed in auditoriums showing PG 13 & R rated movies after 6:00 p.m. ; Primelime Show $ 3 75 . Evenmg S 5 50 . Children/Seniors s 3 50 . U Hou< Sfiowline: 825-9105 p'Keoiing I g Imputed 1820 S. 9th Street Salina, KS Daily 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm in money saving coupons inside the Sunday edition of I I ^17.60 the Salina Journal: * Salina Home Delivery Subscribers | _ §_ Call Today To Start Your Subscription 823-6363 or 1-800-827-6363 ----- the j na Journal ---- J

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