The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 4, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1963
Page 3
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Baking Soda Magic "Scouring Powder 55 By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: I clean the glass door of my oven by dipping a washcloth in baking soda. I use this as one would ordinarily use a scouring powder. Wet the cloth and wring it out throughly, then dip in the soda. Scrub in rotary motion over the carbon spots. Works like a magic wand. O.S.M. Dear Heloise: 1 just must save anyway I can. We cook many things in double broilers. Utilize the heat when using the bottom part. If you have boiled potatoes or carrots in the bottom, wait until they are nearly done and then put peas (they only need to be heated) in the top part. Slap on the lid and use that burner to kill two birds at the same time. Saves heat and you only have to wash Hints From Heloise one lid. Also, while cooking carrots in the bottom part, you can make cream sauce in the top. Pour the sauce into the carrots. Saves time and heat. , Winifred Dear Heloise: For those who have old whisk brooms. . . may I suggest that they wash them in a good detergent and rinse them well. While Army Mothers Install New State Officers US Army Mothers installed of ficers last evening following a memorial service in Masonic tern pie. Installing officer was Emilj Peterson, Kansas City, Kas., na tional adjutant. She was assistet by Mattie Kahn and Anna McCoy sergants - at - arms; Myrtle Doman, color bearer; Maude Shaw banner bearer; and Doris Maze organist. Officers are commander, Edith Blake, Kansas City, Kas.; firs vice-commander, Irene Zielinski Leavenworth; second vice-corn mander, Doris Sloan, Arkansas City; third vice-commander, Julia Stlrm, Winfield, fourth vice-commander, Bessie Judd, Emporia; fifth vice-commander, Effie Curran, Kansas City, Kas.; adjutant Leta Gathers, Wellington; finance officer, Doris Otto, Ottawa; chaplain, Alvena "Bechtle, Ottawa; judge advocate, Grace Samuel Emporia; organizer, Florence Bradley, Leavenworth; historian Myrtle Jones, Independence; firsl sergeant-at-arms, Grayce Schmidt Leavenworth; second sergeant- at-arms, Georgia Conrad, Winfield; color bearer, Martena Jones, Arkansas City; banner bearer, Mary Bell, Ottawa. New officers were also installed at the PPast Commanders breakfast this morning. They are president, Esther Shaughnessy, Leavenworth; vice - president, Club Marks Anniversaries At Meeting Thirty-one members attended the meeting of Senior Club No. 1 yesterday in the Youth Center. Following the patriotic ritual the group sang two oldtime songs, "Loves Old Sweet Song," and "Annie Laury," in honor of two couples with spring wedding anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCune were married 61 years in May and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brady 54 in March. Mrs. Myrtle Graham gave a reading, "Faith"; Mrs. Seright gave, "Let Me Grow Lovely"; and Mrs. Viola Robinson, "A Recipe For Happiness," Mrs. Margaret Williams was at the piano. It was reported that two cars of members gave a program at Hawkins Community Club meeting at a recent meeting. A number of members also attended the recent open house at Osawatomie State Hospital and took both a bus tour and walking tour on the grounds. Members reporting on the trip were Mr. and Mrs, A. J. Brady, Mrs. Mary Hoyt, Mrs. Flora Sherman, Mrs. Grace Duvall, Mrs. Elsie Payne, Mrs. Graham, Mrs, Seright, Martin Stuart, Mrs. Nellie Lohman and Mrs. Lillian Spears. Mrs. Graham baked a two-layer -cake honoring the couples with wedding anniversaries and Mrs. Roy Batdorf, Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Mary Smart also baked cakes. All were served with ice cream and coffee. The refreshment committee included Mrs. Julia Jones, Mrs. Smart, Mrs. Spears and Mrs. Graham. Grace Croan, Ft. Scott; secretary- treasurer, Anna McCoy, Kansas City, Kas. Installing officer was Opal Monroe and installing sergeants-at-arms were Doris Maze and Edith Blake. . Mrs. Monroe, state commander, presided at the banquet last evening in North American Hotel, attended by nearly 140 persons. She was introduced by Mrs. William McClintic, general convention chairman. Rev. Charles P. Knight gave the invocation. Introduced as a special guest was Mildred Flower, Huntington, W. Va., the national commander. Also introduced were special guests, national and state officers, and past national and state officers. Mrs. Doman is both a past state commander and past national commander. Mrs. Nora Foley was introduced as the commander of Ottawa Post No. 4. Among the guests were Mrs. W. P. Shepard and Mrs. Clifford Nutt. Speaker for the banquet was Eugene L. Speer, from Wadsworth VA Hospital. He outlined some of the hospital work and told of the great benefit the volunteer work of the Army Mothers has in rehabilitating patients. Tables were decorated with flat blaskets of van-colored roses and spring flower's tied with pastel bows of tulle. There were "turtle" pincushion favors and May basket nut cups. The convention held the concluding session today. still wet, take a pair of scissors and cut them into a "V" shape. This homemade gadget is wonderful for cleaning many corners especially when it comes to wall- to-wall carpets where a vacuum cleaner ordinarily does not reach. Great too for cleaning car seats. You will be surprised how much dirt they will get out of the average corner which is seldom thoroughly cleaned. Salem Me Donald Dear Heloise: I am 73 years old. For years I have used hobnail bed spreads. Once in a while one of these little devils (the hob part) will come loose and you will think your bedspread is ruined. . . but it isn't. Instead of getting your neigh bor gossip with "Gee, look at that tuft missing!," get a big embroidery needle, (a petit poinl needle will do too) and thread it with two strands of matching thread and just pull it through the place where the tuft is missing four or five times. Cut the threads in two. . . and "tramp* the new tuft to match the others Marcia Lapiduss Dear Heloise: If y9U have a tea kettle which has been used for boiling water and you don't have quite enough water to finish filling those coffee cups for instant coffee. . . don't open the lid of the kettle to refill it. This causes many a bad burn. If you need one more cup o! water. . . hold the kettle under the hot water faucet and allow the stream of water to flow into the kettle through its spout. Thi way, you hand will never gel burnedi Samuel Fellowship Observation Is Friday Ottawa Council of United Church Women observed May Fellowship Day with a coffee Friday morning in the Church of the Brethren. Mrs. Frank Holden presided anc led the call to worship. Singing, "Holy, Ghost With Light Divine,' was a quartet composed of Mrs Raymond Gillette, Mrs. Gene Mohr. Mrs. Archie Sinclair anc Mrs. Merle Willhite, accompanied by Mrs. Eldon Rader. Other women taking part in the program were Mrs. Leroy Green Mrs. Henry Alban, Mrs. Mike Newmaster, Mrs. Will Gamble and Mrs. Allen Troutman. Mrs. A. K Rader led the group in singing oJ hymns. Mrs. George Royer was organist. Mrs. Charles DuMond, wife ol the pastor of the Church of the Brethren, welcomed the group and invited the women to the basement for coffee and rolls and an hour of fellowship. Miscellany Lois L. M. S. It doesn't seem like a year since last year's delightful Ottawa High School journalists helped in this department as in other sections of the editorial department. On Wednesday i t was just as pleasurable an. experience to have members of this year's class. We have only compliments for Kerri Pound and Nancy Burling lam who did the writing in this department. There's no need to worry about the future of women's departmenst with so many ef- icient girls interested in this ype of work. Franklin County HDU women who went to the -Kansas Home Demonstration Week meeting in Topeka Thursday heard a long- ime friend speak. She is Mrs. Vinona Starkey, extension home urnishings specialists, Kansas "Jtate University, Manhattan, a ormer HDA for Franklin County. Mrs Starkey reviewed, "Trends n Home Furnishings," using iamples of fabrics, rugs and wall- Russell Stover CANDIES For Mother's Day paper, and pointed out the newest materials, and colors, and their combination in interior decoration. Philip A. Hart, the Michigan senator sponsoring the truth-in packaging bill, says he will ask the FDA to set a standard for the number of cherries in frozen pies. One eight-inch pie he purchased had only 40 cherries in it. Similar pies sold in the Senate restaurant have 108 cherries, he said. FDA gave manufacturers another extension of time to provide proof that 37 food additives are safe. The chemicals are all components of paper and paperboard used for food packaging. A common greeting this week after the heavy frost: "Did the frost get your tomatoes?" 'Holely* Shoes Made to look and feel like new at CITY SHOE SHOP 318 S, Main CH 2-3024 THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, May 4, 1963 Choose Father If Mom Insists c , i 1 "!? AN .° PREm - Mrs - Bruee S P Ea «. 700 E. llth, prepares to serve a Frozen Fruit Salad. The recipe for this salad and several other equally tasty dishes are given below. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) For Real Taste Treats Try This Collection Of Recipes Dishes prepared with ham are perennial favorites — everyone likes them. Mrs. Bruce Spears, 700 E. llth, finds the following recipe an excellent one to serve lo guests since she can prepare other dishes while the ham loaf is baking. It is good alone or served with horseradish sauce which puts it right up in the gourmet class. Ham Loaf IVz c. lean, smoked ham, ground IVi Ib. lean, fresh pork, ground 1 tsp. dry mustard 1 small onion chopped 1 medium can tomatoes, drained 2 eggs, well beaten 2 c. bread crumbs Mix above ingredients and put in rectangular pan two inches deep. Mix Vn c. brown sugar and 2 tsp. prepared mustard. Spread over ham mixture. Bake 1 1 A hours at 325 degrees. Horseradish Sauce 1 bottle horseradish, drained !'/£ c. mayonnaise Vz c. whipping cream % c. grated apple % tsp. salt l /z tsp. dry mustard Mix all ingredients, folding in mayonnaise and whipped cream. Serve in bowl beside platter of Ham Loaf. Who can resist a luscious pink frozen fruit salad. Here is how Mrs. Spears makes this delectable concoction. Frozen Fruit Salad 1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese Va c. mayonnaise 1 No. 303 can fruit cocktail 1 orange, cut into sections J /4 c. maraschino cherries halved Vy c. chopped pecans or walnuts 1 c. miniature marshmallows Vi tsp. allspice Red food color 1 c. whipping cream Soften cream cheese and blend in mayonnaise. Add fruits, nuts, marshmallows and allspice; mix well. Add food color to get desired shade of pink. Whip cream and fold into fruit mixture. Put into 1%-quart mold. Freeze until solid. Slice and serve on lettuce or other salad greens. For something different in the way of a relish or salad, you'll want to try Mrs. Spears' recipe for Slaw Surprise. It's nice to have on hand to serve to unexpected guests. Wilted Cabbage or Slaw Surprise 1 large head cabbage 2 large Bermuda onions 1 large green pepper Chop or shred cabbage coarsely. Slice onion and pepper very thin.. Alternate layers of cabbage, pepper and onion. Sprinkle with 1 c. sugar and refrigerate four hours. Bring to a boil: 2 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. salt 1 tsp. dry mustard 1 c. vinegar % c. salad oil Pour over cabbage mixture while hot. 'Cover tightly and refrigerate for one week. For color, part of the cabbage may be red cabbage. Mrs. Spears says she got this recipe from a friend and finds it Sewing Machine Service /NECCHI . ."SEWING CIRCLE Experience Albright's tfARiKARI Sure suicide for over 200 different kinds of insects and pests! You may now purchase this amazing Vaporizer for only.,, plus fox Twtea and ipproved by the lot Articles Bld|. i Safety Dept. 'It h no ditgiott la hav* iniccli and ptlll bur •il if a diigract to «*tp Ihtffli* BUDGE'S HARDWARE 117 S. Main CH 2-2371 so quick and easy she is sure other folks might like to try it. The packaged foods are a lime- saver. Quick Dessert 1 can preapred fruit pie filling (Cherry, peach, blueberry) 1 small package white cake mix Vz c. butter or margarine Put pie filling into an 8 x 8 pan. Pour dry cake mix over fruit. Dot with butter. Bake at 350 degrees for an hour. For a henrty pork dish, one that's easy too, Mrs. Spears likes to prepare the following recipe. Pork Chops And Rice Flour and brown desired number of pork chops. Add 1 tbsp. of rice for each chop. Add sliced carrots, onion and celery. Add equal parts of tomato soup and water (1 can of each for six large chops Cook over medium heat for about an hour. This can be cooked in a pressure cooker in 30 minutes, With strawberry time just around the corner, you will want to keep this recipe at hand to try. It couldn't be simpler. Strawberry Jam or Preserves 4 c. fresh berries 1 tbsp. vinegar Boil three minutes after the mixture starts to boil. Add 4 c. sugar. Boil about 7 minutes after the mixtures starts boiling again. Set aside to cool and stir occasionally. After 24 hours, pour into glasses and cover with paraffin. Dear Ann Landers: Shortly after I left home lo join my husband who is in the armed services, I received a telephone call from my dad telling me that he and mother had separated. This was over two years ago. My mother has yet to mention it, although she writes to me of- Your Problems By Ann Landers len and we have spoken on the telephone many times. She is obviously so bitter and unhappy about the separation that she cannot bring herself to speak of it. My brother who is 17 told me mother made him choose between her and did. He chose her She will not permit him to mention dad's name in the house- much less see him. When I get home I'm sure I will be faced with the same choice. I am dreading this because I love them both. My mother has a will of iron and she's impossible to reason with. Please tell me what to do.—RIGHT SQUARE IN THE MIDDLE Dear Midilly: The unhappy relationship between your parents is not of your making and you shouldn't be punished for it. The parent who imposes such a choice on a child deserves to be the one who is left out. If your mother insists that you choose between her and your .father- choose your father. Dear Ann Landers: I'm not the prettiest girl in the world — or the smartest. I'm 28 years old, have a responsible position and have supported myself since I was 18. Life was uncomplicated (and also unexciting) until I met Warren. Warren is a college graduate and he sells insurance. I haven't gone with anyone else for six months so you might say he is my steady. He has hinted strongly about marriage but ha,s never proposed. Now I'm nol sure I'd accept. This is why I'm writing. Twice in the last three months Warren has lost his temper and slapped my face. Both times he insisted the slaps were "nothing personal" — that this is the way he expresses himself when he gets angry. He said "Any psychologist will tell you it is a healthy outlet for the emotions." I've never studied psychology so I'm in no position to dispute his word; Can you advise me?— LITTLE EVA Dear Eva: The "outlet" may be good for his health but I can't see that it does much for yours. If a klop in the chops is Warren's way of "expressing himself" during courtship, you can guess what kind of expression you'll get after marriage. Flee this man as you would the plague. Civilized people don't slap faces. Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next month. Many of our friends and relatives have offered to give parties for us but my husband and I would prefer to entertain them rather than have them entertain us. I am not being avaricious — ust practical - when I tell you know we will receive many ovely gifts. Since this will be .he silver anniversary I can see t now — silver platters, silver dishes, silver ash trays, candle^ stick holders, candy dishes, ciga* •ette boxes. The list is endless. All silver means to me is hours of polishing and I dread the 'nought of it. Would it be improper if I wrote on the invitations "No Silver Please." Thank you. — THE BIG 25 Dear Big: It would be in poor .aslc to write such a message on the invitation, No reference to a ;ift should be made on any in- vitalion. You may pass the word quiet- y among your close friends that you don't wnnt silver, but don't make a mass production type of- announcement, please. Does almost everyone have a ;ood time but you? If so, send: r or Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped invclope. Club Forecast Sunday PAIRS and SPARES of Westminster UP Church, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Read ' MOTHER-DAUGHTER lea, Maaonlo . Temple, Job's Daughters Monday OMEGA CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi, • Mrs. Bill Simpson EXEMPLAR CHAPTER, Beta Sigma • Phi OTTAWA GARDEN Club, First Methodist Church COSMOPOLITAN Club, Mrs. Larry Dunn KECRUIT Class, -N. Baptist Church, 7:30 p.m. TRUE KINDRED Tuesday AATJW, 8:M fl.m. dinner BETA C1AMMA, Mrs. NoeJ Douglas ENTRE NOUS, Mrs. Harold Oahagen JAYCEE JAYHES, Mrs. Bill Seymour PAST PRESIDENTS. Mrs. J. Ray Waddoll 7 HIGHLAND AVENUE, Mrs. Max Cramer LOVE und LOYALTY, Mrs. C. B. South LADIES MISSIONARY Circle, FaHh Bible Church, Mrs, Herbert Fredrlcks NAZARENE MISSIONARY Society PROMENADERS Wednesday • CHILD STUDY. Mrs. Walter Murray FRANKLIN COUNTY Nurses, North American Hotel, dinner, 8:30 p,m. ONE-TO-8IX Club, Mrs. Carroll Whlteford OMICRON Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi. Mrs. Tom Jordan LW C'ub. Mrs, Ursa Vincent SKILTON MUSIC CLUB, Mrs. E. O. Stucker TOT-TO-TEEN Club NMC, Mrs. Glen Jordan ZIGZAOOERS, Mrs. Loren Oensman SEEKERS Sunday School Class, Trinity Church SWEET ADELINES REBEKAH • p.m. Thursday HCH. Mrs. Don Martin KIWANIQUEENS, Country Club, luncheon DAUGHTERS Club of Centropolls, Mri. Mabel Smith SOROPTIMIST Club, luncheon, Lofgrcen building VPW AUXILIARY NAOMI CLUB, Mrs. C. D. Gas ton WHITE SHRINE Friday SENIOR CLUB, Youth Center Saturday DAR, Mrs. Erwln Elder LOOKING FOR A HOME? Then, We invite you to check into our "Home Plan" available at reasonable rates on a permnent basis. • Convenient Downtown Location • Meals included, if desired • Elevators and phone service North American Hotel Corner of Third and Main Phone CH 2-4800. . .Fern and Bruce Socialettes Ottawa Branch, American Association of University Women, will hold a dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Colbcrn's. Cosmopolitan club will meet Monday at 2 pm. at Mrs. Larry Dunn's home. A feature of tha meeting will be installation of officers. Curved AUTO Glass Popular Makes In Stock SUFFRON Glass Co. 418 N. Main Phone Cll 2-2515 FOOT TEST Tuesday, May 7 A special representative from Dr. Wm. M. Scholl's Chicago headquarters will be here to assist us in making Pedoeraphic prints of your stockinged feet. This wonderful invention helps us select the proper Dr. Scholl's Remedy, Appliance or Arch Support to relieve all your common foot troubles. Coma farly or Phono for an Appointment No Cost or Obligation SHOES-HOSlERY-tUGGACB

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