The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 2
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ppfps* f?ffffi^^^^^^ 1 > ! fi * T I v I* * THE BAKEftSFIEM) CAMFOtttflAN, SATUnDAt SEPfEMJEfe 26, »8'g Kansas War Veteran Is Named Successor to George Pern f AM»otof«<l Pmn Leant Wirt) . WASHINGTON, 8«pt, 8«/- CUdgtd to "An adequate national defense In the Interest of peace," Harry II. Woodrlng, a world wn,r veteran, prepared to take offlco mi HMrctary ot War. 81111 In his fortlfiH, tho Kantian taken command of the nation'* land defrnHPH lit H tlmn when military of- flclalH are upending one of tlui Ian?out peace time appropriations In hl»tory. HucfiMds Hern President Roosevelt announced the" temporary elevation of tho act Ing secretary to full power ovor the nation'M war mactilno at tho Hydo 1'nrk, N. V., summer whlto houno lost night, WoodrliiK suecpodn Cttorgo H. D«m, of Utah, who died late last month. Whether Woodrln*;, former icov nmor of Kansas, will be given the pMt permanently, or whether a flow B««r«tflry of war will bo named Inter wao not dIacloiHid, WoodrlnK had nerved as acting head of the war department for many month*, white frern was too 111 to work. In July, If Iff, Woodrlng married Minn Helen CooIMco, daughter of Bun u tor Marcus Coolldgo of Mrtumi chusettt. They have a von, Maroun and n daughter, Melissa. Il«fnn M Krhtnd Hoy Born In Rlk City, Kann., on May 11, 1*90, tho Mon of a Kentucky veteran of the union army, Wood ring started working In a Jmnk u« errnnd boy And janitor at the n of 10. Wlfhln (hren yearn lie come assistant coahler, Entering: the army M an criH/dcd man during tho war, Wnodrlng a seaond tfeiitenitiit. t/. S. Foik Soviets War on Sterling (PonUHvti from fagr One) NAZI PARADE RIVER 0^ FIRE Scratch Rattlers Neck to Gain His Friendship, Saya The Nny.l genius for prewntlng HpariAcU.* WIIM brought Into full play ta itrento the "river of fire" porlrayi.ul In IhlH unuHiial picture. It won made by the flamiriK lorohcir at 10,000 p«.rt.y leader* rnnrohlns 1 oljrht ftbrt;**t to the Dnu(*ohon ffof at Nuremberr to PIIM« In review befora Chnnoellor Miller In ono of tho big events of the Nazi thereby hamper tho effort to morn Ktftble economic relatUnm." The move by the KiisnUii Hint* flank. Morirmitlmu snlil, "WAN tlm only hisiHnce todny of nny «overn- ftienf, nny bnnlc of nny Indlvlduul to try to artificially Influent!* (he foTrfffn ex<>haniru murltetM In the United fttatoft." tie pointed out that lb« ojfcliang markets In London and 1'n.rl* now are olo*M], "I itno^rely hope," Mornentlmu »ald earncKtly, "that thl» Intuii-nt will not b« rnpeatAd." What, Wn» ObJcrtT Asked HpPc'.lfloAlly how ih«- linn »lnnii had hopnd |« uain by nrlllnK Iho pound, tho frsHxury thief ro- pi Kid: "Viitl will hnvo to nnlc thn ftua- HlllllH." Th<« itKrcornent among lh!n country, Ureat Iirllaln nnd Krancn ro forn-d fo fho doslmlilllty of crenilng "fcffttifllty of the prlnclpivl currnn- den," Hevaluntlon of tho frano provided unrfer the Agrcemont wan viewed by (renAury officials an a "major movn" toward stabilisation. MorgonthftU'B Htnt«ni«iiU tndny wnn In linn with thin government'N pledge to us* "appfoprlatn avallnbln ro: HourcoH no mi to avoid «M far UK pox- Bible any disturbance of thn liit«i« <>e intermit lonal exchange r»Hultlng from tho proposed reudjustniont." Ill* purchase of tho tttorllng Indicated that the treasftry ndvndfi ready te use (he stttblllzatlon fund Immediately to prevent th* driving down Of the ourrenclen of (he three noun- tries parties tn the mtreeinrnt. Planned Tor Groups During Soim-Hler; lo Hold Convention Soon Jn «n enjoyable form of wolcOme, the California Mclinlarship Hocloty of tho local high school began oft totally thfllr «or:lal Mnniion yostorday with a "refreshment" woUiomo to the freshmen scholars, The reception WIIH Ill-Id In tho bungalow of tho hoimi eannomlr-S oluMses. Acrordlng to all roport/i, Dm "marital wlmrils" had exo«ll«nt appetites, I'laii Convention f'liirm ur«' ulsii heliiK formulated for tho district convention of thn scholarship society, to Im held hero on Ofllotmr 17. A acorn of valley nchorils nro nttfndlnft nnd an Interesting montlng l« anticipated. Miss fCrnlly Kdlpir, konlor advlmir, epHik- liitf of thn organl/JitUm, tuald: "Thn C. H. 1'". flJt|io<itH thin ypnr to ho Iho buxloHt oiu> of UH hlMiory. U'o havo two now, competent advisors. Miss ItornliM-i' firnddon and lldrnard I'JIy, nnd mow limn 100 'A* »luo>nt«. Wo arn attempting fo uorrei'l tlm Im- that the 'book lovers' do hut study." MoelltiffH Hold Iho IIHII! wi><-k, tho (irHiinl- Kftllon rnot Informally In two inrnt. IIIKH, onn fur rroHlunoii niul xopho- morim and tho othor for Urn upper 1 olnHNrncn, M!MH IlriiiUlun, nowly ap- polnlnd HilvlHM-, had I'lmntu of dm yiMIIDJur IMCtllliCI'H, Wlllld MI»H ICllKUt' nu't with tli« upper olnssinen. Chief topldii In both tiKXilliiHH worn tho parties Mich rH<ntlon IM plnnnliin. According to MlHn lOdKar, pliiMM for tho Junlor-sVinlor parly, lo bn held at tho lOdgar roKlrltMicn, nro wall niiilnr way. M|H« linuldon rnpoi'ts that Iho freHhrni<n-eopliutnor« purly In In thn process of (Trillion, hut full plans have not been completed. In M«ny Counties Arc Burning Over Extensive Arwt«, Heport» Sny I'ren t,uai«d Wlro) HAr.'IlAAlIflNTO, Hopt. 20. — A Hlrong north wind In the Hacnv- tnento river valley added today to dl- BY ROVIKT MOVK LONJX)N. Hept. 20. (A. I'.)-*»l«a«ed by fleorMnry Henry Mor- genthnu's qulnk defense of the pound sterling, lirltlsh flnanoinl circles, neverthelens, were puxjiled tonight by an alleged attempt by th* Husslan state bank to Mull 1,000,600 poiindi "at any price." Informed flnanelal eouraen nnld thn action of the United HtateM HMV retary of th« treasury In imliiK thn Aincrlcun dtahlll/atlon fund to blnok the asserted ftosslnri movo WIIM the first evidence of tho effectiveness of a new trl-power agreement to protect the cUrrenclew of the United Btatei, ICngland and P'ranre. Howovwr. they (Hniyht an explanation of why tho UuHHluiiH wanted to sell tltd JKitinds. Thnro wan no official comment. ..... -4* « ---200 Couplet) Share StudentjBody Dance Morn than 200 onuploN enjoyed tho ihUHlo of lOvorctl JoniiN nnd tho dec- Orations of thi* HMiloi' (ioticll M (ho first student body dntice of the local blub Hcliool year, hnld last nlRhl lit tint high Holiool Kyinnaulum. Thn four olnHN uounolU worn In eharire Of tho dance, mipcrvleod by fhn executive cnuncMI. 'I'he freshmen. under tho leadomhlp of t>«o [I, Dart, fruihmim advlnor, weru In charge of <Memi-U|M BopboinoroH, under If), J. , Perry, supervised retrashmentui Jun•: lorn under Phil Martin had ohurifu of tlcketuj and Henlors had churne of deoorutlotm. MI«M TtoHomury Uuvls In senior advleor. Membern of tlui executive council Include: Bob Kio* Itlto, president of tho student body; Nlak OomboN, vlce>pre«ldenti Miss Helen Uuldwln, neuretufyi Mlsa Hattel Morton, editor, nhie and While; Miss Murjorln Stllon, bUHl- ness manager, Blue and White; Mtis Martha Donaon, nditor of the Oracle; Noll Ross, buslneim manager of the Oraalc; undWaldenmr Hchroeter, ynlt leudof. Mm worrlns of th« HUtu fornatry vlNlon which slncn lant Hunday has lii'i-n fighting fornwt flr«s In uxlan- Mlvx and scat tared areas, » Tim illvlMlon Is using all available ('<',(' onrolleas In tho state In coin- haltliiK (hn fires. Pirns In Tehama, Vuba, ^fondo• olno, Ntivuda, Uultn and Hanta Crux i'ounll"H wir»i reported somo of ihoin "ipiltn bad" and oth';r« "po- tpntlally danffnrotis." Mendorfino county continued ono of iho dnngrtrous spots with t.bren flrdH covering nxtcndlvn nrnts. These bln/^H, moMily In yellow pin* and IroiiRlflN fir w*r* at (lualala crnck, n««r Mrennwood unil on Indian crook. Tho Greenwood flro covered !i Mqtiarn mllos, thn Qualala crook bin/.n I o'lniiro mllri and tbn Indian rrfrlt flrn had burnncl nvor 2 s(|iiaro Be Erected on 5th Avenue and 56th Street In Shopping Area By HOWARD W. BLAfcKSLBB AJWWUU4 ttm ««I*M« Mltor NBW YORK, Sept. 20.—The world's first glass office building, five »torl«« tall, will be erected on Fifth avanua, It woe announced today, and nobody Inside, abovo tho ground floor, will be ablo to BOO outdoors. Walled In behind glass .tiles, through which no,ono can see either from Insldo or mil, the occupants will receive 78 per cent ot tho outdoor light. Tho place Will be win- dowUss, except fcwfflve show windows ofl the ground floor. In Swanky District Tho plans wero announced' today by the Corning Olas*.Works, which will own and erect the structures. It will stand at the southwest corner of Fifth aventie and Fifty-sixth street, In ono of New York's swankiest shopping districts. Artificial weather mado by aid- conditioning will roplttcd tho ordinary forms of ventilation. The framework of tho building Will be stool, floors flroproofod but not of glass. Tha comers and top will b« made of Indiana limestone, set like tho boards which lino (ho edgos of u b(ff box. Strong Tiles The glass tiles, It was announced, are so strong that a wall of them could bo built 000 feet high, which Is half tho height of tho world's tal- lost skyscraper. They are hollow glass blocks, about a foot nquar« and four Inches thick. Thflsa blocks are smooth on the mi(sldo. nut Insldo on both faces, they are fluted. Translucent; These Internal ridges of glass make the tllus non-transparent, tint they aro MO translucent, tho announcement ditalarea, that they admit only 12 per cent loss light than ptalrt glass. The glass tiles are set In mortar the samo ns bricks. Tho etuirc glass wall nan be washed tho same as a window. (Vnltti PfM» LtMtA Wirt) TIALI/A8, T«M*. 8«pt, 2k-B«rt ••^nwthdd et wittning ».r»ttl«. •ttftfce'tf friendiihlp—» Me fri*nd. ship is desired—IB to treat him fcntly, and oven scratch the back of hi* rmefc, JMk Raymon, Chi* cago hcrfwlologlst, advl««8. There Is nMhlttt that tnnoys t rattler more than quick move- mdnt*,, the reptile authority said. By «wy, gentle handling the snake can be made into • friend In three or four weeks. As for the nonpolsonous snakes, they are companionable creatures, he said, and writhe contentedly In the hands of a handler after 30 minutes. HA.Y FIESTA At LANCASTER LANCASTER, Sept. 20. (A. P.)— Hay will be king October 2 and Z when Antelopo Valley holds Its 1036 Alfalfa Festival. ,,,...- 35,000 More FamiliesGivenAid '** , ,' /' .- "-•; •-*-*'•' -'-*' *X.' r , /> In* an. Increase ln,8,-wc«k 61 38,000 farm families . old W fn the tJrdugiit areaV tHft'llfettUlertmit., ad-ministration today announced, it "will continue 1U drought , pro*, gram 1 through the 1 wtoter, ; assisting' through loans and 'grants those farm families whose feed and • f«ed iup» piles- have Men destroyed by the drought," „' '"/.'•-." Tho, repdrt showed 13B,pa» ' farm hAd been aBBlstea up to 8«ptemb«r it, compared With 102,000, aided to September 12. brought eitpehdlturcfi wAr^sXld to total »4;I6?,378, Including sutollstenc* grants of »1,»B4,320 to l2i,H7 faml* lies; 10,060 livestock loans aggregating $1,929,316; and 3390 emergency crop production loans amounting to $m,7»7,. > - > ; ,,..'•' MAKE BKOULAB STOPS ,, SAN iTRANdlBCO, d«pt.'2lJ.:(A.l',) United Air Line planes will make regular Btops :at Santa. Barbara,,fn coaxtwlHG flights beginning .October 1, 8, A. Stlmpson, district' traffic manager,; announced hero. . , rttrom PagtOnt) 4# *i **. >"«(, . , (.. thV "unfair'; tffop will bo brought to a Virtual standstill until grower* dkit''«ij)tttltt 'lUtfei* rtten from othsr. parts' of ,th« stato. The strikers meantlrno conferred with rcprosentatlveH of the State, Federation ot Labor and Salinas growers and'shlppei-i* discussed the thftMxpolnt" peace plan" advanced by Ooverrior Frank, 1^ Mcrrlam. - Preii LtatcdWlre) &M* FRANCISCO, Sept. .,28.—A Stale Federation of Labor committee today recommended that strikebreakers be excluded under terms of a preferential employment provision suggested by Governor Frank Mer- rlam'In bis program designed to halt the. Salinas valley lettuce strike. ' Tho federation- committee, orlgl WftJly favorable lo the entire *»t*p rtam plan, said it had'changed Its •tand because tho "grower*, and shippers have no intention of cooperating with either tho representatives of th<? Stalo Federation of Labor or,,the govornor." truck .terying Students, Collide at Lawrence, Kan. , Start, .Bept, toll of one dead and 33 injured, six dangerously, was counted today a* a result of the doiy/ilon of a rnrftdr c&r and a truck carrying University of Kansas students celebrating reunion at the opening of school. Hermlna Frlck of Larned, Kan., & student in the school of fine arts, died of injuries. The ohaperone of tho Y. M. C. A. and Y. Vf, C. A. reunion picnic, Mrs B. W. Holmes, wan one of .those critically Injured. The 'truck ov«rturned when , It crashod into an automobile driven by cartette Witw, 27, of Katisa* ally, Mo. Miss Witte was Injtlrett oHtl- cally as were two sttidents, William Robb, Osawatomi», Kan., and Evelyn BrubttkeV, Qronts Pass, Oro. State Parties to Plan Final Drive A "imtont tally bad" flrn Hturtfld nlontf IVm^ndnro creek In Hanta Cm* ('(iiinty f«nl«y Htatn forester M. r>. /'rait ealil It won l)urnln« aloni? the China Knido , m( | | n tn tbn Crillfornla roiHvood park. Oilrt hiihilrod CCC nn- t'olldOH wort- went to flftlit the flampM, In waflturri 'ivhnmn County ISO IIHTI w«r<t ri(fhlln»f a flrn which at LEGIONNAIRE One Hunter Out of Every 10 Bags Beer CA««00la/«<J I'reil LMttA Wire) dANtA ttARHAnA, Hept. 80.-C. S. noblnson, aimoolato forentnr, reported tor Want a liarhara nntlonal forest that 10,000 dour hunters, Sp*ndlntf uppruxlinutoly $1)00,000, participated in the recent hunting seaa.on nnd about ono out of I en n deer. in*t reptirlM had hunvd over 10 tntU'M limn nnd five mltoH Tlii'Hn lut'ifrt flroM wnro out of control In Vuliii County and 100 flro riKhiorn wore pnjtuifcd In that vicinity. Thn flrn In Nnvada County wain located at Columbia hllln. A umallor fire of SH afr«H nfnr (bo PJmf»lr« mlnn which tbrflatunod to Nproad and put under control. tn Unit.) County the fire which IUIH bnen burning near RntnrprlHo foi' tin-on days Wan ntlll out of control und I lircm new flren near Oro- vlllo were reported but their extent \v»« not. known. Tim Htatw dlvlNlon reported today thnrn are no flro* in thn redwoodn nlnnff Um Hndwnod blffhway, The flroM In Mendoclno County aro attacking other varieties of timber. .... i - .» »,«. i „.. ,,. Claimed Landon Not Thought Progressive (A»*n?l«t?tl I'rfH r.niuml trie*; NlflW VOKK, Kopt, SO,— Frank P. 'nlnh, chHlrinun uf th» nxcoutlve cnmmltton of the 1'rogreiiMve national committee, rottiritlnir today from confereneeM with liberal lead- cm In cblcatrii and Ht. Ixiuln, «ald failed to find n HhiBln liberal who Clovornor l.nndnn IM pro- KI'niiHlvn. "Tboro IH n rapidly nr<nvln« opinion inncmif thn Illmral iiroups," \Vnish mtld, "tiuit a vote for any of. HID minor party candUlaloe Is u vote for Lundon, bvuuiiNe It will dotrnct from tbn votn fur tlui 1'rnsldcnt." rr/n«ci» Frttt HACHAMI3NTO, Hept. 20.~-Callfor- nla political partleH today sent, tho now members of their stato central committees to Haoramento to nicct officers and formulate final plans for a whirlwind finish to tho 103U presidential campaign. As tho commute* members con- vuned for their ronpootlvo MssUins, It apponrad tho elections In the' two major party sosHlons would bo com- piiralltoly routine. Hackers of Justus Craomer, Or- anno publisher and asslHtant stato director of publlo works, liiNlsted ho would bn iMoetrtd ItcpublUrnfi chairman, although Rdward H. Hhatttlck. Ixis Angnles, still was In the running. In the Democratla famp, Clifford Annllm, Richmond, head ot thn HooHovolt-Uarnor campaign forces In California, was slated for tho chairmanship. leaders of both major parlies Indicated they would attempt to hold down any factional disputes and con- That tho Lttddlon In Kluikl of 1B17-19 will avnntually be venor- •iblo vctin-iiiiK like the II, A. II. IH forcibly bruiitflit to ntti>ntluii by thu arrival of Konlticrt Julni 11. O'Connor. 70, of WlnfloUl, Kaim., ut Oluvoluiid for tho Amerlcnn LoRton oouvcntlon. A inudul of lionor nmn, U'Conuur wiio a Hou- In tlui liitsi war. Soviet Commissar Ready for Any Foe (Cnlfi',1 I'rmi l.ftitnil Wtrt) MOSCOW, Hotit. Ud.— The commls- «m- of wni', Klemontl Voroshtlov, told wolilli-i'H in tint rod nrrny at tho oUmo ot inulKMivorn today Hint Hovlet ItiiSNla wan "n>ady lo mnot the enemy anywhere ha likes to roslst our military units." ..„_,., .»<.». ....... ...... AUMHUL TAYIX)H NAMMD HYDW PARK. N. V., Sept. 28. (A. I 1 .)— President Uoo»ov«lt today appointed Rear Admiral Manttfom- ery M. Taylor *u a member of the new maritime commission to aervo temporarily In plaoe of ttenr Ad- mlral Marry O. Mamtdt ot (h* coast •> on unffed fronts for tho benefit of their respective presidential campaigns. Music Sunday at Church Announced Muslo Hunday at First Presbyter- Ian Church was announced today by Mrs. Pearl M. Smith, organist, and choir director as follows: organ, "Prelude," (Ashford); Trost In Thranen" (Ocsten); "Postlufle" (Clark). Mvenlng, "Rvcning Prayer" (Ret- nlcke); "fiong Without Words" (BendelJ: "lienedlctus" (C. M. Von Weber). Choir, morning. "Holy Art Thmi" (Handel); "/.xsad Mo. wavlor" (Davis). tSvcnlng, MlMM I^ioy Tyrer, soloist. ....... i, ,4 , » Church School Rally Set for St Paul's A church school rally will bn held at at, Paul's Protestant IQplscopal Church tomorrow moi'nlng at 9i4B o'elook. Tho Kev. William tt, Patrick will speak an the work of the Indian mission at Ketchtkan, Alaska, whloh ha visited thl* summer. The mooting of. tho Young I'eopln's Kollownlilp tomorrow evonlnti at 1 o'olouk will be a get togotlmr meet Ing to whloh all young people <>l htith sohoul and junior college age In thn parish are Invited. Past Officers Will Sponsor Card Party Members of the Past Pocahontas and Past I'owntan's Club of Kl Tejou Council No. 318, Degree of Poaahontas, will spon»or the first of, a series of six card parties buttlnnini Monday afternoon at t o'clock at US' flower street. Five hundred will be played for prlxes. The public Is Invited. Mrs. Kiltth Lyons und Mrs. Palma Ulaoli aro Kl.'UOOL PnOGUKSfi SLIGHT I'ASADIDNA, S»pt. afl. (U. P.V-A, L, llamtlton, formtr superintendent ha« replied to u ovlllu of MoChttfey'ii ncnd«r, "lOuoh K«n«ratlon," he nays, "RODS troopliiK upward— at what HUOIIIH to be at l«iuit a 88 por cent «r«de-- but In roallty Is 1 per o«nl." CLAIMS WK8T VlttOINU CHtCAOO, Sept. M (A,,r.)—JOUn D. M. Huinlllou, RepUblluAii national phatrmun, added Went Virginia today to the lint of stutcH wUKih ho olaim*d b« ourrloil by th« lu tho Nuvombcr elect Ion, Three Lose Lives in Makeshift Airship (Untu* I'ftn Lttni \\'(rt) HptOKN, Mo., Sent. 88.— the third j victim ot a oraah In a WPA work«r'H mukaahlft airplane dlod in a hospital i at Wammaburs; late yesterday. < th* dead ar« Jesse Cralf , lit), ownor j ot th* plane and Its pilot, aienn Jonon, SI, a companion, and Arthur West, 60, th* last to dlo ot Injuries. MlinAUV CUOSK8 OCT. 1 BAN MAIttKO, Sept. 8«. (A. P.>— the Hunting-ton library and Hi-t! gallory will olt>*« October t for a ono- 1 \ugi>th unnutvl rimovatlou I Sefats 20—Reference Booklets and Maps—20 A Practical Library Which Will Aid in School Work, Supplement School Study, and Help in Out-of-SchooI Activities • *&•'- ' r - .- . ..,,,. and Interests * .....'" Thtie publicationt thould b« in the hands of every boy • and girl who hat reached or patted the sixth grade — President! »«<! Th«If WlVet—Photo- grtphi and bioarapliicil sketches of every Chief Ekecutlve and White Home mlitrcss, beginning; with George and Martha. Washington and including Franklin and Eleanor Koojevell. Complete election data showing both popular and eUctoral- votei; decisive eimpaign iuuei. A compact historical lurvey of the United States in 50 page*... .10 c«nt» The ConititutloM «f th« United State*— Three vital hUwrical document* in one handy booklet—the Article* of Confederation. Declaration of Independence, ana Constitution. All reprinted from official text* in the government archive*, with guiding contemporary notes on the formation of the Onion and the men who established the nation 10 cents Modern Manner*—Good form for every occasion. Cover* dining, entertaining, invitation*, and call*; travel, gifts, congratulations, and messages of condolence. A complete guide to accepted social standards 10 cents 1 Autonomy —• Answer* more than 500 everyday question* about the earth, tun, moon, stars, and planet*. Illustrated with fine photographs of modern astronomical equipnunt. Elaborately indexed for quick reference 10 cents Amerle*'* Favorite) Poem*—A selection of the deathless lyric favorites of the English-speaking people, delected by nation-wide ballot of millions of newtpaper reader*. Brief historical note* on th* great patriotic poems 10 cents Annual Ef«»u—-The big annual celebration Ih each State in the Union. A page of text and beautiful Illustration* In roto-tint* for each one. What you Want to know about the sight* in thl* grand country 10 cents The N«w W«r4 Booklet—Thousands of everyday word* commonly mUipelled, or mispronounced j common error* in diction, Detignsd for either individual or group Itudy. A quick aid to that preclie speech and writing which I* the unfailing hallmark ot education 10 cents Handf Letter Writer—A complete guide to business and social correspondence, including model forms for letter*, invitations, acknowledgment*, and personal communication*. Modern polntir* on stationery; how to address ecclesiastical dignitaries and high public official*.,........10 cents PUae* in th* United State*— Forty-nine beautiful roto-tlnts, each with a page of authentic descriptive text; a celebrated historical shrine for every State and the District of Columbia. Printed in two colors throughout 10 cents Natural Seme* of the United State*— A famotti n»tural view for every state; complete historical notes; a companion booklet to Famous Places, in the same »tyle and format. A unique student geography.., 10 cent* ParliammnUry Law—An exhaustive survey of the rule* of order; tell* how to launch a new club Of Civic body: a model constitution and by-laws; table of motion* and precedent*. Essential to everyone who participates In the social or business affairs of the school or community '..... 10 cent* Everyday Science—Answers to hundred* of questions everybody Is asking about the start, weather, animal*, plant*, natural features of the earth, in the language Of the layman. The how and why of many ordinary things ..\. ..10 cent* Everybody'* Song Beok-'More than 200 of America's favorite sottsjs, complete with word* and music. Folk songs, cowboy tongs, sea songs and chanteys, patriotic and religious hymn*, Christmas carols, college song* 20 cents Student Map* Seven up-to-date maps bring the entire world Printed in five colors on fine durable paper, 21 x 28 inches. Reverse side psfcked tylt'lt r'e'cent* photograph* and vital economic, and social data from eveYy country, *now* ihg area, population, foreign trade, religious communicants, racial and .linguistic groups, railroad and air mileage, and shipping tonnage. Map of Africa—Carries a special large • inset showing every geographic detail of Ethiopia 10 cent* Map of the United Sute*—Just off the presses; thb most recent map available today...j.; 10 cent* Map of the World—Shows old and flew national boundaries and Indicates the area of Manchukuo, tinder box of the Orient.... .10 Cent* Me? of Europe—Enables the student to follow tne news dispatches with intelligent Interest— .10 cent* Map of Union of Soviet SoelOliit R** public*—One-sixth of the world'* area- in a single empire 10 cent* Map of North Amerleo—Showing every area from Alaska to the Panama Canal , ,10 cent* Map of South America —The entire continent in authentic detail. 10 cents Check your *«lection*. Add up the coat marked opposite each booklet desired, and •noIoM coin, eiarefully wrapped, to otrver th* booklet* ordered The Bukersfield California!* Information Bureau Frederic J, Haftkin, Director Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith ................ cents in coin*, carefully wrapped, for which please tend me the booklet* cheeked above. NAME , STREET ..,..». CITY , , STATE , .«.<-. . (Mttil-to WasMnttM t D. C.) Let The Californian Help You in Your Work

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