The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 191G BLYTttEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR SALI PACE SEVEN iliaiiKMid inso lor la].. l,y <nvn»r. PululoJ in tu.i >,MI-. 15*.o<l fimiiilntiou. KUi- ruums iiml l.nth. l[ you nrcil a hnni,. this is 111 Wi-ii,. lins JKN, t ,i Cnurlor Nnv- 111 ck ?<l i'il'llnf mill on- ti. Vnnff.l. (".ill I'! I'laycr In |.ioH;il,l,' n.m|ll»>l,- -fil'J.t]:'. 'J'li I. -JIG '•:, ilair> tuVk*. kijlu llrurn >»1 OttlUl «t IU ul kr wtt. iuw> •e jM»«ulklU«r wUl to tU« In MM «• U*3rr»«1 for Salt W, A* I',! e M.-r:il Hiilii)- (Jilmii'l fji. H:iliy Klrril- I'-f -$:(. \'n..tiijni i:l«':l!i.-r, $7 :.l), :::! ;<Hi'*mti<i.- rJH.., fit). 1'ljinii' -nil). Hit '•:. inns. i2-i.k-i;. Sin .' l\rnl iJxtilr.'K. S. I'ninkliii. T, Ojjden Soy Beans from Pedigreed Heed. Crockett Wright, Manila, or call .less Homer, Hlylheville. Phone :H(i7. 3-9-pk-3-2S r.ii soi !•. ] U. S. Approved Ifcihy Chicks. The very hest grade seed • •.'' i oats, hylirid seed corn, and Hudun seed. I-. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Phone •!!>:! Il-12-ck-tf •o Molme / Tractors and j 0 room residence. Price S.%- DQuipment. One practically] f,nO. H. C. CAMPBELL new. Also new corn picker. Office 120 S. Second. ' Loyd Williams, Imlioden, 'j 8_r>k 15 Ark. :{-12-pk-'l-:-l : . , • Stuck nni] fixtures of Wno.l's Caft\ l.ux. T-lill'21 ! For Rent UK lj«-ni. I'm.- Ijf.-il will ri'l l'3>iiiiiii!li ]ti,,-k< Mr^ '.i. I, Hi. :J. U]ylli..v Hi. I'll. XI i' • 1-J.k-1H n[iv ith prtv.ltc hnt Slut.' •i! from ttpilrooin •!-. I'tonr. 3201. 1 ectric doughnut machine,' mo »r r ,*« 12 mil" fully ccinipped. See K. L.I r a ,|; : -,,^'- (l ; ,";; Trotter, City Super Mar- r ••'lyiiicviii,*. H'I" 3 runin 2 l.l.Klis l.inlilB i kef, 10!) W. i\!ii in. .i-ll-iik-3-14 0 acres nf fine land all in cultivation, (wo houses,'p near Dell. Sl:ir> per acre, i Halt cash and Imlanci* n terms. Possession now. W. M. liurns, [{en! I or. Phone fr lllylli,. ••s. Will .-liari- ,-rci|i. -rn|i r.-ill. \V. A, 1.,-wis. I. I. llnx BSli 12-pk-UI U fruin Sliirl Farlnrr. . 11101 \V. .Uli SI, 1-iik-l-l Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? SPKAKINtJ OF TJMI-;, WK THINK IT IS TIAIB/rO PUKPAIU-: FOK SPUJNCi AND SUMMKH CIIANGK OVKH if Drain—flush and refill transmission and if I'till and pack front wheels wilh grease. Hest insurance for safe driving. if Remove and replace carl ridge in oil filler. •k Drain—flush and ri'l'ill crankcase with i-:sso MOTOK on, NO. .->. if Thorough lubrication — which covers chassis, springs and mot or. PARDON US POK MICNTIONINCl TIMK AGAIN. HUT \VH THINK IT IS AliOUT TIMK PHK-WAH SKISV1CH WAS RU- STORED ON SKRVICI-: STATION PHONTS AND WE'RE PLUGGING EVEIIY DAY TfiYINC: TO MAKE OUH FKKi: SEHVICMS SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC., EVEN HETTKIl ,t MORl-J COUKTEOUS THAN BEPOHE TIIK WAR. WELL. JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUH BOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. 1>IU>P IN AND SBK US—WON'T YOU? NKW DAY! NEW TIMK! CRBAT KN- TKRTAINMKNT! THE I-X)R1) HOIJ CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Nlnhl. 3:30-10:00 EST lm Ihe Cns Network PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnuf at Fifth—Hlytheville, Ark. Tel. 45.'! itVl Political Announcements The Courier Newi b-u been authorized to tnnouiire the following CA'ulliintes, tubjcct to the Democrntlo prlniBry; BBF.UIlf AND COU.KCTOE JACK F1NLEY ROX11NBON WJ 1.1,1 AM 11EKHYMAN COUNTY JIIDCH: GENE E. 13RADLEY ROLAND OHEEN I'Oll TAX ASSKSSOK DOYLE HI-MDERSON CIKCU1T Ol.F.RK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY CODIIT CI.RKK ELI7.A11KI-H HLYIHB COUNTY TKKASUREK 'HOTOSTATS—Let O'Steen make a pliotosliilic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other im|>nrlunl papers—Quick Service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone :«(IS 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 'ostal Card Pictures. '/2 Doz. 53.35.- n,n. 32.0(1. No appointment needed. O'STKEN'S STUDIO I*hone :i20S 115 W. Main.] Jf 3-7-ck-3-21 'RAiMKS 'Made In Order. Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Steen's Studio, Phone 3208. 8-71-ck-3-21 •JO Acros ti'tiil c.v|ir<?aa lan.l. 3—houses. 1! t.unu. IS inilos [rniri I]l>-l)ievil]i>. 'I'. .1. Harnf-s. 10. r i .N'. Frantliti. -JS'tk-K H o o m a for Atkins. men. Harry 4-pk-3-14 |.|| Mir Imtli. Sanrices WARNING ORDER i the Chancery Court, Chicka - sawbn District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. oldie Davis Smllh PlnlntlfT, vs. No. 9491 . H. Smith Defendant The defendant 13. II. Smith Is ereby warned to apiieni' within lii-ly clay.s in (.lie court immecl In cnption hereof and answer the omplrunl. of tlie plnintlfc Ooldie avis Smith. Dated this 27 day ol Feb.. 194G. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Preida O'Neal. D. C. Ed B. Gook, Atty. lor Pltf. r! W. Barhnin, Ally, ncl Litem. 2!28-3[7-14-21 All types heltcr dressmaking. Mrs. Sherrod, Moore's Hotel 3-7-pk-3-M Alarm • rlm-l, call f,,r *. tird.-ty On A. K. H. J.,lli-[( WAKIIINC, MAOiriSKS serviced nr,,l re I):iirfil. Wken ],arls art! not we [iianiif.irliirH (3:is priirln.-^ overlmiik"! on t'ns driven iiincFiint s All *«-rvires b'nnninleoil. HcrU'ii (Iriluin is now- In diar^c ,,f tills >l.'p:>rl[nt.|i anil will lie 1,-linE Hi s^rvic,' his i.Ji custoniLTn. niyttLfvillfl Mucliinr Slio[i 20-ck Ll!-Ji I'bnlr. Hhkeiaoi-9. Marie -i.k-417 Ifnlfa II:,v r,,,.] li> ilrAft-n fnrni (V.:, \V. A. .1, • alk cullers— '1 ro IAII ,i»,i .m r( .i ,-ille Mnrhinn 8!ui n Ijinho]. Host for n. f,12 ,i'. J I til Wt. I'.inm. l-]ik-4]l v hcnv/ lillty typo, •llnslrucliim Rlyllic- >. 27-ek.l( |>on't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water 2-21-ck-tf |Iice huilding lot for htisincss on South Division. 127 ft. frontage on Highway; 311 ft. deep. Also has a -1 room house. Price $5250. H. C. CAMPUKLU Phone -I I(i o 2!).'in. 3-8-pk-15 I.AW.V MOWKRS Bliarprneil nn.l TI-|I ni. Each Made is prvehion crouinl our furlnry mollioii tuncliiiu'. IV yours m now anil avoid tin- rush, wl we have a liir^-e Kl(,ck of jiarla. picfiiip a/id deliver. lU/tlicvnie ftliine Simp. 2ii-ck-: J 125 Wanted to Kent iirru<>icil n|>:irnnonr n ill. Ciill 'J?:12 m- 31S1 13-cV-l' n->i<li'iil I'll. fl-jil-ir Of 7 room iinfurnishrd house. Phn tort ,n Hull Tcrn.-r wilh wliilo in P« ft hip. -Slri :n * lnpi-1 |»n. !ml ir. Cilr S,i,,,. K.-lii'V,.,! 1,, hnvr IM'IMI fm llornnii win, [urni'il it nvor liliril la.iy Will c, iir!,.,,,:,i, n ri ins \v. - Mni,,. ] rhnii linm,' vill.- \vnr,l fur r^lnr - uf im Iliclnv.-u- en Noilli nf :*nil Fl:it r.nk.' Sclinr.l Ji ni Personal I nil Tirwssjrj- r,,,,ip,,,, III. I,. KMIJT, M^nil;l. l.atcsl model Ccneral Electric va c. u u m sweepers. Htibliard Furniture Co. 2-G-ck-tf Daby Chicks Custom Hatching. Illaylock tlalclicry, Highway ' RADIO REPAIR 1 1 and 2 day Service on make or mo | Workmanship make or model Reliable any iable PHONE 2642 I We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan I Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 So. First St. \V1VKS1 WANT 1'KP .-iulity l.khii: Wonted To Buy Silver service in good cohili tion. Write I'. O. liox USD lil.vdifville. ,. '(-12-ck-t Read Courier News 'Want Ads., Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS-r^CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2G42 While You Wait laU Cleaned and Blocked 30 Minute Sen-ice The John's Shop 503 W. Main Si. Order Yo'ur New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the New Clean-' er that does everything easily and efficiently. You've waited for it. Now you ran get It. Just Phone 2650 It. M.'Graves,-'Local Manaee STATK I) I-TIIKSKNTATIVR ALENE WOHD K. C. FI.KEMAN LESI,1K "DUKIH" KPFCK I.. II. AUTHY STATK SENATOR J. LKE 11EAHDKN Tlie fnllowlin; nro candldntc.i fin Iflcc In til,. Hlyllicvlllc Miinkliiiil Ilccllon t« he held Aiirll '2: CITY ATTORNEY I'KHCY A. WRK1I1T (For Re-clccllon) HOWAUD N. MOORE WAlil) ONK AI.OKItMAN JKSSK M. WHITE Al.DKKMAN WAK1) TWO >10DIi: I,. NABERS AI.Di:nMAN WAIll) TIIREB Hlll'F.RT CllAPrON PRESCRIPTIONS Frtshwt Stock Guaranteed Best IhrlcM Kirby Drug Stores Tin 1 mum* idnlio Is derived from two indlim words, "Kdnli lit*" which means l.lnht on llu> Moini- lulns. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick lip and Detivei ,hi:->l iU'coivod! Electric Phonographs Wilh Automatic Record Cliannor. 12 Ten Inch Hecnrds. Ten 12 Inch Kccoi-ds. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR :1M l-usl i>lnln I'lmnr ^401 When Tt's Refrigeration You Want Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 109-111 South Kallroud Ht. Commercial Frozen Food Loeker Plants — Walk-in Koxes •— Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. Todnyn Gxqnlslto Pcx>tweu r»- qulrea eiactliij worxitinnslilp for rruprr re|x\tr» . . . Hie costttett dlinea are rcimlred tiera. H-flUT.C CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUR BKKVICE" Phon. 2241 "It Payii to ^_ SCOtt ALLEY SIGNS «™ N. Fnnkttn St. Phone 3201 For Your Home Springfield ('ouches, Lounge Chairs with Ottoman, ChiCfroheN, Hoilronm Suites, Springs, Mattresses, 5 piece Breakfast Seta, Just Received: Metal Trunks &. Lockers Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. Phone 2302 'New and .'Used 301 East Main St. , HIGHEST CASH PRICE for Your Used Car or Truck All Makes and Models Drive In To Our Big Used Car Lot Today LOY EIC H CHEVROLET CO. T0xaco Gat 301 W. Walnut Oili Phon. 578 Me Krci'l Your Prefabricated House Free Eslimatcs—No Obllj-ntinn 0. W. KAKUINOTON 411 '/. So. Lilly UlythcvilU-, Ark.^ Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street i :.'• r,-nl«. AC nil .Iriii; .ill,', .it Kiiljy DIIIJ;. RADIO SERVICE Just Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. * Insure Now . . . through W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Telephone 3545 Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE "£t"V -'!.'*•*'/' ''• . • . .' For Your- Car or Truck Crimplelc Line of Studebaker Parts niul Accesories SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed. ille Soybean Corp. 1800 West Phone 8fi<; nlythevillc, Ark. DON EDWARDS Tfc* TjYfnrrlter M*»" 5MITa, OORONA. ATO REM-tMOTOM TYPEWRITER* III M. fed 0TRKKT frtfm ttftr Hut Be Bnti«tM>i>T-r) --ORTABJL1 • *KON* SSKlH W FOB BALE CONCRETE STORM SKWER ALL SIZES Clirapcr Than Brldf« Luabcrr OSCEOLA TILE I CULVERT CO. Phone 681 OsceoU, Arfc. Dr. J. L. Guard OptoiiMtrht GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. MoU SERVICE • See us ahout your mechanical tm'uble. Our expert mi'chnn- ' its- workinK with modern tools ;IIH| equipment can put your car in top condition. We also have a paint and hody shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR GO. Oornplrtr Stocks or Parts For Chrysler Product* 1 E. Main , Phone JItt | MOTS AND IIKR BUDDIES Still? BY EDGAR MARTIN Just Received: One new 24 foot, Carter Trailer. Ready for Immediate delivery. Fog Lights Seat Covers Scissor Jacks Dual Horns Auxiliary Lights See Your Sturfebafcer Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex ChantiBn K. •. * BIU OunMte KUKCKIJiS AND HIS FRIKNDS O, Happy Day! BY MEURILI, BLOSSEB - AMD THA.TS our: STORY. iEL- WE BLftTED Ar-J ALBUM MUS. VOSCI.'S >'OT RECCRD- iS.AND THE TROJBLE &TARTCD! SO \WE>"= DECIDED FORfitT ' I RCCOKOS SO We L OlDWT ' CAM en our FROM UNDER. '? AND Al.I.KY OOP Tie Hales a Hid BY V. T. HAMILTON PCC3 OO? COJLOVT WE A3 A vAI'OJM.EVEN I? THEY'D HAD o\£ T'Pir 'IM--SUT H; l-rLSED TH' SCIENTISTS \\i~ri TH.E1R WHY, ONE TIME. DL>?IN:G " -' 5ADA? TEST I 35 £D i? HE DIDN'T GET J=T- P1UV13 CVE CHINA NO SMOKY ^ VALLEV (-ASTTY V\OUtO BE COMP-VETE WfW OUT HIM AND TH OL' BOY K*D A RESULA5 \VHEE OF A TIME FIGHTIN' --SHIPPED 'iwRIGHT BACK. HEBE, THEY DID/ IT LIKE TO 'LOMGSIOE THEM CHIMA-BOY C-UE5Rll.J,AS"ONLY UNCLE SAW WOULOMT HAVE ?1T" s•T i. •»• f •J *• 1f> I i. it. if i

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