The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 26, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 26, 1936
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'^rr~*?<?tf^^ ^"-.^f ''•'" ' • •' ' ' ' ." ''''/*'-"' , ,'•'< EDITION ',COMPLETE A&6CIAT6P PtesJMEASED WIRE , ' * $ •>• *• "* i I *>, L '!. , . >W THI LCADING NtW$»AI>fR Of THI SOUTMIUM SAM JOAOUlH VAUtY FULL AND exauSIVE UNITED PIUSS REPORT FRANCE QUITTING GOLD STANDARD -GOLD STANDARD OVIET8 FOILED- WILL DEVALUE FRANC UPON AGREEMENT WITH U. S., ENGLAND; WORLD ADJUSTMENT EXPECTED By HAROLD BTTLINOER and P AHIS, Sept. 26.—The Ftfench government decided today to'devalue the franc—possibly by one-fourth or one-third 'of its .current value—through an agreement with the United .Stales and Great Britain that may bring world-wide currency, adjustment. Parliament meets in extraordinary'ses- siori.Monday to legalize the* devaluation and give the govern- ment'power to requisition all gold at the current rate. The Barilo of France already has ceased gold deliveries to indi- ^viduals §0 that technically, Erajnce—mainstay of Hie gold bloc nations—is off the gold standard. , The, United, States Great-'Britain hayb France"tlie ''use of dill means to prevent monetary. difficulties." .mt^B^tsHHW^itopaiBa giant BjaMtzatton ,f unM%^tl nations -"wJlK,be ftifeft! }&ffiSi -... &> f - Frcsi Leaied Wire) Leading world, foreign exchango centers were* at a standstill today as the French governj»ent prepared to submit a plan to an extraordinary session of parlta'ment Monday to cut the value of her currency v by ^ap- • one-ttuarter to one-tlilrd. nationJ>' «£ulrl«^ J«M Securities prices 1ft ,the Ne,w York Stock jEjcchange-^-tho major world market open— ^trended upward, however, AS V Wo,U Street .experts hailed the French. ' $05% .as constructive and London .DftOTcers. looked for revival -of.'WWa'^ade. In Avnsler- dam, 'the.stoclc' (yttihang-e was quiet, with' American' issues* in demand. , Knds E\kop6 Gold Bloc The deci8lon«,tO;*deH | iaiue • the franc appeared virtually to have ended tho European gold -bloc, that group of nations maintaining currencies at pre-depression levels, but the Netherlands authorities Indicated that they would continue to maintain the parley, of their currency. In Switzerland, third member oC , the gold hloo, , however, parliament was summoned to*'donvene at the same time the French chamber meets -to bring the Swiss franc 'into line, with' the devalued -French franc: . ,;The French ^gj»,ver^n>^nt.' proposed .tea three re of -.all , Ita present .t of a stabll- a' plan of- devaluation' si adopted 6y "•' ""' '"' year* "ago, grold'Jij the/c*jttp& valu'eifftnd establlsl izatioft' fund. ThiiwMNiiifon*Agreement', . . Franco sought, and obtained, the threo'-natlon agreement, •World-wide, It .was acclaimed as a good Move. AH a result any nervous repercussion from the devaluation In'Amerlca Is likely to be minimized. Th*e actual decision to devalue was forced by the steady outflow of gold that had carried the nation's . re serves to a point' which would endanger, national security. The cabl net council met for six hours Friday afternoon. Finance Minister Vincent Aurlol conferred .Xvlth H. Merle Cochran, attache ot the United States treas urjv who wan.smuggled In and out of tho building, giving rise to re ports that the United States agreement was the final major factor In permitting the government move. , Decrease Gold Reserves .The. devaluation will Increase the government's gold reserves by 13,' OOO'iOOO.OOO 'to 17,000,000,000 francs. Tho new gold value of the franc will be between 40 and 43 milligrams of. gold of 0.900 fineness. The present value Is 85.06 milligrams. The franc will be placed at about 100 to 114 francs to sterling and the dollar tvlll be worth about 20 to 20 V4 francs compared with about IB,IB francs to day with the franc; around 5 cents each compared with today's 0.68>4 cents, Markets Closed 'Th^devaWatlon plan Immediately provoked epme pppositon from both s (Continued on rape Fifteen) ;'• -32 -; 'ADVERTISERS Apex Termite Co., A*h' A A»h, Mrt. Burton'* Dining Room, Harry Ohoy, Dtv'l* Furniture Co., ' Orlnk-O-LInk, Jimmy Ounn, Ftrguion paint Store,' Fr*Q«r'« T*m«U Qrotto, Globe Drug Store, Harry H«ke, K*n-' d«ll Jones, Jtneen Optle*! Co., Kern Poultry Co., Kern County plboflng Co,, Leo'* Exolutlv* If Mr, Shop, Ctrol MeUey. Besuty 8*lon, MoN.uli,' T ««iA'* MOH* M Inner'*, Nor*'* Beauty Shop, Owen* Variety Store, Popel Furniture Exchange,.. Peggy** • Beauty S»lon, Phillip* Furniture Co., Kirk RepUnd, Cr«*m. e,ryi St. Franel* C«f e',"8a*l« "i," WalUe*, Troutman'* lee Ore*m Shop, Walk-Over'»ho* «t*re? • WloKereham Company Jew*l- *r», Whit* Spot M»rk»t. SI MONDAY K •• *-*., - • Shop •» You jjtw* T _ j ^ f* mm •A*w*nA ^*~ ^ . v FOR 1 PRICE Sec. Morgenthau Offsets Effect by Use of Fund for Stabilization OBJECTiyiJFuZZLING Efforts of Moscow to Depress Only Instance of Same Sort (,{»Koclatcd WlrcJ TfTASHINOTON, Sept. 2G.~ Secreto- " tary Morgenthau disclosed day that the Russian State had moved to drive-down the prlc«j of the "pound sterling and-that-he had offset the effect of this action by use of the treasury's stabilization- fund.; _ - - • Morganthau ttold,' . ft/> specially' called "press conference that in. wake of «., monetary \tndenstanf ( United, Pretn Leated Wire) AN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26.—Representatives of Pacific coast maritime unions today proposed a 6-day extension of present water- ront working agreements In order o allow further time to negotiate ew pacts and avert a threatened oast-wide shipping tie-up after Sop- ember 30. This labor peace move, which may produce a fortnight's truce in anticipated Industrial warfare In vestern shipping circles, coincided with the Impending arrival by plane f Edward McQrady, department of abor's ace conciliator. McQrady Is now scheduled to nv- •Ivo from Washington Sunday and .ttempt to mediate longstanding disputes between maritime workers and intons centering about tho 1934 working agreements; t If west coast ish Ip owners and an,- otv memberthlpi'f.uccapt the IB-day irmlstlce proposal, McQrady will bo given much-needed time in which ip itudy t charges, 'ot the workers that impJoyera aro contemplating a loci* &r <??tffe* t-Kiasfin^r taN**" to 'at any ETOtA I,4>ooj;ppo'poun5s U. S. Foils Red Move Morgenthau sold that this move had been successful in .driving down the price Of :the pound from f 5".02 to 14.91, "When, 1> learned of this," Morgen- thau saldr"I bought their (the r Uus- ulans') sterling. ' ,"i bought with the stabilization fund money' the sterling the Russian State Bank was using to depress sterling.'.';' • Morgenthau called attention to a paragraph In' a treasury statement Issued last night outlining the trl- power monetary agreement which said that the United States, France and Great Britain Invited "the co operation" ot other nations to realize a monetary policy which would lead to more stability of economic relations. Veiled Warning The statement added that this government ."trusts that no country will attempt to obtain an unreasonable competitive exchange advantage and (Oonttnufd on Page Two) * « > All markets in been closed until the nation have after Parliament debate ends, probably Tuesday night. That, coupled,with the moratorium orr commercial debts payable In fold, made it appear that France Is embarking on a period of managed cur- on J'age fifteen) Landon to Speak on Security Law (United Prtit Leaitd Vflrt) OSUKOSH, TVls.. Sept. 26.-rOov> ernor Alt M. Landon, * hooded for Milwaukee today to open the h*av- les$ tire of tola presidential campaign against the Roosevelt administration's social security program. With his, outline of the Republican farm program complete, the Kansas governor was scheduled to discuss the present old age .pension 'and unemployment insurance legislation in A major speech tonight and to present his own plans for solving that problem. ...... His campaign tour through Missouri. Iowa, Minnesota, and into Wts- con«M 'wan dSscrtbM as highly satisfactory by his aides alter a series of, AppfArjwieM, before >*-r*4 crowds last night in this stat* whore La- foUotU Progressive party has b«en in- th« «so«nd«noy. Today, tht Sunflower sp«cUl continued over a whedul* 6»lUng far .tjfon Du IAO, W»t*r- rt Ind Waukesha b*. N ISSUED ' in' restraining Cbftlr- ItoOlUe and U>e baj- *lon from bearing the right of Repub- Baseball Results AMERICAN LEAGUE At Cleveland—- R. H. Detroit ,,..,,. 8 6 Cleveland ...., * 5 10 Batteries: Bridges and Tebbott* Hudlln and Sullivan. (First Game) At Chicago^- B, H. St. Loute .; 8 9 Chicago , 5 7 Batteries: Knott, Van Atto, Hog sett and Hemsloyj Lyons and Sewell At Washington— R. H. New York ,..8 8 Washington 1 8 Batteries: Oomec, Hadley and Die- key, Qlenn; WhltehlU and Hogan. NATIONAL LEAGUE At Cincinnati- Pittsburgh R, 1 H. 10 Cincinnati S 10 Batteries: Swift and Todd; Halla han and' Lombardl. At New York-r- K. H. Brooklyn 9 18 New York .,..„.„..,.,, s 9 Engine Men and rieps Agreec MwootoM FTf*» I**** CHICAGO. Sept. SB,—An agreement ending the controversy between ,the railroads tind union e4 flneera .andV Bremen over- Installation of power reverse gears on locomotives WM announced today by J Pelley, president of the Awooiatio of American Railroads. . Pelley MM the association ha4 an- Maritime Unions Propose IS'Day Truce for Parley SHANGHAI STILL UNDER TENSION Minnesota Backs Plunge Through Husky Line for Touchdown OEATTtTS, Sept 26.—Minnesota's ^powerful national champions drove through • the University of Washington today In tha second period to score a touchdown which was converted. The Oopliers took over a 7-to-O lead early in the soc- ond period after their first quarter drive had placed the ball deep into Washington territory. ttutes, 0; Holy Cross, 45. Conn State, 27; Brown. 0. Lehlgh, 16: Case, 7. Cortland Teachers, 14: St. "Law< rence, 7. 8t. Aneelms, 14: Springfield, 0. Colby, 0; Providence College., 27. Norwich, 0; Dartmouth, 68. American International, 0; North' eastern, 22. St. Bonaventure, 7: Manhattan, 3? jjnbrlght, 6; Franklin & Marshall, 7. Lafayette, 8; Muhlenberg, 18. Bast Stroudsburg Teachers, Panzer, 20. Lowell, 0; New Hampshire, 88. Lawrence, 0; Chicago, 84, Wayne University, 0; Michigan State, 27. ^ Hobart, 0; Amherat, 0. Wealeyoti, 0; Coast Guard, 0. , , Sl6n, 0; Washington and Lee, J*. Asbland, 0; Wooster, 38. Colgate, 0; Duke, 8. . f William and Mary, «! Navjvil. Shenandoah, 0; Western Maty- land, 38. Granville Takes Realization Stal^e (Unitei Prut Ltoied Wire) , BBLMONT PARJC.'N. V,, Belair atud'n Oranvllle e»*l)y ..,„ the rich Lawrence reall«atlo| stakes, before a record crowd hen today. The son of Gallant Fox led Woj ter M. Jeffords' ajant Killer to t wire by several lengths at the ft,, i*h of the mile and five furlong) tent, with areentree stable'* M*mon Book third. V^ * Jean Bart, •tablemate of Olan Killer and Brookmeode stable's Cor undum completed. the field'in tto order named. 1f Wni. Horlick, 90, CaUed by Death] Prttt Leoied Wlftj BACINE, Wl»., 8e,pt. SO. Horlick, to, founder and president the Horllck >talt*d Milk At hu hpn9 today, ' (United I'ren Lcatfd Wire) OHANQHAI, Sept. 26.—Shane*J hsl wa« outwardly calm today but tension between Japanese and Chinese had not relaxed. While Jspanese war•hips stood off the bund and more than 3000 Japanese troops patrolled their section of the International settlement, diplomatic conversation* went forward here and In Nanking to settle difficulties between the two nations. ' WASHINGTON, Sept. 18.—Governor Alfred M. Landou's speeches on .ho Republican agricultural plant :oday drew two sharply worded ro piles from members of the Roosevelt cabinet—Secretaries Wallace and Hull. "The farmers' cholcn this year is between promises and action," declared Secretary Wallace. Meaningless Claims tie said Landon "promises many linua for the fanner" but his sentences are so phrased to mean little In tei-mn of action. Contending that "ninety-eight out of 100 big bankers" and "big cor poratlon executives are for Landon," Wallace assorted: "Tho munition makers, oil men, power magnates, big packers and grain gamblers are the men who always attacked farm programs and who are now fighting Roosevelt." Tha secretary declared that London's method of distributing certain cash benefit* to farmer* would foster expansion Of crops so that federal funds for payments "might easily go over a billion dollars a year," See* Another Cra»h "The plan," he said, "could not pocelbly la*t through two year* of ordinary weather. Borne time it the Mcohd year tho crash wouU come." London, Wallace said, would "do away with the *oll conservation act as soon as tb» 198« obligations have "been carried out, and of course there .be no produotlon control." Vengeful Anarchists at Bilboa Inaugurate Terror Reign REBELS BOMB CITY War Planes Warn That Attacks Will Not End . Until Surrender By UOniUlT B. I'AHKKR, JR. (CopnUht, 19.1t. IT AwoeUled FrtM) •DILBOA, Spain, Sept. 2«.~-(By •*•* warship to Saint Jean de I»uz, France)—Ten insurgent airplanes rained bombs Into the chaotic city today as vengeful anarchists sought to kill insurgent sympathizers held ae hostage*. ,. ."The v new wrlal attack brought fresh lc*a of life and property dam- , .; fc !,,,u?auev?. ifrgpjicQ v Tb* bombrnrf pltoos dropped leaflets;, «v-arnlnff, tho, deadly 1» would continue until tho city surrendered. Tim' fresh ultimatum- brought defiant replies from SoclulUt commander* who isoafflrmctl their Inton tlon to hold out to the last man. Basque Nutlonnllsts labored to maintain o»-dnr as tho frenzied anarchists fought to kill the —SPANISH REVOLT- ARGENTINE WARSHIP WAITS OFF ALICANTE TO AFFORD TRANSPORT TO MADRID LOYALISTS (United Prt»t Leaied VPIre), B UENOS AIRES, Sept. 20.— The Argentine cruiser Veinticinco cle Mayo waited off Alicante, Spain, today, to embark President Manuel Azana and other high officials of the Spanish government. Permission was sought from Argentina, and obtained, for the officials to flee on the Argentine cruiser if circumstances made it necessary for them to leave Spain, it Avas announced. Members of prominent loyalist families, including those of*~ cabinet ministers and some cabinet ministers and department heads themselves were expected to board the ship. It was indicated that, for the present, tlio Socialist co-lenders ot the government, Francisco Calmllero, premier and war minister, ahd Indalocio Prleto, niln- Lettuce and diwptltt* tt«ht. agftjn . f,; Crop May Walk ^ « ..v -^tp ' \, , ; \J|Ktretary of State Hull, replying 0>%*ndon'e denunciation of tha re S procal trade agreements which ulj ha* been negotiating, declared tnat tho Kansas governor's speech on the agreements was "confused Inaccurate ana % Incoherent." •"'" *•»» "" ' Ton Offered for White Grapes (United prett £«««ed WirtJ 8AKTA nOBA, Sept. J!8.~«onoina County grape buyer* were reported today to b*.off«ring grower* $s).to a ton for red grapes and IK °- ton for white grape*, an inqreaee o/ approximately |6 a ton over la*t week'* price*. Gain of 10 PCJ New Pine POHTI-ANP, Ore., Sept S6 bu*tne»* totallnf 74.8M.OOO tut locreaw of to per cent pr«!r)ott* week, WM reported her* to* d*Tby th» Wwtern Pin* AMOCiatlon for the we*k ending " ' " BlUpiSent* **««% and pToduetion, SO^T:.. «*m» TO«|* for the and prisoners In ittallatlon for tho l^s- cist bombardment which yesterday killed and Injured hundreds of por- sons. Drlvo Toward niscny Meantime, rebels drove toward (ho Bay .of .Biscay city from the cast. Shrieking mobs, surging through IMlbab's (itreclH liutt night, klllrd 60 fascist Iiostnges and forced Kit- adore Do \M Tore, HaiKiue nation- aJIst chief, to promise HIMII the sati*faction they demanded. Whllo firemen fought to restore order and curb the fires Ignited by the roaring two-hour bombardment of eight tri-motorcd fascist planes cltlcen* ot Bilbao burrowed into .deep cellars to escape the assault renewed today. Would Prison Reds Basque leaders considered at tempting to lock up as • many o; tjielr anarchlits and Communist comrade* as they could corral, but feared their action would »et off th «park which might destroy tho city Just a* maddened anarchlnto, facing defeat, socked Irun ax victorious foeolsts marched into the city. 126 Bodies Found Authorities could not guess the toll of dead and wounded burled beneath the flaming wreckage. Firemen and militiamen counted 126 dead aa they dragged more and more mangled bodies from blastod homes and public buildings. ..-""." «•'» . r Roosevelt Plans Many Addresses f United Prett rotated Wire) HYPS) PARK, N. Y., Sept. 2«,— New York state politics engaged fr<>stdent Roosevelt's attention today. HI* engagements for the day di«- oloeod that he has turned himself whole-mlndedly to his campaign for re-election, and that his flr*t concern is that he shall carry hi* home state. .During the day he will see Mayor Plorello H. LaOuardla of New Vork City, former Republican congressman who wa* elected mayor on a Republican f union ticket and many other leaders.from hi* home itate. Mr. .RooteVelt make* his flr*t frankly political speech of the com* paign a^ 'the Democratic *uto convention in gyracuse Tu«*day night. He *poak* Thurcday In WtUburgh and Friday in Jersey City; and *oon afterward depart* on a tour we*t to Denver. He wU| be ttlmo*t constantly in the public eye from then until the night of October 81, when he will a/ddt*** the concluding mow meeting of the Democratic campaign in Madleon Square Qarden. ' , • i I,. « i » "4(T|T'DOWW 8TBIKB VOTED •KEW YORK, Sept. J<. (A. |*V~ Ftve huhdr«d"eeAmen, meeting today under tbo auspice* of Uie aeami^n's d«fen*e convnltteft, voted for a one- day "ell-down" strlh*; Monday of all «00**twi»» *Wps In' protest against lh» VluH government's trea,tnient of :IAwp*nbo Slmpflon, American sea- Bud of War But the request wan taken here, to mean that tho end of the civil war WM near, and flight ot the chief men of tho government was expected unless tho rebel drive wait stopped, for the alternative to flight WKis certain death. In agreeing to take care of any who wished to Tleo, Argentine extended to the mother country from whom U won Us liuU'pondonco J26 year* ago, the right of asylum which Is a, recognized principle in Mouth- America. Acting Foreign Minister RtttaAl, 8. Castillo announced newH of the appeal. The aggravation of the situation at Madrid, Camilla uatd. impelled the officials to make their appeal to the Argentine embassy at Madrid, whena* It was flashed to Buenos AJree, ' •' Castillo at once wlrelestea'th* em- biiany to extend Its aid linstlntlngly to Spanish Loyalist official*, t _ ^ Cruiser Ordered-.' •',, Ho Informed the ministry -«*',&*> rlne, and asked that tho, orui**r, be advised. The ministry of marine rat dloed Commander Miguel Ferreyras of the Vlentlulnco Ui.ykUyo (iSth of May, date of the ArgMtlne declaration of Independence from Spain) and Ferreyras wirelessed back: "Standing by." The cruiser bos been In Spanish waters since the early day» of the civil war, when It was sent front here, to embark Argentina refugee! and protect Argentine Interests. It Is planned that, at the request of the Spanish officials, the cruiser Hhall leave for a French port whose name will not be revealed until Its { arrival. ' Prett Ltated Trim) HASINAS, Sept. 28.-4>esuUonr violence in the Salinas lettuce strike renewed tension- In the" "world's, ealud bowl" today an members of the F1«W Workert* union, who aro harvesting'the crOp;'considered, a proposal- to stage a sympathy walkout. ' ..' . , Strikers disclaimed by the Fruit and Vegetable" Worker*' union dumped fr««hly-loaded lettuce On, Ballnas sireetii late; yesterday. Scattered hand-to-hand fights were reported. One truck driver fired vbots into the "air when a" group' of Men stopped the vehicle, out ropeji binding hi*' lettuce load, and spilled the "green gold" on tM highway. The driver, Jam** BOTO*M .Trae ar> r«st«d on a charg* < of iwith inttnt '.to comroli {tr«a,t Vodlly hornu He wa» freed on $10w bail. ^ ytfltfiti, tboXBailnas Central Gounpll dU*p*tobed _pmlon rep. and Chlc4«» to'; conf«r with labor leaders regaxdtitr A campaign to conduct » naUonwld* ^boycott ot "hot" Salinas l«ttt»<*e. — - ; > May Halt Harrest It th« Filipino lottuco.cuturs di»- cld« to join the Mek«n and workers in the iitrilUi, it was (Co*tt**t<t on Pogt Two! Name L A. Lewis Presiden of Elks Prttt Ltated Wtr«l OAKLAND. Sept. 26.— U A. Lewis of Anaheim, past grand exalted ruler, was elected president today ot the California State Klks Asoocla- lion, at ih« state convention h«re of tho Benevolent and Protective Order of ISIka. Vico*presld«nts were elected as follows: W. J. fihald, Chloo. Call- ' fornla northern district. Edmund ! Horwlnskl. Oakland, California Bay district: N. Waters, Watsonvula, j California west central district; Glenn W. Dorsett, Pasadena, California south central district; L«o Kusttr, Kl Centra, California south' ern district, Trustees named were: Fr*d Mistley, Sacramento. Call- fornla northern district; Frank A. Pratt, Portervlll*. California «ost central district. Morley H. Oolden, San Dtego, California southeni dU- trict. R. C. V«ndough, statewide »ecre- tary for the post t*n years, was again reflected. IS< X- Porter ot San Jose was choum treasurer. •I ;J "»M Mme. Joliot-Curie Quits Cabinet Post PARIS. Sept. »«. — Mrs. Ir»na Joilot-Curi*, daughter of the dls* ooveror of radium, resigned today from the Ihrench cabinet. The newspaper Le FHgaro predicted, her resignation tut under-«ecreUijry for, scientific research and attributed it to ^technical differences with the gov- INDEX TO ADVERTISERS AMBiU*AOOR CLUB ....... ,„.....„- , AMATtUR tOXlKQ ...... . ..... ...;..,!• aAKCMFKLO OSAI* CO.... .. ...... 4 B«BN. TMf .,,. ....... , ......... .... « BCANOtltV OAKCC ......... ......... ( • HANOT INVC6TMCNT ..... ... ...... .. * • MY. W. T .......... . ..... ........... » DKKDOM. t¥HA ..... ...,......,„. 7 (t ADOSE MOTOK HOTtL ............ f HO B'lTAUA ..*.,. ...... .......... ... f, FOR SALE ., ........................... I FOX CAUFQftNIA ................... ,. « FOX THtATH ................... ..... t 6000KICH tltVMTOWM ............. II «KA«ADA TNCATEfl . ........... ...... • HAKI. HAKHY .. .................. .... t NlLM. CD ........... , ............ ... t HINKY DINKY ........... .... ........ I HOOLl A CO.. j. A..................... I* HUFF, JOHN R ............. ............I IL TROVATORE ..................... „ t tONNSON'S FIRHTONK TIRM....,.., » IOHNION Ik ISAAC ................ '..... t JO-CL CLUS .................... v ...,'* KARPt. tlMIR i ..... . .......... ......,», KAVIRN. THI ., .................. .... I KtlUV 4 MN .......................... » KCftN COUNTY PaiNTCM ........ ..-. ' KINO LUUBCS CO...: . ........ , ..... . I KIMtAU. a STONE.. .................. 7 UA GRANADA OAllftOOM ..... ...... .. « LANTERN. TNI . ..................... . t MANDARIN. THE ................ ,.... f MIQUN (TUOIOt .... .................. I MINNERt FURNITURE CO. ......... .. * NIUl TNIAT1B ..-. .................... t PALMS GARDEN ...................... * PALUS BEAUTY »HOP. ................ 7 PHILLIPS MUtIC CO... ........... .....».? flONEER REALTY Cfl.. .......... .... t PREtTON. DON C........ .......... .... ( FKKIN MtRB ............... .. ..... ... 1 RAOIO ciu* CAT i • CAL WTATI PACK.... BK THtATIR KIALTO THtAttR ..... i^ium. M«M*IIU» .... lANPtTONt i«ICK CO. »MiTH. B. r».»... *T. fJUMCII CA«,.... •TAmiY. P*t« ...... SUM KOK6 Mflll TAYV.OR 4 TAVtQH UNION CIMITMY...... VIRQ1MIA TMIATCa ... WICKCMHAMt JfW .?»---n §wtl|i « .. « * . * | t ..*,,»' **

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