The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 17, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1944
Page 2
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Tuesday, October 17, 1944 Ordinarily Alloy Southern CahtnMila ii n thief minute dial with Liputen. mit-Oommflndcr L. D. Branchard. in charqe nl 11m Navy Rffcrtjltlnn Diilrict. Today's pifrf-in-thp-pnprr, nowpvflr ii writtfn hy FRED BECK, aillflnrd to tho (ittlrt <vf Rear Adiriral I. C. Johnion. dnrrtnr M tlir oflirc ot naval oMicer procurement at Lo* Annclos, Calif. }'ri'l ly soon now il will be Navy I'IMV. the idea for which, so far ns 1 can tiiul out. certainly was not thought up by the navy. Not nn.v more I linn OnmiHllios; ]>ay wns fin hlra Cooked up by i:ri"iiii<llii>n<. Anywny. October 27 is Navy T'liiy. followed almost immediately by Halloween. Ihillowi-en is n day sel ji-iih' for the carrying on of Hie old American t radilion of lippinc over your neighbor's ;:IIPS| house find the woni'inu' of false fnniivfiii-cs which for some people would be a coin! idcn (lie .veil i 1 'round. In (ho old <lnys i IK- idea of Nnvy Pny was lhal if you happened to bp at. the movies .von would see n train of hat- llewafrons pounding through Ihf sea to the lune of "Anchors Aweich.'' As I sny, the nnvy didn't have anything lo <l» with thinking up such n nice iden as Xavy Day but the navy docs think it's vcrv nice of people to choose n day to honor the navy. The mivy itself will observe Ilip occasion just fihoul the way it observes St. Swithln's Pny find National Peimiit Butler Hn.v. In wit : Hy making the Yopnnesp enemy wish he hadn't slnrli-d something Unit by now lie knows lie i-iin't finish except behind the honorable ciuhlbjill. But from const to const the huntiic will be unfurled nnd strictly hiKliclnss notables will be making Navy Day speeches and \rhnt I'm here to remind yon of is thai when America snlntes her fighting nnvy it week from Friday, the jrirls of the nnvy will come in for n pretty good share of the honors. The WAVKS nre doing n heroic job. The general idea is thiil nnvnl shore stations exisl for just one reason—to -tmck \i]» the fleot. Them nre hundreds of exciting !ind vi- tnlly important shore station duties being tierformed by the WAVES. Von other girls who haven't joined just don't linow whiit you're missing. The Women's Itcserve of (lie United Stntes Nnvy—the WAVKS—bus an authorized strength of 8."i,(K)0. This quoin will bo filled now niiy minute. Hear Admiral I. C. .Johnson snys Unit less than .'!(K> more girls will be accepted into the nnvy from tin 1 eleventh nnvnl district. WAV US ship first lo New Turk City for hnsic training nnd the very last (loss that will go through the mill is now being formed. Maybe J can repent this running invitation to join the WAVES jisiiin next week but it's; 7 lo :> Unit Miss 85.000 will be coming right up. Ho—this is practically a lair-r call for AVAYKS. The offer is open Lo Amcri- cuu KU'N -*' to •>'' not now engaged in wnr industry. There's n wide variety of interesting jobs and the nnvy in very sjinrp about putting the right girl in the right job. ]f you are afraid of birds you need not worry nbout being assigned to a carrier pigeon base, NHT.V pay for WAVKS is good. Better than you draw in. a corresponding civilian job. The benefits that would be yours under the G. I. Bill of Rights nre worth considering. The full fact* and info await you at the Navy Ite- cruiting Station, Post Office Building. Bakersfield. But remember, this offer i* now open to less thau 300 of. you pretty things. This Advertisement Sponsored by Dr. Harold Haskell OPTOMETRIST 1434 Nineteenth Street \DeiveySaysF.R. Offers Only Chaos i Cominurd From PnRp One : vice-presidential nominee, nn It- point program to lie carried out if they are elected In November. This envisioned an administration. (1) "Devoted to public service instead j of public bickering." (2} "Working Jin h.irmony with Congress." i.T) "In which the cabinet is restored as n re- sponsiljle instrument of government. "(-I) "In which you will not have 10 support three men to do one man's job." tr,| "Which will root out waste and bring order out of chaos." .(6) "Which will give the people of ; this country value received for the i taxes they pay," (7) "Made up of the | ablest men and women rn Aincrica who will receive full authority to do tln-ir .lobs and will be left alone to do them.'' iv "I'Ycc from the influence of Communists und the combination i<f corrupt big-city machines," Hi) "In which the Conslitution is respected *o that the liberties of people shall attain be M-rtii'p,' 1 "With a conscience and a sinccn \ otion to broad sm ia I securit V (111 "Which will devote Itself" t Mimic minded purpose of jobs opportunity for all." nil' (10) c deli Till i the n ml M:\VS VIA KKTTKKIIICAn I!KVKP. LY, Mass.. Oct. 17. (l.'.Rl— . Mrs. lleniy Caboi l.oilk'e. Jr.. 1( arncd ! ot' her husband s promotion only ! his letterheads suddenly I chanued Iiom "major' to "lieuten-' ant-colonel." j Reporter Describes Giant Air-Sea Fight Continued From Pagf- On<* aircraft fire although its fragments sprinkled the flight deck. The nttnck passed out. It was merely a prelude. Later while officer* and men were at dinner, firing broke nut topside. I reached the hangar d'-ck jn^l i" lime in look out the starboaid side upon a PI ene of hellish beauty. A form:]lion of low-flying torpedo pl.ines apparently had escaped our lighters in a rain squall and now were in the midst of our formation. One torpedo streaked for a carrier on our starboard beam and missed. Another rut a silver wake toward a light cruiser and also missed. Torpedoes seemed to he whipping over the whole ocean. One torpedo plane was flying parallel to us and astern of another carrier. Our ship was livid with white flame. Concussions from the gun bursts burned our faces. Tracers by the thousand streaked inward the torpedo plane as it fled. It appeared that it would come out of the field of fire—then n cluster of shells caught it squarely. The wing crumpled, the whole plane burst Into flames and it crashed astern a flnllop. Then another plane crashed in flames. A third torpedo plane went down squarely on a neighboring ship. Flames rose above the superstructure and we thought at first she had been hit by a torpedo. U. S. Third Fleet Sends Nip Force Scurrying for Cover Are You a Victim of Constipation Misery? DO YOU FKKL, mlaernble from a spi-ll of constipation? Do you fed Kiissy anil swollen . . . bilious anil m>- si't . . . from this cause? If so, try KONMOI^A niul si-o whiit rellr.; It can briiif,". KOiN'.IOI.A contains Nature's hcibt wlitrh mildly hi'lp to opfn non- Htipatnd bowels and ^'lonHu their foul, mlsery-provoklm? contents, arid mnny people hnve written letters expressing thiinkd to KONJOIyA for 'Jio satisfactory results It produces. So when n. spHl of constipation comos . . . when your bowPls act RlugglHli, Intestines crowd with food waste and you feel Itussy, swollen, bilious and upset a» a. result . . . tiy the Kentle, helpful action of KONJOL.A. Kemumber:— KONJOLA use.i by men and women throughout the country who know the value of .Nature's herbs. So fret It today. Be sure you get genuine KONJOL.A which is sold «t all Drug Stores under a .strict gutirnnlee by the Konjola corn- puny to refund the purchase price of your first bottle If you are not completely satisfied. Caution: L'.ie only as directed. If your Druggist Is temporarily soM out of KONJOLA when you call, ask him lo order It for you fiom his Wholesaler. SEND FOR SAMPLE Rend ll'e for tii.-il atimplo to KON"JOI,A, Dept. A. (lol-'U Schna Avc., Laa Angeles lit), Calif. Continued Frti ,-iir forces based on shore in the | Kyukyus, Formosa nnd Luzon island I in th« Philippines from October 10 i until the time of this communique," I Nimitx elaborated, "there has been : no damage cf consequence to our ! batllpshlp:! or carriers. However, two inr-dium sized ships were hit by aircraft torpedoes and are retiring from the area. "Fortunately the personnel cas- ualtloH In these two ships were! small." j I Icndquartcrs correspondents In- j terpicted "medium sized ships'" to indicate cruisers or destroyers and promptly recalled that casualties wr-ro surprislnRly light on both the i cruisers Northampton, sunk in the riijfht battle of Lontjn Point Novem- I her 30. 1942, and the cruiser Chi-j i-;iK". sunk south of fluadalcanal ! after taking five torpedoes in early February, 1!)43. Strong Nip Air Assault Amazing as It reads. Northampton lost only .">"> men and the Chicago a similarly small number. Adding to his previous communi- ques, Xirnitx reported that 101 enemy planes attacked one of our task groups off Formosa hy day and by night in the October period. This constituted one of enemy's strongest assaults on units in many months. It was ex- ci-eded recently by the enemy's concerted attack on Admiral Raymond A. Sprimnce's Fifth Fleet off Guam in .lune. At that lime M itseber's oarrier pilnls dcsl rnyeil 4(12 Nipponese naval airi-raft and left enemy carriers so helpless that a major force *pf thf- iuiperia! - - ' " the fleet 'leei i«-as routed the next Seventeen .lapenese ships were or da-naged in thai action. !).") Aircraft Rugged the 1:11 .la pa nost> planes, fi.'i shut down by American fighters and anti-aircraft fire, while "WL- lost five planes.' Nimil/ reported. Fighters from only two United Slates carriers shot down an additional Till Japanese aircraft of approximately i;o which attempted to attack tin- two damaged, retiring 'rn I'jiBfi One ships. On the same day 1 :> more enemy planes were des.irn.VPd by search and patrol flights from the American carriers. This brought total Japanese planes destroyed by I lalsey-Mitseher forces in the Iivukyu-Formosa-Luzon onslaughts to an estimated 828 to 84:1. In addition 117 enemy planes were estimated probably destroyed. Kiii-iny Rnrnto Lotises fleni'ial Douglas MacArthur announced today that hi? land-based planes, joining in the destruction encircling the invasion-threatened Philippines, netted the greatest hag of eneiny aircraft ever brought down in any single southwest Pacific raid. They l>agged between 49 and (!7 in the fourth mass raid in two weeks ou Halikpapan. Korneo, Japan's richest oil possessic,ii. Admiral f'hester VV. NimiUc ignored Japanese claims. "farrier aircraft of the Pacific i Fleet." Xiniitx said, "are continuing j to attack targets on Luzon Island in j the Philippines." The Aparrl Field on the northern coast nf Luzon was hit Friday (I'uiteil states time) and airfields! near .Manila were blasted on Sunday, i hi these two raids loo enemy aircraft, were caught and destroyed on the ground. The Pacific Fleet commander said Ihn carrier Formosan raids centered on Okayama and Hello, also twice hit by China-based B-2!)s, and Tainan and Tnkao, two of the largest cities on the fortress Island. Warehouses Destroyed Carrier planes destroyed ">0 warehouses at Takao, 14 buildings at Ileltii. and seven hangars at Tainan. Heavy damage was inflicted on the Takao Industrial area, center of Formosa's factories. The second •R-20 raid yesterday was in smaller force than the lirst record attack. It was intended to wipe out still usable installations at the arsenal city of Okayamn, and destroy the air base and shops at I Icito. South of the Philippines, fighter- escorted bombers turned the Bnlik- papan oil refineries into a mass of smoke and flames. 2100 PLANES BLAST COLOGNE AIR ARMADA FROM ITALY BOMBS VIENNA TARGETS ,00000 rm\es trucks, say correct regular lubrication is the secret. So take a tip from the truckers... LUBRICATION CHART get an RPM lubrication job (they're tailored to your car's own requirements) and ... an RPM MOTOR OIL change at least every 1000 miles — make it a habit! Specialized RPM Lubricants expertly applied—will keep your car on the road -for many an extra mile. LISTEN IN Lowell Thomas and the NEWS 7:15 P.M. Don Lee Mutual Network LONDON, Oct. 17. UP)— Cologne shuddered today under 4000 tons of American bombs loosed by a great armada of JIOO planes while other I'nited States aircraft from Italy bombed industrial targets in the Vienna area. Cologne, -10 miles beyond the be- leagured German frontier city of A.-icheti. received its worst single bombing of the war from a fleet of 1300 Flying Fortresses and Liberators and SOO fighter escorts. It was the sixth attack in six- days on the strategic Rhineland city toward which Allied armies in the siiegffid Line are pointed. Some SOO fighters escorted the bombers, making the invading planes total more than 2100. The Americans lost 13 bombers and 3 fighters. Except for an attack on a straggling Fortress that had been crippled by ground fire, no enemy interception was encountered, but crews reported intense ack-ack fire in spots. Swift '.Mii.squlto bombers flew through the smoke of previous explosive-set fires and bombed the great city of "(iS.-l-O on the Rhine before dawn. Cologne has vast railroad yards which funnel supplies to the western front and It is the home of the Henschel Tank Works and the Bettenhausen Ordnance Works. Arms, chemicals and machines are other important manufactures in the city, importance since the time of the Romans. Danish shippers in Stockholm said their C.erman agents informed them that the critically needed Kiel canal between the Baltic and North seas had been blocked since October 15 when a railroad bridge collapsed into the waterway. The canal will be useless for three or four months, the shippers were told. "The greater part of the bridge is lying at the bottom of the canal but there is no accurate information of what happened," the shippers''said. "It is believed that time bombs dropped by Allies in the water during a daylight raid on Kiel blew up the bridge supports." The Mosquito mission over Cologne was without loss. Flying throw a rainstorm to answer an army call for help, rocket Typhoons silenced a battery of German field guns near Vernay, in Holland, with 56 rockets. More than 500 American heavy bombers from Italy attacked seven railynrds. two aircraft engine factories and other targets yesterday in Germany. Austria and Czechoslovakia while escorting fighters destroyed ID interceptors, it was announced in Rome. Portresses bombed the west rail- yards and ammunition dumps in Salsburg, LT> miles northeast of Hitler's mountain fastness at Berchtesgaden. Ship Construction Lag Causes Concern WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. (UP) — Construction of attack transports anil attack cargo ships, urgently needed J'or coming operations in the Pacific, is moro than 25 per cent behind schedule and is causing concern among navy officials, it was learned today. The program is being handled by the maritime commission for the navy, It is understod that although the situation has been bad, it is improving, and the lag may be reduced considerably in coming weeks. Several factors, officials said, were responsible for the failure to keep to schedule. Among those was the fact that designs were not "frozen" as soon as they might have been. l>abor shortages on the west coast, where a considerable part of the program is concentrated, were another reason. A third factor was a strike of crane operators in one yard. Yanks Repulse Attack on Aachen Continued From Page One lingsbeck, 3 miles to the northeast, almost to the Maas (Meuse) .river, and a front dispatch said violent fighting raged throughout the night in the outskirts of Venrai. At the northeast corner of Lleu- tenant-Oeneral Sir Miles S. Dempsey's salient, near Nijmegen, the Cirri-nans laid down the heaviest artillery barrage In nearly 10 days, which was believed designed to cover a limited withdrawal behind the front. British Across Rhine British patrol units, which ferried across the Xeder Rhine west of Am- hem were reported ranging the north bank of the river in the Wag- enlngen area against little opposition. -V supreme headquarters communi- que reported "steady progress" by the Canadian'' First Army north of the Leopold canal, with gains of more than half a mile against dwindling resistance. A counterthrust dented the Canadian lines at one point near Woensdrecht. but Lieutenant-General If; D. G. Crerar's forces improved their Schelde bridgehead position. On the opposite flank of the battlefront in eastern France, the Germans mounted "many" counterattacks in the Vnsges foothills in an attempt to stem the Franco-American flanking drive north of the Belfort gap which was aimed through the Schlucht pass to the Rhineland. Slight Gains "Our gains were mostly slight," supreine headquarters reported, indicating that the counterblows had no more than slowed the push by Lieutenant-General Jacob L. Devers' Sixth Army group. Northeast of Le Thillot the Allies advanced east of the Moselotte river in heavy fighting at several points. French forces drove across the Cornimont-Le Thillot road at several points in the face of heavy artillery fire. Above Cornimont the French crossed th'e upper Moselotte on a broad front. Reds Open Giant Drive, Say Nazis Continued on Page Two The whereabouts of Horthy were a mystery. Swiss sources said he was believed to have been taken to Germany by plane yesterday, but Swedish dispatches asserted he was under siege with loyal troops in the royal palace. The new Nazi government under Szalasi, arrow cross party leader whom Radio Budapest said had been designated by Horthy to form a new cabinet, moved quickly to prevent any countercoup that would take Hungary out of the Axis camp. lied Army troops, rapidly expanding their sweep in the Balkan states, drove through the southeastern section of Yugoslavia today and cut the main highway leading- northward from occupied Greece to place an- ol her block in the German escape route from southern Europe. Spearheaded by Partisans The Soviet drive was spearheaded by Marshal Tito's Partisan forces, which in a combined thrust captured the town of Vranje and plunged -0 miles ahead to bring the Allied troops to within 23 miles of the rail and road junction of Skoplje. The advance placed the TUisslan and Partisan troops astride the main highway disecting the 93-mile wide corridor between Greece and Albania and fanning out to the cities of Sara- jevo and Zagreb in northwestern Yugoslavia. Skoplje. 138 miles inland from the Adriatic, was the focal point of the last secondary German rail escape routes from Greece and the long southeastern point of Yugoslavia. The forces driving toward Skoplje formed the southern anchor of the Allied line, which traversed most of the key points on the 180-mile stretch of railroad between Budapest and Belgrade. In the intervening span, Soviet troops continued their push southward from liberated NIs to capture Leskovac, 21 miles below Nis, and then continued 12 miles farther south where they occupied the village of Lebane. NEW kind of ASPIRIN tablet doesn't upset stomach you need quick relief from pain, do you hesitate to take aspirin because it leaves you with an upset stomach? It so, this new medical discovery, SUPERjN, is "just what the doctor ordered" for you. Superln Ii aspirin plui—contains the same pure, safe aspirin you have long known—but developed by doctors in • special way for chose upset by aspirin in its ordinary form. Thli new kind of aspirin tablet dissolves more quickly, lets the aspirin get right at the job of relieving pain, reduces the acidity of ordinary aspirin, and docs not irritate or upset stomach—even after repeated doses. Tear thlt out to remind you to get Superin today, so you can have it on hand when headaches, colds, etc., strike. See how quickly it relieves {pain—how fine you feel after taking. At your druggist's, IS*and 39*. Supetuv 0 T t\ n L r T f. register now your P.D.Q.* Certificate for a new post-war Ime/yon Radio 'Preference Delivery Quota Avoid the post-war rush for new radios. Reserve your Emerson Radio today by signing the Eaerson Preference Register in our store. No deposit — no obligation. Get your P.D.Q. Certificate and be among the first to buy a new Emerson Radio when, civilian sets become available. RnnOfs Radio and Appliinlt Co. Pox Theatre •ulldlns H StrMt, Dial 4-40JI Havt Your Eytt Examinid Open a Charp Acotunt GLASSES • That are right for your eyes and your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-733S RESTRICTIONS ON HOUSESJEAXED; BUILDING AT PREWAR STANDARDS PERMITTED WASHINGTON", Oct. 17. (J&— Re- strlctioi s were relaxed today to permit construction of houses approximating prewar standards. The action, announced jointly by the War Production Board and the National Housing Agency, "will permit builders to make use of materials and equipment as they become available " Restrictions on total floor area permitted in a dwelling unit were removed, but the maximum board- foot allowance of dimension lumber * per square foot of floor area was retained. Another relaxation eliminates a requirement that in certain areas • exterior walls be of masonry, clay or concrete products. Houses now can be built to conform to minimum construction requirements of tlje Federal Housing Administration. Any materials that can be obtained without a priority rating may be used. Among other relaxations was ttte removal of: 1. The limitation on the number of electrical outlets. 2. Restrictions on the size of hot water storage tanks. 3. The requirement that bathrooms and kitchens be back-to-back. Retained are general provisions requiring conservation of lumber and other materials. "The not result of these changes will be to permit the builder a greater freedom in design and thn use of materials in housing construction," the two agencies said. The modifications apply only to wartime housing construction, limited accommodations for essential warworkers, to relieve congestion in war production areas' nnd to relieve cases of individual hardship or for returning veterans unable to find other suitable quarters. The relaxations did not rescind L-41, the over-all WI'B order regulating the use of critical materials in housing construction. Also unaffected were present ceilings on construction cost, $601)0 for a new house except in areas having high construction costs where the limit is $7500. Nazi Hungary Chief. Goes Over to Reds LONDON. Oct. 17. CF>—The official German news agency DNB reported today that the commander- in-chief of the First Hungarian Army, Major-General Bela Miklos von Dalnok, had "gone over to the Soviets." Conditions remained chaotic In Hungary, where invading Russian troops fought within 60 miles of Budapest, and it was questionable whether the Germans could expect any further effective military assistance from this remaining ally. Doctors Worn Folks Who Are Constipated- M •m0MAMI^K£'-* r 4 Ever Feel like This? HO ftf—WSa STOMACH KMMCHE-MEMTMiYDWl If liver bile doesn't flow freely every day into your Intestines—constipation and that "ball alive" feeling often result. Bo take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets tonight. Olive Tablets, being purely vegetable, are wonderful to pep up (sluggish bile flow and insure gentle yet thorough, bowel movements. No griping or weakening effects. Teat tonight! Follow label directions. CHOICE of Conservative MEN This DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT Jailond tf M.BORN $45 To men who want their clothes to give them a comfortable feeling of informality combined with a definite distinction of appearance, Bora conservative styles are abolute perfection. They're right on every point •.. have to b« . . . they're cut and tailored to your individual measurements. Try them this f alL CASPER and FRANKEL 1421 Eighteenth Street Phone 2-1517 "Just East oC Tlny'i" RECORDS Dr. S. C. Long Physician-Surgeon 1728 TnHrton. Arena* Phone 2-1353

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