The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 24
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 24

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 24
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FlttDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, I98S Cbttortal $afeet#fielfo Issued Uvcry Rvenlng Except. Sunday In Bnkerafleld, Kern County. California _ ^^ Bettered In rmsl office at nnkcrHfleld. California, an second class mall matter nndnr (he Ant of Congress March n, 1879 MEMBER OF TUB ASBOCJJATBD PRESS The .Associated PrtHB In exclusively MI titled to tlin u«n for publication of all newti dispatches credited to It or not otherwise crrylltrfl In thin paper, and iilMo the local tiown nuhltnhpd therein. __ The DakPTNflPld Callfornlan In al«o a cllnnt. of tho United PreHH and inn United News and receives tho complete leaded wire Kcrvlcn of both. _ REPRESENTATIVES nryuiit. Orlfflth & Hnumon. Inc. New York, Chlc-iiKo, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston Wcxt-TTcillkliiy-MoKf'iismi Co., Inc. Snn Kranolsro. Um AIIKC-IPN. Hnattla, I'ortlHtid WAH11INOTON. I). <*.. nUTUCAH I'rerterlc J. TliiKkln. Dlrftnr, WnslilnKlnn, D. C. THIS PAPER MADE IN THE U. H. A. T sufc reach of the powerful air clippers. From Alamedu to Hawaii IB the longest stretch, and this i» shorter limn the New York-Azores link of the Atlantic route. But both arc within the powers 'of the modern airplane, as has been demonstrated in the single crossings of the Atlantic. From Hawaii to Midway Island, thence to Wake Island and to Guam and Yap are comparatively easy flights. Approval of the Pacific air passenger route by Secretary of Commerce Roper following inspection and report by the expert engineers and fliers of Ihe department. The clipper service has had a probationary period of nearly 11 months in which it has carried only mnil and cargo without mishap. Will) Ihe. opening of passenger Iravel the Pacific route will form the most important stretch of ocean ajr travel in what may become a globe circling airplane truffle, • ' **> '*'' *1' '<*"" ' '" "> '' , i* J *' y * ' ' ' •'' >i '** *-'" '' " ' *' ' ' ' '° ''"'''' ''" •'' * " * Froi Flies of =(By 0. 0. McINTYRB) YOHK, Sept. 26,— Thoughts AT OUR DOOR TOO IT 15 Committee, for the Nation, of which James IT. Band, Jr., is chairman, asks the pertinent question, "Why could England build f,22(5,000 dwellings almost entirely by private enterprise between September, 1081 and March, 11WG?" And to j 1 ij',",,',^"as eVer'lhe'yhave"beeni In the hls- FORTY DAYS HENCE p , nrc U8 , )U8V) pcr . Ihal question it adds another one, "Why could the United Stales, instead of building al a correspondingly yearly average, of 700,000 (population considered), actually construct only 70,000 dwellings?" And again, "Why could England, with only » small fraction of our national wealth, construct by private enterprise ten limes as much low cost housing as the United Slates did?" The committee, answering ils own question, says: " England, with her new monetary policy, that low interest rates on long term capital for housing, largely controls rental costs, desire for home ownership and building activity." And in connection with its program designed lo stimulate building, the committee chairman, in a letter lo President lloose- velt, says: "England's hanking experts have, made clear that during the last live years upon Ihe gold standard basis il would re- lory of Ihe nation. One of them finds that if the percentage of voles in the three. Maine Congressional districts are continued throughout Ihe. country in November, it will unquestionably mean the election of Mr. l.andon. Others accepting the Literary Digest figures as Ihe basis of their claims, give Ihe Kansas Governor an overwhelming electoral vole. And so as the result, perhaps, of wishful thinking, the choice of the Republican nominee is all but an acaynp- lished fact. Maybe so, but here is something for the. prophets to consider. The men who wager upon elections were recently placing money at 0 to . r > Ilia) President Roosevelt would wjn, but in the. last few days the odds, have gone up in favor of Roosevelt and the wagers are now 5) to 5. Not that Ihe men who make bets know how elections are going; they have been mistaken in years gone by, notably in l!)l(i, TKN YISAMB AOO (Tho C«llfomlirt, thU <UU, U88) •' Headlines: Two Almee-caao wit-, neaaoa lost; grocery boy arid cottage proprietor elude prosecutors • £1 en- .ombed mtrtera faco suffocation In Michigan; Richfield Oil Company re- ducos coat of fuel; Dempsey motirna for lost crown; Dougherty case Is tearing end; huaband objoata to fathering 11 stepchildren. Guy W, darrard will be principal of the night school here, tiakerafleld IH raising $1500 for a JHorlda atorm relief fund, , . , • J. $, Dyer and U. V. Tollman have oft for Hhlrley Meadows to close ihnlr auminer camps. Mayor t,. 1C. Hlonor la on a deer hunt. H, 13. Vivian will give Instruction In petroleum technology at the high school. TWKNTV YMARS AOO (Tht UtllfornUn, thin dttt, 1018) TTeadllnna: Deadlock renulti) In Humanla as Mackcnsen la halted In canteen daah; More than . 2,000,000 shares traded on N, Y. Exchange; Wilson allows how laws will aid United Htates In world trade struggle; Hquawman of Houth Fork IB killed at hla lonely home by an Indian; N. P, Peterson, former super visor here, la 111. Congressman Denver S. Church spent last evening In this city visit Ing frlondn hero. Then ho left for Fresno. Mrs. V('altftr Ouborn Is preuldenl of the Ttakerafleld Federation of P, T. A'H. Offlcor Daniels arrested a prowloi near the Dan Harris homo early In the morning. J. II, Jordan and George B. Par k«r killed throo fine doer In tho Houth Fork country. THIRTY YKAUH AOO (Tim l.'nlirnmliti, thin rtnle, I got) llondllnea: Negroes riot In Gcor gla; Hearst and anti-Hearst will do battle tomorrow; Any one to dnfea Mmirst Is sentiment of Jerome men Cuban general says now election wll put had element Into power; Wobo nvara the gullows. ICnroIlmcnt In tho city achools still Increoalng, Is now 81?. Membora of Com puny O arc peatedly have been necessary to increase in- wllPI1 lh<> Hllpll !" f| °^ • ll " lM<! 1ll ;, IMl ' Cfi leresl rates to protect Hold reserves. Under the managed currency system n change in the (trice of in Ihe free f{old market, dacy was considered a good financial venture. Rnl there is a reason behind wafers. .Insl now il appears to Ihe bookmakers that to moot In full drtwa uniform at th armory on October 2, to oloct a caii tain, according to IQ. 8. Kent, firs lieutenant, commanding tho com puny. t.'hrls VVIrth Is bore from Soutl Kork. Tho Houthorn Pitclflo In reporte to ho preparing to build a new holler shop limns. BKOtN HKnK TOBAt K»r Dunn, prttty jmin« nuri«, *p»llM far » |ob *i ilnrtntMii on OvirUnd Alr»«n, la th« OnrUnd office >h< «nc«rtinl«n T«d Or»- htm, itltttn pllat of Trtntptelha Alrimt, tt)d. Unely du« to hli InUrrrotlon, «he U KKwpttd lot • trltr period. .. two othir (IrU, Dorb IM> ind Allc« Miller, «(• »««plert on lh« ««ra« h«iU. Onlutn, who HIM I ho Triiuptelfle rout*, (OM to Htri Frinclwo ind in In wtrtu «ood hr K*r wohdtri wlitn ind when iha will •«« htm «l»ln. Tht ilir«« tlrii btiin thilr pnllmlnarr tr»lnln». Darin U fnt to win it renUr Job. Alee iurprl»M (h* other two br tnnounelni her murilMS to Chuck Jnn«, « pilot. K»y l»nu ih» hu Iwm mulenul to th« WMdm dlfliloo tnrt U to letva nm d»r for tho I'tclflo oont NOW 00 ON WITH TUB STOBT CHAPTER VI Kay'H first run on the Overland AlrwiiyH route waa from Reno to Ban Francisco bay, The home port was Reno, In tho pleaaant greert val- oy of tho Waahoo river—a veritable ounla In the midst of tho Nevada desert. But Kay wan lonaly there, terribly lonely. Her early lesaona In aelf-dlaclpltnn served her well, Hho tried to organ- ze her life around her job. During the day there waa a four-hour run .0 the Oakland airport and a four- hour return. Somotimea, when the ahlft changed, Hho apont tho night on the bay. But In Reno, where moat of her lelauro hours wore apent, who rented a little furnished apartment. did not meet Ted Graham, as she hu<l so fondly hoped to do. She read nbout him In the nowspaperH and followed tho routine of tho trans-Pacific flight, day by day, eastbound, westbound. " Sho knew Ted's,approximate portion every day of the week—Honolulu, Midway, Guam, Manila. But on the days when he won In port, at Ship Harbor, he usually went to his ranch In tho San Carlos valley to rest. Hotween such rest periods he waa away from the homo port for throe weeks at a time. Kay had never been on tho bay when hla ship carnu In. As the weeks passed she became Increasingly absorbed In her work. Hho felt like a veteran now. At flrat she had missed tho bustling activity of the Central Airport. At the flying field In Reno there wero not nearly as many planes coming and going and the local passenger traffic was not heavy. Kay usually drove out to the airport with the pilot who was taking the plane down to the Pacific. It was a long drive, leaving "the biggest little city In the world" behind and following a pavnd highway through green fields that had boon salvaged from tho dosort. In tho distance wero tho snow-capped peaks Of tho Sierra Nevada range. The wealtoourid plane appeared flrat as a tiny .speck on the horizon. It alwaya reminded Kay of her flrat trip byatr throusrtfr'tiie. ,vast spaces of tho west. ' ' But those vast spaces only increased her feeling of loneliness. She began to feel a nbatalgla for the friends she had loft behind, the scenes that had been familiar since her childhood. Kay needed tho warmth of human sympathy. There wero times when she. would fling heraelf face down on her bed and He there, very quiet, for hours at a time. One night she let the teara come and sobbed out this feeling of loneliness and desertion. Then ahe read In a.nowapaper that Ted araham'a ahtp waa due In San Francisco bay day. Again, deep In her heart, Kay felt a kindling of hopei If she could only see htm again 1 Tho two-room apartment, with Its chintz trlmmlnga, seemed Intolerably lonely. Kay got up, put on an evening frock, and flung a cloak over her .arm. Tho night was cool, as were all nights at this altitude. Her adventurous spirit waa stirring. She took a taxi and rode to tho Marlln dude ranch which she knew was a rendezvous for members of tho air corps. If there were any aviation figures In town, she would find them there. But at flrat glance, Kay saw no one she knew. She aat down at the roulette table and bought some countera. Hho 'had no Idea how the wheel operated, but she waa game for anything tonight. She lost one stack of chips and bought another. She waa placing a counter on the red marker when a hand caught her.elbow and cased It gently back. . "Play 10 green," a voice said and then ahe heard a gay laugh. Kay turned and saw a man standing behind her, a handsome youth of about 28. Ho had dark brown hair and blue eyes. He had also, Kay noted, had several cocktails. She did not recognize him, but hla face waa tanned with tho leathery sort of tan by. which ono comes to recognize a man as an Inveterate flyer. Perhaps she had mot him somewhere. There was no denying, either, that ho had a gay, Impudent srnlle that intrigued her! » # • She amlled, but played the red again and lost. Number 10 green won ond tho young man who waa which does not disturb business, lh<1 l'rfHi«l«nl is a good U lo 5 favorite. If lishes what formerly required a raising of inleresl rales with a stilling effect upon business activity and new enterprise." The managed currency (bids favor both in Kngland and in Ihe United Stales and capital should be equally attracted In'rc to the building of dwellings as ofl'ering investment that will insure fair return. Certainly there is no sound reason why Kngland should in a five-year period have a higher building record than Ihe United Stales. Evidently we need the kind of campaign which the Committee for the Nation has inaugurated, and in Unit connneclion, anil bringing Ihe matter home, we are wondering why Dakcrsllcld men of all'airs should not co-operate in a huilding program here which will .supply the need of wage-earnei'8 for residences. While (here is active building in this city, generally the homes that are constructed are designed for their owners and there is no concerted movement to create rental homes for those who desire them. II would seem Uinl here is a Held of activity thai illicit well be occupied by our civic bodies which naturally desire to serve the best interests of Ihe people they represent, l.cadcrship could undoubtedly point Ihe way lo Ihe creation of a building corporation whifh, in turn, could make a substantial contribution lo the solution of our housing problem. Such corporation would not only find profitable investment for capital through such a program, but would render a very real service to Ihe community in which they arc so deeply interested. W PACIFIC AIR TKAVKI. 1111,1'', most of Ihe world is t 1 in avoiding or preparing for war, it is lo observe thai not all the in- verted making them instruments of destruction. On October II the transpacific air route from C.alifornia to the Orient will be opened for passenger tralllc. And just as this is announced, Germany is experimenting on an nil-plant- passenger service across the Atlantic, making Azores a halting place. Already there are airplane routes over long distances, but these are mainly Overland, such as those between Kngland and Australia and from Ihe Atlantic to the Pacific coast in the United Stales. The problem of ocean travel by air has been lluil of establishing stations between the starting point and the terminal. Along the Pacific route landing places they are correct what is going lo change Ihe situation between now and '10 days hence? HusincsH is admittedly continuing to climb; its volume gains with each succeeding month; opinions are expressed that recovery is already lieuc and Senator Hoper of Ihe Department of Commerce, conservative in his statements, gives il as his conclusion thai "We have entered not a temporary but a long term upward swing and are approaching one of the greatest eras in American history." II is dilllcull to create a whirlwind of opposition lo an administration which came into power at the depth of Ihe depression and which has seen, within the last 18 months, a recovery that is little less than marvelous. The man on Ihe farm, the wage earner, llu> small business man and a good many of Ihem not so small are likely lo seriously consider whether this Is a good lime lo change adminislralivc leaders. If human nature runs true to form many of Ihem will conclude that il is not. It AN DOM NOTES What is wrong with some of our metropolitan newspapers? Is crime the only thing worth featuring? Is it of sufficient consequence to be given front page position day by day? And is such policy in response lo Ihe demands of Ihe muling public? laiiily not. and Ihe wonder is that intelligent journalists should reach the conclusion Hint they are meeting a public want by constantly playing up the crime stories of the hour, One paper has been carrying Ihe story of an ex-convict who was recently liberated from a federal prison. Obviously the pris- is "sore" because the place in which he was conllned was conducted as a prison in the institution met with disapproval of the former prisoner. He shed tears over Ihe fact that there was a fellow prisoner who was serving Uf> years for robbing a post olllce when he only got $1,21$ as Ihe result of Ihe robbery. Perhaps that is good reading for many people. A publisher must think so or the paper would not give it space. Hut we wonder if it does find favor with any considerable number of rentiers. If it does, il is just too bad for society and in any event it wovild seem that a home newspaper might well be tilling its columns with more instructive and more suitable material, material selected for Ihe benelll of all ils readers, and spccitl- (By PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936) while strolling; Add dead-panned socialites: William Rhlnelander Stewart and Jay O'Brien. Balnbrldge Colby, tor my money, as the most cultured political speaker of the day. Meredith Nicholson and Bob Burnu have the same voice ,twang. • Last of the^ pompadours: George 8. Kaufman. Favorite of all stage numea: Truly Shattuck. For a mu- alcal revue title: Stuff and Thtnga. Wealey 3V. Stout, the new editor of the Saturday Bvonlng Post. Prog- grefls of tho hamburger: From a roadside lean-to to a white-tiled castle with towers. _ Shudder stuff: Those shame-faced cultured looking fellows valiantly "carrying the banner," Clay Morgan's vlllaln-8tlll-pursued-hery:iinus- tache. How Billy Oaxton ciSSOWji* chapeau and set off • a soluble!* breasted ault. Happiest merchants: ThbBo who conduct corner notion shops and live upstairs, Vincent Lopez and his gang picked up a tidy sum with that knock, knock tune. Stopper out of a bottle name — Jay Thorpe. Morris Qest and hla funny bow tie and fuzzy felt hat have been missing too long. Arthur Hopkins' face suggests a Raphael cherub. Nobody has a scratchy voice o* actly like Bert Wheeler's. Nearest Is Zaau Pitta. Some of the snappiest dressed boys are soda Jerkors off duty. For the Look, the Same as They Did IB Years Ago: Jack Lalt. And the 'host drawing room manner on the screen Is that of Ralph Forbea. • ' One, of the natty drinks of the mo- moment Is a pink concoction, served In small tumblers and of a melon pink coloration with trimmings .of sliced fruit. It Is called "Ward Eight" and Is simply a whisky sour — Ben De Casseres' favorite tipple — with a pony of grenadine "Instead of the customary powdered sugar. It Is said to have gotten Ha name from the point of Its origination — tho Eighth Ward In Boston, Mass. The Porto Rlcan and Spanish aec tlon ru,ns rather shabbily up Fifth avenue from the north end of Cen tral Park at One Hundred and Tenth street. A street of baths, barbe shops, dim wine rooms and druf stores streaming remedies for soda Ills. The natives are called "spies.' •lany on Sunday evening wear the attlced pants, open shirts and plush ombreroB of old $evllle. .-Here the romance of love takes on hematold hue and almost daily flares out In ealoua quarreling* . and • stabblngs. » The knife la the dueling weapon of., rustrated Romeosi At night. In lieu of mlconies,' there is a window guitar- st in almost every .house. The only Spanish movie in town is in the ' area. ( ', 4 Nils T. Qrunland, 'known to the ra>- dlo oa N. T. O., haa dropped Broad' * way, temporarily,-at,.least. He is the • originator of tho mammoth type- of dinner cabaret at $1,60 and guided two to enormous success. "Qronny" a one of the human oddities of the street. Hla jargon' .is, of the thor- Qughfare and»he .knOwe all the an* -' ••"• "••-•' " V "I0f the ques- U/AMHINdTON, Sept. a 6. —The un'• announced situation behind all .his current peace and war talking Is hat no one can think of a alngle u'liollcul thing to do about It. A curious Investigator nsk«d IB Htrsons In high official Ilfo, In the llplomatlo game and In the professional pcaoa movement for HolIU suggestions of Htpps to ho taken to OH- fibllnh world ppuco. The answers to- iilc-d 8000 words, but could have been .old In one. Officially, the government looks to ho forthcoming Pan-American Alll- inco as a Minn In tho right direction. nit unofficially It must bo conceded t wilt have little effect upon the 13ti- •o|ipnn or far eastern war throat a. miiorwlso. thorn arc no Ideas sprout- Ing In thn official mind. No hopo of i disarmament conference. No poa- slhlllty of world economic or financial Htahllhuitlon. No troatlos. No MPOSHimUT1158 -- Unofficially, there Is n miggcatlan that, If tho use of sanctions could havo boon pro- motifd, Nomclhhifr could have been done, but everybody knows this country would navor seriously under- tnkn HRiu'llonn, which might OH rnnd- lly loml to war us poaoo. Likewise, tho possibility that an Anglo-American ulllimco might make tht> world hohuvtt Is ngrocu to Im an Ity from a domestic political stand point. There, Irtoiia ond. Tho ISHIIO IH hpld In mlrt-ulr by thn Irri'NlRtlblo foropH of conflicting world iiltuiitloiiB. ii nil no onn him anything more than u 2-foot steplridilor. Tho only workable roslftiinco con or tllHcuHHcd Is negative — of army and navy for dc- fpiiBo, munitions hiins, no foreign UIIUIH, Individual tnulo trontlco, etc. # * » 1 ID-SITTING ..... A boiling sprles of Ij IHMwiiml mill piM'Hiiiini'l HltmttlonH i>xlntH within tho commerce dt-iwrt- tnnnt and there noiMiin to bn Home niH'Hllon whether tho lid can l«> Hopl on until clod Ion. A rcorKunlxittlon >t two or mom bureaus In that do- mrtment Is considered Inevitable. Certain senators are aroused bo* muse no cihaUe-up has developed in .ho nil' division and also because Mr. Koohevelt delayed appointment of tho maritime commission, with trouble :l«veloplng again on tho Pacific waterfront. • * » f OANS—Tho Communists may •'-' have a lot to learn about American poIltlcH, but they havo already found out how to comply with tho campaign expenditures act, without telling whence their money comes. Their last accounting showed receipts of $7000, of which $6000 was a loan from the central committee of thn parly. Tho givers of the $5000 thus were not Identified. The Antl- Haloon League vised the same device, keeping Its organization and Its cam- pn IR-II committee separate. Incidentally, tho Communists say they nn- going to spend a riunrter of a million of capitalistic dollars In tholr campaign, but do not say whore that IB coming from either. still standing behind her laughed. "Try 10 green again," ho aald and she put her money on tho red. When 10 green won again she stood up to go, smiling a llttlo ruefully. "Oh, wait—please!" he begged. Then ho shoved some money down on tho table. "Tho lady plays number 10 green." Kay hesitated. There wore so many people ntandlng around, talk- Ing and playtiiK that this encounter seemed quite harmless. And then tho rod won! ''See?" the young man said. "You wouldn't take my advice when It was right. But If I were you, right now, I'd come have a drink at the bar chalet lite at sunup htoned farm- - wur with a well, id -the medieval moon frescoed In the door, He made tho city pay him around $76,000 a year, but he refuses to live In it, by Heckl The swankiest of dog.outflttlnersa-V lone has opened high In one of the spires along fashionable Madison. On* the door la the forbidding line: "By • Appointment." It tailors every article to measurement—a monogrammed blanket, edged with ermine, for instance, la-priced at $46., There are all aorta of drinking vessels on wWsh pet names are hand painted. ATBO . exercising gadgets' of- every description. ' Too—and a helgh-ho!—a Van- dyked canine diet expert who will, outline the proper fare for a. pooch for a fee. And to complete the picture the clerka have .a Plcadllly ac- o cent., 'They veered to the topic'of vlttlea, coming In'from a long motor drive In-the nippy air. Panegyrizing such.. yum-yuma as the ooeur flottant of the Rltz, the ham cooked in oranges at' Foyot's, the cold kidney, pie -with a flaky crust at the Colony, the spin- ache souffle at La Rue and caviar banked in thick Hour cream at Horcher's. All of which had me In full blubber, but through .the /blinding tears I could not lose sight of a wartii" slice of home-made bread,. 'thickly buttered, flecked with brown sugar and washed down ~wlth' a;* glass of Sweet milk. ' i» ft N OTEH—The atate department can prove It did everything possible Impr" for imprisoned Ijiwrenco .Simpson In (lei-many, but Us activities would hnvo been moru effective If there wero not nn Inner ausplclon that he Is not entirely guiltless, or If he were not a Communist. A good Inside story of legislative ways and menus Is told around the robust political character of Henntor .loo Uoblnson by two outstanding Washington news getters. Turner Cntlodgo ami Joseph Alsop. Jr.. In tho current Saturday Kvenlng Post. Lout Houl of tho cnmpnlRn la Democratic Senator Copeland. Tie has not hron nsHod U> say anything and ho won't IIP. Ills description of himself Is that ho la "not n Republican, not a new doulor, still a Democrat and. very still." have Uecii established ut distances within cully those who gather nboul the fireside, Our iVmorU'un system Is not u per- fool system, but H mill bus a ladder of NIICCOHH with Just oni> ruin. Any limn cull I'llinb It who IH first to put his foot on the bottom ruiiK-—Prank Knox, ItopuMluuii vlco-pri>Htdi*ntlal ciiiulMutc. tlolf In a quoor mount to ride, with a gi'iitlo sirlilii one day mill u brun- cho-hiiHtlnK twist tho next. Thoro IH nothing that witu-kn tho nerv<>8 any inort> than n siM'loH of holonhln putts that refuse to drop,—nobby Junes. American economic policy nnd HO- rlnl notion IH oversimplified, Americana tiro iiuU'iu-iiiouu-liii) minded. Tlu«y want short-cut aolutloim.— President CSIonn Pmnk, University of AYIm'oimln. A num's binirct jimt daetm't abnvo right wht<n hu's about to dlu. I havo felt tho dlftereneo many times and, havo ncvwr utlnmul yi>i.—John Brook- num. veteran barber of Mullens, \V, Vn. It' I hud th« Uruln. If we possessed Sllwrlu, If we htxd the Ukraine. Na- tlonnl HooliiHwl ilermany would be Hwlmmlng In M\irplun prosperity,— Adolf Hitler. Thin Whole buMlno«s of gradea and dennnm w pwdawndoal unobblohnosa, —Habbl EdKHr F. Milgnln, Lo* Anne- lew, urghig i-flvl«lon of tho HCholuatlo uyatoin. SHAFTS An Kpflom, Knglnnd. man. forced tn g" to Jail despite his pica Unit hlx clothes wore not Ht.vllnh onouKh. Is now a person of another ntvlpo. HelpntlstH w»y sour milk will ro- movo runt from white goods, but thoy have found no benefits yet In sour grapes. ^..... r ....' I'rlncp. Otto has waited so long to become ruler of Austria ho la bPCln- nlng to think he la only a i'cr-IIaps- burg. KnRluiut luiH 7000 brltlgpH unfit for modern truffle, a nlc« opportunity for a Mpeclaltat In fallen archea. Almost 4000 persona In tho United HtatoH tiro 100 years of uge, or older. California')! fish Industry in 1831 wan valued at ntora than $36,000,000. with me." She ahook her head, declining, and turned to move away. But the young man was not to be so easily discouraged. "Please don't go." he Btild, "If you won't havo a drink, at lenst stay and talk to me. I'm Monto Blnlne. I don't know who you are, but you certainly have the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen— nnd tho most beautiful eyes. In that blnck evening dress vou're—" Kay laughed. "You've had too mnny drinks," she'aald. He denied this. "I'm Intoxicated with your beauty," he said. "Who are you anyhow? I want to know all about you—" "Just another crlrl," Kay told him. "I haven't a name—or a telephone." "No cozy little nest?" ho asked, wrinkling his eyebrows. "No. I live In a castle with llona guarding every gate." Ho said suddenly, "Don't you like to do rash, Impulsive things? Don't you ever get up to look ut tho sun- rlsn and want to go flying out to moot It? 1 guess you know now that I'm a flyer. Monto Blnlne." "I've hpard the nnmo twice, but I can't seem 'to recall It." ' "You haven't heard about Monto ninlno and his eight nonstop apped records? I adore you," ho said. "Come on. let's 'dance." Kav looked at him doubtfully. It waa obvious that ho Imd been drink- Ing. "I don't think you can dance." sho said. "listen. I'm so steady they're go- Ing to use me on the transpacific flight to teat tho gyropilot!" "Oh-—"' "Hiiro. I signed up Inst week and I'm on my way to Oakland by plnne. Htonned over In this oasis to celebrate. You know who my boss Is going to be? Ted Graham!" • • * Kay lautthtod softly. "It'a a smaller world thnn I thought. I've been working for Overland Alrwaya." Ho wild, •'Really? 1 thousrht you had that look In your eye—that faraway look. You're one of the air hostessed, aren't-you?" "Hlirht." "Then we'll go out." he announced, "and paint tho town red. Here you are, marooned In the depart, and I'm going to rescue you!" She aald "You're one of the devil- may-care pilots." Monte got utiHtoiiillly to his feet and helped Kay into her cloak. They went out and got Into a taxi which whirled them out Into the cool deaert COMMUNITY CHEST Editor The Callfornlan: I felt like bursting Into loud applause when I read your editorial In favor of the community chest. Bak- orafleld Is literally infested with drives during tho year and few people have the time to-devote to conducting them and certainly the business man and business and professional po'oplo generally are hectored into an ungracious mood when approached BO many times during the year. Almost everyone has a favorite, charity and through a community chest could assign donations. Each organization would receive In proportion to what the-city as a wliole can afford to give. I am sure the community chest revival would be a EDITOIl'H NOTK—Th« Callfomlin will print letters from rf»rtet». Suqh.letters MUST 1» con- g flnt.l lo ICO wordu written Irglbl; and on one tide of the piper. The (nines limit U IraperatlTe. ' No innnymoun communication! will bo printed. ThU la emphatic The CaUfomlaureienre* the right to delete or reject any or all mantucrlpla and li uot reapomlhle for. «fnUmimU contained therein. IxHtctn of more than 130 words will bo njccted. Brevity U a desirable feature. They must be Doha- fldely alined by tho writer with complete address tlven, althouih the name may not be published. publicans agree with tho Democrats in many of their policies. To the unawervlng party supporter a shift la unthinkable, but to Increasing thousands H Is not,. And the fact that our party system Is extra legal, tip matter how well established In our' national life, nakes changing it much easier. That the Lemke party does not answer the half-formulated desires of, ;hoso who havo been vacillating between one-party and Uie other in the lost few national elections is, evident from : the Literary Digest poll. But it Is entirely possible that some other division may result, One beneficial result In government may be hazarded if such a realignment does take place. Party politics of late years has become a scramble by one faction for • the Jobs held by members of'.the other, remuneration and not the knowledge of aervlce being the chief reward. If a more* sincere division comes, about, a more -slncercr administration of t tho governrneht may normally be expected. H. O. STRONQWBLU. Bakersfleld, September 19, 1936. MADE IN JAPAN Editor The Callfornlan: I sometimes' wonder if we, as home • loving, prosperity • seeking; Americana, realize the number of, commodities wo buy marked "Made In Japan," 1 recently made some purchases at Amerlca'a. favorite, chain store, among them a small thermos bottle, a lamp shade, a corsage for my newest frock and a toy for the youngest member of our household, all of ., which, when, closely examined, were mado in Japan. From zippers to tallies for my bridge party, all are the same. pooular move. CITIZEN. Bakersfleld, September 19, 1936. PARTY LINES Editor The Callfornlan: Friday nlfrht's editorial In Tho Callfornlan on the weakening of party llnea Introduces a subject to which thinking voters should Klve much attention In comlngr years. To the rlgrld party supporter of a pass- Infr era this shifting Is a matter of deep .concern; but such persons for- jret that our parties are not ordained by Qod or Constitution, Par-, tlcularly Is It common to overlook* tho fact that 'the founders of the Constitution did not Include provl' slon for parties for the very reaaon that they hoped schism would never develop In the new nation. They wero men of experience who should have known bettor, of course; within a few years there was a fundamental division between the support era of centralized and decentralized Kovernment. They called themselves Federallsta and WhlRB. There was a reahaplnR of Issues shortly before the Civil War and Lincoln's administration, and once aRaln there was a strong party division. But for many years now we have not had any decided difference between tho two parties. Plank BteallnK has been a common prac tlce, and the present campaign reaches the point at which tho Re C L.. udgot la stretched to the breaking point and I'm definitely for • more values at less coat, but I aome- times wonder why this vast" importation is hot checked and American merchandise substituted at prices we can afford to pay. What do you think? AVERAGE CITIZEN. Bakersfleld, September 23, 1936. A THOUGHT FOR TODAY If tee say that we have fellowship with Him, and irqlfc in darkness, we He, and do not the truth. — John ^:6\ * * * Tho devil can ette Soi-lptui-o for his uuruaan. An evil noul. producing holy wlineM, U ltk« a vtllnln with HmlllnK cheek; it goodly apple rottwn at the heart,—SU(ikoijpean). air. Kay leaned, baok in the seat, Morite made a clumsy attempt to kisa nor. but ho was easy, to evade. The high altitude and cOcktalla lu< had drunk didn't mix. Hpon ho slumped In the seat at her side. "Whorn'l* your hotel?" she asked. He murmured drpamlly. "Haven't got any. I live under tho stars. I'm all alone In the world. I'm an—* eaale." Kay leaned forward and gave an nddrects to tho driver. Then ahe ant back nnd, . waited until the taxi pulled up In front of her anartmont house. ' with the driver's aid she (rot Monte up one flight of stairs into her llttlo apartment. He lay on t,he couch In the living room. Round asleep. She put covers over him, watched hta face for a moment under the llghv. In r*T)oso h« WHH 11 Hip more than a handsome, nwftuhbuokllng boy. She turned out th« light then and tiptoed into the bedroom, locking the door behind her. . Kay halted. looking thoughtfully Into the mirror,' "It'rua against the world," she thought, "—and he's going to be working for Ted Graham," Ajmln she remembered the light In Tod Graham'* blue eyoa and won- drred when and where nho might tee =(By FREDERIC J. HASKIN)= htm n«xt. (Continued Tomorrow) Q. Who are Harvard's most distinguished graduates?— 13. H. W. A. In connection with the university's tercentenary celebration, the following names havo been chosen by a committee as representing Harvard's CO greatest graduates. Living alumni wore eliminated from consideration. Charlea Francia Adams, John 'Adams, Samuel Adams, John Qulncy Adams, Edward Everett, James Otis, George Bancroft, Richard Henry Dana, Lebaron HUB•ell lirlgga, William James, Charles Kllot Norton. Nathaniel 8. Shaler, William Htckllng Prescott, Jarod H parks, Alexander Agassis. Simon Newcomb, Theodore William Rich- arils, Thomas Jefferson Coolldge, Henry Lee Hlgglnson, Samuel Orjjl- ley Howe, Theodore . Parker, Olive?Wendell Holmes, Joseph Story, Henry Adams, Ralph Waldo Ether- non, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jamoa Russell Lowell, John Lothrop Motley, Francia Parkman, Henry David Thoreau, Heniy Hobaon Richardson, Joseph Hodges Choato, Joslah Qulncy, Phillips Brooks, William Ellen 1 Channlng, Edward Everett Hale, Increase Mather. George Pierce Baker. Perelval Lowell, Caleb Gush- Ing, Charlea William Eliot. James Jackson Btorrow, -George Friable Hoar, FrancU Davis Millet, George Herbert 'Palmer, James Bradatreet Oreenough, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Phllllns, Cotton Mather, John Bdmond Flake. Q. How many aorea are planted tn commercial truck oropvt—w". Mi A. In 1936, the acreage was 7,574,- ,, 000. This year it waa about 7,835,000. Q. Under what authority does tho federal government grade canned fruits and vegetables? — C. C., A. Uder the farm products inspection act. The law, makes this grading permissive, • not mandatory. Official certificates of grade are issued by official graders, Q. How high ia the center of^tho* big ten in Rlngltng Brothers Circus? C. E. H. A, Tho greatest height from tho ground, to the peak (at the center pole) la approximately 48 feet. This height decreases to 1G feet at the side walls. _ Q. What ia the record crowd for any sporting event in tho United States?— 1C. P. A. Tho Indianapolis. Speedway race on May 30, 1938, now holds the record with 166,000 paid admissions. Q. When was Major Bowes' Ama* » teur Hour first broadcast?— V. H. A. It had its Inception in April, 1934, over Station WHN. It was at that time an unsponsored program. Q. What proportion of the fresh* men in high aohooU and . colleges complete the course?— S? P. A. The office of education says that about half of them are graduated. ........... ' * , Q, What doen - the navy terra, spread-eagled, m«*Rt— T. B, F. A. A man was Mid to W spread- eagled when he waa loaned to tho rigging wit h u outstrelched arms and u loga l% noggin*.

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