The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 23
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•,<?,;«^pf*7 ' ", u* ! *t^^ i ff?l?; ; ^ ; ^^f«' • * , FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1930 . Sfsfifsfi •j •'-»•« ,>C J ,1 ^ S,,' ,•, . t Radios, Mutlcal ItfttrumBnta • snkn bungalow, ' cft . M ' ..^ohs like and action. Terms K! Induce Oil. torage Co., 2712 4" Fftr Sill—Furniture range »8i round dhv and chairs, $4i httahen is/ le, »LBO; bed fthd spring*, $3., ago Oft«t Seventh street, s NBW Seamless Axm. Rug, 9x12 $27.00 Knot Pine Breakfast Set 119.60 Walnut Bedroom Set, 3 pcs, $49.60 Double Deck Coll Springs $5.95 Large Top Foot Stools $1.00 L-lv. Rm. S6t, 2-po. VelbUr $65.60 USED Full Size Beds $1.50 to $4.76 Large Ivory Dresser $7.60 Mahogany Chiffonier $12.75 Large Top Liv. Rm. Set, 2-po. $16.95 100 Steel Cots HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100.18th, Corner 18th and N "'" ' Phone 841 62 p kAT-TOP, oiUporeelaln enamel *** rffi?? 6 ' wlth Insulated oven, clock, , light and regulator. Float sample, "ever used. A real buy at W.M. Davis Furniture Exchange, 210S Chester avenue. 48 ATTTHESB PRlCne ON HiOH- S QRADE USED FURNITURE: 3-pe. en. bedroom set, perfect $17.96 n-pc. solid mahog. bedroom set, $19,76 6-pc. solid mahogany dining set |2UB G-po, walnut dining room set $19,76 2-po. velour living room set $19.75 2-po. mohair living robni set $19.76 \9-po. Monterey dining set. perfect condition, cost new $109.50 $54,CO B-pe. twin .bedroom set, burled . walnut, cost new $S19.60 $49.60 8/-PO. walnut dining room set, very large sice, table has 4 leaves;, • cost new $2iio $79.60 Several fine living room sets in,,... perfect condition, cost up to $160,; special at $311.60 POPEt, FURNITURE BXOHANaB Ardltcl-Olcefte Bldg. 02S sumner St. Just west of Baker. Phone 1341. 62 . Poultry and Livestock SATUnDAY specials: fted fryers 60fl each. Also red hens, pullets and extra large Rock fryers. Finest on the market. Bradford's, 1106 Kern , street. Phone 3041-tt. BABY and started chicks. Reds, Rocks and Leghorns, day to two •weeks old. Only a few hundred more chicks for snlb this fall. Buy now, don't wait. RlverVlow Hatchery, old Fresno highway. 4D TUB Archibald Hatchery, Soquel, Calif. Through the fall and Winter months, hatching White Leghorns, Barred Rooks and Rhode Island Reds, weekly. Write for catalog, BO FOR SAL15—Good mule. 10 years old, work single or double. Sixth house west of Mount Vernon avenue on Potomac. FOR SALE—200 Rhode Island Red pullets, Missouri stock, 8 months Old, lb., 26o. .Sell all or part; also young sow With litter 11 ;plgs, 2 „ weeks old 66c; 9 feeder pigs, lie .pounds up, jjound Jlo on foot. i n . quire 020 .Jackson street, New .- Chicken Coop Cafe. . 49 ITOR BALE, »Rbbl(.n. Does, bucks and hutches. : ?ao Beech street. 49 EXTRA nice red 'fryers, alive or dressed, from clean, sanitary pens. Mrs. Koch, 1289 Cheater Place. Phones 4543-R, FOR SALE—Three young cows, two Jersey, ono Hoistein and Jersey; one'milking, others fresh very soon. Mrs. Cobb, two 'miles south, one- half mile west Old River cotton cln. Ti..' . .' • • ' - 49 ' SALE!—One Palomino high- scltooled saddle horse, getitlo. Apply Sunday, September 28, between 8 and 12 o'clock, at 410 Bell avenue, Rlvervlew. K. O. Pollard. 49 FOR SALK-~8tiddle horse, very gentle, about 900 -pounds; make good cow horse. Evilhs Grocery Store, Shady Acres Auto Camp. 49 DELICIOUS fryers. Retls, Bnttory milk fed. "ThSIr feet never touch the ground," Tender, juicy. Dressed, delivered, 121 MoCord. Phone 6667-j! __ 49 Dogs and Other Pet« KITTENS to be given awdy. call at 1926 Twenty.thlrd. Legal Notlcis NOTICE OF SCHOOL . DISTRICT KUECTION FOR iNcrtKASE OF . AUTHORIZED EXPENDITURES* Notice Is hereby given to the qualified electors of Ordena School £>!•- trlotj of Kern County, California, that, In Accordance with the provisions of the School Code of the State of California, an election will be held on tho 12th day of October, 193«, in the polling pinces named, ftt the hereinafter described ant) designated precincts In this School District between th« hours- of 2:00 and 7:00 (during Which period und between which hours the polls shall remain open) at which election the question whether the total authorized expenditures of the District shall be Increased from $10,677.00 to 113,000,00 for the school year 1820- 19S7 shall be submitted to tho qualified electors of said School District and voted upon. . Jt IB proposed to Increase the expenditures of the District during the school year by $2438.00: the total ,°r i the . p W,*«d .«xp«ndlWr ? tatr, ot, Includ ng tho proppMd for tiie sdhodl year is fli,. • For tho purpofcit of holdinir said eleo- tloti, »h* School District shall he and klO*tt>gX,«tabllsh«d.a's one Special Election Precinct, as herelnRfter nuni- heredj and 'the persons hereinafter named betyg competent and qualified ."'•"tors of said • Sohool District and of the Special Election Pr»olndt for Which they arc respectively Appointed, are hereby appointed officers of eiec- and tlo , n .'« l *5i hereinafter , .designated; s;M Offlcyrii of Bleotlon sTiMl oq SA|d • election and make riaturns thereof pursuant to law, atf follows! Sp«clai Election Pi>«o)net No. 1 •hall Include All the are* «mbrae«d In the Ordena School District. ^ * POLLING PLACE therein shall bs ,at the •ohoolhouiA. Officers of Bleotlon for said Special Election Preolnct; Inspector— C. J. Ryirh. Judftei— -Mr». Pearl Haentiter. ^Jurtfe— Mrs, IWJorle Suburu. ' Each qualified ilector of said . Or<Una Bohool Pjatrlot shall b« entitled tp VOU only In th* School District - 8pecl»PKI»otlon'pr*oInot of wftloh h« If a rwildjnt. '. IN W1TNKSS WHEREOF, we li»ve her»UntO *et OUF hand* this 16th flay of September, 1M6. . , H. W, BBERL18, . . ". C. OmsCHSTT, ber» of tht Ok»v«mlng Boant of DUitrtcC ofKirn Ddg* and Other Pata TH18 is National Dog Weak, Come fchd see all pedigreed Cocker Spaniels on sale this week. Blacks and . rtds, 4 months and 8 months. Just the age trained k for hunting. See Rus» -waters, i bibek east of Union . A»«nu» ht. PlUnto. - 49 to Buy.Miietllart««ut BESf prices paid tat bottles, hi**, Iroh and other junk. Phone mi ft* C :UB wagon, prompt service. 4»0 t NlneteetUh. 7.»»8««tf WANTED—old burlap and rags. Buy- Ing bottles and other junk. .Call 8170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Sumner street. 8-16-tf For Exchange, Miscellaneous WANTED to trade—Walworth piano In good condition, for milk cow. Call 410 Decatur Street, Olldalft, Both Sides Await Governor's Plan (Continued From rage One) told two pistol shots were fired. No one was liUrt. Two Tickets Arrested Two pickets were arrested yesterday on battery charges on complaint of a non-union worker that he had been beaten. Repressntatlves of Filipino field laborers met with union officials last night and agreed to join tho Strike if the State Federation of Labor will guarantee them support, Confer With Vandeleur Mickey Shevlln, president of the Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union, said he expected to tako up with Edward Vandoleur, secretary of the State Federation of Labor reports Chicago teamsters were handling cargoes of Salinas lettuce, although the produce has beon listed as "unfair" by the state federation. A. S. Dosp, financial sedretary of the union. «aid some dissension had been noticed among members, but this he attributed to "Vila ruhiora being circulated by the other side." GOVERNOR DEFENDS,HIGHWAY PATROLMEN SACRAMENTO, Sept. 25. (U. P.)— Governor Frank F. Merriam today came to tho defense of the California Highway Patrol In a prepared statement in which he Insisted the patrol operated within the law In the Salinas strike area and that officers conducted themselves In a "most considerate and humane manner.!' Referring to criticisms aimed at tho patrol, tho governor said: i "I cannot but feel that this criticism arises entirely from a misunderstanding of the law governing the patrol and a lack of knowledge respecting their activities. "Reports to me indicate this splendid organization has at all times operated under the law, and In a most considerate and humane manner. "Epithets, Insults, missiles 'and refusals to obey commands did not provoke them to retaliation' or the doing of any Illegal or harsh act." Purpose Pointed Out The governor pointed out that the primary purpose of tho patrol is enforcement of law on tho highways, but called attention to the motor vo- hiole oodo which.specifically authorizes officers to leave tho highway "when In the pursuit of any offender or suspected offender," and "to make arrests for crimes committed in their presence or upon the highway." "The throwing of rocks und other missiles through the windshields of trucks, the spraying of loads xvith gasoline or kerosene, turning over loaded trucks, beating and Injuring drivers, all on the highway, are, It sebms to me, full justification for th"a presence and Inlerforenco of the patrol, Merriam said. ». » City Plans for Pools Revealed (Cunttnucd From Page Thirteen) girls and young people, not even a movie," ho said. He explained the function of tho Kern County Reo- reation Commission headed by H. J. Hath and tho financing of tho project. Probation Theme Francis Hlller, representative of the National probation Officers' Association, who is making a state survey of adult probation and paroles, was introduced by Claude, Johnson, Kern County probation officer. Mr. Miller spoke briefly In commending work of Co-ordinating Councils, a movement which ho said has been adopted in tho east following a study of the success of such Organizations In California in diminishing juvenlUt delinquency and correlating efforts of welfare organisations. Stanley Abel, president of tho Taft-Co-ordlnatlng Counbll, waft introduced and exUhdod greetings from the AVoftt BldtJ group'. The meeting waii on* of the mosl representative yet hold by the l«jcal Co-ordinating Council, with representative from ths city and county governments, clubs, church grOUp*. P. T. A.S, welfare, offices, schools and character building organizations in attendance. , Giants Rate as Defensive ? earn, (Con Hit tied from Page Xincletn) to bolster hopes of subjecting him to any indignities. The screwball •OUthpttw beat the Washington Senator* twice in the 1633 series. Btlll memorable U his exploit of fanning Ruth, Gehrlg, Foxx, Simmons and Oronln in succession, In the 1934 all* •tar g»m« at the Polo grounds. Thfe OlanU have dona their bent against toughest opposition through' out the pennant drive. They have a better double piny combination and a Jraraef-WtUnt outfleld than the Yankees. They laok the «p4wd or th* fcJl-ftrottnd power of the American league champions. They have tyfttf RUchaw who Mem In «ff«otiv» »hap« tor the wries, but they have the key man,in dOpStudetit* flee Los Gatos Blast both legs broken and Internal in- Juris*. ' " ' ' Pete Buonooooral, Lot Gates, badly uuruoui' '; r Mlk« Pine, Log Gates, broken leg, broken olbow and fatirns. Jo'siph CumUle, San Jose, burns. ,fi. C. Terrell, Saratoga, cut face, severe, shook. B. A auard, San Jose, burns. *».w. A. Scogglns* San Jose, broken shoulder. > , 'B.'». Place, San Jose, outs ana burns. I* B, Swanger, san Jose, outs and burns. T. Hartman and Arthur BoJzer, addressed unlearned, both burned, out and bruised, Physicians sold Carlson, who was blown through a concrete floor, prob" ably would not survive. Terrific Force Chunks of concrete wore thrown as far as 160 yards by the blast, whl<sh blew out the B-lnch concrete first floor of the new building and a newly laid reinforced concrete second floor. Most of tho workmen were on a scaffolding at the building wall. Thd explosion collapsed the scaffolding and dumped the men to the basement. Timbers as large as 12 by 12 were thrown over a nearby three-story building, Striking an old tWo-story frame school building on tha other side so hard the roof caved In. There were no children in the old building. Why Children Escaped Observers pointed out tho fdrce of the explosion had boon directed northward. Had It. gone In the other direction the brunt' wouldyhavo been taken by tho school auditorium, where virtually all of tho pupils were gathered for an assembly. The spark which set off the gas apparently came from an electric ox- torislon cord taken into the basement by tho men who Went In to investigate the gas leak, Investigators said. . , 4 . » Spanish Rightists on Toledo March (Continued from Page One) between two groups bf ideas, "democracy and oppression." Coiinter-Offenslvo In tt sudden counter-offensive south from Bilbao, on the northern Spanish war front, government forces advanced close to Vltorla, an important highway Junction, according to reports in Mendaye, UYance. Capture of Vltorla would cut'tH'e hlghivay between San Sebastian and Burgos, which la important to tha Insurants for troop movements. The government said 10,000,000 cubic yards of water, l6t out of Alborclio river dam, went of Madrid, engulfed insurgent eiioninp- nieiitg on the Tnlavcru-Maqu'eila hlgluvny, the government announced, cutting advancing Kfts- cists off their b«$e. Men and anl- nmls died In the flood, tho Madrid defenders said. Quickly following up their advantage, government armlfts claimed to hava retaken Torrljos, on thd Mn- fjueda-Toledo road. Tholr commanders said the government columns now were menacing Maqueda, strategic highway junction 24 nillcs northwest ot Toledo and 45 miles southwest of Madrid. Rebels Contradict Insurgent advlcos from Talavera, however, stated Fascist columns still were betwoon Torrljos and Toledo, within sight of tho provincial capital where tho memorable siege or the Alcaear wore on. If government clalmn were trud, these attackera of Toledo wore out off by both m6n and flood waters. The Albferche torrents, the government stated, swept down past Sah Martin to flood the area south and west to TiUavera. swelling tlio TaguH river at that insurgent stronghold. A second government attack pro- cceSed southwest toward Maqueda froni Qulsmondo, on the Madrid road, while foro$8 west of Talavera drove ahetvd rronV Owpesa Into tho Fascist rear guard, - Insurgent Claims From tha insurgent nldo came announcements of tho capture of government war materials, and roporta of heavy government oasuMtlen in scattered engagements on the Ma- dueda-Toledo front. Strong reinforcements, the Fascists said, pushed forward out of Talavera. In the' north, government defenders of Bilbao refused to surrender under repeated threats of Insurgent bombardment. They said they were holding off a Fascist assault at Blgolbar, 26 miles away. A food shortage continued to be Bilbao's most proaelng problem. Retail Trade Gain Continues Briskly (Continued PromPag» Ont) tlnuod, aii did Increased demand for quality mProhandim) in particular Gains Over 1985 "Sectionally, nates followed employment and th* volumft of production closely. CJrcfiU'ist jraliiH over 1936 were generally to bo found in manufacturing ultleti of ihe cant north-central and on the Pacific coaei, in the graat plainn males no broad rcglonHl fn-gularlti' Wa* apparent, cities near purely grain- growing areas found recent trade approximated that in September, 183?, but foil below the higher rate* Of early summer month*. —• ' " »•* Landon Points to Wisconsin Tours (Continue! frotn Page Out) world. Prosperity Is good insurance against war. * "At a time like the t»r«#ent, when ecohomic , n»Uon*ll»m it rwnpunt we cannot afford to ^erap our Mo- nomlc «efen»e«. We can be a good neighbor without giving away th* latchkey to our door." fitigh School Army Plans Year With, the- largest enrollment ' its Inception, company m, of 'the California High School Cadets, la looklrta forward to An wlrtmely successful y«ari according to Commandant Percy BUSH, head of the loeal corps, Mor« than 80 student* are enrolled In the military course, wliioh teaches the fundamentals of military training, The officers for this year arei Qlenwood Griffith, captain of the company, and Robert Hamrnett, second lieutenant. A Vacancy exists In the first lieutenant position. The officers of the state staff of California Cadet* are: Colonel OMrtUd Griffith, Captain Gregg McKee, assistant chief of staff, and aide on the general's staff: and Captain Eugene McCoy, regimental supply officer, and assistant commandant in charge of rifle instruction. Tho roll call of Company F Includes: Elmer Ayer, Paul Boono, Billy Church, Bob Clanton, alenn Cole, Harlan Curiiow, Jack Doyle, Jack Ferdinand, Clement Heavrln, Vernon Fuglt, Melvin Griffith, David Heading, Bob Johnson, Jack Knapp, Bryant Laws, QaSton Loftln, Owen Lopee, Claude Nlelson, Bill Ogden, Clarence Sanders, Fred scharper- bej*g, Roderick Shelton, Kent Smith, Tom Stlllweil, Lowell Button, Wailace Bwanberg, Donald Sword, Jack Thompson, H. 8- Van Buren, Ben Walkfcr, and Bill Wotlring. All of these students are first-year military students, Plan Fine Program at Big Horse Show (Continued From, Page Thirteen) tlons are also being arranged for the three night program. Program Listed Tho complete horso dhow program IN ns follows: Clnss i—Hunters> or Jumpers, open, with wings, for $76 in cast* prizes. Class t —Handy hunter or Jumper, open, With wings, for $76 in cash prizes. Glaus threes-Triple bar jump, open, with wlnga, for $76 In cash prizes. Clans 4—Handy hunter or Jumper, open, no wings, $76 cash prizes. Class 6 — Flve-galnted saddle horses, open, $75 cash prizes. Class 8 — Five-galled Saddle horses, ladles to ride, open, $76 cosh prizes. Class 7—Combination five-galled saddle horses, open, $75 cash prizes. Class 8—Fine harness horse, single, open, $76 cash prices. Class 9—Shetland ponton In harness, single, open, $76 cash prltes. Class ID—Shetland ponies In harness, pairs, open, $76 cash prlisiJB. Class 1—-Shetland ponies In imr- ness, tandem, open, $76 cash prizes. Class 12—Hackney ponies In harness, singld, open, $75 cash prizes. Class IS—Hackney ponloa In harness, pairs, open, $76 cash prizes. Other Kvpiits Class fourteen—Hackney ponies In harness, tandem—open, $76 cosh prizes. Class fifteen—Western appointment class, $IB cash prizes, two ribbons. Class sixteen—Lightweight stock horses, $60 cash prizes. Class seventeen — Heavyweight stock homes, $60 cash prlzoa, Clous eighteen — Championship intake for stock horned—first pH»rt, $160 western saddle contributed by Bakersfleld Frontier .Days celebration, and $80 In cash prizes. Class nineteen—Lightweight polo ponies, $60 bash prises and ribbon. Class twenty—Heavyweight polo poniei, $80 cash prizes and ribbon. Class twenty-one—Grand championship for polo ponies, $45 cash prizes and three ribbons. Class twenty-two—Sale class. Class twenty-thre'fe—Park or roart hacks, Bngllsh equipment—open, trophy and three ribbons. Class twenty-four—Park or road hocks, western equipment—open, trophy and , three ribbons. Claw twenty-five — Children's mounts, western or English equipment, open—trophy and three ribbons, Class twenty-filx—Qct-away, open —$26 cash prlzfc and two rlbboni. Initial Campaign Strategy Revealed (Continued From Pott Otit) England, Detroit and New York with appfiHranoori also In Uochftntor, N. Y., Albany and poHnllily Buffalo, Cincinnati and Cleveland. The Now Bngtand speech will be dellvorfd either In Woreonier or Sprlnjrflcld, Mttiiu. Mo contemplates u trip Into Donton too. Th|« prelude to October bogim next Tue«day when he BOCK by apeo- lal train to Syracunc, N, Y., to npealt to th6 v state Uomocrntlc convention. He will motor first to Syracuse University and lay lti>« corner atone of tho hew modldal buiidlns. I^cavlnir Syracuse linmedirttoly after his address, Air, Hoo»ov(Slt,wlJl prdceetl to WanhliiBton to remain Wednesday, departing that night for West Virginia and Pittsburgh, PA,, where, OH the evening of Octdbor ], he delivers a, major speech. At Duvls-Klklns College in West Virginia he will Witnfess the corona(.ion of tho queen of tho annual Mountain State Forest Festival. Leaving arou/id 1 p. in. for Pittsburgh he htis Hchediiled brief appearances at arafton, FalrmdnX Morgantown nnd Conn«llsvllln, Pa, On October I Mr. Hoosevelt will appear In Jersey City to partlolpalo In the dedication of tho Jersey City MedlcAl Center, Hfl will go on to New York for luncheon and attend a world Borles game After the gai«e th6 president Will drive to Long Island City to participate In ground-breaking exercises for the Quoons-Mirttown tunnel. From there he will motor to Hyfl* Park for a day or two at his home. 1 " * • e SPEED COimRCTIOK ^n»» BLtJW, Sept. Z6. (U. P.K. published reports that the speed limit for automobiles in l**«en Volcanic National ParH Is 2fi miles art hour all wrong, according to B, P. LeavJtt, park superlaundent. The legal limit Is 3S miles per hour, «*> oept where safety demands a slower rate, Leavltt said; FINANCIAL LETTER J. A. HOflLH A COMPANY Members New ^erk Steok DealcrU in foreign excttange market in London were unable to cope with thd large number, of orders believed by thmri to be biised on expectations of the Trench gbv«rnment making a decision on* the French franc over the week end, The pound sterling closed yesterday at eORH ami today around eOSIW. Th» French Chamber of »opu- ties were called to meet next week. In well-informed quarters no credit WAS attached to rumors of franc devaluation over the w**k end but there are indications that the French cabinet Is looking toward tht eventual realignment of the frano with other currencies accompanied by measure* to protect th« victims of devaluation and to prevent profiteering. Belling characterised tho New York stock market and was attributed to nervousness over .the French situation. There were a multitude of opinions as to the effects of such a move out we see no reason why anyono Should bo In a. hurry to liquidate American equities. Tho effect, If any, will bo temporary and such effects w* feel ar« ovcremphflSUed at the present tlms. A close study Of the tape Indicated few large blocks of stock sold out. The bulk of the day's Inml- nesB totaling 1,R10,000 shares was In 100-share lots and this more than anything mined the tape to run three minutes late. A certain amount of caution is always necessary but policy dictates tha preservation of long positions, particularly for- the longer term. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Attafiiatoii Front Leaned NHW YORK, Sept. 2C.—U. S. bonds closed today: Treasurle* 4)4", 47-82, 118.88. 3Vis, 43-45, 108.17, 4x, 44»64, 114. !)%«, 40-43 June, 10S.4. BHs, 48-47, 10D.5. 8Hs, 41-48 March, 109.J. 3Ws, 44-46, 108,0. 3%s 4G-49, 10(1.26. 8s. 61 -GB, 104.2(1. , 55-80, 108.SO, , 45-47, 2Us, 48-51, 1'02,18. l, 61-54, JOL.1S. s 11(1, 101.1. Federal F«rm Mortgage 42-47, 102.26. s, 47. 104.6. , i4. 104.2S. Home owneri Lonn .Is, A52, 108.11. 2%s, 49, 101.2.1, s, 42-44, 101.24. FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Unitrd I'm* Leaned mrt) •NKW YOUK, Sept. 25.—Foreign exchange: Knfelfiml, pound, C.02%, off .02%. KcfuiKl 00-day bill rain, 6.02, off .02%. Canada, dollar, 1.00 1-61, off .00 6-84 France, franc. .OOBSti, off ,000 1-18, Italy, lira, .07S5V4, off .0002. UelRlum, belga, ,H)K~i, off .VOOOU, ' Germany, mark. .4016, off. 0001, . Hwttkerland, franc, .3JB2, off .0006. Holland, guilder, ,0762, off ,0011. Spain, pMQtii, urinated. Swdden, kronii, .{800, off .0002. Norway, krone, .S!B34, off .0012, Denmark, krone, .8262. Japan, yen, .2028, off .0022. »"'- •"" ' • i • U L A, CASH DRAIN (Ai»ociated Prcii Lenunt WireJ LOB ANOIOLIBS, Sopl. 16.—Current, local Brain quutatlonn wuro reported by tho l<>deral-RtatA Markol Ncwi Hsrvlce as follown: (Prluex quoted arc cvi-t., field run, In carloads only); Arflontlno corn, quick delivery, bulk $2.00O3.0C. California wheat, snekud. No. 1 soft or No. 1 hard white, $l.06«il.M^. California barley, nitoked, 44 Ibs. N'o. t bright western $l.62H«J-1.85; No. i, 48 lh»., $l,flB.fl)l.«7H. California mllo snckod, No. 2 yellow, $I.67H01.70. CHICAGO dRAlN I CHiCACiq, Sept. SB.—Oralns closed: Wheat: Hnplember, $U7ttfl»l.l7H; Corn: cember, 8tU«P6Ho.; May, „ patft: .Seplembcr, 44c; DbCv,..,^,, 4»Ue! Mo/'48^48HC, nye: September, 86 H«; December, 83c; May, Sic. narley) September, 8B%c; December, """ BAR SILVER (AtindlnltA t'rfni LftiktA litre; NEW YORK. 8«pt. 25.—Bar silver pltmdy and utiAhaiiKed at 44H. Cotton Worker Killed by Train (OoMHnutd from Pag« rhirtrtn) miles south of liakersfiald hut night and crashed Into a tr««, Mosler won trapped In the wrecked cab of tho truck, being extricated with difficulty by 1'nyne ft Hon anibttlnniie ni< tentlants. lie lu ut Mercy Hofpltal. An automobile carrying four LOS Angolan women overturned on OoldWi Slato hlghwiiy two ahd onf- half tnllen Hotitli of McKarlahil ftt 10 o'clock this morning. Injuring two. Mrs, Hunlo Uruhani, itS. who suffered laoerailons u( the lour, ami Mrs. \Vllllnnm, 70, who rpcolvwi a back injury, are being treated at Moroy Hospital. Mrs. Dora Noel, driver of tho automobile, and Mrs. J, I', Hampton, another passenger, escaped Injury, Tho ptutsenger cur, »wervlng to the right to avoid ft i-eaf-end collision with a truck, blew out a tire and turned over ut the roadside, H wan reported. ~— ~— -4'* » ......... Possible Franc, Devaluation Affects Stock Market Adversely Today (United Prem Acitucrt ll'fre; NKW \'OUK, Sept. 25,—Money troubles of Franco, Including possible franc devaluation or a gold embargo, hit the stock market today and jolted down .prices fractions to 2 or more points. There wero a few recoveries In late dealings, as offerings tended to dry up, but theso were not Im- prpsslvfe, Transfers approximated 1,500,000 shares. Losers wero scattered throughout most groups and Included United States Steol, Bethlehem, Chrysler. Sears Roebuck, Cttso, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison, United States Smelting, International Nickel Westlnghouee, Pu Pont, Allied Chemical, Santa Po, Now York Central, ixmw'n, Union Carbide and Baltimore & Ohio. With almost every corner of Wall Street btiKxing over tho apparently increasing severity of France's monetary problems, most observers wero said lo have been in a dilemma. On tho one hand, was the view that the recently swelling drain on French gold reserves had likely brouRht tho French currency to the brink of devaluation. POULTRY, BUTTER, EGOS (Vniled Prttt Lenitd Wire) IMS ANOBLK8, Sept, 2S.— Butter Kxlros, 37Hc, Prime firsts. 84 We. Standard*—94e. "• • " aatic. Large—Candied clean ex Iran, 37c. Candled llRrht dirty standards, 3flc. Candled light dirty cxtrns, 2!lc. Candled clonn stHndnrds, 28c. Candied aheokH, 29c. ModlumH—Candled clehn extra«, "80. Canfllad light dirty extras. 28o. CHiidlfsd clean utaiidnrds, !6c. Candled IlRht dirty standards, 24o, Cnndled chcokn, S4c, Hnmll—Candled clwm cxtran. IBo. i .'lulled light dirty oxtrnit, lie. Case pouiils, !8c. Poultry Prlcti lions, Lc-Bhornn, SU to 3>,i !!>»., l4c. liens, Lognorns, over 3t4 and up to 4 lhi«., IDc. Itcitli, Leghorns, ovor 4 HIM., 16c. HOIIM, colored, 3'.4 to 4 Hi»., 20c. H«n«, colornil, 4 thu. »l\d up, 83o. * Itrollern, over 1, up to 1% lb»., 20u. Hrtillers, over IV4 and up to SH Urn., 20u. Fryers, Leghorns, over 2>4 und up to 3 Ibs., U,c. Fryers, colored, 2V4 and up to 8H H>*., 17o. irryosB. colored, over 8VJ and tip to 4 lb»,, 18o. IloaKlofN, soft bone, T)nrred Itogkn, over 4 lb*. nntl up, 20o. * ItnaKters, soft l>ont>, other than Barred nprkii, ovor 4 Hie. and up, SOo. KtaB»*, ISo. Old rondtem. Do. Dncklln«i». 4H llis. and up, 14n. DuckllnRs, tinder 4^ lb»., I2e. Old dtirkR, lie. Oeese, 16c. Young torn turkeys, IS Ibs. and up to IS Ibs.. 18o. Vourig torn turkeyn, over 18 Ibs., IBo. Men turkeys, !> Ibs. fttid Up. 20c Old torn ttirkoyi), Ho. Old hen turkeys. Ho. Hriimbu, under II Ihs. por dozen, 24e. KijunbN, n Urn. per do/., inid up, 200. Capons, under 1 Ibs., 2flf.>. ChponH, 7 Urn. and up, 2Kc, Knblilt!., No. 1 white, 3H to 4U lb». each, 13<-, ItnbbllK, Nrt, I, mixed colors. SU 4U Ibs. enah, ita. , No. 1. old, Oe. f SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS «— . 4, (A»»r>flnlcd Prru I, rat fit SAN K1UNOI8CO, flont. SB. Block-. HlKh California racking ........ J8W Crown. 2ell. com. Vic ...... in Dl aior«lo Fruit pfd ....... 01 Cloldfii HtatB .............. flu MJIRIIIUOX Ltd ............ S Marchant Cal c«m ........ 20 )'. U. und 1C. com ........ HO l». O. and K. Op.- Int nfO. 81 J'lic. Ltg. com ............. (Wi J'ao. Lltf. $« Ulv pfd.,,. '.,107% Ity. Rijtilp. flpe pfd ........ do Bou. Pacific . .. ............ 43H Ho, I'tic. Ont.'Oute A ...... 4'-i Htandlird Oil Cullf ........ 30 Tidewater Oil com ......... tSfc Tran*am«rlca ,.,.,.,. ..... u^ Block Clone sgu 10 80 107% 90 4tH 4«4 36% TREASURY REPORT (Attntlatett pre»» hfnietl Wire) WAHHINQTON, ««pt. 85.—Th« po- sltlun of the treiiHUry od Heptem- ber 18; nncclpls, |iS,«94.flll.81; expendUures. 169.800.982.02; balance. (2,244,071.20; cuwttims receipts for the month. 126,«0«.087,8», H»o*l|tlM for the fiscal year («lno« July l>, J1,OR2,S6M36.9I; expondltureN. |LC48,007,alt3B, Including 1641,866,816,66 of cmDrRency expeixlltureiii «x- cem. uf »mpr.|i<lltur«i«, f4R5.6ei.7U.4ti *ru«M d«b|. ne.80M«7J44.10 < n,, In- crensa of >8S7,BI!«.78 over th* previous day; old uMH«tn, »10,7SO,J«7.lSli,65. LOS ANOELES LIVESTOCK (tfnfttd Preit l.futril \Vire) LOS ANCIIOLKH, Sept. 2B.~llogii~ ISO, stead)'! Krius feds llo.Si.WH.2i, locntx, *10.«OQ10.50. Cutle, J50, (juallty plain. et«»dy; fnw (it»ers $B.7liC«.25; ttrn.** Uelf«rs K>-7f> down; mock heifers ICi.&OftC. cow« $4.5««fi.liO; cuttor Kra<IeN I8.75 4.76; culvt-K $10.50. Mteady; medium Arlsona calvpn |t.i£, Hhoep 100, holdovem 419; no sales. INTENTIONS TO WED METALS MARKET t'rttt Lcnitil NEW Y01UC 8«pt, ZS.—<.:opper ? ulet; «iectromle spot and future, si.7B; export, H.MWes.flO. Tin steady; spot antf nearb/, ll6.we-46.65; future, I46.80»4i.81). l^ad utehdy; »|iot Xew York, »4.«o«4.M; Bast st. Louis. 14.46. Klnc dull: Ka*t St. Louts *pot ana future. |<.I5. Iran, aluminum, antimony, quiukMlvitr. platinum and wolframite (Annoftnted Prt»» Ltaittl Wire) YORK. Sept, 2fi,~ R«llro»ds Slock— Close Atchlson 70H Baltimore & Ohio S4',t Chesapeake & Ohio 67'i Krla nallrond l«*» Oreat Northern pfd 40 Illinois Central »6V4 Missouri Pacific 1% New York central 44% Northern Pacific 2BH Pennsylvania 38% Southern Pacific 48^4 Union Paclflo 1354 Industrials American Can 124 American Tel. & Tel 173% Caterpillar Tractor .............. 78 Cities Service .................... < Columbia Gas ... ................. 19^4 Cohftolldatrd Qas ......,.,., ...... 41% Corn Products .................. 6i)u CurtloR- NVrlglu .................. fii* First National Stores ............. 48% Fox Film "A" ......... ........... anu Oeneral Electric ................. 44% General Foods ........ ...... , ..... 39 OoM Dust ........................ J3U Uoodyear Tiro ft Hubber. . ....... 23% International Harvester ......... 81 International Tel. & Tel .......... 11^ Johns-Maiivtllo .................. 116 Montgomery Ward ............... 49 North American ................. Si Pacific Has Mleotrlf. ............. 86U Radio Corporation ............... in% Safeway Stores ..... ....... . . sou Bears-noebuck ................. R6'4 U. S. ttubber ................... ' 3JV Union Csrhtdfl «t Carbon ......... fl«U T'nlled Aircraft ................ 24*1 Warner Brother* ................ js WeHtnrn Union ................ sfiH V eRtlnghouso Bleolrle ........... 13914 AVoolworth ....... . ........... r>.i«4 J. C. Penney .................... '. ji u Transamerloa .................... 13 1| Motsli American Smelting ......... , . 7914 Anaconda ................ so Hethlehem Steel ............. '''' ai International Nickel Kenneeott Copper nepubllc Steel U. 8. Steel Vanadium Stool Tobscoo snd 8uo«r American Sugar ............. American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco "B", .... , Cuban American Sugar ........ ft«i B8*4 45 231,4 70 B4 88 W Oreat Western Sugar """ It. J. Reynolds Oil* 6« Atlantic, Refining consolidated .............. . i Mexican Seaboard ............... si 14 Phillips Petroleum ............. 41$ Shell Union ............ Jj * Standard of California .....'.,.'", SB« Standard of Now Jersey .......... 61 Sneony Vacuum ............... isu Texas Company ...... ' 3714 Tidewater Ass'n (now) ....... '.','.'.'. ISU Matori Auburn Motor* ............. sot Ohrynler ..... Oeneral Motors '. 6SH Hudnon ' ' " ,-.j Packard Motors ..' 11 Studebaker '...'.'.'.','.'.'" < '>•> Tlmkon Holler Bearing. ......... Kqulpmanti American Car Foundry American Locomotive ...'.'...!'.!! Unhlwlii lAicomotlvo gii ileneral Tank "' r.o Stewart Warner ' Too Mucli Pressure Market Down as Many '"< Start to Sell {Aiinniated Pre»» Lenied Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25.— Traders' morale wilted today under the strain of several day's of failure to push prices higher In active trad- Ing, and the market stumped as nimble operators sold out* 01 Giorgio 6s slipped 3 points and' others off 1 to 2 on the stock exchange were Byron Jackson, California Cotton. General Motors, Southern Pacific and Occidental Insurance. Among the few thin gains. Telephone Investment rose % point to make a new high at 48H, Trans- ntnorlea firmed for a time, but returned to 131,4, where It finished yesterday. LOS ANGELES STOCKS M«««flfltri» Preti Lasted Wire) LOS ANOISLRS. Sept. 25.—Stocks quiet on the Los Angeles Stock xcmnRo today, with oils showing Nllglit activity. Lincoln Pete, a new stork on tho board, was the mOBt active and hit n high of .60. Turnover wn« 20.000 shut-em, with 20 Issues down, H unchanged and 6 up. Slock— , High Last Ttroadwny Dent pM 108H 102H Cluudp N«on Illectrlo 10H 10»»i Consolldntcd Oil IStj 18% Conso^dnted Steel 8H 8«n Kxeter Oil A 67ii 571,, clK>n«rnl Motors 59 59 ] lanooek Oil A 2214 28H» Holly Development 41 .41 Klnner Aircraft ....41 .41 Lincoln Veto (new). 60 67H L. A. thduDtrta* 4H 4U L. A, O. & K. 5% pfd. 10fl% 10SH Meniwoo Mfsr 4% 4»d Pacific Finance 27 H Z7H" Rppulilla Petroleum 8% S^t Security First Natt... 5l'4 gi»J So. Calif. Kdlson 31 31 Southern Pacific 43 41U Standard Oil of Calif 36 3« Taylor Milling Jl 31 Trnnsamerlcu \Z% Union OH of Calif 22^£ Universal Cong. Oil 13H IS Wellington Oil s>4 Sfc" Mining Stocks Calumet OoM 03 .03 Cardinal Gold 1.10 1,05 \ Imnerlftl Development .01H Tom Heed ,.42 .42 S, F. LIVESTOCK *- litated ^\'^r«) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO,- Sept 26, --"jws: 100; load 208 lb. average liu.OB. sorted 14 head medium avor- agos 178 lb, jlo to moMttv $10 40 nun- table lop around 110.75;'half-load 280 i..*!?.*'",* 7 - 7 . 6 ! l'*H-load 1.12 lb NV- i, u b two lo a«>« lb. iiviM-iiKi-n $il.«f».(iO Cattloi 1JR. liulf-loRd good 800 lb, »er» from local food lot $8, with 4 Pn£. , l i* nt *hrlnk: pmdciiKe common 1085 lb. graSH steerit $6.»0; b«i»t Kms« n«lfern quoted up to $« for ullirhtly above; oows quoted inostly $5.25 down, low cutters modtiy $3.!B^4; odd bull» up Ip $6.25. Lnle Thursday: Two loads medium warhied-up 1060 lb «teor» $7, Kloady. Crilv*«: $10. Good choice vcal- ors iiuotrd around $0«9.BO. Hhoep: 1100; part-deck good 78 )b. r-al fornlft woolod inmbs $lt,7B; two dunks pood 77-7J IU. wooled Oregon lainlm 18.78, sorted 15 per cent: two d*nk* Rood 111 lb. Hliort-wooled OWB n.n straight, Liitn Thurnddy: Lonir L A, PRODUCE MARKET M^oi'lrtf^it Pro* Leaned Wire I LOS A NT, ELKS, Sept. 25.— Cabbage: Local Cannonball "Softf], poorer 50« COp crntp. Clraputt: San Joaquln valley Muscats 2U«'2V4o, special marks 2H@-1Ci. poorer lVi|2e lb.. »«e(Uei?s lUWlHc; red Malaga* IHffte; Hlbl*r». S*rvlttn- Blues and FVomio Beauty l»4«j>Sc: Lodl Tokays 2»4«»2Vic; local Muscats 2W<02Hc, Isabellas 3<f?3\ic Ih., Mala- Kun and CornlehonH 30ff33c Hie; Zln- fandeln >20.00t/22.50, ICsccmdldo wtne Muncats )25.00 (on. Dulling: .street Ntil«H local Spanish riOffSSo; whlto Globes {1.0091.10 per CO-lh. sack, fi6®70c lug. r«arn: Lnku county Bartl«tts 4c lb., Placervllle Hartl<-tt» 3V4if. Antclop« valley, 6x8s 3'/i®3He, 5x7» Jc, small 2H4f2%c: Glenn county Bart- Icttx 3»nc: Bmall Tohachapl Bartletts 2Uo; Carmcl valley Clnlrgo.iun 3O2%c. itnmll Santa Clam, county Clalr|r* l^c, Uoso. IVlc. Hardy l®lUc, Wla- tor Nells 2 , in urndy: onir- medium Rood B8-70 lb. medium pelt IniiiDH $s.|!o, nortnd IB par cent. COTTON FUTURES (A world led Prem heated Wire) NKW YOIIK, Sttpt. S3,—cotton won lower today. There w»a cnntlnued hedging and lUiutdntlon, combined with mom or ICHS continental Helling aurlliuliM u> uncertainty over the French monetary situation »nd weak"*/? "L 'i 1 * * rttltl market, December sold off from to 11,78 with tho mid-afternoon market Knowing not IOMHM of about 8 lo S point* Futures closed barely steady. 3 higher to 8 lower. October 11.87»1I,S8; December 11.7S W11 ;*? ! .J*" UI » r y H-7»«n.7»: March -'- ".76; May 11.70^11.72; July 8pot steady; middling 13.27. FUNERALS THE WEATHER S.nn Joaquln valley: Fair tonight snd Saturday; continued warm: northwpRt winds. Ban Kranelseo bay region: l-*alr and mild tonlicht and Saturday but fog tonight; cooler Saturday; inod- «rate west winds. Nortbi'rn Cftllfortila: Fair tonight and Snlurdny but t»K on coast: high temperature In interior: moderate northwtHt winds off coast. Sierra Nevada: Kalr tonight and Saturday; little change in temper- uture; gcntlo to moderate winds, moatly northerly ovor high range*. Sacramento valley; Fair and continued warm tonight and Saturday; nouthorty wlni'.u. .Santa Clam valley: and niuderatoly warm tonight and Saturday; local foe in early morning; north went wlndn. Stillniis valley. Fair ana mild tonight and Saturday: morning fog In lower valley; northwest winds. Houthern California: fair tonight and Saturday but morning fog or clouds near coast; no change in temperature; moderate northwest winds off coast. STBVKNB—Last rllos for Lewis j Mutliew Htuv,uis, R5, of Panama. I X'«rS conducted by the Reverend i Wit lam B. Patrick at niuklngrr- ' Dlgl^r chapel at 10 o'clock this ! morning. Ini«rment fuliowud ut i • Union ctim«U'ry. ; ST. MAHY—Funeral service* for Mm. i Cnarlotte St. Mary. 7». of Wnooler i Illdgo, wero conducted at Htiyrie & ! Son cha0«l at 3 o'clock y««terdu.y i f/ternoon, with tlie Hxverend Mr i Kueffnfer offlr UtliiH. lii(«rm«iu WM i In U»k8i«flpid stcntorlal Park. i WNSTKIl-runeral ocrvlces for .Mm. ! SuMana Kluiitvr, S», of Follow*, i were conducted this afternoon ul ! rilcklng«r-I)lgler chapoi. BurUl was S In Uhlon cemetery. Mrs. Flrtnter Woa i the wlfu of John P. Flneter of Fellows. __ i WAUNBR — Funeral service* for! Cliarlsn Wagner, 70, bulldltig eon- ! tractor and long time reuldeut of - U»k*r*f|»l(l who died Buddonly TU«B- ; day morning at hlk Ba«t Nlltt «tr««t > home ware conducted yesterday aft-' srnoon »t Uopion clmneL with the Heveretid Mr. Col« offlclallng. Inter- i m«nt wa» In Union cemetery, Mr. i JV»|tner 1« nurvivad by a »om Cwl i Wttgner. of t^nv<ir. Colo. Union Cemetery FURNI6HB8 MONUMENTS. OHAVt MAHKKRB FUOWER CONTAINERS . lew IB kteplnt with i«i Offlt* it Oinittry. TlIiaktM «IT Intelligent Investment Policy t/7 N nucliigent investment policy dcuundi * periodic checking of securities in view of changing economic condition;. The facilities of our*t»- tistica! department are available without cott or obligation. J, A. HOGLE 6c CO, MlUlLU Mir rout rrocx • <W tllur h»O*t • KOS SaventMnth Street Phone M40 OFFICES BcvutT HllU ' ,?>' ''*';'.'. . '• iwjf'S4v;ij*j- '*-''>•,' ' ' , ' -fe:: r ^:,','.

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