The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 10, 1971 · Page 62
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 62

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1971
Page 62
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50 Livestock & Supplies -T -ilo^i TO' 5 year old native Angus cowS. now calving. 2 purebred Angus bulls. Hutchinson, 465-71B4. "100 ANGUS Cows, choice, good age, pregnancy tested. Jim Frttiler, Ness City Ares Code 913-798-2812. HOLSTEIN SPRINGER" heifers': AlsoTt foot self feeder. Marshall Oyler, Norwich, Kansas, 47S-234& SHETLAND Mare, gentle with kids. t1S.0O. 2-4451 before 2 p.m.) after 2, 1312 Plaza Way, REglSTERED Black Poland" China serviceable boar* from champion sire. Earl Webber, Arlington, (Sl») 459-4353, 53 Business Opportunity 5 BAY SERVICE STATION for leaso. One bay has John Beam front-end machine that goes with building. Inventory and equipment for sale. Offers complete automotive service. In good downtown location. 662-7910 days, 445-5405 after 6. TJkU6 STO&£ FOR' SALE - small town, Central Kansas, nice prescription volume. Store established In IMS. Will work part time If desired. Health reasons. Write Hutchinson News Box 480. NATIONALLY Accredited, 'SPF 'purebred, Duroc boars and gilts. V. G. Koons, (913) 227-2670 Llndsborg "REGlstBRgBAngus 'Bulls, Bar* Farms, Karl Querfeld, Nlckerson, 422-3382 FOR SALE — 13 — 650 lb. Holsteln steers, good quality. 585-6655 Inman, FOR SALE 300 pounds milk base. Lee Hudson, Sylvia, Kansas. Hogmen and Guessers! Come In and guess how many lbs. 7 Runt Pigs will gain in 30 days (Oct. 5 to Nov. 5) while eating Pig Slick! Closest guess wins 60 lbs. Pig Slick! Midwest Feed Co. 14 West Ave. B MO 5-8041 New Structural Pipe Vz in. through 2 in. Structural Steel and Pipe Excellent for Gates, Panels, etc. WE BUY SCRAP Trade your scrap Iron and metal for something you can use. Midwest Iron & Metal Co., Inc. 700 S. Main (SB Comer) Dial 2-0551 51 Poultry & Supplies YEAR OL6' California White and Pro- ductlon Red laying hen*. Amos Borntrager, 1 »4 Bast of Yoder. COLORADO BUSINESS ' Small specialized automotive business. Well established owner wishes to retire. Ideal climate near ski end hunting areas, Write Hutchinson News Box 481. Three ACRE^Plg Farm 4 miteTsoutli of Turon Kansas with 5 room home and 10 Farrowing pens, new well system all ready to go. Fontron - Fee, Realtors, 2-2381 "NiNE-UNIT Apartment complex, fully furnished, newly redecorated. Full occupancy. Located In Great Bend. Write Hutchinson News Box 479, FLORIST SHOP, living quarters, central Kansas, doing $25,000 yearly. Building and all only $30,000. KASHFINDER Wichita, Ks. RESTAURANT IN good town near Wichita doing $72,000 yearly. Seats 105, $18,500 plus Inventory. Kashflnder WIchr fa, Ks. 53 Business Opportunity^ SACRIFICE Three unit apartment. 12 room, three baths, furnace. Occupied. $15,000 Write Hutchinson News Box 95Z. 75 Apartments, Furnished MOTEL, 17 units, restaurant and grocery In northern Kansas county seat. Priced to sell. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. LUXURY STUDIO rooms for rent by week. Color TV's, private file bath with shower. Call Camelot Inn, 3-6175. 7 FrASt 14th, CLEAN, 2 bedrooms, air conditioned, all bills paid except electrical, no pets. Adults only, MO 2-3449. MOTEL, 30 units In central Kansas college city with room to expand. Only $75,000, terms. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks, GROCERY STORE and trailer home In Kansas town of 7500. Everything goes for $18,000. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. 2 BEDROOM Mobile Home, $90. Close- in. One bedroom duplex, on Dixie St. $60. Cal Carlthers, 2-3179, 3-5183 VARIETY 1 STORE doing $55,000 yearly. Only one In good town near Wichita. Only $36,000. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. NlCE—CLEAN 3 room efficiency. Bills paid, close-in, $50. College or working girl. MO 2-2235. 'COIN LAUNDRY In central Kansas town of 12,000 doing over $13,500 yearly. Only $16,500. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. SUPER MARKET, Central Kansas doing $200,000 yearly with locker plant and restaurant rented out. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. RESTAURANT DOING $185 ;600 ~yearTy: City of 15,000 in western Kansas. Owner retiring. A real buy. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. WE DARE YOU To check us out at our expense. Opportunity for man or woman. Full or part time. International manufacturer presently selling Its product to U. S. Government, States, counties, cities and Industrial accounts, and consumer outlets. Because of world wide acceptance, a tremendous retail demand has been created by ads In LIFE end other national magazines. Company 1o grant distributorships for retail market. Accounts established by home office. Investment of $3850 to $7700 secured with refundable option. NO VENDING, NO SELLING. For personal Interview and demonstration write All - Crete Manufacturing, 1220 Fortna Ave., Woodland, California 95695. Please Include phone number. TRAILER PARK, city In southeast Missouri. 44 acres, 20 completed spaces, 10 mobile homes. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. STEAK HOUsS In western Kansas county seat doing $140,000 yearly with good net. Contact Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. LAUNDRY (complete service) end dry cleaning plant In large Colorado city doing $175,000 yearly. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. IMPLEMENT 1 AGENCY doing $600,000 yearly In Kansas county seat town of 4,000. Liberal terms. Kashflnder Wichita, Ks. HARDWARE end builders supply 1 and toys, doing over $125X100 yearly. City In Oklahoma. Terms. Kashflnder, Wichita, Ks. MOTEL, io units averaging over $13,000 yearly In central Kansas' town of 2,000. $65 ,000. KASHFINDER Wichita, Ks. GROCERY, MARkET" and home In northeast Kansas doing $62,000 yearly. Bldg. and all, $19,850. Kashflnder Wlchl- ta, Ks. FOR SALe—Dry cleaning shop. Reason for selling, health. Call Harold Jenkins, Realtor, Stafford 67578, phono 316 234-5510 ABOUT REAL ESTATE 'WrtrttmhMmV' ^ Do „ G< CampM , Low-Income Families Can Buy House on FHA 235 Weren't it always thus ~-we invariably want the very thing that is the most unattainable. It's the old Btory of the chlM with his nose pressed against the window of the toy store while he rattles two lone pennies together in his pocket, DEAR MR. CAMPBELL: I have a gripe as well as a problem. How can a low income family buy or build a house without a down payment? My husband is a city policeman and makes $5,800 a year. We have three children and pay $90 a month rent plus utilities. How can you have a savings account when you live from check to check? Just because we rent doesn't mean we can't make a house payment. As a matter of fact, house payments are usually lower than rent I know (hat we would have taxes and insurance extra, plus the up-keep, but we are paying that to our landlord anyway. Most real estate deals require at least 10 per cent down. I don't care for the FHA 235 homes. They are too small. I understand you have to have a down payment with it, too. Mrs. M.T. ANSWER: Well, you've got a problem, all right and, in my youth, my mother used to refer to it in my own case as a "champagne appetite and a beer pocket book." Believe me when I say tha I am NOT being unsympathetic —having gone this route, myself, once—but I am afraid that you are being a little unrealistic in your aspirations. The "no down payment'' home, unfortunately, is pretty much of a historic curiosity these days —even FHA requires a 3 per cent down payment. Frankly, I am a little baffled . bv your attitude toward the FHA 235 houses — those houses made available on highly, preferential terms to low-income families through the govern merit's subsidization. The feeling seems to exist, widely, as this letter illustrates, that FHA 235'houses are, in some way, built "specially" for the program and are, therefore, small and more shabbily built than conventional houses. This, isn't the case, at all — the $19,000 home financed under FHA 235 • is exactly the same house that you would spend $19,000 acquiring if you were financing it conventionally. The, maximum amount that can be spent on a house fl nanced under FHA 235 will vary, both in terms of the size of the house and geographically. In an area, that is, where housing costs are unusually high, then a higher maximum is permissible for an FHA 235 home. In my particular part of the country, for instance, the FHA permits a low ,- income family to spend up to $19,500 I for a four - bedroom home under 235, and this probably pretty close to the national aver|age. There is, of course, a down payment of $100 required as | well as closing costs of another $100 — a maximum of $200, in all. And even on this family's limited budget it should be possible to come up with $200. My frank advice here would be to lower your sights a little, buy an FHA 235 house, concentrate on establisliing a sound equity in it and then — in a few years — upgrade yourself to a house more to your tastes Another alternative: shop around for a would-be seller who is willing to sell his home on contract — on a flat monthly payment basis. The only difference between this and buy ling a home conventionally is 'that the seller retains control of his property and, in the event the buyer defaults, he can be evicted with no more red tape than is involved in bouncing a renter. Normally little, if any, down payment is required in a contract sale. • * * DEAR MR. CAMPBELL: I have a problem I hope you can help me with. My next door neighbors have a very undesirable tree in their yard. The tree is a Chinese Elm, 60-70 feet tall, and about 2% feet in diameter. It sits about 3 feet from our property line. This tree hangs half over my house and its leaves and branches fall all summer, clog my gutters, and many of the elm leaf beetles get into our house staining the drapes and lamp shades. We have asked the owners several times to trim and spray the tree, to no avail. Also, in a storm, this tree could blow down on my house. The tree has no useful purpose, not even for shade. We've tried to get tliis problem solved in a friendly manner, but have given up. What legal procedure could I use? What are my rights? Mrs. T.Y. ANSWER: Quite obviously, friendliness is getting you no place here. Without saying another word about it to your neighbors, you should retain a lawyer whose first course of action, undoubtedly, to write them a letter spelling out, in unmistakable detail, their legal liability in regard to the tree. In nine cases out of ten this does the trick. If stronger legal action is required, then your lawyer will certainly know how to proceed. * * * Mr. Campbell Welcomes your letters arid comments. Unfortunately, he is unable .to enter Into personal correspondence but will attempt to answer as many letters as possible through his column. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1971) NEW INCOME POTENTIAL We need a distributor for our company from this area. If you are complacent, always tired and satisfied v/lth your present earnings we don't want youl BUT If you are aggressive, energetic and eager to do better YOU might be our new distributor. We have a new Idea In the field of vending. This does require a deposit of $995.00. Write for a personal interview stating your name — address — telephone number to: Inter-National Distributing 50 South 9th East, Dept. 985 Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 Business For Sale Local distributorship of exclusive product available. High cash flow, should not over $40,000 next year. Small down payment for qualified buyer. Write Hutchinson News Box 484. Please Include phona number. DEALERSHIP EARN UP TO $600 per month, 6-1: hours per week, no selling or soliciting established accounts, $285 cash required Write Hutchinson News Box 483. Rentals a 71 Rooms for Rent ""SASEMENT ROOM ^"kitchenette, shower, linens furnished. Bills paid. Man Only. 206 West 19th, MO 5-6033. BEDROOM, Va bath. Kitchen & laundry privileges. Refrigerator available, MO 5-7391. "STEEPING Rooms, with semi-private and private baths. Rosemont, 105 East A. ROOM For rent, private entrance, men only. 319 East 3rd. SEE Before 10 or after 6, 421 East A MO 5-7706. 74 Houses Furnished MOBILE HOME, furnished. 1 acre of ground—% mile east of Buhler-Haven road on East 4th St. MO 2-1610. 77 Houses, Unfurnished FIVE ROOM efficiency, Targe lifRW, deposit. Adults. S-8700 or 5-5691. LARGB 2 bedroom mobile home, at- tractlve, carpeted, clean, no pet. MO 2-4642. ~2 BEDROOMS, $65. 2 ROOMS $53 plus electricity, 801 North Monroe, MO 2-8207. CLEAN one bedroom, air conditioned, garage. Adults, no pots. Phone 2-4679. ESrTGE 2 BEDROOM apartment, ladles preferred, utilities paid MO 2-9222. DUPTEX 2 Bedrooms, bflls paid, 900 South Lorraine, 675 month, 2-9928. ONE BEDROOM apartment private, carport, utilities paid. MO 2-4642. LARGE "3 R~65M1, Ground floor, prl vate $55, Bills paid. MO 5-8313 3 ROOM efficiency, Bflls paid, No pets Phone MO 3-4325. 77 Houses, Unfurnished 1511 PLEASANT This neat gray cottage offers two large bedrooms, family size kitchen, laundry room, double garage and a good storage building; own well and enclosed yard and Is available now, either furnished or unfurnished at $no a month on a year's lease. Deposit and reierence are required. Toe see call 662-0631. 115 EAST 12TH AVENUE This Is a spacious family home, well located, with 3 bedrooms, full basement, extra large kitchen with breakfast alcove overlooking a fenced back yard, and Is offered at $140. a month on a year's lease. References and deposit are re quired. To Inspect, call 662-0631 115 East 12th This is a spacious family home, very well located for schools and shopping. There are three very large bedrooms on 2nd floor, full basement, family size kitchen with breakfast alcove overlooking the fenced back garden and the small ga rage on the alley would double as a workshop. Owner, living out of the city will sell on a contract at $12,000 or will rent with option to buy at $125.00 a month. Call today. CENTRAL RENTAL SERVICE 662 0631 Joyce Roberson 662 4688 Sally Walraven 665 6362 Mildred Richard 665 5175 MODERN 2 bedroom house. East side. Ideal for couple. MO 3-9365. 3 or 4 BEDROOM, carpeted, partly furnished. References. MO 2-4343. FIVE ROOM modern country home on blacktop. Call 2-6551. 3 BlBROOMS", 214 West 12th, $65. References. MO 2-7365. 2 Bedrooms, 1524 East 5th $50.00. MO- 2-7365. 78 Apts., Unfurnished NOW RENTING All new Gold Medallion CEDARCREST Apartments Furnished or Unfurnished 908 East 17th TUCKER AGENCY, INC. 1329 East 4th MO 2-3388 MO 2-8805 LOVELY TWO bedroom, kitchen, bath, dining room and large living room. Full basement. Garage and fenced back yard. Three blocks from shopping center or downtown. Available October 15th, after 6 p.m. call Lyons, Kansas 257-5176. LARGE Duplex apartment, with double garage, woodburnlng fireplace, two bedrooms, two baths, beautiful brick, electric kitchen, the finest of everything, $275 per month, a year's lease. Phone Warren Schmltt, 3-1111. THREE LARGE rooms antTbath, veni- tlan blinds and drapes, closets, bullt-ins, parking. $50. 703 East A, MO 2-6726. Elderly Lady, Close-in Phone 663-9602 DUPLEX, 2 bedroom, redecorated. Corner 1000 East Sherman. FIREPROOF—SOUNDPROOF Garden Grove Apts. Balconies & Carports 901 EAST 31ST AVENUE Open 1:00 p.m. to 5:p.m. MO 3-6532 "The Villager" 12th 8. Severance 662-7643 80 Business Bldgs. forllent A & LORRAINE — Large building with 2 adlolnlng apartments. MO 3-4623 for appointment. — FOR~RE NTT'S) x 60 concrete block building, east 4th, commercial location. 662-8967. 90 Homes TWO BEDROOM, large carpeted llv- Ingroom, basement, air conditioned. 5 per cent down under HOAP plan or assume FHA loan -410 West 23rd. Phone for appointment, MO 3-9720. Older three bedroom home In South Hutchinson, on V* city block. New roof and paint. Low taxes. Priced under $7,000. Call 2-4401 PERRY LUMBER, Evenings 2-4264. 1909 WESBROOK CIRCLE — Brick 3 bedroom, single garage, full basement. Equity—Assume 6 per cent loan. William H. Webb, 118 East 8th. MO 3-4115. MOVED FROM CITY — Hutchinson home for sale. 3 bedrooms, full basement, assume 6V4 per cent loan. Call 663-3293 or 662-7171. 91 Mobile Homes & Service The Hutchinson News Sunday, Oct. 10, 1971 Page 34 IF YOU NEED A MOBILE HOME PORCH OR STEPS, COME SEE US! PRICES FROM $12.95 & UP CAN BUILD TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS E & K MFG. CO. NICKERSON, KS. 422-5161 92 Lots & Tracti 42 HALSEY DRIVE, nice, 2 bedrooms, garage, utility, storm shelter. Assume loan $73.10. Low equity, 722-1132, Wichita, FOR SALE or Rent 5 room modern House In Sylvia 662-3660 Hutchinson. 5 ROOM HbUSE In Partridge. Assume Loan. Call MO 3-3179. Mobile Homes TRACTS - ~ 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts on good rolling grassland — choice homesites, 5 miles north of Hutchinson. Can be bought on contract. Unimproved 8 acres, Va mile south of Obee. Priced to soil. 235 Acres pasture and plow land. Will sell any part or all. HILL REAL ESTATE 8. AUCTION Hutchinson, Route 3 PHONE 543-2269 91 Mobile Homes & Service '10 x 50 NEW MOON, 2 bedroom, Well cared for, like new condition, central air. $2250.00. Call to see, 543-2269, Hill Real Estate 8, Auction. 1962 KIT, 10x55, 220 wiring, 2 carpeted bedrooms. Call 538-3172 or Box 322 Arlington. — FOR - RENTi Trailer spaces. Phone 662-8019 or 665-5002. 81 Offices for Rent AVAILABLE how. ideal office space, Ample off - street parking ad|acent. Sawyer Center Building. 109 West 5th. Call Gene Sawyer MO 2-3071 for details. A COUPLE of nice two bedroom homes In Careyvllle, one block to grade school. 417 CHARLES — Carpeted living room, garage. 502 CHARLES — Large recreation room that could be used as a third bedroom. Both of these homes are very clean and available for occupancy. Contact Owner at 424 Charles after 5 PM. REDECORATED 3 bedroom home, Large kitchen, enclosed porch, partial basement. Carpet, window air conditioning. $85. Inquire 401 Vi East E, South Hutchinson 2 BEDROOM Duplex, basement, garage. Bills paid except electricity. Adults preferred. References required. Phone 665-6074. "TWO BEfDROOMS, carpeted, electric range, dining room, store room, $60.00 plus lights and gas. 1315 S. Poplar. Jayhawk Realty, 3-4473. 2 BEDROOM mobile Home, carpeted, $95 month plus lights. Hutch Mobile Park. 127 North Lorraine, 57444. 1 BEDROOM, water and garbage paid 918 East 2nd, No. 3, $50 month. MO- 5-8561 after 5:00. 12x56 MOBILE HOME^Two bedrooms, completely carpeted, air conditioned. MO 5-6472. OtTE B^DROOM^ Niclly~furnished, close to town, Adults. MO 2-8116, MO 5-8333. 1-BEDROOM furnished house. $45. Water paid. 2-1354 or 2-1311. THREE room furnished house. Adults 223 East 2nd. DUPLEX, 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms available October 1st. 709 North Poplar. Fontron-Fee Agency, Phone 2-2381. TWOTTEDROOMS^ refrigerator, new carpet and redecorated. References. 621 East 4th. FOR Rent or Sale — 1712 North Monroe — 3 bedroom, family room, carpeted 1 year lease. $125. 2-6334. 1121 EAST 8TH, 3 room house, stove, refrigerator furnished, fenced yard. $45 plus utilities. 665-7776. HUTCHINSON — 506 East 5th, Modern 3 bedroom, utility, dinette. Stratfon, 5383531, Arlington. FOR RENT — 3~ bedroom, 2~~ bath double wide trailer, carpeted. 662-8019 or 665-5002. FOR RENT: 1409 East G. Three bed rooms, 2 acres, S80 per month. MO 2-0009. 87 Rentals Wanted ~WOUTD - YOU Pay half month's rent for a good tenant? If you have rental property, maybe you'd better sell It. Call US, "We Like It" R.E.I.B., INC. 100 West 1st MO 2-0583 88 Real Estate Wanted SALES DON'T JUST HAPPEfl We are "Professionals" In the Real Estate Business. Let experience sell YOUR property. CALL Don M. Stiles & Son - Realtors 1210 North Main MO 2-0258 BECKERS MOBILE HOMES & KAMPERS, INC. EAST TTTWAY 56 GREAT BEND, KANSAS (316) 793-7755 WEEKDAYS 8-8, ' SATURDAY 9-5 SUNDAY 1-6 USED MOBILE HOMES 1968 12 X 60 VAN DYKE 1953 8 x 35 NEW MOON 1959 10 X 50 STATESMAN FARM AND RANCH Listings for sale wanted by our company for cash buyers at market price. Ask McNAGHTEN'S, Farm and Ranch Loan, 1st Nat'l. Bldg MO 2-1266 in Hutchinson for 50 years. Selling Your Home? If you are, call on this most experienced firm for results. Call us Immediately lo prepare for a sale. —ask McNaghtens! Bill Ferguson 2-9339 Office 2-1246 Alice Tolar 2-4854 Pat Patterson 2-7389 Barbara Canfleld 3-5307 Mike Moloney 3-3269 THRE~E Bedroom home in South Hutchinson. Inquire 620 East Sherman. YOU HAVE SEEN THE SIDE SHOWS . . . This Is The Main Event! 1971 Close-Outs LOOK AT THESE TERRIFIC BUYS — 17 HOMES TO CHOOSE FROM! NOTHING DOWN! 12 x 65 Apollo, 2 or 3 bedroom, front kitchen, large living room. Was $6500. Now $5350. 12 X 48 Lake Cabin, just right for the fisherman or camper. Was $5100. Now S390O. 6200 DOWN 12 x 60 Star, front dining room, 2 bedroom /exceptional buy. Was $5700. Now $4985. SAVE HUNDREDS ON THE FOLLOWING: 12 x 60 Liberty, front dining room, 2 bedroom, a lot of home for the money. Was $6500. Now $5750. 14 x 70 Liberty—3 bedroom, front dining room, huge living room. Was $8300. Nov/ $7500. 14 x 65 Hacienda—3 bedrooms, bath and 3 ,i. Beautiful carpet throughout. Large closets. Was $7700. Now $6750. 14 x 65 Kit—One of the very best mobile homes, huge kitchen, 2 big bedrooms, Was $9000. Now $7950. EXTRA SPECIAL! 24 x 65 Kit double wide. Bdy of the Season! One onlyl 3 big bedrooms, 15 x 19 living room, beautiful V* Inch paneling, big family room, galley kitchen, dining room. Asphalt shlngla roof. The Cadillac of double wldes. Was $15,750. Now $14,400. Countryside Mobile Homes 700 NORTH MAIN SOUTH HUTCHINSON Phone 663-2721 We Need Listings! Business has been good, so we have another salesman to serve you. Call us to help you sell your home. RAY GROUT REALTY Grout 3-9031 Office 2-8441 Douglas 2-8436 Hagan 5-8653 SALES" DONrf~jOST~HAP"PEN We are "Professionals" In the Real Estate Business. Let experience sell YOUR property. CALL DON M. STILES 6, SON — REALTORS 1210 North Main MOJ2-0258 89 Business Bldgs. & Lots COMMERCIAL LOTS 4 CHOICE LOTS at the Corner of 16TH 8, LORRAINE, across from Welles Dept. Storel Call for details. 3 EXCELLENT LOTS, located at 401-03-05 EAST 3RD St., across from the new bank! PRICED RIGHT! Call today! Astle Realty Co. NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER Office 2-0576 Barbara Piper 2-6104 Vaughn McCoy 2-744! Rulh Harrell 2-0139 Joe Astle 2-3215 VACANT Lot — 90 x 200 ft.—Zoned Commercial. BRICK Building — located at 19 East 4th. Call for particulars. Walsteh Realty 221 NORTH WASHINGTON Office 3-1516 R6s 422-3403 Ann Ward 2-1634 Shirley Stout 3-5542 90 Homes BEAUTIFUL 2 bedroom, lots of yard and shade, attached garage, Iri north end of Hutchinson. Can't beat at $8,7501 Call Anytime 543-2269 HILL REAL ESTATE & AUCTION Rt. 3, Hutchinson BY OWNER — Very nice 4 bedroom home, full basement, garage, small greenhouse. Reduced $10,500. 5 percent down with good credit reference. 431 North Whiteside, MO 5-5877. OPEN HOUSE Today-Sunday Only, 2 to 5 P.M. Over 400 attended Parade showing in Country Village and Lakeside area the final day. IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO BUY YOUR HOME WHERE HOMES ARE SELLING FAST! • Are you the extra "Choosy" person? • Want to have something really special? • Like to see an award - winning kitchen? • See why folks say it's practical plan for family living? All this and More in the— Fastest Growing Hutchinson East Side Development' Since all homes in the area are sold, we appreciate the purchaser allowing us to again publicly show this Parade Home. Thanks to all fdr making the parade 6howing a success. Welcome again. We promise to take more time to show and tell. "A Home is more than a house in the Lakeside and Country Village area." Country Village Homes East on 4th, Outside City Limits . Phone 3-2677 Davis Lumber - Su p plier of aU YQOi trusses ^ most building material on the Country Village homes. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE HOMES OF Great Bend End of Model Year Sale $ave! $ave! $ave! 1 14x60 2-bedroom, front kitchen COMPLETELY EQUIPPED Was $6,600. Now $5,850. 1 14x70 2 bedroom, 2 full baths Shag throughout, deluxe appliances & furniture. WAS $7,900.—NOW $7,070 No better buys anywhere! Countryside Mobile Homes, Inc of Great Bend 4 blocks east of Courthouse on Broadway in Great Bend WE TRY HARDER to make and keep you a customer. L(0)(0)K AS MUCH AS $1,000.00 DISCOUNT ON A 1971 MOBILE HOME STAFFORD Mobile Homes STAFFORD, KS. HIWAY 50 PHONE (316 ) 234-5622 Open till 8 p.m. Weekdays 1-6 Sunday We Just Received 1972 Peerless & Craftmade MOBILE HOMES. Syecial Prices on '72's. Make us an offer oh all new 1971 Mobile homes. • LARGE ASSORTMENT OF TRADE-INS AVAILABLE. Town & Country Homes Across the street from Gibson's Discount Center Great Bend, Kansas 5523 West 10th St. (316) 792-2153 New 1972 Models 14 x 70, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, Masonite siding. 12 x 65, 3 bedroom lVz baths. 12 x 64 Used, 3 bedroom, carpet. 12 X 45 Used, 2 bedroom, good. M&M MOBILE HOMES, INC. 125 North Main, MO 3-2581 South HUtchlhsoh Call and tell us how many dollars you could pay down on this nice 3 bedroom home. Lots of storage and cabinets, Attached garage. RAY GROUT REALTY Gerry Douglas 2-8434 E. C. Hagan 5-8458 Ray Grout 3-9031 Office 2-8441 Sl)TTots 'A city block, Vt block EasT~of Main Street, South Hutchinson, Zoned comerclal, low taxes. Consider trade for late model pickup or car. After six phone 5-7659. HALF ACRE mobile home site, good location, $25 monthly. MO 5-8338. Developer's Special 39 ACRES — 3VJ miles North of Hutchinson on blacktop. Spring fed pond, nice meadow, lots of trees, Perfect setting for a home. This is a rare one Vh Acres Farmstead Good 7 room house with full basement, oak floors and woodwork. On paved road —10 miles from Lewis. Commuter Special 7 acre tract, 2 bedroom home, double garage, tots of shade. 7 miles from Hutchinson on Blacktop. Walsten Realty 221 NORTH WASHINGTON Office 3-1516 Res. 422-3403 Shirley Stout 3-5542 Ann Ward 2-1634 Improved 4 Acres Nice two bedroom home, pony barn, garage. Just one mile north of 30lh on Lorraine. Priced to sell. Bud Ensz Realtors & Auctioneer 662-1146 93 _ Farms SPORTSMAN'S^PA^ADiSE-Cholce 159 acres of grass, iust released from soli bank after 10 years. Plenty of shad: trees, 3 natural ponds—1 man dug. One pond—4 acres, never dry, plenty of wild game Including deer. Make Ideal resort, golf course or stock farm. Located VA miles east of old Highway 96 and 50 Junction east of Hutchinson or 3 miles West Burrton on old Highway. Selling by sealed bids. Reserve the right to re ject all bids. All mineral rights go v/lth place. For Information contact: Gilbert G. Hensley. Administrator, Hensley Estate, Box 287, Burrton, Kansas. Bids wil close October 20, 1971. — 160 ACRES McPherson County land, heavy dark loam, all In cultiva tion. Bud Ensz, Realtor 8< Auctioneer, 642-1146. 40 and 80 acre, excellent farm ground, iust east of Buhler. Good black loam, gralnary, steel bin, Excellent Investment. 5, 10 OR 35 ACRES located on East 56th, Buhler School system, with a nice two bedroom home, barn. Owner would sell 5 acres v/lth house or 10 acres with house. BLUE RIBBON horses have been raised on this 26 acre farm located east of Buhler. An all electric large farm home featuring three bedrooms, plus a fourth available. Nice kitchen, formal dining room, well shaded. A set of farm buildings ideally set up for a horse farm, Including box stalls, stallion barn and pens. If you are looking for a wonderful place to raise a family and have some livestock, don't wait to look this over. John C. Oswald REAL ESTATE 13 East 13th Office 3-4458 Osv/ald 2-0861 Bill Hershberger 2-5380 Winn Trinkle 3-9203 Lorraine Young 5-6093 ********* 1 How Much Down? DEFINITELY A family home large enough to accommodate the most active family, featuring 4 bedrooms, lVa baths, large living room, large kitchen and dining room, fenced In yard. Recently reduced to $13,000. You JUST MUST see this baragaln located on East 4th. — esk McNAGHTENSl Tolar 2-4854 Ferguson 2-9339 Canfleld 3-5307 Maloney 3-2349 Patterson 2-7389 Office 2-1266 T IJ.ll .UU 1 MESSING R t'M-T .J R Y House ''Fdr Sale" A common sale ad for a common house, except, this house has a brand new FHA loan plus a brand new garage. The large back yard Is fenced. Located iust 7Vi blocks from Roosevelt School. Under $10,000.00 and you could move In today. Call Gene Avers. Terry Messing Realtor Builder Office 2-2337 Bob Young 2-8223 Jim Ewlng 2-8088 Gene Avers 2-7330 Donna Kafka 3-6426 Financing Is Available 126 WEST 7th— Drive by this attractive 4-bedroom home, then let us show you the Interior. You'll like 111 It has a formal dining room, Vh balhs, base^ ment and a nice living room. It's vacant, see It today, we have the key. 109 GEORGE — The price has lust been reduced on this neat 3-bedroom home. Don't overlook It. it has wall to wall carpeting throughout, (Including the kitchen), lots of storage, dishwasher, patio, oversized garage, and other features you will like. Call today. Crawford-Harman REALTORS, INC. Office 2-5457 2602 N. Main Llngle 2-0354 Norma Walker 2-4954 Kelley 3-9952 Mellecker 3-1628 Harman 2-6338 Crawford 5-8104 A Large Selection Of Improved Tracts 9 MILES NORTH OF ME DORA—A 4t acre farm, 8 room home remodeled. Silo, fine barn, garage, shop and fine windbreak, School bus at the door. Truly a fine small farm. 2505 LUNDMAN: Someone Is overlooking a good deal If he needs 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, air conditioning, 1 acre, full basement and a strictly modern kitchen. School bus to Buhler, walk to Union Valley School 3 blocks away. 6411 NORTH MONROE! A 6 year old home with 3 bedrooms located on 2 acres and the owner will sell on terms. NORTH HENDRICKS: 4 acres lust listed and a 5 room home with full basement, recreation room and double garage. Call for appointment. 1114 N. ARTHUR: You won't find a better value! Vh acres, 4 bedrooms, ground floor recreation, carport. One full and 2 half baths. Corrals, garden sita and taxes only $213, Don't fall to see this one. Easy to get downtown. Fine home and one of our best values at $16,500. 3205 NORTH PLUM: Fine carpets, new kitchen cabinets, a full basemenr, garaga and forced air furnace are featured here. And. It's under $10,000. One acrre wllh nice trees. SVi MILES NORTH ON PLUM: 4 acres with a gorgeous split levot, 7 room horn* having 1930 sq. ft., fireplace, Vh baths, modern kitchen and a barn 28 x 70. [worth seeing at once if you want tha country and like horses. --ask McNaghtens! Ferguson 2-9339 Patterson 2-738* Canfleld 3-5307 Tolar 2-4854 Maloney 3-3269 Office 2-1264 Turn the Key! FARMLAND 160 ACRES — crop land 9 miles northwest of Hutchinson. 122 ACRES — 85 cultivated, 6 miles west of Hutchinson. 80 ACRES — 42 cultivated, 9 miles Northwest of Hutchinson. ,40 ACRES — All grass 6 miles of Hutchinson. Walsten Realty 221 NORTH WASHINGTON Office 3-1516 Walsten 422-3403 Shirley Stout 3-5542 Ann Ward 2-1634 RENO COUNTY 160 acres 1 mile north of Nlckerson. 90 acres cultivated, 70 acres pasture, barn qnd pond In pasture. NESS COUNTY SW-4 17-18-22. Wheat base allotment 62 acres. Grain sorghum base 56 acres. l -3rd 1972 wheat to purchaser. Assumable 5 '/2 per cent loan. —ask McNaghtens! 1st Nat'l Bldg. Office 2-1264 Fossey 2-7B08 Maloney 3-3249 East of BUHLER 73 Acres with good Improvements, has 41 acres of growing wheat plus pasture — price $24,000.00. 185 Acres, pasture, cultivation, and river. Need to sell to close estate — reduced price. 40 Acres, good family home with new kitchen, outbuildings Include 24x94 late built hog barn. 6% financing. Nachtigall-Franz BUHLER 543-2244 95 Misc. Real Estate ONE HALF Mile from NINNESCAH, Quarter Section with Duck Hunting Lake and Fish Galore call FONTRON - FEE AGENCY 2-2381. 96 Real Estate Loans WANf TO REMODEL? WANT ANOTHER HOME? Perhaps the Railroad Bldg. and Loan can finance it Including your present debt, if any. Call the McNAGHTEN LOAN DEPT. 1st Nat'l. Bldg. Phone 2-1264 FARM~ANTJ RANCH Loans. Quick closing — ask McNaghtens 1st Nat'l. Bldg. Hutchinson. MO 2-1266. WINDSOR SQUARE APARTMENTS -- 118 East 10th --.' 8 New Ground Floor Luxury Units (No Steps') For Mature People Who Want Peace & Quiet' * Carefully Sound Proofed & On a Quiet Street * I and 2 Bedroom Units * All Utilities Paid * Central Heat & Air Conditioning V /ith Individual Controls * Off Street Parking Right at your door * Prices start at $ 140 HYDE PARK! I Traditional Cape Cod- Drive by 411 West 21st—3 bedrooms, 2 FULL BATHS, brand new carpet, formal plus kitchen dining—1,600 sq. feet and priced under $24,000! 2603 HEATHER PARKWAY—In Countryside West, Ihe ultimate In gracious living!! 3 unusually large bedrooms and two full baths upstairs, large den or bedroom downstairs with full bath, beautiful kitchen and breakfast area, wood fireplace in large living room, full basement with paneled rec room. This lovely homo Is priced below replacement cost and was custom built by its owner, ABSOLUTELY PERFECTI! Call today for a personally conducted tourl HYDE PARK! 3 bedrooms, 2 full" baths, lovely remodeled, kitchen, mature lawn and shrubs—central air PRICED UNDER $17,000 A REAL VALUE at 402 West lath! Astle Realty Co. Office 2-0576 Vaughn McCoy 2-7441 Barbara Piper 2-4104 Ruth Harrell 2-0139 Joe Astle 2-3215 Terry Messing 1011 North Main Realtor Builder MO 2-2337 HOMES 40 Acre GI Equity . . . completely remodeled 2 bedroom home with attached garage, largo metal all purpose building, small barn, part pasture. 9 miles out on new 50 Highway. $2,250. and immediate possession. Large Family 411 WEST 12TH 3 or 4'bedrooms, formal dining room, basement. Good school location. Assume existing Gl loan. $15,000. $50 Down QUALIFY FOR FHA LOAN and move In. 13 Halsey— neat 2 bedroom carpeting, fenced yard, altach- ed garage. Close to shopping and school. Will Go Full GI Loan 2004 CONE 3 bedrooms, office or den, attached garage, breakfast bar, new shag carpeting. Immediate possession $15,000. Buy on Contract 926 LINCOLN Nice 2 bedroom, kitchen and bath. Do your own work and receive credit on contract $7,950. New Listing 1121 EAST 10TH Nice bedrooms, radiant fireplace, storage building MCCandless school district. Will go FHA, GI, Conventional financing $8,500. f Owner Will finance 407 WEST 24TH 2 bedroom, carpeted, fenced yard, storm windows and doors. Morgan School $8,950. OR 309 WALKER 2 bedrooms, neW carpeting, newly decorated, $7,950. Make us an offer. Tucker Agency, Inc. 1329 East 4th Office 2-3388 Don Martin 3-3951 J. Blackburn 5-4964 Jean Bagley 2-5864 Dick Hliimer 2-5918 N. R. Tucker 2-8805 1400 Block on West 24th — one lot. 1400 Block on West 11th— 6 lots. 1400 Block on West 15th — 11 lots. —ASK McNAGHTENSt Tolar 2-4854 Maloney 3-3241 Ferguson 2-9339 Canfleld 3-5307 Patterson 2-7389 Office 2-1264 for more. SUBURBAN Living, close to Shopping, 1501 East 30lh, 3 Acres to ralso ponies lor garden, has Slick Shag carpeted homo with basement, double garage, work shop and camper port, call us Trades Considered FONTRON-FEE AGENCY 30 West Sherman Harold Roberts 5-5734 Phone 2-2381 Frank Fee 5-8641 It's New COME SEE one of the following new homes: 1102 WEST 24th offers three bedrooms, two baths, entry hall, living room hat wood burning fireplace, large dining area, U kitchen utility room, pantry, finished basement, double garago — a beautiful home. 1402 WEST 24th Is another wonderful new home, priced under $39,000., It has wood fireplace, carpeting throughout! central air, front kitchen, finished bai*. ment, three bedrooms, IVJ baths, utility room, double garage, brick, you Can not beat the home we give for the money, sea It soon. Ging Inv. Co., Inc. 1014 N. Main REALTORS Ph 2-2391 Robert C. Ging 2-5947 First Time Offered Let us show you this 3-bedroom, full basement home located just Vh blocks from Morgan School. Priced at only $17,500. It is as neat as they come and has many fine features. The basement Is partially finished. You will like the nice large living room and the unusual floor plan. Call today for Information and an appointment to see. Crawford-Harman REALTORS, INC. Office 2-5457 2602 N. Main Llngle 2-0354 Norma Walker 2-4954 Kelley 3-9952 Mellecker 3-1628 Harman 2-4338 Crawford 5-8104 /1 MMHinmcb Mefoft &ml S*8E HOMES Year 'round Holiday Living 1103 West 31st QUALITY 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full basement, with carpeted rec room. Large patio, opens off dining room and Master suite, oversle 2 car garage, shag carpeting throughout, full appllanced kitchen. Gold Medallion living at its best, $27,9qo. One of a kind! 108 West 29th 3 or 4 bedrooms, buff brick and stone, formal dining room, breakfast bar, ground floor utilities, most beautiful storm shelter basement, wood- burning flrebleice, plush carpeting throughout, abundance of closets and bullt-lns, ground floor office or den. Across the Street to Morgan School. Circle Drive. Oversize 2 car garage, reduced to. $34,500. Owner will finance ' Tri-level hill. 6510 North Madison OUT OF TOWN OWNER says ''SELL", i . . 4 bedrooms/ rec room, l'/j baths, 2 cat" attached garaga, patio, fully carpeted, air conditioned, storm windoWs and doors. Easy to finance, $24,500. Tucker Agency, Inc. 1349 Edst 4th Offlca 2-3381 N. R. Tucker 2-8805 Jean Bagley 2-5864 Don Martin 3-3951 J, Blackburn 5-6944 Dick Hlllmer 2-5919 I.

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