The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 21
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i ~.. — -: *. ^ , >".. • j - ': - .. -*/(i. y^V.Y.v.i,Uv/' ••-; : ''':ov • i ,.- i (.^ ;•'••;.•-•.'•:• '•',••;.«:•}.*: ', -'• E ;' -,-, •'- '- • ' • - ' -7£ J V. L . ' »: * 11 ,,r- !- ' - • - • .' • ' >- .-.'**- fiV^-V^"', 1 ' "l .+" ' - •'•'•'" ' '•••*• .^fl*-: '^. L \-- . . ,^,' ••. \~- • n '- \'i-.'-: -• I frv- !L • •^.'< " ' 1 . K'.' * . - -•. - •' J L-.V :^1 " r ^ » ' T ' ^- *a. - - i 1 ^ - ' ' '•','' '\ ,-V I ? J' . - -• J < • ''.'-' ' '-f -' *•' ' -t *. " - ' /,' ,/'.;•. ,-^.t:--.'' V - ''•• , . - • ' , h ». :- v ", b I - ,' i • J ^ -V"'- . -•" •:/-••. ••^:.>;^""< •- '•-: i T./- ^-i- i;V - - - ' ' ' • , , L i - x T v 1 *: J . . - •..', ••- .' .,,\'V , "' • • > . ..'••'> . . '. *- ! -• - J -, ' ,' L * ' ^ ' v ' - ' : ' <•- .>• •"• - .. • • , i.i •. , ' I L , J - . •' •l •- ' : ^ I •. l L •_ J l , ' r_ 1 ,'.i • '/;]•;_"<• -: p •- '^;-' /. - '••••--'•<• .:.t. I i • • ' ' - - - •' • . - i • • ' i i i ' ' V i '* ~ i ' • ' ' • '^ilftiilEF^siiii'^ ,,i i -.!> i." i i '. ' J LEQAU NOTICES ' I- I,- ' : <*•}> L^'i- v 'Si" AII ieoirie C-3 district*. i- A DISTRICTS r , reguiatlona shall „„ in aU aiatHcta ;wlth which are -A districts. In addition to ...,_..™_ atlonlaiheirelnVftfore specified therefor, and shall: be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this or alnftnce: combine Eh- "~^~™ ^ '^ m -. -.' - •'-- ', f (a).Urn Permitted! f ^^ ^^ ^f ^* . T ^f * • • • * • ^ ^* v* v ' n ' i All uses permitted In the re M .- 4 -y**:-dtatortct v^h which the -A district is ^combined; Small livestock farming; provided, „— ** not to exceed .one (l) cow or three (8) Croats or other similar live- fcttfck may be kept for each twenty thousand (20^000) square feet of area of the parcel of land upon which the eame are kept, to a maximum of three <3) cows or ten (10) goats or other Blmilar livestock maintained In any one establishment. 8. In any >A district a dairy may bo conducted on any parcel of land not less than 1 five (6) acres In area. A. Sale of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon the premises upon which euch products are produced': provided, that no building shall bo constructed, pri- tnarlly for such salo. 6, Keeping of saddle horses and of nuch horses and/or mules as may bo necessary to the conducting of any of the uses .permitted In any -A district. ft/Accessory buildings and accessory uses. • (b) Location of Accessory Build Ings: -.•;«,;• No livestock or any building used in connection with the same Bhall be located or maintained on any Jot closer than forty (40) feet to the street tiport which the lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling on the same lot or on the front half of any contiguous lot Otherwise, any accessory building- usod In connection with small livestock farming may occupy any portion of airy rear yard or of ffny sldo yard along the rear half of Iho lot upon which located, except of any sldo yard adjacent to any SECTION 23. REGULATIONS FOR • H DISTRICTS , tho following regulations shall apply In all districts with which are combined -H districts, In addition to the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall bo subject to tho provisions of Section 27 of this ordlftance: (a) Uses Permitted! All uses permitted in the respective district with which the -H district Is combined, provided, however, na follows: 1, No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall bo placed and/or maintained In nny such district unless placed and/or maintained within a business district ns defined in tho California Vehicle Act; provided, however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for Informational or directional purposes of a public or quasi, public naturo may be placed and/or maintained In any such district with which is combined an -H district upon the securing of a UBO permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure; and provided, further, thnt there may be displayed on the premises occupied by any permitted placo of business which is located in any such district with which Is combined an -H district but outside any ~ business district as defined in the California Vehicle Act outdoor advertising* signs and outdoor advertising structures for the advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising slgtis and outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for ahy ono placo of business aro made a part of the architectural design of tho building In which such business is conducted and are approved under the provisions of Section 30 of this ordinance, no such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising- structure shall oxcoed twenty-four (24) equaro feet In area and the total area for all outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising, structures In tho aggregate displayed by or for any ono RKICO of business shall not exceed tho 'equivalent of" orie (1) square foot f6r each 'one (1) foot of frontage actually occupied by such business, Including the widths of driveways directly 'appurtenant thereto. '2; No Junk yard shall bo established in any such district with which Is combined an -H district within five hundred (500) feet of tho exterior boundary of any public street unless tho same Is completely enclosed within a building or within a fonco approved by the Planning Commission. •(b) Building Location: In cose no building line Is established by the Street and Highway Plan of tho Master Plan of the County or by the" provisions of this ordinance, for the street upon which any building will front in any district with which an -H district is combined, no such building shall bo erected, constructed, moved or structurally altered so that tho same will bo closer to the nearest boundary of the right of way of such street than a distance adequate to provide space on tho site of'such building for tho traffic movements and standing of vehicles which will bo Incidental to the uso of auch building. Such distance shall bo designated by the Planning Commission as a part of tho action on plans submitted with the application for a permit for such building, as provided In Section 30 of this ordinance. SECTION 24. REGULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS - In any district with which is combined any "B" district, such regulations as to building Rlto areas, depths of front yards and widths of sloe yards as aro designated on the sectional districts map showing such "B" district nhall bo applied In lieu of the respective regulations as to building sue areas, depths of front yards and widths of sldo yards which are hereinbefore specified for such district with which la combined such <TJ7 district; provided, however, that any parcel of land in any "B ( * district, (a) which parcel was under one ownership at the time of the adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (b) which parcel includes not loss than one (1) entire lot as shown on a*ny subdivision map which was recorded In the office of the County Re* carder .of the County prior to tho adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less than three thousand seven hundred fifty (8750) square feet, .or (c) which parcel Is shown as a lot on any subdivision map which may hereafter be recorded In the office of said County Recorder aft«r approval of said map by the Board of Supervisors In the manner prescribed by law, may be used as a building stto for a dwelling of the character permitted In tho district with which Is combined such "B" district, provided that all other regulations for such district, as prescribed by this ordinance, shall be compiled with, except that on any such parcel bav!ng%in average width of leas than fifty (60) feet the width of each side yard may be reduced to ten (10) per cent of the width of such parcel, but In no c&se shall the width of any such eido yard be less than three (3) feet. * SECTION 26. FUTURE WIDTH *., UNES m ,,Thd following specmed future width lines are hereby established for the toil owing streets and highways: i; California Avenue, from Union Avenue.Baker if laid, to Sumner Street. -.flUumjft •cqnwnonly known as the Kdl- •on; Highway and which is California, State Highway Route Number 68, as ^ by the Division of Htrh- .__. of. th« Department of Public Works of _Uie 8Ut« of California: fit ) f«*t from the c« each side thereof, •t ft flu ttiO AXtttflftlDtt BuifwnurStfttSSSSgi t:'\\ T ^ f t7 .-, H Division of Highways rtment of Public AVorfea %fCallfc ot • '*.' - t , tut., ttofa the cenUf oft CKch eld* thereof, -^ SECTION 2«. (HJILDINQ Ll . The : MjdtWni lines ^e hereby to Qblden State Highway and ;. Qol * Slate Avenue* vbetrtff •' Cftllforntft State Highway Route Number Pour. by the Division lot I ^ "•" _ ^f~ ~™~ "*1 ~" ' "^ ^ ^ ^~^^T ^~^ v of; attjH^b^lId.. ^.j, ««-• .. . -that the hftliht of k the .„_„.„ shall not bft Incrwised above the limit specified for exich dletrlcu •I* Highways of the bepftrttnent of Pub lic Vprka of the State of 1» From the southerly boundary of Jhe City of Delano to th« northerly boundary of the right of way of Per- Tel.ny Avenue, McFarland: Thirty (80) fee t from the exterior boundaries of the rifirht of way of said highway on each side thereof. Prom the southerly boundary of "ii?^ 0 '. wft y of Shorwood Avenue, McFarland> to the nortlierlX boundary of See. tO, T. 2fl *., R. 27 32., M. D. M.: Thirty (80) feet from the exterior boundaries of ,tho right of way of said highway on each side thereof;., fi. From the northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T. 20,8.-, Ri 27 »., M, D. M., to the northerly boundary of the City of Bakorsfteld, and from the southerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundago T^ane to the southerly boundary of Sections 6 and 0, T, 30 S., R. 28 B.V.M. D. M.: Thirty (80) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof; provided, however, that gasoline pumps and their appurtenances for the retail sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances are structurally separate from any building or other structure and which gasoline pumps and/or their appurtenances are not covered by a canopy in any case, may be erected, in each coae. on a concrete base occupying the smallest rectangle wlthlu which such concrete base, may be enclosed, which rectangle Is not- greater than four (4) feet In width, with the longer edge of such rectangle which Is nearest to the nearest exterior boundary of said highway being located along a line fifteen (IB) feet distant from auch exterior boundary, subject, In each such case,, to the securing of a uso permit therefor, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. 4. From tho southerly boundary of the City of Bakeraflold at California Street to the northerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundage Lane: Ten (10) feet from the exterior boundary of tho right of way of said highway on the easterly side thereof. 6. From the southerly boundary of Sections G and 0, T. 30 S,, R. 28 E. ( RI. D. M., to the northerly boundary of the Rancho Castac: Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of Bald highway on each side thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS Tho regulations specified In this ordinance shall be subject to 'the following Interpretations and exceptions: (a) Use; 1. Tho following accessory uses, In addition to those hereinbefore specified, shall bo permitted in any "R" district, provided that such accessory uses shall not alter the character of tho premises In respect to their u»e for the purpoHos permitted In such respective district: (A) The renting of rooms and/or the providing of table board In a dwelling 1 as an incidental use to that of its occupancy as a dwelling of the character permitted in tho respective district, but not to tho extent of constituting a hotel UR defined In this ordinance, unless permitted In tho district. (B) v Tho operation of necessary facilities and -equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other Institutions permitted In the respective district. (C) News and refreshment stands and restaurants in connection with passenger stations. (D) Recreation, refreshment and service buildings in public parks and playgrounds. ,. 2. On any lot* In any "R" district there may bo kept not to exceed twenty-four (24) fowl other than roosters, quacking ducks, geese, guinea fowl or peafowl and there may be kept not to exceed twenty- four (24) rabbits or guinea pigs, provided, that no such livestock shall be maintained closer than forty (40) feet to any dwelling now existing or hereafter erected on the front one- half (U) of any adjacent lot nor closer than twenty (20) feet to any other dwelling now existing or hereafter erected. 3. In addition to any other outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures permitted by this ordinance, (A) such signs and structures, none of which shall exceed four (4) square feet In area, may be displayed for the purpose of advertising the sale or lease of. any prop- which displayed; (B) such structures othor than those -by this ordinance may be displayed for tho advertising of the sale of a subdivision upon which placed upon the securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure. 4. Horses may be kept In any district, subject to tho securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each case of such use In any "R" or "C" district. 6. Nothing in this ordinance shall bo deemed to prohibit the excavating of natural -materials for the construction of a building permitted In tho district In which tho same Is to bo located, which building is to bo constructed on the samo lot from which auch material Is excavated, and no use permit shall be required for' such excavating. (b) Helghti 1. In any flistrlot with a height limit of loss than seventy-five (76) feet, public and semi-public buildings, school*, churches, hospitals and other institutions permitted In such district may be erected to a height not exceeding seventy*flve (76) feet, provided that tho front, rear and side yards shall bo Increased one (1) foot for each one (1) foot by which such building exceeds the height limit hereinbefore established for such district. 2. One-family dwellings In R-l districts may bo increased in height not to exceed ten (10) feet and to n total of not exceeding three (3) stories when two (2) side yards of widths of not less than fifteen (1C) feet each are provided. 3. Notwithstanding any otlier provision of this ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, oil derrick, lightning arrester, tower, building or any other structure or thing whatsoever shall be erected, constructed, converted, altered, enlarged, added to or caused to exist In any district In any manner BO that tho same will exceed a height of thirty (30) feet within a distance of flvo hundred (fiOO) feat from the exterior boundaries of any airport owned by tha County of Kern or so that the ttamo will exceed a height of sixty (60) foot within a distance of ono thousand (1000) feet from said exterior boundaries, or so that the same will exceed a height of ninety (90) feot within a distance of one thousand five hundred (1600) feet from said exterior boundaries. The height of any such structure or thing •hall be deemed to be the height of the < topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenance thereto, above the level of the ground at the nearest point to such structure or thing on any such exterior boundary of such airport, • , 4.,.TOd height limitations of UU« or- dlnance Bhojl not apply to chimneys, church spiral, flag poles, monuments and rodjo *«wer». except as provided »ftoM<m with r«*p«ct to iuJght limits •li*nm*i M • - ' - - - • - • ' - w -**•*_' r - ^ ;•**" i'V^w* > .^; "- • , . . S 4 Where the average slope of a lot m . ^ L j , -mt.ri*m^,< f * <" ' T. J _i^ ^_ ^f ' • • > r » f * L' *" foot riii*; or •am — -- — — r r f£f w » w ^f erty upon und permitted l-l \~* '•* J . front yard. ment shailv be taken from the ert. jiplntret; tha trOnt V.nrajJ of the buUdlnfi: to the : street flnej provided, however,; that If an official Plan Line is '*>iUibl shea tbf th« street, or If 'a future Width line Is established there- tor by ,th« provisions of this ordl- nanoe, then the measurement shall be taken from the nearest point of the •ftSB^T^JL of &* buUdhigr to such Offlclal %( PJati Lin* or such future width line;; except that the certain archltftctural features hereinafter enumerated shall no\ be considered m,making any such measurements* to-wit: „ by , 4. ., \r* *»P ornSce .^ canopies, eaves, or any-other architectural features may extend beyond said front wall a <5U- t Rnoe 1. ot wcooedlnR two (2) feet, six (6) inches. (15) Fire escapes may extend beyond said front wall a distance not exceeding four , (4) feet, six (0) inches. (C) A landing place or uncovered porch may extend beyond eold front wall to a distance not exceedlnff six (6) feet, provided that such landing: place or porch shall have Its floor no higher than the entrance floor of the bunding, A railing no higher than three (3) feet may be placed around such landing placo. In no case, however, shall any auch land- Ing Place or porch extend beyond any .official plan Lino which Is established for any street or beyond any future width line which IB established therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance. (p) The above enumerated architectural features may also extend Into any side or rear yard the same distance that they are permitted to extend beyond any front wall, except that no porch, terrace or outside stairway shall project mor6 than three (8) feet Into any side yard and then, In the case of an outside stairway, only. If tho same Is unroofed and unenclosed abovo and below the steps thereof, 2. Ordinary front yard and farm ranees, sprinkling systems and such irrigation systems and their appurtenances as -do not extend above tho surface of the ground may bo extended beyond^any Official Flan Uno or future width line. 3. In any R-l or R-2 district or any combination therewith where twenty-five (26) per cent or more of the lots In nny block and located m the same district, exclusive of the frontage along tho sldo of a corner lot, has been improved with buildings at the tlmo of the passage of this ordinance, which buildings aro of a character permitted in said district but not in a more restricted district, (including, In an K-l district, buildings permitted in auch district), and the front yards on such lots vary In depth to an extent not greater than six (C) feet, then the required front yard depth for such district Bhall bo disregarded in such block and In liou thereof the x front yard required on each lot In said block shall bo of a depth not less than the average depth of tho front yards on th« lota on which are located such existing buildings, to a maximum of fifty (60) feet. The same rule shall apply in any n-3 or u-4 district or any combination therewith, but only, however. In case such ayerpgo depth of front yards on tho lots on which aro located such existing buildings IB leas than tho depth of front yards otherwise required by this ordinance. In no case, however, shall any building be erected closer to any street lino than any Official Plan Lino which IB established for such street or than any future width lino designated therefor *he provisions of this ordinance. When any Interior lot In an or n-2 district is adjacent to any lot in any district othor than an R-l or K-2 district and other than any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by VR," districts or by such districts and tho County boundary, tho depth required for tho front yard on such Interior lot may be reduced to not less than tho aver- ago of such required depth and the width or depth of yard required on said Jot In such other district which y Vr J s "<*tec*nt to the street upon which said Interior lot faoos. 6. When any Interior lot In an U-3 or R-4 district Is adjacent to any lot in any "C" or "M" district, ox- cept any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "H" districts or by such districts and the County boundary, the front yard requirement for such Interior lot may be disregarded and In lieu thereof that portion of any building on that portion of the width of such interior lot not exceeding one-half (H) thereof, una not exceeding twenty-five (2r>) feet, which portion of the width of such interior lot Is next adjacent to such lot in such "C" or "M" district, may be built to the street line, and the lino of the building for the remainder of such building shall be not nearer to said street line than a distance equal to such' required depth of front yafd. 0. In determining the depth of rear yard for any building/but not for ahy dwelling group, whero such rear yard 0 RS ns *? to nn .. n " ey .* one-half the width of Buch alley, but not exceeding ten (10) feet, may bo considered ft p * portion of such rear yard: provided, however, that this provision shall not be so applied as to roduce tho depth of any rear yard to lows than- ten. (101 feet; and provided, further, that In no cono shall the door of any building or Improvement, except a fence, which door opens into any alley, bo orected, constructed or established closer to the center of such alloy than a distance of fifteen (16) foot 7. In case an accessory building is attached to the main building, It shall be mado structurally a par£ thereof, und shall comply in all respect* with the requirements of this ordinance applicable lo the main building. An accessory building, unless attached to and made a part of the main build- Ing as above provldbd for. shall not be closer than five (6) feet to the main building, 8. A detached accessory bulldlnr of not over one story atid not exceeding twelve (12) feet In height may occupy not to exceed thirty (JO) per cent of the area of any rear yard. Any such accessory building may have not to exceed one (1) additional story used for apartments, provided that: (A) Such additional story, herein construed to bo a dwellln*. shall not be permitted unless the same Is permitted under the regulations hereinbefore In this ordinance specified for the district In which such accessory bull .? ln *J?. 1oc *l«*. **cept that any Huch additional story in an R-l district may,be used Is a dwelling when no rent, either direct or indirect, Is paid for such use, or OH u dwelling for servants. Including tho family of the same, which are employed on the same tot. (B) No exterior wall of such dHional story shall be nearer to than a distance equal to of R side yard required on lot, (C) No exterior, wall of such ad- j"tlonal story ehall be nearer than ten (10) feet to any main bulldin* on the same lot. f "* <D) No such additional story shall be constructed on any lot In ahy R-l district prior to the construction of a one-famUy dwelling thereon, un* "iff >9 d ^ n ") * u *« JPwput* as pro* vlded in Section ft) of this ordinance, «haH first have been secured for such additional story. dlstrict* shaTTconforro to the foWpwlttf additional refutations as to their location* upon the lot; provided, however, that where the slope of the froot half of ths lot i* neater than one -ft) foot ri*e or fall in a distance of ««vwi <7) feet from the established •tmt elevation at the property Tine, «g wh«re Uie feyattoir of the lot at the pireat line is flv« <6) fe«t or more «3Mm^-!Mrir>^ HUM ai *nay be ad- any the the • tA ****', \'I 1^- Li W i-- 0 I WE* rffe .V \ - ^ w ^r ^ the provided that cent to a key tag shall be the front and side tines 1 '•'-/''• ' ' . * L - : '• "' \ .,._. ... the ca«i Of *tt triteHbrL-- abutiJnr upon one street, no detached nccosBory building fchafl be «t*stAa or altered so as lo encroach upon tho front half of the lot <D> In the CAS* of an interior lot abutting,Upon two or more streets* no accessory building shall be erected or altered «o as to encroach upon the one-quarter (V4) of the lot nearwt either street (C)ln the case of a corner lot abutting upon two (2) streets, no accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the area between such respective street* and linos drawn parallel to such streets, resp<»auvely, in such a manner that each of, such lines, divides lot Into two (B) equal areas; on a corner lot adJa» lot no accessory build* located nearer to the street line of the street upon which such key lot faces than a distance equal to the depth of the front yard required on said key lot* provided that this regulation shall not be so applied aa to require that that line of such accessory building which la neomt to said street line shall be hearer to the Jot line opposite said street line than a distance of sixteen (16) feet. (D) in the cane of a corner lot abutting on morts than two (2) •treats, no detachftd accessory build* Ing shall bo erected or altered no as to be nearer to nny .street line than one-fourth (H) the width or length of the lot. (E) No detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to bo within five (5) feet of tho side line of the front half of any ndja* cpnt lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (P) Notwithstanding nny requirements in this section, the foregoing rules shall not require any detached accessory, building to be more than seventy-five (75) feet from any street line bounding tho lot. d) Interpretation of Ordinance n Interpreting* and applying the pro via I on a of this Ordinance, they shall bo held to be tho minimum requirements adopted for tho promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Except as specifically herein pro- vldcd, It la not Intended by this ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul or In any way to Impair or Interfere with any existing provision of law or ordinance, or any rules, regulations or permits previounly adopted or Issued, or which shall bo adopted or Issued pursuant to law relating to the uso of buildings or premises, or relating to tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, alt oration or enlargement of any building or Improvement; nor Is it Intended by Uila ordinance to Interfere with or abrogate or annul any casement, Hi I' covenant or olher agreement between parties: provided, however, that in coses in which this ordinance Im* poaes a greater restriction upon the erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of buildings or tho uso of any such building or promises in Bald several districts or any of them, than Is Impound or required by mich «xistlng provisions of law or ordinance or by such rules, regulations or permits, or by such easements, covenants or agreements, then In such cases tho provisions of this ordinance Hhall control. SECTION 28. NON-CONFORMING USES Except as otherwise provided In this section, the lawful use of land existing at the tlmo of the adoption of this ordinance, although such UMO does not conform to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for the district in which such land is located, may bo continued; provided, however, that no such non-conforming UBO shall be enlarged or Increased, nor shall any such non-conforming uso bo extended to occupy a greater area of land than that occupied by such uso at tho time of tho adoption of this ordinance; provided, further, that if any such nonconforming uso ceases, any Nubso- quent use of such land hhall bo In conformity to the regulations specified by this ordinance for the district In wblcb such land Is located. Except us otherwise provided In this section, tho lawful uae of a build- Ing existing at tho time of the adopt on of this ordinance may be continued, although such uso dooB not conform to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which such building Is located. Any fluch uso may bo extended throughput the building provided no structural alterations except thoso required by law or ordinance are made therein, if no structural alterations n l° P 111 ,"*/ the non-conforming uso of a building may bo changed to another non-conforming u«e. which, in the opinion of tho Planning Commission, IB of tho same or of a more restricted nature, if a non-conforming use hereunder ceases for a continuous period of not less than six (6) months, any future use of said building shall be in conformity to the regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which such building Is located. No existing building designed, arranged or Intended for or devoted to a use not permitted under tho regulations specified by thU ordinance for tho district In which ,«uch building or premises la located shall be enlarged, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered unices such use Is changed to a use permitted under the reflations specified by this ordinance for such district In which wud build ng Is located; provided, however, that work dono In any period of twelve (33) months on ordinary structural alterations or ro- placements of walls, fixtures or plumbing not exceeding twenty-five <25) per cent of tho building's assessed value according to the assessment thereof by the Assessor of the County for the fiscal year In which such work la dono shall be permit- tod. provided that tho cubical contents of tho building as it existed fit tho time of the passage of thIB ordinance bo not Increased. If at any tlmo any building In existence or maintained at the time of the adoption of this ordinance, which does not conform to the regulations for the district In which it U located, shall be destroyed ,by fire, explosion, Act of God or act of the public enemy to tho extent of more than seventy- five (75) per cent of the assessed value thereof according to the assessment thereof by the natd Assessor for the fiscal year during which such destruction occur**, thftti without further action by the Board of Buper- vlBors the Raid building and the find on Which said building was located ?Jf "J ft| ftt*lned shall from and after the date of such destruction be sub- Joct to all the regulation* specified by this ordinance for the district In which such land and building are located, The foregoing provisions shall also apply jo non-conforming uses In districts hereafter changed. Nothing contained Tn this ordinance snail be dee mod to require any change In the plans, cons(ructlon or designated use of any building upon which actual construction w*a» lawfully begun prior to th« adoption of this ordinance and upon whloh building actual construction ha* been dM- gently carried on- Actual construction is hereby d«fin«d to be the actual placing of construction materials In their permanent position fastened In a permanent manner: ex* o«pt that .where a basement Is belrw excavated, such excavating shall be deemed to be actual construction; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure has been begun preparatory to rebuilding, »uch d«mention or removal shall be deemed to. be actual construction; provided that in all cases actual construction work shall be diligently carried on until the completion of the building or etructure Involved, Begardlftss of nny other provision i'tifi&iS; of thU ordinance, any junk yard whloh, after the adoption of this ordinance, exists a* a non-con forming use In an* "I|'% "CT or -II dUtr&i •ance, and »luUl be abated, removed1 durlni" ^ ^ , .. , ^-^^^^}j^^i^ ,1- u^-'i',, 1 -. T f i., 'f.-. j _ •_ ^ f ' M LEGAL NOTIC •an d_ after tho junk yard 'becomes _;-.use< :•;'-••: ;•,--•, •• ^ of nny other torovtsUm of ths ordinance, airy..outdoor advertising nifrn or outdoor advertising •truotur* whtotaf after the adoption of this .ordinance, exists aft a nan- conforming . use m any district is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, and shall be abated, removed or changed ]to a conforming; use wtth> In six (6) months from and after the date that such outdoor Advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure becomes a non-conforming use. Regardless of Any othor ^provision of this ordinance, any use for which a use permit Is required or for which a use permit may be granted, as provided in thla ordinance, which use Is exluunfr at the time of the adoption of this ordinance in any. district In which nuoh use Is specifically permitted subject to the securing of a u«o permit, shall without 'further action be deemed to be a conforming uae In auch district SECTION 29. BUIUDINQ PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having an ajrgroffate value in excess of Twenty- five (36) Dollars, and no building or structure designed or intended to be used for any commercial or Industrial purposo (except an accessory building having an aggregate value of lens than Twcnty-flve (25) Dollars) shall hereafter be erected or constructed unless and until a permit therefor shall first have beon so- cured from the manning Commission or from such officer or employee thereof as said 4 Commission may designate for such purpose. No repairs or alterations of an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-flvo (26) Dollars and no repairs or alterations which would change the character of any building or structure to a commercial or Industrial nature (oxcopt an accessory building having an aggregate valuo of less than Twenty- five (85) Dollars shall horeafior be made on any building or structure until a permit therefor shall first have boon secured from tho Planning Com* mission or frorn the aforesaid officer or employee thereof. No building or fltructure having an aggregate value in excess of Twenty-five (SB) Dollars and no building or structure designed or Intended to be used for commercial or industrial purposes (except an accessory bulltltng having nn ninrregato value of less than Twenty-five (2M Dollars) shall hereafter be inovod until a permit for such moving shall first have been secured from tho Planning Commission or from the nfordnald officer or employee thereof and altm from tho County Surveyor. Tho aforesaid permits shall bo required for all such buildings and etnicturos. except fences, hero* after erected, constructed, u Herod, repaired or moved within or Into nny district established by this ordinance except any A-l or A-3 district with which no -U district IB combined, except that no such permit shall bo required for any building or structure designed or intended lo bo used a« a one-family dwelling or for any agricultural purpose, or for nny pur- poso accesHory thereto. In any "A 0 or "M" district with which an -H district la combined if such building or structure IB located or IB to bo located at a dlutanco of not lea« than ono hundred <100) foot from tho nearest boundary of tho right of way of any atroot. and not less than ten (10) foot from any property line. Kvery application for nny permit required by the provisions of thlH section shall bo accompanied by a draw-In* or plat, in duplicate, drawn to Bcalo, showing tho lot And bulkl- inc Rite, iho proposed location of the building on the lot, accurate dimensions of tho building, of the yards and of tho lot, and such olher information on may bo necoanary to the enforcement of this ordinance. A careful record of tho original oopy of such application and plat Hhall bo kept In tho office of tho Planning Conunlnslon and the duplicate copy shall bo, at tho building at all tlmoa during construction. SECTION 30, ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION In COBO an application U made for ft . P* 1 ". 1 " 11 ' ** required in Section £9 of thla ordinance, for any building, structure or other Improvement In any district with which i» uombtnnd an -H dlBlrict, said application shall be accompanied by dm win KB or sketches showing the front, sides and rear elevations of tho proposed building, structure or other improvement; °r._ °*. Ul ° l>«Hdtng, utrucluro or other Improvement an the us mo will appear after* the work for which tho permit Is sought shall have been completed. Such Drawings or sketches shall be considered by tho Planning Commission In an endeavor lo provide that such buildings, structures and other improvements shall be so designed and constructed that they will not he of unsightly, undeiilrablo or obnoxious appearance to the ox- tent that they will hinder tho orderly and harmonious development of tho County. Impair the desirability of residence, investment or occupation In* the County as appearing to travelers passing through or traveling In the County. limit the opportunity to attain the optimum use and value of '^ n( J al .& improvements, impair the desirability of living conditions In the *amo or adjacent agricultural or residential areas, and/or otherwise adversely affect the general prosperity and -welfare. To thU «nd. tho Planning Commission shall suggest any changes In the plans of such proposed buildings, structures and other Improvements which It may deem to he necessary to accomplish tho pur- po»n« of this Mention. Und shall not approve any such plans until it Is ftatlnfted that such purposes will be accomplished thereby. In en HO the applicant IN tiot satisfied with the action of tho Planning Commission, hf> J"«y. within thirty (80) days after such action, appeal In writing to the pcrvlnors. Said Board hearing on said appeal and shall render Us decision thereon l<n *u tnlrl ? < 80> d *J'* ttfl « r tho .i n *f i hor ? of * N.9 jwmli. un provided herein, shall bo issued tinlnss the plans filed with the application therefor as required In this section shall firnt have beon approved by the Planning Commission or by tho Hoard ?; SHP« rvleori1 ' Upon such approval tho Planning Commission, or such officer or employee thereof as «ald Commission .may designate for such purpose shall isiiue «uch permit, provided all other provisions of law have been complied with. Every drawing or sketch filed under the provisions of this section shall become a part of the pnrmnnent records of the Planning ComminBion* SUCTION 31. CERTIFICATES OP OCCUPANCY * , l ?,°». v V il P t u , nd ln Rn * district en- tabliaheu by IhU ordinance, except any £'1. . op A ' a OUtrldt with which no -H district 1* combined, shall hereafter be occupied or u**d, except for agricultural uses, and no building " as for hereafter erected. struotur«lly alt* or moved, for which building a permit in required undor the provisions of Section $9 of this ordinance, ehall be occupied or used unlU a certificate of occupancy *hftli tmvo b*«n l*«und by the Planning Commission or by such officer or employee thereof Uio Commission may designate such purpose. Application for a certificate of occupancy for » new building or for au existing building which has been altered or moved shall bit made at the Munttfm* mt> U|« application for a Mitnlt for such building us required in Section « of this ordinance, teid certificate shall be issued within three (i) daye after a written request — — same.nhiUr have been ma4e Commission or to thereof after i_ . ..... or moving of •uch buUdiii* or part thereof shall tow* ;£«*n complied In confomlt with th* provUlon* of thU tempo; Planning" Comtotwiori or not < LEOAL NOTICES :> .-• i- ^ _ v - i V 1. temporar-y cerUflcfcto shall not bft construed flu in nny way altering the respective rights, duties or obllga* tldns of the owttera or of th* County relating to the use or occupancy of the premises or any other matter covered by thla ordinance, and such temporary certificate shall not ba Issued ttttewt under such restrictions and provisions as will adequately insure the safety of the occupants. Written application for a certificate of occupancy for the use of vacant land or for a change In the fcharae* ter of the use of land, as herein required, shall be made before any «uch land shall be so occupied or used, except for agricultural purposes. Such a certificate of occupancy shall be Issued within three <S) days after tho t application therefor has been made, provided such use Is In conformity with the provisions of thla ordinance. Kvery certificate of occupancy shall state that the building or proposed use of a building or land compiles with all provisions of law and of this ordinance, A record 'of all certificate* of occupancy ahall be kfpt on file In the office of the Planning CommUslon and copies shall be furnished, on request, to any person having a proprietary «pr tenancy Interest in the building or land affected. No fee shall bo charged for a certificate of occupancy. Ko permit for excavation for any building shall be Issued before application has beon made for a certificate of occupancy. SECTION 32. ADJUSTMENTS, v VARIANCES AND APPEALS The Planning Commission, subject to the approval and confirmation of tho Board of Supervisors in each case, as hereinafter provided, shall have power to grant adjustments and variance* in and to any of the provisions of this ordinance to tho extent of tho following and no further: 1. To vary or modify tho strict application of nny of the regulations or provisions contained in thla ordinance In catien in which there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in the way of such strict application. 2, To permit the extension of a district where the boundary line thereof divides a lot In ono ownorflhtn at tho time of the pattsago of this ordinance. Amnicatloh for any adjuntmont or variance ncrmisulblo undor the pro* visions of this section Rlmll bo made U> tho Planning commission In the form of a written application for a building permit or for a permit to viHO the properly or premises as sot forth in said application And shall net forth alt details of the proposed construction or uso. Upon receipt of any such application by the officer or employee of tho Planning Commission designated In Iho rulOH of tho Commission for such purpose, Huch officer or employee shall not a tlmo and place for a public henrln* hofore the Planning Commission on such ap- plIcRtlon. 8uch officer or employee shall cause nubllo notlcn of such public hearing to bo glvon by en using ono notice thereof to be published in a newspaper of (rvnnral circulation In th« County at leant inn (10) daya boforo the dato of *mld hearing. At said hearing tho applicant nhall present a statement and mlequnte evidence, In mich form an tho PlannUm Commission may require, showing: 1. That there arc npoolal circumstances or conditions applicable to the land, building or uno referred to in the application. 2. That the granting of the application IH necca&nry for tho preservation und enjoyment of tuihBtantUit property rtfthta, 3. That the granting of the application will not materially adversely affect the health or ttnfMy of persons residing or working; In the netirhnorhood of the property of the applicant nml will not be materially detrimental to the public welfare or Injurious io property or Improvements In Bald neighborhood. The X'omml**U>n Khali thereupon make Jlh dominion on the wild up pli- cation ntul shall report nuoh declnlon to the Hoard of Supervisors within forty-five U6> days after the filing of tho application. In granting any adjustment or variance under the provisions of this BOO lion, tho Planning Commission shall ttenlfrnate such conditions in connect lion therewith UK will, In Its opinion, secure BubMatittally the objective* of Ihe regulation or provision to which such adjustment or variance Is granted, as to liffht, nir. and the public health, nufwiy, moral**, convenience und general welfare. No permit Hhall 1m iwiiuad under the provisions of thin Hoctlon unions and until a dccUlon of the Planning ComminHlon. an afaro- naid, approving tho name, Bhall have beon approved ant! confirmed by Uin Board of Supervisors^ In reporting Its decision to the Hoard of Bupor- vUors the Planning Commission shall report lu findings with renpect thereto and all facts in connection therewith, and shall specifically am! fully not forth nny adjustment or variance granted and the conditions denlg- nnted. Upon receipt of nuch report, If the doclnlon of tho Planning Commission approved tho granting of the application, the Board of Supervisors tillner shall, by resolution, approve and confirm said decUlon, whereupon the permit HS applied for may Issue; or whall refuse to approve and confirm nuch decision. In all canos in which adjuvtmenttt or variances are granted und«r the provisions of IhU noctlon, the Planning Commission shall require nuch evidence and guarantees as It may deam lo be noco»»ary that iho conditions designated In connection therewith are being and will be complied with. The Planning Commission shall Have power to hear and decide appeals Involving the enforcement of this ordinance when nuch appeals are based upon quettlona of the Interpretation thereof. 'SECTION 33. USE PERMITS Use permits may be United for any of the following In any district; 1. Any of the uses or purposes for whloh Much permits nre required or permit tod by iho provisions of thU ordinance, 2. Public utility or public service use* or public buildings when found to be necessary for the public health, safety, convenience or welfare. 3. Commercial excavating of natural materials used for building or construction purposes. 4. To classify a« a conforming use any use permitted In C-S district*, "V- 1 . » n ° l I" more restricted districts, which use Is oxtMtng nt the time of the adoption of this ordinance an a non-conforming uso In a C-l district. &, To clawsify an a conforming use any Institutional UBO existing In any district at the tlm* of the establishment of wuch district. .. 8 - 79. *>«rmH l "o location of any of the following use* In a district from which they ar« excluded by the provisions of this ordinance: airport* library, community center, church, hospital, InHtitutlons of an educational, philanthropic or charitable natura, cemetery, crematory, mauso* Ifum and any othor place for the disposal of thu human dead. Buch use permit* shall be Issued under the »j*mo procedure as that specified in Bcctlon p!t of thU ordinance for the grunting of adjustments or variances, except thalt 1. No public hearing need be'held thereon; provided, however, that the Planning Commission may hold nuch hearings thereon as it may deem to be necesftory; and provided, further. that a public hearing shall be h«ld on any application for a use permit for the establishment of any use listed !!l.P*,RW^' n ^.P* r ** r *P& numbered "*" of this «*cUon. I* The finding* of tb* Wanning CommiMion. except M otherwise pro. vided in tois •action, need include only that-UM eai»bilshm«ttt mainu* nanco and/or conducting of Uw u*» for which a UM pemli Jfi soufht w«l not, under the olrcunwUncw of heal T^I ** '-J&tt ttetftil , mor, «om- PI ^f m V^* ^^w • working i-\ • 'i :*i fc fi >^ '>., I -.'. - tv s= -i ,: -I- *••*> **A' •^ *J •?:>-* TC - »^' ^- L jn n.^^: 1 • . • '. - '-.L -'-1 ,• :- ••*• >. .^ '*.' • * - V-' - ". --\ • i- \ ' •• ••• ; * ! '^*/vvA--^^ i '3;;-^L'i^4yA*R^^JBaEasaa • •-,?- -,' t -. ---' • -' -',- - -.-:J -,^''-^ '**YiU'>¥* Itf'^J^w&IgEilF -' -. * r TJv'"*7Vv ^-/'>•"-•« r^M^;>^s^|^^^S% i ^ • '.-<: ' ,.^.,-^r -iV 1 ,, I. 1 -:?.'. .:/. - ^'?•*V^$4>%^ i i L j i . L i . i 7 . H i •-• i "> -n '. • i II i iti ii»-a \. •' bh*.?v "Jf&* •• •• J ^ l l , -LV Jl~ i ,TO-J*. ft 1 4 V- •-- ' ™» * • . - ; '.'.-.v: '...:-"'- J v, .-.-•,••;.• ,v:6?TOl¥iW3& V- LfiQAU N . _ or improvements in said neighborhood. .; a -I*. Any UFfteeeding* to classify c*r- Uln uses as conforming us«ss, as provided in this section* may bti Initiated by the Board of Supervisor** 6r by the Planning Commission* Or t>y petition aa hereinbefore provided* _All other provisions of wild Section 38, including the designation by the Planning Commission of any conditions upon which the use permit may be Issued and guarantees that such conditions will bo compiled with* ahall apply to the granting of a-use permit Any uae permitted under the terms of any uso permit shall be established and conducted In conformity to the terms of such use permit and of any conditions designated In connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS This ordinance may be amended by changing the boundaries of districts or by changing any othor provision hereof whenever the public necessity and convenience and the general welfare require such amendment, by following the procedure specified in this section. Said amendment may be Initiated by: (a) The verified petition of one or more owners of property affected by iho proposed amendment, which petition shall be filed M'lth the Plan- nine Commission und shall bo accompanied by a fee of Twenty-five (2fi) Dollars, no part of which nhatl be returnable to the petitioner; or by (b) Resolution of Intention of the Board of Supervisors; or by (c) Resolution of Intention of the Planning Commission. Tho Planning Commission, not Inter than at Its next succeeding meeting following the filing of auch verified petition or following the adoption of such resolution of Intention, shall sot the times and places for such public hearings thereon as may be required by law, nnrt shall give such notice of such hearings aa may be required by law. Such notice shall Include no- tiro of tho proposed amendment. In oano the proposed nmendmcmt con- HiHts of a change of tho boundaries of any district ao as to reclasslfy property from any district, except an A-l or A-2 district, to any othor district, the Planning Communion glva additional notice of the tlmn place of nuch hearings and of the purpose thereof by; 1. Vontlng public notice*) thereof not lent* than ten (10) days prior to the date of the first of such hearings along each and every street upon which tho property proposed to bo roclasfilfled ubius, Tn CRSO u majority of the property proposed to b« roclnsMfird has been subdivided Into parcels of ono (1) aero or less in area, such notices shall be pUeml not more than five hundred (800) feet apart and auch posting Khali extend along said street or parrels a distance of not less than five hundred (500) feet from the exterior limits of such properties as are proposed for re- cla&slfleatlon. In tho case of all olher property proposed lo bo r«M:!a«- ulfled nuch notices shall be placed not more than one (l) mile apart, Kach Buch notice shall contest of the words ' Notice of proposed amendment to Land Use Plan" printed In plain type with lotlern not Ions than uno (1) incho in height, and In addition thereto a~ statement In small typo setting forth a general description of iho property involved In tho propound ohango of district, tho time and place at which the public hearing* on the proposed change will bo held and any other Information which tho Planning CommtBHton may deem to bo nece*- Bftry; and by 2, Mailing a postal card notice not SIJB than ton days prior to tho date of the flrnt of such heartngit to the owner* of all property within the posting area above drflnod. lifting for HUH purpose tho last known name and addrdsri of Much owners H» *hown upon the records of the of the County. Any failure to noat public notices or to mull postal card notices as aforesaid ehall not invalidate nny proceeding* for amendment tt Una ordinance. Following the aforesaid hearings tho Planning Commission nhatl make a report of IU findings ami rocom- mondnlionn with ro«poot to tho proponed amendment and nhall file with Ihe Hoard of Supervisor*! an attested copy of such report within ninety (90) days after the dole of tho meeting at which irnld Commission ««t the Uni«w and plftceit for Hold hearing!*. Failure of the Planning Commlnnlon MO lo report within «ald ninety (»0) days nhull bo deemed to be approval of the propound amendment by said Vloiintug Communion. Upon receipt of mich report from tho Planning CommtfMtton, or upon the expiration of nuch ninety (SO) daya an aforenald, tho Hoard of Hu- pervlnorp shall net tho matter for public hearing after notice t her oof and of the proponed amendment, Riven an provided by law. After the conrluilon of auch hearing the Hoard of Supervlnortt may adopt the amendment or any part thereof Hot forth in the petition or In the resolution of Intention In euch form as Bald Board may deem to be advlimble. The decision of the Board of R«- pervlaora Hhall bn rend ered with I n n!xty ($0) day* after the receipt of *\. r °J0. ort , and recommendation* from ihe Planning Comml«»lon or afl<*r the expiration of nuch ninety (SO) days, an aforesaid. Upon the content of the Planning CotnnilftMlon any petition for an amendment may bo withdrawn upon the written application of a majority of all the person* who nlgned wuch petition. The Hoard of Supervisor* vr the Planning ConunlMRton, AM the cane may be. may hy resolution, ill mud on any proceeding* for an amendment Initiated by IU own resolution of intention, provided that such abandonment may bo made only when nuch nroceedlnita are before such body for consideration and provided that any hearing of which public notice han been given ahull be h*ld. SECTION 35. FORM OF PETITIONS. APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS The Planning Commission shun In IU riilM prescribe the form and ncope of all petition*, applications and appeal* nrovlded for In thU ordinance, n »d of accompanying data to b« fur- nlMhod fo ai* to a»«ure the fullest practicable pre*eriUUon of faotH for proper consideration of tho matter Involved in each ca«e and for a per* rnan«nt record. Any petition for an adjustment or variance a* provided in Section 83 of thl* ordinance, or for a uae permit AM provided In Section 33 of thin ordinance, or for an amendment a« provided In Section 34 of thl* ordinance, shall include a v*rt- f cation by at least one of tho petitioner*, attesting to the truth and correctneMM of all facts and map* pre- H«nt*d with Mild petition. Huch flcatlon Bhall be dated and at before H notary public or before the County Clerk. SECTION 3*. ENFORCEMENT. LEGAL PROCEDURE, PENALTIES AH department*, officials and public employee* of the County which are ve*t#d with tho duly or authority to lM*ue permit* or licenses *haU conform to the provlaiona of thl* ordinance and a hall IH*UR no wueh permit or Hcenne for u*e*. bulldin««, or pur- po**»« where the **me would be in conflict with tho provision* of thin ordinance and any uuch permit or lleetiiie, if l*«ued In connict with the provifttoM of thla ordinance. »h*U b« null and void* It shall bo the duty of th* Plann ng CommUklon to enforce the pro- ylalon* of thl* ordinance perUlttlng to the erection, con*truction, racon- •tnictton, moving, conVemlon, alteration or addition to any building or structure. II ahall be the duty of the Sheriff of the county and of the officer of the County her«in and/or other*!** charged by;Uw wlUi the «nltorowneut of thl* ordinance to enforce thU ordinance and aU tit* provUlon* ot ttt* **me." • ••' • • •• • "" •. • • • '• Any l>*r*on. rtrm or corporation, whether a* prlno pai, og«nt employ** or otherwise, YicJaUng any of the proylston* of this ordinance »hsJl be uuilty of a misdemeanor, *nU conviction therwif shaU Uo —^^ - ^^^ ^^^— —-^— — — — ^^^^^ ^^—^^^^ ^- — - ^^^^^ — ^^— • ^^^^^^^^M ^. '^ J fu—L/f ^ • \* ~ ^ ^HM 1 ^^^^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^U^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K 4 v t- y^F*m^ ^vfi t t_^Ed ^ii"SP^^^» i OT 1C B8 ^ - x -• i- ^&&yg rfi ij ^j fe » r,j ^ M-^Tj_ ^ , _ <,;, .'--. ;ftif.'*(i rAjJ.jJB re? rifl^^^^^^^^^^w^^O^^fe^l^U^^^^^^B^dS^B^jf / j '--^Jt • lixiJ rfl/ ^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^*^^*^^^^*^*^^*^^^^*^^*^S^ "*'. • t f. j i aVAiSi' 1 ttnment in the cotinty Jo« of County for a; twin not •-""' three (3) mphtfeft and "*ti - I repealed nothing donmod , .-- ,b<a dttetxx , of af «ttparaie off and /every da£ during „ of which any Violation of ,—,, nance Is comniitted. continued permitted by such person, firm corporation* and shaft bd '" as "heroin ^provided. k .- , Any building or stricture ;fc*t erected, constructed, altered; larged, converted, moved or *&.«.- tained contrary to the provision* ;of this ordinance and/or any us* of any land, building or premises conducted, operated or maintained con Wary ,t« the provisions of this ordinance shall bo and the same is hereby declared to be unlawful and & public nuisance and tho District Attorney of tn« County shall, upon order of the Board of Supervisors, immediately commence action or proceeding^ fof tho abatement and removal and en- jolnment thereof In the manner provided by law and shall take sucn oth«r steps and shall apply to sdch court or courts as may have jurisdiction to grant such relief as wtJl abate and remove such building or structure and restrain and enjoin ahr poraon, firm or corporation/ from anting tip, erecting* building. Jmaitt- talnlng or us!riff any such buttding 6r structure or using any property c^tt- trary to the provisions* of thJ« ordinance. The remedies provided for hereto shall be cumulative and not exclusive, SECTION 37. REPEALING AU ordinance** and parts or ordinances of said County In conflict with thl» ordinance, to the extent of atuch conflict and no further, are hereby ; provided, however, that herein contained shall be to repeal or amend any ordinance of said County requiring a permit or license or both, to cover any business, trade or occupation* SECTION 38* VALIDITY If anv section, aub-iiectfon, t*nce, clause or phrase of this „ nance la for nny reaaon held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be Invalid, «uch decision shall not affect the validity of tho remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares that it would have passed this ordinance and each section, sub-section, sentence, oUutso and phrase hereof, Irrespective of tho fact thnt any one or more sections, nub-sections, »*«- tenc«s, clauses or phrases be declared invalid, SECTION 39. REFERENCE This ordinance shall be known an<t cited oa tho Unnd Uae Plan Ordinance of the County of Kern. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT This ordinance shall tako effect and bo In force thirty (30) days after th« ant* of its passagre, and shall within fifteen days from tho date of Its possaKo bo published for ono week in the Uakerafleld California^, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published In the said County of Kern. Tho forcirolne ordinance was duly and regularly pasHpd and adopted by thft Hoard of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, at a regular *ea8!on of said Board hoM on the Hth day of September, 1936, by th« following vote, to-wit: ParlBh, Ulnman, Abel. Nona, Absent: Wooliomes, "SVImmer. (SKAT,) STANLEY ABKI* Chairman lYo-Tem of the Board of Supervisor* of the County of Kern, State of California, ATTEST: F. R SMITH. County d«rk and ex-QfflcIo Clerk of tho Roan] of Supervisor*. r 22 lo 28 inc. dfrA- .<<>: sen ordl Ayes; Noes: work work NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Not loo in hereby given that the Board t>f TruHtecs, Shafter School District, Shatter, California, will receive hldfl fr»r the furnishing of all labor, materials, trnnsportatlon and ncrvlceH necofftMry for the fnatallatlon and completion of the air conditioning sys- torn in Shaftor School, Shatter. 'California, each bid to be In accordance with plans arid npfioifiratlonfl now on f « with tho Architect, Charles H. Ulggar. 554-555 Haberfelde Bulldlnr. HakorfiflMd, California. lllddora ure hereby notified that pumuant to tho Btatutea of the Stale of California, or local law. thereto applicable, the Hoard of Trustees. Shnfier Krhool District, Shatter, California, hon ascertained tho general prfsvailInK rate of p«>r diem wayes and rati!8 for legal holiday and overtime In tho locality In which this is to bo performed, for each craft or type of workman or mechanic nested to execute the contract which will bo awarded the suooenvful bidder, All labor time and ono half for overtime; double tlmo on holidays. U shall bo mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract Is awarded, and upon any sub-contractor under him. to pay not leas than the «alu specified rat« lo ail laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of the contract. Bids finall bo made out on a form to be obtained nt the office of the Architect* Charles H, 12t£g*r, and must be accompanied by a certificate or eashlur's check for ten (10%) per cent of the amount of the bid made payable to the order of the Board of TruHteac, Stmfter School District. 8hnft**r t California, ahall b<* evaled and filed with the clerk of the Board of TruHt<*eK» .Slmfter School platrlct on or beforo October 6th f 1936, «.t 7:00 o'clock I*. M., and will be opened In public at or about 7:30 P. M. of that day In tho offiu* of tho Board of TruAteea. Shatter School DUtrict, Shafter. California. ho above mentioned rhisik ahall be -trn IIB a jruarauUm thut the bidder will *nt<*r Into a rontroct if awarded th« work, and will be declared for- fi»llt«d if the Huccottaful bidder refuses (o enter Into suld contract after b*lns to do so by th« Hoard of Rhafter »ch<X)l PLstrlct. Tho AuccttRsfu! bidder will be re- to furnish a Ubor and material on n at) amount *o.uaj to 50% of ihw contront price, and a faithful. performance bond In an amount equal to 100% of the contract price, *ald bond* to h« HOC u rod from a surety company Riuufftctory to the Board of Trustee*. Hhnfter School DUtrict. A list of such surety companion is on rile with the office of th« Architect. The Board of Trustees, Shatter School District, re«*rv«a the right to reject any or ail bids and/or waive any Irregularity In a but, I.niej4» otherwise required by law, no bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the date sot for the opening thereof, DaUM September 14, 19S<, Bakersfield, California. UOAJIO OF TRUSTEES, Shaftur School Uifttrl .Shafter, CalUornSa. CIIAKLKS COIT, Acting Clerk. Publication nate«: September 18, 3fi, October &. 193*. Coin-Detector Is Said to Be Sure ^^V^P^H^h^^^^d^^^V^^^^^B^^^^^^^^taW^^I f SYDXEY. Sept. 25, tJ. P,>— What Is HuJtl to bo an infallible spurioub- coin detector h«u» been installftd at the head offiw of the Bank of X fiouth Wales, Bank officia the machine will rsvolutioniwi tho handling of money, .-.,.. The machine haa detected spurious coins that had previou - fied All known means of H de toots a counterfeit coi t^nth of a second. In three minute* It can han'dlo l t (M every spurious one. The machine is trteaHy. Ttie cotna bowl on top, oins YI « ' "-V I • 1 'V ' H • - , h '. 1 ,- v. v>,. .. :-.•• • -t- - * ' . * * ' ^ - .'^ f i- .. ' • '- • J • «- • t J H^ . J "ff*k;'. •-•»";, ,'i':i';''/• MMM.-' 9m. - - H;!--,'. i v..'?^^. ; ^7, , *'? £ *•• Wai:*>;^ '• ifl ^-\ HT^ J ^\ \- ^ h ' f "' j_ m *hr'i"' ihr^ L 'ih '!". '' .1 .Jti*;^ ; ^.i*Ji-^ ? riA,;v''" J \'^ L^*,,M ^ <T'->, ' ',> - ,r.\\^t/^J •. *" l ='.,^ ' •'-'-' "/v "vJ^fe -;' ..V'V-'-;;:;^- ,^^ - * . ..... . ,. r " •- -' v \ r ' ,', ^ \ \ : ^ • - -* ' -- '-*• —- -'-- -- ' ' f^+. -•

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