The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 20
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 20

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 20
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120 ORDINANCE No. 312 AN ORDINANCE) OF TttB COUNTV OP KKRN, STATB OP CAMFOR- NMA, ADOPTING A T-AND TT81J PfcAN. RKINf} A DISTRICTING PI,AN, AK A PART OF THW MAS- TKIl T'T,AN OK SAID COUNTY; SPKOirVINQ TUB PlinPOHNH AND THK EFFECTS Of TUB ADOPTION OF SAID T-J.AN wiiEnisnv VARIOUS DWTRICTS ART' 1 ESTAHUSHEn IN SAID COUNTY: SPWIKVINQ THE U8158 OF I,AND AND OF DUILDINqH PBUMITTED IN SA1H I)I8- THH'T.S; KSTAI1USHINO CHIl- TAI.V il)5H3MT IJMITS WITHIN SAIP HISTIUCT.S; ItKQUIRlNd C'KHTAIN YAIHIS AND OTIlttH OI'RN NI'Ai'KS WITHIN SAID niHinit'TH. I'KIWIHHINi! liKOU- T.ATIUN'M I''OH THIS KRF.CTION, rON'KTIH'i'TIHN'. A1.TERAT1ON AND MAINTKNANTi: OF niMI.P- IN'iiS STUrrTriUCH AND OTIIKIl TMl'KOVI-lMKN.TK IN SAII> DIS- THIi'TS, INCM'DINO Til 1C UK- qrillKMKNT THAT C'KHT.MN T'l'-IIMITS SHAM. HK SKiTIIKD Foil f'KHTAIN i'F SIMM! Itril.n- INrjS STHC'-TrilKS AM' 1M- ritOYK.MKNTH AND K"H TIIK TSK THKUKOr ANT' »F LAND; liKKlNINO THK TKKMS HHI'I' HKRi-MN: si'Kfri-'viNu TIIR I'mi- ricnnnK Knit TUP: AMKM>- MTWT HRIUCOK, AND PHKSCIIIH- IKG PEN ALT IKS Ft) II THK, VIOLATION 1 OF ANY OF Til 15 PROVISION'S IIEIIKOF. The Ilnnril nf Supervisors i>f (he TII, Hliito of California, follows: SECTION 1. ADOPTION OF LAND USE PLAN Thorp tit hereby adopted 11 I* rid TV* Pin n n H H I'lirt nf the Midler I'llill of Hi.-. I'niiniy of K.TII. Hlnli- "f I'all- r.irnlii i-nlil 1.H nd !"."«> IMiui being » Hull -h-nug I'l/u, n K prnvhl'-d by latv. SECTION 2. PURPOSE OF ADOPTION OF LAND USE PLAN ,«nlil l.iin'1 I' 1 " 1 I'lini If inlciptf'd In fi'uni'itp iihd |ir<ili"-i Hi" public health, rllfely |i"l,' - e. ninnibl, comfort, i-nll- i I'lili'iire anil geur-riil wHfari' mill for tli.< aci'imipflsluiient Iheronf Ix i.dopied imiiiiiK I.UMT purposes. for HIP frillmi-liu/ ninr- pnrtlruliirly specified |Mirj>«Nl'«, In. wit- Ml To H«*lnl In pri'Vlilltii; H County "f Kf-rn tlO nrdnlll UP for the County, which plan Is In tho process of preparation by the Fliui- nlntr Commission pursuant to tho provisions of law and In accordance with the Instructions of tho Ttoard of Supervisors. Owing to the territorial extent of Iho County nnd tho diversity of conditions and Interests therein nnd lo the careful studies and analysos being inttdn by the Planning Commission of all facts having n hearing upon the determining of a oomprohen- slvo Iinnd Usn Plan for tho County, considerable iimo will bo required for (ho' completion of said I/arid Use Plan, fiiild Hoard of Supervisors hereby finds that the public Interest, necessity, convenience and welfare require that nil rapidly tis portions of said T.riml tine Plan shall IIH completed thf same should be adopted and put Into full force and offect nnd hereby declares Up Intention sn l«l proceed with the c/inshleriitloii and adoption. In th» manner provided hy Inw, nf such portions nf said Ijind ITse. Pi/ill. SECTION 7. EFFECT OF ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS r:\ccpt n..'! hi-i'Pliiufler otherwise provided (a) No liiillillnii lulinll be erected (iml no '•xbitlng biilbllng shall be moved, alli-red, ndd",| in nr >Milarg«d nor shall any bunt, InilhlliiK nr premises bn usod, designed nr In- tendeil In he unf-d for nny |Mir|mNn or In uny manner oilier limn I* Included nmniig Ibi! Ufio" hoi'i'lnnfler listed an pi-rniKted In (he district lu which Mich building, land nr premlnofi IK located. flu No hiilldlm; Mhiill he erected, recniihtriii'te,| or niriict itriilly nllered to r.xceed In bi-lght tin- limit herejln- nfler deslgiinted for llm district 111' which such hiilhlliiK IH located. (c) No btitldhig xhiill he eri'ded, nnr «hiill nny i>ilMlntf hiilhltng he allwrd, nddeil In. , nhiriM'it or rebuilt, nnr Nlmll anv o|ien 'I|IMCI>H Hurroniul- Ing any bulletin); he ••neriuich«"d upon or reduced In ntiv iniinner. eiicepi In cnnfnrinlly tn (In- junl, hiilhlliiu "lie Ill-nil Illlll building Ini'iithin I • K'lln! I'MIM herehuifler denlu iiiiied fnr tin. district In which Much hnllilliiK nr npen Rpuce IN locnleil. Ill i Nn vlt|-f| or nlher npen Mpacn prnv hied nhniit anv building fnr Ihe under (he terms of this ordinance, In any other district; M-1-1I district. 13. From the westerly and easterly prolongation of tho southerly lino of Ixit 24, Otsa Tvomn Acres, as recorded In M. n. H at pago 3d. In thn office of tho County Recorder of Httld County, to thn northerly boundary of T. 82 a., It. 28 IS,, M. D. M., and within a dls» tanco of six hundred (800) foot from the exterior boundaries of said highway on each side thereof: M-l-M din. irlct. 14. From the northerly boundary of T. 82 H., It. 28 18., M. D. M. to the northerly boundary of Ihe Raneho COM tan, and within u dlstimcn of nix hundred (ROD) font from Iho exterior boundaries of said highway on each side thereof: A-1-J-! district. IB. From ihe northerly boundary of HID Itnncho Cantac to thn soulhnrly boundary i,f the County, and within a distance of six hundred (800) feet from ihe exterior boundaries of nald hlghwny on each sldo thereof, rind, In addition thnrnlo, nil territory wlth- ! In view of said highway: A-l-H ills- i trio!. ilefl ' f. i'niiiili n nd to Kiilde, ciintrnl nnd i eg main lh» future growth nf (b« I'miMly In in i ni-iliiiice \vllh Mild phui. ll!) 'I n prnlori lln' rbiirncler mid the *i., Ini llliil ccrinolnh- HlnhllMv of iiBI-lciilliirnl, i-fi-ldeiilliil. cnoiini'H Ini, liidiislrlnl .'inil nllier uri'iui within Hie t'nniilv and I" iiBHiiri- the nnleilv nnd lieivflclnl ili'Veliiplin'iit "T Mull l.'ll Tn rih\lnli> the llienilci' Jiuhllc snf'-iv ri-'-nIi Ing from (be In'-a- tlun nf biilldlniis. mul the linen then of nnd of liinil iidjiicnnt In hlKhwniM which me ii Pin I "f Ihe Sti-eel mid Highway I'lnn "f the Muster I'lnn nf ihe foiiuly, or which nre Imporiniit tlinroii|[hfiu-"ii. In Much mnnin'r IIH lo riiui'e Iniei-fereiic,. wllh «'ib'(liiK or lirn.'ipi'cllvc truffle innvenii'iiln em SECTION 3. NATUHE OF LAND USE PLAN Hud! Land I'so I'lnn cnriHlsIn nf the r.'ilahllshnifnl of vnrb'UH ilhilrlrlii Wllhln the iiiiliicorpntnled territory nf the I'niiiity wllhln sniun, all nr none of which II nlmll he Inwfiil, anil wllhln „, nil ,,r none of which H nhnll ll.i unlnuflll In erecl, roliMl rlld . nlll'f or iTiiiliilnlii c..riiiln liiillilliiKK "i- In ,'nrry on certain trades or occupations nr lo coiiilin-l certain IIHI-H of hind nnd or of hnlhlliiK" niid'nr W'llhln v, hhh the belKbt nnd hulli of future b'llldliu!." Mhnll be lloilli-'I iiwl/or v.-llhln which c.'iinln op.MI npnceii nhiill he ri-'iulri'il nhonl riilnre Inilhl IIIIM-, mid coiiMlhllTii;. fnrlher. nf up- lirnprlnte ti'KUhilliili" In be cnfmccll tn h Ictn, nil m< eel (orlh In Mill nnllnmi' •• SECTION 4. DISTPICT& 'I'lin nforeMlllll dlHll'IclH IH'e I'll fol- lo'vi,. lo wll: Non-Urhiin Qrouii. \-l tilnirlctfi- All the unlncnr- ].nrnlii| ii'inioi) "f tin- I'niinty lint inchiileil lii HIIV nthi'i- dhilrlrf. A-l! Hlnli-lcls. Huhiirhaii Agricultural lilslrl'-ts Cnmniiinlty Group. II-1 I il'itrlds: (ini'-Kiiinlly Henhleii- Illll Iilslrli'll' I',.:. 1 |i|Ntrli-ln: Two-Klimlly llenlden- tlnl MIMnctH. U-.1 lilelrlctii: l.linltiid Multiple lleisl- il IMMrlrtii Tt I liu.trlrl" licnernl Multiple Reid- purpi l h.ln|IM l,f coiiHhlereil nnil no v;ii one |o| ,,h, vldlng M building i nrnpl \-|ni; I|I|H nrill nn in n prnvl'lhnj fin uny nlh" I nr nihi'i- npi-n h.ill IH vn ri1 ' 'll nny th" prfi- Hhall hf ym'il nr hnll'llllK. KIIIM'" nn lilered nn pn n Hpnce fur lot. uny niiii A I SECTION fl All Ih" iiiilii'-i . i 'omit', u-hl<-h i-lor tin- Ir-rniN nf I'Hii'f illiHrli'i l mul illnlrh't fithrr A-1 DISTRICTS n •pnriitoil leri'ltnrv nl hi nnt Included, Ihl." iirdlnmice. In h'lrlcl IM herehy ih-.''b;- hisslflpel nn ciiiinlllutlng il, EJECTION «», OOLOEN STATE HIGHWAY The foll'-wlntr districts are hcrrhy enlnbllnbed. InrliMIni,- Ibnrein, reMpec- tlvflly, nil Ihofe portloitM nf the uiiln- i-orpwn I IM| leirllnry of the (""mnily MllK helween the following llencrl bed limits mul wlihlii Ihe following niiei'l- fleil Ml'itn ni'i'ii from the cxlerlor hnun- i ilurleH nf Ihnt rnml n,- hlKbwny commonly linowii nil iiolili'n Hinie Highway nnil of iJuhlfii Slnle A\'enne, he- Ini; I'nlirornln Htnle Highway lioule NiunhiT Konr, UN ilcrilMiinted hy thn llMnlou of lllKbun.Vri nf the I lepllrl- ineiil of I'ulill. VVnrlin of Ihn Slnle n( < •nllfoiuln : I M'l'nin Ih" nniitherl\ lninnilnr.\' of the I'll y of I icliino to no i nut nml went | linn drawn thnniitb n point on Hie • wiistcrly hiiiiinhii) ,,f ih,. il K hi of wnv : nf nal'l hlKh»M\, which |i"lnl h c I IhoilHllllil I Illlllll fi el | t he niirl liet I v huuniln : wn v nf I Vt ti Inn A \ i • nml wllhln n ill'ilniii I (f.iini f,.,.| (IMIII tin i hh'h wn v on ..iich nlil ! district ^. r'rnni nn CIIHI nnil UI-M! line drawn thrniiKb ii point on the woilcrlv hniin- ilmv "f Hie llKhl of \vnv of Klihl hl|;h- «ny, which pnlnl In nn.. ihi. (Illlllll f,..-i iinrtherly ri"in the norlh- erlv honnilniv nf Ihe rl|!ht nf wny nf PcrhliiH Avenue. Mcl.'in Innil, In the nnrlhei'lv boiiint;irv nf I'dlilii'i Ale- nun, Mcl'"ni hunt, nnil v(llhln n illMlnncn nt nil" hnnilreil flfly il.iili feet from tho exterior buiindnrleH of Hie ihjhl n( wny of nnld blgb»iiv mi em h nldn thereof: I ' I'-11 dlnlrlcl. II T'IOIII an emit and « rnl Ilio- ilraivn IhriniKh a polm nn Ihc vvcMnlv hnun diiry on the right of >vav ..f Mild .vhlcb pnlnt In urn' Ilioiihiinil i Iliinii fed iiin-ibeih from Ih.. ih- i-ilv hoiinilmv of ihe i lulu ..| uay of li Inn A vel , M, | 'm Innil lo the I'ellvlli,, ,\ vein a ill"Inn. r feel from the •mid highway i-l'ilnn Hoi,.. -..nil lelllloiy ler Ih.. Icini/i ilher llln- SECTION 11. DEFINITIONS Fnr the purpose of thin ordinance c.nrtnln icrniH uHod heroin nrn defined an fnllnup All wordH imeil in the proBoni lenso Khali liicluile the futurn; all wordM In thn pluriil ininihnr Hhall Include thn nliiKiilur unrulier and till wordn In lh« NlnKular number Hhall Include thn plural number; UII|OHH Ihn natural con- ulructlon of thn wonllnir Indlrates olberwlBK. Tbn word "lot" Includon tlm word "pint"; HID word "bulldliiK" IncludeH tlm word "mruoture" and (he word "nlmll" IN mnndutory uud not directory. The word "Counly" Mhiill iiiciiii th« County of K«rn, State of < 'allfornlu; Ihc uonls "Hoard of Su- purvlnorw" dbiill menu tho Hoard of I HiipervlnorH of tho County of Kern, State of California; thn wordw "I'lan- nlnif CoitimlHnlon" nlmll nii>an (ho Cfiutily I'lunnlnir CoininlH.'ilon 'if (ho i 'on lily of Kern, Htate of California; and the wonl« "(,'nnnty houndary" i Hhall moan Ihn l.niiiidiiry of Ilie | County of Kern. Slat" of Cnllfornla, I and/or the boundary of liny Inc.orpo- rali'il miinliilpallly ullbln nald 1 i. 'mini y. Aarleulturei Tho (Illlnir nf (be noil, j llm ralfilng <if crnpH, horlli'iillure, mnall ! llvi'niodi furmlntr, ilulryliiK and/or Imilmal bunhanilry. Ini'liiilInK all UKCH ! I'linloinnrlly Im-lili'iilal thorelo but nnl Ini'liiilliiu filanulHiir IIOIIHCH, for- llll/.iM j;inli., I. nil" unilh nr plmilh fnr Ihi- r'-'lui'l Inn nf anlnuil malli'r nr liny Inlhi'i- linhiHi rlnl inn' whli-h IH Hluillarly ! nh {"el Iniia lili. hci'uiinii nf ntlor, HilluUfi, : ihiKt nr funii'H, Allny: Any publh 1 tlinrmiKhfiiri', not I'JcccdliiB thirty CUM fi.ct In width, fnr Iho UNO of iii'ilctitrlaiiN und.'or of vi-hlch'H uhh-li affnnlH only a MOCOII- ilnry mcniiN nf ai'i-cHH to ubiittlhK properly. Apartment: A ronin or Hiilte of two nr mnrc rnniiifi which lii dertlKiied for, liilcnili'il fnr miil'nr occupleil by one family ilnln« ||H coukliiK (herelii. Apnrtmflnt Court! Hoo Dwelling flrniip. Apnrtmont House! Hre Dwelling, Miilllpln. Aiitomobllo Cninp: I, mid or prnmbii'S which IH iincil nr Intended in bo imfil, Id or ri'iiti-il fnr ni-i'ii|iaiicy by camp- cm Inivi'llni,' by iiiilnmnhllri nr iillicr- W!H", nr for occupancy hy or of triillnm nr mnvfibli! ilwollliiKH, innuiH or nlcep- IIIR i|iiarl(ii-M of nny kind. Autamoblla Gourd A group of two or mnrc ilvliu hcil or »rml il"Uicli"<l iillillnirK ' nliliilnlni; UIICH! riiomi aald dUtriots wfth which any . combining regulatlonB ar« combined, Tho term "C dl»trlot" /hall mean any c-1 or a-3 dlntrlct or Any of Bald dl»- trleiB with which any combining r«Kti- lailonn aro combined, The term "M dlBtrlot" ahull mean any M-I or M-S dlgtrlct or any of «ald dlnlMcJM with which any combining regulation* are combined. Dlitrlot, Mere Rtttrlottd or U«ii ««itrlct«di In tho following list each dlBtrlot Bhull he deemed to bo more reoirlutod than tho dlBtrlot BUoeeod- Innr it and each district shall be decmod to bo lomn reotrlcled ttmn the dlBtrlot proceeding It; tt-1, H-2, R-8, R-4, C-J, C-2, M-l and M-2. Dwelling, On«.F«mllyt A detached building deBtgnod for and/or occupied llhellv fill i' of ihe Hiihi Hie. Mcl''ll|hll '.f i-lx bundi-ed i-ntiiloi honn of wnv nf Mild llnleof: A I II miil/nr ainirlmi'iilH iirovlded In con- nitcilnn ilicrcwlih, which Kinup In de- MlgiH'd. Inlcinli'il anil or UHtiil prlnuirlly for Hi" ai'cninmnilal Inn nf autnmnhlln travi'li'iw; Inrhhllni; ijiniips il"nln mil cil . nl, Inn, nmlnr IndKni*, and by i IIIIIN. Wrecklno: Sue Junk IIH nnl i linlhi r Aiitomobllo Viird. Clnnemont: A ul Itrmiiid ami havli,,; '':,! nf ||,< h"l|'ht 'inent Hllnll he ry nl a 'liiint If the H'ltli-nl illNlmicn UlO cflllllK III nvi'l- five fnr linnlneHH purpoMi'H 'lllnit |nii|iniieh hy finin fi-l-l or If nihc _ lanllnr or Ic Ncrvuiit.i t'lnplnycd ,1 | In UKI mini" building, Including the i family of Ihc miriio. t (Jluoki That prnporly abutllng on nnc Hide nf n Hired mid lyliiH luMWeon the Iwn iieaie.'il Inlcracct Ing nr Inlcr- ccpllnu iilrccin, or neareiil InlorHcctlng nr lnlcri-"|,iln (f Hirei'in and rnllrond rlirhi nf wiiv, canal ilisht nf way nr iitiHiiliillvldi'il acreii|,'n. Dullcllnui Anv nirucliire having a innf iiiipiiiii led hy i uliiinnii aml'iir hy wiill-i and Inteiidi'il for llm Hbellor, biilirdiiK and nr en. lo'iurn nf | in y pcr- or ehiittol \Vh"ii any f If, ,'ii| M p|,<ti'1y acpuriltl'd n nh 1 p»i i ion Ih. fl'i'lo e\-el y { lliarMitir\. ijh |H i n nv i\ Inilnvv Hiei-elu. » hid Hi-ounil h, ih j I linf n I e\ ,.| y III,.I III or poi'llnn nhnll unite hullill niilhlinp, Arc«mory: A mihor.lliiale building, ihe IIM,' of which IM Im lilental I but of n main l.ullilln« on the HIIIIIII '"'• "n '"i> Ini upon which hi Incuicd n I|»C|||I,K ,,,, v |,nil,nn,, W |,|,|, |,. ln ,.|. denlnl to t|,,, conilnd In,: of any » Kr |- cilllllllll inn- shall he deemed lo bn Illl UiilldlMfl, Mn In i A building In whb'li i '"inlii, li-.l Ilie principal H.M,, of ihn ..;',,."' "'I''' b It hi nttiuili'd. In any K nr ' A IHMrlci any ilwidllng ,,hall he ileenieil In ),,. a main Hi" lot upon which ihe Duntinlow Court: Sen inlnii liwelllux Uronp lliiHhieiii or Cemmorcfti Thn pn r . •a- 1 "-, i.nle in- i,11,,.i- irniiHiicibm In- 'IvhiK ihn luiiidlltig nr ,l| n pi. N |tlou Iher ihiiii inmnifacluie. reducllnn or | dvHlrnctionl of any mil nr i omnioillty f,,, 'profli : lui-liiilliig. In ml,IHI,.n. offlc, " rn ',"". Miirni Iminilrh : yard', I'lilihior ailvei I iNlng ouiiloor iidvi-i'llslng f,inn li • nn,I,II,. . niupM, milnmiihll I'l'iiihiuiil nnil niniixr •''..nilucicd fnr piofli, 1 x,-avii11on ,,f I,,,ll,ii,, llr<i.||ji| IllHlllrlR |I|II||-|I-|N: Iti-lnll llllNlllf-'IM I Mil • ('niniiii-rclal northerly hnimihiry oi one, Mc|''m lanil. anil w hn hilt ci| i linn i avy Indiinlrlul I'lw SECTION b. COMOININO REQULATIONK In :,.l,|lll,,n to the foi rlnlh cnlnhlnllil; reKUlullollM are eft I'llnlnil ii" "."I forlh In thin orilln- , ... 'inhl coinhlnhiK ri-Kiilnl lonn hnlim wn In w ll till' rlnlll M' l'*iil I,in,I, I "f the rli:ht mi", M.I' in la nf h "Kiel |nr I ilil hh:hHi Ihereof M I ,l|, 11 I, l I'Voni Ihe i.iniihi'i Iv hi ll|;hl nl \\liv of I', llill l''m Innil. In ih,, ,„,, i|,,. t |, Hie lll'hl -. .M- I'-ai la n,l. mul u' 111,{,, ,, ,|| one hnnili nl i Him f,., | f,.,,,, ') lor l,,Minilai v of ihe i li:ht ,,f "lllll hlKll"ll\ 01, Id,, ,,|, M |,,| |y I ,'"1 M nlhcil\ hiiiinilni-i She ih,. -Ihcih h,,n,,,i "'' .' ; . n in I: . AM, cll'ilmicii ,,r Mix hni,,| RUCTION 6: IT iiT A 0 I. I Sll M E N T OF DISTRICTS i' From th Ihc lll'hl nf , M, iMiilanit, l ,,f Sec III. •)• mul within c ilium foet friiiu ibi 'Inl'l >f the rluhl lill'hnay on end, n|,| I. loin Ih, T I" "I Ihei i •(!,•],I linn.h, •rim- I Which Ih" iiiunher lettelll of III tain of nald mul iilhei IK end, nf •« hi. iinlod h leiier f , r Nlllt nf ttld rlli'ii ihoreof hy a (Ire wall without nr other opening cUcnib. from thn r Niirfai-M nf the Ihei, c;,,|i HUdl nml tn hn a Hep- mi ., nhii.. Millillnu upon iinmn hi House Court; Thn .,,._ „„,,.„„„,.„ Inniher teller 01 of vi niiipn which locatlonn mid'l tiillonii. refcron.-i.,, fnrmiitjnn Hhnwn ininle a part nf Ihl Where . xlnl honnilarlen of nnv ,,r U,,. uf.n efinl,! dlstrlctn mi deiieilhi.d MM afiirrnnhl nr at, Hbown nn nnl,I >ed tonal inapH, thn folliiwlnn ruh •, Hhn 111^ Where i.-iich bounibi dlcated nil uppri,\lmati ly ntrent mid all«y line.-', Midi i.n, alley Him!' iihall he ci'tinli neil Milch honinlnrleN. (hi Where eiu:h hnumlnrl dlcnted MK iipproxlinntely following lot Illien, niich lol linen Nhnll be coiiMlriied to bo such boviiidurler. (c) In unsuhdlvhleil property or whern a dlnlrtc! boundary dlvlden lot, Iho locution of any such boundary, unless the name In Indlcaleil l,y dimensions shown nn mild iiecilonal dln- trlcls maps, shall he determined by the use of (he scale appearlm; mi HIICJI bectionul dlstrlc(s ruapB. (d) In case furdier uncertainly ox- lets, tho I'hinulng Cnmmlrmhin, upon written application or upon Hn o\\n motion, Nlmll determine Hu, Incallou nf such boundaries, The Hectlons of this nnllnunen uniting forth and Indlcatliu: Hie ilcnl,;- hiitloiiH, locallnns and hnuudarlcH of uny of the aforesaid illMrlciH which HfclloiiN aru madu a part of Hiln or- illiianci) at Ihe llmo of Ihc original adopllou thereof coiisillulo the p,n. tlomi Ihrn completed of n c.umpre. hcuulvu I^ind VHW or l)li,li-ldln|; I'lau the Halii him l.oun I I'lllc Unit p In, lu,|. Ihi 1 ' 01 illl,:in, , M " II ill.' 11 Id 1' Iliinii Ihc , ' <'!'> of I),,|, enuc Ml I.. .'I nl I'lilltllV 1(1. n II hln a 1 M'ent \ i l; hoi) nilarv of i'1-ly Mlile Ihereof III l''l oin lln, ., iji,"a I .nun, A, H. 'I at pa^e :is Ihe I'onnly !(,„ ,,|,|,, r to Ihn honlhi'lly line Liiinu Acreii. n lance of tin,.,, imn Cl'.ill feel (mm (he , of i.alil hli;h>>'av in, the ca thereof K i A illMrld. II l''l"lii Ihe MHltherlv of Ihe rliihi of HIM of Urn,, to Mm \\ ''(illlherlv Im,. i,f Acren, IIH lecorileil III IIS, In the offlc,. of Ihe curdeT nf NIIId rminly i distance of one him,ire,I feel frnin ihn exterior wild hlishway mi the \ Iheienf: C-'J II dlMrlct 11!. Kriun tbn souiberly honmlar tho right-of-way of lliuiuhii;e I.,,,,: lhi- westerly pnilnntialhin ,,[ southerly line of I 4 ,n V| t-.,.,, i ,,,, Acre,,, us reconled |,, M,',, ., „, J M) , (1 fllco of Die I'ountv It,.. ,, '" I'ounly nn.I \tiihlii a lll.slalice of r .| x buiiili-eil i linn i i from the I'Mi-rhn hoinulni-y ,,f | blitbway on Hie »c.,icily ..hi,, u,. •|iihiK Iheri'lrnoi all thai i,c nhl tiri'IUi[-> Mnicll'li nil v in .| (,,,,.„ uiito- ,.,,,11-111, ,o,-. li"nl cntci pi IHON ' l '"' '•onimerclal ,„. ,.„„„, ,.,„., ,„„ I,,,, ,„,, | n ,.|,,d| nK |,,,, u .''"f"" 1 ' 1 '" I'lla nrdlnance Line; Thn cdnt,,,' ||ne of a referred tn |,, t |,| H ,„.,,,„. " f Bbod hy (he i-mmty ., ,, r |, t ,, ,,,, „„ ,,„ t ^> % , '"• 'W tb« S'luto I.UM,,,, of ' fhw,,f. nf ,,„, llopm-Unen, ' If n, 1,,",' "'" S '" U '. ,'' ..... V,'" ''''""''' " Mp " f " »"'"»t ,, 1 ..... lv '"K "'"'«•«>• I'oiwoon ....... ' "' II" 1 rlKht of way pn-Mdcd, hnwever, tlml If idth rlKhi ,,f w-ny cxIMM oxcIuHlvely hy one -family. Dwelllno, Two-F«mllyi A detached building designed for and/or occupied exclusively by two famlllex living Independently of each other. Dwelllno, Multiple.! A building or portion (hereof used and/or designed as n residence for three or more families living Independently of each other, and doing their own cooking In said building, Including apartment houses, apartment hotels and flats, but not Including automobile, courts. Dwelllno Qroupi A group of two or more detached or noml-detnchert one- family, two-family or multiple dwellings occupying a parrel of land In one ownership and having nny yard w court In common, Including house courlg and apartment courts, but not Including automobile courts. Fumlly! one or rnoro persons occupying a promises and living as a single housekeeping unit, as distinguished frnm a group occupying a ho- lei, club, fraternity or sorority house. A family shall bo deemed to Include necoHsnry servants. Front Wnll! The wall of the building or other structure nearest the street upon which the building faces, hut excluding certain architectural feat tires as specified In this ordinance. Qflrnge, Private! An accessory building fnr only tho storage of Bolf- propelled vehicles. Garage, Publics Any promises, except Miose herein defined as a private or slfirngn garage, uned for the storage, inul.'or earn of self-propelled vehicles or where any such vehicles are eiiulpped for operation or repair or kepi fnr reumnuratlnn, hire or sale. Oarage, Stornge! Any premises, except I hone herein defined as n private garage, used «xe.Iuslv«Iy for the storage of self-propellod vehicles. Crude: 1. Km- buildings adjoining oiii> street nnly, thn elevation of the sidewalk at the cent,,,, of that wall udjolulng iho nt reel. 2. e"nr buildings adjoining more than one Htreet, the average of tho elevations of the RldpwnllfH al tho centers nf all wnlls adjoining streets. .'I. Fnr buildings having no wall ad- Jnlnlng the Htreet, tho average level of the finished surface of Ihn ground mljiicciit tn tho exterior walls of Iho hiilldlng. •I. All wiilln approximately parallel tn nnd not morn than flvo (5) feel frnm the Htreet lino shall bo con- sldered IIH adjoining thn slreei Oueat Room l A room which IB Intended, arranged or designed to bo occupied or which IH occupied by one or more guests, but not Including dnrmltorleH for sleeping purposes. Height nf Building! Thn vertical dlstancii frnm the average l«vol of the blgbusl. nnd lowest point of that por- iloi, nf the hit covered by thn building lo the celling of the topmost story. Home Occupation; Any use customarily cnnilucteil entirely wllhln a dwelling and carried on hy the Inhabl- liinls thereof, which UHO In clearly Incidental and necnndiiry In tbn UHII of thn dwelling fnr dwelling purposes anil dotiM not diangn Ihn character Ihereuf ainlcH, hnHpllrils, barber simps, beauty parlors and animal hoH- plhils nhnll not hn deemed to bo homo noctipat ImiM. Houso Court! A group of two (2) or morn dwelllngii on the samo lot, whether detached or In connected mwH, having a soparatn outside entrance on ibn ground floor lovol for each family unit of such group. Holel: Any building or portion Iherenf containing six ((!) or morn KiieHt. i-ooniH used, designed or Intended lo Im used, let or blrod out to hn occupied, nr which urn occupied by nix (ill or more guests, whether Hie ciimpctiF-atlnn for hire ho paid dl- icdly ,,r Indirectly In money, goods, wares, mercbaiidlsn, labor or otherwise; Inrhnllng bulging and rooming hniiNnH, durmllorlen, bachelor botnls, I'ludlo hiitolH, public and private clubs, and any such hiilldlng of any nature whalKiiever no iicriipled, ilc-il^ncil or Intended In be occupied, except Jiilln, IIO'<|I||IL]M, asylums, NiuiltrirlumN, nr- pliiiiiiigi>s, prlcnns. delnntlori hoinnH, anil nlher nlmllur buildings. Junk Yiirdii! The unc of more than two hundred (2001 Hiiuarn feet of the urea of any lot nr nf nuy portion of thai half of any lot, hut not exceeding a depth or width, as the. case may be, of onn hundred (100) feet, which half adjoins any nlrnet, for the idoriign of Junk, Including scrap metals or other scrap material, and/or for the dismantling or "wrecking" of miliiimihllcH nr illber vehicles or machinery; provided, however, thai this ,,i,,ii i definition Hhnll not be deemed to In- llu- ! dude any case of any of tho forego- I lug UHciM which Is accessory, and Inol- denial to any agricultural use. Lot! LII ml occupied or to be occupied by a hulhllng and Its accessory build- I IIIKM. nr hy a dwelling group and Its i accessory bulldliiRs, together with I Hiich open npaceti as m'u required I tinder tbn provisions of this ordinance, id, Ibiulng nnt Icmi than the minimum area recjulred hy Ibis ordinance fnr a I,till,link- iilln In the district In which sucb lot Is situated, and having Its principal frontage nn a street. Lot, Corner! A lot situated at the Internee I Inn of two or morn titreots, or bounded on two or more adjacent sides by street Huns, provided that the angle of Internfcltnn does not exceed ntie hundred thlrty-flvo (135) degrees, mid having a width not grcatur than Noventy-flvn (7fi) foot. Lot, Inilde: A lot other than a corner Int. Lot, K«yi The flrsl lot to the rear nf a corner bit, thn front line of which Is a continuation of thn side Hue of the ciirnc,• lot, I'xclualvo of the width of any alloy, and fronting on the utreet wblcb InU'rnectM or Intercepts tbn si reel upon which tho conior lot fronts Lut Area: Thn total horizontal area nnilei - ! nin.-half ! adi'. A' a Mm y I Kllllln to' r If ll.'K.ll urn-il for tha _ i'-h part-\\ hill, pn,-- rmlneil by prKlonglng III,., ill ).,, .1' I Illl ' portion pnnillel in Mm side uch part width |»<rt|nn in i'i whld, n,,, foni-oliiK defl. . Hie I'lminliig term "placed" m u»*d In ttt* fleflnl* " tlon of "outdoor advertising kl*n"«nd "outdoor advertising •tniouir*" nhall Include erecting, conntruotlng. pontlnff, painting, printing, tacking, nailing, gluelnir, dtlcklnit. carving or otn«rwl»e fa»i"enlng, affixing or tnakltiR visible In any manner what*oe>»r. Outdoor Adverti*ln0 8tru«tur«i Any structure of nny hlnfi or character erected or maintained fo* outdoor ad- vertlslng purp()i<e». upon which «ny outdoor adv«etl»lnir "'»» n\ay be plnued, Including ttiao outdoor advertising statuary. Small Llveitook r*rmlnoi The raising and/or keeping of mor« Uvan twenty-four fowl of any kind and/or twenty-four robblts or twenty-four similar animals or any goat*, sheep or similar livestock; or the raising and/or keeping for commercial purpose* of any cats or dogs; provided that the term "small llveiitock farm- Ing" as used In thin ordinance shall not Include bog farming, dairying or tho raising and/or keeping of horse*, mule*, or similar livestock as dolor- mined by the Planning CommlRtdon. Storyi That portion of a building Included between the surface of any floor and the surface of the next floor above It, or If there IB no floor above It, then the space between the floor nnd (he celling next above It. Story, Halfi A story with at leant two <£» opposite, exterior sides meeting a sloping roof not more than two (2) feet abovo the floor of such story. Street; A public or private thoroughfare which affords the principal means of access to abutting property, Including avenue, place, way, drive, lane, boulevard, highway, road and any other thoroughfare) except nn alley an defined herein. Street Line: The boundary between a street n.nd abutting property. Structure: Anything constructed or erected, the use of which requires location on Ihe ground or attachment to something having locution on tho ground. Structural Alteration*! Any change In the supporting members of n build- Ing, sucb nn bearing walla, columns, beams or girders. U*e: Tho purpose for which land or premises or a building thereon IH designed, arranged or intended or for which It la or may be occupied or maintained. Use, Aeceisoryt A use Incidental and accessory to the principal use of a lot or a building located on tho samo lot as the accessory ime. Any agricultural use. In any "It" district or In any "A" dlHtrlct shall be deemed to be an accessory us« to the uso for residence purposes of (bo lot on which such agricultural UKO Is conducted. Yard! An open space other than a court on the same lot with a building, which open space Is unoccupied and unobstructed from tho ground upward, cxcepl as otherwise provided In Section 27 of this ordinance. In measuring a yard, as hereinafter provided, tho lino of a building Hhall be dcnmcd to mean a lino parallel to tho nearest lot lino drawn through thn point of a building or the point of a dwelling group nearest to such lot line, exclusive of tho respective architectural features enumerated In Section 27 of this ordinance as nol lo be considered In measuring yard dimensions or as being permitted to extend Into any front or rear yard. Yard, Front! A yard extending across thn front of tho lot botwoen tho Inner side yard lines and measured from the front lino of the lot In the nearest line of iho building; provldod, however, that If any Official Plan Lino Is estab- llshed for the street upon which tho' lot faces or If any future width line Is spiidfltid therefor by the provisions of this ordinance, them such measuru- ment shall be lakon from such Official Plan I.lno or such future width line to tho nearest lino of the building. Ynrd, Rears A yard extending across the full width of tlm lot and measured between thi! rear line of the lot and tlio nearest lluo of the building. Yard, Side: A yard between tho side lino of tha lot and tho nearest lino of Iho building and extending from Ihe fronl lino of tho lot to llm rear yard. SECTION 12. REGULATIONS FOR A.I DISTRICTS The following regulallons shall npply lu all A-1 districts and shall bo subject to Mm provisions of Section 27 of Ibis ordinance: (a) Used Permitted! All uses not otherwise prohibited by !? w; . liT 0 * 1 ' 1 ?' 1 ' however, that nemo of the following uses Khali be established In any A-1 district unless and until, In any Buch CIIHO, a UHO permit, IIH provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, shall first havo been uecurcd for such UHO! Any use sought to be established wllhln a distance of one-half (H) mile from any dwelling for which use a USB permit, as provided In Section 33 of Hi n ordinance, IH required for tho establishment of such UHO In any M-'J district. . ^,iA ny •' Ulllc 5 ' artl sought to bo es- tahllHhed within a distance of one- half (Mi) mile from any dwelling. 3. Cemetery, crematory, mausoleum or nuy other place for tho or other disposal of the human dead, or any addition thereto (b> Additional Regulations: No building shall hnreaftor be orcctnel, nor shall any UHO of land bo conducted except the uso of land for ngrlcullural purposes BO that thp same will bo closer to the right of way line of any strnet than any Official Plan . e i i,° r . any hulldhiB lino which In established fnr such street by tho Street and Highway Plan, or section thereof, of tbn Master Plan of the County, or than any future width line) or building lino which Is specified therefor by Ihe provisions of this ordinance. SECTION 13. REGULATIONS FOR A-2 DISTRICTS Thn following regulations shall apply In all A-a districts and shall bn subject to tha provlslonti of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Usea Permitted! All uses not otherwise prohibited by rovlded. however, that no UHO Included within lot lines, IncKidliig ono-half I'.'i^ thn width, but not to exceed tell (lf» feet, of any alley or portion thereof abutting any mich lot line. Lot Depth l Tho average distance from (lie .struct lino of the, lot lo l(s roar lino measured tn the general dliiu'tlnu nf tho tilde linen of the lot. Lot FrontKooi That dimension of a lot or porthm of a lot ahutdng on a law; Una nor within n dUtance of fifty (SO) feet from fttty dwelling, L IV, The condition* tindof '•wWoh cow», gottt« or fowl are kept shall bo subject lo the approval of the County Health Officer, (b) Building Height Llm It t Two and one-half (2H) E. not exceeding thirty-five (86) feet in h *(c) ht Bulldlng 8lu Are* Required! Baeh one-family dwelling, together with Hit accessory buildings, Iwreaftor erected, shall be located on a building •tte In oh« ownership having »n «r«a of not lean than five thousand (6000) square feetj provided, however, that any parcel of land having an area of less than five thousand (BOOO) square feet, (I) which parcel wa» under one ownership nt tho time of tho adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land,, or (It) which parcel Includes not less ihnn one (1) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In the office of tho County Recorder of ihe County prior to tho adoption of this ordinance and which parcel him an area of noC less than throe thousand seven hundred fifty (37DO) squnro foot, or (111) which parcel Is shown as a lot on any subdivi- ft depth of iiot le*» than"'Hftsen MBi feet, except tut hereinafter \speClfted for dwelling groups. .... , (K) Dliunoe Between Bulldlnfl* on same Lot! ' . No main building shall be closer than twenty (80) feet to any other main building on the samo lot, except as hereinafter specified for dwelling groups. (h) Dwelling Qroupn The following additional regulations shall apply to Dwelling Groups: (A) In case the buildings of the group are so located on the lot that the rear of the building which facen the street IB faced by the front of a building to tho rear, et ncq. (I. e., in a "front to back" series), no such building shall bo closer than twenty (20) feet to any other such building. (13) In case tho buildings of the group lire HO located on the lot that the rears thereof abut upon one side yard and the fronts thereof abut upon tho other side yard (I. e., In a single, row "side to Hide" serins), thn side yard to tho rears thereof shall have a width of not lefts than seven (7) feet, and tho side yard to Iho fronts thereof shall have a Width of not loss than twelve (12) foet. (C) In case tho buildings of the group are no located on tho lot that the rears thereof abut upon cither side yard and tho fronts thereof- face a court (I. o., In a double row "side to side" scries), each sldo yard shall »lon map which may heroafler bo re corded In the offlco of said County Recorder after approval of sale! map by the Board of Supervisors In tho manner prescribed by. law, may bo used as a building site for ono (1) — , one-family dwelling by tho owner of have_ n width of not less than seven such parcel of land or by his successor (7) feet nnd the court Bhall have a In Interest, provided that all other width of not less than twenty (20) regulations for Iho dlslrlct, as prn-Afeel. scribed In thin ordinance, shall beW (I)) No building shall bo so located complied with; provided, further, thttt|pn tho lot that tho rear thereof abuts In lieu of thn foregoing InilldlnK-slto I nil any street lino. area regulations In any n-1 district (13) In no onso shall nny building of In which thero are also applied tho | the group bn closer to any other us. in cnrder i.'f Ihe "f f,, unni'cup|,>d npace, nn the Mi,,,,,, jot "i building., and wblcb two (IM or mnrn sides r buildings. Inc.luel- M'lieo In a hniiso court '"mi mimim-iit providing access 1 in,- UIIII.M (her,inf. Dlllrlclt I A iioril,-,,, O f (!,„ unincorporated , , ' r Hie County wllhln which •i lulu u»en of land, premises nnd m-e permitted mid certain 'Hngti nr,- nnt peru'iltlVd 'and within certain yardri and other open me reiiulre>el mid certain build- ulte area* nre established and cor- Rbt llmltH nro established for , , -'V, (UI IIH ""f forth ami sped- fled In this ordinance. -'.A portion of thn unincorporated territory ,,f tin- County within which nre applied certain regulations rtonlg- timed IIH cumbluluK regulations UN sot forlb In iblH ordinance*. The term "A district" shall mean nny A l, A-3 or -A. district or any ni MI hi dlslrlct« with which any com- bluing rpgiiluilemn are combined, The term "U district" Khali meun any It I, It ", Ui8 or.Jl-4 dUtrlot or unalo tbn ceiiti>r street, except the sldo eif a corner lot. Lot Llnai Tho Hues bounding a lot UN defined herein. Lot Lln«, Ronri Ordinarily, that line of a lot which IH generally opiuinlta the lot tliui alnilg the froutagn nt nald lot. lu any case In whU-h thin definition Is not applicable, tho I'limnlng (.'ommlsHloM Khali dcHlguato tho roar lol lines. Non-ConformInQ Uiet A bulldlne or land occupied by a vine thai dues not conform to (be regulations for Urn district in which ll Is idtimted. One Ownerihlpt OwiierHhlp of property (or ponsosHloii thereof under n contract d> purchnse or under a lea«o the turui of which Is not teas (luui ten yeara) by a person or iit>r«oiiN, firm, ctivporfttloii or pnrtuerxhlp, Individ- imlly, jointly, lu common or In any Dtlmr mnnittr whereby such property IK under ulugln or unified control. Tho term, "owner!* shall be deemed to mean tho person, firm, corporation or pai tntM'Hhlp ivxercldliiK un« ownership UH bcretn defined. Outdoor Advtrtlilne Slant Any card, cloth, paper, nietul, painted, «la»n, wooden, plimter, Ntnnc, or other nl«» of any Itliul or character whataoever pluci'd for outdoor ailvurtlnlng i>ur- P(,VNP« on the ground or on uny free, wail, bush, rock. po«t, fence,, bullatnit. Biruoturc or' tluitic wlmuoovur, TUo ••- -.-_-,, ..,.., ,. Jlt 1.11111 i itf ii nu which Is not permitted In any H-l dls- Irlcl shall bo established In any A-2 dl.-etrlct unless and until a use permit as provided In Section 33 e.,f this ordinance, H hall first havo boon so- cured for such use (b) Additional Reoutatloni! All regulations specified for A-1 d strcts shall also apply In all A-2 districts,. SECTION 14. REGULATIONS FOR R-1 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall -apply In all H-l districts and shall bo Bubjcct to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) U»e« Permitted! 1. dwellings. J. Holf courses and country clubs. 3. Public parks and public playgrounds. 4. Crop ami treo farming and truck gardening. B. Nui-Hcrle'i nnd greenhouses used only for the propagating and cultivating of planiH. 6. Homo occupations, provldod that there shall bo nn exlorunl ovldemce of liny such homo occupation except a nauu< platei not cxcetadlng two (2) square feet lu urea. 7. Accessory buildings and accessory 5. Schools, libraries and churches. Hiibji'ct to tho securing of u use permit tu each case, as provided In Hec- tlon 3.1 of Ibis ordinance. 8. Ponding rt'Bldenllul development, cows, sontw and fowl limy be kept lr any R-l district subject to tho following HinUiitlatiN: I. Them may bo kept not more thni one (1) cow or two (Jh goa(s for eacl one-half (H) acre In area of the parcel of land on which the samo are» kept nor more than one hundred (100) fowl for each one-quarter (H) aoro In area of the parcel of land on whlcl the Kttmu are kept. II. No cows or goats shall be kepi within n distance of two hundred WO) feet from any dwelling other than a dwelling on the parcel of Inn on which the saum are kept nor within a distance, of fifty (GO) fee from nny dwelling, III. More than twenty-four c!4) fowl shall not be k«pt within u distance of fifty (00) Coot from any atroot regulations of nny "B" district under the provisions of this ordinance, each one-family dwelling with Its accessory buildings hereafter erected shall bo located on a building site In ono ownership having an area not less than that specified for such "B" district. In no case, however, shall thero bo more than ono (1) dwelling on any ono (1) lot. (d) Front Yard Required! Each lot shall havo a front yard not loss than twonty-flvo (26) feel In deplh except as otherwise specified for any "B" district in which such lot may bo located; provldod, however, that In caso n building lino for the street upoir which nny lol faces la established by tho 'Street and Highway Plan of tho Master Plan of tho County or IH specified by the provisions of this ordinance, thon the front yard on such lot shall havo a depth of not less than the distance from tho street lino specified for such building line. (o) Side Yards Required: Each lot, except as otherwise specified for any "U" district In which such lot Is located, shall have sldo yards each having u width of not less than five (B) foot; provldod, however, (is follows: 1. On any parcel of land having an average width of less than fifty (50) foot, (I) which parcel was under one ownership at the time of the adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjojnlng land, or (II) which parcel Includes not less than (1) entire lol as shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In the office of tho Counly Ilocordcr of tho County prior to tho adoption of this ordlna'uce and which parcel has an average width of not less than thirty- seven and one-half (37%) feet, or (IH) which parcel Is shown as a lot on any subdivision map which may hereafter be recorded In the office of said County Recorder after approval of said map by the Hoard of Supervisors In the manner prescribed by law, (ho width of each side yard nay bo reduced lo Ion (10) per cenl if the wldlb of Hitch parcel, bul In no •!ase shall the width of any such side yard bo leys than tbrco (3) feet. 2. One-family .dwellings on udjoln- ng lotH may bo built to the common ot Hue butween such lots upon approval by Iho Planning Commission of plans therefor and In case u width equivalent to tho width hereinbefore required for tho Hide yard thus coupled on each such lot bo added to tho width of tho other sldo yard on tho same lot. 3. On a corner lot adjacont to a key ol tho sldo yard on tho streel Hide of such corner lot shall havu a width n addition to that hereinbefore specified, so that the total width of such Hide yard shall bo equal to not less than forty (40) por cent of tho front yard depth required for tho lots to tho rear of such corner lot, to a maximum width of ten (10) feet for such side yard, provldod, however, that this regulation shall not bo so applied as to reduce the bulldablo width, after providing tho required Interior sldo yard, of any such corner lot to less than twenty (20) feet. 4. In caso a dwelling la so located on a lot that the front or roar thereof faces any side lot line, such dwelling shall bo not less than twonty-flvo (25) foet from sucb lot lino. (f) Rear Ynrd Required: Kach lot shall have a rear yard of a depth equal to not loss than twenty (20) per cent of tho depth of tho lot, to a maximum required depth of twonly-flvo (20) feet for such rear yard. SECTION 15. REGULATIONS FOR R-2 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall np- ply In all R-2 districts and shall bo nibjocl lo thn provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uies Permitted: 1. All uses permitted In H-l districts, subject to Ihe securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for any uso for which a uso permit Is required in an U-l district. 2. Two-family dwellings. (b) Building Height Limit! Two and one-half (2W) stories but not exceeding thlrty-flvo (3D) foet In height. (c) Building Site Area Required! Same as specified for R-l dlstrlcls; provided, however, thai there may bo not to exceed ono (I) ono-famlly dwelling or 0110 (1) two-family dwelling on any ouo (1) lot, oxcopt as otherwise provided In Section 27 of this ordinance; nnd provided, further, that ono (1) additional ono-famlly dwelling or two-family dwelling may be erected for each additional flvo thousand (6000) square feet of area by which tho lot on which such dwelling Is erected exceeds flvo thousand (5000) uqiuire feet In area. (d) Front, Side and Rear Yards Required: Samo IIH specified for n-1 districts. (o) Distance Between Buildings on Same Lot: No main building shall bo closer than thirty (30) feet to any other main building on the name lot. SECTION 16, REGULATIONS FOR R.3 DISTRICTS The following regulations Hhall apply lu all R-3 districts and Bhall do subject to tho provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uiet Permitted: 1. All uses permitted In It-1 districts, without regard to the securing of u use permit for any Huch XIBO. 3. Two-family dwellings, dwelling groups und four-family flats. (h) Building Height Limit: Three (3) stories but not exceeding forty-flvu (<B) feet In height, (c) Building Site Area Required: Same as specified for H-l districts, except that there may be more than one (I) dwelling upon ono (1) lot. id) Front Yard Required! ICach lot shall have n front yard not less (ban twenty (3<» foet. In depth except us otherwise specified for nny "H" district In which mich lot may be located; provided, however, that tn case a building line for the. street upon which any lot faces Is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of tho County or la specified by the provisions of thin ordinance, then the front yard on *uch lot ahull have a depth of not. less than tho distance from the Htreet line upectfled. for ouch building line. (e) Side Y»rd» Required: • Sume ita specified for R-l districts, except a* hereinafter Bpectfled for ng groups. Rear Yard Required) 15ucb lot Hhall.havo u. rear vanl nf building of the) group than a distance of ten (10) feet. (F) Each lot upon which a dwelling group Is constructed shall have a rear yard of a depth of not loss than ton (10) foot; provldod, howevor, that thero may be deducted from such width H portion of the width of any public street, alley or park u*pon which such roar yard abuts to an extent not exceeding one-half (Mi) the width thereof and not exceeding flvo (5) feet. SECTION 17. REGULATIONS FOR R-4 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all R-4 districts and shall bo subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (n) Uses Permitted; 1. All uses permitted In R-l districts, without regard to the securing of a uae permit for any such use, 2. Two-family dwellings, multiple dwellings and dwelling groups. 3. Hotels. 4. Clubs, lodges and fraternity and sorority houses. 6. Museums not operated for profit, fl. In an apartment house designed, constructed and/or used for twenty- four (24) or more families or in a hotel designed, ^instructed and/or used for fifty (50) or more guest rooms, there may be conducted a business Incidental thereto for tho convenience of the occupants 'and tho guosts thereof; provided that thero shall be no entrance to such business except from tho Inside of tho building In which the samo Is located, and that the floor area used for business purposes shall not exceed twenty-five (20) per cent of the ground floor area of such building, and provided, further, that no street frontage of any sucb building shall bo used for any such business and that no sign shall be exhibited on the outside of any such building In connection with such business. 7. The following uses, subject to the securing of a use permit. In each case, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance : (A) Hospitals, rest homes, sanitariums, clinics, and oilier buildings used for the treatment of human ailments. (H) Philanthropic and charitable institutions. (C) Automobile courts and automobile camps. (b) Front, Side and Rear Yards Required: Same as specified for R-3 districts; provided, that for any building of more than two (2) stories In height, the width herein required for each sldo yard shall bo Increased by one (1) foot for each story by which tho height of such building: exceeds two (2) stories. SECTION 18. REGULATIONS FOR C-1 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all C-1 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: 1. All uses permitted In any "R" district, without regard to the securing of any uso permit, excopl lhat In any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "II" districts or by 'such districts and the County boundary, a use permit, as provided In Section S3 of this ordinance, shall bo required for tho establishment of any uso for which a use permit Is required in R-4 districts. 2. Stores nnd shops for tho conduct of any retail, business; automobile sorvlco stations for only tho sale of gasoline, oil and minor accessories; banks; barber shops; beauty parlors; conservatories; dressmaking, millinery, shoo and tailor shops; messenger offices; professional offices; storage garages; studios (except motion picture stu/lloH); lelegraph offices; Iheaters; anel othor business uses which, In the opinion of the Planning Commission, are of tho same general character as thoso enumerated In this sub-section nnd will not bo obnoxious, or detrl- nieutal to the district In which located. 8. Outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures, except that no such use apart from a place of business herein permitted shall be permitted In any C-1 district which Is ontiroly surrounded by "U" districts or by such districts and tho County boundary. 4. Public, garages, automobile repair shops, automobile sorvlco stations at which general repairing Is done and undertaking establishments; subject In such case to tho securing of a use permit, as provided in Section 33 of this ordinance. (b) Yards Required: None oxcopl: 1. ICvery building or portion thereof which Is designed, Intended and/or used for any purpose permitted In 11-4 districts or for any automobile court shall comply with tho provisions of this ordinance us to rear yards nnd side yards which are required In R-4 districts; provided, thnt when the ground floor of any such building la usod for any commercial purpose, no side yard shall be required adjacent to a street line, except as hereinafter In this secllon provided. 2. In the case of a C-1 district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by uuch districts and the County boundary there shall bo provided on each lot In that portion of such dlstrlcl which Is located In any ono block a yard adjacent to the street bounding such block of a width or dejpth equal to that required for yards adjacent to said street for tho remaining property In tho same block; except that on a corner lot In such C-1 dlslrlct which Is adjacent to a key lot tho sldo yard adjacent to tho street of a width equal to not less than one-half of the depth required for front yards on tho loU to the rear of such corner lot. In case any portion of such C-1 district oc- cup|e»s thes entire fronlaffo of any block there shall bo provided adjacent to the street bounding such block a yard of a depth or width equal to that required In the next adjacent block of such surrounding "R" district (or In the least restricted of such «urround.lnr "R." districts. In case they differ). 3. There shall be a aide yard along the Hide Of every lot tn a. C-1 district which side In bordering on. property In nuy "IV district, which side yard shall be of a width not leu* than the width of a »ld« yurd aa required In H-l district*. There Hhall be a rear yard on the rear of every lot In a C-1 district which rear la bordering on property In any "H" eJlstrlet. which r«*.r yard shall bo of a depth equal to not IM* than twice the width of a side yard as required- In H-4 districts. 4. No building ahull hereafter b« erected, nor shall any use of land bs , <Jon<JUejt«d except the Use of land for agricultural purpose*) so that' Ut* * Mime will be closer to tho rightj-of wayillne Of any street than any ON flolat Plan Line or any building tin*, which U established for such street by the Street and Highway Plani W k section thereof, of the Master Flan, of the County, or than any future •width line of building line which li specified therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. SECTION 19. REGULATIONS POM C-2 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall ftp* ply In all C-2 districts and Bhall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance; (a) Uset Permitted! v 1. All uses permitted In any "R" district. 2. All uses permitted In C-1 districts without regard to any limitations specified In this ordinance for such uses In said C-1 districts and without regard to the securing of any use permit for any such use. B, All other uses not otherwise pro* hlbltcd by law, except the following: Animal hospital Automobile assembly Building materials yard Carpot cleaning Chemical laboratory Contractor's yard Cooperage works . Dray Ing terminal Electric welding Electroplating Peed or fuel yard, distributing or storago Fruit canning or packing Junk yards, except as otherwise provided In this section Machine shop Manufacture of: clothing, cosmetics, feed, furniture, macaroni or shoes Paint mixing Poultry or rabbit raising, slaughter or live storage Stono cutting or polishing, except oar an.accessory to a Jewler's shop Storago elevator Tinsmith shop Truck storage, service or repair Uses excluded from M-l districts by tho terms of this ordinance. 4. Junk yards only when conducUd entirely within a building completely • enclosed on all sides or when entirely enclosed within a fence approved by tho Planning Commission. B. The use of powor-drlvon machinery Incidental to any of the uses permitted In said C-2 district. f (b) Yards Required: None except: 1. Every building or portion thereof which Is designed, Intended and/or usod for nny, purpose permitted hv R-4 districts or for any automobile* court shall comply with the provisions of this ordinance as to side yards and rear yards which are required In said R-4 districts, provldod that when tho ground floor of any such building Is used for any commercial purpose, no sldo yard shall be required adjacent to a street lino. 2. There shall be a side yard along* tho side of every lot In a C-2, district which side Is bordering on property In any "R" district, which side yard shall be of n width not less than tho width of a sldo yard as required in' R-4 districts. There shall be a rear yard on the rear of every lot In a C-2 district which rear Is bordering on property In any "R" district, which rear yard shall be of a depth equal to not less than twice tho width of a sldo yard as required in R-4 districts. 3. No building shall hereafter be erected, nor shall any use of land be conducted except the use of land for agricultural purposes, so that the samo will bo closer to the right of way lino of any street than any Official Plan Line or any building line which Is established for such street by tho Street nnd Highway Plan, or section thereof, of the Master Plan of tho County, or than any future width line or building lino which Is specified therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance. SECTION 20. REGULATIONS FOR M-1 DISTRICTS Tho following regulations shall apply In all M-l districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: (a) Uses Permitted: 1. Commercial excavating of build- Ing or construction materials, subject to tho securing of a use permit In- each case, as provided In Section 38 of this ordinance. 2. All other uses not otherwise prohibited by law. except the following: Dag cleaning Blast furnaco Boiler or tank works 4 Central mixing plant for cement, mortar, plaster or paving materials Coke ovon Crematory Curing, tanning or storage of raw hides or skins Distillation of hones, coal or wood Distillation of tar Dumping, disposal. Incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage, offal, dead animals or refuse Fat rendering Forge plant Foundry or metal fabrication plant Hog ranch Junk yard or the baling of rags or junk, except when conducted entirely within a building completely enclosed on all sides or when entirely enclosed within n fenco approved by the Planning Commission. Manufacture of: acetylene; acid; alcohol; alcoholic beverages; ammonia; bleaching powder, cblorln. chemicals, soda or soda compounds; brick, pot- " tery, terra cotta or tlio (except handcraft products only); cement, gypsum, lime, plaster of parls; celluloid or py- roxylin (or treatment of same); chew- Ing tobacco (or treatment of same); creosote (or treatment of same); dls- " Infectants; dyestuffs; emery cloth or sandpaper; exterminators or insect poisons; explosives; fireworks or gunpowder (or storage of same); fertilizer; glass; glue, slzo or gelatine: grease, lard or tallow (manufactured or refined from or of animal fat); Illuminating or heating gas (or storage of same); lamp black; matches) linoleum, oilcloth or oiled products; Unseed oil, paint, oil, shellac, turpentine or varnish (except mixing); paper or pulp; pickles, sauerkraut or vinegar; potash products; rubber or gutta percha products (or treatment of same); shoddy; shoe polish; soap (other than liquid soap); starch, glucose or dextrin; stove polish; tar roof- Ing or waterproofing or.other tar products; yeast. Pumping, refining or wholesale 'storage of crude petroleum Slaughtering of ' animals (except* poultry and rabbits) Smelting ot tin, copper, tlno, Iron or other ores Steam power plant Stock yard _ Stone mill or quarry * Sugar refining * Wool pulling or scouring All other uses which, In the'opin- ion of tho Planning Commission. ar« similarly objectionable by reason of odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration, or would -Impose hacard to life or property in the neighborhood. (b) Yards Required! Same as specified for C-3 districts. SECTION 21. REGULATIONS FOR M-2 DISTRICTS The following regulations shall apply In all M-3 districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Bectloo 27 of thle ordinance: . (a) Uf*a Permitted: All uses not otherwise prohibited by' law; provided, however, that none of f.h« followjng uaes shall be ettab- llshed tn any M-3 district unleaa and until & use permit In each caie, a« provided tn Section 33 of thli ordU. nanoe. ihall first have been secured for such use: Distillation of bonea Dumping, disposal, Incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage. offaL dead anlmula or refuse Fat rendering Hog ranch < Manufacture of acid, cement, «• plosives or fire work* (or •tora** of name), gas, Blue, gypsum, lime W plaster of parla Smelting of tin. copper, sine, iron or oth«r own >,' "•,:•„«fe

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