The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 10
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TO Monday, October 16,1944 fcfte Jafcetrtfetb Calttonttat R Tj • ad i IO Vogramis . for I oday ancl T Don lee-Mutual Network — KI'MC. KHJ. KFKC, KGB, RDB. KUON. KFXM. KVOR. KNU. Blue Network—KKRN. KWO. KFUK, KOO. KECA. Columbia Broadcmtlni 8j*t«m— KNX. KKOV. K8W. KUGM. National Brnmimtlnc Company—KM4, KKI. KPO. (These (Cheduloa correcttd up fco pr«w tim§ today; not rmponslble for oJitngct mid* oecec- ury bj proirtn ehiocio.) -MOMlAV «r<Ml to <>::in p. in. KKKN"—*V«w>; 61."., Sonus l>y I,cull I'liilif-. KFI—A Konff Is Horn. KT'Mi'—<Jalirrr-l Hi'KlIrr; B.I5. .^ut'cil Test. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKRX—Sp.ii light l!;in<1s; I, .,:•. Ciiinin.'t Stpiy TVIlr-v. KKI — Inform.H <m T'i- i-o Kr.Mc—s.,i,II.M-S i>r ML I'M-*; r. <;,. Fred Hou.'-'i. 7:fll) tn ?:;«! p. m. KKRN—Ravinond Cirani W\\Mig, 7 1.",. Trd KF1— Addie.sf liy Thonian K. P^Wry. KI'.Mr-II.-nry nhulslonc; 7.13. L'HVcIl Tboninp. 7:30 to ft:(MI p. m. KKISN— Hfi.ll TMIII- fi/i Jl.r- f KFI—Donor I. Q. Kl'.MC—Luiie HniiR'r. K-.nn to 8:3n p. ni. KERN—Wntch the \Vorld cii. By. SI.",. T.UII) ,ind Abu, r. KFI — Mu*jc Shop; S:li, Flrctwoort I.a v\! on. Kl'.Mc.:—Sherlock Ilnlinr.:. »::!(> lo !>:UO p. m. Ki:i:\"—Harold Irkns—New Jersey Independent Tvencue. KFI—CnvahHd» of Amenta. KI'MC—i'oint Kuhllmp. 0:00 lo 0:30 p. m. KKRN—Blind Dale. KKI—Telephone Hour; Biust, Jennie Tom-el. . Kl'MC—.Vcvfn; 9:ir,, Oil Pi own. a-.'M to Jfl:00 p. m. KKRN"—lltnry J. TuyKir. 8:40. Jluflc; 9:J5. New?. Kl'"l—Xonli \\'el,ster Fays. KI'MC— Fulton Lewie, Jr.; 9:4f,. News. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KERN*—A mil I cur Fithls. WATCH FOR TOM BRENEMAN HIGHLIGHTS With MANNY STRAND and hit orchtstra and song* by JIMMY NOLAN STARTS FRIDAY 9:OO to 9:30 P. M. T S A BLUE NETWORK PROGRAM INTRIGUE FOR HOLMES! i slolo tlic nuviil treaty? AVho is < 'buries Saltire? Where was Mo- rinrty when the treaty was stolen? Sherlock Holmes knows all the answers and tells thorn tonight nt 8:00. Tune in Station KPMC nut! listen to the first frightening meeting between Holmes and Moriarly. Presented by the Pelri Wine Coin- liany, San l^'nim-isco, Calif. • t-Mat,' I'jII.ITK'AI. ADVKKTIsr: VOTE MO Hear United States Senator SHERIDAN DOWNEY Tuesday 10:45 A. M. KMPC "Why I Am Op- |>osed to This I ti- fair KKt—The Reporter; 10:15, llancheclcr Rortdy. KTMl'— KiBhl to Work; 10:15. No. on rroposiiHtn No. K'. ]fl.-:in lo 11:OG n. m. KI:riN—A Hoy, a Uil'l and a Band. KI'I—Inxido lhi> News; 10:15. MM;<ls in Mtisir. KI'MC—Army Air Forces. 11:00 tn 11:HO i>. m. KI-:UN—Yanks in tlio Orirnl; 11:10. HfMiry Kmc'h Orchestra. Kl-'l — Klrvpnth Hour Nowc: 11:15. MuNH'ul IiH'M'ludc; 11 ^'O. IVtrr (|A l^itna. KI'MC—New«: 1:03. Silvor Noiturne. 11:30 to 13:00 Midnlcht I»J-:U.V—rharli-w I.a Vffic; 11:<.',. llnllndnltr; 11 :,-,;. Nrws. l\ri —liadin FiinfHrc: \\-.\t\. Musical Intprlnil'-: 11:40. Mallartol I cs . 11'.~iT>, MiificHl Knrorop. KPMC—Silvor Nociurno. Tt KSDAV «:00 to (i:3fl n. m. KKn.V—Mirth and Madnpns: 6.15, l»pin«>iratH for Dcwey. Ft-.'.W In 7:00 a. in. KKR.V —Mildi.-: B:4.'. Mnmial ncvellla; K afi. \'nl!py AtnUHOinent. KKI—Tow Owens: «:4r,. NCWH. KI'MC --MUBIC ill Clock: 6.',:.. On the Kn rrn. 7:01) lo 7:.'fO n. m. KKUN- N, w.s: 7.1.'.. Miiilin AKrnnsky. KP'I—Today'B Heroes; 7:15. I-'Jcclwood l.iiwtnn. KI'MC--.NOWK. 7:l."i, Molodli-^ of Today. 7:HO to 8:00 n. m. Ki:nN-—Inmr-H Atilie ObKcrvcs; 7.15, The l,<«l.enniE I'ost. Kl-'l— :Mnrch ir, \irtory: 7:40, Musical Itouncliip. 7.4fi. Sam Hayoa KI'.Mi. 1 —Tnp Turics: 7:40. WeiU'a News; 7:4fi, News. 8:00 to 8:110 a. m. KKKN—I-'lrrtwood LawLon; 8:15. Victory Marches. K I-'I- --Johnny Aluiiay; 8 15. T. 13. niHklntmi Kl'.MC—Shady Valley Folks. 8:110 to 11:00 n. m. KKUN—Break ran'. Cllih. KI'I—Albei's HoinemakciB Hour: 8:45, I'fivid Haruni KPMC—Wjilly Tnwnnend; 8:45. In Your NciGhbnrhoodi 8:55. Clmrlottc Deehle. 0:00 lo 0:110 a. m. KKR.V—Xi-w» of the World: I).in. Local News: !i:15. 10.:M Ranch. KI'M—Nowa: !i:"."j. 1-Jdward JoiKcnson; li-l.l, I.arry Smith. KPMC—Moake Carter: 9:15. Names and Places Ir the D::IO to 10:00 a. m. KKRN—Hreakfast nt Sardi's. KKI — News- 8:40. (J. I.'a Abroad; 0:45. Honny Manafleld. KI'MC—Midland. I*. S. A.; 9:45, Tho Amaxinff .lennlfer I.ouan. 10:00 (n 10:HO a. m. KKIIN—Tony Morse: 10:15, Jack Kerch anil IliH Hoys. Kl-'l—Voice of a Nation; 10:15, ruler do Lima'* CloseupH. KPMC—News; 10:15, Terry'i Houte Party, 10:30 to 11:00 a. in. KHUN—My True Story; 10:56. Tile Aunt .Jemima Show. KKI — Aunt Mary; 1":!5. Art linker. KPMC—Tips From TibbeUs; 10:4;,. Al Goodman. 11:00 to ll::<0 •. m. KKIIN—Batikhane Talking; 11:15, Island Melodies KFI—Uuldine Lluht; 11:15. Today'i Children. KPMC—Ccdrlc Foster; 11:15. Waltz Time. 11:110 to I'1:00 Noon KKRN*—Glamour Manor. KKI—Women In While: 11:45, Hymns. KPMC—Manhattan Highlights; 11:45, Sammy Kaye. U':00 to I 1 !:!)*) n. in. KKRN—Nown of tho World; ]2:jO, I.ncal News: ll':15. Hollywood Star Time. KKI—Noon Farm Reporter; 111:16, Ma Perkins. KP.MP—News; 12:15. Noon Time Nock Outs. J«:Hfl to 1:00 p. m. KEliN—nelween the Lines; 12:45. Kiernan's Corner. KFI —Pepper Young's Family; 12:45, Kinht to Happiness. KPMC—Country Commentator; 12 45, Music. I'lim-ICAI. AIIVKRTISK.MKNT Hear what Senator Hiram Johnson and Joseph Scott Attorney Say about Lieutenant-Governor Fred Houser for United Stales Senator TONIGHT at 6:45 KPMC ,r'Qj.,j'firAi. \DVKK risKMKvr To-niqht i KERN 7:00 to 7:30 RebroadcMt Tomorrow KGO and Blut Network 8:00 to «:30 •». M. re IV On the c4ir U. S. SENATOR W. LEE O'DANIEL Democrat of Texas and the HILLBILLY BOYS KERN MOM. THROUGH SAT. 6:15 A. M. USTINI Till YOU* FRIENDS! TOPS AT 2:45 MATS DOM' FIATUIINO I AIT LINILETTEI KERN2£ POLAR FROSTED FOODS KT-;R.V--Sam Jlnyv: 1:15. Boh Nichols. KKI —Mnckstase Wife; 1 1.0, Hn-llii In<lla<<. KI'.Mi -Think Hard Now; 1:15. Dramas of I^ife. 1:3(1 (o 2:00 p. m. KKUN—Time Viewp ih" News; 1:43, Blue Newsroom Ileview; 1:.',(». (ieneial Malone, KFI—l.or,-ny..i Jones; 1:45. Toiiiin Widrtrr Hrown. KPMC—jicadlnifs to Harmony, 2:00 tn -:30 p. m. KKP.X—When a Cirl Marries: i!:15. Portia Knees Life. KKI—Wlieti a Cirl Harries; 2:15, I'orlia Faces Life. KI'Ml.:—No. 'ill I'rnpnpMioii No. ];; L' 1.",, iluliny on tin- HiKh Srai-. 2:30 In 3:00 p. in. KKUN"— What's fjoin' l.ndii..«? KF1--J1IM "lain Kill; 2:4J. Fronl-I'auo Karrell. KI'.Mi'•—-Towns.-ud: "-I.1. Kn.iy Uhjlhm. 3:00 tn 3:»0 p. m. KKIl.V— Appointment With Life. KKI —He,.i.l of Life; 3:1(,. Star I'layhoiiM-. Kl'.MC—i;rlftln Reporting; 3:1 r,. Lost 3:110 to 4:00 p. in. KKIl.V—Mu.«ic; 3:45, Hliliil Troutmdniir. KKI — Honpinaiy; 3:<S. \Vnmun til America. KI'.Mr—ThinBH TVorJh Whilv; 3:45. Johnson Family. 4:00 (o 4:30 p. m. KI-:it\—News of the World: 4 In I.onal New*; 4:1.-,, Report From 1'nclfic; 4:2",, Music. KFI—Doctor Kate; 4:15. News of tho World. KJ'MC—Fulton Lnwta, Jr.; 4:15, Heal Life Klorics. 4:30 (o 5:00 |i. m. KKH.N*—Just for You; 4:4!,, Hop Hi rriKiili. KKI —Art Raker'* Notebook KPMC—Worlcl'n Front Page; 4:4.',, Symphonic Svviiitf. 0:00 In fi:30 p. ni. KKUN—Huililui-H of tlie World Ahcud. Hcrnlfl-Tribune Forum, to 6 KKI—Okay for fit-lease; B'JS News Period. Kt'.MC—Chick Carter; 5:15, Superman. B:HO In (1:00 [>. m. KFI--A Watn With Judy. KI'.MC—Adventurrs of Tom Mix; 5:-lf>. Nisht Nejvn Wire. HANDY DICTIONARY Thin new handy nlzc dictionary in 3^x5'.4 IncheH in Blze. contains 384 pages more than 21.01)" dcfin itions, and IB illustrated. In nddltlon there are speiiai HiipplcmrntB on I'urrent Words and rhnmea, Alihrcvlatlons. iVords Oftch .Mispronounced, ForelKii Words. Curious Word drlslns. and other helpful Information. Cp-to-dale. It In hound In a durable, flexible cover, and Is an excellent reference for home, school or office. Any student or stenographer should be delighted to have a copy. Order now; supply In limited. Only Doc postpaid. —— Use This Coupon - Tin; HitkpTufieli' ('alifoi nlan Informution Iiui«nl, 316 Kyc Street. N. K., W«»hliigton 2. 15. C. I enclose here\vilh i5 cpnts in coin (carefully wrapped in pHper) for a copy a! the Dictionary. Name- Street or Rural Route.. City .-....„..„. .«....„. \Hate „ (.Mail to Washington, D. C.) THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON HAS A WIN6SPREAD OF ; AND A BODV WEIGHING LESS THAN THREE POUNDS. IS BELIEVIN6, VET ^ LOOKS ARE DECEIVING^", c. ANDERSON, IS ONLY A 6&ASS, BUT 1 IN CEYLON ITGP5OW5 TO HEieHT5 T; WITH STALKS COPR. 1M4 BY N£» SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. {0-\(a I'OMT'CAI/AnVERTISEMKNT I.ITICAF, AHVERTISEMENT TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 TONIGHT • Don't Miss the Famous Stars • Edward G. Robinson and Jane Wyman • Why You Should Vote NO On No. 12 TONIGHT KPMC 10:15 P. M. rOI.ITH ,\l ADVKKTISK.MKNT "THE FARMER and the RIGHT to WORK" Hear H. L STROBEL Rancher KPMC Monday 10:00 P. M. OLT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS I POM'T MIND PACKIW VOUR LOOT ER YOUR KIDS HERE .FREE GRATIS--BUT WHEN >OU COME TO TRYINJ' TO RNP TK KEYHOLE WITH A PISH OF JITTER TIME PUDDIM' \M *TH' SAME HAND, THEM i MOT OMLY WAGES BUT TIME AMD A HALF/ OH, SHUT UP.' I DON'T CARE TO SET IT DOWN--THE DOCj WOULD BE RIOHT IMTO IT, OR NOLI'P STEP IM IT.' WHY MOTHERS GET GRA> Ot R BOARDING HOUSE Wtih MAJOR HOOPLB E6AO,3ASON?I _... SOL) TO IV\D\»e CAUTIOUSLY TO THE GLUE PACT WITH /AV SECRET CREATION/—ASK FOR MR. RODERICK siOY MERE TO PUT IT/ MA30RN . ^. ITS A MSSTER.Y JfWON'T PEEPJ \MEAPON I BETTER, j? VlHAT IT ROLL EASY GO IT DON'T FALL OFF AN' 'SPLODe/-*< I DON'T CRAVE TO BE PE£L6D OFF NO WALL LAK A POSTER..' OLD I USOAUNI OV/ERHEATS rt»S| SENDING ~ we THE Gl'iMPS AN ANSEL FLEW RIGHT OUT OF THE SKV.' Surprise! MEANWHILE, JON I / _ AWCVSS AT'THE | A MM. MI^HT AS WELU MtUTARV HOSPITAL.H NOTWwSr MUCH C'MON.CAPTAM STARDUST-HOP IN» ROOM FOR ONE MOICB) By GUS EDSON GASOLINE ALLEY TEU M£ ANOTHER' STORY, I SERCEAMT 0LONEY. /0-I6 / MAMN6P A MACHINE CUM ON TOP OP A <NOLL. SUDDENLY, I SAW TWO ENEMY SQl'APS PEPLOVED AN' COMiN' AT ME. AT THE FKST BURST, MY GUN JAMMER AN' THERE I WAS, COR<Y. 1: Withdraw to Prepared Positionf By KINO THE NEAREST M/iN THKEW /* C(?£MAPE, WHICH I CAUGHT] JUST SSFOKS II HIT TUB cecuNP. i -weetv rr ft eXPLQDeO MSTAS A HIGH ONE «M6 CVee CAUGHT THAT /»N' HEAVEP IT BAC<,LeFT-HANDBD! THEN ANOTH6* AN 1 ANCTHEe. IP | MISSED, I WAS FINISHED. BUT I KEPT SHOOWEM BACK. RNULLV.CNLY ONE HEINIE AH' ONE CKENAPS WAS LEFT. te ( ' ii'^n ~ a.* «°n I tMKEVV 8AC< HIS HOT POTATO, BUT IT WAS A DUO. HE THKEW IT AT ME AN' I PITCHED IT BACK. TM6«e we PLAVIN' CATCH, N000PY PAKINT TO GUIT. THE CAM6 WAS CALLED ON ACCOUNT OF DAKKNSSS. BY "PAVLICHT, HE HAP SNEAKED AWAY, THE BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES Some Hope By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JL/VI AN ATTEMPT TOGer PUBLICITY FOR HIS POLITICAL CAMPAIGN, LARD PRETENDED TO DISAPPEAR AT STAUFFER'S LAKE. BY LEAVIM6 SOME OF HIS CLOTHES ON TMF BANK, ALLTMF EVIDENCF POINTS ^TARK TKA<J£DV/« Thoughtful Lad IT AMY BE A HOAX. BUT GO our TO rue LAKE ANYWAY, AND see WHAT ,- OKAV, By MERRILL BLOSSER WHAT'S TUB SMELUI-JG SALTS FOR.SON? ) BETTER. KEEP rr / HANDY. MOM, IN ' CASE YOU SKIDOO'S HEADLINES; TOMORROW/ ' . »to. u. s. PAT, on. WASH TUBUS News! THE/RE 5TANPIN' THBRf WITH THEIR MOUTHS OPEN AH' THEIR EYES OUT CM ..•STEMS, WAITIN' F^R YOU TO TELL US VSIHY, \WHAT'5 HAPPENEP IM TH'OUfSlOC UNKf h 1 ----! WORLD SINCESATAANJ 0EHINO IM TH' NEWS. ALL WE'VE HAD IS A FEW SECOND-HAND REPORTS OF WHAT TH' JAP RADIO HAD TO 5/V I CAME TO LUZON TO LOCATE you, SERGEANT, AND FIND OUT IF — JUST A MINUTE, CAPTAIN EASX.. TAKE A LOOK AT MY MEN: By LESLIE TURNEtt WHV, OF COURSE, FELL AS.' I'LL TRY TO ANSWER AW— HEY!OKEATATIIAEJJ RED RYDER Explaining Everything Ew/' GET T HOLE By FRED HARMAN [WHAT HAPPENED,) /TlREVOATE.??. THANKFUL rof INTERVENTION, .. HAY£5 RELOADS- ALLEY OOP WHILE OUR HERO, WHOSE MIWP is A BLANK. PL AYS AT IeiN6 AN OCIEN PRINCE,OOOLA STUMBl.ES.ONTO ALLEV OOf-fe OLD FRIEND, A7RO. WHO THINKS THE JEEP IS IM EZION-6EBEE AND IS OUT TRVW6 TO RNP IT. Quick Work SO VUSSUF <5OT MAULEC ANP NOW I ' GOT A HOUSE BOY NAMED AZCO.' By V. T. HAML1N* THIS HELP SITUATION IS TECRIBLE.V WHAT GOOD IS IT BEIN6 A BI6 SHOT IP THERE'S NEVER ANVBODY ABOUND TO WAIT ON MOU?

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