The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 8
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/I 1 1 J g Monday, October 16, 1944 ITfje itofe trrffeft Californian ^^^^F ^H^A^^ ^h& L J _ r _ ^*^^.^ r SHARING Cullimore Honored i Group WHAT DO YOU THINK? (fey BEKN1CE HARRELL, CHIPMAN) Local Teacher Welcomed as New Fellow in Institute " i*y MAE Perhaps you have heard of the motion picture library being maintained by the Modern Museum of Art in New York. Pictures chosen lire usually those with Americana appeal or because of an outstanding personality that has made a big impression over a period of years. In (he newest collection of films added to the library are t\vo made Uy Shirley Tcmplo ami Mickey Kooney. The motion picture library affords a real opportunity fur student* of motion pictures to anaiyy.M the art. Hero arc Bi»nip films there have recently hoen added to the library: Tnlaljk- ] »av id (1!*1M). \Vild Bill Hk'kuk (!!»:::'., with William S. Hart), She Dune Him Wrong (1933. with Mao West), Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1933, \viih Gary Cooper), Mutiny on the Bounty (1935, with Charles La ugh ton and Clark Gable), The Little Colonel (1fl35, with Shirley Temple), The Life of Emile Zola (1937, with Paul Muni), Captains Courageous (Ut37, with Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore, Freddie Bartholomew), The Good Earth <H*37, with Paul Muni and Louise Kainer), Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938, with Mickey Uooney), Deslvy Rides Again (1930, with Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart), Sergeant York (11*41, with Gary Cooper), How Ore-en "Wan My Valley (J943, with Walter Pidtfr-on). ond The Malign Falcon (1!M1, with Humphrey Bnpart and Mary AMiir). Which of these films was yrmr favorites? SUNDERS Among celebrities at the concert last Thursday night were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Huston. The Hollywood motion picture star has a mountain home in the Greenhorn area. The actor was besoiged during: tho Intermission for autographs and he willingly obliged. K7,io Pinza also did a rushing autograph business back stage after the concert. Mrs. Annette Six 1 * 1 and her HOU, Dr. Kugeno Sive, entertained tho singor and a. party of friends .'it a. pom-ronrcrt wnwck the othnr night at Hakersfield Inn. The fanioiiH .singer indulged In a rnr<» steak and a glass fit' tomato juirc. He inntatH upon steak being well salted before being rnnknd. Judging from supper conversation he is nn ardent play-goer and Jikes movies. He is also an astute critic. CInrcnce Cullimore, architectural drawing Instructor at Bakcrnficld High School and Junior College, wan one of three architects honored this week when he *vas introduced as a new fellow of the American In- Ktitute of Architects at a dinner meeting of the California chapter of the organization held at Los Camp Will Discuss Potato Problems Attended by K,n practicing- architects, tho dinner commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Iho orRanlxa- tlnn. Introduction of the throe, now fellows, was made at this meeting, inasrniK'h as there will bo no national convention thin year. The dinner was held at the University Club, Los An-Koles, and included outstanding architects of the south- land and the state. < ; In f»0 years of its establishment, only L'5 fellows have been elected from California by the national organization, it was reported. Election of Mr. Cullimore to the high honor in the architectural profession was partially as a result of his research in the field of above architecture. National potato problems and the outlook for next year's harvest and market will be discusned tomorrow night at Shafter High School at 7:30 p. m. by W. B. Camp, national potato advisory comrnltlefiman for the \\'ur Foods Administration and the Office of price Administration, who ! has just returned from Washington. All potato growers in the county urn urged to attend the, moot ing. Pepsi-Cola Company, Long /stand City, V. Y. Frinchtsed Bottkn Pepsi-Colt BcMIln* Company of Bokorsfiefd 65 Attend P. T. A Meeting in Taft TAFT, Oct. 16.—With a. potluck din nor and an interesting program tho hltfh school P. T. A. opened its fall .season last, wo.ok with fi'i in attendance*. The .speakers wore Ku- L KOIIO Johnston, superintendent of the school, who spoke on the school pro- pram and the football schedule for tho year; Miss Kloiso Smith, dean of girls, who explained counciUup; Mrs. A. Woolens, legislation chairman, who appealed to the group to vote no on 1'roposRion 11, which the state office have gone on record aH disapproving and J. W. Howe who gave a spiritual thought. Mrs. Harry S. Welby is president and conducted the busincs.H meeting. TALK TO GOD isenxble overt "And Cinderella, came out of the kitchen and married the Prince, and they lived happily ever after, «o the old fairy story goes, and tho child that is In the heart of eve»y one of us, In spite of calendars and mirrors, loves the tale, which against one setting or an- others, has ever been a favorite plot for fiction writers. 3 It-re, in recent publication, Is the theme again, "The Bachelor" by Stella Gibbons, a charming, readable, novel set in the lovely county of Hertfordshire shortly after the first great Blitz struck I»ndnn. Hertfordshire is still undisturbed; her fields lie qu}ct under tho autumn sun, her fruit trees hang heavy with their ripening treasure, and Miss Con- stiuice Fielding, middle-aged worker for international brotherhood, IK determined to ignore tho war and keep il away from her door. Miss Fielding has no doubt of her success, (for hasn't she always had her own way?) ruling her household with a rod of iron, brotfking no interference with her plans, and domineering over her brother, Kenneth, since his babyhood, so that In middle life he ie still under her thumb, a bachelor, and a boyish, bumbling fellow, in spite of his years, in spite of his record for bravery In the last war, feeling that something is wrong with his well-ordered life but not knowing exactly what, Hierarchy of Domination Miss Fielding, in turn, is ruled by the spectral hand of Our >1 other, who in life had shaped the two Fielding sisters in her dominant image. Kenneth she bad not shaped. He, also, was hardly worth the trouble, so mild, PO kind, so unassertive, weak like bis father, that charming wordly roue, who one day walked out of his household, becoming to his daughters a. legend of wickedness. Constance Fielding is the wicked sis- tor of the story. Yet she is not wieked, but just a woman with blinders on, with no sense of reality. She is the prototype of all those people who love mankind, but can't get along with their neighbors. She loves the world but cannot endure the refugees whom she has, perforce, to shelter during the Blitz. She ignores the war in all its devastation, but frets that the milk is not delivered —and is scarce at that. She is fond of her brother, but deter mined that no woman shall ensnare him—not from jealous devotion, but that the even tenor cf her 1 own life shall remain unchanged. She likes the pattern as it is, and woe to friend or enemy who shall attempt to destroy the design. Everything must go on as !t is, and ever has been. Into this middle-age^ household cornea Vutronchi, a refugee from tho Valley of Apricots, in Balra- mi;i, VjiriouchI with her lovelv tf *:.->«: The U. S. Army Medical Department urgently needs you now" MAJOR GENERAL NORMAN T. KIRK, Surgeon General U. £ Army. there burns within you a sincere desire to do something active and important to help win the war, here is your opportunity. Join the WAC—serve in the Army Medical Department, where women are vitally needed now. You can help bring the war to a quick, successful end. You can help bring our loved ones—your loved ones, perhaps—home sooner. And you can learn a valuable technical skill that may be the foundation of a career after the war. With the biggest battles of the Pacific ahead, the West must take a still more active part in the war. You are needed here, in Australia perhaps, or elsewhere behind the battlefronts, to give our men the attention they require. L The care and rehabilitation of the sick and wounded is a woman's noblest work. Get into it if you can. If you are between the ages of 20 and 50 and have no children under 14, or other dependents, call at the nearest U. S. Army recruiting station to volunteer for this vital service. » GREYHOUND SERVES, TOO Greyhound is happy to publish this message throughout the West for the WAC. We are in war work, too—providing transportation for the WAC and other branches of the Armed Forces... aiding in troop movements... transporting wounded... at the same time carrying on an essential service for the traveling public. And Greyhound is looking ahead, planning for a finer, larger, better highway travel service when the war is won* YOU CAN SERVE PHARMACIST PHARMACIST AIDE PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORKER PSYCHIATRIC ASSISTANT DENTAL TECHNICIAN DENTAL HYGIENIST DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN LABORATORY TECHNICIAN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT MEDICAL STENOGRAPHER MEDICAL TECHNICIAN*SURGICAL TECHNICIAN EDUCATIONAL RECONDITION** OPTOMETRIST • X-RAY TECHNICIAN toth QvdilM TMluMoM owl StvdMts Accepted THE SERVING THE NATION WITH OlPtNDABLt TRANSPORTATION face, her child-like ways, with her sturdy spirit and the absolute real- i Ism of the Oriental, with her palely, her aWlft rages, and frank speech. She is the Cinderella of the story, a Cinderella who does not wait In patience for the prince to seek ,her nut hut in spite of watchful eyes winds her well- planner! web of witchery. To tell more of a plot which in itself IH a rather slight thins would be unfair to the reader, and no one but MiH« Gibbons herself can do justice to the characters, of which the most Important' is the plojisnnt land of Hertfordshire, rooted In antiquity, deeply English, steeped In tradition, with a people nb]« to carry on their life of planting and harvest, able to .savor the seasonal beauty around them, through mi inate hardihood and simplicity nf soul, despite the upheavals of \vur. Delicacy and Restraint The author has told her story with delicacy and humor and restraint. No one Is changed very much by all that happens. Though there is a good deal of marrying at the end, one feels that all these people will remain much as they were, only a little happier,—as they have approached nearer to reality. Even for Miss Fielding- reality has come a little closer, since she recognizes her feeling for Doctor Stock as love and henceforth will be dominated instead of ruling. That, hints Miss Gibbons, is the need in every woman's heart, to relinquish the reins of power to the beloved. Bur Vartouchl was always a realist in a house of dreams. She had no ideals, hut she had the strict code of puucrutirms of .Kaira- ni inn H to whom the keystone of life was the family ami its solidarity. So she and Miss Fielding, though enemies, were not so far apart alter all. If you wish to turn from factual reading and have a good time, a few hours of pure dlverUsement, you will be grateful for "The Bachelor." And it's not just light reading. There is much of wisdom here lightly overlaid. Stella Gibbons has a deep knowledge of human nature and a spiritual insight into the elements of English greatness. She points no moral, draws no conclusion, but her characters prove in their lives that the "greatest of these is charity," and that kindness is the enduring reality. To Meet Tuesday Star of the Valley Lodge No. 270 will hold its regular business meeting Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. at the Masonic temple. Prior to the meeting a potluck luncheon will be served at 12:3 p. m. in the basement of the temple. All members are welcome. Lackawaiina Council Lackawunna Council No. 154, Degree of Pocahontas, will meet Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. in Druids hall. Preceding the meeting there will be a potluck supper honoring all the members who have birthdays in October. A practice of the escort team will also be held. All members arc requested to be present as prac- Uce will also be held for the visit of the great Pocahontas, Mrs. Ruby Rogers, October 31. BURGLARS EXTEB HOME \V. A. Korton, 1115 Quincy street, repotted to the county sheriffs office that someone entered his home sometime Saturday night and took an undetermined amount of cash and other property Deputy Ernest Fisher is investigating the case, Home Remedy For Relieving Miseries of CHILD'S COLDS The modern external treatment most young mothers use to relieve discomforts of children's colds ... muscular soreness or tightness, coughing, irritation in upper bror tubes... is Vicks Vapo- Rub. So easy to use. You just rub it on—and right away blessed relief starts to come as VapoRub ... to upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors chest and back surfaces like a wanning poultice Often by morning most of the misery of the cold is gone. Remember this... ONLY VAPORUB Gives You this special penetrating-stimulating action. It's time-tested, home-proved, the best known home rem- A A * edy for relieving m^ | _ _ miseries of colds. W VAPORU9 register Get your P.D.Q. Certificate for a new post-war "Emerson Radio •Preference Delivery Quota ~^r Avoid the post-war rush for new radios. Reserve your Emerson Radio today by signing the £merson Preference Register in our store. No deposit — no obligation. Get your P.D.Q. Certificate and be among the first to buy a new Emerson Radio when civilian sets become fvaiUble. Radfe and Applianot Co. Pox Th«atr» •uiltflnc Mil H ItfMt, Dial GIVEN AT SCHOOL SIX-WEEK COURSE SLATED FOR STUDENTS ri Co-operating with the United States Army, the California Highway Patrol and the Associated Insurance Groups, who are sponsoring a nation-wide appeal for high school instruction in driver education, I.*. \V. Hedge, principal of Bakersfield High School, announced today that a regular driving education class will be inaugurated for a six- week period by J. Harold Pauly, in charge of the high school transportation program. With the enrollment in the class limited to 100, Mr. Hedge announced that the students signing 1 up for the course will meet during the first half of fifth period ex'ery day. giving the students adequate lunch time, and, upon sutiHfactory completion of the course, yielding *fc credit on their high school diploma. The groups sponsoring this driver education idea have announced that the regular state drivers* license will not be issued to any high school student without the completion of this driver education course; and Mr. Pauly also announced today that the certificate issued to the student upon completion of the course will serve to take the place of the regular written examination usually required when getting a driver's license. IN HOSPITAL. Wiley C. Dorrls, Bakerafield attorney, was confined to the Sun Joa- quln Hospital today for a three-day rost and check-up, it was reported by hospital attendants. comfort -white Director Clarifies State School Law The California school law states that children are eligible to enter tho kindergarten if they are 4% years of age by September 1, and that they are eligible to enter first grade if they are 6% years of age by September 1, according to Miss Betty Gould, director of attendance. "According to Alfred E. Lentz, legal adviser for the state department of education, in computing the age of children for admission to kindergarten or first grade, the birthday anniversary iteelf is not to be counted/ 1 the director said. A child actually attains the next age tho day before his birthday. This is a recognized fact in establishing a legal age. "Therefore, a child whose birthday is on March 2, will be legally 4Vfc years of age on September 1 and must be admitted to the kindergarten. Likewise a child whose birthday is on March 2 will be 6% years of age by September 1 and must be admitted to the first grade." WeiU's for Beauty blended 'Whiskey 86,8 Proof 65% Grain Neutral Spirit* For Your New Fall Hairdo Our Special Creme Oil Machine Wave From $7.50 f You Are Welcome to Ust Your Charge Account Beauty Shop—Balcony WeiU's 00 FASTI UM Dr. Bchofl'i Zino-p«<U and forget you h»v* earn* I Thty in- •untlyttop painful ihot friction: Hit pttMura and quickly, rcnov* corn*. Cart but • trifW. -v - ii'-ii^-i- • -' •', FUR SPECIAL EVENT * We've just received a special shipment of Dyed Siberian Squirrel Locke Coats. They're of top quality furs—truly femininely beautiful- -Tuxedo fronts, wide, deep, turn-back cuffs, silk-lined, a range of sizes: 0-15, 10-20. We suggest you come in soon, as the special offer will be open for a limited time. Use your charge account or lay away plan. Free storage. MAIN FLOOR FUR SALON 'PLUS 2Q% FEDERAL TAX

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