The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 6
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Offered In Ouroc Show Mississippi County Breeders To Sponsor Big Event Ar Fair The'ltrgost state Duroc show In (lie nation will .be a feature of the Mississippi .county Fair, held here Sept. 25. through Oct. 1, when $1500 in cash';pfl?es will ue offered. The loin! in cash prises exceeds nny ever- offered .in similar shows in America.", " ' ' Spor&Ji-ccV by. (lie Mississippi County .Duroc Breeders Association In cooperation ,with the Mississippi County Pair Association, the show's primary; pinpose is to promote Interest in Durocs, which practically overnight have become an important industry in this county, wllli more champion Durocs heing cither bred, purchased or produced In Mississippi County than in any other county In the United States In the Insl 12 months. Entries arc pouring in for thc event, which .Is expected to attract nation-wide attention among Duroc breeders, and help cement Mississippi County's place among the topnotch Duroc breeding sections of America. Registered Duroc breeders frOm Indiana; Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Mississippi. Missouri, and Kansas have entered their Duiocs. and other states are e.xpecled to be represented. To the Duroc Breeders Association goes the credit for the widespread interest in the show, and also the unusually large cash prizes, which the members themselves donated In order to'Stimulate interest In the event. The .10 members who compose the association are C. G. Smith. Carfeton Smith, J. C. Buchanan. Joe T. \Caglc and Ross D. Hughes pf Blylhe'ville, Slmiion Pepper of Huffman, qastlio Brothers of Luxora. Burdettc Plantation nnd L. H. Autry of Purdcttc, Gene Brndberry of Manila, and C. <H. Whistle ol Whistleville. •'"Paris Rides-*&ut Not In'Autos Vor Novel, Staged in Alaska, Jores All Human Emotions Grandma goes shopping In » Hcyclc-lrnlUnj; ' kiihiic par' ' Shore iht Kidc' HICTIIS just that In 1'tH lodiu •liiiSBEf*^ r r *•«—*-%(- Earl-.P. Sullivan With Task Force At Saipan, Guam As a member of the 58th Tnsk Force -which hcjped -to. run the Japs oil Saipan and win back Guam. Earl P. .Sullivan, seaman 2-c, of Blytheville, has had many exciting experiences which he caniiot reveal until after the war's successful con- She No Like Cops iiiocks art prob.ibh \viirlh mure than Ihcir «cij;ht in gold r * \ * ,r * ~ ^ \ Irene Kelly's tacial expression gives you an idea of what she , thinks_of police .and FBI men. Photo "above was taken as they questioned her in Los Angeles on charges of illegally wearing 'a U. S. Navy uniform. A Yank helps his ^irl fricml inlo cn:p of Paris' fumed fiacres. With thc Metro, the Paris subway, shut down for lack of electric power, no buses operating and gasoline for civilian us non-existent Parisians cheerfully take to more primitive means of Irnnspoi'lntlon Thc photos above show characteristic scenes in thc French capital todiu elusion. But it's wonderful to be home to spend a 20-day leave with his family, and that's just what he's doing now. ;Slnce his induction into the Navy last January, Mr. Sullivan has sci-ved four months ovcrscns aboard a idesti'oyer, nnd is home on his first leave since entering the service. iwncc yard nnd rend this sign "Snow laborers hired here — 02'. I-nrgest open-face granite quar 'rv In the world Is nt Ml. Airy. C. THURSDAY, SKI'TKMHICR 14, 1944 HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS It takes a mighty ndroll pen to orLray war characters In a novel i such n way as to present some- iliig new and interesting, lint jllbert W. Gabriel, in his "1 Gol a ountry" iDoubleday, Uoran: t3), as done a swell job of portraying, 'irnc different personalities .in u lory built around a corporal and wo UciilenanUi In Uncle Sum's Ar- j 1 . Plrst figure is the corporal, -Prank lansen. 'J'he kid Is an Introvert; n the other htuul, LieutennnlOcls- cr is nil extrovert, while Lieutcii- nt Orin is a swell guy, just in etween the two. You feel sorry for the slight flan- en, who uncomplainingly bears Ills urdon of .the wnr In frigid Alasa. You feel disgusted at the selt- cntered duties of Lieutenant, Gels:i. who uses superior airs to gel liinsclf n promotion to a cnp- iiliicy. You thrill at the antics of lieutenant Otin, a tlevil-inay-cai'c Hot whose chief faults are his ourage, women, and his father's heck .book. Jt's a mighty fine novel Gabriel las built around these three, with onie other pretty swell minor clmr- ctcrs to einbcllbh the ; plol—Slrlu.s, ith whom the meek llnnsen falls n love; Major McOuire, a swashbuckling Irish soldier of fortune vlio befriends Hanson, nnd Msr- Ini Walnwrlght. Red Cross gal.ov- :r whom Lee Orm is dippy. The author covers a broad range >! human emotions in this novel— ove. hnte, drunkenness, psucdo- elegance, misery, war, and the etnp- ,yness and fullness of the human mart. In addition, he describes tn ninutc detail the life of our men vlio cleared the frozen wastes of he Alinillnn.s of the yellow Jnp lorde. You'll like II. LOVE GAME .AND SET Richard Barrett's "The Truant" Diitton: ,52.15) is,a story of change- ind tennis. Here is wlihf happens 0 Jonathan colt when a wealthy; dilettante finds he has a great talent for the smart-set Newport Gas- no and Forest Hils tonnis word, "'oil, despite lik sense ,of danger, 1 irrevocably drawn to the presld-' ng .queen, of the tennis kingdom, Middy Fleet, wife of the .amateur His .bent .Is not toward ;he fast, html-drinking Hfc Mid-.' dy enjoys, and he knows that her domineering nature soon makes: captive the soul of any man -she'! ovcs. But, ,a star in his' own ; rlght> ie necessarily travels in close' companionship with the Fleck on a goodwill tour through Japan. The story of the young, hermit- like Coil is well done, a psychological study which is absorbing.' The talc of the famous tennis star, battling for his soul ns well as his ^Itlc. Is less convincing and somewhat stereotyped. But the latter pnrl'qf the book is rescued'by de r scriptions of tennis matches which make'ninny a sportswdter en- vious. In them, rather lhan in thc ovc story, .Richmond Barrett has ft real claim on his readers, WES/J'EKN COLOl', You'll remember Rainbow Ttiulcy! and his range detective work from •lis (-srapades with Seng Me!-tang r ;hc beautiful Chinese girl on whom I :ie liaii n crush. Also you'll rcincin- nor Ills partner, Grumpy Giblw. the short feller with whom he paired In solving so many range mys- Lertes. , So you'll 'get n bell out of reading on the adventures of this pair — "Ilorselhief Creek" (Doublcdny, bora n: 52). Plot is based on thc double murder of Cilcrina Gordon's father- jiml their Chinese cook. And it takes the caliber of the Ripley- Oibte team to find out that a rival umchcr. linked up wilh a Chinese leader, was ihe guilly party. Odd enters' the picture, as docs Seng Mel-Inng again. When an author, writing a mystery story', keeps his chief character in an insane asylum for three- quarters of the book, you have something. That's what Virginia Perdue dues in "Alarm and Excursion" (Crime Club: $2). Nicfe Matheny finds himself in the 'boob'y-halch w'ondering what happened to him following an explosion outside his plant In which he wns developing a new aviation gasoline, ii takes you quit a while following the slow recovery of Ms Incmory to piece the story together mid find -that an uiitrue wife was i.l the bottom of it—she and a dining, no-good father. Finale pf the book Isn't what you'd think itwould be. especially with such a considerate nurse as Miss Chapin. I '_ magnitude of the world's greatest military undertaking, the Jun c C im-adon of northern France. In his "Invasion" ID. Apple tonCentury: $2.60), Wcrtenbaker explains In quite some detail thc men| behind the plans for Invasion, an Inkling of the overall strategy, the men leading the invasion, the early battles and the G. I.'s who won those battles. Best descriptions and mosl Interesting passages deal with the contused, hand-to-hand skirmishes In the vague area called thc "front linos." Wcrtenbaker makes the point Dial from up front, where Ihe infantry Is in contact with the- enemy, it's pretty hard lo tell Just what's happening. As battle assignments nnd objectives are handed out from army to division to regiment lo Iralliilloii to company to pin toon, ihe plan of battle becomes .rnore and more piecemeal until .it behooves the individual soldier to do what he Is told and not worry about what the ml of HID army is doing. tt is not a "noiv-it-can-be-told" book. It is a good eye-witness nc- counl by a good reporter who was on hand for the bloody landings, Hie precarious beachhead foothold and the later successes in the Co\i- tances - Avranches break-through that proved the undoing of ihe German 7th Army. INVASION STORY CHARLES CHRISTIAN WER- TENBAKER, an editor of the Time- 'Ufe-rortimo group of magazines, did his level best to encompass thc KANSAS CITY, Mo. (OP)—She hasn't lived to be 83 years old Just t:o a bunch of firemen can tramp through the bathroom while she's .n the tub, Mrs. Jennie Jackson Informed .several would-be rescuers here recently. Mrs. Jackson, who can't get out of thc lub without lid, forgot and locked the bathroom door from the Inside. When her daughter discovered that her mother was trapped In the tub, she culled Ihe tire department. Thc rescuers entered through a .window, handed Ihe Irate /.Mrs. Jackion some towels—and retreated when she said, among other things, 'Get out of here! I never heard the like!" TO CHECK CAN'T KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She's .as Lively at a Ypungater— Now her Backache is better Many euflerera leUeve na^iug backact* fiuickly, ocuo they discover tliat U*« real caiiFC of ihpir trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidnt-ya lire Kft(urc> cliivf way of taking liiu tjictias acIJa and vuilc out of tliu blood. They Lelj> most i>«ii>te JUH about 3 j)[nte a day. When diaonlcr of kidney function permits nutter lo remain iu your blood, it Liquid lor Malarial Symptom*. ]t£ it-lias, loss of pep ttml crjew, jjelliw? up ni^ilx, swelling, puilmcss utidtr tlie eye*, lieadiiclics and dizziness. FmiutELt or &cauly Iiasiutca witli Biiiarting onJ -bmmue; BOIIK- limefl flhowa .thl'io ia BOruelbing wrong wi'.h your Iculneya ,qr bladder. Don't waltl Ask your dnigetsl for Doan's J'ills, UKtt «iicccufutry by inUUanj far ovtr 41) yen™. Thty cik'e happy relief add will helj* thc 15 mik-B of *Lilney lutx-a UuAli out poisonous wa*te from your blood. Cct Duan • PiUj, A REAL COTTON & GRAIN FARM, CYPRUS SANDY LOAM, $30.00 per acre 320 acres. 1J5 in cultivulion. Two houses, four barns. Fenced ami cross fenctd. Will divide for Iwn iieiKhbiirs. KFI), REA * bus to stchuol. On ouunly road near Keelyville, Butler County, Missouri. Came uml look U over. It is a smurt buy. Selling lo setllc estate. T. H. Yinyard, Missouri Farms For Sale Popular Bluff, Mo, Semi for my neiv list of farms fur safe. Open 7:30 Show Starti 7:45 Last Time Today Acquaintance' with Belle Davis, Miriam Hopkins anil Neus of flip Day Shorts CREAM lhapint Alwa/» dellciaui. YOU make any flavor in 2 mirwfei. PCeaio oik your Qrowrfor B35 !lo..ud SI, ..I, Son Fionclxo 3, Calif. I'OJ P-VAHIIOJS MO T HI US Ou'. oC Season I BOSTON IUP>—As tile mercury hovered around thc 100 mark. ]»d- Istrlans mopped their brows and, shrugged ns they passed the Boston Elevated Railroad's mainte- •NEURALGIA- •.'£•' NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may b« ruining your property. Call nit fo» checJV-up without cost or obligation. B4T8, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP s Hi T. Kentackr rhon« UM i ]. For Good Insurance Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3361 .Writing complete Automobile Insurance, IMatc Glass, \Vork- rran's Compensation, Public * Conlractnr's Liability and Vire Insurance on any thin 5 insurable. J-7 AS USUAL! X-/ W. M. BURNS ,*&£ Second St. COTTONSEED BAGS '- " ana* : ; SOYBEAN BAGS ,' See Us Before You Buy! I J. L TERRELL Office 111 S. Bdy. Phone 2631 • .«.« , I, TO .kc, «. , lo «« Ac i ««'f» Urtiiirt -.«»'-'^r Large Shipment Just Received The Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Phone 23.42 For Plus Friday and Saturday The Ghost Rider 7 wilh Johnny Slack Brown 4 UayinnnA SERIAL: "!)esert Hawk." Short New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees .Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today PRO Presents 'NO GREATER SIN' Fax News & Short New Rayon Sheers 1 pair Semi-Sheer Rayons 1.01 pr. Women's WHITE HOSE White Celanese 1.01 pr. White Lisle ] .45 p r Women's and Children's ANKLETS 25< and 39$ Make Your Selections Early While Sizes Are Complete Friday and Saturday 'GHOST CATCHERS' with Olscn & Johnson .Serial .&• Short CHICKASAW West Main Neat 21st St. Sat trtarts 12:45; San. start* J:« NifCht shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Bun. New Fall BAGS . . . Black Patents, Black and Brown Leathers and Brown Alligator. AT POPULAR PRICES Women's Sweaters 3.95 to 8.95 .... Cardigans and slipovers in a wide choice of colors. Long and short sleeve. A Large Selection of Slacks and Slacks Suits. Women's SKIRTS 2.95 to 5.95 .., Solid Colors, Plaids, and Figures. All wanted sizes. Children's Slippers 98* to 1.50 . . . Warm Felts and Fuzzies in Red, Pink and Blue. Sizes small 3 to large 3. SEE OUR W/NDOWS The Family Shoe Store Last Time Today Double Feature "ALWAYS IN MY HEART" with Kay Francis * Waller Huston and "LARCENY, Inc." nilli ihvATd G. Kohinson it Jane Wyman Friday and Saturday Double Feature "GAUCHOS OF EL DORADO" with The 3 Mcs<iuilcers nnd "LAUGH YOUR BLUES AWAY" with SI'KIAI,: "0-Mcn vs. Ihc Black Dragon." Comedy 312 W. Main Phone 2342 RITZ THEATRE }• Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show StarlJ at 8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens I i e a Show Starts 1:15 Thursday and Friday "LADY, LET'S DANCE" wllh BelKa, Henry Bussc, Stitch Ayrcs, | Eddy Lcbarron i- Lew Brinii i Paramount.News 1 Comedy and Short

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