The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 14
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»S!^E»»«S«ii^MW8ii««»W** W^tt^^^lkl'IN »|0'lf«'^^M, ', ''* d "''' i *' '"-./ - ''"',. Coriolmius lo Be Anniyzod by HiiUunvny Chnptcr of Shnkcspcuroun Club \ pint cf the inoPtlnR was uVvolfd o'ii.">i|cin of KhuUi'Hpf'renn |)1".VH •aiK-nded iltirltiK the numrnor when Annr Mathuway group "f the Rhn)«>- spi'im- Study Chih opened It* fnll s-.-iB'iii with mi llnlliin 'llniier ill II Trovnlore cafe, followed by n nifcl- Ing nl thn homn of MlBfi Ucll Hhlvi-ly. Tho gathering WIIH hold Thursday rvrnlliR. Thi' club lii'Kiin IIH study of Corlo- IIIIHIH wlih Miss Hhlvrly IIH study director. Thn npxl meeting will hn Imld Of. toher H "I thn hotnn of Miss Mary lloiilxoiiK "I Mngundnn. Hpoclul Kuesls wen- Miss Mildred irhlnr and Mls« Ksta \ f nn MI-JITB. MpmlicrH (irfwnl liirludnd Mrs. l<nn Drown. MIHKPH Mary lloulxong, l-ora Sunbonnets Will I Be Donned Sunday f by Church Women > *,.,., .,.- i—. —* CUNBONNET day will be ccle- brntcd Sunday nt Trinity Methodist Church. Women will wear minbonncts nnd pioneer drossy or itprons. A message on pioneer mothers will be prcHcntcd by the Rev. 'K. B. Cole, pastor. Men will he represented In the pioneer atmosphere by whiskers, and boys nnd girls will wear neckerchiefs or other clothing or «yni- of the IVOH. Mnrgnivl Kuolm, nnd I'lvi-lyn Doll Hblvoly Mrs. Johnson Feted at Birthday Dinner KIII|I||'.VOH of .lohtiHon &• Inane, liiilldlnj: c(inlriii-liirH. onlorlalnod nl ;i biimiuol Tlnii-Hday ovi'idiiK III honor of MI-H. IIHOIII- .lolinHon, h/>r birthday annlvorHary al Man- ilnrln ciifo. A floor Hhow nnd gon- oral (lancing worn enjoyed Tho table \van renlorod wlih c:ul floyoi-H and many IMJIKHK-IH wore pruHontod along vcllb a gift rrmn Hi" giiosiH. and Hcoi-oK of (•oiiKrnlulalloiiH, Nlnoty IrlondH allf-fiilofl. Kubcontriu'loi-H nnd tholr Indies who helped In arranging the nue. . coHHful affair wei-o MoHsrn. and MCH- daiiu-H Sam li'lngorhut, O. V\'. Nowman, MouKlcm KVIIIIH, Orvlllo Mr- Nay, ('. H. Morton, o. I/. May, Jo- wph (!. .loncH, 1'nrkor .IOIIOH, Henry • Hramhlott, W. U. I'owers, II. A. KobortK and nMiors. by Member; Program Knjoycd lleporlH on vfifHlloiiH anil an no- muni of high m-honl glrln' pxhlliltfl Mili-ri-d nt Hi'' Hint" 1 fnlr ill Hnrrn- inrlilo nddud Intcri'Hl lo l"«l nlght'n int'DlliiK "f ICnrlnliiiH Junior Ciiinp, No. Id, W. n. W., at Woodman hull. '" i Mlmi Kdnn Duiii'l prfHonti'il thu Hue"" niiiK'Dlo n-porl. A proKrnin WIIH pri-neiile-d, Inelud- liiK u HOUR hy lirnry Hodrlri lies'., « poem l<y 'iiiy WllkliiH, nrrordlon HO- l«i.'(loriH hy Hale Lynch and u noiifc by ll/irlxirn I- 1 '' 1 lIUKln'H. Tin' lirxl iiu'ctlnK I H H( 't. f'"' (}l '- liilicr 2ft, Ihi< oornmlltoo ID Iniihirin MINK Mury Ifayi;*, Mury Vnlentlch, nnd AKHCH liiHJkwr. A Jlnllowoon prnKrnm will b" rirrimK"'!. Mrn. Inc/ lliiKhiffl nnd Mr*. Wundn I,. Glpfimin worn nppnlnlod IIH IIH- HlHtnnl Junior directors Ilofraih- mcnlM were Hrrvnd. MTM, Ivy May Uorgwardt IH iho Junior director. KBE LIBRARY PARTIPAIED Voting Headers Will Receive ^Awards nt Oildolc, nnd Two Local Parks .Saturday will be a mnrnorahlfl day for young library .patrons, for immniriooinont wa« made today that H. third party IH HRhcduled In " artdl- t Ion to ih<)H8 at .Timtrd awl Jeffer- HOII pui-kH fur thfl awarding Of library corllfloaton for numrnor read- inK. Tim newest nnnounnetnofit WIIH today by Hldnoy Horjuom- llhriirliui tit tho Olldalo branch of the Horn County IiYoo Public Mbrary, who lm« planned a (itory hour In connection with tho prod- oritatloti of Illimry certificates to tnnnihors of the Ilabln«on Crusoo Viiiiiiltrm Houillng (Hub. •Story Hour Tho wlory hour ami presentation will )«• hold Hatiirday mornliiK at 10 o'clock Ml, Uio Olldnln branch. Minis .Joy Mtoukton and Mr. Hoquombourg will conduct thn iitory hour In two KroupH, (inn for ynuiiK (!hlldr«n and of 10 for tho older boys and K'rls. Tho Hlory hour will bft tho first of a HitrinH planned for thn fall and win- icr inonthN. Children will not bo SOCIETY T ....J. Ilr»iidk«rehlef Showor Bridge, five', h,undrod"and pedro played at a surprise birthday party arid ' farewell handkerchief shower given Wednesday evenlns: In honor of Mrt, Stanley twdds. Mrs. isodds leaves Haturdny for Hun Jone to make her home, Mr, IJodds having preceded her a few wfioks ago. The party wo* given at tho homa of Mrs, U, W. ttohertu, lfi.10 Nlles street, With Mr». lloberts and Mrs. Wllllum Montelth'as co-hostesses. Prl/os wero won by Mrs. R, 15, Hobson and Mrs. Viola,'Ward, In bridge; Mr«. Rlhol Humpke, five hundred, and Mr«. flay Goff, podro. Attending were: MeHdamns— Amanda Hlgglns William Winter II, 15, HobBon Viola Ward W, U. Holding Ray 11. Goff Ruth Wagner (IvOB Angeles) Howard David- kept I bun 45 tnlnulPH at any Mr. Hectuctnboui'K "aid eon K. M, Lopptg Jlarvoy Hhftver TJorothy Bholton Mlsnes— Edna llobson ISrma Baker Mabel Palmer (Stockton) Mary Bell Charles Smetser IT. T>. Angelton Mary B, Samp- Don Martha Henry Ethel Humke R. W. Roberts C. P. Badger Li. A. Roberts Marilyn Doflds PRICED LOWER THAN OTHER RADIOS WITH SW TUBES AND TELED/AL? (fllllf MIIIIM) ONLY A 12-Tube Sri...Mtlal Tubti... 12-Inch Sptalitr . . . All-Wart, Alt-World Rectf- tion ... PattnleJ "yiolln-ShaptJ" Cabin* IS nation* In IS ••nonrfif— SUUILKV TSMJM-K, SOth C*it. itirti'Fox Star, thotrt hnir *mtv U In in TKI.KUHI. an »n*ln««r hnltl* *ro|» irttlfh. • Not only the greatest radio value that we have ever offered . . . Init also the biggest thrill, the outstanding radio sensation I'M years/ TKLF.DtAL! Think of it, automatic tuning is here at last! 1 5 stations in 1 5 seconds ... a flick of the finger to tune out one station a nil bring in another with hair-line accuracy. Absolute silence bet ween stations! \Vc want you to hear this exciting new Grunow achievement. Come in or call us for n FKKE HOME TRIAL! Hlnry lion) tiidny. When library certificated pro- nentfd on Haturdny, fill children will ho given Mm award for rending eight or inon; good hooka during thn mini- nior month*. Of thlH number, 20 will ruvclvii K"ld uvula on tholr corllfl- ruicH for huvhiK rend 19 or inuro huoltn on I tin approved lints. At iliiMro A imrly nnd program for the yowuc mnrnhorH of tho PlHCovory club nl Iht- boys' nnd Klrlu' library will lia lu'Ul Hiiturday morning nt .Imilni 1'iirk from 10 In la o'nlock wlih MlHH VlrKlnln. Kdiultn In ohnrgo. (tninffn, Htory IHIlriK, mimic and tho awarding of thn llbrnry diplomas nro on thn prugrnm. V'rlww will bo fflvdi In thn boy nnd girl who havo trwdi) Iho bout reports on tholr suit)- nior rt-ndlng for iho flub. Ono hundred iind nlnotnnn ninmbers woro Mirollod In iho rlub for tho Hummer. Kovi-nly will receive roadlng dlplo- IIIIIH and <I7 Bold-NcitlH on tholr diplomat) "Tho hoj-H 'ind ffirli showed groat orithiiHlimin for iho Discovery Club nnil Ihi'lr roporlH on Hiinimor rend- IHK woro no fiocul Mint It wnw difficult in t'hotuiu Mm hi'Hl oni's," Minn HciliiillH Hnlil. nun utory hour wan hold ilurliiK MID MiiiiiMor for the cluli iiK'inbi'i M. At ili-fforoun A Hlmlliir imrly will ho held ut JcffnrBon Park Hiiturday morning for thn yuunif pntrimii of tho reading (•hilt ui iho Hulior Street liranch. Mm. PJHthcr Ciimpbull In In uharge of tho proKruni for I no occatdon. ^ »», Unity Council Is Organized Locally A nnwly-orKiinlKod group to bo known an Iho "Unity Council." compoHod of tho nxoouttves, tnnclnM-H nnil ilcpiirtnifiil tu'ndH of thn Unity MlnlNiry or uunlrnl Cnllfornln met for a luncheon nl Ihiial 101 Tojon ThufHilny. Thu touchom from Tnft, who hnvo Kept up their nludteft throiiKh Iho HiiniTiicr moiillm \voro liroHcni. Tho nuxl meotlng la Mohed* ulod for 'I'hursday, Outobur SO, at Iho homo of a momhi'r. - — -*-»-*• WUUDUiD IIISItK . MlHH Doris Ireno Harrison of Niuiiu (..'run and Uoorgo Ifldwnrd Dnr- ling of thin city woro wedded at the homu of thuvltov, OharldH H. JIulinu, I ""01 Hiinmit nvonuo, Wodnondny ovo- | nliitf nl 7 o'oloolt. Tho uoupln will i llvn In niikorHflold, whoro tho brldo- KKIIIMI IH omiiloyod by an oil cnm- ininy. /fTnonit tho tftioHtA nt tho \vnddlriR WIIH Loo llrnntlny, who Hlodd with Mr. Juunlta Baker i * • . HpnnlHh Dinner ArrHriglng tables on the lawn Mrs. It. L.'Roach, 2410 IT Htreet, entertained at a Hnnnish dinner party and birthday observance In honor of her husband, Dinner wo« «orv*d at fl o'clock and wna followed by humor- OHM garnet). * Mhnrlng thn surprise were: .lolin AdnniN l<. V. Buttles 13d rilackman Floyd Clark MIHHOS— I rone Welch Murleon Cotter Carol Whltficld Mnssrs.— Quy Uealty Cleorgo Whltfleld * • • Now In Now Vorlt . , KxpectlnK to enroll tohiorrow In tha Julllurd Hohool of Music, M!HB Annhel Hulmn, daiightor of the Itev- erond nnd Mrn. Charles H. Hulrno, nrrlvod In New York City IhlH wo«k. 8lii) will study flute with Georges Unrerrcs, noted flutist. Smnrt Bhowec Party Mot^l 1B1 Tejort Was the setting fpr a smart layette shower and bridge dessert party honoring; Mrs, James Noolto of Arvln when her slsterjs, tho Misses Corlnne and Mary Kova- covloh, entertained Wednesday eve», nlng, The conventional pink and blue color combination was expressed lii tapers, place cards and flowers. The honor guest was the recipient of a shower of attractive presents. . Bridge, five hundred and monopoly were the games, . Mrs, Lorry Whiting and Mrs,- H. Baker received first and second Ui bridge. Tho high score award In fivo hundred went to Mrs. HaMl Peay and in monopoly to Mrs. James Cat tan I. Guests bcsldos Mrs, Noclto Included: Mesdames— .1. .7, Kovacovlch C. B. Dickey Max Newman O, W, Katllff Joe Kovacevlch C, K, King > ,k'Hnlc Plnkard Oeorgrlana Cole Hazel Peuy Jesnle MoOtnnls .1. Caltanl Jessie Clark Gene Htewnrt. Elizabeth Downs Ray Knowles Uca BarloW Lorry Whiting Frank Stockton U. Neff , J. Lyttle H. ti. Thayer W.P.Nance Loo Herring T, L. Hill Bee Cowurt H. Baker J, Manning Harry Wldmer H.C. Tipton M. H. IJnsuott M. V. Permonter Jane Newark Ward Wright Leila Oarrett Will C. Nance Susan Hay Doris Heed MlsMes— Ann Lubonco M, Malono Chloo Doane Mildred Barrett LOCAL GIRL Tri-Comedy Bill Will Be Offered Here as Benefit Progressive Dinner Dcmuri) misses of the late '40's mingled with cow girls ot the lono prairie Wednesday night when Clamrna Kappa Phi sorority entertained at a costume party and pro- grcBslvo dinner. Tho cocktail course was served at tho homo of Mrs. Clalr Marchlno, 6211 I Btreet, after which tho group adjourned to the home of Mrs. Kenneth Armlstcad for salad. Mrs. Armlstead was assisted by Mrs. Ilurley-l'eavy MlMH Kuy Hurley of Sacramento and Oliver Poavy wnro'wftdflod at (I:SO o'clock Thursday nlfchl at tho homn of Mr. and Mrs. Claude 15. 1'ouvy, 1001 Hocond Htreot, Tho wedding VOWH wero road by tho llov. ChurloB 10. llulme, pnHtor of First Christian Church, ISIoven guests attended. A buffet Hiipper followed aloo at tbi! J'eavy rosldenco. Tho couple will llvo In Bakors- fleld whero Mr. IVnvy Is employed by the Hohlumborgor Blectrlc Coring Company. • * * Hornrlly riiins Dinner J'luns wero oornplotod for a pro- trrvMSlve dinner Tuesday evening with Mrs, Howard banter as chair- niitn when Hl(jma Phi Oamma sorority met Wednesday night at tho Woman's Club hall with Miss Martha (.irahain prcHldlng- Attending were: Mesdnmos— Ralph Matoon tleorgn Carlson I,. 1-. OavlH Hurtrt Ware Chnrles Conkllu Frnd CVirllslo Knnnelh Itlcurds Walter Wflls TOrlo Johnson Denver Smotzpr Al Price Misses— Vvottc Qunydan Jtnrtha Oundlijch Irene Itoux Ulleannr Smith Martha Uraham Alice Cobb Thoresa Kolly Alice Hldarl itoba Hayes Marietta Mmlth Virginia Voorhlon Uachacl Kankln Alice .Hankln Hatty aruham M. U. Almond Freeman Cham- blOHH ICmmnU Smith uottllob Koch LPO Uanlttn A. D. Berry 1 toward Luster Clinton Fowler Freeman Hproyor Alumni to Hold Picnic at Grove Sunday, Oct. 11 ONLY An Eltvtn'Ttibr Radio al Iht Pritt of a "Six"! All-Wart, All- World! Hrtal Tubtil 12-Inch Speaker . . . "Molin-Sliat>tJ" Cabinet. Weitern Prloos Slightly Higher JOHN R. HUFF 1682 Chester Avenue Phone 2420 Niar tha Clook Tower I Miss Hclcnc Audrey Elmo Cosmet/ste« will he in this store September 28, to October ,'{ She will be glad to give you a personal consultation regarding the care of your skin. Telephone our store and make an appointment for your complimentary Elmo facial and make-up. Phone 4700—Mrs. Turner COSMCTU'K IlKl'T—MAIN KLOOU WEILL'S r rtlK Suntu Harhara State College Alumni Association IH plan- uhiK to hold n pifiili' lit Mooney's (Jrovc near Visalin mill Tularc on Sunday niurnlng, October It, itt 11 o'clock. KviM-ynno Is to bring his own picnic luncheon. Coffee will be nerved. President I 1 help* nnd Mrs. Abra- hum, I Duet her with other members of (he faculty, nrc planning to attend. There will be Ramos And other forms of entertainment. An election of officers for tho cimilnK your will bo hold. All iilumnl are cordially Invited I n come and bring their families. Ilrlde-Klecl Minn Iflleanor 1'asqulnl, flanoso of llonry Banducol, whoso wedding Is scheduled tor October 2S, WIIH thn recipient of a linen shower presided jver by Miss Claire cterou recently, at the homo of her sister, Mrs. Utorfco llnrnelt, J010 Cherry street. Urklgo prices woni to Miss Pa- trlola Owens of MnrUmpa, Mlws Peggy Folliinsboo and Miss Uachaol UanUln. Attending besides the honoroo wt-ro: Irene Uogan Uuth Waller I'atrloliv (Jwon Jacklo Oliver Hurnli'O Steward Uiirbam Thrashnr 1'oggy Follana- hpc Helen Curi-nn ftharles Blstlllos and nor sister, Mrs, Mabello Cody. The main course was comprised of choice Italian viands prepared by Joe Lemuochl the father of Mrs. Clyde Barbeau, at ! tho Lnmucchl home on East Nineteenth street. Tho MISBOS Fao and Lois Dumblo of 60'J Nllcs streot were rcHponsl- bin for tho donsert course after which the merrymakers gathered at thn homo of Mlsn DeNlso Raymond, 1801 Baker street, for amusements, lloulette, poker and blackjack wero the games, thn prl7.o In which was won by Mrs. William Kolly. Tho dross parade resulted In Mrs. Barbeau emerging triumphant among the many elaborately gowned contenders. Special guests of tho evening were: Mesdamos— William Kelly Raymond Wicks Herbert Wlnton Don MlSHOH ISleanor Pasqulnl Nolda Probst Virginia Smith Claire Clerou Qeorglo LandMborough Avonul Hose Members oC tho sorority are: Mesdames— Wulllo Dieter Clyde Barbeau Oran Bbolar Jack Unger Clay Thompson Edward Kuehn Clftlr Marohlno Louis Lemucahl JConneth Armlstond Walter Hauptman Misses— Mary TSchenlque Jean Christie Lois Dumblo OeNlso Raymond Fao Dumblo Loona Oueydan Jeanne ISchonlfiuo Armiinda Ouoydan » • * Miss'Allen Tells Impressions of South America; Enjoy Native Art, Music That her fellow countrymen have Invaded South America commercially much lefts than business men ot England and'Germany, that natives of the neighbor country are less happy appearing than people of! this continent and the. women miich less progressive, were among tho observations of Miss Beatrice Allen, who hftfl lust returned from a 17,000-mllo tour of South America. The trip, which was three months In duration, Included travel by air, train, bus, ship, cable' car nnd cob train, and was mado with Dean Mary Sinclair Crawford of. tho University of Southern California. Miss Allen is an alumna of U. 8. C. Visit Antlqua Through Dean Crawford's connections the group enjoyed many privileges and contacts which added delight to their experience. In Buenos Aires Miss Allen mdt A. H. Karpe of thin city, their paths crossing In a downtown hotel; tho two had embarked from opftoslto pointB, Mr. Knrpo having left from Now York and Miss Allen from Wilmington on the Grace liner "Santa Paula," June 27. The visitors were Interested in Antigtia which they found particularly^, primitive. Indian women were to be seen weaving, walking with parcels on their heads, going dogtrot fashion 20 miles to market and living In bamboo huts with thatched roofs. Seventy-five miles otit tho travelers encountered a tropical storm while attempting to reach tholr ship. Makes Collection Music, particularly marimba numbers, and native dances, plays, operas, art works and architectural beauties occupied much of the girl's Interest, and Miss Allen mado a collection of national dolls for souvenirs. Tho visitors stopped In Mazatlan, Antigua, Guatemala, Canal Kone and Cristobal, and on July 9 sailed on the 8. H, "Santa Barbara" back through thd canal and on down the western coast of South America. They spent some time at Guayaquil, Ecuador and visited In Peru at Sallberry, Talara, Trujlllo, CtmnChan, Arica, Callao, AntofaBttflta nnd Lima. Ply Across Andes After landing at Valparaiso, Chile "Oft the Air," "Jerry Joint In," and "His First Shave,", will give variety to a program tonight of the Women's Council of First Christian Church at Bethany hall, at 8 o'clock, In addition there will be several selections from a recent "Major Bowes Amateur Hour."? v The latter include Howard Krautcr and Marjorie Kratiter, organ grinder and monk; Aft Water* who will sing, "Then You'll Remember Me," Matthew Klopp singing, "They Go Wild Over Me,* and Jimmy Pierson and Ronald Nowlin, singers. Frontier costumes will be worn by those caring to do so. Mrs. Charles Durant is chairman in the dining room. No admission charge will be made but an offering will be received for "Cash day," February 1. City Personals *- * Bits of News Mrs. Andrew Hancock, past president of the P. T. A. district council, will speaT< on the alms of the P. T, A. at 6:45 o'clock tonight over radio station WOXAI on tho program of civic talks sponsored by tho Bakersfield Fire Department. The White Shrlno Social Club will meet at 8 o'clock this evening at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. R. R". Brewer, 2306 Seventeenth. A special Invitation Is extended to the men, it is announced. A now Auburn super-ambulance, streamlined and equipped with all latest conveniences, today was delivered to Hopson mortuary in Bak- ersflcld. *•» Henry Wicks Delbcrt Ward Whllson Nelson Rogers Mayes Lois Gorflon John Hamilton George Hnydor William fersel Robloy Miller ISIwyn Kelly they flew across tho A.ndes from Santiago to Buenos Aires, a 8-hour flight over snowy peaks towering as high as 22.000 feet, They Bftent a week at Buenos Aires and sailed on the Kngllsh liner "Asturlas" OH the Koyal Mail. At Santos, the noted coffee port of Brazil, Miss Allen took, a small train to nio do Janeiro and found the mode of transportation a iharkfed contrast to North American pull- mans and streamline trains. She enjoyed 10 days Irt Rio being particularly Intrigued by the contrasting shores of calm, white sands and tho Jungle covered mountains. Visits Now York She traveled to New York on the American Legion of Munson Lino, u 13-day voyage with stop only at Trinidad In the British West Indies. She spent a week In Now York, and wont on to Detroit where she bought a car and drove homo with friends, Miss Lillian Pearoe of Baldwin Park, and Mr. Lindsay of Trinidad. Motors Home iDn route home slops were made at Bryco and Zlon canyons and Boulder dam. Miss Allen was entertained Wednesday evening at Baldwin Park by Miss Pearce, who received at a dinner danco In her honor. On Friday evening Miss Poarce and .Mr. Lindsay were house guests of Miss Allen at her homo, 2303 Seventeenth street. Townsend Club to , Hold Big Barbecue Announcement of a barbecue October 11 at Kern River Park was made when Bakersfleld Townsend Club No. 2, met at Washington School auditorium Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. A box of groceries was given away In line with a plan to present groceries valued at $6 at each mee'tlng Dan Crane gave a talk; refreshments were served. Frank Jackson presided. At tho barbecue, which is being sponsored by Townsend clubs throughout the county speakers will include Edward J. Margett, California state manager of the Townsend movement, Henry B. Stubbs, congressman and David, Goldberg, speaker on the Townsend youth movement. Club No. 2 will hold Its next meeting Thursday, October 1, at Washington School auditorium. Group Picks Leaders; Makes t Plains for Food Sale Later in Season Offloere were elected by the Na- Wakwa Camp Fire Group of the local high school at a meeting held recently at Ludden hall on the campus, it was announced today. Mrs. Oar- net McBrldfe Ik the guaflan of the group, The newly elected leaders aret Miss Vivian Marchant, presidents Mian Hazel Marchant, vice-president; Miss Sylvia Mitchell, sefcro- tary; Miss Elolse Reynolds, treasurer; Miss Mary Jane Stevens, business manager; Miss Marguerite' Bu- tolodclnl, Social manager; and Miss Josephine Woods, scribe. The girls are looking forward enthusiastically to enrolling in a training course for assistant guardians to be conducted here soon under tho direction of the Guardians' Association. ' Members are now busy canning fruit for a food sale to be conducted- later in tho year. The members would appreciate any donations of. fresh or canned fruits or even empty jars or glass containers, it is announced. ' . 4 » » Costume Party Is* 3 Enjoyed by Lodge Mrs. Sam Benz was Installed as vice-president, three members were Initiated, plans were made to meet October 8 at the J. B. Payne home, 2311 Nineteenth street, and a cos-, tumo party was enjoyed when the Past Noble Grands Association of Bakersfleld Rebekah Lodge met at tho home of Mrs, H. C. Roland, 880 Sumnor street, recently. Thfe session was the first since disbanding for summer. A potluck luncheon^ was served. "Who's who" friends will bo revealed at the meeting, October 8. Mrs. Roland was assisted by Mes- damea Kate Drumm, Minnie Loveall," Edytha Hughett and Mollle Benz. Attending were Mesdames Iva Clark, Mary Phelps, Edytha Hugh- ott, Ella James, Minnie Bauer, Mol- lle Benz, Rhea Kent, Rosa King, Essie Murray, Gladys Owens, Mary Freeman, Irma Payne, • Colton Ro^ land, Nlta Stanton, Ada Stewart, Carrie Stock, Anabel Perry, Betty Vlles, Wlllard Bailey, Mary Anderson, Mabel Calloway and Ellen Chorn. i 4 . » . Young People of Church Ready to Open Big Fiesta! Klt'iiuor Unn- duucl ISdnu Dognn Chtvrlottn Waller Bfllh Mo.Knddln Cl'nfl) Kuohiu'l HnnUln Dolores Massey Murlolta Smith Wedding rites united Miss Frances Magulro and Waltor Orogg Thurs day evening In Las Vegas, It was learned here today. Tho announce monl catne us a surprise to friends Tho bride Is tho daughter of 11. It' Mugulro, official of. tho Honolulu Oil Company at Santa Barbara, and Iho bridegroom IH tho son of Mrs, Olive Urogg and tho late Charles Orogg of this city. Tho young people aro now on tholr wedding trip. Mm, tlrogg Is an alumna of Cas- Mlloja add Ifolmby Schools for Girls nnd a student nt University of. .Southern California. Mr. Orogg la a student at Hiinta Clara University and a member of the Order of. Do Moluy and other affiliations. PREPARATIONS were com•*• pleted today for a Spanish Fiesta to be held tonight by the members of the Rojfer William B. Y. at the First Baptist Church, 6:30 to 11 o'clock. Various booths, including museum, novelty, shooting, pastry, bull fiRhts, and many other colorful ones have been Spanish food will be served throughout the evening, and Spanish music will also be featured. Frontier Day Fete Slated by Moose Loyal Order of Mooso lodge No. 478 and Women of the Moose and. their families and friends will share a "family night" program and Frontier day's dance tonight at Drulda hall, 711 , Sumnor street.',. Prizes will be awarded for men's and women's costumes. All Legionnaires of the central California Legion are being reminded, of a meeting Saturday night, also at Druids hall. The frolic is expected to be a particularly jolly one, according to John Dowd, Chairman. «•» — , . YOU SAY IT SAN DIEGO, Sept. 26. (A. P.)— Asked the registration olerk of the prospective voter: "Your name?" Came the answer: . "Alexander Hlppolitovich August- Inovlch Opolskl," ' > 4 . » • . ON TIME JOILET, 111., Sept. 25. (A. P.>— Edward L. Fox, 48,'a farmer, made a special trip to town to pay a premium on his life Insurance policy. Then he went homo, began to pick seed corn, and died of a heart attack. DOX MAKER OUAMWARK Atk I'uur <7roc*r Tom Auxiliary Women Sew f orRed Cross Httwlnif for lied t.!it>HB oocuplod m<mib«rti of tho nowlng club of tho American Lnulon Auxlllnry which met at l.fHl"n hall Thurmlny. I'oi- luck Uinoliiton followed n 10 o'olooU 8«Biilun. Mm. Mary BlaiUon of t,on« WUM an out-of-lown Woman Benefactor to Indians Thanked Chief Juan l^nsada, head ot the Tejon Indian trlbo today oxpre»«od hlH appreciation ami that of hl« people for iho KiMierofllty of Mm. Harry M, WoKoforih of Stilt Ulcnfo, who provided oloUilnR and other nPcenHl- tl«H for tho orphan* of tho Tcjon Swiss Club Plans Jolly Costume Fete Frontier coatumoH will bo the or dcr of tho evening for tho emeni* hers of tho Kern County Hwtss Club at n dinner and supper party planned for Saturday evening at the club hull on the Btlno road. Prizes will bo given to thn Whlokerlno who can show the longest beard, and to tho one who has the best cultivated foliage. Two prUoH will also be given for women, ono for the most authentic costuma and ono for the moat beautiful. Tho August Pru- nalto orchestra will supply music for dancing. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zllllg will havo charge of the supper menu. The committee making aiv rangements for the dance includes Chris Andrea, chairman; Curls Zllllg, Alfred Toblor, Hugo Weder, Fred OredlK nnd Fred Oalgher. G ocs with £oo<l things to eat Mrn. It, J. Mlllor IH uhnlrmnn of i Indlnn reservation. »•!»•, .., f.bUli Nou Or»M etlickt COLDS «nd FEVER first day Hmdiche. 10 mlnulit. "nuk«M».Tiini"~w«rul'i U«HM«> Stop BUNION Pain! tho iilub. Moinb«rR iittondlnR In- uluileil MomUinioH 1 1, C, MuOlnln, Henry l'ow«»ll, Way no P. Nol«i>n. \Vlllhun W. I'titrloU, WlHlaw Mudlll. Morlo UuiiKfui, 1'etw Lonwon, Milford Uowoy. U. J. Miller. AVIIllmu Kiibon nnd frank LouMtnlot. --- *-*-* Motor-Carrier Act Hearings for L, A. iure, ouihlon »n4 thleld th »t «U drvu, iho» tnd d*pti DrScholh (VnitMt Prtt* l.fnufii \rtrf ) WABHINfOTON. Sept. 25.— The Interstate commerce oommlSHlon today i«t dfttcii for oral nrifumentd over tho quantlfm ot the extent of vnrl- out munlclpAt nrcim In which motor curriers would bo exempt from pro- viHlon* ot the motor currlor not With Uw' exception of wtfety rulca. Tho dntCH fUod Inoluilud Loa An- Ootob*r Bt. Oral BrgumonVH will btt heard hi; re. * Mm. NVc'gpforth In tho dauKhtor of Itulph (InuiRor of Sun Diego who CM inn to i.'nlltornla 44 yenni ago and IH now a roltrod banker In tho southern oily. HACK KIUM WASHINGTON Mrs. Iteno* liorgman has returned from lloqulum, Wash., where she attended funeral service* for a nephew, Ctlflon Hand. Mr. Bond wa« the brothnr of Chuuk and Rink 13ond, imHehull players with the Huskies, She mud* the trip with Mr. and Mrs. William Potts, of Taft. Others at- Included Bill Ooodman, and Mra, Coolie, grandmother o< the late Mr, Bond. Mrs. Coolie 1* remaining In tha north for a iibort tlnw. 4 * * • IK TKCHNICOUW FILM Ml»8 Vay Helm, the daughter ot Mr. and Mra. l,. a. Helm of thl« city, enaotod a minor role In ft teoht nlcolor "ahort" »o«n at Vt>x theater this wcok. • The Fam«tu MITHOD OF RlDUdNO .f Dr.MiurUe LeBELL,o.c. Reduce tofely. finely, trtd etilly ...without a harmful ik»rv«kien diet. .. by thli nationally famous Hollywood method of reducing. Followed by many leading itretn ikort, Now evtiloble for home ute. no dangtrvut drvgtl Dr. Maurice LeBELL'S Formula OIK) Method •old by v HUOHB» DRUQ tTOftK •nd Other L«»dlno Oruo Bteree When you're hungry and thlrity ihere'i nothing more welcome than ice-cole! Coca-Col• with food. A drink *o good by iticlf i* the natural peftner of good thlnge to eat. It belong! in your ice-box at home. Get the feel of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 414 Nineteenth St. Telephone S2« Cash for Old Gold Do Not ••II to fttr«ng«rs Wickersham Co. NlMttiUlh and M Byi« Struts CHINESE HERBS R«M«v«i ohrenlo •llmenU cf ,«ll kind*. M|l« indfimtl* troublit, 11,00 PIR BOX PEKIN HERB CO. 1S17 to Yiira In B Twentieth St treet,

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