The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 13
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1 I- r . latest local n*wsV world sports, ft thrilling serial and news of " - , »<^*i»m^«.^raiw^^JMr*«*i»^/af**v^ «>^AH •- - , - (.'* *\ i j^* *it* » ''f * J ••*' i -i ' i.- '''~'T.rT l "x' J ". •• I" - 1 - • ^ * ' LJ 1 F * ^ ' 1 \ ' A. T- •V '-1 • r ' j| . I I. j -L' ff 'V *I- - r b 1 , ':^'."^ ^V F- <:--\* i -* i 'J ELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER .' •- - ' • ^ '-'i • • ^ . *= . 1936 h -- •P 1 '- --'/"„.' f " j" J • " =• ' '. . , . &.i L l n ,. - I" T '• I • ' .= '. n ' • ' • •^^^^^"^^^^ r ^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^P^ T' , " , ' ' Keen Competition Looms Here Champion Cowgirl S.witch Engine Fractures Skull of Unknown Man ; in Delano Yards i i IDENTITY IS SOUGHT C OMPETITION for the title of "champion cowgirl" of the Bakersfleld Frontier Days celebration will be keener this year than ever before, It was Indicated today, with seven young wo* men already entered In the contest and many others anticipated before the deadline at noon r Friday, October 2. All contest* ants will be guests of honor at the third annual cowgirl banquet to be held In the Spanish ballroom of Hotel El Tejon Friday evening:as the "curtain raiser" of the Frontier Days program. Contestants already entered are Vera Scherer of Fresno; Dorothy Nash, Tehachapi; Betsy Burlando, Kernville; Nlta Will- lams, Walkers Basin; Bernice Ely, Olldale; Alice Rankln, Bak- ersfleld; and Evelyn Robinson, Independence. The cowgirls will be judged 75 PLAN COMMUNITY WELFARE SURVEY f L Victim's Foot Amputated After Head Knocked Off S. P. Tracks f- TT^ERN authorities today sought •"•to 'identify a Delano cotton picker, a white man, who died last night of injuries received when he w;ent to sleep with his head pillowed on a railroad track and was run over by a awitch engine at the Southern Pacific yards in Delano. Suffering from a severely fractured skull and numerous other injuries, the man died at 8:40 o'clock last night after being rushed to a Bakersfleld hospital. Delano police said they believed the unidentified accident victim .had been drinking. Engine men failed to see the man on the tracks until ' his mangled body was thrown to one side by wheels of the locomotive. * -• .-.* . ' After his .head was knocked from tho roll, the man's body ^apparently was turned end for end and part ot hla foot amputated, It was reported. Officers found a cotton sack near, hia body, leading them 'to believe he Correlated Fund Campaign in was employed as a cotton picker on otto of the ranches near Delano. ; The man was fingerprinted by W. A. Snare, superintendent of the i city and county bureau of identification, through records of the bureau. SIX INJURED IN KERN ACCIDENTS Six persons today wero recovering in Kern hospitals from injuries received in traffic accidents last night and this morning, while three of'*: the six faced charges of drunk driving upon their release frpm the hospital wards. Elmer Cameron, of 4200 North Chester avenue, is in technical cus- today at Kern General Hospital, where ho is recovering from facial Injuries received when he assrtedly piloted his automobile through sawhorses and barricades erected by road workers and into the mill ditch at Thirty-fourth street. After fish- Ing him from the ditch and taking him to the hospital for treatment, city traffic officers filed a charge of drunk driving against him. Intersection Crash Paul Smith, 26, and Bryan Walls, 30, both of Hoover ranch, wero sllgthly injured when their automo- bllo overturned near the..intersection . i-" 1 ! -1 per cent on their horsemanship and equipment and 25 per cent on personality and appearance. The personality and appearance Judging wilt be a highlight of the cowgirl banquet. For a third consecutive year, Camp, West A Lowe Company Is offering prizes for the first three placet. First prize will be a sliver mounted saddle and martingale, second prize will be a pair of silver mounted spurs, and third award wttl be a belt and silver buckle. Attracting as entries some of the finest young horsewomen of the west, the cowgirl event has become one of the outstanding features of the Frontier Days celebration. Winners of the contest the two previous years, the Misses Rachaet Rankln and Eleanor Slllci, are shown in pic* tures appearing on page 8. « Roosevelt-Garner Clubs to Be Organized by Committee akersfleld Soon to Be Studied by Group A committee will be appointed to . f» o'clock last night after being: Involved In a collision with a car driven by C. L. Aynesworth, 2016 Chester avenue. Smith was taken to Kern General Hospital and Walls to Mercy Hospital. They were charged by Motorcycle Officers Phil FIckert and Henry Blanch! with drunk driving. Charles Hosier, 44, of Pomona, jsuffored Injuries which necessitated 'amputation/of his legr when his truck went off Golden State highway nine (Continued on Page Twenty-three) Frm L eet on Tuesday Andrew S. Helmforth, vice-president of the Kern County Farm Bureau, has called a meeting of directors of the bureau for Tuesday evening, September 29, in the Farm Bu r reau office at the court house. The soil conservation program for California will be discussed during tho meeting. The regular meeting of the board of directors will be held on Saturday, October 10. ion Cemetery to a NON-PROFIT CORPO* riON, which means that all income g-ocs into the Cemetery treasury. Community Chest plan of financing community welfare work and character building organizations, or otherwise concentrating local efforts along these Hnea/aa the result of a discussion conducted at last night's dinner meeting of tho Bakersfleld Co-ordinating Council at ; E1 Tejon hotel. The decision as to the practicability of eliminating numerous drives during the yea,r and unifying efforts on one big plan, will be left to the committee that will be asked to make a survey of local conditions, A summary of opinions expressed by civic leaders at the dinner will be presented to tho committee for its guidance in making the survey. Opening the discussion, Max Shaf- frath expressed the opinion that donors would be moro generous if approached only once during the year. Waste of Time Robert Davidson spoke from the viewpoint of an active worker in numerous drives and pointed out that the time demanded of individual workers on so many drives is a needless expenditure of effort. Mrs. Marguerite Pollansbce, the Rev. W. E. Patrick and Rev. A. S. Donat. who served the first Community Chest board that was organized here, contributed valuable suggestions. Mrs. Follansbeo cited the fact that the depression years operated against the successful continuance of the chest; the Rev. Mr. Patrick, pointed out that the co-operation of executives of the fund-raising organizations is paramount as well as community sentiment In favor of it; and tho Rev. Mr, Donat expressed the opinion that the experience gained In the first experiment would be profitable In making a permanent success of a second attempt along this line. "Friendly Giving" Alfred Slemon, city councilman. emphasized that the spirit of friendly giving should be paramount In community 'welfare work. Mrs, Jessie Anderson, Hed Cross roll call executive, Mrs, S. A. Me- Cormao, president of the city council P. T. A., spoke briefly, the former pointing to the fact that community chests are successful in other cities with proper organization, and the latter'explained that P. T. A, work is carried on through volunteer donations. Mrs. R. P. Fuller, representative of the Bakersfleld "Woman's club, detailed the need of co-ordination In r • community welfare work at Christman time and the necessity for a clearing house to prevent duplication of effort. These and other opinions will he Bximmarlzed for the guidance of the committee, who will be asked to fake over consideration of the community problem. r- ee Wagon Is Availabl Rid CEEKING funds to conduct an ^ active campaign for re-election of the Democratic national administration, a drive for Roosevelt- Garner Club memberships will be launched next week, it was announced today by J. J. McMillan, chairman of the Bakersfleld executive committee. The announcement came following a meeting of the Kern County Democratic Central Committee at Hotel El Tejon lost The membership campaign will be conducted by five different committees, headed in the first district by Walter S. Allen, of Delano; in tho second by Forrest Q, Caasady, Bak- ersfleld; third, Albert Q. Wilbur, of East Bakersfieldr/ fourth, Phillip Radanavicti, of tu, .and fifth, 'fj. J. All autored focitprs for Democratic campaign funds' \vlll be properly certified, it wks announced. Alfred Harrell was 'a guest at the dinner meeting last night, which was attended by 21 members of the Democratic central committee of Kern county. In a brief talk to the corn- mittecmen, Mr. Harrell offered several suggestions as to the forthcoming election campaign. E. C. Emmons, of Taft, chairman of the central committee, presided at the session, with Herbert Evans of Taft serving as secretary. rn M New S Op Unit Scotty Oldham and Delmer Gag- nonl announce the opening tomorrow morning of their new Richfield super service station at Eighteenth and M streets. The two local men who for several years have been employed by major oil companies have brought to Bak- ersfleld the newest design In super service stations with the latest service equipment possible to obtain. Tho now station will be the home in Kern county of the "Purofane service"— tho latest method for polishing automobiles. This new system, which has become the foranost polishing method in the eastern states, haa had a most enthusiastic reception since ItB introduction into southern California a few months ago. Oldham and GagnonI will be the first to introduce it to Korn county motorists. The station will feature Richfield gasoline and Rlchlubo motor oil and the Richfield protective lubrication system. Other services include: Agency for the Richfield Eagle and Kathanode batteries, battery recharging and rentals, washing and polishing, approved line of car accessories, tire Inspection and repairs. The new owners offer motorist* a perfect metropolitan service in a station modern In every detail with up- to-the-minute methods that will provide perfect neighborhood and friendly motor service. Cars will bo called for and delivered. Operating- houm will be from 8 a. m. to 10 p, Optom Group Official j It Is conducted for the benefit of the public and not Cor individual profit. 40% of the sales of this Cemetery roes Into the Perpetual Care Fund to Insure .- •• Care V .' J I. -I. ^ L > -> -} J " r' 1 • A free wagon ride for 30 persons In the Frontier Days parade was offered today by W. C. lain; 3013 Niles street, who said anyone wishing to ride In a wagon during the parade may make reservation* with him. He is preparing a large old-time wagon for the parade and wants from 30 to 80 people to ride In It, Those deal ring to do so may telephone Mr. Chamberlain at S618-W. JURY DISAGREES (A. Of iiir 0t \ violation ot — • f - • - 1 -. rf •* -* riUea act* Dr. Jean Allen, local optometrist. wan elected president of the Kem County Optometric Association at a meeting held here last night. . Mrs. Porter Turner of Jensen Optical Company waa chosen secretary- treasurer. Guest speakers of the evening were Edmund F. Richardson, of lx>s Angeles, first vice-president of the state association; William Kitchum of Los Angeles, executive secretary for the state association; Carl Duffy, Of Hanford, chairman of the department of public information. Leg. illation and extension work were discussed. n : TWO WOMEN KLBOTK WASHINGTON, flept 26, (A. Mrs. Catherine Schroeder of lx>s An sreles was chosen Junior vice-presl Frances of POOLS tW Co-ordinating Unit Given Assurance Three-Year Program Possible ATTEND SESSION May Build Plunges Soon Without Bond Issue, Group Is Told representatives of the Bak- A ersfleld Co-ordinating Council In conference with members of the City Council have been assured that a three-year building program Is possible to provide municipal plunges at Beale, Central and Jefferson Parks out of regular city funds was tho announcement made at a public dinner last night at El Tejon hotel. Tho occasion was the first fall meeting of tho Co-ordinat- ing Council conducted by Paul Newell, president, with approximately 90 representatives of civic and service clubs, church groupB nnd P. T, A, units in attendance. Financing Opposed Mr. Newell, in opening the discussion on municipal plunges said: "Thla organization does not consider the municipal swimming pools a dead Issue, and while the bond Issue did not entity wo feel that the defeat of tho Issuo was on the basis of method of financing rather than opposition to the idea of pools for Bnkersfield. The majority vote given to the proposal Indicates that people want park plunges In Buk- ersfleld." J. B. Haralnon. member of tho executive board of the co-ordinating council, reported tho conference at which assurance wan given that tho city council will co-operate with local cltteens !n a foilsible plan to building swimming pools In the city. Central Favored Mr, Newell, following Mr. Haral* son's remarks, pointed out that with a three-year building program, with a pool built such year, tho first pool will probably be constructed at Central Park in order that both tho ICast Hide and West Sides of the city can be served until such time as the other pools are constructed. Mr. Newell also pointed out that there Is every possibility that n PWA grant will be available to help carry out the building program and that tho grant will In all likelihood be available in the near future. Itecrentlon Import Speakers of the evening included John TJ. Compton, director of tho city-wide recreation program, who outlined how* the program was carried through, remarked upon Iho large attendance at the community nights, roller skating parties and tins park playgrounds. He said that attendance totaled moro than 59,000 during the summer. He attributed 1 the success of the program to tho trained leadership and supervision and pointed out that Central Park was used for tho first time an u center recreation rather than as a center for derelicts. Kaymomi Cross, president of the Kern County Co-ordinating Council, explained the purpose of this organization to provide recreational facilities In the smaller communities of the county where "There Is absolutely no activities for boys and Frontier Caravan Advertises Annual Kern Celebrations carava Classified Ad of The Bakersfield close promptly at every morning. Phone columns ifornian clock ES TO DIALS LOCAL BOW SHI VICTOR ORNIA FINALISTS Taft Kern Animals Arrive to Compete County Event ENTRY LIST LARGER Manv Noted Performers Tafl Arena "OAKERSFIELD Elks yesterday defeated ritualistic teams from four Mother California cities competing at the sate convention in Oakland to capture tho state championship for the second time in the history of the local lodge, according to word received from Howard Hesketi. secretary. Exalted Ruler Prank Digler led the Bakcrsfleldians to victory the last lime In 1933. Yesterday the local team was headed fov Exaltcd Ruler Charles E. Wakefleld, Jr.. other members belli* th& fo'- lowing officers: A. C. Ulnmn, OH teemed lead Ing: U night; Wo* Schwartz, esteemed loyal knipht; Bert W. Kcnm, esteemed lecturing knight; Uu»s*U PeUts, chaplain'; Otto Schilling, inner guard; n Calvin H. Conron, Jr., esqutro. PLAN 10 CREATE MB GROUP Municipal Ownership lo He Basis of New Body to Include Counties Handing tpr unified effort toward common a linn. reproHon tall vow of public ownership entorprtaftn In Kern, Tnlnrc and Fresno count I AM will organize un RHwocJalion, with K. W. llemtornon of BakerKflold, attorney for tho Sou thorn Snn Joaquln Municipal Utility PlMtrlct. Mayor Monte \VIUIama of Toluro nnd Attorney J. J. Iloyta of FroHno as a committee to formulate tho plan of organization, j. At a 'Fresno meeting with Attorney Henderson presiding and wove nil Kern County Grange members present. Attorney Koylo explained tho group's £urp(wo IH the ucqutHttion by public bodk'H of power and water By B terns. Tho mooting was the first actlvUy of dlroctorH of th« Southern 8an Joa- quln Municipal Utility District Hlncu their unsuccessful attempt of HOV- ornl months ago to annex more than 70 section a of land to the dlHlrlct. Present from Kern hesldnn Mr. Henderson wore Virgil CombH. BOO- retary of tho municipal utility dlH- trlct; W. I,. Smith of Uuttonwtlluw, mauler of tho Korn County Pomona Orange; John Halo of Waaco Orange; W. C. Jlanawnlt, Jr., nuiHter of Me- Farland Grange, and J. R, Uango of fiarjltnart, mauler of tho TuJare Pomona Grange. " f (o The OrtM/ortiinn Sept, 25.—Taft haw taken t on a festive spirit In preparation for the opening Friday night of the second annual Kern County Horse Show, sponsored by tho Kern County Horso Show Association, the first of three nights of remarkably fine programs. Horses have been arriving In Taft all week, by rail and busses, with tho entry lint moro than doubling hint year's HplendUl program. The programs will open at 8 o'clock each night with special features to spotlight each program. with such well known figures aw Win! and Jorl Knowlton of Pacific Palisades with their highly trained pint os, sponsored by Taft Rika Lodge; Bobby King and his trick horse, "Tony"; the "Flying tiqund- ron Caravan"; Mlsa Bertha Hull, Kern county girl from Uebec. who won the California championship outdoor girl contest at the Sallnaa Uodoo this year; Monte Montana, xvell known rodeo performer and movie actor and holder of tno world's championship In trick rid- Irm and roping, who will appear with JOHH Koll, cowboy down ana bin trick mule. Other feature attrar- PIC OF VISITOR i i which went down In feat after having won thrlr district championships were -San DIoRO, second place winner: Pasadena, third; Snntu Ann, fourth, nnd Snn VYnnclsco. The, Bakers* field HftiallMlc squad defeated TortervIHe nnd Tnft first nnd Inter Fresno to win the San valley title. Tho HtunllRtlr tonm's triumph will RO Into the* lodgo'M history along with the team hearted by Mr. Dlgier In 193.1 nnd 'the championship drill team which years URO twloo won tho national crown. The InUor wan captained by Leslie Robinson, with W. V*. Wtlllft an manager, and aftor \vlnnliiR tho stats champlonnhlp In nnd 1924. took iho.. nit-! dny. iw a member of u federal tn- Francis H. Miller. Frclcral Inquiry Kxpcrl, Discuss Institution in Kern h That tho ' women's prison nt TV" harlmpl ha* ev.-ry possibility of be- Ing conducted alnnR industrial lines for the vocational rehabilitation of women felon* u.** woll ;is becoming u self-HUpporlltiK institution is ilu» opinion of Kntiu'ls M, HlHer of Fort WushlnKlon. N. Y. Mr. lltllor. who an a visitor In Hakersfiold tlomil tit to at C'lilcttgo nt Portland In 1926. In It 10 ban and not (Conttniird mi /'«yr Ttrtnty thrrrt \ i Lady B re (Continued on rage m rn RED TO BE HELD HERE . ( ._—„— Workers Will Meet nt Motel El Tejon for Discussion of Hull Cnll Method DclegnteH from all pnrtH of Han Joa<i\iln vallny IncludlnR county, city and branch worker* will attend AII annual Jted <?n>H« roll c-all coi»- ferencrt October 31, from 10 to 3 o'clock at Hotel Kl Tejon, Thn pur- POK<V of the HOHhlon IH to dlflcimn def. Inlte rnethewls of procedure for the annual roll call foi openn on Arml«tlre day. mm PLEA EJJY SLAYER Three Doctors Appointed to I'Aninine J. \V. (Irul)tree. Churned \Villi Murder -*-<•, Wood row Crnbnvn pleaded not irulliy to the Htntc'w charge that he murdered Joe Kntfllxh, Waaco conHtnhle, lawt month, and also In- terpOMed a plcn of not K'UUy by rea- HOII of Inttanlty. Pr*»HidlnK Judge lOrwln W. Owenn wet th»- ciwo for * trial on November 4. Ih-fonno At- torneyM iCdward Wcs«i and Phlllit) Wajjy AHfted the court for moro time heforo the dcicndaiu R MUlry botml on prison Industries and cnnriltUmH working wpeciiifnlly on a Murvi\v of adult probation und paroles in ihr HI a to of (*tillforiil^ at the bidding of th*> State Planning Hoard. Outlines Duties "My own particular part of th« Is lo estimate how many s can bo saiY'ly paroled or how much adult probation oan Riven In ordrr that the set-up prlwon InduntrtoH In i California OKU made efficiently. The entire Hur- voy covorw prison condition*. i>lani, prtnon populattun. esti- Krowth or decrease of that n study of UitUiRtrlett that up without conflic|£«-kh lay buslnesH, study of a une plan of prison nutde ; prod- vocational placement of pa- or discharged prisoners and other related problems. Tho survey Is betnR made by the federal ffovornrnent at th*> invitation iho »int«? planning: IxmrO and the .llnfc" will prolwibly bo incorporated Into tuturo penal policies In uclH. rolwl Attorney lYnxy «uld n)on- timt' wu« dcnlivd In ordi-r to ba\'o a ill-tailed examination of the defendant -that there were Intimation* of hereditary Immnlty In the family. "We do not want to nmko a pica of InHanlty," Mr. WUK> "Th(»y can withdraw their pleu i ^f V - ~fc' I "^ ---»---—-- 1VV~V« • - • > ^ ^ Asa I*. Pinion, chapter chairman, ' lnt*?r If they dcwlre," Tom Hcott, WH- IN Hnnnhitpd Mrn. .T U' Viuii*liln M ' trlct ittlornov nli1*^t*»ii Beware" wa« only the title of a, Borial novel until now but It taken on added mcanliiK with Iho approach of Frontier Uay«. VVomwn In charRc of coMtumo arrangremenU Jor tho gay celnbratlon declare that women HA well as men will be "in* carcerated" In tho motorled If they appear on the ntreotn of llak ersfeld without co«ttumen aftor Mon day at dawn. Battle for Water Project Funds Urged at Meeting Qrecnberf, PR. ( wa* elected national t - b*._^K.l^ Ifl ?_h_\n ->•* + ' , - : i ».'i ri 'I* T HE way has been cleared for calling bids on Frlant dam, John C. Page of Washington, P. C., acting commissioner of tho bureau of reclamation. Informed a large gathering of Central Valley water plan supporters In a VUalla meet Ing last night. He expressed confidence that tho federal government will continue the project to tin completion, but In voicing his own hearty approval warned that a determined fight must be made In Congress for further appropriations. Ttalph Korn, chairman of tho water committee of the Kem County Chamber of Commerce, and Roland Curran, commit teo secretary, attended the meeting. Mr. Curran al«o attended a Sacramento meeting thin week at which Mr. Page *poke. Tho commissioner succeeded the lat$ l>oc- tor Elwood Mead. The California water authority during hid Hacrimento visit approved plans for a concrete, gravity- type dam at Frlant and selected the general site, subject to the approval of Secretary of the Interior Harold t», Ickea, Mr. Page reported at VI* •alia foat night. ThU action moves the Frlant construction a big ntep forward. Cheering to bli hearer* was Com- miMioner Page's optimum regarding the future of the Centra! Vailey water plan. "While, of course, the tiue»Uon of continued allot menu to the p re*u with Concrete/' he «* attitude in Washington at pr<*en y. I totk.&ifc project coitfid«ht"th* p comletion." - --: -1 • i, > .', .-:.- »i- r-1 •*.•;. -- . -- But he made a plea for unity among California proponents, saying that congressional opposition to reclamation project* In the west Is duo to tho lack of Information of those reprcnenlutlvca from'tho eoM and mldtflo went. "We are convinced," he Maid, "that thin project IB a wise and profitably venture for the United States. The project U ronHldeml highly feasible T ^ ff by tho bureau and certainly the federal government will bo returned j every dollar H Hpondu: otherwise th«j | bureau could not endorse It so whole* j heartedly. appointed Mrn. J. W. Vonrhlon chairman. Mr*. W. H. 1,yonn. roll call chairman ami James lOgnn, member of the board. Th« local chapter will act a« hosts to tho c-onfcrptuM'. Chief Coming RvioHtn will Include A. I,. Schafcr. Pacific branch manager from Kan Krunclnco. Jn conjunction with night school at the looiU high school the Am**Hcan Hod Ctx>*H AfQ|tn lei Mponsorlng clawtes In flmt ala; For beginners, a stfliulard courne will be given on Thursday nlghtn and for advancod Htudonts a C!H«» will be held Wmlncw- day nvonlng. H. J. WIlilamMon, In- Hlruclor, Is a member of thv flrnt aid committee of the local chapter, lift nna worked for years In this lino and U considered woll qualified to load tho claimeH. Hygiene Clan* A clow* for home hygiene and cnro of tho Kick also IA to be sponsored by Hed Cross each Tuemluy evening from 7 to 8:15 o'clock with Mrs. Kdwin ICvan«, trained and certified nurse, as Instructor. ThU courm> will teach bow to keep woll. plan a healthful homn, act competently In tho case of common ailments or if irlul attorney objected. Object* (o "It will be hard for UH to all our wltnenKCN in thin thrro are delays. \Vo want a date net HO \vo can nubpoona und hold our wUn<*HHo«," he explained. "Then we may have to make." Ha id Attorney Went, "a shotgun plea to cover all the grounds. ThU IH tho most HcrloiiH charge that can h«> fliiMl nguinm n man-~bU life IH ni Industry Prarliral "I'rlMon Imluntrlefl are pructlcal, both an a meaiiH of touching the prlHonor a f*olf-ro8pectln|Er and hune»t tnulo and vocation. HTU! as a means of making prisons in Home measure *4lf •{supporting to roUovt* the fcitn- ilr»nv<l tuxpayt-rH There Iw no reason why the honeNt. huiil-vvorkln^ cki- zon should work 10 support tho prisoner In UIIenoHN in «tute Instltu- e Slugged Ownn ordered thn pl»a tak**n UH afuremontttiiKMl, mudo an ortl.»r appointing DoctorH K. J. Coruleman Hugh H*»ll and Homer Uodwrn l»> cxiunliio lYabtroe. UtU'tor TonKlc- man IH also authorised by the court to make u spinal puncture on th'i defendant an *»no of tho tests for Insanity. This may bo done at the option of the doctor if it IH deemed ne<u*KHury. Grave Charge The Mtaty UO<-UH«H the young de- fendunl of having shot and killed Joe K \Vu«oo oon^tablo, on and Money St Aftnr Mugging a Mojuve woman on tilt.- Iwiul \vHh a uhUUy injtlle and robbing her. nnd Niiltnet|u»*ntlv burglnrixing u MoJavt- hume from which lie In alleged to havt- stolen $80 In currency, a man »U-?toril>od n*» »i "Hlend<»r trump" toilny \\\\.& sought by th'M^ri fttah<frlMc«. The unman victim ut" tbo bundli \vtiH MPH. Mary Tomler. TO. She told Mojnvc offli'crM nhf \vn» aoco«ted In nn alley lust night by a tramp who knocked her down u'tth a whisky bottle and took u HtnaU umount of change from her purse, Officers urrwted ft "susptsn" near the Hcene of the «««ortetl attack, but were obliged lo nrleaKe him when Mrs. Torni*»r KJiltl shv could noi Identify him positively. Within a few hourx after the man from -- — r v^-L ^ -^H- f ^ AuguHt Ui of thU year. Motivation waa rt»lwi8«nl. thoft of . for the slaying U obscure but may j * lome of Clyde HUhcuff of m4^ KA ^^ I^^A ^^ M A H_M. ^^ ^ ^ _^ *_!. A _^ bV Ucglxtratlonn for all clauses aro itet for Monday evening at 7 o'clock. Wm. Cudd Teh N. fEHACHAIM, Hopt. IIS. _ _ _ — _ v ^. b<" devcloiK-d by the dlntrirt uttorne> during the trial on h« IB not dUclo*- Ing all of his evidence at thin lime. W. B. Falrbalrn. brought bcforo Judge Owen today on u hiftl chock charge, wan ordered to fipend om- year In the county Jail UH a term of hln three-year i»rot«itlunnr> "QambilnR and liquor inM>tn lutvo been the CUUBO of your ln«niliiic thews flctltlouH rheckB around Hak- rrrfflold drinking eatablUhiiiontH. of wnn ! w hlch there aro ntuny." thn court ... __ wiiniLm ; Ha i ( i j,, pmminif ^nt'-nr* 1 . ? ^? .l.?.f:;' ^ ! .. Tyl,r I'nK, p|,.dcU B u...y to .ran,. wan reported. Mojav<! officials Iw-lieve N>th the attack and ilia burglary \vere com* by tljt» (mine man. pi Is D * r i i i MONUMENT "The sentiment In Co tiff re** Indl-* neor . .„ „ , in*»u or an automobile, rtrfuni'd tho there 1« a definite oppoitltlon to expcndlturf* on project* of tho *lsw of Central Valloys and Grand Coulee. Thew? 1 ar,o not Hinged out a» b(*lri{c unfeasible, for they are not, but bAcauHft they require tho grrcateHt expomiltur***. "Tho ammunition for the opposition to Central Valley* I* being fur- nlMhed largely by your own corn* munitiee." Commlffuloner M«ad OH- •erte<l in hi* plea for local cooperation. "That, I taUeve, you are aware of. The remarks of certain oon- ffrwwmtn mu*t have been inspired by these communities *o it behooven ua all to do some education locally," Secretary Curran reported today that at Sacramento Convreiwmen Frank H. Buck ot Vaca Harry V. Enfff«bri*ht of City pointed ou Mock of about Uvfly iQi«nMied mmtion project*,. Qt obtidnin tf A ;|« vada - - Jf f v-H-l-T^-v^ VLB BT-^ ^V ••« •• f Htar Htanford University athleto, died today following a *hort lllne**. Cuddeback cnro«' to Tehachapi from hi* birthplace In El Monte j when he was fi years old. He wa« ( married 03 years ago to Mlttn Miriam ' Chit wood A pioneer ranchman and atock- tnan, Cuddeback wa« aUo In to routed in Heveral mining propertlc*. He In *urvlved by hla wife, five children, 8am Cuddeback of Santa Maria; Mm. A, J. Blackley, Santa Barbara; Mr*. Al Hall. Oakland; Mr*. Marjorle Weldon and Mr*. Victor Philip* of Tehachapi; a brother, Dave Cuddeback of Lone Pine; four grandchildren, Mr*. Barbara Clift. Mr** Kuth Vanhanck* Miriam and Hill WeWoju Funeral Mrvicer will be conducted Sunday morning at 10 %%lock at the had H* will ber 29. e said • L no dcalr<! to owk for probation. * bo «enienc<Mi on 8cptt»m- aao In lodg ar* In in with arge. Uoptto m Will Name Heads S I I I I I I I * i I I I » Rhafter farm Onter members will meet In tho n*w school building j Monday evening, September 28. and will e!ec.t officers. AdoU Klrschen- rnann, director, announced today. Burin* the same meeting members Will ballot secretly on Uaues to be voted In November, Including county' and municipal civil her vice; retail store licenses and the public service commission. ; N. IX Hudson, assistant farm adviser, will be o»d o/ the speakers at the meeting which ia called for m. • • • ' -• I I I SALE EXTENDED Until October 1 Final Opportunity to Buy at WHOLESALE OR LESS i i • • f i i i i r * I I I I I i i i t i MANY DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM I I t i I I t I i I i I I I ^ I I ED. HELM \fonumtntt EIGHTH AND BAKtIK Pfauna 130 • I I t I I I I 1 - -ri A; .J . r ^ -,~ V •

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