The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1944 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 3
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Dewey Opens Drive for Farm Support Continued From Patre One Issued Saturday. It quoted parts of -an Oklahoma City speech in which Dewey traced to army officials and administration spokesmen the authority for his unpreparedness charge. Each Dewey statement was followed by longer quotations, obviously designed to accuse the New York governor of distortion. Dewey's response was made in a Btntement released last night to reporters aboard his special train en route to St. Louis where the G. O. P. nominee speaks tonight on "the need for honesty and competence in our national government." "In this statement, Mr. Eoosevelt confesses that every single statement I made in my Oklahoma City speech was exactly correct down to the last period and comma," Dewey said. "The record is dreadfully bad. It cannot be concealed by epithets or by hiding behind the symbol of the White House." .HEADACHE C*padln«rtlU**l h«»d>eh* tut tMeaoM lt'« Uqnld. Itt In- (radiuiti «• (Irad? dluolved —•II rwly to begin natal th* (•la. It »Iao MothM o*m tea- •loo da* to th* p»ln- UK cnlr u dlrwrUd. lOe.SOe, 60s. CAPUDINE Reds Trap 75,000 Nazis in Finland Continued From Page One The campaign in northern Finland, where the Soviets had massed an army of 270,000 men, the largest ever sent into action north of the Arctic circle, cut the German forces in two, severed all sea escape routes and left only a treacherous overland route into Norway. In capturing Petsamo. the Soviets eliminated the source of vital nickel supplies for the German war machine and at the same time virtually bottled up Colonel-General Lothar Rendullc's Alpine army of 75,000 seasoned troops. The landing, which was announced in an order of the day by Marshal Josef Stalin, was carried out on Finland's northern shores only 6 miles from the Norwegian frontier by amphibious forces under General Klrlll A. MereUkoff and Vice-Admiral Arseny G. Golovko. From there Meretzkoff s troops struck southward, .swept through Petsamo and plunged ahead 15 miles to Luostarl, where they cut the main polar circle highway and split the German troops in Finland. The squeeze by the Soviet and Finnish forces left Rendulic facing the alternative of surrender or a desperate Icy trek through blizzard- swept wastes toward northern Norway. That route, however, was under control of Russian air forces and the German commander faced one of the hardest tests yet of the Nazi army on the eastern front. NATll OHttti •••* MTurafcMM fa: Us Aitilis SH Frucisci Oiklail lirkiliy SH Biifi till luck Sala lirkira Sacniiiti Fnsii Fisaliii Snttli Pirtlml Spikin Ticiia leim Vmimr.l.C. Onki Sim City Dalits firt Nirtk liltyNiil, Imrlj lills, Santa Miiica. Cliriali. ffiliit(tii VAN LINES You can arrange to move your household belongings east, through any Bekins office, including the local Bekins agent. Vanliner long distance moving is dependable, as proved by 49 years of responsible service. All details* handled by experienced men. Telephone the agent below for complete information. Galbraith Van and Storage Co. Telephone 3*0165 2712 Chester Avenue Bekins Offices or Agents in All Principal Cities POLITICAL AnVERTISEMKNT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Hear Him! Republican Candidate for President Gov. Tfios, E. Dewey Speaking From St. Louis, Mo. Monday Evening, 7 P. M. Radio Station KERN Blue Network Jap Fleet Joins Formosa Battle, Says Tokyo Radio Continued From Page One damaged, accounting for approximately two-third of the target. "Of the four B-29 aircraft previously unreported on the October 14 mission, two are safe, and 10 of the 11 member of the crew are safe from a third plane that crash-landed at a forward base. "This leaves only one B-29 aircraft lost on two missions within 4S hours, both of which were large efforts carrying the heaviest bomb loads so far employed by the Superfor- tresses." The Superforts' second raid on Formosa was disclosed earlier today in an nnouncement which did not identify the targets. On the outcome of the air-sea battle off Formosa may hinge, In part, the length of the war in the Pacific. Tokyo, claiming officially that 40 American warships already had been sunk or damaged In the air-sea battle, said a "crippling" blow had been dealt the American fleet assigned the task of landing invasion troops in the Philippines. Premier General Kuniakt Koiso said that "the long-awaited opportunity for Japan's battle In the Pacific has just come," according to another Tokyo broadcast. Tokyo asserted that a "large-scale naval battle" was developing. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz confirmed in a communique yesterday that "strong" Japanese air formations were counterattacking the Third Fleet, which sent its non-stop offensive against Japan's inner bases through its fifth straight day Friday (Saturday, Tokyo time) with punishing new raids on Formosa and Luzon, the latter the main island in the Philippines. Though not mentioning the presence of any Japanese surface warships, Nimitz added: "This fight is continuing. Further details will be released as they become available." Radio Tokyo reported that the Japanese fleet, aided by land-based planes, had put the Third Fleet to flight east of Formosa and was attacking it in pursuit. "The Japanese air force is In close teamwork with surface units now attacking the doomed task force," the broadcast said, claiming: that the Americans were "terror-stricken" by the incessant Japanese attacks. Almost simultaneously, another Japanese broadcast, this one recorded by the FCC (at 2 a. m. E. W. T.) in the United States, quoted an imperial headquarters commu- nique ^s saying that Japanese forces — unidentified — already had sunk 16 and damaged 19 American warships in the continuing battle off Formosa. Despite official American silence on Japanese claims that its fleet was seeking battle. It was evident that at least a major air-soa battle had developed between Japenese planes and the Third Fleet with control of the northern approaches to the Philippines at stake. Halsey's fleet was operating within easy range of Japanese land air bases and had been more than 1000 miles beyond its own bases since August 30—a period in which It had sunk or damaged 73G enemy ships and small craft and destroyed or damaged 1719 enemy planes. The presence of the fleet in Japanese home waters was one which the enemy command said it had been waiting for since the war in the Pacific started, but the fact that Nlmlte sent Halsey into such a situation indicated his confidence In the outcome,, come what may. Nimitz reported in his communi- que yesterday that American plane losses in the battle off Formosa "so far have been light' 'and made no mention of any damage to surface units. Japanese planes began a series of "strong" counterattacks against the Third Fleet off Formosa Thursday and continued them in mid-afternoon Friday, Nimitz said. Combat air patrols shot down 41 planes attacking one of the task groups and antiaircraft gunners aboard the warships accounted for nine more. "Complete reports are not yet at hand regarding known attacks on other units of our force, but it is known that additional enemy aircraft have been shot down," he said. At the same time, other planes from the Third Fleet struck 230 miles south of Formosa against Luzon. Tokyo reports identified the main target as Manila and said at least 18 out of BO planes had been shot down. Nazi Coup Blasts Hungary Peace ContimiM Frnm fng". <~)n<3 such as actually occurred—was being planned. I lloiihy s;ih! this information led 'him to decide to take Hungary out lot th(> war. Immediately after Ilonhy's broadcast the coup was staged. Horthy himself has been taken prisoner by tin- German garrison, according to information reaching foreign diplomatic iiuarters in Born. The Germans and their Hungarian cohorts wore said to have seized and strongly fortified radio Budapest, railroad stations, and other key positions in the city. Radio Moscow said llorthy's son had disappeared, "probably' 1 having been kidnaped by the Gestapo. The German-Hungarian frontier has been closed, it added. Hern also reported fierce fighting between the German-fnrci'S and anti- Xazi Hungarian troops throughout western Hungary, where it said the Wehrmacht had occupied Kormend, Kupuvar and Ergerszeg. An exchange telegraph agency dispateh said Hr-lnrlch Himmler, chief of the Gestapo, had flown to Budapest with 15 high associates to sta'mp out all traces of a peace movement in the capital. German reinforcements moved into Hungary from Austria, the dispatch added. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION For Cougfis, Chest Colds, Bronchitis this one cream gives radiant new •**» *• *t freshness and clarity to your skin! the Lady Esther "Patch Test"! Just rub a little Lady Esther 4-Purpose Face Cream on one cheek— and then wipe it off completely. m your mirror! See how much fresher, smoother that cheek looks than the other cheek. See how it has taken on new life, new clarity! that patch of skin with your fingers! Feel the baby-like softness of it! Feel how the dry rough flakes have disappeared! imagine your whole face refreshed that way! Your whole face instantly beautified—by just one application of Lady Esther Face Cream! TO SEE BETTER SEE DR. HAROLD HASKELL OPTOMETRIST 1434 - I*™ STREET Main floor Gentler.l«o Bulldlnfl TILIPHONI 64159 THE 4 THINGS your skin needs most for beauty—all in a single jar of cream! Women say Lady Esther Face Cream is like a complete beauty treatment... because here's what this one cream does: (1) It thoroughly cleans the skin. (2) It softens the skin, loosens and absorbs dry, rough flakes. (3) It helps nature refine the pores. (4) It leaves a smooth, perfect base for powder. Make the "Patch Jest" Tonight! Prove to yourself the difference Lady Esther Face Cream makes in your skin! See it with your own eyes! Make the "Patch Test"—and compare results with the results you get from any cream you've ever used, regardless of price! Remember —the proof Is right in your own mirror. Make the "Patch Test" and compare! 4-Purpose Face Cream DO TOU SUFFER? from IndiliMtlM. flinlMM. hraiMbn. eanitlpHtlM, eclItU, neuritis, (•• ami HUT •Icmick ra4 that •ll-ln ttrttf fwl- JVftr**^-*' » ft?/; r^unJaSki. &%: S«?o HARRY CITRON -.<it- BROCK'S Eijert QMrinteed Watch Repairiai British Fleet in Athens Port r<iiitinii"il Frnm rapr* One all nf the Cycladrs islands In the Aegean sra southeast of Greece would be liberated in a matter of hours. Main enemy garrisons still are located on Preto, Rhodes and a few smaller islands used as staging points along the route the Germans are attempting to evacuate. A considerable force is believed trapped on them, for sen movement has become practically impossible and air evacuation is becoming increasingly more difficult. The broadcast by the Transocean agency said: "Because of the German evacuation of Greece the Balkan front will assume a different aspect, said a Gorman military spokesman this afternoon. Invents there, are still very fluid. The decision in this sector \\ill fall Inter." F. K., MARSHALL TO CONFER A V A S111X G TC > X, Oct. Hi. (Aft — President Ilnosevelt scheduled it conference today with General George C. Marshall, army chief of staff, who recently made'a military inspection of liberated France. Marshall arrived in Paris October fi accompanied by AVar Mobilization Director James K. Byrnes and other military officials. Warden Lawes says: V*?- X S! "A Vital Force For Good"-"My years of experience with people in all walks of life have convinced me of how much folks learn through the true-life experiences of others. When those experiences provide a shining example of the hope and promise in 'right-living' as they do in TRUE STORY MAGAZINE, I consider them not only top-notch reading entertainment but more importantly—a vital force for public good that is constantly at work." *My True Story?' on your Blue Network Station! Every Afore.; thru Frfc Saktrrfielb CaKforntm Monday, Octokr 16,1944 3 GIVE A PORTRAIT THIS CHRISTMAS Beautiful Bronze PORTRAITS * SIZE 6 x 8 INCHES * 25 EACH In lots •« 4«r more This year more than ever, a personal gift will be most appreciated. Don't delay. Have your sitting now. Proofs shown. No appointment necessary AUSTIN STUDIOS OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1524 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0930 BAKERSFIELD DAILY HOURS: 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays: 1 P. 31. to 6 P. M. 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