The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 11
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^ -,-- • »!_• [ ,"- [r ,••• •' j I • L ' t h i T i ' V ' - - ' ' . • _ - !l ;Wi.>:$.. {*> ^^- . ', ' ' -N " f i^ i .[V * ' " . J -- ' ,- - - • * . t " ---,' ". > -' 'v ' . - -..<-';. . . i - r E N, PRI ' PEJlttfitt 25, 1936 • * ' I *." '-I • • -- * • 'f -. '• ' -"' J - -I ' I • J •• h L L -. Ir. l\ .-f •*.~- I . A' -I 1.1 .'t- -£' •it ^ 1 . Disclose Mystery of Enzyme <W WbHt; Will Lead to I • *» L I ' n ^ n ' 'L- -I'j • n I .. '_ Important Results By HttWtib first time. Sept. 26.' today solved tho mystery of ertfcymes-*-ifi visible thing* which keep man*s tissues alive—by showing one bit them at work for tho ehzyme rdvealed It• self aa k mere chemical, proaalc in action aa soiifr In water. For many years scientists euapected that enkymea were alive. The unlveralty announced tho enzyme action was made visible by t>r. Kurt G. Stern, visiting lecturer in physiological chemistry. Ho used the enzyme catalase, a red- colored protein plentiful In the liver and a spectroscope to see the catalaae In action In a transparent solution, The catalaee could be seen changing hydrogen peroxide into waXer and into gaseous oxygen. Although some steps In the. transformation were too rapid for the eye, a photo-electric tube recorded them in fifths of a aecond. All changes were observed in a teat tube. Thq next step Is to place in.{.he tube the chemicals which the enfcyme uses In the living body, and look at a life process enacted visibly uWder glass..;- • • h - .- f f i BRO ': * GAIETY FILM Rogers and Prod Astnlro Ctarting S . day for an extended O engagement, Fred Astalro and Olnger Roger* make gala whoopee again in their latest convulsing mlrthquake, "Swing Time,'* which is rocking the world with rhythm arid laughter. Afitalre's new sensation Is "Bojangles of Harlem," with chorus in blackface, A new , laugh team, Victor Moore - and f Helen Broderick, arc at theli 1 screaming best and the six Jer», ome Kern melody hits will be whistled and sung for iiiany days. The second feature showing is "Bulldon Edition," starring Ray Walker, . -Evelyn'. Knapp, Rcgia Topmev and Cy Kendall in a story of romance and adventure. v vMlfikey Mouse cartoon, Moving Day," and Fox News complete this wlngr for the last time to- Js •; '.'Craig 1 * Wiffe, 1 * with John Boles -ji'nd Rosalind RussoH and Be Careful/' with Lew and Mary ox Mickey Mouse Club ill meet at 10 o'cloek Saturday morning: at which tinift the five Ranger Shirley Temple delU' Avill be ftWftW- ed to the winner* of the L6s An. ' - geles.;Cdunty Fair doll cqntest. The Judgei have been bu»y alt week reading the hundredu' oi letters. All members ot th0 tilub were given registration cards and ar* requested to fill them but and bring them to Chief Mickey Mouse at tho Saturday meeting. Members will fctto weAr thoir Frontier Days costumse atid there will be a ITrontier Days revue on the stage and priefs will be given for the best costumes. There Will be a chewing gum oontest and every member will receive a stick of chew- Ing gum after the show. There will also bo games on the stage, singing and dance lessons by Miss Ann Anderson and her assistants after an excellent program of pictures which will include "Animal Cunning:," a Pete Smith short subject, a Popeye. cartoon, "You Gotta Be a Football Player," a comedy, "Triple Trouble," chapter number 3 of the wonder serial, "Undersea Kingdom," and a colored Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Mtbkcy'fl Moving Day." VETKHAN'S MEMORY VIVID LA GRANDE, da., Sept. 26. (U. P.) Asa O. Hudson, 94-year-old Confed* erate veteran of the War Between the States, can recall the names of 144 comrades of his rpglntent. whom they married and when they diftd. He is tho oldest resident of La Grange and tho only survivor of his regiment. 4. ~ FLYING CI 1UNIIESI * * . * Sir James McBfien Declares Bootleggers New Foe of Officers of Law •,-r-v,\-'i Clalr Trevor, Dean Jaggor and Kvelyn Venn hie W ITH a laugh, a Hit. a thrill and n heart pant?, tnter- A per fled with several new musical hits, "Star for u Night," now Twentieth Century-Fox picture, opens at thn Nile theater tomorrow on a new double feature program with "The Uuit of the Mohicans," which has been prodttcnd In lavish scale from the clanslo by James Pehimoro Cooper, wktV ; *r. ,. •j-t ^ I f .-<"* V - -^ t L i 1 er c« |r . § tM&wlPP £¥^&&&4mw$: i I f ' y-" v- .,-.. ^ L ' * • ' ^ X V- .V , <' tv I J - , 1. . - ' -I - . BUY THE PINT AND A "NIP" AT A SAVING YOU SAMPLE THE CONTENTS OF THE "NIP", AND IT ISN'T THE FINEST WHISKEY AT RETURN THE UNOPENED PINT TO YOUR RETAILER AND THE PRICE YOU PAID FOR IT WILL BE REFUNDED There's Little to Venture, Lots to Gain in CALVERT 1 S Sensational "Get '' v Acquainted" Offer with its A*A M MAU clad, Money r.. Mt . MM »^l Guarantee! Now! Try at a saving, a whiskey famous from coast to coast. . . largest selling whidkey in its price class in Now York City .,. the whiskey clear heads call for ,,., GAL VERT I Because it w*»at& to acquaint more people •£ * * with bettor whiskey, CALVERT makes this urnazlng offer . . * for a limited time only! You risk only ten cents . . * you gain in CALVERT'S rich flavor and wealth of aromal It's an offer you shouldn't pass up! *' . . '.<','•' Here's what you do. Go to your nearest dealer. Ask for the pint and "nip** combination of CALVERT S "Special" Blended Whiskey at its bargain L price* Whea you get it home, pout the coutcnU of tho u nlp f \ Sip it. consider it the finest whiskey at iU price you have over i the money you paid for it will you tasted, return the unopened pint * * * be cheerfully refunded! Your own good judgment will ho taken as final. WARNING! This offer is good only until October 1936, and oiilyiri states where the unrestricted sale of "nips" is permitted by Inw. So take advantage of this amazing offer without delay. Get acquainted with fine, friendly CALVERT whiskey today I Dr MAITYLA i»«ftf*l tf OLO.DKU ***** «Mi U% «tf»I BKANO -.j'-- • t 'A J •••,-.'-- ./ - : --''-VJi. -^* ./ -t*- 1 - L H^V-> ^ -.- l ,^r^^L ->V'-' • l '.f.V;^&-. ^"^'j-^.'^t''^! ~ f *: T u cast including Randolph Scott, Heather Angel, Blnnto Barnes and Henry WllCoxon In the ftmturod roles. Featuring Claire Trevor, Jane Harwell, Arline Qudffe, Evnlyn Venabie, J. iBdwjirtl iVromberff, Dfun Jngger and Alan Dlnehart, "Star for,a Night 11 tMIs an entrancing story of how madcap chorus girls turn a musical nhow topsy-turvy nnd Broadway wterta all it« makr-bollevo to make a mother's dreams come true. Four-Star Comedy Now at Virginia KANSAS CITY, Sept. 26.—Tho flying chief of Canada's fAihed "Mountles"—In 30 days h« made an 1J.OOO mile Inflpoctlon of posts which once required throo years—declared here todny thttt United SUtcs prohibition repeal turned the tables on Canada. Whertuu smuitglerfi once swarmed the Houth, the tide has turned North until "set your man" now means grftt tho bootlegger, said Maj. Clcn. Sir Jnmes Mctirlun, K. C. R., C, O. f D. S. C., commissioner of the Hoyal Cana- dlan Mounted Police. "They constitute the most serious enforcement problem facing our country today." he assorted. "Ship loads of rum are being brought up from the AVest Indies and smugglers are running liquor over the border in unknown quantity. "In ono six wooka period wo seized 60 automobiles south of Montreal carrying contraband liquor. \Vo have- had the tables turned on us." On the brighter side: "We have only one criminal code. Instead of 48, to enforce, We have no machine gun gangsters, no or- galilied racketeering mobs." Canada U far behind tho United Btates, Sir Jam*s declared, in Sclen- tlflo crime detection. 11 "Out we're learning a great deal from your federal bureau of Investigation." "Mr. Uectla Uooa to Town." nc- claimeil by crillcn nn ono. If not the most, ouiftuimtlng pictures of the year, and given four utara by liberty, hoartfl tho double bill opening todny nt the Virginia theater. Aa a email-town boy with an ar- tlstio nftturo who Inherltrt flovcral mlltlon dollars from a rich undo In Now York City and then proceed* to spent It in such nn unorthodox manner that ho in formally accuaod of Insanity, Cooper doefe tho finest acting of his cntir6 caroor. Jean Arthur, cast u» u flip woman reporter for a Now York tabloid, does a splondld piece of acting. Although Hho double cro«scft Cooper, who has fnlion in lovo with her, she proves tniobluo at the last and everything happily. I he name bill is u flrnt-run , "Ovin Orit." wtarrlug .lack 1'prrln. 2-It Sit and Sun, ••••••••••••WI^^M^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STARTS TOMORROW AT 2 P. M. s«V til y»«it tin t I f I M«rrlwtntl TMJM Daughter Born to Actress Fay Wray nti HOLLYWOOD, sopi. lifi.—A 6- i pound, U 1 -nunen dfitmliiAr \vn« born l.o Kny Wray, uctrenn-wlfo of John Monk Haumlors, wrll«r, In ft local hoMpItal torlny. Saumlera roo*»ntlyrp* tui'iu'ij hur« from u ftlm-wrlttng job In London to await the ovont. Tho child is Hie cotiplo'd ftrst. MOOKC * IrU SLORC • Iftty * • -' b lV »" 141 ' I ALSO MOMRICK INUft HIT HY OWN IIHIVK OliICAN, N. Y.. 8*pl. 26. (U. Mr». U. T. \V. Uondrlx HUffored a <J*ep cut over h*»r loft oyn wh«n Htruck by a golf ball—her own. llo drive bouncotl back off a trfce. r DITIOM KAY WALKER Cwlyn KNAPP i PLUS SECRET AGENT Mlokay Mouaa Cartoon "MICKtY'S MOVING DAY" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ENDS TODAY John Bolea, Roiallnd Ruaatll "CRAIG'S WIFE" — AL»0 — L«w Ayrei, Mar/ Carllala "LADY BE CAREFUL" TODAY TOMORROW TO Y*ur Th.itn rrtri#M DEC Brlin DONHVY "HALF ANOIL" M AIJI3UL4INK! CAUnOLL, a« «he iiuDPHrw in Hume mot ham'tt gr^ul^Ht spy thriller "Hocrcl Agent," onr 'of the four Attraction* Knowing today and tomorrow at tho Fox California theater, Uob*rt Younir and pptur Lorre uro In tho cant of thU groat adventure rotnano«. Tho nooond fftuiurA U iho thHlltng ootntdy myatory "Half AnK* 1 !,' with Kraiv CM I>ft«. Brian Doni^vy, rharUa liulterworth and Helen Wo«tl»y, Tho ftovenUi chnptcr of "Cu«t«r'» I^ant Htand.*' the T*rry*toun "Wolf In Hhei'p'H Ciothlnir." and latest new* oventa complete tho program. «»i*n YOUNQ Mtdfltln* CARROLL "UCRtT AQtNT" f 7 "CURTtB'g LAST jTAHD" T*rry*tMR and MCTROTOMK NIW8 I E I H " T ' DANCE NIGHTLY GOOD MUSIC ^ KrldH)- nnil 8 itf Ounfc* & Col- Con»t*to*Co««t Dancer* THANK YOU for the lovoly flowers and so many good wiihcs for nuccees at our formal opening yos terduy. Wo appreciate ft. Special CHICKEN DINNER 30c RttQMlar and Saturday and Sunday Steak Dinner Served Dally ri 'a i l**l<M>r HOT LUNCH Special * i ^_ — • Any Time—Any Day THE PARTY HOUS8 SUPRBMB * 1»« Mile* Kant on ICdUon lUieliway NEW HINKY DINKY I Do HOUSE 1924 t Street Vtto Quintoll OaU*rlfl*ld'i Mo«t Untqu* Caff CHOW MEIH CHOP SUEY rom loiBt Ordtr Amtrlc4 KTA »r« i THREE FLOOli IHOWt NIQHTU Old-Timers Dance Tonight ft Until 1 o'clock BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "Whtr« Thty All Qo for Fun" Hur Wllifn'i Hirmtny Bind Old.Tlmt WhltK«rlno 0«no« FRIDAY. OCTOBER X Special Prts*i for Mo«t Original and Authentic Co»tum»» TNfM MIIM MtftH *« OM _ f' - I LAST TOMORROW Gallantry'to the Rescue! ROMANCE THRIVES IN TREACHEROUS DARING DAYS! f L -,. ' • < • " * OF THE win* RANDOLPH SCOTT :NRY WILCOXON BINNIE BARNES HEATHER ANGFl BRUCE CABOT ^ — -^ • —•—^•!—B-B-^^^^^^^^^^^^n-V^^H Added Hltl MAO MISCHIEF WITH A BEVY tf BACKSTAGE MUSICAL MAIOSI \^1 * -,, They Ton FOR A A Hit Show You'll Forgtt Ntver PIAIRC TRfVOK IftNr lURttfH flHUNI ibOlit IVlllfN VfNAEU ASIR10 AlWYN AtAN UlNtUARI OPIN 11 TO TODAY—2 BtQ FBATUREB O Men Thrill* Ar« Here Again IITIII CAISAir NIW CRIML t /AF1 ROBINSON BULLETS »» BALLOTS JOAN HLONDCLL <M.., i and' Charlai Starrett, Flnta Barton In "STAMPEDE" Alto ChapUr 2 of Buck Jon«a In "THE PHANTOM RIDER" Comedy - Cartoon * News VIRGINIA Op<n 18*11 p. m.—flop and 10o ^[^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^j^^^^^^^_^^^^^^<^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^ri^^^^^^^^^A^ri^^B^^^^^l^i^^^^^^l^i^^^^^^ri^^A^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TODAY and SATURDAY The 8««ion'i Qrtat«ttt GARY COOPER in HU Fln«tt Rol*. • 4.8t«r Dr»m«tlo Hit Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" And JACK PERR1N In a Fir»t-Run WetUrn "GUN GRIT" Comedy* N • nd Novelty GRANADA TODAY SATURDAY tn Com I COLLEGE" *5* Suceaaa om GENTLE JULIA" «w* and Cartoon TODAY Lona A UKAQE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT The Old Hinky Dinky at 1«1» K atrctt will now be known aa WILSON & JOHNSTON'S Specialising in 24.ounce glasa of Beer for !0c Mixed DHntca Priced Right Home Cooked Metis, featuring Oood Chill and Hamburgen DELECTABLE ^Hv ™ ^P^P'^^HI'Vlv ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ff^^f^^^t^r with a moau offeriug the beat iu numerous dishes with a variety of prices at tfaa L I EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Aventif at Tenure UHtiks at" -*t -f ': . ----- •;••'&.. , • r -1 -t • • '' ?1I ."- --' '-I s -~ - n -^•- -: - -i <•-> ^ ' - --J *:-.. lr- '1 *> v.''^.--fl * > --. . - /!*s ' S - -^' -.- i. , - •"> ,*l -r 1 - . * V'V . s •• V ''I I , ..'v ' - -• .'--^A ' •-.- .'i-y-sVs . ' : ' ; ^^I , ;••' , ^; *>®i • \ x. ; ^T^^S s -- T, -*• t*.> 1 V l ' •* ."•^1 .- .-. -. ***-:.;* t . b I -I m v j t 'r\ i" 1 ' •" ' — - - J .' ,-.'Jr.r. ,;- -,•,<-. - ,-.-.

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