The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 10
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I . 10 ^!ff^ ^^ftrfi^p^.;, • U«^,-• •'-• ••••• •:- ' - • - r ' I l .1 ' '.'""''' '1 '''". I ' l - '. '1 ."'.".. T "' H * ' • I - p I * •.r I I -• i THE . FRIDAY; 2B ( 1936 I . -p I • •>;/• .r •I i- - THE PERFECT :\ /.V F I . ,\,f* ftrrfi ,fff*'i ifftt VLti ^ : i^M?W^ - ft ir^irM^-'^'rfVI FJ , '• 4 • • • m 1 ' 4 .1. 1 F-p t T • • ' I r . • 11 -It ' ' I , Id -' . * f. PI 1 - H * f **/J illrl -W*' >t •*i fm m *. rl 'it • ' • > f • I it ' •/ .IV. > F f. -f $»' . , .»./». . 1 I F. ' F. I ' n - I lit 'III 1 4 1 ' If .1 vv t > • • *• -ft. -/'.- I A'.V, ft **%.'(.,'. • • F "' i P • f •.. I -J •*/ P *' I , t f'' '• •l'-. t • - If v.. 1 •* • _ ^ • i-, . . •1, .' 1 4 fl L She'uses Oven-Fresh SNOW FLAKES j to match her freshest salads Crisp as the finest Western lettuce and fresh as'the fruits from our orchards are the Snow Flakes the Perfect Hostess chooses to match her tastiest salads. She knows they'll never disappoint her guests, for Snow Flakes arc the favorite soda crackers of the West. And here's the reason; they always reach you wtn* fresh from nearby National Biscuit Company Western bakeries, their delicate flavor locked in by double wax-wrapped packages. Serve a cracker worthy of your salads; be sure and say Snow Flakes to your grocer. H .1 ./v V/' 1 '/;;,/: '. r, • i. J j ft-' ft" TAr favorites of the West c sure to ask for New Member of California's Central Committees Meet, Sacramento ""; (Untied Pr<H» LcttM} Wire) SACKAMlfiN'rO, 8ept< 20.—Now members of California political party central committees will ausomblo In tho Cbpltol tomorrow to elect their Btato chairmen and other officers for the nuxt two yeurrt. Of primary interest on the ovc of the muatlngfl wnro the contcstH for tho chairmanship of tho two major purlieu, , Criiotner j Clifford Angllrn, Richmond, head of tho Hooflovclt-Oarnor campaign in California, wan Mated to bo elected chairman of thn Democratic stato central commlttoo, whllo Jus- tun Oraomor, Orange newspaper pubJifthor and OBHlflUuit Btato director of public workfl, wow believed to have thn JriHldo track In tho raco for tho Republican chairmanship. Angllm's chief opponent won Sheriff Daniel C. Murphy of Han Kran- claco, but thero wero reports here that Murphy would withdraw from tho content although hl« backers continued to work for hla election. Cniemer won oppoand by ICdwarrl IF. Hhatiuck. [JOB Angf.'IoH, but frlondN of the publisher InwlHted they liiirl enough votes to auauro hU election on tho first ballot. Tho new Democratic chairman will unccred HUilo Senator Culbert Ij, Olhoii, Lo« Anffelttb, whllo this He- publican nlioico win replace OlHtrlct Attorney Karl Warren of Oakland. (JOB for Kuril Kadi central commit- too IN pfitltlod to 008 members, tnoHt of whom will bo represented by proxleK. Th«ro ulHo will bo at least throo minor party central commlttecH holding mooting!! tomorrow whc.n nlwtN, CommunlalH and UHffr,Mnbto. It wan not known whoihor tho Commonwealth nnd Hoclaltat purtlwi would be rep- Arres (t/n«e<f /*«•* Leafed ALL AS, Texas, Sept, 25^-Dal- detectives went fishing and caught several capsules of heroin valued at $2500. ... ' The office™ buttered their way into a house in South Dallas, arrested two men, reputedly wholesale narcotic distributors and discovered the cache of the narcotics in an open flue. By employing the use of a fishing rod and reel which they found hidden in a closet of the house, tho detectives pulled the heroin out of the hiding place. After searching the house, unsuccessfully for a time, Detective Dick Gardner noticed the rod, reel and line and found the open flue. "I'm going fiahing," he announced as he cast the line up the flue. The artificial lure with hooks attached at the end caught on an object and tho detective began reeling in his catch. The catch proved to be a box containing the heroin. The arrest of the two men ended a six months' search for one of the sources of widespread wholesale distribution of narcotics in Dallas. States to Gather at Labor Confab Food s -Preparing for Waterfront War S UP A Product of NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ef H\TL and bundrttlt ofother favorite van'ft in HIHTOUIC HAIL TIK FOUND OODJ3N, Utah, Hopt. Zli. (Q. P, Writers of tho fndaral historical sur- voy torn down a barn room to get la nujiporUng railroad tlo to tha on ft 'in which tho golden ftptko WOH driven the completion of tho find tnLnHf'onllnctntiil raHn>nd. V (United Prcta Leased WASHINGTON, Hept. 25.—A new regional conference to dlscusfl state labor problem*) and methods of labor law enforcement, under direction oC Secretary of Labor Frances Pnrklmi, will bo lield at Houston, TOXOM, September 28 and 29. Tho conference arranged at tho Invitation of Governor .Tames V. Allreul of Toxas IH tho fifth called by MlRB Perkhm. Oovi.M-norH (jf Arizona, Arkansan, T^ouiHlrina, MlSMlantppl, Now Mexlpo and Oklahoma, their official "delegates and rnpresentatlvoa of labor LlonH have been invited to qucatlnnn of houra, child labor, wfigo cnlloctlon, and safety nnd health In tndnntry. PrnvtotiM roglonal conferences wore hold at Nashville, Tenn.; San j Francisco; ABhovIlIo, N. C,, and Co- jlumbla, S. C. Our Ancestors Never Heard Vitamins WOO ULINni'ULLY KAITIIFUL NAPA, Calif.. Sopt. 2G. (L r . P.)— Tippy, a monfirrel doff, loft, to guard the iLiitDmobllo of Captain T3. J. (111- llck, wlillo on a camping trip, stayed by tho car when It WOH stolon and I was Ihcro whtMi It wus found ahrin- il a woi'k latnr In an apjtlo SAN iCa ; Sept. 2C.—In anticipation of possible trouble on tho watiirfrdrit*'; Ban Francisco groccra arc tkktng'dpHvery of merchandise a« great aa 60 per cent in excess of jiormdl;; stofika, a survey re veaJod today, ; The city's largest department stores, however, reported . ''normal Inventories 11 for tho fall season. "We are not alarmists/ 1 said J. A* Traversor whose firm supplies 178 local stores, "but we want to be In a position to serve the demands'of our patrons If a crisis does occur." Grocer-members of 4 tho Rainbow fltores, he said, are basing their pur* chases of surplus stocks on their experience In the 1834 general strlKfe. Canned meats, vegetables, augar, flour, macaroni products, canned milk and shortening constitute moat of the abnormal purchases, Traverso said. United Grocers reported: "WeW notice purchases of faat-movlng staples as much as 60 per cent above normal. Grocers with $4000 stocks havo added as much as $2000 worth of flour, milk, cereals, soups and canned and dried fruits to their in- ventorles. Moat of them want to be sure of a supply that will last for 60, 00 or 120 days," Officials of Safeway Stores, Tnc., reported inventories wero running "only slightly above normal," with no noticeably abnormal storage In San Francisco warehouses of tho company. Chinese Dislike American Kissing fc -"- — *"^^^^^^*w«*»^^^^»* (United Pratt Leased Wire} NEW YORK, Sept. 25.—Americans take oil and machinery to China, but If they could Just leach tho Chinese to kiss in the American manner It would probably mean millions of dollars In additional revenue for motion pictiiro producers. This, at least, is the thought of Lewis Milestone, who directed T'aratnount'H "Tho General Died at Dawn." "Whllo making the picture," Milestone said, "I retained the services of several Chinese scholars. With their advice I thought I might avoid what Chinese audiences always dot«ct as ludicrous anachronisms. We wero successful up to a certain point, even managing' to compromise on certain customs a-nd practices which are diametrically opposites In tho two countries, But when, wo name to tho love-making scenes wo reached tho parting of the ways. "My Chinese authorities simply shook their heads every time I would look to them for approval." (United Pre«« Leased ALTON, N. Y M ^cpL 25^The illtl^i village of Old Gibson, , buried under the waters of Schoharie reservoir for 10 years, rose irtto full view during tho drouth*, . Ruina of churchefl,^stores and homes came Into full view as the • '- • •• ^ * •' ' •••'« "•••'•''"•» tt resen'oir water Itvel sank to its lowest pofnt in history. Spires of the Methodist Church, and, the top of • the Aldrlch hotel, venerable Catskili resort hotel, crept up first to be followed by housetops of the specter village. Despite objections of 300 residents of the Httle town, who fought against leaving their con- ! tury old homes, the village was | abandoned to build the reservoir j which feeds the giant Shandakcn | tunnel. t i As tho 150-foot dam was com- , pleted and the waters of Scho- ! haric creek backed up, highways, village streets and sidewalks Hunk from sight and gradually build- j ings disappeared, forever it was believed.. The continued drouth, most severe in years in the Catskills region, cut into the water supply throughout the entire district and eventually brought the village above the lake again. Quebec Police to Be Reformed Soon (United Frcae Leased Wire) MONTREAL, Sept. 26.—The Quebec government may "borrow" crime experts from London's famous Scotland Yard and the Paris prefecture do la police to assist In reorganizing Its provincial police force, target of heated criticism for years, Into a modern, non political body of "man- hunters." Prime Minister Maurice Duplessls dismissed tho whole Montreal branch of tho provincial force shortly after he was elected last month as the first stop toward the general reorganization to be undertaken. Ho charged tho Montreal branch was a "hotbed of corruption, scandals and Intolerable abuse." Tho premier, who, as attorney-general of the province, personally drew up tho order In council authorizing tho dismissals, said re-organization was both "necessary and urgent" to ensure moro efficient administration of Justice and to give tho municipal authorities autonomy on law enforcement. Ho frequently flayed the force during his electoral campaigns for its "bare faced" political activities, and charged It used ''third degree" methods abhorrent, to British traditions of justice. .1 L, A. Police Check Confession That He Slew Wichita, Kan., Woman _ (United FfciB Leased Wire) JjOS ANGELES, Sept. 26,—A reputed confession by Jamea IA O'shea, 4b, that lio and an acconv pHco, since alain/ had beaten tor death an aged., Wichita, Kan., woman, to force her to dlvulgo the hiding* place of her supposed wealth waa being checked; here today by police. O'Shea, alias AV. J. Jones,: "cracked" under eight hours of extensive questioning and blurted out a full atory of how ho and Lee Morgan killed Mra> Margaret Griffin, 70, in Wichita on February 1, 1935» according to local detectives and Deputy Sheriff Bauml of Wichita, who trailed him here. Morgan waa shot to death last December in a- gun battle with police. The reputed confession detailed how the two men forced their way into the aged woman's homo and clubbed her when she refused to point out her valuables, O'Shea, who was being held here on suspicion of robbery, waa rebooked on suspicion of murder and suspicion of being a fugitive from Kansas. Police said he had a record* of four prison terms. : •'SHREDDED W1JEAT and a box of peaches ? Yca t mam. That's tops for breakfast •with most of our customers!" When you order today, don't forget Shredded WheatI A Frotfuct of NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY K'V IISC(I (IK 1 from (linn. oos o u old time mill never robbed and scientists I he whenl any us we can ils natural elements and all Old Mill Food products art 4 milled by Hie same process. KIT leal (ml ood contain u >rca ssi erin HUH cle am o 01 on ra t uclit 10! hrea o i you an U "in satis Kill ** a y or an o o you ocer o i "OLD MILL" PRODUCTS ARE WHEAT ORITS llrmlifuht Crn-ul KVI: MEAIv-RYl! I'L(»HK Mntic C'rinii Fluent ()n««oh Itjo wnm; CORN MEAL GRAHAM FLOUR iN'lll Illlllfll) WKOLI: WHEAT FLOUR I Nnl lliillcdl YELLOW CORN A\EAL r \ L i 1 i •f * (iKNUINK HUCKWllKAT FLOUR (In fi-lb., 10-lh., l!r)-ll). anil n«Jh. l» Cotton SuckM) ^^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m ^^^^^ — ^^^^_^^^^__^__^^ _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HV^^H^^MM^VlVMMi^|^^^lMiVHHkM^^H^^^I^MI^B^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^wHH^^'^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^bB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ K ^^ B ^^^^^^^ d ^^^_^^^^^^ H _ H _ B - 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^W Vour ui'jiri-sl KI-OCIT has a fn-sh slcu-k or |)lu)iu- li)(i and we will loll you \vliiMv you ran sivinv Uu-sr unusual products l-Junand "OLD MILL" with U u . pidtnv of (In- old-liino «ris» mill on each sack. UonotaaTplsiil)sUliiU's.TlHMvisi)nly our "OLD MILL WHEAT GU1TS" :incl "OLD MILL" l-ond Produd.s. MANUKAITIIUKU DAILY BY BAKERSFIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street nnd Truxlun Avenue, Bakerafleld, California, Phono 190 t \ SAYS TER Madame •what always thai flavor counts coffee Thai why have asking been second customers Hills ihiid since been serving Bros .•...-; HI is never fiftY- hos At the end of every meed there should always be m a perfect moment.,. of supreme enjoyment. When Coff d eight Years thi Tim i remained as constant as the flavor oi this coffee. The ' • • ^ 1 ^"***^*™*^^^*"^'"^^^'^ — wVi~r»-i^j^^^^^^fca^j —. 7^LH^I^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^H^^V^^^^H^^^^B^^^V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BHH^^^^^^^B^^^HV^M^^BBBH^^^^^^^^V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^H^^^^^^^^HH^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^taB ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^ff^ft^ffff^f^^^^if^f^i^^f^f^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^f^^^^f^f^^^^^^^tltf^i^ffft^ftfi^^fti^^l^^ff^^^til^mfif^fm Reason for Advertising Is Not to Help Some One Sell ODD COFFEE DESIRVIS CAR! IN RRIWINO 7K» OoVUCt mo • L U a$ fin* oft coffo* Something, but to Help You Buy What You Want roaiHna and packing coffee. 7?U Cbtttct ^^f T . ^^ 1 j " . . • ^^^^^A _^^M " .^^^H ^h W*lt ai koplng qualltiM .after, the con U opened. Hllli'-Brei. Coffee ihould not be reground. TfU CoVUC* QiUfid T I »yo '• n r *• •s. I . * ' I '- * -I. * .'. »'" : '^^^^^^^m^^f^^^M^Mi^.

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