The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 10, 1971 · Page 53
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 53

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1971
Page 53
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Stroke Victim Tells of Experience MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Realizing that alike, I no am two strokes going to set are my stroke down in writing as best I can. So long as I can sit down and ponder and think about it, the words flow well, if I don't, the wording can be pretty peculiar and funny. Anyhow, I wound up with a massive stroke on the right side at the tender age of 52—1 don't suppose there is any age that is too early or too late. All I know is that the evil, and I do mean "evil," ensuing from the horrible thing is enough to turn an agnostic into ah atheist. Time to Prepare There's a lot to be said for progressive illness—at least it gives you time to prepare yourself psychologically for the eventual incapacity. In a stroke, one minute you are doing 70 miles per hour hitting on all eight cylinders, the next minute, if you're lucky enough to survive, you're down to a crawl doing barely one mile per hour and you're fortunate if you have one cylinder to was In intensive care for the better part of three weeks. Consequently, I have little recall of the month that followed. Can you imagine my chagrin When I found T couldn't talk at all—not one word could I utter—I was stunned! Do I remember the days I couldn't talk at all? Boy, oh boy, the frustration that comes with it is tantamount to emptying the Pacific Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean with a tablespoon. Once the speech therapist took over, the sound I was able to make was channelled into vowels, consonants and finally into words. Then came the understanding of the words—I recall working endlessly on "opposites." Then there was tongue placement, breathing and finally volume and tone. Use Tape Recorder Here it is, close to two years holds for me, well, I guess you would have to consult with Nostradamus to figure that out. All I know is with the progress being made, hellishly slow though it is, the future has got to be better than the immediate past. I do not mean to make light Page 25 ,.— The Hutchinson News Sunday, Oct. 10,1971 of this horrendous happening, but I always kidded around and I'm not about to stop now. (Hutchinson News-UPI Telephoto)LEGAL STILL—A government ap- ways of the National Park Service, proved moonshine still is m operation Park Superintendent Randall Pope, at the Alley Spring Park in Allen right, and William Bailey left ex- Ji 6 ' authe ^™ b °n<ted> Plain the operation of the still to two «r«in a * moonshine' is being park visitors. Unfortunately for the produced in a stiU set up as part of a lover of moonshine whiskey the mash to^toSffS^PP*^.™ 3nd <Ukker ' is ^ked with a Wtter by the Ozark National Scenic River- additive and flushed into a river. Work to Save Old Books PATMOS, Greece (AP) —, American and Greek organizations have come together to save some 16,000 books and documents relating to Greece's Christian past in the 900-year- old monastery of St. John the Evangelist on this island in the Aegean Sea. The recently launched five year project is expected to give a deeper insight and understanding into the cultural and religious heritage of the country. Patmos is believed by Christians to be where St. John wrote his Apocalypse. Catalogue Documents The Institute for Antiquity and Christianity of the Claremont (Calif.) University Center, in, collaboration with the center for Byzantine research of Athens and the Patmos Preservation Trust, has undertaken to catalogue, index, microfilm and study the collection of some 2,900 handwritten or printed books and 13,000 other documents in the library of the monastery. The U.S. Sixth Fleet will contribute to this effort by installing an air-conditioning system which will protect the library from further enchroach- ments of dampness and book- pests. The "Patmos Monastery Library Project" as it has come to be called, owes its existence essentially to one person—Mrs. Lloyd H. Smith of Houston Tex, Mrs. Smith, on a cruise in the Aegean two years ago, said she received the invitation of the daughter of Greek Ambassador P. Argyropoulos, president of the "Patmos' Preservation Fund." She immediately took a keen interest in library, where noted go on. Once you get over the shock the inappropriate climatic conditions and many books and documents rotting. Contacted Scholars Upon her return to the United States, Mrs. Smith contacted a number of scholars and began raising funds for a $200,000- project that would aim at both saving and cataloguing the books. Ranging in age from the 6th to the 19th centuries, the books and manuscripts are principally—though not exclusively—religious in content, including biblical texts, patriotic writings, canon law books, and hagiogra- phical or ascetic works. of realizing that you're a cripple for the rest of your natural life, if you are a realist, ego can be your most important asset. If the ego is shot full of holes, for all intents and purposes you might as well be dead, so it became vital to keep up my self- regard and psyche. Ego Most Important Your ego is the most important facet of your makeup- whatever you can do for yourselves, do it, because it's terribly important. Even a simple task like opening a letter with one hand is important. When you come down to the more important things, like separating postage stamps with one hand without making a mess of the whole endeavor, well, that is amusing. After the stroke and the surgery that became necessary/1 after the stroke and I still use the tape recorder to read the paper (I can't read, at least not the way I used to, but I get the gist of what the paper is saying) so that I can hear the improvement being made. You see, I can play it back and if I or my wonderful wife, Irene, can understand what I am saying, well, I figure there is a certain amount of progress being made. , I'm still in a wheelchair, not that I can't walk, but walking is still a hazardous proposition for me. Perhaps in a year or two I'll be able to walk better. In the meanwhile, it sure kicks the hell out of the furniture. The library ventoried only has been in- twice—once in 1109 and again in the early part of the last century. Many of the items in the library are rotting or falling apart. Modernisation Helped Image LONDON (AP) - Nearly 17,000 new recruits joined the Boy Scouts during the past year, following the scrapping of their "bare knees and big hats" image, a Scout census shows. The Scouts modernized their image three years ago, replacing shorts and "Mountie" hats with long pants and berets. I don't hold out too much hope for the arm, you never know, though. Oops!!—I seem to have strayed away from my original thought. Well, to get on with it- Couldn't Spell Name Several months after the stroke, I could not believe that I could not spell my own name. I didn't have the foggiest notion which came first, the "A" or the "Z", nor what the "A" or "Z" looked like. I had to teach myself to write again with my left hand. On some rainy night, if you're tired of going to the movies or are tired of TV, put your right hand in your pocket and try writing with your left hand. I guarantee you will have a barrel full of fun. However, on the positive side, I consider myself lucky to be able to communicate at all. I, unfortunately, have seen what strokes can do to people. In terms of what future WE'RE FLATTERED! We're pleased as punch! It's quite a compliment to find on our parking lot, staff members of one of the area banks taking license tag numbers of our customers. And on East 3rd too! We hope this is because our friends and customers have been bragging about the good service that we try to give. And now with this type of service available at Sherman & Main and Third & Elrn, everyone is noticing it — even our competitors. HOURS- MAIN LOBBY to 4:MtMon.-TfaiurK. to «rW Fridays Lobby and Drive In Lames—tot Ic Elm art Drive In Lanes—Skeram & Mate 8:00 to 5:30 Won: thro»gh Thursday 8:01 to «:M Friday I:M to Boon Satnrity First National Bank at Sherman & Main, Since 1876 New Bank at 3rd & Elm MEMBER F.D.I.C. rh ir Advertising T^aT Savings Are 30-40-50-70% AND MORE! SOME WHOLESALE — SOME BELOW WHOLESALE ITALIAN DINING ROOM SUITE $1,445.65 44" hexagon table, Z leaves, 5 side 1 arm chairs, built up box seats, 48" glass enclosed china. $800.00 Available with 56" Breakfast hina. $950.00 We Guarantee You Cannot Pay Regular Price For Any Item In The Store Thousands of Items To Choose Fr 0 ^ We.,.jpp,uld only list a small quantity of thf-m. Wall to Wall Clearance THIS SUNDAY 1PM TO 6 PM $189.95 Velvet Chairs • Low Back • HI Back • Swivels • Tub Chain • All Colon Your Choice .$' '00 .Our lost) Your garni $89.95 PORCH SETS Lev* Seat attain a Snack Tab* Redwood * Chrome ,95 Whft* Ttwy Utt $49.95 Maple Boston Rocker Shaped Seat HI Back Quality—Price- Selection $159.95 sets Queen Size Mattress and Box Springs By King Keif $ nr for both pieces lav* lo to 70% on Everything Budget Terms AVAILABLE FREE DELIVERY $59.95 Sliding glass doors Record Cabinet 30" X 17" X 30" Maple or Walnut fin. $< $249.95 Trundle Bed Walnut Ends • Jump Up Bed with 2 Firm Quality Mattresses 195 Final Closeout $299.95 Hyde-A-Bed Oreen—100% Nylon Foam Mattress $10095 Largest Selection of Sleepers'In the Southwest All at Low Discount Prices Smoker Assortment 25 Styles for Selection Spln-A-Way Models Begin at 188 Lay-Away Now for Christmas $79.95 Bookcase Units * All Shelves * Shelves & Drawers * Shelves * Doors * Shelves & Desks Your Choice Cash & Carry In the Box $299.95 30" x U" DESK Fully Paneled front 2 File Drawers Drawers Lock with Key $69.95 Swivel Base ROCKERS Nylons, Vinyls, Prints Plains, Tweeds Your Choice First Come- First Served Tell City-Solid Maple DINING ROOM SUITE 48" Round, 4-Leat Table 41" Buffet with Glass Chin* Top; 4 Windsor Side Chairs; 2 Heavy Duty Captain's Chairs. $-irAOo Nam* Brands- Fin* Quality $219.95 Fully Upholstered LIVING ROOM SUITE Blue-loam cushions By Stylemakor $' ,95 All Nam* Brands—Shop $673.00 Solid Hardrock Maple Bedroom Suite * Headboard with Foot * Triple Dresser * Landscape Mirror * Chest on Chest 195 Many Others Not Listed $99.95 sets Twin or Full Size Smooth Top Matrasses & BOX SPRINGS By King Koll $4A95 for Both Pieces Test the Comfort $489.95 5 PC. Mediterranean DINETTE SET Black Wrought Iron frame Red & Black Upholstery Chairs Swivel and Have Casters 95 WeTnvlte Comparison HARMON FURNITURE CO $49.95 TRAY FLOOR LAMPS Walnut Stems Bross Bases 3-Way Switch Wall-to-Wall Close Out $99.95 RECLINERS Supported Vinyl All Colors Every Item! 11 No Exceptions! VINYL FURNITURE Solas Chairs Love Seats Ottomans Base Rockers Rocl Inert M.OOO Sq. Ft. Floor Display Are*. ALL SALE PRICDIII $269.95 CABINET BAR Maple Formica Serving Shelvei Shutter Door Front Lock and Key 195 Save 10 to 70% EVBRYTHINOIII 307 N. Washington "The Big Warehouse Southwest of the Royal Inn Motel" PHONE 662-5491 - HUTCHINSON, KANSAS FREE Doorside Parking South of the Building OPEN DAILY 9 till 9 SUNDAY 1 to 6 p.m.

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