Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 11, 1903 · Page 11
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 11

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1903
Page 11
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IATUBOAY, JUUY 11, 1503. THE DAILY A Kfi USLEA WAX,' SIOl'X FALLS. SOUTH DAKOTA. 11 mm 8 Promsnent Peon And What Thev are Boasig What a Memory. , , , , bHrr,, ,ha, u n)pmh(ir of ,h4 lora IieSmet News: John IJ. Ilao'rm of school board where ho serves without Watertown, linn come out as a ran il- pay. dute for 1 he Judgeship of thu Third i o-circuit. Mr. 1 latitoti la demorrnt A Rival for the Cars. on-1 if uomltmu-.l will undoubtedly l ; C. White of DeSmrt hus'Kpeilnlly if the repuhlhon IhuVd a Una line lioiwi.rn that eltv and candidate dots not live in Water., Uko Preston and will make tha trio twire a day to mett the traina going north und south over the Milwaukee. town. 8tudylng With Sherwood. ! Miss Emma L. Maynard, daughter nf Captain C. J. Mnynard of the Kimball Index und Inttructor In music in i lie mate arhool tor the blind, has fono to Chautauqua, N. Y., where she will study the oran for the next sixty days tinder the direction of Sherwood. She Is striving for rerfeitlon in the art of music and those . who are trimmed with wheat, flax and ribbon and the whole makes ft moat aT-ttactlve parade d"lnn. , Joined the Tourists. Plntto Epitome: Mr. and Mra. I. H. XVelch leave Monday for Portland. Maine. They so with a party frcm this state to attend the meeting of the nntlnnnl commissioners.' The Ills rnrryalt will transport ten people party will consist of t.overnor ana and If be can keep It half full ho will Mrs. Ilerreid. Attorney ord Mrs. I. J. HoRdo of Sioux Fans, ivaiiroau i.wi-niUsloncrs Smith. I.e Cueq and Smith and wives. They will po by way of ' NlHsara Fulls. Montreal and ower continue the service Indefinitely o A Mild Rcmlr.dor, Senator Koepxd of Drown county Is nuiiding a new house near Groton last week it was struck bv llcht There was lots of commotion but little dnmaee. This niuat hav reminded hrard her performance on the Rreat him of scene while he was at Pierre pipe organ at the Pan-American Expo- last winter. The Insurance lobby and sitlon at Iiuffalo two years ago are tho valued policy champions revolved encouraged to believe that she will at- around him for sovernl days and as tain to it. She has a wonderful nat- thlncs fcecomn n hut that t'hv wan nral gift which has been Intensified to sizzle tho telegrams beati to pour, at Annapolis. Md., faned to pass me by the affliction entailed by loss of In on him from hit home county urgir.ii I recent rigid examination. Tho sight and her execution is wonderful, him to Vote cpalnst the measure In the' for prepniatlon was very slwrt; but o .... i. n.. ,h ha n-nrki.H like a Trolan to rai",e him- . i ...- nit; niivo milium. j , - ... m al , Can nave t-tis eana now, Commander Thomas Reed, of Ar- "f these missives In rapid sucet ssion llngton will now have an opportunity he evidently began to think that son)?-to head the South Dakota delegailon thing was dolns. Moreover, ho--was to the national encampment with a not allowed to sleep and even when h band of his own selection. Feveral : essayed to eat there was aiways years a?o while attending the national ; someone present buzzing In his ear the mast. 1 'rt pointa In Canada, returning by way of 'f.,, Washington. Philadelphia, etc. They iMio.wlll be gone about twenty days. Charge It to "Fadism." Howard Democrat: We very much regret to chronicle that ErntMt Me-Kee who was anpalnted delegate by Senator Gamble io the naval academy Mr. Arnold had a dllllculi .Muijtst cab culaterl only for the lew hu posnens a natural nurrntive family. Mr. furls-tlnnson has ft Rift or earn. cities that will go a long way t n'd him in tit? future. A speaker must-mumiest an Interest himself If he hopes to make pthers Interested. WITH RESPECT TOWARD DUTY Groton Independent: lr human gen In rnulil develop somm .teme I LONQ CMASC FINALLY ENDCO. Truant Officer at Last Succeeds In Capturing Sterling Price. "I lave a war story that beats all records," said Truant Officer 8. P. Clements yesterday afternoon, "for this morning I got a man named Sterl ing Price, and I have been hunting aterllng Price for forty-two years. I landed him In police court, ending a chase that started In Missouri In IStil. " hen the war brok out I wot a young shaver living In i.lisnurl, and I enlisted In the union army. There were arm times In Missouri then and a whole lot of guerrilla fighting, Thu regiment I was with went after a guerrilla nnmed Sterling Prlre. We hunted him up hill and down dale, ISlESS - DIRECTORY ATTORN EY8. roperly distributing the prri-ipitutlou of moisture, one " t nearest uncertainties of nature would l" overcome. For instance. If this could he done tiie sixtv-dav drouth which has burned up! but we didn't get hlra, and I waj al New England and Hie Honda which ways just a little disappointed at ttie have caused equal havoc t the south , failure. of U8. might have been different. The "Well, now comes the odd part Of discussion of sucn a topic may appear the story. This week I decided to ga to somo like trying to interfere with , nftcr ,le father of a boy named Prlco tho plans or deny, out ninny or mo bwaiise the youngster wasn t bulus forces or un u utimwu .n, .rhim, i .....lintv nt f. DAII.CY & VORI1KK Attorncis Counselors at Low SjDdlrst Dullslnr. rtmnrsii. h..ihi ryot AlA51S& COLEMAN, .JVttorncys at Law.. rtsndran. t 9 iwtH rMkots JOXES & MATTHEWS Attorneys at Law. sr tefijrttllrste Itlk. rtcrsFll. ftouft D si.O Tortw. JoUatUa I'UUTER & K1NQ, . Lawyers. font 4f4 lllnnliiili itntbltsit TIM SHOP. i' roTTr.a General Tin Shop F.rn- sail lno tlhW. Ml A lMi.ini..Jrm . CLOTHING. "iou & XELS "clothing co7 CLOTHING It, B. Vrrrlmict, Ki arntWa, rroprlVf4, MUSIC A. S. PAUIMM.'K, PIANCS, ORG71NS alSklrallnatrutnrnt nn.l Shrt M 1'Imhi. iU. htoua all. . l. that we would like to have some ge.v ; and' eonsenuently has no regrets on What score. We sincerely hopo that he will secure the appointment a;-ain for lie has set bis heart on a "ll.e on the ocean wave" and won't ship before either. He is enroute tor " . . i ., , . ,L . r. nl mi 1 maU t h O trio l,V t?aSV encampment in an eastern .state be .ana representing one siao or xne ouier , v- "- was obliged to mareu without muiiiciof tho proposition. In thi3 condition i stages. and It Is suid that he swore a great '-verging on desperation ho may have oath that It he was ever elected as 1 "prayed for a sign." At lea't thero commander of the state department O. I was one given In the form of a tele-A. R. he would have a band for the gram signed by several of the renre-South Dakota contingent if he had toi sentative men of Groton teiling him pay the exrsnsvs of tho luxury out of! that more than flftv of his friends and his own pocket. California is c Ion,-; . neiehhors Joined In eneouranig him I to "stann pai in ravor ot me vam.u I policy. That was probably the most wayoff to take a band to be paid from one man's loose change, but 1C Commander Reed still wants some band music of his own he Is able to afford It and the aggregation which he selects "Vigilance Is the Price of' Capital. Whenever Ben Hoover happens to go out along the Huron-Pierre line of the Northwestern to look at the crops It also happens that 3cmo emissary from Mitchell finds his way up tj Huron, and while maintaining a phTns- like attltuUe, ha3 all the appearance comforting message he ever received ; of trvinz to blockade old "Chief Xwo for his lines were boins cast In tin-1 sticks" on his own reservation lest he pleasant places, and an earihouaice mnv rrako some - encroachment'? on will feel that It is balng entertained by couldn't have shaken him after the re-: other preserves which it 13 presumed I ceirt of that telegram. He was tha only member of the Brown county delegation who voted In favor, of the measure. , that Mitchell would like to acquire by the proceas of "benevolent assimilation.'' . As Ben journeyed westward the other day to Pierre to take a bath 1 ft king. o From Every Battlefield. T Major Pickler conducted an experl' campment and among ether t3timon- ,n 6kll,e,, as. ics offered was one by Dr. Chapman , Scotland Citizen-Republican: . Jaa. t .(.it 4,,., . ... . i tiot. and Tom doesn t there are several in lng fact brought cut was that among , treaties with the Sioux Indians now , ferences which might he drawn irom tho attendants at the encampment j in the government service, was regi3' there were men who took part in prac- j tercd at the CamQb'ell Houae recently, his Dlace a safety vaive and a tuuee' on the water Btipply from Hie cloula. But in this great James fiver valley we are doing tee next beat thing by itslns the water trim bt low. ( i he small bore artesian wells are now counted by the thousand. One firm with a dozen or fifteen rigs. Is now putting dowa wells at the rate of two a dcy. while dozens of other firms are kept busy The pres ent dry weather hero ban cast a shadow of gloom over this jjertion, following as it dies a succesf,lo:t of several years or copious rainfall. But the artesian wells will work A revolution In th? future. Hereafter more and more dependence will-be, placed uinin them for crop-producing during tboie rare reasons when the clouds' rehire to give down. ' i ter the futher this morning and took WONDERFUL STORY TOO Armour Herald: ,,Tne liible la a wonderful bool:v No hew discovery in Fclcnco p.nd Invention Is made nowa- hlm to police co.irt and. you can be lieve It or not, but the man I found was Sterling Price. That's the end of that forty-two years of hunting." "Is It a true story?" Mr. Clements was asked by somo dubious one. "Why certainly." said Mr. Clements, "And the man you got was the sauia rebel General you chased In 1861?" "Oh, no; Indeed: I didn't say that. I told you a true story, and If I had said that It Wouldn't have been true." And then Mr. Clements felt very much hurt because one of his listen er: told him It was too bad that ho didn't get rhot during the war, Cin' cinnatl Commercial Tribune. C. A. CHUISTOlMIERSON, Attcrney and Counselor at Law f nil tCo Mlnucbvha lild J lOXlI !!., lUU 40t Attorney at Law rollirllon iH-pMtmonl. K. UMrows Mtw PHYSICIANS. CLIVE OIL IN ARIZONA. CKS. 8UREVE, SPECIALISTS reran tti llllpa Am n4 10th Btraal UK. C W. WILtiUK. C lueses of Woman a Specialty H m.i.. a 1 1-2 12 Vi e Bt. k leirll. Bou,h.Pt!,?.. 'TRlNTTROlTNb'liRS. WJ1. a GEOROK, Job Printer. Rubber stamps MANUFACTOKYS. OLSON oi 1U.TLIK CAUUI.VtiK LU klanu(Mlttnrl High Grade Vehicles Ii,rU la rintlnjr n4 Trimlnc LAUNDhlt-S. SHIPLEY'S IT'S rnoNE 4 W. II. r.ODDARl) ft. CO. SIOUX FALLS STEAM LAIADRY. HOTELS. The Rise of a Great Industry In the Southwest. "Olive rdl Is now being shipped by the ton from tho Salt river vulley of Arizona and the business Is on tho boom," said B. F. Franklin of Phoenix Ariz., to a Washington Star man. "The entire valley is becoming dotted with olive orchards, and at this season of fonwya seine Mask IsUUrUrra Solicitor. KlontFalla. a in a bar TUB MERCHANTS r. B. FBKEatAN, Prop. ARCHITECTS. V. L. DOW & SON, Architects. Vac a f EmmmBlork.etli mAPMUIm bloat raUa, NoaU Dakota. dayB. but something' in'the Bible Is II v I the year the trees are covered with h!e to be found wMca may he regard- thousands of tiny little starlike buns. ed as a prophetical sqeint at the sub-whlch wlll scon be (Oiowcd by the Ject. The last instance of the kindfruit formatlon whk.h when irialur'ed has referent to the.auiomoblle. Juston ,he tree wil, amount t) bunarcai( WILL A. BEACH, PRINTER and BIMOER Kew and Hron-banil Typf writer. Ital icDt for Kay bUolea TjrpswriJJ CIGARS-TODACCOS. J. C FARLEY, Clfars, Tobaccos and Pipes . Wholwale and Ratatl IKK. rhlllll Are. blous raua, i ' CARL I1RUCKER, The treaty for opening a nortion of the Rosebud reservation to settlement, which was agreed to by the Indians, was rejected by congress at the last session, and it is necessary to have It revised in order to meet the demands cf eastern congressmen. This tsk has been assigned to Mr. McLaughlin. Raising South Dakota Rifles. , ', Tankton Daily: A. P. Johnson of for postmaster and state auditor at this city nas promised to furnish, tne the same time. Under the rules gov-! corn to make the rifles for the South erring the postoffice department when Dakota G. A. R. for its next graud en-he accepted the latter office the act in ! campment at Pan Francisco. The Itself was equivalent to resigning the 'South Dakota rife, for parade purpj-?-former. There is only about one of-res,: is a stick four feet long with an flee from which a postmaster is hot ear of corn on the top end. The sides tlcally every important, battie of the civil, war and were there to tell about It "forty years after." Dick Ste.oa Out. Dick Hall.vlay has let go of the Iroquois nostofltce after holding it as long ;aS;.jj3i,ro;L This was his ..third or qtirlh. offenso and the government held him for six months utter ho sent In his resignation end he was there- it was noticed that T. C. Mitchell dropped into Huron end positively refused to talk, in view cf tho fact that Ben travels lcr ms neanu their movements which were not coin cidental. ,ke a bath -i ;i " ' , I of pounds of fiuit. Olives remain on Burns of ; PP healed in uo Bibl 2.b i. ) yeare ag' , aro lhnmilff!l. CIGARS I'hllllpi ATS. Will We Lose Him? Senator Fred M. -Wilcox:' of Huron, has sold his home in that city and returned to California ,wtere his family has been since last winter. It is reported by a man residing in Huron that there is an opinion prevalent that Mr. Wilcox and family will reside in, California permanently. Mr. Wilcox has made a comfortable fortune. In ih: state in the past three or four years and can afford, to livo wherever ho chooses. If he makes the move now imputed to him it will probably be on account of the health of his family, .for ie has no kick coming on South Dakota. . - . ;'. Some Bunclied Hits- WANTED, A , fool Killer Parker New Era: We thought, out here in South Dakota, that once lri a great while, we had use for a fool-killer. WT w.ill Ahaopfnlltf linwPir(ST letlfl lllm to Greater New York, since we .read j certainty here each year as to a suf- about the champion beef eater. Anajflcient amoum, - growing seasuu jet i- o - tion of the United States, whether a man will reap what he sows. There are more drouths, more floods,.: more frosts, more winds, more hail, or more pests each succeeding year. At least that's the way it appears. Twenty years ago a farmer In Illinois or eastern Icwa was almost as sure to harvest a crop property put in and cared for, as that sunsnine would follow rain. But it doesn't appear to oe so toady Hence, while there is a degree of un he's a former mayor of New York, too, Van Wyck.. He can stow somewhere inside his anatomy eight and three-quarters -pounds of cow, meat; at one sitting. A couple of glory-seekers tried to beat the record but failed. The best of these got around 100 clams, five and three-quarters pounds of steak fifty oysters, two loaves or bread, a bunch of asparagus and ten crabs.. We imagine these fellows are animated bologne sausages after a "contest." In their normal state, they're Just like the empty sausage. . - j PHILOSOPHIC i VIEW POINT drawback than the uncertainty in other sections of the country east of us as to drouth, floods, frosts or various kinds of pests. The farmer in Brule county who takes the same pains putting in a crop as the farmer in Iowa or Illinois, is just as sure nowadays of returns for his labor as the farmer in either of those states. And should drouth or frost kill the crop in both places, the Brule county farmer will get along better under those conditions, ten to one, than his i eastern brother. . , . , - . Chamberlain Register: This section kas had a long dry spell, too long to be relished, but it is now broken and everyone is wearing as much different Expression since the recent rains as the change In the appearance or vegetation. When one remembers that floods, severe . drouths, cyclones, frosts and pests or various kinds have Visited laree, areas' of different sec tions of the country this year, he rite tbout ready to conclude tnat Brum county Is faring pretty well. It. is a fact that every year it is becoming more and more uncertain in every .Bee-- SENTIMENT-OF TWO KINDS Arlington Sun: The churches every now and then declare themselves' on the divorce question, and they always go after the divorces rough shod, can't think of marrying them under any consideration. But you never found any of the churches having fits about the ' ouality of the first marriages. Any old - . - . im o n ton trot ft thing tn tne way m clergyman to marry him, even though his character is known to be as black as the flues of Hades, and any callow boy or simpering girl can rake up a - ( : : fiver and-get a good respectable im pecunious clergyman to tie tne-knot; and then when the natural 'consequence comes to pass and thcouple separate, the man of piety holds up his hands in holy horror and say$ jthat he could never, never think of letting the innocent party to the unfortunate affair try it , again. The sentiment against the marriage of divorcees is all right but there should be a little sentiment worked up against, the indiscriminate tying together of winter and summer, of vice and purity, of craft and- Ignorance, of avarice and guilelessness, in the first place, for there is where the trouble all starts. by Nahum, of Elkosh in GaUllee, who wa3 sent as a consont to the people. We call your f.ltentioa- ti tho fourth verse of the second , .chapter of the book of Nahum whicij read's: , "The chariots shall' rage ih . streets; they thai! jostle one another in the broadways; they shall seem like torches; they shall run like lightping." If this doesn't refer to the foraobile, what does It mean? , A Generous: lrhpulss. "Supposn you succeed1 la owning the earth," said tti? p.brvjot' man, "what good will ltuW'j'wif ,.-r' -'' '" " r "Well,' answered tho trust promoter. "1 m naturally a, man ct hospitable instincts. There will he a kind of satisfaction in feeling th.W 1 am permit ting ether people to taiilnt this globs." Washington Star,. ,.t .The -Woman and Her Age. Philadelphia Tress: j'(o.he I heard you complimenting hejf upon her Ei'l-l3h appearance. vVnat did she say? He She said: "Ah,! 'y.A I'm sure 1 shall look very "much, older when I'm 40." She Huh ! ' She. mean' she'll look very much older whs'n 1" admits she IS VI. the trce3 until they are thoroughly ripe before they are picked to have tho oil squeezed and pressed from them. "When the olives are ripe It requires a large number of hands to pick them, for the work must be dotio quickly. This Is usually done by spreading largo canvas sheets around the trees, upon which the pickers throw fjc olives as they are plucked off the branches. Once they are picked the fruit is carried to the crushing machine, which breaks the fruit up much as apples are crushed for cider. The pulp is then put into a machine which presses tho juice frcm it, which run3 off into a tank, where by force of gravity the oil proper rises to the top and is skimmed off end put away for several months to settlo before it i3 bottled ready for the market.. It requires about seventy-five pounds of. fruit to produce a gallon of oil." Karnfacturar ct Fin .. tllllle, Royal Sfftl, Brueker'a Spanlal J. O. GRAY Manufacturer ottha STICKER CIGAR ASoacialtT. EH, -3 n. maia HIDES AND WOOL. JACOB BLUM. Hides. ' Wool, furs and Tallow and All BlDde of Halt. ; M.ataln Avenue. feioui If alia, 8. a JOSEPH SCUWAETZ, Architect and Superintendent Pbllllna At., Oppealf OMaraaa. Mousf alia, Boutk. Dakota - TrWRANCE a U. K1LAND, rire and life Insurance. Ocaa ajtcaauklp TlrkMa Y. M. I. A. lllock. ilataraa TrnSCtuTuKNEOUBT SIOUX FALLS GREENHOUSES Cut Flowers, Ferns and Palms at. M. Sir on?, Prop. FaonalCD 1 0 WVat Sixth Street iti TT- If the-skeleton in tlje-closet is as thin as some , of thpi seen on the street, no one can be wamed for keeping it in the dark, if . Exi'crt at the aieU game Oarsmen. PICKLER, JR. -WON PlZE UllU A JL Hair vigor. It stopped the fall- Mrs. A. JJoydsSon. uenrson, j, o. Ajar Co.. Lowta, Km, Redfleld Press: A novel but It would seem to be a very wise contest came off here in the struggle for the. medal offered by Hon. H. P. Packard for the best extemporaneous speech. The contestants were assigned their ' 'subjects just one hour before the time to stand before the audience. Many a veteran talker might well dread a contest of this kind and yet how frequently a professional man is called upon on even shorter notice. The- value ol such drill is Inestimable. ; There were five contestants. In the allotment ot subjects the following assignments resulted: Compulsory arbitration, Pickler. The Recent Floods,, Arnold, , Moral Awakening of City Politics, Larkin.. Signs of Industrial Depression, Chris- tianson. The Panama Canal, Miss .Wager. Since the matter of a good subject can figure largely in such a contest we graded the subjects before the speak ing and graded the subjects allotted to Pickler and Larkin as being equal and the first in point of interest and ease. Miss Wager's subject as second, Mr. Christianson's third and Mr; Arnold's fourth. All did well, but Mr. Pickler was fairly the winner from the easy readiness or ms speech, .which was in the most part fluent and even elo quent. He also seemed to have a sur prisingly broad grasp of his subject The. Box Kite. The chief defect of the box kite, o! which Dr. 'Lahgley's aerodrome is an elaboration, is that ".the weight Increases with the cube as' rapidly as the lifting power doe with, the square, so that the larger the ' kite the less 'it. will lift ,ln proportion. Prof. Graham Bell's kites are equal-sided triangles, so that -they need no bracing, ,and it Is found that the lifting power increased at a greater rate than the increase in weight. A flock of these kites recentfy lifted a 200- pound -weight. ' ' The Careless Little Thing. f "These men are the cause of our doing some funny things, aren't they?" asked the dear little thing. "What's up, now?" queried the gray -eyed girl. - "Oh, nothing's exactly wrong, replied the dear little thing. "I was only thinking of the absurd . break I made yesterday at the jeweler's, and all because I happened to have Tom on my mind. I dropped In to buy some silver plate for mother. Buying plate, I suppose, set me to thinking in a fugitive sort of way about the time when Tom and I shall be doing our own stunt in the house-furnishing line. Something of the kind must have been in mind when I made out my check. I handed it to the clerk, that dear, venerable looking old know. He glanced at It; looked a trifle puzzled; then smiled and returned it with the remark that he feared there was some mistake. - "Mistake?" asked I. "Isn't the amount correct?" ' "'Quite so,' he replied. 'But Just have a look at the signature.' , "I did 'have a look' at it, and what on earth do you suppose I had writ ten?" 1 "I'm sure I'd never guess," said she of the gray eyes. "What had you done?" "Well, my dear, I had written 'Your own sweetheart, Eloise.'" (f you biven't a-refftilar, fteahhy movement of tba bowels every dor, you'iv IH v will be. Keep yon bowsla open, and ho well. Fjrceln ihe nh'npeof Tlo lent plnie or itll poison, li danjreroin. Tlio cmootb t, easiest, most perfect tmyv fceeuing- ibe bowell dlear and cle&A in to take CANDY - EAT 'EM LIKE CANDY Pleasant, Fab-.ti.bte Potent. Tiffta Good, PoOood tit Ter Sicken, W eaken, or Gripe, lb, fc. and W cents prr hot. Write for free sample, and booklet oa health. Addrs9 , 4?3 8TKB M HQ RK3HC1r JTOITAJTT. CHiriOO r WW TORS. KEEP YOUR .BUND CLEAN CURE EC!iOP,flh'IA And GLEET other treat- Sold t all Druggljte. Btcot require Got Back at the Preacher. President Dabney of the University of Tennessee, when in New York told about the reply of a sinner to a clergyman of his acquaintance, who was a Calvinist with the most severe notions of future punishment. While this Calvinist was walking along the street of his native town he met a man whose tongue had been loosened by too liberal potentations. The fellow seemed to be greatly displeased with somebody, for in his stammering talk the minister heard over and over again the phrase, "Damn you." Going up to the man, he took him by the shoulder and said : "My man, don't you know it's very wrong to use such profanity?" ' "Don't talk to me, sir," responded the drunkard; "I'm damning only one man, and every Sunday you damn two-third3 of the human race." New York Tlmea. - . . First Recognition. . : r Ernie -"Oh. my father has Ju3t di-covered that you are a poet" - 6uitor (sadly) "Well, that Is more than ar.y of the editors fcave dose." " DR. F. E. FIELD, D. D. & Dental Parlors. PociraSOS-KXHolllaterBloeti " ralephoreiSS. Bloa If alia, . a T i.D. LONAHOE, D. U. & Dentist Crrr ByOe'a Jewelry Stnra. rrolntroenta by Phooe NoMll UK. F. E. SKELEV. DENTIST Toem S(0 Van Ep Mock, over (ha fcloui lHa Nallucal Baok. UNDERTAKERS. GEO. W. BUIINSIDE, Undertaker. raakata and Robaa. Telpphonaltt Jcaeph V. TrapaDler, Licensed Embolmev, MEATS. F. A. HAYES linth Street Market CnrMotto: Full welfrht and prompt Irtllrery. . PboneW. i-ai LOUIS BAUCII WholKaleand ggt DRUGS AND MEDICINE. SIOUX FALLS HEATING AND PLUMBING CO. ftaaai ana Bot Water ntln. La m flgnrc an your work. Ploui Sails, 1. Ol U. H. Natwiclr, Prea C Q. Leyac, Cask. Central Banking and Trust Co, Sioux Falls, 8. D. General Banking Busloeaa Traniaotal, HOWELL'S PHARMACY tbllllpa i enue Noria Pbone 2 Id , : F. A. KREISEB RED CROSS PHARMACY Main Ave. A 8th St. Pbone 243-1 "realTestateT inois Central : EXCURSION RATES Exeurslon tickets wlll be sold by the Illinois Central, to the points, and at rates, as follows: OPEN RATE OF ONE FARE PUIS ' - ' $2.00. Home-aeekera' excursions, northwest, i west, south,, southeast and southwest, -July 7 and 21, August 4 and 18, September' 1 and 15. Atlanta, Ca. Annual convention, Barftist Young People's Union of Amer- , Baltimore, Md Grand lodge. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, July 21-23. - ONE FARE.' Sioux City, la. State Firemen ' j Tournament, July 28-31. . CESS THAN ONE FARE. One Way, Second-class, Colonists'- Ratea to points in the southeast, south, west and southwest, at a rate of one-half of the flrst-clasg one way rate, plus J2.00; tickets on sale July 7 and 21, August 4 and 18, septemDer i ana 15. n.u.r r.nio. International conven tion. United Society of Christian En deavor, July 9-13. ssn Pranriseo. Cal. National en campment. G. A. R. August 17-22. For particular as to dates or sale, rates, etc., apply to any Illinois Central ticket agent, or address the under signed. J- m&kk. Asst. Gen'l Pass. Agent, Dubuque, la. F. C. WHITEIIOUSE & CO. FARM LANDS City Property Investments, Minnebaba Bnlldlnr. 'IMPLEMENTS. JONAH JONES HE SELLS BUGGIES "hlORSEHo1Trir WJLFISK. HORSE SHOEING 211 8. Main Ave. WALL PAPER. PAY'S ART STORE Wall Paper, Pictures Band Painted China JOlS. pbillipaAve. JPHCLSTEREHS. JAMES LIMEWOOD Carriage Trimming and Upholstering Tunta and Awning. . Ill Kant Ten !h St rest. DYEING AND CLEANING, BROWN'S PANTO RIUM, ladies' and Gent's' Clothing Cleaned. Dyed and KepAired Oppoaite foatofiice. Telephone 37 RfcSTAU RANTS. W. C PRICE Restaurant and Lodging East 8th Str- NEW FAST TRAIN Via. ERIE RAILROAD From CHICAGO To Lima, Akron, Youngstown, Meadviiie, Cambridge Springs, Corry, Jamestown (Chautauqua Lake) and BUFFALO Leaves Chicago Daily 5:15 p. m. Finest wide-vestibuled Pullman sleeping cars and day ceachas. Cafe car serving dinner and breakfast. International Epworth League Convention, Detroit, Mich., July 16-1C, :1903. For the above occasion the Omaha road will sell tickets to Detroit, Mich., for one fare plus ?2.C0 for the round trip, according to the route of ticket. Tickets on sale July 14-15 and good to return July 20, but by depositing with joint agent tickets may be extend ed till August 15. i . E. S. isorton. Agent. for accepta&is Uo&s. StSte if patented. VHF.FATEKTflECCfiC, ic;Brt. Mi.

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