The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 14, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1944
Page 11
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For Sato—Ml«c«llaneou» For Sal*-—Mlsc*llan*>oua ALL SIZES FROM 40 TO 48 INCH ALSO HAVE TRAPS, FAUCETS AXD GALVANIZED PIPE COME IX TO W.ARDS PLUMBING DEPARTMENT FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING NEEDS X\VENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER PHONE 7-7871 67 TWO men's all-wool aport coats, size 38, one green and one brown, slightly used; one lady's lightweight coat, size 18. _. Phone (i-6aiM. -11 Flower. 65 SEWING MACHINES SINGER and White. Repair all makes of sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and Irons. Hemstitching while you wait. Kille- drews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 AYest Kighth. Phone 9-JM37. 73 SCRAPER? We carry tl.t. BcGe line of leveling scrapers. Thes* are hydraulic-control type and can b.- easily adjusted to build borders. Sizes from 0 to 12 feet. 6 and S-fnot mndeli available for Immediate di'llvery. We also have a large selection oC hyilrauik pumpa, >-alve» and adaptors for your tractor. COl'SINS TnACTOR COMPANY 424 Twenty-fourth St. phone 6-6ill 67 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Com- _nany. Phone 8-8581 »-18-tf SXIAI,L cash register. J75: a cood grocery aialc. JC5. Ijotli in good condition. Phone S-9^1,-|. ask for .Mrs. Black. 66 FOR SALli—Electric meat slicing machine. practically new. Phone 2-6044^. 6_5 FOR SAL15—Three-piece tailor made man's trown suit-. 37-32 trousers. 4U coat, excellent condition. S20; 22 feet new Sunray cloth. II; steel frame baby swing ur Jumper. $2; baby crib. -12*'?. nice) springs with mattress. »»: laoy s forest fcreen :-piece suit.- size IS, per- focl condition. tiV Phone :-757'J. 66 tlSH WORA1H have moved from 1114 Flower street, to Dad'n Fish Worm Farm where Dud grows them, about 4 miles south on 99 Highway to Collins Market, turn loft on Garden Drive, second house on left. Hoping to see all old and new customers here for this week * end and nl' day Frirti-y until noon Sat- 11 i-dny: and a 1 [day .Sunday. 66 FOR SALE—One skunk fur coat, size 12. practically new. price $100. Phone 3-1411 or call at 2203 N street. 6_» OMPI-ETE 10-Inch Laync & Bowler water well pump. 7 ^-horsepower motor and switchboard. 50-foot setting. 7-inch column, used one t-ason. See It pump: price KiOO Also one 10-horsepower solid shaft motor. 1850 r. p. rn.: guaranteed O. K.. $75. "'is mile" souih from Panama Cotton Gin on Ash Road. Vi mile wcRt F.berle ;ind Lindsay Roads. Phone ; 5- F_-15. !•> FOR PALE—One large black hear rug. one Marx eleclr'c train. 412SMi Chester avenue. „ 65 FOR SALK—D-13.000 Caterpillar pump- ins engine, with .lohnson gear henfl. • drive shaft. 200 feet 2-Inch coll. also John Deere tractor. Model D. Frank's Tractor Shop. 1224 High, Delano. 65 FOR SALE—Good prewar baby bathineue. 17.50: 2-room car tent, good for cotton pickers. $25; hoy's bicycle, needs repairing. $10. Call or write Route Z. Bo* 7'J. Houne next to the old Falrview School. TWO chandeliers, two china closet doors, one coll bed springs, pile scrap lumber for wood: also large Iree. Dial 2-4834. DON'T wait any longer, plant now for fall and winter vegetables Onions, cabbage, cauliflower, Swiss chard, all 50c per 100. Head let ttu'e, 4»c per 100. Celery, broccol cheap per dozen. Pansles. snapdra sons, stock, calendula and other bedding plants. Lovely second-year old columbine, delphinium, fox gloves at reasonable prices. Fresh cut flowers at all times. Open Sundays. Call 1311 O street, corner Fourteenth and O streets. Fruit* and V«g«UblM CANNING TOMATOES No. 1 TOMATOES. OREEN TOMATOES (JRANBEBRIES POTATOES. RUSSET, 100 LBS. $3.65 DELICIOUS APPLES FROM WASHINGTON ALT. KINDS OF FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES. REASONABLE PRICES. OPEN 7 I>AY8 A WEEK TILL 8 P. M. PHONE 2-3730 OAK AND BRU.V- DAOE. 5J> Vine Ripened Lug, 75c 1019 Baker St. East Bakemfield 10-6-tf CHOICE APPLES We have received another load of Watsonville apples. These apples are all of choice quality. You wili find the Bellfleur and Pippins are large, fine canning apples and can be purchased for the following low prices: ' Bellfleurs, $2.69 per box, Pippin*, $3.49 per box, Also Delicious. $3.89 per box. We also have Tehachapl commercial Ruspett potatoes at $3.4!) per sack, Home No. 1 Tehach- apt long white potatoes at $3.79 per sack. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-0961. 67 CANNINO PEARS, $1.C3 n lug Watsonville Delicious apples. $2.50 and $3 • box. Newton Plppen apples, $^.95 • box. V. K. No. 1 Stockton spudi. $3.75 a hundred. Good Stockton potatoes. J2.45 a, suck. Bring own containers for fruit. Open Sundays. Earl Coat's Market. 144 North Chester. «5 FARMERS ATTENTION NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR ONION SETS. WARDS FARM STORE HAS A LIMITED QUANTITY, SO BE SURE TO GET YOURS EARLY. THIRTY CENTS PER POUND. WARDS FARM STORE 2526 CHESTER AVE. PHONE 7-7871 65 Utilities Hit Best Level Since 1939 DOW-JONES AVERAGES Preliminary closing Dow-Jones average!": Industrial 148.59. off 0.11; rail 41.o". unchanged: utility 25.91, up 0.15; and 65 stocks 4i;.45, up 0.01. Sales amounted to 549,380 share*, compared with 446,915 last Saturday. Curb turnover totaled 150.125 shares, compared with 161,335 a week ago. .NEW YORK, Oct. 14. <UP.>— Utilities rose to around their best levels since 1939 today to feature a narrow moving, quiet stock market lis'. Only small gains were necessary to push the utility average into new high ground since this group has been firming steadily In recent sessions. Consolidated Edison, heavily traded, made a new high on a fractional gain. Small advances were noted In Pacific Gas, Peoples Gas, Southern California Edison, Electric Power, Engineers Public Service and Columbia Gas. North American and Common- Edison equaled their highs. United Corporation, most active issue traded made a new high on a gain of more than a point. Mercantile issue? continued firm with Girr.bel preferred at a new high on a gain of more than two pplnts and Lerner Stores at a high on a rise of nearly a point. Pennsylvania Central Airlines' ,ade a high In its department. Firestone was at its best of the vear in the tire section. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE XKW TORK Alaska JimPHii . Allltd Chemi'-sl nml D>e Allis Chalmers American f'nn Anu'rk'iin t 'a i' nrtil Ktiumlry American Locomoti Amerii ;in Kail. ;inrl Sid. AnnTirnn Kollinir Mill Am.'fn an Smeller a American Tel. nnil Amrriran Tnhai ro Anacomla ... Armour \- I'nmpaiiv Al''h'son. T'lpeka a Allanlic M'-fininc Av'atmn on pora ' inn ' llahlvvin Locomotive I Mendlx Aviation llethlehem Steol Roeinir Airplane . Burden . . . . SWEET POTATOES for ial«. Nursery. 601 Eighteenth. Krauter'm 10-6-lf FOR HALF.—Combination hot water heater and tank, $15: 200-gallon automatic watering trough, sanitary couch, baby bed. rocking chairs, electric percolator. oi her things. Apply 1920 CJ street. AI..L-METAI baby nugicy and hathlnette. In Bond condition. Phone 3-1904. SMITH * WESSON .3» hammerless revolver. Rood condition, $25. Phone 2-1712. 271S North Baker. FARMERS ATTENTION NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR DUSTING SULPHUR AT A SAVINGS. SWIFT'S GOLD BEAR BRAND 1 DUSTING SULPHUR FOR MILDEW CONTROL IN 100 POUND BAGS AND SWIFT'S GOLD BEAR BRAND BLACK GAS DUSTING SULPHUR IN 100 POUND BAGS ARE NOW 60 PER CENT OFF AT WARDS FARM STORE 2326 CHESTER AYE. ^ fi5 ONE 16-horHcpowor Klto outboard motor. \vith extraa. Phono 3-1821. 6* TjTuKTC MIO.N'S Sl'lTS. reasonable prlre. Boy's bicycle. 135. 5110 Twenty-fourth Blivet. ... ,°° FOR S\L13—CliilU's crib nnd nursery seat Jli Dark living room extension table. 439 Douglas. Highland Park. f.r. HOTPOINT grill and roaster, electric steamer. Hanksrnift egg cooker, one- burner electric plate-gas plate. 12-gallon crock. Phone 2-3173. FOR SALE—One 3-horsepower single phase * motor, or will trade for smaller motor: one 4'3-tnch Jointer. 1901 East Call- fornia. avenue. ^ H LEATHER briefcase, drawing set complete, electric toaster, jet basket, crosscut saw. axe. Cooper Seafoam fire extinguisher, recording barometer. Phone 2-6953. 1DK.AL FISHING or duck hunting boat, 1 r» feet long. 5-foot beam, built-in game and tackle locker; bow deck. New oars and paddle*. 10-horsepower Johnson outboard motor. Excellent sleel trailer wifh good iin>s, All in tip-top shape. 1275. 128 Bedford Way. Phone 2-2129. Poultry^ and Llvaatoek ATTBNTTON. POULTRIMENI Our Market la OPtn W» Pay Tcpa for Frsera and Roaaura One Bloc* West of Bait BaUertfletd Pnit Office 1108 Kern Street Dial 1-245J BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET BUT. SELL or trade, ell kind* of live- etoclc. Phone 2-3022, Roy Johnion. 1 mile north Pumpkin Renter. 200 yarde eaat on Hoaklna Road. '<! WANTED TO BUT—Horaea. bflte. rattle, any amount. L Anderson, Route 2. Box B0«. Phone 2-7008 (I tPOR SAL-B—Two «pan of «ood work mares. on« brood mare wltb eolL Mr. Groat. Phone 2-10M. T-l»-tt ATTENTION Blood-teited baby chloke. broodere, poultry supplies and feed. We buy your en*. Chicks Jia hundred. 221* Union, or 114 Eighth. Phone 7-7028 or 2-»4l>. 2-1-tf BIRD CAOE—0 feet tall. collapsible '?-inch pipe frame, galvanized roof and bottom and removable cleaning tray, hardware cloth «lde.«. t20. 128 Bedford Way. Phone 2-2129. 65 5ABY CHICKS, 111 per hundred. Neil Hampiblr* Rede, Rhode leland Rede. Plymouth Rocke. Rock and Red Croia. New sblpmAt every Monday: order early. Also plant* of metal teedera. fountain* and ooullrv medicines. Ward'e Farm Store 262S Cheater. 4.17-tf Poultry and Livaatock^ REAL nice ReO hens. 30c IB. Phone 2-5461. till Lincoln mreii. Olldiilo. FOR SALE—Berkshire sow. purebred: will farrow in about one week. »55. Phone 2-3064. POEHLMANN BETTER QUAL1TT CHICKS White Leghorns, day-old pullets or cockerels. New Hampshires. and poults from our own broad-breasted stock. Write for literature, prices and reserve your favorite delivery date. Hatching the year 'round. POEHLMANN HATCHERY Petaluma, Calif. I'alifornm T'ak . <'alum»l & Herla. f'anada Ury r'anndinn Tarifir Case (.1. I i ratei-pilla- Tracto Crlnnefe i"orpnrallon C'he*ap«<ilie & Ohio Chrysler ... Columbia Has nnd Klectric Cnnimcrr-ia 1 Creclii riimmeroinl me romtnerrinl Solvent* Commonwealth Kilino rommnnwrnlth * Southern CoiiPOlitlatftl Kdiunn Consolidated Vuliee Container Cnrporaliun rontlnentnl Oil Del Crown Xcllnrtiach Curt iss-Writtllt nnuEin* Airrrnfi DM Pont fie NVnimn Eastern Airlines Electric Auto Light Electric Boat . l'"lor-t ri<* Power & Light General K'ertric OeneralFoodM Cenei-al Motors Cootirich .... r.ooilyear Tire & llubber nreat Northern Railroa Oreyhotind corpcrat ion Homestake Mining Internatiottnl Vlftrvepter Internal ional Nickel Can International Paper Inlcrnational Tel. t Tel t < . <JP>— ])\e otimlry ..' Id San 1 1 n (' f "1 Santa Fe electric nl Trupl . . n . in ht bber rood pfd ion ter Can Tfl.".!. !"!""""" rl"«e «»• 1M 57 lii 1 a "t 41 '» •:,!> . 27 'i B l» «'4»4 . 1« 34 " 7 *« B iV . 30 i. . 37 •f',1'4 34 "4 47 • 'i? ; 4s«i! "S«ii 1 5 / 1 fi . 25't .. 17 . 27U . :»'.! , 1!) . 7»'i .1>>« . . B :: 'in r, -i v " «4% .. fit 1 * .. 48 S 't 21 \ .. 43 »* .. Rn >i " !T\ John^-Mnriv H- Mart in Kt. It ' Mn i't m "an \ MrKr^nn A Kohl, ns ... . N*nsh Kflv mint NniioTiRl Mr 3 - uir National DJI;I> l'io<lui-t* X.i t ion;i ! [list i|]tM «• \«linti:il l..-;ni . N'fi t ion;i I Pi.n or n ml T,ip;hi .... N*»\v York ' V nu a 1 Nurth Atnrri' an .Aviation \nn h AIIIM i' :in </n NnrthAcn I'rtrtfK- Ohio Mil Pnrkiml .Motm- Phelos OnclM PhlllP MM| 1 IH Phillip^ P»-t ro lot ini Pnlilf Scrviri' of V. J. Pull 'tin n Rflrlfri "nrpnrntion nf Am<*rlm KAflUi-KtMih-OrplitMim . Hayonipi 1 . 1 ru- Republic Siopl Southern Parifj" Hpcrrv r*nrpor n t ion Siamltir 1 Urn nd» StniKlarrt Oaf* A Klocirt^ J4 pfrt Si.imlnnl '"i oi 1 cahfornin Standaul Oli of Imimnn Stiindnrd Mil of X .! Tide Wntci Assoriated Oil Tra nsatnprica . . . t'nitm Pnriflr I'nllfd Air Linen 1'nitcd Anrrufl I'niteil Cnrporntinu Cnited i'»as Imi' 1'nlted Stales Riihher Cnitcd Slnlo* Stool Warner Brother." Pictures WeslinKhousn Rlectri, t Mfs... Wtiolwort li . . YoiinRStown Sheei * 'I'niir . .100 .'.'. il ... 1 1 '..'. Hi ... IB ... '.'4 ".".' li» ... Hi . 3.1 '•R 1(19 . .. S"' . .. 44 . . 17 .... 47 '.'.'.'. 17 . . H 3: :'. ! . .101 r. -• •". .".'. 3: '"" : ' : t .(," .... 14 r .'.... 31 !!'.!! i 4 ".'.'.'. 4 3 fcfje 9afetr0fidb Calttorntan Soturdoy, October 14,1944 .. 14"* :.... .-.*'. FILM STARS DENY SHIRKING CHARGE REPLIES GIVEN TO C. B. I. PAPER'S ACCUSATIONS t WASHED IT—Maklnp goort the words of the ditty they sang in 19-10, the Allies are now "H.inginpr Out Thrlr Wash on the Siegfried Lino." us demonstrated by this R. A. F. man who stretches his shirt across the barbed wire barrier on the "dragon's teeth" Installations. NEW HAMPSHIRE chick* every Tuesday. IK> per 10(1: Leghorns. 115. Modesto Hatchery. Route ft. Modesto. ^_^^ FRYEKS. 40c or pound; roasting: hens. !5c. South "Eye" Phone 2-1561. street, Southgale. Dog* and Other Pat* DOBERMANN PINSCHER pup* tor sale. Z009 Oregon street. Phone 7-H83. 66 FEMALE Dobermann Plnscher 7 months old. Phone 4-4966. 6J TWO young male cats. Would like good homes. Call 2-8144. 243 Highland Drive. 66 WANTED—.Male Collie pup before Christ- mar Call 5-6326 afte. 6 p. in.. OFFERING a number of outatandlnc ywr> lln* and l-ye*r-fild retlslered Hereford bull*. A H, Karp*. FOOD* t-ttTl. 7-1 8-tl BAB? CHICKS atarted on order. We hare colored broiler*, roasting hen*. Riverview Hatthtry, IIS Roberta Lane. Phone 2.8S»5. BIRD AVIARY, large, of 25 canaries. $10. Will tnke car* Phone 2-7462. Radios, Musical Inatrumanta FOR SALE—40 does. 5 bucks. 100 young rabbit Good hutches: 100 crocks. 6 dozen wire stretchers, bench saw. hardware cloth, "j-inch nnd ^i-inch: lots of good lumber suitable for outbuildings: 2-whecl trailer. A. I.,. Keck. Route ". Hox 232. on Edison Drive, Vs mile south of P. G. & E. substation. 65 •\EOETAi3LE and flower plants, ranucu- lus. bulbs, onion sets, sTirub. camellia, gardenias, stepping atones: renovating done. Fowler's Nursery. 1124 or 1316 Third slrcrl. Phone 2-45117 or 3-0888. 66 ONE 7xl2xh hlBh steel truck body, "00. Phone Arvin 73. 68 * ONE heavy team and leather harness for i. r»i, ,,,-,„ * ft> in *. 1 B8 Phone Arvin PAFFODIL, TULIPS, RANUCULUS Garden seeds and onion sets; very choice. Strawberry plants, fertil- izris. 930 Eighteenth street. Phone 2-3451. M. P. FLICKINQER 65 EIGHT TONS alfalfa hay. cheap. phon * We Hav« Facilities and Available Part* to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest caab prices paid for new and used pianos. Phone 8-8981. t-U-tt CAR AERIAJ/S for any make of car, $4.11 and up. Poston Radio corner or K street and t'i Highway. >.l-tf HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radlna. Bnkersfleld Radio fupply. HOI Chester avenue. Phono 1-6160. i-n-tt FOR SALE—A-l fresh cow, to tood home or dairy. No dealers. On Panama Lane, aecond house wea. of Kern laland Road. C. Etcheeopar, SB FOUR Red Hampshire sows and pica for sale. Phone Arvin 73. 68 Y.OUNQ white New Ze&lantl bock, also 2-compartment rabbit hutches. 1520 Monterey street. 65 WANTED— Oni 6-6733. motherless colt. Phone ee FOR SALE—Four New Hampshire Red roosters, » months old. Phone 2-7036. 65 FOR SALE—One 3-year-old saddle pony. Green broke, gentle for children. Prire *40. Phone 2-3021'. 65 FOR SALK—One small 3-year-old mare, one ffoocl broke, brown horse. 2-2789. Phone fio FRESH Guernsey heifer, with heifer calf, 165. Guernsey springer s.n<* Uolstein ' nunnger; ll-ycar-old registered .lersey, frceh tn Dwember; red registered bull. If you want an excellent vow, oome and sop this one. 5UO Kast Brunei.-)Ke. FOR SALE—One team of mouse-colored mules with complete harness. Phone 3-2286 or Inquire at 1906 Nlles street. 66 Expert repair service on all makes. Adequate stocks of parts and moat types of tubes. Pre-war OPA approved prices. URNER'S 2006 Chester Avenue Oldest Radio Dealer in City 10-9-tf. WILi, PA? highest cash prlc* for your piano. Call 8-8671. RADIO BEPAWS Quick sertvca. General Service Company. 313 Baker. Phone |.»278 4-24-tf TOP PRICES paid fur late modal radio*, Poaton Radio Service., comer of K and 99 Highway. Phone j.*4»». l-l-tt 3-2287. 65 LIVESTOCK auction sale every Tuesday. Sale begins at 11 a. m. \Ve have fine fresh and springer dairy cows. Heifers, veal and baby calves, horses, saddles and harness, sows, fat hogs, feeder pigs, .sheep and goats. Better buy now, prices are going up. Clark's Auction Yard, 3 miles south of town on Highway 99, 66 FOR SALE—Electric brooder In first class condition, like new. Phone 2-1921. 2229 Pacific Drive. 69 LADIES' black pinstripe wool suit. 18-20. $,'19.50. for 125; wool navy blue coul. $10. Phone 2-4340. VACUUM cleaner and all attachments. Phone 3-1807 after 4 p. tn. GULBUANSEN bungalow type player piano, recently tuned, with 67 rolls; also metal bird cage and H'-and. Phone 3-4908. WANTED—Workable pair of eyelash curlers. Must be In good condition. Will imy good price. Phono 2-2195. 66 rilKWAR Traveler? baby IIUKBV and waterproof InnprsprlnK niattress, $25. 2308 Viel le Terrace. ''' STAN'S dark brown suit, size 42. made bv local tailor: ordinal prlre $75. worn three times, for $415; one fur lacket. Ifi-lR. $20; fur collarette. $10, Phone_fi^«71_. FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE . We now have facilities tor mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerial* installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 09 Highway 8-2 7-« PIANO for sale. Klmball practice piano, walnut case. In cood condition, has been thoroughly reconditioned and Is fully guaranteed. Full price $125. terms $8.84 per month. Free delivery. Baldwin Piano Distributers, 1613 Seventeenth street. ' _. *5 FOR SALK—Two Jersey cows, fresh now. four tons good alfalfa hay. or 31 fi A street. Call 2-6251 WANTED TO BUY—50 or 60 large Hoi- stein or large Guernsey, first mil sprinsei-R. Phone 2-4027. Lloyd G. Rusk, Route 4. Box 6T8. Bakersfleld. Calif. 71 FOR SALE—Rabbit fryers, rhlcken fryers, colored hens. One block west of Pierce Road on Getty street. ^^^^^ FOR SALE—Registered Wlrehalred Terrier puppies; long of champions. Taft Highway, between Panama and Pumpkin Center. See sign. 65 THREE-OCTAVE Deagan marimba, metal pipes with music atand. 1410 Fourteenth stmet. No calls Saturday. 68 Quick service, and sensible price*. Big stock of prewar part*. We have a few used radi-iB for sale. Buck Radio Serv- Ire. 71 "i Washington Phone 2-5193. Olldale. 67 FOR SALE—One boys' bicycle. 125; one man's bicycle. $32.60: ona set of drawing instruments. $15; one 4-ntrinB ban]o, 125. Phone 8-8202. 309 Monterey street. LARGE jeep and rnnnon. excellent Christmas Rift, like new. Two dor.en .llaners for sale, never been used. 323 Roberts Lane._aiiartment A. niverylevv. LARCH; de luxe General Electric roaater. waffle iron,-sandwich grill. See at 227 Oleander' avenue. 66 75 FEET of hoarded fencing. 6 feet hleh and 35 feet of lattice fencing, nicely VKlnted. with all' posts. See at 100 rnlon avpnuc. WANTED TO BUY—Good used piano, either upright or grand. Must be in good conditon. Write Box 744-W, The Californian. 65 FOR SALK—Player piano rolls. 2-1118. Phone 66 FOR SALE—Almost new nlckleplated trumpfit, 2-2992. tfiO. 122S H street. Phone 65 SAWYER Orand eultnr for sale, reasonable. 82.1 Roberts Lane, apartment A. Ttlverview. _ ^^ _ LO9T — Lady's watch. Name "Nina Shlll- " Executive Department' State of California PROCLAMATION I. Earl Warren. Governor of the State of California do hereby proclaim that a General Election will ba held throughout this State on Tuesday, the seventh day of November, 1944, at which the following office* are to be filled: Twenty-five electors of President and Vice-President of the United States. One United States Senator: Representatives to the Congress of the United States from each of the twenty-three congressional districts of the State ; State Senators from each of the following twenty senatorial districts of the State: First, Third, Fifth. Seventh, Ninth. Eleventh. Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third, Twenty-fifth, Twenty- seventh. Twenty-ninth, Thirty-first, Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty-ninth ; Members of the Assembly from each of the eighty assembly districts of the State; One Associate Justice of the Supreme I 6 FOR SALE—Canaries. Singers. $4 to 16. females, tl to $3. Directly across from 4001 Eiiet Niles street. Saturday and Sunday. 66 FOR SALE—A beautiful Saint Bernard dog. 11 ir.omhs old. with papers. Nice pet for children. $56. Phone 5-6567. 66 FOR SALE—Pedigreed Cocker Spaniel puppies, brown and white. 2600 Twenty- first; street. Phone 2-8824. 66 For Exchange)—Mi»c«>ll«n«ou» Cotton Future* NEW YORK. Oi t. 14. </T>)—T.ight hpi]ge-«plling and liquidation lent a barely steady .one to the cotton futures mnrkpt .toilny. OffiTingi! were nbsorhPi) through short covering: and mill prlrp fixing de- mam! as trader." awaited the start of trade conferenfrn with the Commodity Credit Corporation at Washington next Monday regarding the government cotton program. Future* cloned unchanged to 1.1 rents a h;»le lower. Ortoher 'JL'.OS. December 21.83tM.84. March 1.80. May 1.79, .Inly 2I.54W 21.55. Middling spot :i'.38 nominii I. Lo* Angt>l«s Produce LOS ANGELES. Oct. 13. <VP)—Trading In fruits and vegetables wa« moderate today. Corn and cauliflower slightly stronger: beans slightly weaker tendency on Kenttickys and steady on Limas; cantaloupes snd tomatoea firm: Italian squash weak. Corn: Local Golden Cross lugs. 3-3 ' do*. $1. 2r> @ 1.50 : Kern c-nunty B-do7. $".25; 7-doz. $3; Oregon 5-doz. J2Sj)2.50. sarks. Nine Issues Up on San Francisco Mart SAX FRANCISCO. «>i-t. 14. (#>— Another quiet Saturday on the stork exchaiiRe saw S2JS shares change hands fur a tulal of $134,437 today. Xinr- Issues sained. S lost and 7 held steady. The average was unchanged at :!,">. iifi. Creameries of America nt 10 5 ii and Western Deparnnent Stores common at 2fi% touched new highs, but all gains and losses were fractional. Universal Consolidated Oil was up 'i, but. Standard of California and Westntes Petroleum preferred lost ',» each. California Packing common ALLIES CAPTURE CORFU JSLAND ALBANIAN PARTISANS OCCUPY DELVINO WOULD like to exchange 3-phase, 1-horso- powcr motor for single phase 1-horsepower Miotor 230 Baker. 67 L«««l Nottct)* NOTICE OF HALE OT REAL PKOPEBT1 AT PRIVATE SALE NO. zooait In tha Buptrlor Court of the State of California, la and for tbt County of Loa Anccles. In tha Matter of tha Eatata of ALFRED EDWARD VENTON. (alao known as A. B. VENTON). Oteeaatd. Nntlca la hereby given, that the undersigned. Dorothy Aines Venton. Admin- istratrix with tha Will annexed of the estate of aald Alfred Edward Venton. deceases, will aell at private sale, to the hlchaat und beat bidder, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter specified and subject to confirmation by aald Superior Court, on and after October II. 1(44. at tha office of aald Administratrix wltb the Will annexe*, Rooms 201-2-3-4 Neville Building, in the City of Monrovia, California, all tbt right, title. Interest and estate of aald decedent In and to all that certain real property described as follow*: The Eaat pro fia If ot tbe East Half ot the Northwest Quarter; the Eaat Half of the West Half of the, Northwest Quarter; the Southwest Quarter ot the Nortbeast*Quar- •r of tbe Northwest Quarter: and tbe Southwest Quarter of tbe Southeast Quar* ter ot tbe Northwest Quarter, and tbe West 90 feet of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, all In Section II. Township 26 South. Range 21 East. Mount Diablo Baa* and. Meridian, in the County ot Kern, etate nt California, and containing Dl acres, more or less. Terma and conditions of sale are cash- lawful money of the United States, on .confirmation of aale and delivery of deed by aald Adminlitratrix with the Will annexed. Said real property will be sold subject to County Tales for the fiscal year 1*44>45 and subject also to all conditions, reservations, covenants, restrictions, easement*, and rights of way or record. K any. affecting aald real property and subject further to a reservation ot one-half of all nil. gas, petroleum and other bydrocarbnnate sub- Btancea found or under.vlylng aald land or that may be produced and aaved therefrom Bids or offers for the purchase ot aald real property must be In writing and will be received by aald .'.dmlnlstratrli with the Will annexed at the office aforeasld at any time after the first publication of this notice and before tbe date of sale. Dated this :»th day nt September. 1144. 1JOROTH* AONES VENTON. Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Estate ot Alfred Edward Venton. alao known as A. E. Venton). deceased. Dunn A Sturgeon, 201-2-8-4 Neville Bldg.. Monrovia. California. Attorneys for said Administratrix. C. T. A. September 29. October 16 Incl. Cauliflower: Local Snowfall, lelture was up crates. untrlmmed $1.50© 1.75; Santa Maria 114)1.25. Beanw: Kentucky*, wide range quality, local. San Dleiro county and northern 10 ©He Ib.: Lima*, local and San Diego county, bush 10$'llc Ib. CantalouBes-. Local. Saugus and I-lttle Rock Hale*. 36s and larirer $2.50lBi3.25: Little Rock lidded crates, jumhos. 96s and larger $3.75: San Joaquin valley jumbos. 45s and larger $8.90; Honcydews. San .loa- nuln valley jumbow, fis-8s and standard 9S-12.S S2WS.2,'.: Casaban. San Joaquln valley jumbos. 6s-8s $2@2.26. Tomatoes: Local. San Diego rounty nnd Ventura county, luga 4x6s to 6x6s 12® 2.25: SaiUa Marls. 6x5a and 5x6s 12.25; San Luis Ohiepo. UXUB and 5x6s $2.25i3> 2.50; Santa Barbara, {-layer, 4x5s to oxOs $1.75®2. Squash: * White fummer. local. Rnn DI- effo county Hnd northern, lues $1.25(S'1.75. yellow crookneck. IUKP M.26@1.75: banana local nnd San Dioco counly S'^i^Hc Ib.; I Table Queen, local and San Jounuin valley | lugs $1@1.25. I Lo* Angela* Livestock LOS ANGELES. Oct. 14. IJP>— Cntlle salable for week 10.BOO; compared Friday last week: Medium to choice steers steady to 23c lower; cows active, 2fi(S ) 7iic hig-hcr: other classes, including cnnners. ! eady: good to choice, fed steers $14.76® i.fiO; medium to gooA fed steers $13.2n(3' I.fill; common to good crans steers $9.76® 3.8.1: modium to good grass and short ed $12 50® 13.S5; common to edium $9O12.26: medium to good cows 10.7.">© in. 25: cutler and common $8.601$ 10.60: canners and cutters $408.25; ockers ami feeders steady: medium to ood $9.60^11.60. Calves salable for cek 2230: strong lo 50c higher; medium o choice rang" calves nnd vealers $t2.60Sf 4.60; common to medium $10@12.25. Hogs salable for week 3000: sows 2.V Igher; nil others steady: medium to loice 180-240 Ins $16.75: heavier weights $16-. medium to choice sows 14014.71). Sheen Haiahle for week 1100; lambs .eady: ewes 25^'fiOc higher; medium tn ood wooled lambs $13.26: medium to ood No. 2 pell ewes $4.7u@6. Poultry and Egg* • T.OS ANGELES. Oct. 14. (UB—Eggs. 'holesale prices consumer grade: Large, rade A 6.',(8 56c. arnde B 34if}'37c; me- lum. grade A 47®49c. small, grade A Retail prices (o consumer: Large, srnde A 679>8c. Rrtidc A fi4@f>0c. grade B 2©4<r: medium, grade AA r.fiffifiOc, grade \ ri4(/i-(iOc: small, grade A 30W15c. Candled graded eggs to retailers (cases!: .irge, grnde AA 68'^©r,9c. grade A 66'!* 7c. grsde B :!7<9'3Sc: nipdlum. grnde AA Otd'li'jr. grade A 48@>62c; smsll. grade 2«W30r. Butter unchanged at OPA ceilings. Los Angelas Cash Qrain LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13. (JP)— Oraln notations from the Federal-Slate Market Vews Service. (Prices quoted are cwt., ield run. in cnrlotj only). Cnliforriia barley, grading 46 Ibs., bulk !.256 1 2.30: California yellow mllo. No. 2. ulk $2.12\4®2 17'i: California whent, ulk, No. I hnrd or soft white $2.70ifii .75: No. 2 oats. 35 Ibs.. bulk $2.57',iS> .62',4. Los Angelas Hay T.OM ANOKLES. Oul. 14. (yP)—Alfalfa nd grain hay prices were unchanged to- ny. Carlot nrrivalu: 12 wheat, t bar- ey. 3 cj>-.v 2 oats, 5 flour, 1 cereal, 02 hay. Qovernment Bonds NEW YORK. Oct. 14. UP) —Closing prices of bunds on Hie New York Stuck 72-H7 15 100.14. as were Pacific Gas nnd Electric common and Pacific Lighting common. Transamerica was unchanged at 9%. stock— California Packing rrenrnprir* of America l-'arnsworth Mnrchunt Calrulal ins MeniiKi-o Manufacturing Occidental Petoroleum Pacific Gas and Electric Pacific Lighting Klieem MHiiufacturiiiK Richfield Oil Hyan Aeronaut ics .Southern Pacific Standard Oil of California Transamel'ii a PniversHl Oil WeHlt'in Depart ment HlorcjJ .. YosfitiltB-Porllnnd Cement pfd. floss 27 'a HI", ..1.70 1R 14'i, ROME, Oct. 14. <#>—Allied troops have captured Ilio fertile Greek inland ot Corfu in the Ionian sea after the German garrison of only (iO men surrendered without firing a shot, it was announced today. At the same time Albanian Partisans on the mainland occupied Delvino, an Inland road center above the port of Sarande (Porto Edda) TAX NOTICE CITY OF BAKKB8FIICI.D NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT. 1. The taxes on all personal property secured by real property and one-half of the taxes on all real property and public Improvement assessments for the Court for the term prescribed by law ; | f| scn i year ]<i44-45 will be clue and pay iniilnn." or 5 . If round, please phone 8-8386 "Eye" _ street. * FOR SALE — Seven-tube Phllro console radio. 1030 Seventeenth street. C«m«r«« and Photography CAMEKA tripod. Thai hammer, non-skid 6ft LARC.E. strong, clean wicker baby buggy, noncollapslhle. S7.60. Phone S-094J. ;ilDl Kentucky street. ritEWAR MONTERIJY living room suite, folds Into bed; ': Flat trumpet, one man's and one woman's prewar bicycle, with new tires; Maytag washing machine, engine battery radio suitable for csbln; mechanical drawing «et. .26-20 Winchester rifle. 2833 Rio Linda, Drive. Sunday after 2 p. m. 8INGLK barrel »hotgun, IS-gauge. phone 1-7127. 1001 T street. 113. FOR SALF—12-gauge nhotnim: Ithirn. double barrel, leather case, two boxes shells. Phone 2-7396. FOR SALE—B«by bed and mattrew; prac tic-ally new, 6-'>e:M. used vary little. Phone COATS—Sizes 14 and 16. one black, dark red. (ray and plaid. Some dresse." and children's clothes. Reasonable. Phone a-usa. reversible feet, 112. North Baker. Phone --1712. 2718 Typ*>wrlt(»r», Offlc* «uppll«« WILL PAT CASH tot typewriter*, adding machines, ehtckwriun and eaen r*ll*- ter*. r.ynch Typewriter ComMny. 1(14 Chester avenue. ••li-tf Fruits and CANN'INb CORN. 20c per dozen. In field. Last chance for peas and beans before frost. All day Sunday. Punwsnderln Farms, Frultvala avenue. Phone 2-709!). 66 Pick them; 60<i lug. Brine your own containers, (me mile aouth Magunden Store. turn % mile west. . WE WILL begin picking Miller's lite peache*. Monday, October K. They are excellent foi canning end tabl* use. Merrill Fruit. Ranch. Rio Bravo. »» One Associate Justice. District Court of Appeal. First Appellate District, Division Two, for the term prescribed by law ; One Presiding Justice, District Court of Appeal. Second Appellate District, Division Two, for the term prescribed by law ; One Presiding: Justice, District Court of Appeal. Second Appellate District. Division Three, for the term prescribed by law ; One Associate Justice. District Court of Appeal. Third Appellate District, for the term prescribed by law : Judges of the Superior Court in each of the following respective counties of the State, the number of judges to be elected and the term thereof being as follows: Humboldt—One (Full Term) : LO.M Angeles—One—Office No. 17 (Tull Term) ; Merced—One—Office No. 1 (Full San 'Francisco—One—Office No. 6 (Full Term) : Solano—One—Office No. 1 (Full Term). . Also, such other State and county, township, district, or other offices as are provided by law to be filled at such election. ° I further proclaim that at such election there will also bo submitted to the vote of the electors such proposed constitutional amendments, questions, proposition* and initiative measure* as are required to be so lubmltted by the Constitution and laws of this State. And I do hereby offer a reward of One -Hundred Dollars ($100) for the arrest and conviction of any person who violates any> of the provision* of Division 14 of the Elections Code: the rewards to be paid until the total amount hereafter expended (or th» purpose reaches the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars. In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand ami affix the Great Real ot the State of California this twenty- ninth day of September, 1944. (Seal) EARL WARHBN, Governor of California. Attest: FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. October 14 , able on the first day of November 1944, and will be delinquent on the fifth day of December 1944 at 5 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto, eight per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and If said one-half be not paid before the twentieth day of April 1946 at 5 o'clock p. m. an additional three per cent will b'e added to the amount thereof The remaining one-half of the ta,xe. s on all real property and public Improvement assessments will ne payable on and after the twentieth day of January 1945. nnd will be delinquent on the twentieth day of April 1945, at 5 o'clock p. in. and unless'paid prior thereto three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. li. TRXOS may be paid In full at the time the first Installment Is clue and payable, as herein providde. 3. Taxes may be paid beginning Oc tober 25th, 1944 In the office of the ('Itv Treasurer and Tax Collector In Hobm 1. City Hall, BaKersfleld. Call fornia. between! the hours of 9 o'clocl a. nt. and 5 o'clock p. m. on each am every day of the week except Saturda> afternoons, Sundays and holidays. Bakerufleld, California, October 14 1944. WALTER W. SMITH, City Treasurer and Tax Collector. Oct. 14 to 27 Inc. BUE? A VISTA WATER BTORAOB IIIBTRICT Bultonwlllow. California Njtice Is hereby »lven tbat an Install ment of Interest on Assessment No. 1 o the Butna Vista Water District In the amour: of 18.7174!* ot tbi balance o the Intern: accrued thereon sod unpsl from July 1. 112*. to October 1. 1144, I payable within thirty (10) days from Octo be.- 1. 1944 by all saansed landowners o said District ID the County ot Kern. 8tal of California, to tbe Treasurer nf Kern f unty. All or any part of aald Installment o intereat T hi. h remains unpaid on the lOt day of, October. I (44 wi IPSIO I II be delinquent tot ether wltt- accrued Interest thereon, wit ten per rent (lOf.l of aueb Installment an Intereat thereon added as penalty. Treasurer of K«ra County ••A. It, Oek. 7. 14. $28,600 Suit Filed Against Dr. John White A suit for $-5,000 damages plus 13600 loss of earning was filed yen- erday by Roscoe Mundell against Dr. .lohn .1. White, dental surgeon. The complaint charges that Doctor White fractured the plaintiffs' Jaw n removing a tooth last February, and through negligence permitted the jaw to become infected. Mr. Mundell asserts in the complaint that he will be disabled for a period of 24 months, and that his jaw and face will be permanently deformed. Attorneys for the plaintiff are Borton, Petrinl, Conron and Borton. Tax on Gasoline Declines in August SACRAMENTO, Oct. 14. (UP.>— August gasoline tax assessments by the state board ot equalization of $4,200,759 confirmed a steady rate of decrease In this source of revenue, George M, Retlly, San Francisco member of the hoard, reported today. Compared with the same months in 1943, May collections this year were off 1.18 per cent, June 6.25 per cent. July 6.42 and August 9.6, Rollly said. The downward trend, Rellly added, was established early nl the year. January collecUons were 13.26 per cent greater than in January 1943, but In February the gain was cut to 35.4 per cent. In March to 6.7 pet- cent and April 3 97 pjer cent. Thereafter the total collected started lall- Ing below 1943 figures. Rolf McPherson Is Chief Beneficiary T,OS ANGELES. Oct. 14. Uf)~ Rolf MoPherson, the son who succeeds her in the presidency of Angel UM Temple, is chief beneficiary under tho will of Evangelist Sem- plo McPhersoii, whose death In Oakland, September -7, was ascribed by a coroner's jury to an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets. Mer will, dated last March 27 and admitted to probate today, bequeathed $2oUO to her daughter, Mrs. Roberta Sailer, and $10 to her mother, Mrs. Minnie Kennedy. Rolf was named executor without bond and was made the residuary legatee. which previously was captured. The fall of Corfu, Sarande and Delvino elimlntated both the Albanian coastal road and coastal waters ns avenues of Nazi escape northward from Greece. The comparatively light opposition tm-otintered in the \ area indicaled that the Nazis no longer attached iiigh value to these routes. Earlier k had been reported that the Germans had garrisoned Corfu with a regiment of troops. The island is approximately 38 miles long with a width varying from 3 to 20 i miles. It lias an area of 275 square I miles and a population of 106,000. Allied headquarters announced hat at Sarande delayed action ex- ilosives left by the Germans blew up the center of the town but there ivere no casualties. HOLLYWOOD, Oct.. 14. <.*>—Film players named by a servicemen's newspaper as having shirked their jobs in the rough and tough China- Burma-India war theater have re- arted to the charges with mild disclaimers or vehement denials. Comedian Joe E. Brown, one of those named by the C. B. I. roundup in arraignment of top-flight players performing In that sector, was pretty philosophic. "I love those kids too much to criticize them." said tho 63-year-old Brown. "I thought I'd covered all the places I could go. and one of the. officers told me there weren't 200 men in the whole theater I had missed." Not Invited Joel McRoa. named in the roundup editorial as a husky 6-footer, who rlirin't, want any part of the C. B. I. theater, said at Jackson, Miss., that he'd never been Invited to the area. "But it's not too hot. or sticky or touRh there for me." he added. Ann Sheridan, Paulette Goddard nnd Al Jolson were listed In the i Roundup as others who developed. i "an overpowering desire to go ! home" during C. B. I. tours. ; In New York, the outspoken Miss ! Sheridan said she'd like to "fight I boy fashion, no holds barred, with anybody who thinks I, or any of the gang I accompanied, dogged it in the overseas theater." She admitted she had said shft wanted to do some more overseas , entertaining but not in the C. B. I. , theater, and added "I say tbat > again." She asserted her outfit had trav-1 eled 60,01)0 miles in less than 60 . days. Miss Goddard said "I stuck with i my job until they said I was groggy j from air fatigue and ordered me to i bed. I did my very best, and if it wasn't good enough for the man who wrote the story, then I'm sorry." i Jolson declared "No star I've • known has played camp shows) ' abroad for publicity," a* the Roundup alleged. He never has been booked for the C. B. I., h« said, but would go there "whenever th«y , want me." Large Robot Attack Hits South England T,OXDON, Oct. 14. (UP)—A larger sculo flying bomb attack, described semi-oft'icially as "something like a concentrated raid," was launched from plane* over the North sea during- the flight against southern Eng land and the London area. Some casualties and damage were caused but shore defenses knocked down most of the robots and the raid was called failure. Casualties from air raids In Brit ain during September were an nounced today ft 170 killed, Includ Ing 27 children, and 3d) injured. Junior College Students Contribute to War Chest Working in co-operation with the National War Fund Committee. Buk- ersflekl Junior College is taking an active part in a drive for relief of the needy, both here and abroad. Students, through the effort* of Miss Ruth Duncan, student chairman for the campaign, were informed of the purpose of the drive MotlcM NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN THE BALE OK ALCOHOLIC BKVBK- AGKS—October 13. 1944. To Whom it May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that fifteen days after the data posted, the undersigned proposes to Mil slcohollc beverage* at thesu premises described ns follows: 629Vj Stunner BtrMt. Bakersfteld. Pursuant to such Intention, the undersigned Is applying to the State Board of Equalization for Isnuance of an alcoholic beverage license (or licenses) for these premises as follows: On Sal* Beer and Win* License. On Hale Distilled Spirit* License. Anvone deslrlns; to protest the Issuance of such llcennecs) may file a verified protest with the State Board of Equalization Bt Sacramento, California, *t«tlnv (rounds for denial as provided by law. The premises are now licensed for the sal* of alcoholic bever- s*es. MOSEPH-HOHM, RO8INA HOHM * ROBERT E. TA.NNBR, Oct. 14. , during week. Luis 1-Ianawalt, Kathryn anil Phvllls White were In M Isses Taylor, charge S. F. Police Hunt Zoo.-Suited Bandits SAX FRANCISCO, Oct. 14. (UP)-— Police early today launched an Intensive hunt for two zoot-suited, knife- wielding bandits, accompanied by two teen-age girls, who without warning stabbed three men in tbe mission district without apparent provocation. Victims oC the "thrill clashing," Identified as I-ongi Constant!, Jack McCulley and Paul Hill, were treated for cuts on the scalp, face, neck and shoulder. OP A Takes Over Commercial Functions Handled by ODT Tho Offlcp of Prii-o Administration lias brortdened its Rasuline rationing; program to include a number of functions that heretofore have been handled by the Office of Defense Transportation, the Fresno district OPA office announced today. necessity or for permanent chances In certificate allotments will be handled by ODT district offices, as in the past. Forms for making such applications may be obtained at all OPA boards, and also at ODT district and field offices and offices of All operators of commercial motor county farm transportation conv - mittees. ODT will continue to certify permanent commercial vehicle needs and issue certificates of war necessity to cover these needs. vehicles that require certificates of war necessity—such as buses, trucks, taxicahs. rental cars—will be affected by the change, OPA and ODT announced. I'ntlor the new procedure, applications by commercial motor vehicle operators for temporary and non There will be four conditions under which local boards now will b« authorized to issue a. smaller ration than that allotted by ODT on the ? ration., will be made to; «rtiflcate of war necessity. These ""•'" OPA ™ r .»« c :S^«^*\ T d Whe"n the board has knowledge of discontinuance or reduction in the operations of the commercial hoards rrilher than to ODT district, offices. These rations will be Issued by local boards and any appeals from decisions of the boards will be handled by OPA. Thus OPA will have complete authority over the is vehicle operator. Misuse of Rations 2. When the board has knowledge snance of stirh additional ration.". i of Hie misuse of commercial rations The change is expected to improve j ""'' such misuse indicates an over- service and be of much greater con- " a " e - uu applicant indicates to his needs are less iMilenco ID rummerclal motor vehicle j operators, sluci- operators will have ! l ' u available f,50(i local OPA boards as ; than those certified, compared with 1« ODT district of-1 „•«• ^ ! ' e » an uin>Hcant tails to us. 1 ' all of his ration, or fails to claim lines. It was pointed out by tho agencies I that recommendations on temporary j and non-recurriiiB KB* allotments for trucks owned by farmers will continue to l» m;ide by county farm transportation committees, organized under the department of agriculture, but will bt- referred to OPA boards for uoiion, Instead of to ODT district offices. of War Necessity Applications for certificates of war his ration within a reasonable time. If none of these four conditions , OPA boards will continue tc rations in the amount certified by ODT. Under the amendment to the OPA gasoline rationing order, commercial vehicle operators will hereafter return all unused or expired transport rations to their OPA boards rather I linn to ODT district otfices, as has been required in some instances in the past. OBITUARY NOTICES of these short talks. Later, the jaycee wtuclents were shown a rnovie explaining the. need for funda nnd the use to which these funds will be put. Collections were made during Wednesday classes, and were completed on Friday. Miss Mar- Kui-et Levinxun's Wednesday 10 o'clock class contributed l»i» per cent toward the drive. Funds from the campaign, which ends officially November 11, will aid seven home front agencies, Including the Boy Scouts, Salvation Army, the Y. M. C. A. and 23 battle. front (irgnnl'/utlotiH, Including the DSC), United China Relief und the Greek War Relief Association. IN APPRECIATION We wish lo express our appreciation for kindnsss and sympathy of our trlrnds nnd fur their beautiful floral offerln»e durlnii our recent bereavement. (Signed): Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Tuculet and family. BM.TKIKHA. .II'I.IA—Funeral services | for Juliu UalUcrru. 61. who died October IS at u local will be held October IU ot 9 n. m.'at St. John's (.'alholir C'hurrh, \Va8co. the Reverend Owen McMullfii ufticlatini:. Interment will be in Shaftci Cemetery. Rosary will lie rnmlui-U'i! Uctoher 15 at 8 p. in. Ht Robert 1.. Junes Mortuary. Wapco. Mr*. HiiliK'i-ru is survived by her hus- hand. Jue Ualtieirn and a son. Vinient Ha Itii'rra. Ml'STIN, (.K.OHC.K I,KK—Funeral services for CoorKP Lc-e Mustin. infant son of Mr. mul Mrs. Ohio Muslin. Barlow Katvh. Arvin. who died October 13 ill Burlnw Hanrh. wiii he held October IV at - p rn. at Uoi>Khty-(\il- liiiiin-t-i' Mi'iira Chapel. Surviving- the rlilld. beaide* bis parents. an) two lirulh' 1 !«. Junior Muntin und Cecil Mua- tin. both ol Arvin: thr^e sinters. Oretha Miintin. Marie Miintin and Juanita Muslin, nil of Arvin. SIMI'SON. KF.NNETH REKI>—Funeral services for Kenneth fined SimpHon. 17, who died October 12 at a local hospital, were held October 14 at .1 p m. at 1'n.vne It Hon Chapel; the Reverend Henry J. l.orenz officiating;. Interment was in L'oinn Cemetery. Patl- heiirrrs WIMC Bill KaBton. Billle Hughes. Don l-'vtei*. Jiminic Carter. Tommle Kord and VVillard Warner. Surviving thu boy n n; hi* paroius, .Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. Marshall. Rlvervtew: sisters. Ja.'kio June Marshall am) Willa Kaye Marshall, Rlv«rvl*w: brothers. Dlckev Marshall and. Johnnie Marshall, Floyd Simpson, all of Rlverview: grandparents. Mr uiul Sirs. A. Beeil. Oklahoma: aum and undo. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Slu'pherJ. Baliersficld: aunt Mrs. Lura Komitr.. Oildalo: uncles. Ross Koontz. OlIOLlc: Janien Justis. Bakersfleld: Ouy Keed Oiklule: Charlie Roed. Bakersfleld: Kd Po'elt. BakersfleM. STKWAKT. HENRY C—Funeral servlcei for Ik-nry C. Stewart. 43 who died October 11 at a local hospital, will b« held October IS at 1 p. m. at Lumont Missionary Baptist Church, tha Rev- ereml S. E. Dunham officiating;. Interment wil! be In Union r.amelery. -\ir. Stewart was deacon ol' tbe church and assistant superintendent of the Sunday school. Ho is survived by his widow. Mrs Lorena Stewart. Route <i. Box 491. l.amont; five sons Billy Stewart. Hoy Stewart. William Stewart. I'liiuin Stewart and Garland Stewart, all nf Lament: a daughter Ida Lou Stewart, Lament: a brother. Albert StcwHri, Los Angelea. \V.U,TKKS, BABY OlKU—Oravcaide services for the Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs John n Walters. S10 Twenty- eighth street: who died October 13 at n loc-al hnspital. were held October 13 ai :; p. m. at Greenlawn Memorial Park Surviving the baby besides her tiarcuts, arc a brother. Chris Walter*. Bakarsfleli!. a sister. Judith Walter*. Bakerafteld. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within tbe Grounds «v Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Fliekinger-Dighr CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost PhoiM 7.78411 ChaiUr Av«nu« «t ThlvtMnth J. C. FIMHaftr - Fraafc BWw AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY-aad NIGHT

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