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Tucson, Arizona
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TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1972 DAILY I I PAGE 17 JVo bloc vote Women assess candidates in Wisconsin's primary Wis. (AP) The women of Wisconsin have squealed over John Lindsay, served doughnuts to Hubert Humphrey, danced with George McGovern, reddened at a kiss from Edmund Mus- kie and carried banners lor George Wallace. The major Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination have courted the female vote here like determined suitors. They have greeted union wives in labor halls, nurses in hospital cafeterias, bowlers during Ladies' Night, would- be secretaries in technical schools, coeds in student unions, widows in old-age homes, baby-toting mothers in supermarkets and at least one nightgown saleswoman in a sexy lingerie store. And the response? "I'll never wash the shirt!" exclaimed a member of the Kufahl Trucking bowling team in Wausau after Humphrey pinned a campaign button on her collar.

"I got my kiss. I'm happy," bubbled a nervous volunteer in Superior after Muskie kissed her left cheek. "I'm really impressed with his charm, but that doesn't mean I agree with him politically," explained a hospital worker in Milwaukee when Lindsay walked by her office. And in Frederick's of Hollywood, an emporium of fuchsia-colored nighties with fur trim, which McGovern innocently entered during a handshake tour of a Greendale shopping center, it was a case of useless admiration. "He's great for coming in here.

Most men kind of slide by," said an amused saleswoman. "But I'm a Republican. I voting for Nixon." Candidates In short, when Wisconsin women go to the polls in today's primary, they will not vote as a bloc. They will not even necessarily vote along party lines, since the state does not require registration by party. But they say they will vote, Independent of spouse or party influence.

And certain patterns have emerged: --Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota seems to radiate the most emotional appeal to well-fed, middle-aged, ebullient women who tend 1o be Democratic regulars. If they are not union members, their husbands may be. --Sen.

Edmund S. Muskie of Maine, who shares the party faithful and the workers with Humphrey, draws less hys- terical crowds peppered with women who tend to describe him as "a plain man" and "a father image." Not untypical is a volunteer envelope-addresser who first performed that task for Adlai Stevenson. --Sen. George S. McGovern of South Dakota, who turns on the quiet campus faster than any of his rivals, sends his envelopes to women who prefer the title "Ms." They cheer loudly at rallies as their male counterparts and are not infrequently seen at marches on Washington.

--Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama, like Humphrey and Muskie, attracts blue-collar women who tend to let their husbands and sons do the shouting at the Wallace rallies. Like McGovern. Wallace women also inarch on Washington, but with conservative preacher Carl Mcintyre.

More candidates --Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York is the admitted second choice of many McGovern women, including one 18-year- old first voter who plays the Easter bunny at a suburban shopping mall. He has the golden-boy sex appeal that makes waitresses and grandmothers alike reach out to touch him because they saw him on the Johnny Carson show. He elicits such comments as, "He's lovely. I hope he gets further.

He's not doing too well, is he?" Sen. Henry M. Jackson of Washington attracts women who say they prefer the "low- key approach." "I'm not a barreler," admitted one farm wife from Green Bay at a Jackson dinner sponsored by Plumber-Steamfitters Local 29S. --Former Sen. Eugene J.

McCarthy's support still runs to Jhe.young, with some older retreads from-1968. --And New York's Rep. Shirley Chisholm attracts women who are dedicated -mostly feminists, some black. The issues Most of the women who turn out for the banquets and the streetcorner speeches talk about the same issues: tax reform, the unemployment situation, the war in Indochina, welfare and education. What varies are the order and the way they want them solved.

A wiry Milwaukee housewife, her head wrapped in a scarf against the cold, said she wants world peace first I can combat the economy myself, but I have a son, 17, and I doift want another war. Mothers will take care of things like busing here at home, but we can't do the world." In contrast, a Humphrey supporter in Superior, where every ninth person is out of work, ranked "getting out of this foolish war" second to "clearing up the unemployment." A plump housewife carrying a hand-lettered "Women for Wallace" sign at a nighttime Milwaukee rally called for "victory in Vietnam and law and order in this country." An hour or so away in Racine, a doorbell-ringer for McGovern also said the main issue is the war but for her, it was "getting out." Some women base their priorities on their roles as mothers and wives. A frequent accolade heard: "He's a good family man." Ruby Smith, 23, a black Milwaukee resident whose husband is a Vietnam veteran and who has two preschool children, turned into a Lindsay fan when he talked about benefits for veterans and quality education. "I'd like to see the busing issue settled before my kids go to school," she said. Cathy Wilson, 29, a well- coif fed blonde from a wealthy Milwaukee suburb, said at a dinner for Muskie: "I feel very strongly about the state of the world and whether there's going to be places to live when my children grow up." Personalities Other women have made their choices on a more personal basis.

Mrs. Joyce Ziolkowski, who carried a poster reading ''Operating Engineers Support Wallace for President," explained: "He reminds me of Abe Lincoln. If a man who has known poverty can be president, that's a good thing. I think he's honest. He speaks to the average man." And, as in any campaign, the enthusiasm runs highest for the already committed.

"Humphrey he's the man we need. Everything he does is all right with me," insisted a 40-year-old black welfare mother with a ninth-grade education, waiting in a crowded Milwaukee vocational school auditorium to hear the former vice president speak. "I've always liked Humphrey, but Sen. Muskie is the one to beat Nixon," explained Eleanor Anderson, 42. wife of the speaker of the state Assembly and a 20-year veteran of party work.

Mrs. Anderson said she was "not a women's libber, but I back equal pay and the Equal Rights Amendment. Muskie is good on women's rights. Mrs. Muskie is better." "McGovern is the only one representing women's issues correctly," according to Diane Caspari, 20, chairman of the senator's student group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She quit in the second semester of her sophomore year to work for the man she considers "honest and good." Catey Doyle, 24. didn't have to drop out of the university law school in Madison to work for McCarthy. "People argue with me about McCarthy." said the red-cheeked, chestnut-haired veteran of his 1968 campaign. "They bring up the idea that he's a loser. I say it's not true.

A cop-out candidate? I consider him the least cop-out of all the candidates except Shirley Chisholm." But Shirley Chisholm presents something of a problem to her admirers. There was the geography teacher who said she cried the night Humphrey was nominated in 1968, who'll vote for McGovern or Lindsay because "I would like to be able to afford a vote for Shirley Chisholm, but I can't. I want someone who will beat Nixon." And there was Betty Jallings, an English teacher from Madison, who had short grey hah' and said she was "50- snmetbing." She wore a Chisholm button on her sweater but, like the railroad switchman's wife from Superior, she said she hasn't decided yet who to vote for. "He has some good points," she said after a lunch time campaign speech by Muskie. "But I still don't know.

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