The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 6
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^R^^^I^rS^^^^ S'f^v^^v\:^-.:;:;^;' ,;" : ,^-'^' , .4 r_ •. l \ _l _ , _ II l __ --- . - i -> - n , . • ' * - - ' • - - M ,- i" V ' I ". '. - • .1 k- . , - :' K F - .-- •• ...-•'.- ' awns Mtitfods Stage Ladder Act in Kernville Deer Drama Sopt. 25. — That there IB nothing new under tho mm does not apply to doer hunting. according to tho experience of a door huntor who recently reported having witnessed strango antics on tho part of three nlmrodfi In tho Kornvillo area. An ho huntod the hills bordor- Ing Cyrus canyon'rarly ono mominK, ho noticed tho men in question plodding up tho can5*011. Ono car rind a rifle find, strangR to relate, another carried a laddor while tho third traveled empty-hnndod. Becoming miKplckniH of tho Mimlty of Bwh proceodlngH, tho lorn* huntor nat on tho hlllHidn to watch developments. Soon his suspicion!! worn entirely rculUM when, on tho ban-on brow of a nearby rldgo, tho handed hunter took thn mounted tho laddor hold vertically by his comradoa, and, Hhadlng hlH eyes Indian-fashion with upllflort hand, gazed far and wldo over tho fturroundlnR torrnin, Peeling that, wlioro such things could happen, a hunter could bn Hhot, the huntor on the lilllHido turned hurried ptep« back toward hin awaiting ear at the mouth of the ennyon. Ho roloied hl« Ntrantfu whllo passing through Kornvillo on his way to safer regions. In reality, tho throo stranffo companions wore three wcll-Unown FCerh- vlllf! sportsmen who had foHhlonod a ladder-llUo ntrotehor '»n whleh to carry out a huge buck they had Hhot. they were being rather rurlously by tho lono hunter, they hnd put on tho ohHorvnllon net for hiH special benefit, lint the huntor, being a stranger, loft for homo without awaiting further Membership ^•t 1VASCO, Sopl. 25.—lleorjranInjition of tha WHHCO Cflrl Scouts took plnco Wofyieaday afternoon at -iho first mooting of the fall flftoflbn, Now patrol leaders wore nolectod and plane dM for fall. * Mr». tostor Bmllh, CHrl Scout leader' of Wouco troop, will be a*- th.H winter by Mr«> Alfred H —^r -* ^-^ Daughters t Dinner Party MoFAIlLAND. Hopt 25. -- The country home of ,1. II. Alexander Wfi« the scene of a flollghtrul dinner pnrty Hnndny, honoring two of tho host'H daughierw, Mrs. (JonntT Oohol and MIsH Potty Alexander, who were celebrating tlielr birthday annlver- who wft« premmt for tho firm Nolda JSIlonwood Wflfl chosen loader of the Wlno OwJ patrol; Jjor- rnlnrt Crawford of tho Open Head pa- j (rot; A Into- Goodman of the Uoktan Kaftln patrol; and Charlono Bewlok nf tho Mini T,oHf patrol. Tho patrol Ir-nd'TH will moot with Mm. Hmith and MI*M. Hf-HHlonn at tho Hmith homo ri'-xt Monday afternoon for court of honor, TwmHy-«ovfin Klrls attond«d tho tnnatlnfft although the registration IH over 32. Thn Wanco Olrl Hoout troop IH HponHOMid by tho Wasco Woman'g Club, 7'laoes wore mnrked for Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph H, Alexander and non Terranco fUeliard, Mr. nnd Mrw. Conner Oohel, MlBne« Pntty and Kathleen Alexander, Hirhnrd Alox- ander and thn host. Ourrcnt ftMUHKD HOMEE Kept. 25. (U. demands for babies for adoption far oxcoefla tho supply, ao- eorrtlnff to the hnmetoss children's eomrnltteo of tho Nutivo Hons and Oaughtot'H of California. They have at prewenl a waiting llHt of IfiOO pro»peetlv/i foMter parents. Kill 80 Per Cent of (Special to The Qattfornian) Sept 26 have killed 80 per cent of tho fawn crop for this year, in the, opinion of jlo»well Welch, Kdm* vllie gamo wafrdcm, • utter an extended trip into the high country tho Kern rlvftr. Afr. Welch that he klllnd eight coyoteH and found unmistakable signs of where tho gray prowlers had killed fawns during his trip, Ho stated that, previous to the advent of deer hunters Jn the 8lerra> all trails were literally padded down with coyote tracks. Kftrly in thn HprlriK. Mr. Welch Maid, no had observed that nearly (ivory doo had two fawnw. An the summer advanced, however, fawns were thinned down until a great many dons now havo * no fawns while many moro have but One, Very few does stilt havo two fawns, he said. Although Mr. Welch noted that lions were active in sotnc instances, ho was of tho opinion that moat of the fawn kills could bo traced to coyotes because of their greater numbers. Tl«pOrt« from various pointy In tho mountainous communities Indicate that coyotes aro moro numor* OUH than they have boon for years.' This IH believed to bo duo to tho fact that tho prlco of fur has beon too low to make trapping profitable during rocont seanons. • ._._.. _^^_^ A Boys Are Taller; Girls Are Heavier Than 50 Years Ago /CHICAGO. Hopt. 26. (U. P.>—HonM entering col logo thin fall aro tailor than tholr fathom wero when thoy went, to Hchool, and daiighterfl eve nor T< K'.'i " says OLD TOMW 'RAT KEEPER \ .<: I I I I 4 I ' • aro tailor, heavier and thinner than their mother** were. Btudentii in Massachusetts are about tho tallest paoplo to bo found, and little boys In Germany and army recruits In Norway measure higher and wider than boys and recruits of GO years ago. Tn fact, everybody Is getting bigger, If not better, according to today's Issue of tho American Medical Association Journal. "Grown children of today, enter* ing college in tho United Btatoa aver* ago two Inches tailor and weigh somo Boven pounds moro than did their parents and grandparents who entered the* sarno Bchool," a Journal editorial Btatod. Even lltU<j shavers aro not BO tllUe ILB they wero 10 years ago. M<$an height of boya entering school bo* tweon U and OH years of ago In 1024 was 108.7 centimeters. In 1932 It was 114.fl centimeters. Girls Jumped from .108 to .114.5 centimeters. FISH'S JUDGMENT POOH TOUdDO, Hopt. 25. (U. P.>—Martin JJachll reached In the water to catch a large flHh near the shoro. Tho fish bit his hand and was Jerked out of tho water by his sudden movement. It weighed over seven pounds. That's Bacilli's story. Criticism b Qeorgey Three athletes who won laurel wreaths at tho Berlin Olympics return to the University of Wash- -' •.' Ington campus at Seattle. They are: Jim McMillan, left, crow man; Jack Modlca, swimmer, and Ralph Bishop, basketball player. t. i ' McF d G Resierns P d at Part FUUTTVA'LK, Sopt. 25.—Phillip Shcllabargor. who has served several terms as trustee and cleric of the board of trim teen of the Frultvale School, tendered his resignation at a mooting of tho board held Wednesday of this week. Tho resignation was accopted and Edmund Parsons was appointed to fill the vacancy. Mr. Shellabarger was re-elected to tho office in June and his term was for threo years. Mr. Parsons will servo almost a complete term. Mr. Shollabarger tendered his resignation because of Illness and other business interests. Sept. 2& — Thfli American Legion convention rose for a Bhouting vote of confidence late yertcrday in General John J* Craning and his World War policies aV the retiUe;at of National Commander Kay Murphy for a rfeply to David-' Lloyd George^ Criticism Of the American high command in the fifth 'Volume of his ntdrnbtra, , MUrphy referred to the British war-time premier's latest .volume of memoirs published yesterday. "At this-time," the commander said, "it seems entirely appropriate for this convention $>y rising voto to cxprcHa its confidence in the conduct of our troops in BYance and in our great war-time commander, General Pershing." The delegates rose to their foot and shouted approval. OHAS. G. DAWES ALSO , RESENTS CIUTICISM •CHICAGO, Sept. 25. (A. P.>—Qen* oral Charles O. Dawos, former vice* president and chief supply commandant of tho United States army in France during the World Waw asserted tbday that David ,, Lloyd George's criticism that America "failed to f turn out mechanism for war" in 18 inOnths of effort wo* "gross misrepresentation." i "When studied impartially, I be I Heve the American effort* both iru the speed of preparation and in gen-* eral accomplishments, compared favorably with, that ot'.jiny nation, engaged," General Dawes said. "I have not read' tho book (fifth volume of Lloyd;George's memoirs) A • ^ ^^ i McFAttLAND, Sept. 25.—Mr, ^and Mrs. I. A. Burroughs and Mr. and Mrs. Dlnsmore Parish entertained at the home of the former couple on, , t , - . , u ^« K-«»W California avonuo, Tuesday night, hut such parts as havo been brouj? honoring Mr. and Mrs, F. 33. Trask I tl > mv attention and their house guont, Mrs. Hattlo Buck, who left Thursday night for her homo at Tempo, Ariz., after passing tho summer here. Places wero marked for Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs, Don Burroughs, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Trask and nephow, Robert Chase, Mrs. Hattie Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Parish and Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs. *<*'• Participation me a gross misrepresentation. RAILROAD AU\S SIGHTSEERS BERLIN, Sopt. 25. (U. P.)—A new type of railway car, equipped with specially wldo windows and a slid" Ing roof to enable passengers to havo an uninterrupted view of tho countryside, has made Its appearance on the German railways. MOUTHS e o i BOOST, your wliifikcy on tastr*. —not on tnTk. TnTcc Town Tavern, for instance. Now f/i«r«'s n whiskey thnt juM. keeps pleasin 1 folks day after day and IravcH il lo thutn to do llio qppliiudin 9 . But don't wait for somebody to lull you how p;ood il is! Try Town Tavern today. Jl'g HUTC lo satisfy you! 1 * i . - fc **r+vw ? ... .s'. />--. , -v-.'. . . , -it 1 I I • ' I • - 1 1 * V> <• -.' , . . , - .. -s f - • ' — • 1-1 J ' * ' h t . j PACKARDS FREE f •! T- Get Your Entry Blanks Here or at the FOX THEATRE ' *_ ^ » • '» ~. L . v.-.-. •* • -, * .1.1 : f '- fax m* i - - i • • • i «: mz NATIONAL DISTIIJJCIIS IMIODIKH'S f.OHPORATION Pimn*Maryland Dlvl$ion t Now York, N. Y. • •„ • L 1 t \ ^ < -i V J I f t- t I. -i •, V A 1 -T '/<-- -; r f '" JIT ' PIANOS RENTED,SOLD For as little as $1.00 per month you may rent a line piano, nml arrangements can he made so that if you later decide lo buy we will allow you full credit for amount of rental paid on the purchase of any piano. Many Fine Bargains NEW and Used . Preston J T f ^Nineteenth and H Streets —r.. IJ I-- ,. The Comfort of Home May he enhaneecl with our bathroom necessities. Kvery man likes good soap* talcum and lotions, such as Wrislley's Hig Halh Bar at 5 for $1, lasts twice as long and lathers well. Colgate's or Williams' Talcum, ir>c; also llonbiganl's or (Holy's at minimum prices. Yanlley's Fragrance or Kougerc Uoyale Lotions are the best. IOMBALL & STONE r/t« Particular Druggitt* Phone 53 Phone PROMPT FREE DELIVERY nakersflcld. Cttllf, THE VOICK) Our Chapel Soloist Alin«Ung \VUh the Ktrnlns of tho AVurllUor IMpo Ortfan Go fur Toward Boftonlng tho Blow Dealt by Dmith Rt tho Fllckinger-Dlgler Chapel A XJrgo You Not to Ovorpurehnno and Pfovo That CoHt IB Not Lack of Ho*poot Telephone 97 J. FUCKTNUUin 1381 AVKNUin r n -"- -.!\ :*** V-l Sing all the latest song hits . ., the old favorites* too. Hut gel the words right. Play the correct tune. (iet the authorized edition from our , new, up-to-the-minute Sheet usic DEPARTMENT Snvc Time! Shop Hero First ANY r. to LUNCH Served From 11 n* m. to 3.30 p. m. Uett In the City H • ' _»:•£* j . ,-•• .:<''< • '''' ''- : t^ -.*-•.• -*'• f -s - -.^--:c ':-:wp :W-Xi * » ** , *_ •H .L v ,.. t.L-^Lt: '"Tro- >S1->W Bakondold 1 . Finest Cafe St. Francis Cafe • -.. 1717 Chester Avenue »<h> te 45o Cluti BruMut) Win ackard THE BRAWD-KEV PACKARD SIX THEATRE STARTING SATURDAY, SEPT. 26 IN THE PACKARD "SWING TIME" CONTEST 795 -.GINGIR Roam It's Easy Entry .. Get Your atlk Today And up, lift at factory, •fanrfard orcMwry group extra THE CHEATER PACKARD UQ *945 and Write A 25 Word Essay Andjtpt '^« a d accwory KXW FACKAAD SUPER. EIGHT \ n Addtd "BotldoD Mlekty MOUM Colored Cirtoon i*v "What One Thin I Like Best About the Packard Six 2 3 3 5 And up. /tii« t * TITK ADVANCED PACKARD TWELVE 342 0 And up, lUt tvtry Pnoktrd Owner In Will B« th* Oucil of Brown-Boyd Motor Company lo a» "Swing Tim*' 1 Brlng> Your nigUtratlon OtrUflokt* * Come EW PAC TWfrfay nlht^TBB PACKARD arrt*g Cotut 19 -• . -I -'S- J f -• I - * . l- • I -. 2201 Chester Avenue •» t '- f n \ ,s c; A / • i *:t$W^H*F •is*-. -.:-> v .'.-'--r:- '.-••: ;••-' ' •'.'.-'' '.:' - -J Cr--''" *f-'" «^ '' 1 * v ' ; : ^'~ J " : ^-»> v . -;v 1L *^ J >^ ;.\- t r". "'£?'••? "V'.i- r 1 - 1 ^ 1 :.-^* "- ' '- , . ' . .' - ' •''.'. ' .' " ''".. ' ' .'.' "•' •"'' ^ - '/,"•; " *'''"" - ', n •''. '• '^ •.'"..• -•' . .'+-. , ^I^ 1 - 4 it*Jl'. . * . * • ^^P .. rfKf"' vLF - • • r t'*V'*' f '\rt* t*-1- it \ ^f\>-'. -,. z'.- 1 1 • - •* , r . • , . ., •- ... . • . . , , - - ,.,, . ...., . -- L . , , » - . , --.,-.•-.- ..•-'. • . i , , *.. -' - -,-.- ; -•,..!.- .J , 1 .-.-; ' • lf ,-Jy -- r" , / ., , .. I. * ^ V* ' ,•».•..,' , , ^.T ... , '••.', - ' - -. - • . . .'..., . , •: -- . ," -••••' _ • -* ,-. -- . --..- -*'* ,'* -., ;,-••. V •.' . i-'; ' 7 ,.- t - *» - .r-sf • ,-':;^ : .v,-, . ;:;'::'v,7^^^^-V--,:\'-.:;v;\;^n-;;A; : v^^;/;v/;:;>-^ ; f ;V -...]^^;i:;^;-W;-'*-.-.^' J ---^ifti;^ ;;^U^r-;'^:;. : ^:;,'^,;v:^^^^;f > :: > ^^

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