The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 5
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gf!^:fV*^ '-• ^v-p-w THE BAKERSmLD CAL1K01LN1AX, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1936 rgf CIGARS Ll'QU6IR TOBACCO 1325 NINETEENTH STREET VISIT OUR NEW ENLARGED LIQUOR STORE You'll find it completely remodeled—with additional footage, brand new shelving and counters, more efficient service—and a complete stock of choice wines, liquor, tobacco, glassware and bar xsupp lies. Here is your opportunity to save money—for Associated Liquor Store leads again in low prices. Free Delivery Phone 4771 PHHMHHMH EASTERN CANNED BEER (Pabst) 12-or. Can Can... 12 1 /2C Case .. $2.69 ANNUAL AND TOBACCOS Featuring Only the Best of Nationally Known Wines, Liquors and Tobaccos 100% Scotch Whiskey Tbl* Una 100% all Scotch coran Iron Abctdtca, Scot- Und, th« Mat ol Scotch whlikey production. •• REG. $2.65 On itlc lor the w««k tad. FULL FIFTH I $190 NO fHONI ORDERS p a u\ • 89? BALBOA CHIEF BEER Per Bottle ....... 5c PLUS BOTTLE DEPOSIT Gallon CLARET WINE PLUS CONTAINER 19c 6-YEAR-OLD STRAIGHT WHISKEY Genuine Quill — 90 proof. Reg. $1.59 KEYSTONE STATE RYE WHISKEY 49c 93 proof —- Regular 85c per pint OLD QUAKER SLOE GIN 75c R.tuUr $1.85 value—Now—par Full FIFTH *FINE IMPORTED LIQUEURS* * A fii/cMcnd of Amur Picon. Reg. $3.39, per fifth Aquavit. Rag. $2.98, *ft CA per fifth ^fciWW Ettler or D. O. M. Benedictine, Per Fifth $4.35 Straight WHISKEY Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa, Peach or Apricot Liqueur—(Archembuud, Marie Bri/y.ard and others)— Regular $3.89, - - - Per Fifth '..., Grant's Cherry Brandy, £A j Regular 54.19.- .Per Fifth y0«i Wolfschmldt. Vodka or Hum. fnel. Regular $3,40, *O AO per fifth »>a.iOO Danilg'a Qoldwatier (the original). Regular $3.95, *Q Aft par fifth 9vi*19 ////QUART.. CHAUVEL Cognac Type BRANDY JJ monOu ald-Rtf. 11.f» Bit Flr-TH a/jrf Budweiser Canned Beer. 2for25G p., FIFTH $H.« 1 Valley Oaks STRAIGHT Whiskey 1 yaar eld. Rio. j$ e Now per Pint ^'•tilled Aa OLD GRIZZLY DISTILLED GIN On Sale Per Pint 48c King of Kentucky Straight Whiskey p«, lull P>»* 87 c Golden Wedding Blend of Stralthl WHISKIES 4 year old average PINT $1.39 65c TOP NOTCH DISTILLED RUM Regular 89c Pint49c ^PORTED ITALIAN CHIANTI lie Carlo's GoM Label SCOTCH The but ol all Scotch Whltktti — guaranteed over 10 YEARS OLD. Regular $3.29 FULL FIFTH No Phone Ordtri i .Golden Morn Seotch Reg. $2.49 per fifth. $1.98 Burke's Irish Whisky; per full fifth Catto's Special Liqueur Scotch Whisky, fifth... $4,19 Gllbey's Spey Royal Scotch Reg. $3.19 per fifth Weston's Scotch (Closeout) fifth $2,19 Dewar's White Label Scotch per fifth $3.29 White Horse Scotch per full fifth $3.23 Chauvcl Liqueurs TABLE WINES * Monte Vista, Haute Sautcrne, CO* Fifth 09C * LA BONITA Sauterna, Chabll., 4+^ Burgundy, Fifth 13C * BERINGERS Chabli., Wf.^ Fifth 75>C ^L. CONCANNON'S St. Julian, gQ- * CRESTA PLANCA Fifth ..>!>.*..,.... 4» Ccsta Blanc UeitOIng, ^ Fifth .............. T * Concannon Sautcrne Fifth ^L, MONTE VISTA C»b,m«t, * Vallc be Ore Chateau, ....... F|fth .......................... ^ ITALIAN SWISS TJ B o (Red or 1* ' wuu). «Qu«rt ...... ..... . . OO. tttlC 1AV I SIC BULK Wmes * LA BONITA SauUrn* or H««t S.ut.rn. . . . GALLON * MONTE VISTA S.ut.rn., g r 9 p«r GALLON I.KONA VISTA Muscatel or AiiKolion. (i/VI,. I.KONA VISTA I'ort, Shorry, fl» I | "I rt>&* * Mont. Viata Port, Sherry, or An f .lic«. G.I. ,cct' Mont. VUU Sparkling- Win. (Burgundy), ami. Lar ( * 1 1 M£ bellU * I la<0 Findlater "Special" SCOTCH ^ flit cho4ct ol M tiacl- 151 lr«dt-thU lamoM JH«l»k«T l» OVBR f YBAKS'OCD. ReRuUr $3.25 FULL FIFTH $2-69 i No Pho»« Ordtn onm^ WINDSOR STRAIGHT WHISKY 18 Month* Per Pint ""<"•. 'CLOCK Half Buck Straight Whl«ky... .per pint 34c Wlldwood Straight WhUky, Regular 87c per pint Glenmore Straight Whisky, 100 Proof per pint $1.00 Menlo 1 Stripe Whisky, QK«» Regular 07c ..per plntOOC Beauford Cognac, Regular $1.76...per pint Old Governor Str. Whisky, Regular 88c ........ per pint TEACHERS Highland Cream\ Ml . _ , Scotch Whiskey 1 Mlnf s P rIn fi $ PT Firth I Straight 1 noaihi old P« plat Castllllon Cognao (French Flag), Regular $3.76, An Ml* Full Fifth ............... OviaCV Monk Liqueur, Quatro, Creme ae bocoa, Cherry, Apricot, Blackberry Per Pint... iriy 69c OLD CLIPPER BRANDY Fifth . , , $1,19 Blue Bell Gin, Regular 48o per pint 34c Old Quaker Straight Whiakey 1 Per Pint 98c BLUE CREST GIN Pint 43c CANEY CUBAN IMPORTED RUM Regular $3.25 Fifth , . , $2.49 SYPHON BOTTLES I COMPLETE WITH FIVE CHARGING BULBS frit. CREMO BOTTLED BEER * Teakett " f)A *» i*r Belle of aCiH'C BOTTLED IN BOND RARE OLD WHISKIES HCE per PINT SO.69 | Stratford Sloe Gin, OT«» Regular $1.20 per fifth «IC MUMM'S IMPORTED CHAMPAGNE Fifths * Golden Wedding *• Echo Springs * Silver Wedding * Old Quaker Per Case $1.36 Seagram's Bar SPECIAL WHISKEY Mad* lor f icluilvi bar (tadt —uiuallr >old al 25c p«f drink. I'o> tht lail time. Sptclal— ALE and STOUT Ban Al*, Guiacia* or Mackciion'a Stout Lan« BottUa CHOICE CREMO CANNED BEER Three for... Caae.. .$l.o7 Liquor Prices Do Not Include State Taxes • No Delivery on Special Items MENU) STRAIGHT EAST SIDE CANNED BEER 28c Three for Per Case * TOBACCOS* CIGARETTES* CIGARS* $2,03 OLD QUAKER CORDIALS Xworlid Flamri- •» <•)« per PIPTH VICEROY IRISH WHISKY OVER 10 YEARS OLD Reg. $2.75 Fifth 99 proof- nwllowcd WUtkcv- Rtg. JI.85 QUART No Pnoac Ordcrt $ Edgeworth Tobaooo I Sir Walter Raleigh Pocktt Tint , , . lie Pookit Tint , . , llo 8-01, Tint B5o I6-0X, Tint ,.. $1,05 MET AX A 3 STAR A COGNAC fit for the GODS... A dMilltd aiaglc (o axllow iht -oodi erf »aaMad. Tfct world o»«r, cplcnrca know tali llqunr to kt Ihi fUul meaty can b«r -tmly. FIT POR THE GODS. BOOK MATCHES 1000 Matches; 50 books per carton 3c LEONA VISTA Zinfandel or Sauturne Fifth PRICE REDUCED ssssat isssj ta 8;. i a»i ^ T tK Now—FULL FIFTH 29o 8-OX. Tint , . . . 49o IB-ox, Tins Menlo Blend Tobaooo .l?v«i, Pkf, , . , I So B-oi. Tin , , , , , 7Bo S4e 18-ex, Tin , . , SI,46 Union Leader Tobaooo Ptokit Tins 3 for Ho 14'Ot, Tin «4c Hurley Burly Tobaooo So Piokigi , , . , 4e I Do Pouch , , . .So 14.or. tin 85o * CIGARETTES* Qeldin Drain, Old North Stall, Bii(lir or Rlpplo Tobieeo ftc package* . * TOBACCOS * 4c Princo Albert li-oi. Tin ALCO SWEET WINES Fifth . , 25o Chesterfields, Camels, Lucky Strikes, Old Golds or Ralelghs CLEARBROOK STRAIGHT WHISKY 85 Proof] 8 Months Old Per Gallon . . $3.49 Wings, Domino, Twenty Grand, or Paul Jones Cigarettes TWENTY GRAND CIGARETTES -'l KOOL CIGARETTES Mild—MenthoUt.d I4c r;; tpn $i.37 Phillip Morri* Cigarette* •~ Tli 60 »Wf c tn I Re Tin QCc Per * I 37 10 60 OO ctn I Old Gold CI(araUa« 2 9Ro Tin for fcW of 60 •) I e VI *CIGARS* Geo, Washington 16 at. Tla *DiirsBest elvet Sc Van Dyck, WhiU Owl, Philll.i, Wab- •l»r, Wm. P«nn «nJ Primo E for Jr. 0 Box of 25 M.IO 15c Monogram Cif»r« (Quaant) 5'- 23c -Ta.M.10 Granger Model *Half & Half 79c 61c 94c 79c 75c 80c "^ 79c lft-01. • Tla Tto Natlridad Cl»ari (Farorita.) .11 HaTana Filled 5 for Oft^ Box of 26 lOr Robl. Burnt, Corina, Santa Ft, Van Dyck. Primo, Web.tar, Chancallor Cijar.. 3 for 27c *SALE! PIPES* Frank Medico Pipes ____ 98c " 94c Dr t Gra bow Pipes Kaywoodie Pipes $3.29 VISIT OTHER ASSOCIATED STORES 319 CENTER STREET 304N. FIFTH STREETg^lfe

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