The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 4
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f w <; ^ «\|•»£ THE fiAKfettSFlELD CALJPQftMAN, flWDAY, BBfrrrik&Kff 28, M f . . . ~. i^^j. * i- -. il.-( . > - ... i"' 1 ;/ i ~;v' M! ••'"•' ' " v • '• v ^-pvA" 1 ' ACT MO VALID Federal Appeals Tribunal in Ruling Sustains Statute Passed in 1919 rrcit Lcaitid Wlrr.) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. S&.~The IT. R. Circuit Court of Appeals, In a decision roughed In SmitHo and vn leased hero lata yoBtnrday, affirmed the ruling of I ho filMMct Court nnd held that the ncl of 1019, which rm- powered of elect rlo power liy Irrigation district*, WIIH constitutional. Thc> deolNlrin wn« prlvon In the rasn ot tho Novadn California Kli-rtrlo. Securities Company versus tln> 1m- pcrliil Irrigation Dl«lrlc.t. The Nevndii-CiiIlfornlH. Corporation, a landowner In the. dlntrlel, hrcniKltt Bull on belinlf of landowners of tlm district, to recover $,')[>,000 Hpi'iit nl- ready nnd to enjoin the upcndlni? of further fiiinlH of DID dlKlrl't, or leavyliiR of n special nfwHimii'iit. Tliey sought also to enjoin the con- •trucllon of an electric (ItHtrlhtitliiK Bystoni and SRlllnK of power by tho district. Under the original plan thn din- trlct proposed t" upend $12,"00,000 on them- projects nnd the plaintiffs •outfit an Injunction, which was de- nleil l>y the IHstrlct Court. Thi- corporation, In carrying the ease in tho Circuit Ciunl, < % ontendcd no notice of tho project wan given l»ndo\* ner* and thai ihey worn do prlvt'il of their properly without, dun process of law Many Guests Attend Fete for Delano Lodge Chiefs o The OnU/orntan) D BLANO, Sept. 25.—Forty-ono out of town guests were present for tho Una Officers party which was given by Mrs. Percy Branson, asso- data matron of Delano Chapter, Order of Eastern Star on Tuesday night at tho chapter rooms In the Masonic Temple. After Iho utated session of the lodge nt which Mrs. Samuel T, Me- rinvloy, matron, presided, n. musical program was given. Numbers wero solos, "Orayblrd," BriUer. and "Homo on the Ilango,'' Mrs. Harold Ajipleford who was «iec'iiiiji/inl"<' tor i thn Tirol number l>y Ward Baiter, i composer, and for tli" ceeond nuin- i Ijer by Mrs. .Tamos Hnrnrn. i Olarcnc.o Bowman of MoKarland, i drums, and Alfred' Bneboul, Mfeel guitar, played several (mlix-llons, and ICrnostln'i Jonans entertained with tap dancing. Nume HoftteftN Kcfroshmanta Were nerved at four tables In the banquet room, nnd each lino officer wa» K hostess. Hnstnsses Included Mewlames Percy Branson, A. F. llolsapple, William Taylor, and Humtinl T. Mr.Cawle.y. Decorations worn currlnd out In tho mountain motif with log cabins, moss, pine cones, bark nnd tnlnlatiiru wild animals nil worked rletirly Into tho Jecomtlvo sclu ni«. Present from Faith Chapter of Taft wnro, Mosdanwi (iraoe Warden, ISllmbeth Adkinnon, Cora K. Klllor, Annabel ICtifiBS, Marnlo K. Hutllff, Ida Kowcllffo, Jennie De) Fullmer, and Mensni. Frod Campbell, Tod -Rowcllffo, and H. Barnes. Mrs. Sarah • Wbtehe.* represented Fellows Chapter, and Mm. Matilda Hi«aty, Jerseyvlllo, 111. Pre*ent tfom Wodoo Chapter werfl MoBdamed Emma B. Fogg, and ^Catherine Hubbard. From t^lbortas Chapter, Bah»r«- flold, were McsdamoH Kdna M, Hlackford, Irma A.. Jones, Nettle O'Brlun, Nora Foekler, Bessli) Oal- yen, Lillian Thomas, Kdnn. M. Htrohle, Lucy Do Arnold, Mr. J. B. Fowler. I'reannl from l!.iKcrafloM Chapter were Mi'sdames Iluth 13. Uurton, Ix'iink) Hhacltclfnrd,. Helen IS, Bradshaw, MorKnrnt Parker, Katlo Brown, Marian A. 1'londrlcltHon, Ag- lies K, Oar, and Messrs, drover Hhackelford, and Harmlo Colllnn, Prosont from Caledonia Chapter wero Mvfldames Nino T. Smith, .Mae 13. Htafford, Elisabeth A. Lowo, Nel- Ho 10. Luiik, Oertrudu A. HulHvan, Mao a. Hulllvan, and Mrs. Florence Ilradley riipresonled tho Martha Washington Chapter of Vlsalla. * « » "• 82 Pet. of Crime in L. A. Felony Cases I/)H ANG1SL.E8, Sept. 25, (A. P.V— Felony prosecutlonn In Los AntfOlos county number 82.7 per cent of all cases, DlHirlot Attorney Duron Flttn dcclni'ed. .' (Jroup to "Hold Big Dinner WA8CO, Sept. 26.—Friends 'and member's of the Congregational Church will gather tonight at 0 o'clock for a polluck supper at tho parsonage, after which there will to entertainment, ',f ho teachers are especially Invited to' attend the sUpper and social hour. Each member attending Is requested to bring table service tor their group as well as tho food for tho supper. ... . _, ,4 ,» ; Hoiisewarming Held at NewJPond Home POND, S«pt. 25.~Rob«rt Williams was a 'host recently to his frlon.ds at his lovely new stucco homo at a houscwarml'ng. Tho evening was spent In conversation and games. Refreshments served during tho evening. Those who enjoyed tho evening with Mr. Williams wore.: Mr. and Mrs. Al Bnlder, Mr. and Mrs. Doctor Toggort, Mr. and Mrs. Horton Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Black. Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Cozart, Mr. and Mrs, .Too Flnloy, Mr. and Mrs, Kussel! ' CJarrott, Mrs. Neighbors, Mrs. Ruth Walcott, Mr. and Mrs. Uaston Williams, Je.rry Snider, Nolan Williams, K. J. Co- start, Bill Black, Lucy Mao Cozart, Irnogene Black, Dorothy, Wanda T.XSO and Bobby Jo Williams. PKKSHMAN SMITH MUSSING YKL.LOW SPRINaa, O., Sopt. 25. (U. P.)—In a group of more than 200 now students at Antloch College there Is not ono Bmltli or Jones. This breaks n record of long standing at this college. Downtown atreetn of Norfolk, Va., became channels for rushing torrents OB ocean tides, raised far (thovo normal by the oast coast hurricane, overflowed the city, which reached its.wheel .tops. The Above Is a scene as the storm .only effective means of -trttnsporta-. gripped. Norfolk. An auto stands tlon was by, bicycle, one ot which In- the street, stalled by water is shown rounding the corner. It's our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! >- •• Here's us fishing before the creek got to drying up like it did That'* mr brother WillUm Uniting down from the U(, •nd m» reaching hl» drink up to him, and Larry Burkai orer on the bank fiinnlnf Ilk* •Ytrylhlng and helping hlnuelf. Larry'* bean a friend of th* Wllken Family pretty near «ver «lne* our Family flrtt look up dlttllllng, I couldn't juil *ay a* Larry wat acquainted with Grandad Wllken when he itartedout. Dut I'm referring to hit know- Ing Dad and all lh* reit of ut. Larry «ayt h* never heard of any other family dlilllllnf on* |en*rallon after another like our«. 1 don't know about that, but I gueu there'* no other Family'* Recipe like our* anyhowl Harry E. Wilken , * , »dr * V^Mp-fiT V J-^j HK'^VJ^Sl &isL^I^ii^->s I You're getting the self same whiskey as us! -and our Family's been distilling 50 odd years I'll just bet Grandad Wilken's eyes would pop if ho wus here to see how everybody's so keen for the Wilken Family'sown personal recipel And I just know we're trying like anything to follow out every one of his teachings so as he'd have a right to be real proud of us. When you come right down to it, William and Tom and me—and I guess all you folks that are so tickled over the mildnesvs and tastiness of The Wilken Family Whiskey—I guess we all have got to hand every bit of the credit to Grandad I'. 8.— Vtet, n copy of oui Wllken Kumlly If you'll write me at (he Maples, R. V. D. No, and Dad. It was Grandad that taught Dad, and Dad that taught us. So there's no getting around it—all we're doing now is watching out to make sure every batch we turn out is made just like Dad said to. Well there's no fear of us ever slacking up on our care. You'd find the lot of us on tho job every day from 6 a. m. till quitting time. It was mighty seldom we ever got off to fish this summer. Well, the creek is all dried up by now anyhow! TH* Cooking Album 3,Hch»nlfy, Pa. Coprriitbt 1936, Joi. S. Pinch * Co.. Inc. Schcnlcr, P*. 86.8 proof—The straight whlikiei In this product ore IS moottw or more old. 25% (tralght whitkleit 7S*/n grain neutral uptrln, 5% uralght \vhitkey 4 ycara old, 20% atroight whUkoy 1$ moDtha old. McFarland Women to Hold Rummage Sale lor Council (Special to The Oaltfornton) y/TcFAJlLAND, Sept. 25.—Members of tho Woman's Council set October 9 and 10 as tho data for their rummage sale at their regular meet- T\B Thursday afternoon at tho California avenue home of Mrs. I. A. Burroughs. All members are requested to attend an all-day meeting it the church Tuesday to sew for tho sale. Mrs. F. H. Trask presided at the business session and the devotionals wero led by Mrs. Claude L. Katekln, vice-president of the group. The remainder of the afternoon was passed at making quilt blocks. Reports Given Reports of standing committees were given, Including one by Mro. I. A. Burroughs, relief chairman, who gave a gratifying report of work dona by her committee. Also ono by Mrs. Dolly Ratekln, chairman of tho ways and means committee, Girl Makes Pack Trip to Sierras KERNVILLK, Sept. 25.— It Is moro Interesting to travel tho trails than the highways, according to Miss Lucia Apalatea, Kernvlllo girl who recntly returned from a two weeks' pack trip Into tho high Sierra. She adds that It Is also moro Interstlng to travel the trackless regions of tho Sierra than to stay on tho trails. It wns In this manner that Miss Apalatoa traveled during her most recent trip Into tho back country of tho Kern. Sho zlg-zngged and circled across most of tho high country from Fall-view to Mount Whitney. Tho fishing was excellent everywhere, she said, and, although sho did not do any hunting, she saw countless big bucks In Isolated regions whore hunters seldom venture. Mies Apalatea plans another trip within the near future, at which time sho will attempt to bag ono or two of tho fine bucks she saw. ho stated that they were progress ng rapidly with tho work on quilts nd other articles for tho rummage alo. Any members or others of the, ommunlty having garments which hey have discarded and wish to dls ose of, may do so by donating them o the council for the rummage sale 'he articles of clothing or other lilngs may bo left at the office of Dlnsmore Parish. Program Told The devotlonals wero opened by al resent singing "The Great Physl Ian," with the reading of thi crlpture from the Ninety-firs 'salm by 'Mrs. F. W^Dlcklnson and rayor by Mrs. Ratekln, tho leader 'he program closed with a poem by Mrs. Burroughs and a song by all All the'Way My Savior Loads Me.' 'lano'accompanlment was played b> ilrs. Burroughs. Lovely refreshments "Avero serve- ly Mrs. Burroughs, assisted by Mrs Jlaudo L. Ratekln. .Enjoying th tieetlng with them wire Mesdame Myrtle Neunteld, Haty? Buck, Nelll Stiles, H. E. Carter, Tf. E. Trask Todd aarrott, Elmer E; Lobre. F. W Dickinson, M. J. Dyer, O. O. Barnett L. Calkins, Huntley Webb, Dins iioro 'Parish, Ruth Sllmmon, Edit Jixon, Clarence Rodgers, Dolll Ratekln. Also the following chi dren, Beverley Joan Garrett, Gera dine Mae Ratekln, Margaret Bllm mon and Eugene Carter. Wasco Group Goes to Maricopa Meet WASCO, Sopt. 25.— A group of young people from the Christ's Am mssadors of tho Four-Fold Gospe Church attended a district rally ai Maricopa, Monday night. Miss Mo dora Combs, evangelist and muslcan who is conducting revival services In Wasco this week, opened tho moot Ing and had charge of tho song service. Those who attended from Wasci Included Reverend and Mrs, L. H White, Misses Combs, Ruby Frantz Esther Steinberg, Katherlne Stub belfleld, Cosma Fortnway, Eleano' Wood, Harvey Frantz, Herber Frantz. Willla Kummerflold, Rolan< Dagartz, Waldemeyer Melberg and Mrs. Dargartz. ' HOW TO OVERCOME ITCHING PILES If you nro annoyed with Uohtn pl)g« or rectal soreness, do not neg lect the same or run the risk ot a oiicrutlon. Any Itching:, soreness o painful pasHacro of stool la nature warning and proper treMment »houl bo nflcurod nt once. For thlii pvjrpos got from your druggist a little Ice Mint and apply onoe or twice dally Thla cooling and soothing prepara tlon quickly rollovoa the Itching an soronoHH, Htops pain and healg tno el footed parts. Try It. Ice-Mint I highly recommended and U easy an plunxant to u06. U «oema th6 heigh of folly for nnyono to risk an opera tlon when a simple remedy that is B easy to UNO may be had at such ema cost.—Adv. G RU NOW Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phoni 1420 1682 Okiittr Avtnui Topics Announced by Ministers for Sunday's Services in City (Bpeotol to The OaUfontian) WASCO, Sejit 26.—Keverend S* Carlyle Schoeffer, pastor of tha Methodist Episcopal Church haa ? :hosen > for hla toplo for next Sunday morning's aarmbn, "The Tfag- 'dy of a Minimum Religion in an Age of Maximum Demand." In tho vdning the Reverend Mr. Sohacffer ill speak on the topic, "Hearta That unger." Morning aeWWea a* announced by the pastor are Sunday school at 9:45, preaching at 1L Spe- lal ipuslo will be presented. Evening services: Ep worth league at 6:4B, with Olll Wright, leader; Jlngrfest and preaching at 7:30. Bible study on Thursday, evening at 7:80. Topic, "Comfort Chapter of St. John's gospel." Reverend O..-B 1 . White, the new pastor of the Church of the Nazarene will apeak on tho topic, "Walt- ng Upon the Ix>rd." Sunday morn- ng at 11 o'clock and for the evening service at 7:30 his toplo will be 'Seeking and ' Finding," Toting People's service at 6:45 p. m.; Sunday school convenes at 9:45 a. m., Mr. Jean Moore, superintendent; midweek Bible study Wednesday ' evening at 7:30. . >v At the Four-Fold Gospel Church, ReVerend L. H. White, pastor, evfcn- grellstlc services which commended Tuesday night will continue indefinitely ea£h evening except Monday. Miss Medora Combs of Santa. Rosar< who has just completed a series ; pf evangelistic services at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Bakersfield, will conduct the meetings and will sttig t saored numbers. Meetings will commence at 7:45. Sunday morning services are Sunday school at' ; 10 o'clock; morning service at 11. Mrs. Elizabeth Devlne Is superintendent . of the Sunday school. A Christ Ambassador's meeting will bo held at • l):4B p. m. Everett Devlne will lead. The Church of Christ,'which, congregation holds services In St. John's hall, is announcing Sunday morning Bible study at 10 a. m. and evening service at 7:80. • CANARY ALIVE AT 26 ATLANTA, Oa., Sept. 26. (U. P,)— Bill, a-canary whose yellow feathers * are fading to gray, will bo 27 years old next February. The unusiially old canary Is owned by Mrs. W. Ii. Campbell of Atlanta. _ NEW COLLEGE NAMED TOLKDO, Sept. 25. (U. P.)—De-' Sales College Is tho name for a-new Catholic Institution to succeed St. John's University, operated for many years by Jesuit fathers.. STUFFY^ HAD A few drops up each nostril reduces swollen membranes, clears away clogging mucus, brings welcome relief. VlCKS VA TRO NOL 30t double quantity 50t . SUN KONQ HERB CO. CONSULTATIONS FREE Wonderful h«rl>* for chronla and uout« ailment* of the kldimys. liver, -stomach trouble, «to, K*p«- elally orfeoUve for all kind*, ot venereal dl»«h**a. IterbB offer tm- ^ddlAto relief. as$0 K St., C9fn«r of Twenty.third Will Your Winter Floors Be Warm Enough for This Young Fellow? Plan Now for the Winter Cold Investigate the WARD FLOOR FURNACE. .. You don't have to worry about frigid floors or cold corners in a room that i» warmed by a WARD Floor Furnace. A WARD draws in the cold air from floor level... warms it against the sides of the sealed com* bustion chamber and returns it in gently flowing volume, fresh and clean as sunshine, that penetrates the entire room area. . Ventilates as it heats... changes the air completely from three to six times an hour. Thermo-Control... an exclusive WARD feature... keeps the temperature just as you wish it. All fumes, odors, burnt gases are Tented to the outside of the houic. A WARD Floor Furnace can be installed in less than a day... no basement needed. AU that shows in your room is a handsome register at floor level. , Tho WARD Floor Furnace is on display here. Com* in and see the advantages it offers. BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE 2015 Chester Avenu* LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR OF THE Phoni 231 FLOOR FURNACE

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