The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 2
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PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY SALE! Big Savings in Band Instruments GUITARS stork of trade-Ins und repossessions at clean-out prices. $4.95 and up CLARINETS Amazing values in both wood n nd inctnl models. Approved' Boi-lim systems. All com- plcfcly reconditioned. Priced I»H low us $22.50 Free Private Pun American Reported lo Hove Discovered Deeper Productive Sund High lights of tbo spectacular Williams nrou on tho W«st. Hldn, are the discovery of it possible new <ill none bolbW Ihn snronil Williams , Kami, tlii' liHT«'Unf> to IHC^ barrels per day of Quality Oil Company's Hull No. .1 from an Initial of 710 barn-Is, and tho suspension of Dankllno Oil Company's proposed reconditioning Job In an old abandoned well bo- cause a survey showed II wandered off tho property. Barnsdall Outpost Well Is Completed at Mountain View SAXOPHONES All uUes, all makes. 12very Instrument In 100% playing condition Many prlcod lomi than half original value. 1'rlcoH ntart at $15.00 TRUMPETS Muoiichor, Conn, Holtun, King, . . . . . This Is your chanco to buy a flrul-gradn nu<nt for us llttlo- an $23.50 l''n<o 1'rlvato I,CUMMIN Trombones You'll bo do llBUtoil with tlm prlcoii on our trombones. Good InslrunumlH, tully guarantied. 1'rlcoil UH low un $15.00 Drums Xylophones Flutes, Violins Banjos, etc. All included in thin mile. Come in and look over our hni'Kiiin counter. . . tliiusiinl happenings to be the regular thing In this urea. It Is snld that almost evory well "ran tell n. tain." Earlier In Ihn wonk frank OoUlman finished drilling a •lant'id bole down a narrow 40-foot IOUHO In one month's tlnio, with Ui« uld of 18 whlpslockH and 00 slnglo shots. L»Nl week a iifiiii^irngpdy occurred at tho prlvso well of tbo area when it wns filled with mud by a nearby drilling well. This Is C. C. M. O.'B discovery well, No. 17. which wtis pumping MM allotted 800 barrels dully, but now Is doing only 160 after tho mud bath. Deep Hand Cored Cores Of Ihn now deep snrnJ, which ! was uncovered In I'mi-Ainerlean I'e- Irok'uni Company's Dueim Fo No. 08, HOCllon 2", 02-211, aro said to show questionable naturallori so Its capacity cannot be predicted. Commercial production would prove ii]> cotisldcr- ublc acreage on th" went edit" of the leiiHO und Connecticut ly tin; company IIIIH cemmilecl 10%.|nnh casing at XIO.'I fnot on I ho now slrlUo. niul u production tnsl will tin nnidn ns noon us I ho uomnnt has burderiorl. Depth Is II100. Hoth thn first und sucond WllllaiiiH sands, which are produe- tlvo a short distance west, were barren hero. tA A. NlfcllBERT «B nrtw an "oil '- man" Inasmuch a/» Barnsdall Oil Company has completed a well flowing 350 barrels per day on his property In north Mountain View field, section 19, 30-20. Influence of this completion Is far-reaching. It oxtcndH thl« portion of the field two locations cast, practically proving Buffalo Oil Company'* No. 4 which is now drilling. Ali<o it drawn attention to the largo lease farther cast In the same section which General Petroleum Corporation bought In fee from Jame« Porter several months ago. All this land was considered out of the picture a year ago. The hole wan drilled to 4070 feet, plugged back to 4875, and 85/8- inch casing net at 4759 on Cltanac oil sand. Oil is of 21.0 gravity and the cut IK 5 per cent. The output of 350 barrels is an estimate and the well's eapaclly muy turn out to be larger when an accurate gauge IH taken. STARLIGHT John Tyler Takes Zenda Mine Lease John Tyler, well known In tbo Mo- Juvo ctlHlrlut, mill former l«nsi>r on Kolediul inounliiln, ban tithiin n IIMIHC on th«i lallliiK plln "t Ibu Xoiida gold mine near Lornilnc, on C'nlloni" crcelc about l» inllr'" oust of Ciillfiito. Timbers Down 105 Peel, Mine Shaft MO.1AVW, Kept. 2B.—Timbers have boon sol to depth ot 106 feet In tho shaft whloh Chris Amlersop Is sink Ing on tho extreme southeast corner Df section 3(1, 11-18, south of Mojave. A Ingftrsoll-Uand portable cornpres- sor IH being Installed and limbers for a now hoad frurno aro on the Kriiiind. Th» Hbuft Is Htlll In Ihn overburden whloh IH (incoming mnro solid wlib I'lirh succeeding round anil which shows considerable cryslnllza- lion. Tim Hbiift. will bo continued until bndrook Is onnounterod, ac< oordlng t" Frfcl A. Healo of Bak orsfli'ld, who bus tbo properly un dcr louse from Ihn Worden Chomlca ('(iiTi|inny of Hun Kriiiiclsco. HACK TO Oil- KOKMATION A nice In Ihn oil MllulH by tw rival wollH IIIIH slurlPd In Litlievltnv in-i-a ol Kinwt flftlcl on section 2f> 1!! 24. Merrill Annex Oil Com pnny's Krlod No. 2 nt prosent I iibfiid nt 1000 fnet, with Alford Ol Company's 1'rlcfl No. fl ncross tb lliif, "licurhiK down" ut 500. Olsen and Lewis Shipping 25 tons Weekly lo Burtons' Mill ul Tropico (Hpeelat lo The OaH/ornlan) MOJAVI8, ftipt, 26,~8hlpmonUJ of re from tho OlSen und Lewis loose n tbo Hturllght claim on Holadad luiintuin uro being made to the Burton brothers mill at Tropico at ho rate of about 25 tons per week. A recent shipment carried values of .80 ounces of gold and 0 ounces if silver per ton, according to mill .ssays. Tim oro is coming from a drift )n tho 100-foot level, tho vein mater being a quartz, between a hang- tig wall of rhyollto and calclte, and footwall of blue rhyollte. An ad- Itlonal crow has been put on and •Inking Is going ahead, the shaft having reached a depth of about 1BO eel. *A station will bo cut on tho :CG-foot level and a drift run 180 'eel to tho north. The property Is hold by Olson and Lewis of Mojavo under lease from .ho Lodestar Mining Company. COSO COMPANY HtlTPS mm (;RADIO OHH A shipment of high grade oro 'rom tho Josephine mlna near Darwin was received at Burton Brothers' mill lust week. Tho ore cdmo from ho CoSo Milling Company, C. L, HUIiitier, miin&ger. runnings made at tho inlnn indicate values of approximately an ounce of gold per Lon. A shipment was also reclvcd from A. B. Freeman who Is operating tho Old Dominion mind near Ludlow. This Is one of the regular shipments that aro being made, tho oro averaging about ono mice per ton In gold. Tho Desert Uold Mining Company has rnudo small shipments from tho Hope lease on Holedud mountain for the past your of ores averaging JIB per ton In gold and silver, accord- Ing to tho records at the Burton mill. Recent Developments Summarized A********* «*~~*.<By JOHN Lease Slated tip,, Mcrease Gold Production L OOKINO back over oil new» o£ the past weok, developments at Retervo Oil and Gas Company's wildcat oast of Grapevine stand out as having greatest significance. The well flowed for seven hours, producing 22 gravity crude at the rate of 25 barrels per hour. Although producer subsequently Banded operators are .convinced they tee California it« , in tho sun OB one of the foremoBt oil-producing •tales of the unWti, ^ ! • . , Shell opttratbM ddrtfd a total of 640 feet of 6ii»nearln*B formation encountering sliale attain at bottom of the zone. Far-sighted Bakcrsfleld , business SJWe, Sek. *6,- ofeerattdnsf beW ;. tty J. H. JACKSON HAWAII'S TAX VALUE 8IST HONOLULU. Hopt. 20. (U. P.) — Tbo nHHc,'Hsed value of real and por- Bonal property for taxation purposon In Hawaii totals $37K,.172,483, according to a report of Territorial Treasurer W.. (.:. MoClumiglP. That Is an avornge'of nearly $1000 a person. tho up, ... have at last opened a commercial field In tho southeastern Up of the valley. Heservo reportedly Is preparing to make another try for production in tho old Ulchlp well, located In the southwest corner of tho section In which the discovery well is located, and other cbmpanles are taking an active Interest In the area. The 101 Oil Company Is rigging up to drill half a mile southwest of the Klohie well, Ohio Oil Company is drilling a wildcat 2 miles to the north and Associated Oil Company Is core-holing tho district. Unroln Petroleum Company Is entering the new urea opened by Associated Oil Company north of Lost Hills with an outpost project to bo drilled on a location one tnlln southeast of AssoClated's Williamson wells. After drilling Williamson No. 4 to a total depth of 1785 feet, Associated operators have determined that the fourth xono Is barren. Tho well will Jio plugged back'to produce from the second and third zones. An attempt to tap the deep Wugonwheel xono at North ,Bcl- rldgo on the west sldo of the structure ts being made by Associated Oil Company, which Is coring for tho oil sand at close to 8200 feet In Its Howard No. 6. Drilling for tho past two years has been confined to the southeast flank. Speaking of "significant" developments: The oil umpire's summary of August well completions shows seven wells finished at Kottleman North .Dome, all producing by gas lift and averaging 1500 barrels dully. What a contrast lo tho 10,000-barrel gushers of llltlu more than a year ago! The only big flowing wells completed In (ho entire state during August wore two nt North Hel- ridge. They were IJelrldgo Oil Company's well No. 17, flowing 1500 barrels dally, Und tho mnno company's well No. 18, credited with a potential ot -IGOO barrels dully. It becomes Increasingly evident, however, that Shell Oil Company's Htriko near Old utver will guarah men and property owners are Wok Ing forward to one of tho most prosperous periods In the history of the community during-tho next several years. Development of the new area undoubtedly will proceed ai a 'modi orate pace, lacking, perhaps,, «6rrie of the feverish excitement characteristic of most oil booms,' but Insuring steady employment for hundreds of men over a considerable period of time. Nor Is It proven that Shell controls the "whole works." Standard and Ohio are trying hearby locations, and Associated IB drilling on the valley floor farther to the north and west. Word came tills week that Superior Oil Company Is preparing to drill on a wildcat location 8 miles south of Hosetlnle—nuuwny between Shell's Ten Section field and the Fmltvale oil arcit. A. T, Jerglns Trust temporarily has suspended drilling operations at Kdlson, and the field is virtually quiet. Many locations remain 1 to be drilled In the future, however. •Idplng , - Jlhjf\ Started this week, the tonnage^from ,ttte Raab & Hwwood lease oV the Excelsior ol&lm should be materially increased. Shipment* oC»ttt»pro*lmately 16 tons per week aNi, being made -to the Western Graphite' Company's mill at Lake Hughes, C. W. Jones, general manager, with the ore; carrying values of from $20 to $30 per ton In gpld and silver, according to mill reports. . . The ore Is being produced from developments foilhd Ifl a quart* Vein between rhyollte walls. A drift Is being run to the north on the 100-foot level, the vein at this, point avera^lhg ffbm '16 to 40 inches In width, ', ^__ ii ^_ VAIXABU OPBRATORS uNNjNG Dhirts DrlftB af6 being run both, ways rom a recently finished station at he bottom of a winze being sunk rom the tunnel level of the Wallabu Mining Company's property' on sec- Ion 0 ah. the Murphy Buttee east of OIL AGREEMENTS Union Plaits Two Production Tests . Production tests are duo at two Union Oil Company outpost wells whose success will extend their prospective areas. Big production is not anticipated from Pcrsues No. 1 In north KerH Frdnt, the company's initial well on a 80-acre lease In the northwest 'quarter of see lion 11, 28-27, because the oil zone Is thin. The hole was drilled to 2364 feet, plugged back to 1843 am 8%-lnch casing was cemented at 188.0. ' -••• Possibilities at Tribe No. B-l, sec tion 28, 27-28, look better. This la seeking an extension of the cross fault south ot Mt. Poso field. V6d dor oil sand to be tested lies at 1878 1908 feet. Drilling Is being done with "Old Betsy," a puortablo Hop per rotary which has lasted through numerdus campaigns. ; Springs. . The drlfu are being run on a 8V4; fpot vein ot slliclf led and abreclated rhyollte, between a rhyolite footwttll and 'an amonzonlte footwall. The gold In the 6r6 is becdhilng; codraer and' the values Increasing, according to tme management, with assays of from $0 to $14 per ton >elng run by Alan M. Brooks of Bait- caster. • An alr-condltloning system , haa been lantttlled and «, larger oomprea- sof Is being negotiated for by Percy Blodgett, engineer In charge tin the property. Honolulu to Drill ; Buena Vista Hills Coming to life on tho \Vejit St<Je after a long "hibernation," Honolulu Oil Corporation la laying foun4atlo«* for a new well In Buena VIsta'Hlns, the company's first well of the year on ItB extensive holdings here. , No. 8 will Diagonally offset TBt Helens t Petroleum Company'B recent successful deepening job to the sub-muUnia zone, ""...'• Tho location Is 743 feet north and 256 east of the southwest corner of , section 14, 32-24. Edward M. Allison to Marie W. Cuanlng—Assignment leasS as to southeast quarter of northwist quarter of northwest quarter of northeast quarter, section 21, 26-18. Western Petroleum Company gives notice to Loren W. Babcock of termination of drilling and operating agreement as to southeast quarter of northwest quarter and southeast quarter of northeast quarter, except north half of northeast quarter of southeast quarter of northeast quarter, section 27, 32-23. Western Petroleum Company to Italo Pelroleum Corporation of America—Drilling and operating agreement as to above property;' drllllnK clause 80 days from September 4, one-sixth royalty. O. W. Burrows ot ux to Goorgo W. Shearer— Lease dated June 30, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drilling clause, northwest quarter of northwest quarter of southwest quarter, section 36, 28-26 (portion Taylor'cotn- munlty lease). California-Western States LltfS Insurance Company to Trlco Oil and GUB Company—Lease dated July 17, 193G, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drill- Ing clause; north half section 20, 28-24 and south halt section 27, 26-23, and property in other coyntlea GAS ON STOMACH CHOKES BAKERSFIELD LADY! IS GRATEFUL FOR VAN-TAGE Special Terms No Down Payment PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 1512 Nineteenth Street ....and Stetson, sets the pace for quality and value, too! Men have come to expect two things of Stetson; styles that forecast the trend with a sure knowledge, and quality that is the heritage of four generations of hat craftsmanship. The distinguished collection of Stetsons presented by Harry Coffee's include those that will set the style pace this fall, The new wider brims, lower crowns... the nonchalant snap brims, dressy bound edge and the British type Homburg are all here at Stetson headquarters. 3. '6. '7! 50 FRESNO •;• •;- •> -> BA K E'R S F I E L D THE NEW BOYS' SHOP at Harry Coffee's INVITES YOU « ... It is very attractive, this fine n6w shop and we do hope you'll come in. to look it over. We want you particularly to see the boys' apparel values we have for you. A new! department, to be sure, but no departure from that well-known policy of asking as little as we. can.. .rather than as much as we might. * And whether your specific problem be one of little lads, bigger boys or student sizes you'll now find iii Bakersfield a boys' department •whose stocks are big enough to gratify your every wish and whim for him ... at prices easy to reach, HARRY COFFEE FRE.SNO . . BAKERSFIELD Her Food Turned Into Sour, Choking Gas— Had to Struggle to Get Her Breath-^-"l Bottle Van-Tage Brought Relief From Awful Gas Attacks," . . . Testifies Grateful; Mrjs. Evans of Bakersfleld. Hundreds of local people are transforming their lives through tho wonderful action of the 21 different Natural Herbs contained In the 30 great Scientific Ingredients of VANTAGE. Over 20 million people have already used this amazing formula. How quickly Van-Tage acts upon Internal organs is well demonstrated in this experience of Mrs. Louella Evans, Route 3, Box 212, Bakersfield. She writes, "I have been bothered with gas on my stomach for years which grew so bad that I would almost smother after eating and had to struggle to even get my breath. Awful Gas Attacks "I am certainly grateful to Van- Tage for the prompt relief It gave me when other measures had failed. It goes right to the spot. After taking only one bottle of Van-Tage I found relief from those awful gas and smothering spells. Sleeps Better Now "I also slee" much better at night, thanks to the beneficial and sooth- Ing action of Van-Tage, which has had a groat corrective action on my bowels and has regulated them. I now feel so much better all over that I am eager to endorse Van- I Tage and recommend it to other people who have trouble with sluggish stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels. What Van-Tage Is VAN-TAQE is nationally recommended by leading druggists, and "After lulling only one of Vtiii-Tiige I wiis relieved ot terrible smothering spells and my health greatly Improved," writes Mrs. Evans of Bakersfleld. contains a combination of Ingredi- cnts found in no other formula. Those Ingredients mix with the food n one's stomach, thus.throwing off poisons that foster stomach troubles. It will cleanse your bowels (gradually—not drastic or severe) and tone them Into better dally action. What Van-Tage Does It will bring out awful gases and Impurities (frequently from the first dose) which may have been Inside of you for a long time,- causing you many days of misery with headaches, dizzy spells, skin erUptions, foul breath, broken sleep and rhou- ' matlo affliction. And, best of all, the cost is small, While it Is being introduced hero; anybody can take VAN-TAG IS for a few cents dally. 80, If sluggish ' Stomach, Bowels, Liver or Kidneys are keeping you in misery, It wou!4 certainly be a mistake not to try VAN-TAGE. To meet the great demand for VAN-TAGE In this vicinity, It Is now on sale at the Eastern Drug Store, the Owl Drug Store, and all druggists In Bakersfleld, T&ft and Maricopa. Start using VAN-TAGE TODAY! ACMIt MW HANDY PAK ««<** "fatal*" tolfet •( ACMI Mr, S«v« ••*• trip* I* lit* iUr* «M rctwrn »M M «mptlM M wtttti tfcl* •(•n*mlc«l llflhlw»tflM p««k«t*' A6MI l««r to StolnUi" Hh »v«ly In y»w r«M|*r«t«r. wHh Mw« C*»Hy li»tr«4t*nl«. Distributor BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 1129 Nineteenth Street, Bakertfleld <f • " ii • '• , 'i->;"? ••; '' . '- '* " •• '' .',/.-• '•;."' . .".. . ... •'. i V- *. •'.-.,• •*ii

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