The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 1, 1963 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 10

Ottawa, Kansas
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Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 10
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THE OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, May 1, 1963 News riefs .- J. Ifazen, 417 South Locust, Irported to Ihe police today that a tool box was stolen from his pick-up (ruck while it was parked ,jn the drive in the rear of his home. The Ihcfl occurred during (Pie night. The box, was reported .^p have contained $50.00 worlh of ^Rummage Sale—May 4, 8 a.m. W 315 S. Cedar. Re-Organized tatter-Day Snints. Adv. J'Mrs. Bcrnicce Childs, Wells- J5He, has been appointed clerk cfiT the Franklin Township Board, replacing Lawrence Murphy, Wellsville, who resigned as clerk {a fill the post of trustee created by the resignation of Donald Averill who resigned last momth to iyscept an appointment as Franklin County' Commissioner. Averill yas appointed to the Board of Franklin County Commissioners fill the third district commis- f on post left vacant by the death $f J. H. Button, •"Rummage Sale — Saturday, $ay 4, at 131 S Main. 8:00 n.m, Appahoose Baptist. Adv. "Richard Don Miskimon, graduate of Williamsburg Higli Schoo fnd son of Mr. and Mrs. Ro Miskimon of Williamsburg, ha been hired as coach of all sport in the Galcsburg Schools for 1003 64. He was a two-year Icltermti •NM-t ** at Pittsburg State and n two-yea jiSUerman at Tola JuCo. j; "Decision Magazine," a publ. ration of tho Biliy Graham Evan ^slislic Association, will begi publication in French and Gci with the May edition. Th fesocialion hopes to begin publ intion of Spanish - language cd fpjr) of ''Decision" before the en w 'Oils year. g Bills Piano Tuning. Phono Cl Ad JDr. Martin Bix>ckway is leavin Thursday for three days to a Kansas Chiropractors Associt tend the annual convention of th Won. The meeting is to bo hel in Wichita. Dr. Brockway is o the, program Thursday ovenJn to: sing "Open tho Gate of th Temple" at tho memorial scrv ice. 1 He will be accompanied b his sister, Dr. Marian Brockwaj chiropractor. Female Flyer Works Alone HONOLULU (AP)-Betty Mil er, 37, who made history Tuesda; by flying her small plane from California to Hawaii alone, sal she had only one hours' fuel lef when she landed. "I should have had three hour left, but I wasn't worried," sai the Santa Monica, Calif., house wife. Looking fresh, Mrs. Miller opened the cockpit door of her twin-engine Piper Apache and yelled lo welcomers: "How's tin ground feel?" Her 2,400-mile flight from Oak land Airport to Honolulu Intema tional Airport look 17 hours 5 minutes. The Hawaii trip was the first leg of her planned solo flight to Brisbane, Australia, a 7,100-mile ocean-spanning trip ihat will include slops at Canton Island and Fiji, She is flying a reverse course taken by Amelia Earhart in 1937 when she and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared without trace while attempting to fly the Pacific. Mrs. Miller said she will rest in Honolulu for " a day or two" before continuing to Canton Island. She had been expected to continue the:flight a ft er re fu e ling in Honolulu. Jayne Finds New Spouse HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Freshly divorced in Mexico, Jayne Mansfield arrived home Tuesday night on the arm of Nelson Sardelli, the Brazilian-born night club entertainer who had accompanied her on the trip south of the border, Sardelli declined to answer questions about when they might wed. The divorce was granted earlier yesterday-in Juarez, Mexico, by Judge Miguel Guerra on grounds of incompatibility. Of ex-husband Mickey Hargitay, Miss Mansfield said: "Mickey is a great man. I respect him but we just could not get along." Projects Undertaken As one enters the metal work department at Ottawa High School, located in the junior high building, a scene of bustling activity meets one's gave. Lee Olm- slcad, the teacher in charge of mclalworking, explained the courses available to students. In the freshman year a general shop course may be taken which includes three twelve-week periods of mctalwork, drafting, and woodworking. This is more or less an exploratory course for beginning students. After n person selects which course met alwork, drafting, or woodworking is bcsl for him, a student takes Metal J, a more detailed course in his mnjor field. Metal II, for juniors and seniors only, is more technical and farther advanced and gives the student more experience in his chosen area. Projects niny be undertaken by any student taking Metal I or 11. Some of the most popular projects are bench grinders, drill presses, drill press vices, small power hacksaws, mini-bikes and go-carls. One student this ye;ir is even making an aluminum boat. The equipment used for various projects arc arc welders, hcliarc welders, oxyncelylcnc wcl dcrs, and materials in the machine shop. The advanced class takes frequent field trips, in order to get some idea of working industry. This year the students visited Sheffield Steel Co. and Dclco Battery Co, in Olalhc. Lcc Olmstoad explained I h c field trips by saying, "Regardless of whether the student plans lo altend college or nol, Ihcso Irips may give him some idea of whnl he would like lo pursue in Ihe future." Surprise! Helen Ledercr, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Ledercr of near Pomona now knows about surprises. Recently h er mother called neighbors, the Jim Bccsleys, on the phone and seemed a b i I frightened. She said a car hat driven into the Ledercr driveway, but no one had gotten out of the car and she was afraid it was someone trying lo aleal something. The Bccsleys climbed into the family car and drove quickly to the Lederer home. As they drove into the driveway back of the strange car, Mrs. Ledercr turned on the y a r (! lights. Out of the strange car stepped her daughter, Helen, and her boy friend, Ray Ramshaw ol Michigan Valley. Helen is in training as a nurse nt Stormont-Vnil Hospital in Topeka. Her boy friend hnd driven to Topoka to bring her home nnd she had planned Die visit as a surprise for her parents. Drinking Driver Causes Fatality KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) Gilbert L. Harrison, 38, of Bonnor Springs, was killed early today in the collision of his pickup truck and a station wagon which xilico said wns traveling in the A'rong direction in the westbound ane of the Muncie Expressway n Kansas City, Kan. Harrison, the father of two children, was reluming home from ivork. • The driver of the other veliicle, Albert R. Wcddlc, 38, Kansas City, Kan,, suffered a chin laceration. Police placed charges of driving on the wrong side of a divided expressway and driving while in- oxicaled against Weddle. CLOSE YOUR EYES, I'M COMIN' THROUGH! - Rosie Lister, senior nnd member of the OHS journalism staff, enjoys swinging as she gathers information for the Ottawa Herald on a reported nudist colqny southeast of Ottawa. Rumor Of Nudist Camp Causes Stir A strenuous hike proved fruitless today for three reporters in scorch of a rumored nudist camp. The cnmp, located three miles cast nnd one mile south of the Rock Creek school house, and just south of the low-water bridge crossing Rock Creek is supposedly a gathering place solely for the use of teen-agers. A Irnil, beginning at the low- water bridge, is worn bare of gross, and follows the creek bank' closely. After a short distance, a crossing of rocks and logs provides entrance into a weed-covered area where the trail' lakes up again. Another crossing and the bordering creek bank notched with small stairs arc tell-tale signs of the campers. Large trees .spanning the gaps from bank to bank provide sturdy if not attractive foot bridges, in various -places around the area. Two signs were rumored to be firmly planted in the ground near the campfire. Although remains of the campfire were found, the signs were not. One was to have been a name marker, saying, "God's Haven," the other merely a warning which stated, "No clothes past this point." The sunbathers apparently took the signs with them after the last meeting, leaving bare-fooed, but not bare-handed. A large pulley, consisting of heavy rope and cables, is rigged with a swing seat, for transportation purposes across the creek at one point. Although no actual signs of nudist sunbathers were found in the area, a group of campers has definitely been using the area for some purpose. Local Markets' Wheat $2.07 Soybeans $2.38 Ear corn 1. Shelled corn 1.14 Milo 1.78 Barley l.lfl Oats 81 Rye 1,1 Bulterfat 47, .42 Grade Eggs 25, 23, 18 Student Dies, Two Injured LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP)-Graydon L. Ford, 21-year-old junior in the engineering school at the University of Kansas, was killed when two cars collided Tuesday on a country ronci about 3'/i miles northeast of Lawrence. Ford lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don K. Ford, on the west edge of Kansas City, Kan., and commuted to classes, The other cur was driven by Q. T. Linquist, 70, and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Alma Larson, 81, returning to their homqs in To- pcku from a visit in DCS Moincs. Lindquisl's «rms were broken and he had severe face cuts. Mrs. Larson had face cuits and a shoulder injury. Both were reported in fair condition at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Ottawans In Auto Accidents Cars driven by James W. Fox, Route 3, Ottawa, and Hiram D. Elder, 920 South Maple were involved in an accident yesterday nt 3:15 p.m. The Fox vehicle was slopped and the other car was p'-occcding west prior to the accident. The Fox car received $5 damage and the Elder car received $10. A second accident, involving .wo automobiles occurred today. Prior to the collision a car driven jy Mr. Nick S. Krist, 817 W. 6th, wns headed south and another driven by Mr. Elmer R, Shields, Wellsville, was going East on 2nd Street. The Krist car received $43 dam- iges and the Shields auto re- leived $6.28 damages. Shields was charged with fail- ng to yield right of way. Rhody's Feasts Surpass Reds' EDITORS NOTE: Stanley Johnson, veteran AP correspondent, watched Ihe Soviet Union parade ils military might through Moscow's Red Square on May 1 on six different occasions. Today he was home watching another kind of May Day rile—Rhode Island version. By STANLEY JOHNSON PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP)-Mil lions participated in May Day activities in Moscow today where Ihe annual parade was held in Red Square. Here in Rhode Island, where the day is observed in another way, there were no parades but plenty of food, Soviet Premier Khrushchev got Fidel Cnslro for May Day; Rhode Islanders got clamcakes. "Litlle Rhocly" is the nation's last stronghold of medieval May Day traditions. But oldsters complained today that even here the ancient customs are dying. There were May Day breakfasts but few May baskets hanging from doorknobs. This exiled Rhode Islander came homo to observe May Day after spending six May Days watching, the masses in Red Square. The Yankees women had been busy baking pies and doughnuts and lights were on early in many church and community kitchens throughout the stale. The fragrance of fresh-baking rolls and brewing coffee mingled with the apple blossoms and the sweetness of May. Hungry May-crs streamed toward the long, laden tables. When I was a 'little boy, we made May baskets of boxes and crepe paper. Then we popped in presents—often only a candy bar —and sneaked off at dawn to hang them on the dporknobs of our best girls' homes before the neighbors were awake. Girls, of course, competed to see who got the most. Who "hung" a basket on whom was supposed to be a deep, dark- secret. But it usually didn't take juvenile detectives long to find out. While these capers were going on, the grownups were heading for the May breakfast. These feasts made Kremlin ban quets look like shoddy ways to eel ebrate "The May" as we called it Clamcakes were usually th< main attraction—cruellers mad< with clam juice and bits of clam Of course there were fruit juices all kinds of cereals, bacon, saus age, eggs, pancakes—especially Rhode Island's own Johnnycakef made with waterground cornmeal Pies, of course and doughnuts o all descriptions. Profits went to the sponsoring organizations. Hospital Notes Admissions Haltie McCune, Cedar House nursing home; Oscar W. Parks Pomona; Roy W. Bones, 814 S Poplar; Mrs. Marshall Allen, 230 W. 7th; Mrs. Lyle. D. Sparks 125 Elm; John Kindle, Quene mo; Tuesday. Dismissals Dave Mudrick, 306 Elm; Tues day. Mrs. Erlin Kalb and in fant son, Baldwin; John Baxter, Lane; Frank Craven, 727 W. 5th; Mrs. Minnie Cain, Wellsville; John Kindle, Quenemo; Wednesday. Head on Crash Fatal To Driver EMPORIA, Kan. (AP) - Leroy Messerschmitt, 24, of Olpe, Kan., was killed in a two-car collision Tuesday night on highway K-99 about seven miles south of Emporia. Sheriff P. T. Harder said Mes serchmitt's car and one driven by R. E. Adams, 61, of Maple Hill, Kan., collided headon. After the crash, Messerschmitt's car struck a bridge and he was pinned in the wreckage. OHS MICHAELANGLOS DISPLAY THEIR ART - Pupils of art instructor Tom Jordan are displaying their best works in the senior halls this week. The public is invited to view the exhibition of the man techniques used by the students, Karen Wilson gazes at the oil paintings done by Mr. Jordon's advanced art students. Karen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Morris J. Wilson, 815 W. 6th, Deaths WARREN G. ODUM Warren G. "Dub" Odum, formerly of Ottawa, was killed yesterday in an auto accident near Warrensburg, Mo. Mr. Odum left Ottawa about four years ago after being employed as a salesman at Moore Chevrolet-Olds,' Inc. Mr. Odum came to Ottawa from Texas. Auto Collision Demolishes Cars PAOLA — A three-car collision injuripg three people occurred this morning at 6:15 on a county road near Paola. The : Miami Sheriff reported that a car driven by Robert Barnes, RFD 1, Paola was involved in a collision on a hillcrest with a car driven by John McClaskey, RFD 5, Paola. Another vehicle following the McClaskey automobile prior to the accident was also involved in the collision. The third car was driven by Robert Keyse RFD 1, Wellsville. Mr. Barnes and his wife, Alta, were hospitalized at St. Mary's Hospital, Kansas City. The other man, McClaskey was treated at the Miami County Hospital and later released. The Keyse car received $141 damages while both the olher cars involved were demolished. Snowy Days Still In May By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cool, snowy, rainy and windy weather chilled and dampened the debut of the merry month of May today in areas from the Midwest into New York State. Snow fell in cold air through the western lower Great Lakes region southward through West Virginia and in western New York. One to three inches of snow was on the ground in areas east of Cleveland to the Pennsylvania border. Gusty winds up to 50 m.p.h. swept some of the region. Two persons were killed in traffic accidents on snow-covered highways in Ohio. Snow amounts measured up to three inches in parts of Michigan and two inches in Indiana, with lighter amounts in other areas. The three-inch cover in Grand Rapids, Mich., was the heaviest on record for the date. Rain and showers sprinkled areas in eastern New York and Pennsylvania eastward. Freezing weather spread across the Great Lakes region as strong northwesterly winds fanned cold air from Canada into the north central region. Temperatures generally were in the 20s and 30s. One of the low marks was 24 in Marquette, Mich. Some of the cool air dipped southward into Kentucky, with the mercury dropping to near freezing in Louisville. Escape Leap Proves Fatal KANSAS CITY (AP) - Thomas G. Roberts, 50-year-old Burlington Railroad fireman from St. Joseph, Mo., died in Baptist Memorial Hospital Tuesday of head injuries resulting from his jump from a speeding locomotive just before it crashed into another train eight days ago. The wreck was at Bigelow in the northwest comer of Missouri on April 22. A three-car passenger train bound from Omaha to Kansas City split a switch and collided with an engine and three freight cars parked on a siding. Roberts leaped from the cab of his locomotive just before the impact arid was the most seriously injured among the 25 persons on the passenger train. Six others were hurt. OHS Bands Plan May 13 Concert As an introduction to the warm spring days ahead, Loren Matthews, band director of Ottawa High School, is busily preparing for their annual concert which he will direct. The program, to be given on Monday, May 13, will feature numbers by the Junior and Senior High bands, although they will perfrom separately. The concert, which is to be held at the Memorial Auditorium, is free of charge and open to the public. Programs will be issued at a later date. SALE DATES Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude— 918 Howard-46. Ottawa RFD 4. *r»nkUp Count? Salt Compaoj Saturday. North Ottawa oa 59. ?? 3 - Mrs. Rollle New Farm Mach n ery & Household Goods " s ' ° ttawa ° n Logan County Buys Road Mowers Two highway mowers have been purchased by the Board of Frank lin Counly Commissioners. The mowers were purchased from Topeka Hiway Mower Inc., Ottawa. They feature rotary blades and sickle • mower units that may be attached to the mowers. The total purchase price of the mowers and equipment was $10,695.00. Topeka Hiway Mower, Inc. was previously localed at Topeka before moving to Ottawa this winter. Payment Plan No Carrying Charge Open Evenings and Sunday Afternoon STEWART MEMORIALS Across from south water tower 118 W. 15th CH 2-3325 . . May 7 — Claude Clemens Household Goods Baldwin, KS. 1. P.M May 8 — Atchlnson Est. Household Goods Sale Prlncton Kansas 1. P.M. Jack Neison Phone 566-3530, Pomona, Kas. Overbrook Livestock Bale, Overbrook Kansas livery Wednesday Every Prttlay - Allen County Uv» «oc» Aji-Hoh nun citv Kansas NATE AND LEONA GIBBONS Melvern 549-3573 Open dates on rarm and household Bales. Every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Household furniture & MISC. Next door to Bank, Pomona, Kansas. Harold Stewart Phone CH 2-4836 May 7 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Neohso Livestock Commission Co., Neosho, Mo. May 13 — Night consignment horse sale. East llth Street, Lawrence, Kansas. May U — State Highway Commission Bldg. and Equip. 1:30 p.m. 10 mile east Ottawa. Kas. 68 & 33 Junction. May 15 Dr. H. P. Peffly, household goods and misc. West Wilson Street. Ottawa, Kansas. 1 p.m. Print} and Son Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 Community auction every ruesaat aigb» 7 p.m., 1136 N. Main. Community sale every Thursdai ntRM. i|3t N Main May 1 — Mr. and Mrs. Ell Bennett closing out farm sale 11 o'clock 2 miles west; '-4 south and W west Richmond, Kas. May .18 — Ottawa Transfer and Storage Co., 308 Walnut St., Ottawa, storage auction 1 p.m. Want Ads Phone CH 2-4700 Save 10% - PayCash 10 per cent Discount ot. Local adb paid by 5 p.m. following day CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 5 p.m Day Before Publication — 5 line Ads accepted up to 9:30 a.m. day of publication WANT AD PER WORD RATES 1 insertion per word 6c 3 insertions per word 15c 6 insertions per word 24c 12 insertions per word 45c 26 insertions per word 90c Cash minimum 48c Card of Thanks 4c per word - 70c min. Local 14c per line (subject to Frequency Discounts) Blind Ads - 50c extra National 14c per line (Not subject to Frequency Notices —9 Tancred Commandry No. 11 K.T. Stated Conclave, Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30 p.m. Fred A. Gardner - E. C. Gerald B Harford - Rec. Personals —14 WANTED: Ride to K. C., Mo. Call CH 2-1979 after 8:30 p.m. Lawn. Garden Equip. —15 USED 21" 4-cycle, 3 horsepower, Engine Rotary Mower, $3.00 down $1.50 ea. wk Firestone Stores, 127 S. Main. Garden Tractor, with cycle bar and Cultivator, Forward and Reverse, Used. Good Condition, Sold.New for $295.00 NOW $89.95 — Don't pass this Value up. Budge Hardware CH 2-2371 Used Power MOWERS $9.95 Up AAALOTT HDWE. TILLERS — See our quality tillers—Belt Drive—forward, reverse. 16" Self Sharpening bolo tines — Brings Engine — Tills through Soil 10" Deep—Timken Roller Bearing — A real quality tiller £109.95. We trade time payments available— Budge Hardware CH 2-23U Instruction —18 PRIVATE Tutoring in my home this summer, many years of teaching experience, CH 22257 after 5 p.m. Male Help Wanted —19 WANTED — Someone to dig approximately 100 post holes with digger. CH 2-5365 After 6:00 p.m. WANTED — Experienced Tire Salesman. Age 21-28. Must be a High School Graduate. Call CH 2-2454 for interview appointment. BODY MEN, need 2 experienced men. Excellent opportunity. Newly located shop, Thirty minutes from Ottawa. Need 1 man capable making estimates, helping with shop management. Write Sam Bush, 1301 Fairlane St. Lawrence, Kansas. Memorial Record OESTREICHER - Funeral services for Agnes Oestreicher will be held in Sacred Heart Catholic C h u r c h Thursday, 8:00 a.m., Father Henry J, Beier officiating, interment following in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. The Rosary will be recited this evening at 8:00 o'clock in the Lamb Funeral Home. Lamb Funeral Service CHerry 2-3550 PERMANENT POSITIONS. ET tablished Company will hire 2 men in this vicinity of the state. Requires limited traveling 5 days a week. Auto necessary. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays at home. Must be available at an early date. Pays $445 per month salary (commencing with training) plus liberal weekly bonus. Send letter to: Gary 1IH..U..I..... C11 /"*.„.,.•< ^ TT^^^J Bldg 700 Kansas, Topeka, Kansas. In your letter give brief work background, full name, address, and telephone number. Personal interview will be conducted as soon as possible. ARE YOU 25 to 50 yrs. old with sales experience or the ability to meet the public? WE WILL TRAIN You to earn above average income in our business which has a proven record of growth. LET US SHOW You the income potential and fringe benefits we offer. Write Earl Smith, 320 W. 33rd., Topeka, Kansas Men and Women Wanted 33 "FARM COUPLEDt 0 work and live on farm, experienced in care of cattle and hogs. Good location in Wyandotte and Johnson County $175.00 per month to start. Modern house. Reply Box J-65. <;-o Ottawa Herald."

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