The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 10, 1971 · Page 45
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 45

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1971
Page 45
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Movie Menu Fox "THE STEWARDESSES" — Three - dimensional look at the world of the "Stews" is one sex - with - a'gimmick movie that is a surprising success. There Is a whole new generation of filmgoers who weren't around for the last three - D craze ("House of Was") and this gimmick is pulling .them in. Picture has no pretense to serious drama and the campy soap - opera saga of the grounded sky - girls adds a touch of humor. Sunday - Tuesday. "SCANDALOUS JOHN" and "BOATNIKS" - Two Walt Disney comedies. First has Brian Keith playing' the part of a mod- era - day Don Quixote, Western - style. And in the second, Robert Morse stars as an accident - prone Coast Guard Ensign. Starts Wednesday, for one week. Flag "BILLY JACK" — Controversial film attempts to comment on most of the problems facing American youth today. Simple plot, the love of a peace-loving woman (Delores Taylor) for -a renegade half - breed (Torn Laughlin), is combined with themes of prejudice, Indian- white relations, .ecology, the generation gap and drugs. Story goes in so many directions at once that, it is difficult to concentrate on any one idea. Sunday - Thursday. "SONG OF NORWAY" Film ressurrection of the 1944 Broadway operetta about Edvard Grieg is set to the Greig music as edited and rearranged by Robert Wright and George Forrest, who also wrote those lyrics that Grieg somehow happened to overlook. The film is a kind of living postcard, full of waterfalls, blossoms, folk dancers, mountains, children, suns, churches and glaciers. Cast includes Toraly Maurstad, playing the young Grieg; Frank Porretta, Greig's best friend; Florence Henderson as Grieg's wife, who sometimes appears to be photographed through gauze; and Robert Morley, Edward G. Robinson and Oscar Homolka, in non - singing roles. Starts Friday. Movie Notes Going to Land of Eskimos By A. H. WEILER (C) 1»71 N.Y. TimM New$ Service NEW YORK - The- Eskimos are coming. Or, rather, the Eskimos are staying put and we are going to them — "we" being the ever - adventurous Martin Ransohoff and crew of stalwart, ^long - johned moviemak- ers. "Producer Ransohoff has purchased rights to "White Dawn," James Houston's recent novel about three whalers who were shipwrecked in 1896 and had to come to terms with the Eskimos, their culture and their climate. The film, to be shot in both English and the Eskimo language, will get under way next spring on ice - cold Baffin Island — 900 miles from the North Pole, where the real-life events that inspired Houston's novel took place. Houston, a Canadian w li o and it concerns an Irishman who comes to this country but continues to help finance the cause for Irish independence by becoming a rum runner. The cast includes Anne Meara, Stephen Joyce, Bill Devane, Richard Mulligan and John Pleshette. ' - > 4-" V WATCHING HER "boyfriend" Skipper Todd (Robert Lyons) kiss Belinda Montgomery drives Holly Near 4 to threaten to reveal her part in sev- eral violent murders in "The Todd Killings." Murder melodrama opens Friday at the Southutch. TV Today . SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 10:30-Make A Wish, 10 ,11 Face The Nation, «, 7, li 11:00—Sacred Heart Program, 2, 3, 11 Guidelines, 12 Big Picture, < college Football '71, 7 Best of Bowling, lo, U 11:15—Open House, 2, 3, 11 11:30-Meet the Press, 2, J, 11 NFL Today, «, 12 12:00—TBA, 2, 3, 11 Directions, 10, 13 NFL FoottMll, t, 7, 12 St. Louis vs. Atlanta 12:30—luues & Answtrs/ 10, 13 1971 World Series, 2, 3, 11 1:00—College Football '71, 10, 13 2:00—Sunday Classic, 10,,lJ — "Miracle of Morgan's Creek" FLORENCE HENDERSON plays the wife of Edvard Grieg, a young Norwegian composer, in "The Song of Norway," scheduled to open at the Flag on Friday. Ayr-Vu "BOB AND CAROL AND TED AND ALICE" — Comedy centers around two young married couples (Elliott Gould, Dyan Camion, Natalie Wood and Robert Gulp) who try to be "swingers." Also, "Cactus Flower," with Walter Mattlvau as a dentist - playboy who tries to keep from marrying his mistress (Goldie Hawn) by telling her he is alread^ married. Plan backfires when Matt- hau falls for his secretary and make - believe wife (Ingrid Bergman). Sunday. "WAR BETWEEN THE PLANETS" and "SUPERARGO AND THE FACELESS GIANTS" — Science - fiction sa gas about the earth being scourged by earthquakes and a wandering planet " with brain" and strange robberies by huge men who act and look ike automatons. Friday - Saturday, Southutch "THE SWAPPERS," "TWO IENTLEMEN SHARING," and "WEDDING NIGHT" - For ye ole Iris fans. Sunday. "THE TODD KILLINGS" Murder melodrama is about Skipper Todd (Robert Lyons), a bright 22 - year - old who is a cult hero to all the high school swingers in a small Southern California town. To prove he is a superman with extraordinary powers, Todd murders tliree young girls and buries them in the desert. Also, "The Baby Maker," with Barbara Hershey as the key angle of a unique triangle. . , a sterile suburban wife asks a pretty hippie (Miss Hershey) to have her husband's baby. Friday-Saturday. Shoot 'Going Home' At Seaside Resort WILDWOOD, N.J. (AP) "Going Home," directed and produced by Herbert B. Leonard for MGM, is being filmed hi this seaside resort town with Robert Mitchum and Brenda Vacarro in starring roles. ••'. Sylvia Miles, who starred hi "Midnight Cowboy," will join the company in Pittsburgh, Pa., when her role in "Going Home" will be filmed. 3:00— NFL Football, 6, 7, 1} — Los Angeles vs. San Francisco NBC Football, 2, 3, 11 - Oakland vs. Denver Davis Cup Challenge, I 3:55—Art Instruction, 10, 13 4:00—Mr. Magoo, 10, 13 1:30—This Is Your Life, 10, 13 5:00—Movie of the Weekend, 10, 13 — "Thre« Cam* Home" t:W—Sportsman! Friend, 2, ), n ' Sunday News, 7, 12 Death VaHey Days, * Civilisation, 8 , 4:30—CBS Movie, 6, 7, 12 "The Sand Pebbles" Wonderful World of Disney, 2, 3,11 7:00-Th» FBI, 10, 13 Firing Line, I 7:30—Jimmy Stewart Show, I, ), 11 1:00—Sunday Movie, 10, 13 — "Five Card Stud" Bonanza, 2, 3, 11 Masterpiece Theatre/ I "Jude the Obscure" l:JOr-Cadfi Country, «, 7, 12 •:00-Phlladelphla Polk Festival, t , Country Music Awards, 2, 3, 11 •:3o-Rollln' On The River, i, 7, 12, IDiOO-News, 4, 7, 12 ~ Seen* Tonight, 10, H KSN News, 2, 3, 11 10:30—Cinema Sunday Night, 2, 1, 11- served as the first civil administrator of West Baffin Island for 12 years, will, also function as technical supervisor on "White Dawn." Except for the three principals — one of whom Ransohoff says will be played by a black actor — all of the roles will be acted by Eskimos. 4 -f > CHESTER ERSKINE is having another cinematic fling. Erskine — a veteran writer, producer and director—had a hand in such diverse items over the years as "The Sailor Takes a Wife," "The Egg and I," "t My Sons," "Take One False Step," "Androcles . and the Lion" and' "Split Second," but his last movie was "The Wonderful Country" in 1959. Now, all of a sudden, he pops up on Fire Island, directing "A Change in the Wind," based on his own screenplay. "A Change in the Wind" takes place during the prohibition era — in fact, on the very day that Lindbergh flew the Atlantic — . IN CASE you haven't already been told, Sven Nykvist is shooting "Viskningar Och Rop" at Taxinge Nasby. -If you don't know what the devil we're talking about, you will when we tell you that Taxinge Nasby is a sumptuous Swedish manor house, that Sven Nykvist is the brilliant cameraman who has worked on so many movies with Ingmar Bergman, and that "Viskningar Och Rop" is Swedish for "Whisperings and Cries," the film now being di iT"*.ed by Bjergman. Sometimes it's difficult know ng exactly what a Bergman ilm is about — there \yere even liose who couldn't quite figure out what Elliott Gould's prob- em was in Bergman's "T h e Touch" — but this one is reported to be about the intense relationships of' three sisters and a doctor. It's set at t h e ;urn of the century and it stars Harriet Andersson, Liv Ullmann and Intrid Thulin as the sisters. THEY DON'T 4- make movies the way they used to — or do they?' Listen to what producer Oliver A. Unger has in the works. "We're remaking a couple of wonderful oldies, 'Treasure Island' and 'The Call of the Wild," he said, brimming over with almost childlike enthus iasm. Unger, a movie veteran, has not forgotten that "Treasure Is land" has been filmed four imes already and "Call of the lid" twice, but that doesn't other him in the least. He's onvinced that what the world eeds now is family entertainment. Besides, his version of "Treas- re Island" written by Wolf flankowitz and starring Mark will include Robert Lou Stevenson's actual ex eriences in writing the nove or his stepson, Lloyd. And his emake of "Call of the Wild" i ertain to concentrate more on adventures of a dog hat joins a wolf pack than 01 he love story that was stresse< n William Wellman's 1935 filn Quickie Divorces Attract Business "International House" A Gift'' Vines Gibson, I, 7, 12 and "It's (Adv.) "SCANDULOUSJOHN," a Walt Disney comedy about a 79-year-old rancher stars Brian Keith in the title role as a modern-day Don Quixote. Starts Wednesday at the Fox. • Looking fora Better Job? i •'.-•' Men and women, ages 18 and over, are wanted to prepare for U.S. Civil Service job openings during the next 12 months. Government positions pay high starting salaries. They provide much greater security than private employment and excellent opportunity for advancement. Many positions require little or no : specialized education or experience. But to get one of these jobs, you must pass a test. The competition is keen and in some cases only one out of five pass. Lincoln Service has helped thousands prepare for these tests every year .since 1948. It is one of the largest and oldest privately owned schools of its kind and is not connected with the Government. To acquaint the readers of this newspaper with the splendid opportunities in Government positions full details have been printed in a^e^r booklet: ^'U. S. Civil Service Positions and Salaries" which will be mailed free to anyone who requests it. No obligation. Simply send your request to Lincoln Service, Inc., 2211 Broadway, Dept 16-6 Pekin, Illinois.,A postcard will do. iO:W-Bost of .Hollywood, lo, 13 — "Baby, The Rain Must Fall" United Fund Film, 10, 13 t 11:00—90 Minutes, 11 Movie, 4 • Cannon, 7 12:15—ABC Weekend News, 10, 11 U:30—KSN Late News, 2, 3, 11 Hearing Is Postponed WICHITA (AP) - A Sedgwick County district court hearing 'on contempt citations against promoters of doggy bing was postponed Friday until 10 a.m. Oct. 26. The continuation was requested by the attorney., for the corporation conducting the bingo playing-dog racing enterprise, Ken's Klub Inc., doing business as Wichita GH Club, Inc. District Court Judge Howard C. Kline agreed to the continuation because of the absence of the regular attorney for the corporation. The first doggy .bingo games were Tuesday night, but were halted after sheriff's officers seized all the equipment on a court order obtained by County Atty. Keith Sanborn. SAN JUAN, P.R. (AP) -! With quickie Mexican divorces outlawed, the Dominican Republic's new seven-day divorce law is attracting U.S. business. Inquiries started flowing in after singer Barbra Streisand and actor Elliot Gould were.di- vorced in the Dominican Republic last July. Lawyers in the Dominican Republic and representatives elsewhere seem to be outdoing attorneys in Haiti,, which instituted quickie divorces last November and December, about the time Mexico banned them. Advertise Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and the Dominican Legislature wouldn' be outdone by a neighbor. It legalized the quickie divorce ir May. Enterprising attorneys set up offices and began advertising ii newspapers published where di vorce is illegal or difficult. Some Puerto Ricans are con cerned about the effect on th morals of . this predominant! Roman Catholic society. Balta sar Corrada del Rio speaking as "a Puerto Rican, a Catholii and a lawyer," said: "It is a shame;to treat such a serious matter with such little reflection. It is also wrong to mato Puerto Ricans go outside their island to dissolve a marriage •hich was made here, wind fleets other people here, am rhich is being destroyed bj onditions here." Three Divorces Corrada del Rio says he ha andled only tliree divorces is 12-year career. The thre nost common grounds for di orce in Puerto Rico are sepa ation, desertion, and physica r mental cruelty. Mutual con ent is not enough for divorc aere. IBS Pag* 17 The Hutchimon Ncw§ Sunday, Oct. 10,1971 with Clark Gable and LoretU Young. Come to think of It, they don't make them like Gabl« and Youhg any more, either.. > 4 + •'? SUSAN MARTIN la one worn- an who Isn't going to be Stopped by male chauvinism among moviemakers. At 29, she ls/;al- •eady a full - fledged prodtSSer- editor,' having served in that capacity on "Punishrtent Park," Pete Watkins's simulated documentary about the brutal treatment of draft eVad- ers that will be shown at the New York Film Festival Oct> 11. Now Miss Martin is looking forward to her job as assistant director and editor of "Tout Va Bien," Jean - Luc Godard's film starring Yves Montandlnd Jane Fonda. Barbra Elliott Corrada del Rio also questions the legality of the seven- day Dominican divorce, which he said did not give time for a party to contest the suit. A Haitian divorce can be obtained for a little as $500 in attorney's fees. The partner seeking a divorce goes to Haiti for three days to set the procedure in motion with an attorney. After that the partner can leave Haiti; the attorney takes care of the rest. SPECIAL FALL —REDUCED ADMISSION— Only $3.00 Per Car Toiiite's Drive-Ill Movies 3 —SIZZLERS-3 NQ^ i "THE SWAPPERS" IN COLOR (R) NO. 2 "TWO GENTLEMEN • SHARING" (R) "WEDDING NIGHT" COLOR --(GP) 2 GREAT COMEDY HITS) WALTER MATTHAU 60LDIE HAWN "CACTUS FLOWER" . —AND ROBERT GULP NATALIE WOOD ELLIOTT GOULD "BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE" OPEN FRI.-SAT.-SUN. ONLY! HELD OVER! 3RD WEEK!! Once yo.u see BILLY JACK you'll riot forget them.* *A violent man and a gentle woman who made the mistake of, trying to care for other people. LAUGHLIN •• DELORES TAYLOR TECHNICOLOR* SEE AT.: 1:30- 3:25 -5:25 7:25 & 9:30- TLAG n»M M • STARTS • WEDNESDAY STAMPEDE OF FUN! WALT ' DISNEY roooucTtoror KEITH • ARAU M1CHCU CAREY• LENZ MORGAN • OAKLAND he's beautiful. WALT DISNEY'S BOATNIKS" (G) .«iwHT,S — JOHN 7.:!5 ONLY •OATNIKS J:15 ONLY JUNE CARTER * CARTER FAMILY CARL PERKINS * STATLER ELVIS IS BACK — Elvis Presley will make an appearance in the Kansas area on Nov. 15. His one* night performance at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium Arena is scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m. Arena doors will open at 7 p.m. The dawning of the age of Aquarius HAIR The American Tribal-Love Rock Musical "IF YOU HAVE JUST ONE SHOW TO SEE ON BROADWAY . . . MAKE IT THIS ONE>» —Cllve Barnes, New York-Times THE FIRST & ONLY KANSAS APPEARANCE at the WICHITA CENTURY II CONCERT HALL MONDAY THRU THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 thru 21 Nightly at 8 p.m. All Seats Reserved — $8.00, S7.00, 15.00 Wed., Oct. 20, Matlnea, 1:30 All Seats Reserved — $7.00, ${.00, $4.00 BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN . . . CENTRAL TICKET AGENCY 225 West Douglas > Phone 263-4717 (Make Checks Payable toi Wichita "HAIR" Show) TIE TENNESSEE THREE HENRY LEVITT ARENA .. WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY THURS., OCT. 21—8 P.M. Tickets at Central Ticket Agency, 225 W. Douglas, Wichita, Kans—Phone 263-4717 All Seats Reserved-^. $5, $4 (Harry Peebles Agency Presentation) HURRY! LAST 3 DAYS! STEREOV1SION PERSONS UNDER 18 NOT ADMITTED CHECKED! All Seats S1.7S (Price Include* 3D Glasses) THE UNPUBHSHABLE^NOVEL IS NOW AMERICA'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILM! EASTMANCOLOR • $HOWN TODAY AT: 2:00-3:45-5:45-7:30.9:15 * Weekniqlrt Shows 7:30 & 9:15 — Open At 7:00—

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