The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 23
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•-.I',-* -,- .' , , . . ' -t - . • * I . 1 L ^ • -.- ' ' --.- ' . ' -' - I * '. -i y- THE BAKERSPtELI) CALlPOttNIAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1936 ,--'--..- ••-.-•• - ' " Business Petroleum anil Minlni En|Ineir t - •. - . - - - I . .1- • - L ' . ' ^^ ^^-. . | 2*0 tUtrtrftlit fiidf. »23 twftfttlftth Phait* 2M6.W For Sal»—Automobiles INT NEW LOCATION 2629 CHESTER AVENUE 1936 Plymouth trk. sedan $685 *"1084 Ford de luxe tudor $466 1933 Ford sedan $386 CHEAP TRANSPORTATION THAT HUNS GOOD Chevrolet coupe $245 Chevrolet coupe $175 Chevrolet coach $85 Ford coupe $145 1926 Chevrolet sedan $40 Open Evenings and Sunday PHONE 831 62 1930 1929 1928 1929 3920 Oakland Hod., furm good, chi. /1D80 Ford spt. coupe, V-s whecld 1929 Durant coupe, 4-specd trans. C. C. DOUGLASS, 20TH AND U S2G 115 48 1934 CHISVROI-iET Master 4-doo% sedan, fine condition throughout, Including; tires and original flntah. Will accept light car In trade. Balance can bo paid out on contract. Phono 4770-W or neo It at 2831 California avenue after G p, m. 47 i TIRES sold on time payments—no finance or carrying charges. A. Friedman Wheel Ik Tire Exchange. . lUiO Klghtenth. Phone 0878. 68 USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent AH Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2180 Chester- Ave, 7-80-U 1934 panel delivery. Ford truck. Actual mileage 27,000. New tires. Call "Sit Oak and Palm streeU. Phone 1320. 48 f For Sale-—Motorcycles * FOR SALE—1931 tX U No. 45 Hurley Davidson motorcycle or trade for equity In car, 2028 Nineteenth street. A»k for Heed. 47 For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR SALIC—Colt pistol, .38 caliber; portable aviary, electric brooder, 200 capacity; 30 .chickens; 8x10 tent, camp chairs, Colemun Htove, fishing polea and reels; small trailer, * sanitary couch and mattrefis, Und miwcellaneotis other articles. No reasonable offer refused, 2007 Bank street. 4!) ^ ! _j ^ . . ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ m «_».^ AVILL sacrifice new muskral fur coat, «lze 1C, cost $160, for $75 cash. Phone 1341. KOR SALE OR TRAD13—Two pool tables, one snooker table, lunch counter equipment. Will trade for good 5 car. TMione 3781-WX. 48 - r For Sal*—MUcellanious KOR SALK—Pulverized, ciulry and * sheep fertilizer. For lawn und garden. Delivered by load or sack. Call 271*2. 1118 Jefferson. 49 IcMffl No. 1 quality—10-oz. 8-feet at 90c 9-fqet at UBc 10-feet at $1.05 12-feet at $1.25 A..II; KARPE IMF. HO J3; 19th St. Phone 915 52 AVIS HA Vte' bulbs on hand now. Cy' primrose and ferns; also KBj lettuce and onion sets. Gold fish. K. Tanaka Greenery, 631 Sixth street. Telephone lGGJi-1. 47 PKIl 1000 KT. No. 4 common ROOFING SPECIALS 00-lb. Slate roofing with fix. Asbestos fibre coating, 0 gals, REDWOOD SIDING 1x4 to 1x10, S4S finish 1x4 Flooring 1x4 Chicken house flooring House paint, all colors, gu.1. 2-0x3-0 Sash. 1 light glassed Redwood poHta, 3x4-6', each SHINGLKS. bundle LESS 5% CASH DJSCOUN' Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 BARGAINS 101 $1.07 $2.50 $20 $-12 $21* $19.00 $1.25 96c 18o 70c Los Angeles °2100 East 38th St. ADama 5171 49 GOOD reconditioned 'Washing machines for sale. MaytagH and other good makes. Also 10 years of expert servicing Mayings. Let mo fix your old Maytag. Call 1027. Bill Pfieffer at McMahan.s Furniture Store. 48 ,PIPB-POn SALE—Ollwell and water well casing line pipe, Irrigation pipe, fence posts, etc. Western Oilfields Supply Co.. 09 highway and Pierce Road. Sign of the big valve. fi7 No. I US12D grain bags for mllo, 5Ho each In lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa seed. Cane molasses In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Joaquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phone 385. 9-S-tf TRACTORS FOR 8ALK One Model L-20 "Caterpillar 1 'tractor. Completely rebuilt. Also ono 43 H. P. Cletrac tractor. Priced for quick sale. Cousins Tractor Company, 1414 Chester avenue. 48 •SEWING electric electric machine bargain*, portable, $29.45. Minnesota pnrtabla, $17.4. r ». Singer . treadle, $12.05. Guaranteed rohullts. Repairs. 1708 K. Phono 6330. 00 sold on time payments—no finance or .carrying^ charge*. A. Friedman wheel & Tire Exchange. 1810 Elghtenth. Phone fl3?8. 68 SINOKR elebtrld portable, $88,45! Treadle, $10. White e!60trld console, like new, $49.60. Expert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phone 0330. 60 FRUIT Jara, while they last, washed, quarts 24c and 34o dozen; pints Ific and 20c dor en; glaaaos, lOc doe en. 717 Sumner street. FACTORY to you. Standard computing Mcale. Freezer cases. Store, restaurant and beer fixtures. Complete, hew and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2019 Cheater avenue. FOR SALE—Pour-wheel trailer. Will haul two bates seed cotton, $76.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1815 H Street Phone 1298 9-12-tf L ' USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1912 L STR1213T BARGAINS IN-MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC. 54 FRUIT JARS—Quarts, £4c; pints, 19c. Wo also buy raffs, bottles, junk of all kinds. Phone 1786 for pick-up wagon. 132 East Twenty-first street. t 6-0-tt FURS—Factory samples. Fur coats, jackets* foxe», collars. Huge ntook. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur Bargains.'* Dow's Wholesale Furs. 133 Kearney, San Francisco. 8-10-tf iuslcal instrumenU M GRAND piano, Baldwin parlor grand, Bl«e 5 feet II. Cannot be told from new. Offered for IGSH than half new prlce-%-a rare value. Smftll monthly payment. Inquire Oalbralth Storage Company, 2712 Chester. 49 — j « - ^- T » - - -« T » In Kern county. Guaranteed, tised pianos, rebuilt In our own shop. Uprights and grands. Large selection of now pianos, Klmball and other makes. All guaranteed. Low prices and rental terms. Valley Music Store. 3623 Nineteenth. BAILEY'S RADIO SHOP Now open. Fine line of Phllco, Delco and O-K radios on display. Also refrigerators, washer* and Ironers. Why not trade in your old on Terms as low as OOc weekly. I. _. Dalley, formerly at Weill'8 now at 1808 I street. Phono 7121 for free demonstration* 7 PIANO for sale, small bungalow, brown mahogany case. Looks like new. Good tone and action. Terms to responsible party. Inquire Galbraith Van and Storage Co., 2712 Chester avenue. 49 For Sale—Furniture FOU SALK—Two new rugs, 9x12. 1G01 California avenue. * FOU SALE—Two bedroom suites, living room and dining room complete. Bargain for cash. 2310 Seventeenth street. NBJW Seamless Axm. Rug, 9x12 Knot Pine Breakfast Set Walnut Bedroom Set, 3 pcs. Double Deck Coil Springs Large Top Foot Stools Liv. Rm. Set, 2-pc. Velour 127.00 $19.50 $49.50 $5.95 $1,00 $55.50 $4.75 $7.50 $12.75 USED Full Size Beds $1.50 to Large Ivory Dresser Mahogany Chiffonier Large Top Liv. Rm. Set, 2-pc. $16.95 100 Steel Cots HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, Corner 18th und N Phone 341 52 FLAT-TOP, all-porcelain enainel ffos range, with Insulated oven, clock, light and regulator. Floor sample, never used. A real buy at $69.50. Davis Furniture Exchange, 2105 Chester avenue. 48 AT THESE PHTCES ON HIGH- GRADE USED FURNITURE: 3-pc. en. bedroom set, perfect $ 3-pc. solid mahog. bedroom aet, |10.75 6-pc. Bolid mahogany dining set 124,75 0.75 Jlft.7Ii $54.50 $49.50 5-pc. walnut dining room nel 2-pc. velour living room set 2-pc. mohair living room set 8-jjc. Monterey dining set, perfect condition, cost now $10D.50 5-pc. twin bedroom net, burled walnut, cost new $219.50 8-pc. walnut dining room set. very large size, table has 4 leaves; cost new $260 $79.50 Several fine living room Bets In perfect condition, cost up lo $150. Hpeclal nt $39.50 POPEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE ArdizKl-Oleeso Bldgr. C23 Bumner St. west of Baker. Phono 1841. 52 ANTIQUE bed, solid walnut, good design, over 100 years old, in perfect condition. A bargain buy. Popel Furniture Exchange. Phone 1341, 47 Poultry and Livestook HORSES for Hftle or rent for the parade; alfto wagons fixed to your or- tlcr. Phone 6050. 403 K Btreet. PASTURE for horscH, close In. Running water, lota of feed. Phontj 6060. 403 K Htreet. KOR 8ALI3—7& white Leghorn pullets, laying 60 per cant. P. R. Krcbs, Route-4, Box 56. FruUvale. FOR SAKE—Saddle horse, very gentle, about 900 pound*; make good cow hor«fl. Evan* Grocery Storo. Hhady Acre* Auto Camp. 49 Poultry and Llvittook BABY aiid Started chick*. Listen, folk§. If you want nice winter fry- o«v buy your chicks now. Closing fall hatch soon. Have now reda, rocks and pure Hanson strain Leg- horna, day old. Have also 100 10-day- oia reda. Better hurry, Rlvervlew Hatchery, old Fresno highway. 47 * i^hT '„ *j . ^nfhVT •V-^A' »*>,*>/;•'$$ " j*.V3 j '*• i-k'J-Jki . ,-r- 3 -* J .-' 1 .C?M: l j ••VV~ :-;*•;'£•:>• £3 lr sf-1 ; ifi^ '-t ->IA*, -.v*' t> ' 'i LAUNDRY SERVICE Uuntfry Strvtot UnDtwtlid— Thit It O&r T«n Different S»rv»e»i «nd iwlo Odwim Dry CiuMni CITIZENS LAUNORY Slxtwnth in* 0 8tr*ih Phon* FINANCIAL LETTER 3fil fryers. Reds, Battery milk fed. "Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, Juicy. Dressed, delivered, 121 McCord. Phone GR37-J. 49 Dogs and Other Ptis . .11.- -....IHII.!.!.,.*.,.!...,,. LOKH^p^...,..!.^^.,,.,^,,^,. Bint) cages Stie. Canaries and para- kcptB I»r»r. Hundred* of rare birds supplies. Shrubs 29e. Pets Third stree!. J. A. HOQLE & COMPANY Member* N«w York Stock JOHN W, CULLITON ' PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS SYSTEMi Mfi-fl PrefMilofttl Qylldlnl Phon* tttl nnd THIS Is National DOR woek. Como and soo all pedl-reed Cooker Spaii- ielH on sal* this week. Blacks und reds, 4 monthB and S months. Just the ago trained for hunting. See Hiiss Waters, 1 block ea«t of Union _Avenuft at Plunge. • 49 "PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nineteenth And C Streili J. C. Ptjrnt J. Bruei Payne Fritf Ptjrne Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous BEST prices paid for bottles, raw. Iron and other junk. Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt n'-vloe. 420 itast Nineteenth. ?'9-86 r tf WANTICD—Old burlap and rags. Buy- L^iL I 2 ol ^°« «nd other Junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 8um- ner street. 0-lG-tf OOUQHTY-CALHOUN.O'MEARA Funinl Dir«ctort and Ambulanoa Scrvica MOO Truxtun Avenue, tt N street Phone 567 Lady AHendtnt Hall Machine and Tool Works Prloej An RI*M—24-Hour*Sirvlo« GENERAL MACHINE REPAIR WELDING AND MANUFACTURING Tw«nty.flrit ftnd Union Avtnut LOS ANGELES STOCKS Legal Notices ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 29700 Action brought In tho Superior Court of tho County of Kern, and! Complaint filed in the office of the I Clerk of the Superior Court of said County. of Kern. JOHN B13ATTTE HUDSON, also known as John B. Hudson, nlso known as J. B. Hudson, nnd HENUT- STT£», J ' "UDSON. his wife; CHARL&S U HUDSON, also known as C. I,. Hudson, and RUTH M. HUDSON, his wife; PERCY F. HUDSON, also known as P. K. Hudson, and LOUHRNA M. HUDSON, nlso known as Lorena Hudson, his wife? SUSAN A. HUDSON, nlso known a** Suule -i alao ^ i THKoDOK Jp known an T. Z. JJ,°^ Iu rr, ny » ana c - w - McMURRAY. J J lalnllffH. va. S. A. FLETCHER and MARY ROR KLETCHER. his wife; K. A. PARKKORD, also known as Jjdwln A, Pnrkford. and ROBKUT BROMB1SRG. Trustee In Bankruptcy In tho Matter of Edwin A. Park ford. in the LAKE ANY South- MARY Bankrupt, Caso No. 27250 IV United Stales District Court, Southern District of California, and MARY JANK PAHKTORD, hlft wife; W. J. BARNHART and lOlsic D. Burnhart. his wife; GUY T-. HARDIHON and XETTA X. HARDISON, hit* wife; H. A. HARDEEN nnd KDNA R. BAR- DKEN, hi» wife, und BARDKEN PE- TROM3U.M COMPANY. Ud. ( a corporation; WIM.ARD MALLORY snd MARY JANK MAhLORY. his wife; VIEW Olt, L.EASF3 COM- WH-T.IAM T. B13M. and % BEM*. his wife; 12. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE RKDMAN. his wife; F. J. HUGHES nnd MARY JANK HUGHES, his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON. Jr., and MARY JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. DOUGLAS nnd MARY JANE D.OUOLAS. his wife; JOHN DOE and JANK DOR, h|K wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANK ROE, hl.s wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a rorpora- tlon, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation, Defendants. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA REND GREETINGS TO: S. A, FLETCHER AND MARY ROE FLETCHER, his wife; A. PAUKFORD, al«o known as kford. and ROBERT . Trustee In Bankruptcy In the Matter of Edwin A. Park ford. Bankrupt; Case No. in th« United States District Court, ern District of California, and ...,.„. JANE PARKFOHD, his wife; W. J. BARNHART and ELSIE D. BARNHART. his wife; GUY L. HAHDISON and /.ETTA N. HARDISON. his wife; H. A. BARDEEN and EDNA R. BARDEEN. his wife, nnd BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY. Ltd., a corporation: WTLLAUD MALLORY and MARY JANE MALLORY, his X'J!«V, T.AKH VIEW OIL LEASE COMPANY; WILLIAM T. BELL nnd BESSIE BELL, his wife: E. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE HEDMAN. hip wife; F. J. TTUGHK8 and MARY JANE HUGHES, his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, Jr.. and MARY JANE THOMPSON, hi* wife; RALPH ami MARY JANE __ . wife; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE. hta wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY. n corporation. Defendants. You aro directed to appear In an action brought against you by the above named plaintiffs in the Superior Court of the State of California. In and for the County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within ten days after the wervlce on you of this Summon*, If H*rved within the County of Kern, or within thirty days If served elsewhere, and you nr« notified that unless you appear and answer an above required, tho plaintiffs will take Judgment for any money or damages demanded In the Complaint, as arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded In tho Complaint. Given under my hand and «eal ^ Superior Court of th« County Kern. Slate of California. May 3030. (Heal) F. E. SMITH. County Clerk of Superior Court, By 13. D. Kueffner, Deputy, n. Douglas Smith. Hontn Maria, California. Attorney for 13, 20, 27; Sept. 3. 10. 17, Oct. 1, 8. 1fi. 22. ™ -L^47 {Atstwialfitt /'retfji Leaned Wire) ANG13LKS, Sept. 24.—Public utility sharoH l«il the tradttt^ on the LOH Angeles Stock Kxchange today, trading In most other IHSUOM being quiet. Trading waa In a volume of only 18,000 shares for tho half-day session. Sixteen issues wore u down and 12 unchanged. Tayloi ing i?ornoratlou hit a new high ami Claude Noon plunged to now low. High Close California Bank 4? Claude Neon Elco Consolidated Steel Kmsco Derrick Hancock Oil A 22% Linooln Peto 16 A. Industries 4% L, A. Q. & R 5 pfd 107 Menasco Mfg 4 Pacific Finance 27 Pacific Lighting .. Republic Petroleum fio. Cal. ICcllson.... Ho. Cal. lad. 6 pfd 28H Southern Pacific . Taylor Milling ... Transnmericu 1SH Union Oil of Calif 22U Wellington Oil 8Ai Mining Stocks Alaska Juneau 17% Mammoth 44 In considering any single operation In the stock market It Is nhVays well to ask oneself two question*. Is it better to buy or shall 1 sell ah Needless to say if n is not a pui then It must he a sale and vice ., In tho nresent market Is H wise to soil or be short of issues generally. Tho answer is that. U \vould be ox- ceedlntrly dangerous with the trend of business and earnings toward higher level*. Therefore tho b*»t policy is to buy stay long and keep funds at work. Markets continue to churn and by It all a firm hnse Is being built for the next stage of the market, lietter than a million shares changed hands today which i« down somewhat from tho last several days but the averngea gained ground If anything particularly the ralln. The* latter uvernges wore up .25 most of which sain oamo in the lust half hour. Uulllah anticipation of car loadings to bo released after tho close seemed to u« tho ba«ls of the strfcngth. Continued strength by the rail di« vision will f»f Itself bo sufficient to carry the Industrial uveragoa Into new high ground. Hut HO far It Is to bo noldd that the market haw maintained Its soundness without tho help of any outstanding news. Ulven news that should Klrlke the Investing publlo then n real bull market will bo bad. Wheat continues its strength as forecast by the new high yesterday in tho December option. Today ul) option finished in new high ground. Th« Htrength IH expected to continue subject of course Intermediate Irregularity until such time as climax buy- Ing la witnessed. Thin In not in sight as yet. Additional purchases should now bo delayed until a minor set back Is had. Tho long term Is little else thnn bullish for wheat. Corn la leas certain. REIGN NEWS FACTOR IN MART short? Effect-or European News Is ivhftse ,,, _ I%A , \ versa. Worn Off in Lnlc Hours FINANCIAL i NKW VOHK. Sept. 24.—Directors «f American Telephone and Telegraph Company authorised today filing with the Securities nnd Kxchange Com in I*» of Day's Trading <.4***or<nfrif /Vfji* t.catat \V1rct NKW YOUK, Ropl. 24. —Tho market mn a alight temperature this forenoon ovor the foreign situation hut felt bettor Inlor and nn of temira on mo back for not gains of fractions to 2 points or so. Profit taking, nt the name time, kept a number of tamtam well In the background. Tho pace was slow after tho opening. Transfers up* proxlmnted 1.160,000 sharps. Nashville shares got _ _ ^_ _ _ H ^ _ _ _ v ^p __ __ ^ ff -•- -r -m ^ T- v T" Mm mm ^mm • - - r- — — mm m- ^ ^ n — of a reulstrntlon Covering Umi- nnae of 1176.000.000 of 8U per cent ture». This Is the largest Usuo registered under the securities net. At tho same time thft hoard ordered the rail for redemption December I. 103(1, of $64,^65,200 collateral trust 5 per cent bonds duo tn l!»4fi m A price ^mm • J— r m of 105. Huhject to tho sole of the new bonds hefore November I, the hoard llkmvlso approved redemption on Jan- unry 1, W7, of 5U7.9S4.700 of & per eont debentures nt HO, Of the proposed new 3* 4 per cent whloh will be due In 25 years, SLIGHT GAINS WESTERN M - '* ' I - Traders Active on Today's Market but Prices Go Up Only Slightly SAN /'rr«* LfdJtfrf U'ire) FRANCISCO, Sept. 24. --•'«•** '-—»•*••« v • « • v »-^x -lit.** • 1 • V V J * •»• "I $150,000.000 will he sold to the public j Stocks kept the tape moving briskly today, but they got nowhere to speak of. There were slightly more gains than losses on both the Stock and ^rMorrs^' n r $ ci "- h ««>>««•*«"">* ^<»™™ dltlon. $25,000,000 will he withheld for hut no excitement either way. SyMcn/Cwmwny" '""' *""** "' ° C " I Tho Crown ^"^bach stocks were * * * 4 « * t .((•**. 22 15 4H 4H 10" 31 20 -V 38 17H .44 SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS /'rcaa Itcawil Wire) SAN KHANCISCO, Sept. 24.—Stock*: Slock— High Lnst Crown Xell. com Vic 10 Crown Zell. pfd A lOti Crown Zell. pfd. H 10S l»i Giorgio Krult pfd 02 L. A. <{. & 1£. pfd 107 Marchant Cal. com 2C^i r. o. & K. com SGH 1*. G. A K. 6% l«t pfd 1(2 Pao. Lighting ooin 52 Pac. Pb. Svo. (new) ftoin.. fi% Pac. Pb. Svo. firm pfd 24 Ry. ]?qulp. 6% first pfd 90 Republic Pete 7U S. J. L. r, 7% prior pf<*. Schleslnger A com 114 Shell Union Oil com 22»* Signal Oil ., 29 Southern Pacific 44 Standard Oil of Calif 10 ior» 62 107 NEW YORK CLOSE MOW VOHK. Sept. 24. RallroAd* StnoH— Baltimore & Ohio Chesapeake & Ohio Krlo Clrent Northern pfd llllnoU up moro than 2 polnta ami Icsnur Improvement was registered by Lib- by-OwoiiH. Ntitlonni DopnrtnuMit 8ton»«, V. S. Smelting. Doluwnro & Hu(lN ( ..n, Southern Paolfic, N. Y. Out ml, Aniurlcun Locomotive, WosUnghouHe, 1.'. S, Hubhcr and Uomo MinoH. Down around u point wo 1*0 Eoat- man Kodak. A morion n Sugar l\o- fining, JohnH*ManvUln utut General Kloclrlc. In a narrow range, moittly lower. were U, 8. stool, Bethlehem, Oen- ernl MotorH, t^bryKler, Montgomery AViinl, -Hoars Koobuck, Mania V>. tJoodrlch. V. S. Rubber, Uoudyear, Du Pont. Standard Oil of Now Jersey. Anaoonda, Kenneoott, American Telephone. Consolidated Kdlnon, North American. Douglas Aircraft. National DintllkM*H t Deoro nnd Inter- nutU>tutl Uarventer. Freight cnr hmdlngH Inst week, estimated at aroiuul 775,000, wan the largi'Ht total for any week, with ono exception, wince 1930. CHICAGO. Sept. W. A. Peter son, president, United Air Une* Tran- 1 active and higher, some 2600 shares of Crown common sending It up U point, while the A gained l point Ml Corporation, announced today'the ftnd "" D * ; othor ^ alna fallcd lo company had be«n nuthorlatul to In- exceed H point. crean* it« nharon of ftto<»k from 1,200.- San Joaauln Power Ts slipped 000 to 2,000,000. The new capita), I down I to a new low at 112 and about .VOO.OOO—will go Into now i T _,,„ <nlt ttn£rirr , r , , n ^ ^ -1 !..— ,._ . « - » ' • Jv f III. • tr*il I L OilKKVCl 1 *1 ami Itinirovoinentfl. ho L A. PRODUCE MARKET TREASURY REPORT 5 27 New York Central Northern Paolflo . 27% Southern Union Pacific Industrial! American Can American Tel. & Tel 44 POULTRY, BUTTER. EGGS ^ I ItCOKCtt Li IS ANUKLKS. Sept. 2*. Butter PrfJM T.OS ANQKURS. Sept. 24.— Cabbago: Local Cannonbnll 76ci£r|t orate, red $1.&0«t.7r». Cn ullf lower: Good OceAito Snowluill crate, ordinary Ciuadalupe T>0 local &0(^R5c, Orapps: San Jonquln vnlley Muscats 2Uff2V 1i c Ib. l»o«t . Ulhl ers. The po- Septem- Krrsno Meauty 12;* * « • i t 4 » 88 V* • tltflftVAvt*, 4 • * * * * t l V • • • * • 42*4 70% iii* 47 • • i * • 4 4 • I * I 40 .i 4 7 112 Hi 9 U 44 H-H ...- 1 u *fj| Ciitorplllar Tractor CMIIos Service Columbia CInn .... Coniiolidtitfd Ons Corn ProdutMs Curtlen-XVrlght ...... Klrwi Nntlonal Rtoro.N Ko\ Kllm "A".. Onorat K.lnoirlo (lenfrnl C.old On CooifypHr Tiro \. Hubboi International llurvrstuer Ttitcrnatlonal Tol. * Tol Jolms.Munvlllo ijci Montffnmery Wiml N'orth Amcrlran I'aolflo ()fl« Klootrlc Radio Corpurntlon Hafflway Stores H^urs-It r, S. Rtibbnr. Villon Carbide A Carbon rnltpd Aircraft HrollKM'H I'riino first* EUQO (Cnhdlcd) -t'lonn extrHM 37c; light cliriy extntii Hflf. rh'un MtanilardK l!!»t dirty Htnni1rvi-<1s l'8o; chcokn 'Jftt MediuniH -rinin rxtrnH LMiv s , ; Uffht dirty oxtriiN IlKht .lirlv y SniitM l?t PoedloHA Korvlnn TlluM* and Lfidy KIngera Kneondldo and local MuticAtti ; local Tokays S*«4f2*.&c. Snnin Marln and Oundalupci dry pack An $2.00^2.25 crate, 5fl $2.00 I* 1 *i Onions: Local Spanish r>A$&f»<?: white <3lobi»H $1,0001.10 per 50-lb. nark, 05 UK. Pen».- Fair Ouadalup« ftntl c Ib.. poor pole pflupi S'.4^4He, bPnt So; ordinary San LulH ilblnpo and Ar royo OrandA 4^Tfic. poor Santa Clara county pean 8H03c Ib. I'lumn: VucalpA Kri*tich 2H'fr3'' Ib., umall IH^Sc; IVcffidcntH 4o; t?»n Jou- quln valley PampotiH 3c Ib. Kwoet potntoeA: Kern county Nancy 1 HalU S5ru!>0c lug, jorAoyM Mb^-fiOc: SAM Uornnrdlno And Orange* countv Porto ^H k H —/^ j j- — ^_ .. T t lufloc/rtfr*/ /'r»'*/t I.rtisfrt VVASrffNGTON. Sept. 24. sit ton «»f the treanurv her 22: Receipts. $H,Sd2,fU»2.04; expenditures, |lS.6l9,b6R.9JI; balance. $3.256,263,043.4); customs receipts for the month, $24,54'*.729.U. * Receipts for the fiscal year (since July 1), $1.074,SSO,40S.0.1; expenditure.". M, 527,7.10, SOS. 56. including $032,326.- 114-fll of emergency expenditures; ex- reHft of expenditures. $452 ( SJO,400.53: debt, $33.SOS.1*0.21?,35. u de- of $1.$04.34T.13 under previous day; gold aniwtn. TomutneN: Ornnge county Stones, Ponderous. 4xfi« few $1, «x«s 60fyG5c, feu- Bounty and l.l.V 21 i-xira* olj,,.|«« Z4,-. ; light dirty „ ,'' -_ -. ^ _ - — , . ?%*) 1 *t f »l^ ' i »M(| ^*tl , , Ventura , 4x5?i 7 S! « • « * » * no 31 4 U>B.. Poultry Prices horns', 2\ to l.pghoru.s, o\or • ' aiu] . Hr. up tn COTTON FUTURES Mens. ;ioa. S7 <»vi»r 4 Ihfl ., Jfi 3U to 4 Ihs., 20c. coloreil. 4 IliH. nnd over 1, up to tip, 2.. 0 HrolliM's. ovor l\i Aiul ill) to L", H.. 20c. ovor 2U und up Fry «»!•«, I.rffhontB, to 3 |h«.. Ifir. < * * » • * • • * • • i - i t & CHICAQO GRAIN ,'Annodntcd I'reta Lcatttl Wire) CHICAGO. Sept. 24.-Grains closed: Whoat: September^^fi.i December $1.17ff 1.17»;; May $1.10. Corn: KoptemW JM3iftM.13>,i; Dn- comber 95 ] >4tff'A5^iic; May 90^ ( i?-00%o. Oats: Ki*ptpmber 42%e; December 43He; May 43HC. Rye: September Sfi^e; Docembor 84c; May 82c. Barley: September 8fi»ic; December Woolworth , . .1. O. I'cnney Tranitamorlca IClnctrii' t • ' < * IhB.. 17»\ Fryrrn colored. 2H and up to 3»i colored, ovri 3' 4 nnd up to Smelting Anaconda HelhlMiem Stool International Kennorntt Copper poft bone. Harrcd Hook ft, ovi»r 4 IliH. mid up, Srtc. Hnnfftern, «itfl bone, llnrrcd UoclvH. uver 4 Ui« 12r other than and up, 20o. NlilXV YOHK. Sppt. 24,—Korenoon ; on continued trado buying j and covering mot further hftdglng And j liquidation In cotton today. Doccmber WAS rullnir around I1.S& hi Into tr«d- IMB. with th« market Dhowlng net ad- vanc^A of about I to 4 point H. Futures closed steady, urn-hanged to « Icuvor. Oct., ll.84ftll.85; Poc.. ll.S40U.8;>; Jan.. 11.84: Miirch, ll.80iffn.8l: May. n.7ftflll.7»; July, 11.68. ml<MllnK 12- nnd Old up. He 12c. ' 1 i • r t i • 4 " »'. Vanadium Tobacco And Sugar American KuRtir American Tobacco "A" American Tobnco.o "B" Cuban American (Sreat Wotttorn H. J. Iteytioldfi "U Oils AdanMc Ueflntnir . .. » • .. 4 V 24 71 U 24 • • • * unde lie. Vnuni? torn turkey*. IS ibs. und up I * 100 - • f t * f> f- h>l> .. BAR SILVER of of 18, (United JVflw Lraacd Wire) NKW YOHK, Sept. 24.*-lJnr remnlnnrt unclianged today nt fine ounce. Ruhe Is Elected • • • i r a Mexican Henbnard I'hflllps Petroleum Hhell Union Standard of California Standard of Now Sooony Vacuum Company tor AWH'II (new) Motors I Auburn Motors • t t i i . * * * * i • t torn nirheyw. over 18 HIM., Ilwn turkevH. t» HtK. and up, 20c. *>kl (OIM tnrfcnyM, Ho. Old IIPU (url(«<y», H'*. Si|uatiK, iiniU'i 11 Inn. per t|r,Kcii, Squnhw, II Hi*, pc-r do?,, nnd up, r'Hpotm, under 7 Ibe., 2*lc Cnpons, 7 Ihp. und up. 2Kr No. 1 white, a*/*, to 4Vfc Ib*. FUN RALS 2tU ri,AY POOT, Puni?nil ner\-lr^» for Juuies I0a*ttm Claypool, 7a. retired mlnlBter, of n»7 ncrntur street. Oil- <iule, were contluctotl by the Uev«>r- «nd Mr, HlcltM at. PMrklnger-tM- glnr obftpel thin afternoon. lnti»r- i inonl WHN in Uroenlawn Mftmnrinl ! nnd 4' H, N<>. 1. mixed Ibs. each, lie. No. 1. i»ld. fin. i ii - * * > h I .. 14 - ' t • LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK • •••»«• , * • 34 I H f Chief . A. R. M«*ocftifr<f Preti Lcntctl W WASHINGTON. Sept, 24.— C. H Williams Huho of JMttsburgh. Pu. f WRH elected comniunder-in-rhlef of tho Grand Army of th*- T-lcpubUc today after MudlBOn, WiH.. had boon chosen for next year's vncurnpmciu. dim urn I Motors MudHon Mot or n H1N7.O l,«Rl rltoy for <;hrt«iopher j Hln*«, 75, of 332 Alpine utrnet. will hit rnnduclod «t Our l^ndy of tlimd- iilupti Chnivh Kridny mornlnii o'clock, with the Kevereiul Stuhlman offtoiatlng. will be in Union cemetery. Ar- ! riuiKomimtfi are uiuh-r directU>n of ' Uoughty-Calhouh-O'Mpnia 4 • IN APPRECIATION We wish to thank our friend* for th«ir kindne»« and for the beautiful floral offortnirs during our recrtnt be- r«ftvem«n». (Signed) HUSTON MADDUX, lUCVKRISNti AND MUS. S. D. RICMAHUH, MRS. KOHK IJ2I5 COX AND DAUUHTEH. Tlntken Holler Heurlnv Equipments American Car Foundry f,i American l«or.*omotlvo .. , Haldwln Locomotive Oencrul Tnnk " */. RR i-• Hlowart Warner !. " ' 20H P • \\itr, LOH ANOKM-:«. Hepl. '^4.100: ht«-»»ly, guml IH.B6; locals, $10.l^ff Ht.7f.. < 'attli' Herrlpt» SOU, htvdtly, fed Mit'WN. $7,0u: 6>f», Ki'iiNft hfifoi'H. $4.MJ < ?i&.3!i, Hifnl«, HTKVIONS --- r'unwnil Horvk'fj* for I«f*wlK Mat hew Ht(iv<*ttH. S5. ret trod miner who n-hlded wlrh hirt HOII, ,J. M. Strtveiif*. at I'aimuia, will bo con. durtod by thw Ueverend \VUMinn K Piitrlch fit KlirklnK»'' -1 >tWi' v r dui l*'rlduy mitnimu "t l'» i»'cli»rk down. W h ('HlvcH -~J(iM^-|iitM vmilt'r**, $!*.00; ft'\v Mocker*, lit 7r.fiTfi.00, HhiM-p - -Unorlptft VOO, dlrwit , holdover*, 047 lambn, I8.&0. wonted l s» $0.00^7.00; titrludtltK 04f> Jooal ^thorn JS.7&. L A. CASH GRAIN 1-08 AN'CIKl.ttH, 8«pt. 24.-Current locnt grain guoiaUonii w*r« reported by the Kederal-ttUtu Marhat Neww Hervloe fin foltowh: (Pricen quoted are owt., field run, In METALS MARKET ete Inte Invstment i P y intelligent investment policy dcnumU A periodic checking of securities in view of changing economic condition*. The Ucilttics of our tistical department jvjilable without co.^t or obligation. T J. A. HOGLE CO. MtMKtKS YOKK 140S rhutiv 2240 OFFICJCS iivrnt T nu t> ! t\ ^w*V. -.•-.'• Fl^l-l -'—*»«" ^M 1 *-,•.-• I'"" -J-*—-- — --.—. f .4«*0(?(offfd /'rr** /NI*:\V YORK, Hep'l. :•*.-• O' nnd futurp $2.05^3.10. mine irnrn, quirk delivery, bulk. ••- — _» _» 'VI only): port tMGfil».ft7ty. Tin firmer; n»ot tind ! . ^m. -. * t __lft_ _^. _*_..!__. AJfr flfc t j IF- • f Jh ^ t i ^ - ^ . _^ j-^ ^. MI - I California barlev. racked. ii Ibw, No. bright wfrHtern, $1.65; No. 1. <Q n, w .. •nlu mllo, wjokod, No. 1' vel- ^ m^^ mb • ,^^^m— ^ ^^^ • V low, $l.fl7ViftJ.70. ncarh : fuiuri> Loitd Kt«r«dy; upol New York! 4.itt,, Mn««( 81. l,oul« »4.45. */tnc ' dull; F.UNt HI. I,M\I|P, Mpot and futuro j J4.ST. Iron. it) unit num. antimony. I quick Mil V*T. pin i Inum nnd w Ml Sout Pacific C BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Caught in Trap By PHIL NOWLAN nnd LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS W STA RTED TO TV COW CA API ROF OOTS1 NOW ND O SPAC GET BAC PATRO S PAUA TH RA BSO UTELV WRAT TU NN AT OUR SHIP SPACE THUD AND W USED BEFORE m . ,*'.*'• ' tt A , .m* •' '^-^L '**& *# f * •cot. >«a m &. &m.&. W\ M -!' • .^- f • ' t*e-^ v-*i*V •* ft •* Wi . A .- * M'-i %m r**» • fw - fm ^ V^i-i- T"i ' & ^ r .-IJ .--^ - V •',fi .-'• ' •'* J <% Secured Bonds Due Jnlu /. I mi Priced at Market to Yield About 3.85% /'rafprefii* Available on Revuest ,f\ 3 fi ";> *> - 1lL JUST FLATTEN MYSaF, :RE ON THE JUST OVER THE DOORWAY- WHEN THEV ALL CHARG tN- DOWN AND OUT/ CimpUttlni attdBreJtfrjgt Ftcvlititi A A*fBran(b» *fAmm<*4 in 'iriti* *:<?, Ttr^ h -; '."'"^V--"' ^S^" : ^1|P^^ * .- '. - - - '-' • A, *. 11 , .' f. •• W .*.:-. <s '& • * ^ ff -* ^r|..*. + *, * - '* v\ - ^ *'jt * y>*'* *f j*- •"- =*\>r-/^" C ,J-^fv; : ,: & '- ' ** - ' - •'x-^^wojP 1 _-. -L i. I -n ' r. r - BANKAMERICA COMPANY 1150 SO SPRING ST { LOS ANGELES SAX FiUKCISCO S*VK DtE<;0 - S 1..=: • ' M »N T - .1 I L L . •; -•:-::« -.•<- ; -m ,••'- -ft-ms .,',-... ^*,;»-;?v'.V £i^ I ' •. tL- WEATHER .'- t '1 I h ' . , ' - ' 1 I '*'* u.'- :•«* i - r h . h - ^ * . = ' • " '•*,*•,,'. ' ' - - ' * i ',' : ' • t • - , • - ' , ' *-- ---.-•• -.^. ..- .. • * t .. •*-•-,. t V-, .; ;/, ' - - - - - - - ».--,"- . ,' ' • ;•- '.- • - ••-•'• ..:. \ . •.,-'' •• f . *-: ' - •• ' •- - , • . •''*•-'••...•, •-. ;--..•-/ .-... •:•',- :,- " • .v. =: ^'--' VT \\. -:• --' ' b i^ ' fl I •• f H'*_t" Ll 'ii l^d•^l_ll^^t^l' ^ ^•- .•:•:•/ . -\ - 1 - \ ^...v;- .-, *. . ^r-^-^^'^^^-'A^ /- • ^-•^'^'.•o&.:^:. & * y, -*.*-. t T . . 'n. - - .-' *. ' J ':., 'f. It . - I '.^ I • V i i "M ,tf +• • t-> r -,--:'-:.-. ". . -<--,- •- ,'.-*\ H - ..-^.l* .T ^,-'A' ' s.''\,/7V_-. • . ! ' 1 * ^ ' "

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