The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 24, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 21
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v^s •?»*•«'• ' <J ' THE BAKERSp|KJ,p CALtfQRNIAN, THURSDAY, SB 24, IM« v .Stock yards or daughter ot animals (except poultry'Mid rabbits) (b) Building 'Height Limits Nona , • '«> Y»rd* Required! ~ ^ Haino as specified for C-2 districts. SECTfbfo' 22. REQULATIONS POR -A DISTRICTS • The following regulations shall apply In alt dlslrtetij with which are combined .-A, districts. In addition to the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and-shall be subject to the provisions of; Section • 27 of this or* dinance: • < ' (a) Uses Permitted: 1. All uses permitted In the re, Bpecttve district with which the -A district IB combined! 1 ' 2. Small livestock farming; provided, that not to exceed-'one (1) cow or •three (3) goats or other similar livestock may be kept for each twenty thousand: (20,000) square feet of area of the parcel of land upon which the same aro kept, to a maximum ot three (S) cows or ten (10) goats or other similar livestock maintained In any one establishment, 8. Tn any -A district a dairy may be conducted on any parcel of Jand not less than five (5) acres in area. 4. Sale of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon the premises upon which such products are produced; provided, that no building shall be constructed primarily for such sale. 5,-Keeping of saddle horses and of such Horses and/or mules as may be necessary to the conducting of any of the uses permitted In any -A district. 6. Accessory buildings and accessory uses. , (b) Location of Accessory • BuildIngs: : .No livestock or any building used in connection with the same shall be located or maintained on any lot closer .'than forty (40) feet to the street upon which tho lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling on tho same lot or on tho front half of any contiguous lot. Otherwise, any accessory building used In connection with small livestock farming may occupy any portion of any rear yard or of any sldo yard along the rear half of tho lot upon which located, except «?f any side yard adjacent to any Btroet. SECTION 23. REQULATIONS FOR • -H DISTRICTS '*' Tho following regulations shall apply In all districts with which are combined -H districts, In addition to the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance: • (a) Uses Permitted: All uses permitted In the respective district .with which the -II district Is combined, provided, however, as follows: 1. No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall bo placed and/or maintained In any such district unless placed and/or maintained within a business district us defined In the California Vehicle Act; provided, however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for Informational or directional purposes of a public or quasi- public nature may be placed and/or maintained In any mi eh district with •which Is combined an -H district upon .'the 'securing of a use permit, as pro- "Vlded In Section 83 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure: and provided, further, that there may be -displayed on tho premises occupied toy any permitted place of business •which is located In any such district with which Is combined an -H district but outside any business district as defined In the California Vehicle Act outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for the advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising signs nnd outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for any one place of business are made a part of the architectural design of the building In which sucn business is conducted and aro approved under the provision's'of'Section 30 of this ordinance,' no- mich outdoor advertising sign or,outdoor-advertising structure .shall.• exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in area and the total area for all outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures in the Aggrtgatoi'dtsplaycd by or for any •one. 1 plncooC'business shull not exceed •the equivalent of ono tl) square foot '•for ench -one (1) foot of frontage actually occupied by such business. Including the widths of drlvowuya dl- •iToctlv appurtenant thereto. 2. No junk yard shall, be established In any such district with which Is combined an -H district within five * .hundred . (BOO) . feet -of tho exterior Boundary of any public .street unless the same Is completely enclosed within a building or within a fence approved •by the Planning Commission. (b) Building Location: In case no building line .Is established by the Street and Highway Plan-of. the Master Plan of the County or by tho provisions of this ordinance, for the street upon which any building will front In any district with Which an -H district Is combined, no such building shall bo erected, con- fltruotofl, moved or structurally altered so thut the Hame will bo closer to'the nearest boundary of tho right 'of way of such street than a distance Bdequatn to provide space on the Bite of-such building for the traffic movements and standing of vehicles which will bo Incidental to tho use of such building. Suoh distance shall bo designated by the Planning Commls- '*' slon as a part of the action on plans submitted -with tho application for a permit for such building, as provided in Section 80 of this ordinance. SECTION 24. REGULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS In any district with which Is com blned any "B" district, such regulations as to building site areas, depths of front yards and widths of side'yards as are designated on the sectional districts map showing such "B" district shall ho applied in lieu of tho respective regulations as to building sun areas, depths of front yards' and widths of sldo yards which are'. hereinbefore specified for such district with which Is combined such "B',' district; provided, however, thut any parcel of land in any "B" dlu- trlqt, (a) which parcel was under ono ownership .at the time of the adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining- land, or (b) which parcel Includes not loss than ono (1) entire lot as shown on any subdivision map which WRH recorded In tho office of tho County Recorder of the County prior to the in'doption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not lens than three thousand seven hundred fifty (8760) square fc«t, or (c) which parcel is shown as a lot on any subdivision map which may hereafter bo .recorded In the office of paid County Kecorder after approval of sntil map by the Beard of Supervisors in the manner prescribed by law. may be 'used as a building site for a dwelling of the character permitted In the district with which is combined such "B" district, provided that all other regulations for such district, as prescribed by this ordinance, shall be complied with, except that on any such parcel having jm average width of less than fifty (GO) feet the width of each sldo yard may be reduced to ten (10) per cent of tho width of fcuch'parcel 1 , but In no case shall the width of any such Ride yard be lees .than three (3) feet. ' "... SECTION 25. .FUTURE WIDTH * , .LINES • , The following specified future width llne» are hereby established, for the following streets and highways: , 1. California Avenue,- from Union .Avenue, Bakersfleld, to Sumner Street, which IB commonly known as tho Edison Highway nnd which is California State Highway Route Number 68, as designated by tho Division ot Highways of tho Pnpartment of Public Work* of tho Stata ot California: Vlf- ty.flve (SR) feet from tho center line thereof- on each elde thereof. * 2. Nil** Street and tho extension thereof, being Call fora la state Highway Route Number r>7. tt» designated by the Dlvtoton of Hfehwuy. of Ihe Department of Public WoHui of the Stale of California, from the easterly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld LEGAL NOTICES to & point on tho center lino thereof, Which point Is one thousand (1000) feet distant, measured easterly and northeasterly along Said center Una, from the easterly boundary of Sec. 28, T. S9 S., R. 28 E., M. D. M.: Fifty- five (65) feet from the center line thereof on each side thereof. SECTION 26. BUILDING LINES The following specified building lines are hereby established; adjacent to Golden State Ul den State AVenuo, Highway i, -being and Ool- Callfornia State Highway Route Number Pour, as designated by the Division of Highways of the Department of Public Works of tho State of California: 1. Prom the southerly boundary of the city of Delano to the northerly boundary of the right of way of Perkins Avenue, MeKarland: Thirty (80) feet from tho exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each - sldo thereof. 2. Vrom tho Southerly. ..boundary of tho right of way of Sherwood Avenue, McParland, to the northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T., 29 S., R. 27 E., M. D. M.: Thirty (80) feet from the exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each side thereof. 3. Prom tho northerly boundary of Soo. 10, T. 29 S., H. 27 B., M. D. M., to the northerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleldt and from tho southerly boundary of the right of way Of Brundage Lano to tho southerly boundary of Sections 5 and C, T. 30 S., R. 28 33., M. D.M.1 Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each side thereof; provided, however, that gasoline pumps and their appurtenances for the retail sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances are structurally separate from any building or other structure and which gasoline pumps and/or their .appurtenances are not covered by a canopy In any case, may bo erected, 'In each case, on a concrete base occupying tho smallest rectangle within which such concrete base may be unclosed, which rectangle Is not greater than four (4) feet In width, with tho longer edge of such rectangle which Is nearest to tho nearest exterior boundary of .said highway being located along a lino fifteen (15) feet distant from such extorlor boundary, subject, In each such case, to tho securing of a use permit therefor, na provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. 4. From the southerly boundary of tho City of Bakersfleld at California Street to thn northerly boundary of the right, of way of Brundage Lane: Ten (10) feet from tho exterior boundary of tho right of way of said highway on the easterly sldo thereof. 6. Prom the southerly boundary of Sections 5 and 6, T. 30 S., R. 28 K., Ar. D. M., to tho northerly boundary of tho Rancho Castnc: Thirty (30) ,feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each sldo thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS Tho regulations specified in this ordinance shall he. subject to the following Interpretations and exceptions: (a) Use: 1. The following accessory USOM, in addition to those hereinbefore specified, shall bo permitted In any "II" district, provided that such accessory uses shall, not alter the character of the premises In respect to their use for tho purposes permitted In such respective district: (A) The renting of rooms and/or the providing of table board in .. dwelling as tin incidental use to that of Its occupancy as a dwelling of tho character permitted In tho respective district, but not to the extent of constituting a hotel as defined In this ordinance, unless permitted In the district. (B) Tho operation ot necessary fa- cllltleM and equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other Institutions permitted In tho respective district. (C) News and refreshment stands and restaurants In connection with passenger stations. (D) Recreation, refreshment and service buildings In public parks and playgrounds. 2. On any lot* In any "R" district there may bo kept not to exceed twenty-four (24) fowl other than roosters, quacking ducks, geoso. guinea fowl or poafowj and there may be kept not to exceed twenty- four (2-1) rabbits or guinea pigs, provided, that no such livestock shall be maintained closer than forty (40) feet to any dwelling now existing or hereafter erectdd on the front one- half (<<.) of any adjacent lot nor closer than twenty (20) feet to any oilier dwelling now existing or hero- after erected. 3. Jn addition to any other outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures permitted by this •ordinance,-(A) sucli signs and structures, none of which shall exceed four (4) square feet In area, may be displayed for tho purpose of advertising the nale or leaso of any property upon which displayed; (B) such signs nnd structures other than those permitted by this ordinance may be displayed for the advertising of the sale of n subdivision upon which placed upon the securing of a usn permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure. 4. Horses may be kept In any district, subject to the securing of a nse permit, as provided In Section 33 of tills ordinance, for ouch case ot such use In any "IV or "C" district. 5. Nothing In this ordinance shall be deemed to prohibit the excavating of natural materials for tho construction of a building permitted In tho district in which the same Is to be located, which building Is to bo constructed on tho eamo lot from which such material Is excavated, and no use permit ahull be required for such excavating. (b) Height: 1. In any district with a height limit of less than seventy-five (75) feet, pub!la and semi-public buildings, schools, churches, hospitals and other Institutions permitted In such district may bo erected to a height not exceeding seventy-five (76) feet, pro- vlded that the front, rear and slrln yards shall bo increased one (1) foot for each one (1) foot by which such building exceeds tho height, limit hereinbefore established for such district. 2. One-family dwellings In R-l districts may bo increased in height not to exceed ten (10) feet mid to 11 total ot not exceeding three (3) Htorlen when two (SI side yards of widths of not less than fifteen (16) feet each are provided. 3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, oil derrick, lightning arrester, tower, building or any other structure or thing whatsoever shall be erected, constructed, converted, altered, enlarged, added to or caused to exist In any district In any manner so that tho same will exceed a height of thirty (30) feet within a distance of five hundred (500) feet from tho exterior boundaries ot any airport owned by the County of Kern or so that tho name will «xceed a height of sixty (60) foot within a distance of one thousand (1000) feet from Bald c-sterlor boundaries, or so that the same will exceed a height of ninety (90) feat within a distance of one LEGAL NOTICES the district in which such lot Is situ- tiled shall bo permitted on the downhill side ot any building; provided. WBwever. that the height of the building shall not be Increased above the limit specified for such district, (o) Yards: 1. For the purpose of computing front yard, dimensions tho measurement shall be taken from tho nearest point of the front wall of the the street line; provided, however, that if an Official plan Line is established for tho street, or if a future width line'Is established there- for by tho provisions of this ordinance, then the measurement shall be taken from the nearest point of tho front wall of the building to such Official Plan Lino or such future width line: except that the certain architectural features hereinafter enumerated shall not be considered In making any such measurements, to-wlt: (A) Cornices, canopies, eaves, or any other architectural features may extend beyond said front wall a distance not exceeding two (2) feet, six (6) inches. (B) Plre escapes may extend beyond said front wall a distance not exceeding four (4) feet, six (6) Inches. (C) A landing place or uncovered porch may extend beyond said front wall to a distance not exceeding six (6) feet, provided that such landing place or porch shall have Us floor no higher than the entrance floor of the building. A railing no higher than three (S) feet may be placed around such landing place. In no case, however, shall any such land- Ing place or porch extend beyond any Official Plan Lino which Is established for nny street or beyond any future width line which Is established therefor by tho provisions of this ordinance. (D) The above enumerated architectural features may also extend Into any side or rear yard tho same distance that they are permitted to extend beyond any front wall, except that no porch, terrace or outsldn stairway shall project moro than three (3) feet Into any side yard and then, In the case of an outside stairway, only If the same is unroofed and unenclosed above and below tho steps thereof. 2. Ordinary front yard and farm fences, sprinkling systems and such Irrigation systems and their Appurtenances as do not extend above tho surface of tho ground may bo extended beyond any Official Plan Line or future width lino. 3. In any R-l or R-2 district or any combination therewith where twcnty-flvo (2fi) per cdnt or more of the lots In any block and located In the same district, exclusive of the frontago along tho sldo of a corner lot, has been Improved with buildings at the time of the passage of this ordinance, which bultdlngd aro of a character permitted In said district but not In a more restricted district, (Including, In an R-l 'district, buildings permitted In such district), and tho front yards on such lots vary In depth to un extent not greater than six (6) feet, then the required front yard depth for such district shall bo disregarded In such .block and In lieu thereof tho front yard required on each lot In said block shall bo of a deptlt not less than the average depth of thn front yards on tho lots on which arc located such existing buildings, to a maximum of fifty (50) feet. The same rule shall apply In any R-3 or R-4, district or any combination therewith, but only, however, in capo such average depth of front yards on the lots on which arc located such existing buildings is less than tho depth of front yards otherwise required by this ordinance. In no case, however, shall any building bo erected closer to any street lino than any Official Plan Line which Is established for such street or than any future width lino designated therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. 4. When any Interior lot In an R-l or R-2 district Is adjacent to any lot In any district other than an R-l or R.2 district and other than any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and the County boundary, the depth required for the front yard on such Interior lot may be reduced to not less than the aver- ago of such required depth and tho width or depth of yard required on sa)d lot in such other district which yard Is adjacent to the street upon which said interior lot faces. G. When any Interior lot In an R-3 or R-4 district IB adjacent to any lot In any "O" or "M" district, except, any C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and the County boundary, tho front yard requirement for such Interior lot may be disregarded and In lieu thereof that portion of any building on that portion of the width of such interior lot not exceeding one-half (M) thereof, and not exceeding twenty-five (20) feef, which portion of the width of such Interior lot is next adjacent to such lot in such "C" or "M" district, may bo built to the street lino, and the lino of tho building for the remainder of such building shall be not nearer to said street Ilnn than a dlKtanco equal to such required depth of front yard. 6. In determining tho depth of rear yard for any building, but not for any dwelling group, where such roar yard opens Into an alley, one-half the width of such alloy, but not exceeding ten (10) feet, may be considered as a portion of such rear yard; provided, however, that this provision shall not be so applied as to reduce tho depth of any rear yard to lows than ten (10) feet; and provided, further, that In no case Khali tho door of any building or Improvement, except a fence, which door opens Into any alley, be erected, constructed or established closer to the center of such alley than a distance of fifteen (16) foet. 7. In case un accessory building Is attached to tho main building, It shall be made structurally a part thereof, and shall comply In all respects with the requirements of this ordinance applicable to tho main building. An accesBory building, unless attached to and madn a part of the main building BH above provided for, shall hot b« r;lo«er than five (B) feet to tho main building. 8. A accessory building ol not over ono story and not ^n thousand five hundred (1500) from said exterior boundaries. feet The height of any such structure or thing shall be deemed to be the height Of the topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenance thereto, above the level, of the ground at the nearest point to such structure or thing oiif any. such exterior boundary ot such airport. 4. The height limitations of this or- dlnanoo shall not apply to chimney*, church spires, flag pole*, monument* and radio towers, except aa provided In the preceding paragraph of this section with respect to height limit* adjacent to airport* 6. Where the average slope of a lot Is greater than one (1) foot rtoe or fall i«v »ersh m fo«t of distance from tho established Direct elevation »t the. property line, one story In addition to th« number 'permitted In twelve (12) foet In height may occupy not to exceed thirty (30) per cent of the arcn of any rear yard. Any such accessory building may have not to exceed ono (i) additional story user] for apartments, provided that: (A) Such additional story, herein construed to bo a dwelling, shall not bo permitted unless the same In permitted under the regulations hereinbefore In this ordinance specified for the district In which such accessory building Is located, except that nny sgch additional story In an K-l district may bo lined Is a dwelling whim no rent, either direct or Indirect, Is paid for such use. or a* u dwelling for servants, Including the family ol the same, which ur« employed on the same lot. (D) No exterior wail of such additional story shall bo nearer to any lot line than a distance eourU to the width of a side yard required on tho same lot. (C) No exterior wall of such additional story shall be ijearer than Un (10) feet to any main building on the Bame lot. (I>) No such additional story shall be constructed on any lot In any H-l district prior to the construction of a one-family dwelling thereon, un- leg* and until a use penult, as provided In Section 83 of this ordinance, shall first have been secured for such additional story. 9, Detached accessory buildings tn "R" districts shall , conform to the following additional regulations as to their location* upon the lot; provided, however/that where (he slopo of Iho 1.6QAL NOTICES ouilt to the front and side lines ot the lot: (A) In the case of an interior lot abutting upon one street, no detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the front half of the lot. (B) In the case ot an Interior lot abutting upon two or more streets, no accessory building shall be erected or altered so: an to encroach, upon tho one-quarter («4),of the tot nearest either street. (C) In the caae of a corner lot abutting -upon two (8) streets, no accessory building shall bo erected or altered so as to encroach upon the area between such respective streets and lines drawn parallel to such streets, respectively, in such a manner that ench of such lines divides tho lot Into two (8) equal areas; provided that on a corner lot adjacent to a key lot no accessory building shall bo located nearer to the street line of the street upon which such key lot faces than a distance equal to the depth of the front yard required on said key lot, provided that this regulation shall not be so applied as to require that that lino of such accessory building which Is nearest to said street line shall bn nearer to the lot lino opposite said street line than a distance of sixteen (18) feet. (D) In the case of a, corner lot abutting on moro than two (S) streets, no detached accessory building 1 shall bo erected or altered so As to bo nearer to nny street line than one-fourth (&) the width or length of tho lot. (E) No detached accessory building: shall be erected or altered so as to be within five (5) feet of tho sldo line of the front half of nny adjacent lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (K) Notwithstanding any requirements In this section, tho foregoing rules shall not require any detached accessory building to be more than seventy-five (76) feet from any street lino bounding tho lot. (d) Interpretation of Ordinance! In Interpreting. and, applying tho provisions of this ordinance, they shall bo held to bo thn minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Kxcept as specifically" herein provided, It Is not Intended by tulH ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul or In any way to Impair or Interfere with nny existing provision of law or ordinance, or any rules, regulation* or permits previously adopted or Issued, or which shall ho adopted or Issued pursuant to law relating to tho uso of buildings or promises, or relating to the erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargsrnent of any building or improvement; nor Is H Intended by this ordinance to Interfere with or abrogate or annul any easement, covenant or other agreement between parties; provided, however, that in cases in which this ordinance Imposes a greater restriction upon tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of buildings or tho uso of any such, building or promises In on Id several districts or any of them, than is Imposed or required by such cxlatlnK provisions of .law or ordinance or by such rules, regulations' or permits, or by such easements, covenants or agreement)), then In Much cases thn provisions of this ordinance shall control. SECTION S8. NON.CONFORMING USES •Rxcept us otherwise provided In this section, tho lawful nso of land existing at tho tlmo of the adoption of this ordinance, although such UBO LEGAL NOTICES In one (1) year from and atter the date that such junk yard becomes a non-conforming use. Regardless of any other provision of this ordinance, any outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure which, after tho adoption of this ordinance, exists as a nonconforming uso In any district Is hereby declared to bo a public nuisance, and shall b« abated, removed or changed to a conforming us* within six (0) months from and after the date that suoh outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure becomes a non-Conforming Use. Regardless of any olh'er provision of this ordinance, any usa for which a use permit Is required or for which a use permit may be granted, aa provided In this ordinance, which use Is existing at the time of the adoption of this ordinance in any district In which such use is specifically permitted subject to tho securing of a use permit, shall without further action be deemed to be a conforming use In such district SECTION 2«. BUILDING PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having an aggregate value In excess of Twenty- five (25) Dollars, and no building or structure deolgned or Intended to bo used for any commercial or Industrial purnosi) (except an accessory building having an aggregate value of less than Twenty-rive, (8R) Hollars) shall hereafter ho erected or constructed unless and until a permit therefor shall first have been secured from the Planning Commission or from such officer or etnployco thereof as said Commission may designate for such purpose. No repairs or alterations of an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-flvo (25) Dollars and no repairs or alterations which would change the character of any building or structure to a commercial or industrial nature (except an accessory building having an HS- gr«gato value of less than Twentv- flvo (2B) Dollars shall hereafter b« made on any building or structure - ------ " " ...... • LEGAL NOTICES until temporary certificate shall not be construed as In any way altering the respective rights, duties or obligations of tho owners or of the County relating to the uso or occupancy of tho premises or any other matter covered by this ordinance, and such temporary certificate shall not be Issued except under such restrictions and provisions as will adequately insure the safety of the occupants. Written application for a certificate of occupancy for tho use of vacant land or for a change In the character of the use of land, as herein required, shall bo made before any suoh land shall bn so occupied or used, except for agricultural purposes. Such a certificate of occupancy shall be Issued within three (3) days utter the application therefor has been made; provided such use In In conformity with the provisions of this ora'lnanco. Every certificate of occupancy nli state that the building or proposed use of a building or land compiles with nil provisions of law and of this ordinance. A record of all certificates of occupancy shall be kept on file in tho offlco of tho Planning Commission and copies Khali be furnished, on request, to nny person baring a proprlotary or tenancy Interest, in tho building or land affected. No fee shall bo charged for a certificate of occupancy. No permit for excavation for any building shall be issued before application hoo been made for a certificate of occupancy. SECTION 38. ADJUSTMENTS, VARIANCES AND APPEALS The Planning Commission, subject to tho approval and confirmation of tho Board of Supervisors In each case, an hereinafter provided, shall have power to grant adjustments and variances In and to any of the provisions of this ordinance to the extent of the following nnd no further: 1. To vary or modify tho strict application of nny of the regulations LiQAL NOTICES erty or improvements in said neighborhood. 8, Any proceedings to classify certain uses as conforming uses, as provided In this section, may bo Initiated by the Board of Supervisors or by the Planning commission, or by petition as hereinbefore provided. All other provisions of said Section 92, Including the designation by the Planning Commission of any conditions upon which the use permit mny bo Issued and guarantees that such conditions will be complied with, shall apply to the granting of a use permit. Any use permitted under tho terms of nny use permit shall be established and conducted In conformity to the terms of such use permit and of any conditions designated in connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS This ordinance may bo amended by changing the boundaries of districts or by changing any other provision hM-aof whenever the public necessity and convenience and thfl general welfare require such amendment, by following tho procedure specified In this section. Salil amendment may be Initiated by: (a) The verified petition of one or morn owners of property affected L6QAL NOttCBS onment In the County Jail ef , County for a term not exeotqlnir three (8) months or by both suteh nn«- and Imprisonment. Such person, firm 1 , 1 or corporation shall b« deemed guilty of a separate offense for each.'' and every day during any portion of which any violation of this ardl* nance is committed, continued ot permitted by such person, firm <rt corporation, and shall be punishable as herein provided. Any building or structure set up, > erected, constructed, altered, enlarged, converted, moved or maintained contrary to the provisions o* this ordinance and/or any use of any land, building or premises,conducted, operated or maintained contrary to the provisions of this ordinance shall be and the same Is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance and the District Attorney of the County shall, upon order of the Board of Supervisors, immediately commence action or proceedings for the abatement and removal and en- Jolnrrtent thereof In the manner provided by law and shall take such other steps and shall apply to such court or courts as may have Jurisdiction to grant such relief as will abnto and remove such building or structure and restrain and enjoin anr parson, firm or corporation from K5V, ol L* d ,, a . n l e " d , 1 " 0 " t J. V;!'Jl: h ??»'."•? "P. erecting, butldlnjr, .main- f or from tho aforesaid" of fleer or employee thereof. No building or structure having un aggregate valun in excess of Twenty-flvo (Jr.) Dollnr» and no building or .structure or Intended ding to b . e used for commercial or Industrial purposes (except sn nc- cesBory building having nn aggregate value of less than Twenty-five (K} Dollars) shall hereafter bo moved until a permit for suoh moving shall first have been nocured from tho Planning Commission or from the aforexald officer or employee thereof and also from the I'ovmtv Surveyor. The aforesaid p«rmllM Khali bo required for all such btilldlngn and utructureR, except fmiees, hereafter rroctfil. constructed, altered, repaired or moved within or Into any district RHtabllHhcd by this ordinance except any A-l or A -3 district with which no -It district Is combined, except that no mich permit shall be required for any building or nlrur- turo designed or Intended to bo used as a one-family dwelling or for nny agricultural purpose, or for any purpose accessory thereto, In any "A" or "M" district with which an -11 district Is combined If mich building or structure IH located or Is to bn located at n distance of not lens than ono hundred (100) feet from tho nearest boundary of the right of way of any street, and not less than ten (JO) feet from any property line. livery application for any Permit required by tho provlNlons of this section Bbnll ho accompanied by a drawing or pint. In duplicate, drawn to scnlo, Knowing tho lot and building slto, tho proposed location of the , - ing oxIstliiK HI the tlmo of tho adoption of thin ordinance may b« continued, although such uso does not conform to the regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which such building Is located. Any such use may be extended through'- out the building provided no structural nltorutlons except those required by law or ordinance) nro mndo therein. If no structural alterations aro mude, tho non-conforming uso of a building may be changed to another non-conforming use, which. In the opinion of the Planning Commission, Is of tho Kiimo or of a more restricted nature, if a non-conforming uso hereunder ceases for n continuous period of not less than six (8) months, any future us« of said building shall bo In conformity to thfl regulations spoclflod by this ordl- nancn for tho district In which such building Is located. No existing building designed, arranged or Intended for or dnvolod to a use not permitted undi-r tho regulations specified by this ordltmnco for tho district In which such build- Ing or premises In located shall be onlarged, extended, reconstructed or Structurally altered unless such UHO Is changed to a use permitted under the regulations specified by this or- dlnanca for such district in which said building. Is located; provided, however, that work done In any period of twelve (13) months on ordinary structural alterations or rr- V acemcnts of walln. fixtures or plumbing not exceeding twenty-five (2C) per cent of tho building's assessed value according to the assessment thereof by tho Assessor of tho County for thf fiscal year In which such work Is done shall be permitted, provided that tho cublcxl contents of tho building as It existed at tho time of the passago of this ordl- nuncw be not incr«sned. If at any tlmo any building In ex- Istencn or maintained at the tlmo of | Inn tiHr>fr*t ln« «* 4L.I_ ^...ji .. ___».._._ I muiio ui mo iniiiainK, of mo yards cntlon w 11 nut tnnti>rlnllv urlvAi- and of the lot, and sVh other Infor- H ff",.i Ih "health or • mifMv nf mullon as may bo necessary to tho Son, I res 1,11 g : or worklm? In c^e^Sf'l^ra^f .r^Sffl^V A SSarr^^d^.irn.rWa. " ' " does not conform to the regulations | building on tho lot, Hccnrnlo rjlnien- spoolflod by this ordinance for the tlons of tho building, of the yards district In which such land In lo- | ""d of the lot, and such other Infor- cated. may be continued; provided, however, that no such non-conforming UHO shall bo enlarged or Increased, nor shall nny such non-conforming use be extended to occupy a greater area of land than that occupied by such use at the tlmo of tho adoption of this ordinance; provided, further, thnt If any such nonconforming use ceases, any subsequent uso of such land Khali be In conformity to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In-which such land l» located. Except as otherwise provided In this section, the lawful nso of a bulld- jr unnecessary hardships In tho way of ouch strict application. 2, To permit, the extension of a district whero tho boundary lino thereof divides a lot In ono ownership at thn time of the pasuage of this ordinance, Application for nny adjustmnnl or variance permissible undor the pro- pntltlon shall bo filed with tho Plan- nlnir Commission ond shall bo accompanied by a foe of Twenty-five (25) Dollnrs. no part of which shall bo returnable to the petitioner; or by (b) Resolution of Intention of the Board of Supervisors; or by (c) Resolution of intention of the Planning Commission. Tho Planning Commission, not later than at Its noxt succeeding meeting following tho filing of such verified petition or following the adoption of such resolution of Intention, shall set the times and places for such public hearings thereon as may bo required by law, and shall give such notice of such hearings as may be required by law. such notice shall include notice of tho proposed amendment. In case tho proposed amendment consists of a change of tho boundaries of any district so as to roclnsslfy property from any district, except an A-l or A-2 district, to nny other district, tho Planning Commission shall Klve additional notice of the time and place of such hearings and of tho purpose thereof bv: • 1. Posting public notices thereof not leas than ten (10) days prior to visions of'this'section" siiail b<Tinadn j thn date of"'lho"flrgt of such hear- to tho Planning Commission In tho form of n written application for a bulldliiK<fpermlt or for n permit to uso tho property or promises HH set forth In Mild application ami shall set forth all dctn nllctii UK o f Iho proposed construction or use. Upon receipt, of any mich application by tho officer or employee of tho Planning Commission drglirnatrd In thr rules of tho Commission for such purpose, such officer or employee Ucb 11 shall set n tlmo Ings along each nn<l every street upon which the property proposed to bo roolawslfied abuts. In case a majority of the property proposed to hn roclasslfted hn» b»on subdivided Into parcels of one (1) ncn> or less In area, such notices shall be placed not more than flvo hundred (600) feet apart and such posting shall extend along said »troot or streets n distance of not less than five hundred (500) foot from tho extorlor limits of such nnd place for a public hearing before the Planning Commission on mich application. Such officer or employee shall cnuso public notice of minli public hearing to lie given by niusltiK one no- tic* thereof to be published In u newspaper of general circulation In th« County nt leapt ten (10) days before „ tho date of snld hearing. At said < with letters not less than one (1) hearing the applicant nhull present a I Inchn In height, and In addition therc- Hlntemont nntr «'*-«.•«•« -..1-1 ,.. i . - . . Hiich form nn Mlon inny require, showing: 1. That there nro HpCcliil clrcum tninlng or using any such building or structure or using any property contrary to the provisions of this or- dlnnnce. The remedies provided for herein shall bo cumulative and not exclusive. SECTION S7. REPEALING All ordinances and parts or ordinances of paid County In conflict with this ordinance, to the extent of such conflict and no further, are hereby repealed; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to repeal or amend any ordinance of said County requiring a permit or license or both, to cover any business, trade or occupation. SECTION 38. VALIDITY If any section, sub-section, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance Is for any reason held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of .Supervisors hereby declares that It would have passed this ordinance and each section, sub-section, sentence, clause and phrase hereof. Irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, sub-sections, sentences, clauses or phrases be declared Invalid. SECTION 39. REFERENCE This ordinance shall be known and cited as the t*nd Use Plan Ordinance of tho County of Kern. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT This ordinance shall take effect and b« In force thirty (SO) days after the dato of its passage, and shall within fifteen days from the date Of Its passage be published for one week . In tho case of all other property proposed to bo rpclos- slfled such notlcos shall bo placed not moro than ono (1) mllo npnrt. Each such notlco tihiill consist of Iho words "Notion of proposed amendment to UBO Plan" printed In plain typo nnd adequate evidence In to a"statement tn small typo «ettlnR ",1.,!"° i' la "." i i l «' Comml*- | forth a general description of the property Involved In Ihn proposed chiuiKo of district, the limn and pltu-e Ntiini'os or conditions nppllritbla to thu land, building or UBO referred to In Iho application. 2. That the granting of tho application Is npcoBSRry for tho preservation and enjoyment of substantial property rights, 8. That thr crnntlng of the nnpll- 'ntlon will nut tnutcrlnlly adversely affect the health or safety of per- tho newspaper of general circulation printed Hn d published In the said County of Kern. Tho foregoing ordinance was duly nnd regularly passed and adopted by tho Hoard of Supervisors of the County of Kern. Slate of California, rtt a regular session of said Board hold on the 14th day of September, 1036. by the following vote, to-wlt: Ayes: Parish, Hlnman. Abel. Noes: None. Absent: Wooltomes, Wlmmer. *KAI,t STANI.KT ABEU Chairman Pro-Tern of the Board of Supervisors of thn County of Kern, Sinte of California. nt which thei public hearingsi'oti thr> (SKA1,1 proposed chnnRn will bo held nnd nny other information which the Planning I Commission may doom to bo neces- j sary; und by j ATTKST: F. E. SMITH. 2. Mailing u postal card notice not County Clerk and ex-OfflcIo Clerk ln»s than ten days prior to tho data ' "' '"« Board of Supervisors of thn first of ttui-h hearings to lli» I -September 22 to IS Inc. owners of nil property whhln lhe|'"' " pooling nr«a above defined, lining for j State of California, Department ef such application and plat shull be. Itopt In tho office of tb« Planning Commission and tho duplicate copy shall be kept at the building; at ail times during construction. SECTION 30. ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION In caso nn application In mndo for a permit, as required In Section 29 of thin ordinance, for nny build hip. structure or other Improvement in nny district with which IH combined an -It district, said application shull be nccompnnled by drawings or sketches ohnwlnK tho front, sides and rear elevations of the proposed building, structure or other Improvement, or of the building, structure or other Improvement us thn HBIIIH will appear after tho work for which tin- permit Is sought ohnll have been completed. Such Drawings or nketches shall b« considered by Ihn Plnnnlntr Commission In an endenvor to provide thnt mich buildings, structures and ollior Improvements shall be so designed and constructed thnt they will not bo of unsightly, undesirable or obnoxious appeuram-n to tho extent that they will hinder the orderly and harmonious development of the County, Impair the desirability of residence, Investment or occupation In Iho County IIH appcnrlnir to travelers pnsslng through or (raveling In the County, limit tho opportunity to iiltaln Iho optimum use and value of land and Improvements, Impair tho desirability of living condltloiiB In Iho name or adjacent UKrlcullurul or residential arena, and/or otherwise ad- vorsnly affect the general prosperity nnd welfare. To thl* end, tho Planning Commission shall miirgoht any chnnges In thn |ilnn« of sneh proposed buildings, structures and other Im- provemenls which U rimy deem to be necessary to uToinpllnh the purposes of this section, and Hhnll not approve any mich plans until It Is satisfied that »iirh purposes will bo ucoompllNhml thereby. In caso the applicant IH not (-allsflcd with the notion of the Planning ConimlSBlon, he may, within thirty <80> days after such action, appeal In writing to the Board of Kupervlgor*. Said Monrd shall hold H hearlim on said appeui and shall render Its dncl«lon thereon within thirty filing thereof. (30) No dnvtafter th *«»»«»» nj*.v» vin? r'inft, as pro • '• vlded herein, shall . the plans filed wiih ,..., therefor an required In this section tho adoption of this ordinance, which ?*! a L' ' lrst llttvo 1)<1 . n " approved by Ihn does not conform to the rcRulntlons 'or th« district In which it is located, shall be destroyed by fir*, nxplooton. Act of God or net of the public enemy to the extent of more than »«venty- flve (7fi) -v«r cout of the assessed value thereof according to thn assessment thereof by Iho said Assessor for the fiscal year during which mich destruction occurs, then without further action by tho Board of Huper- vlsors tho said building and tho land on which nald building was located or maintained thuII from and aftor detrimental to the public welfare or Injurious lo properly or Improvo- mentu In mild nelKhborbood. Tho Commission Bhnli thereupon make Its decision on tho said application and Hhnll report mich decision to tho Board of Supervisors within forty-five <4G) dnyx after the flllnis of thn application. In granting any adjustment or variance under tho pruvlnlon* of this section, tho Planning Commission shall designate mich conditions In connection therewith as will, in Its opinion, secure substantially Ihn objectives of the rovulatlon or provision to which Much adjustment or variance Is granted, ns to IlKlit, air, and the public health, safety, morals, convenience nnd general welfare. No permit shall ho l«»uod under the provltttons of this om-lIon unlcNH und until a decision of the Planning ConunUglon. as aforesaid, approving the same, Hhu.ll have been approved nnd confirmed by the Board of Supervisory In reporting Its decision lo the Honril of Supervisors the Pliinnlng Commission shall report Its flndlnns with respect thereto nnd all fncts In connection therewith, nnd nhnll xpenlflcully and fully sel forth nny udjuslment or variance granted and ih* conditions designated. Upon receipt of such report, If the decision of thn Planning < om- mission approved the granting of the application, tho Bonrd of Bupnrvlsors cither shall, by resolution, approve and confirm said decision, whereupon the permit us applied for may Issue; or shall refuse to approve und confirm Much decision. In all faxes tn which adjustments or variances nru granted under thn provisions of Oils section, the Planning Commission shall require suoli evidence and K-iiurnnl*nn UN H may d«*em to be necessary Hint thn conditions designated In connection therewith aro bc- intf and will be compiled with. Tho Planning Commission shall Imvi power to hear und decide appeals Involving Ihn enforcement of this ordinance when surh appeals are bawnd upon question* of Iho Interpretation thereof, SECTION 33. USE PERMITS Use permits may be IftMied for any ot tho following In any district: 1. Any of the u«cn or purpniins for whli-h Kuuh permits urn required or by tho provisions ot this the date of such .destruction be sub- 2. Public utility or public nervlr« Planning V^m'ml^lonoV'by h.'Hoard! !Tt"«" r mihllr I" 1 """'" T** n , '"V^ of Supervisors. Upon mich approval i "V'P "* r *'"'" l> v for (ho public health, tho Planning Commission or su °lM " a . °V.'' roMVn ' 1 ' e "«9 or welfure. officer or employer, thereof an said I ...i: ( °"V"" r ^'»'. »*r«yatln* . of. nnt- of K=i »' 0 '' °' npon tho tho County. Any faihiro to post public notices | or to mull postal "•*•.**«•* NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS KliALKD PKOPOSALS will bo re- dinance. for amendment of this or. following the aforenald hearings the Planning Communion shall nmko a report of Its findings and recommendations with respect to the proposed ntnntidmont nnd shall flln with «he Bonn] of Supervisors an attested copy of such report within nlnoly (90) days aftor Iho date of Ihn meeting at which said Commission ant thn times und places for unlcl hfnrlngs. Failure of tho Planning Commission so to report within said ninety (90) days shull bo dnnmod to bo approval of tho proposed amendment by said Planning Commission. Upon receipt of such report from the Planning Commission, or upon Ihn expiration of such nlnqly OO) dnys us nfornsnld. tho Hoard of Supervisors shall sot tho matter for public hoarlng after notlco thereof and of the propound amendment, given n» provided by Inw. After tho conclusion of such hearing tho Board of Supervisors may adopt Iho amnnd- ment or any part thereof sot forth In thn petition or In th* resolution of Intention In mich form ns said Board may doom to b« advlaubln. The decision of tho Hoard of Supervisors shall bo rendered within sixty («0) dnyii nftcr thn receipt of u ration and ronommondatlons from the Planning Commission or after the expiration of such nlnoly (90) days, us aforesaid. Upon tho consent of tho Planning Commission any pntltlon for nn nni«nr)rn<int may bn withdrawn upon the written application of a majority of nil (he pnrmiii.i who signed such petition. Tho Hoard of Suporvluors or (he Planning Commission, ns the Division of Hlghxi-aya. at the office of the District Knglneer. Stata Highway Building. Fresno, California, until 10:00 o'clock A. M.. on September 28, lose, at which time they will bo publicly opened and read for performing work as follows: Kern County, at railroad crossing one mile east of Roseiittla (VI-Ker.fiS-L). about twenty-three hundredth), (0.!J) mile In length, to be (traded and surfaced with crusher run base and road mix Burrnclng, Plans may bo seen, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at the above address. No bid will be received unless It t* mndo on a proposal form furnished by the District Knglneer. Each bid must b« accompanied by cash or a certified cheok or cashier's check made payable to thn Director of Public Works for an amount equal to at least ten per cent (10«t) of th* amount bid, such guaranty to bo forfeited should the bidder to whom tho contract I* awarded fail to enter Into the contract, Tho Department of Public Works reserves tho right to reject any or all bids. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter I9T. .Statute* of 1931, the De- jmrttnent of Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing rate of u-oces applicable to the work to b* done to b* as follows; Classification— Rate per hour Tractor driver (50 h.p. and over) jLOO Roller operator (finishing high type pavement, including nub- case may be. nmy by resolution. *'rnV foV'.'imi) """"" " WD ' 100 abandon any proceeding for an | Carpenter ""'"' }•" amendmont Initiated by UN own reso- ' Operator of "nn»»' ",W«.' lutlon of Intention, provided that such j other excavntu£ eauh ffi*sxs&v£ ^ri 1 ;^ *%£ 5^v£S""~ taT * iha? :^ ^fr's- :fthTJafi i BI — «">""-«-"•' grader operator (finish l.M 1.00 o»^,.^ HS b * 8 " *' V '" * hR " b " helJ - nra «»"« ''P*™tor'<iicept'shoT'e! SECTION 30, FORM OF PETITIONS. I type) i jj APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS ] n..|nf..rclng atcel worker...';!;." liltt Tho Planning Cominls«lon shall In j ''"/"'man 1.375 Its rules prescribe the form and *cope » a'nter J.QO of nil petition!!, applications and HII-i L oncr< ' te vibrator operator 1.00 peals provided for In this ordinance ' T . ra e< o r driver (under SO h.p) (I und or accompanying datu to bo fur- '< ~ r " r >< driver fleas than 4 cubic nlnhnd t,n nn io ntttniro Iho fullest ! — >'"™s water level capacity) «t practicable presentation of facia for I Tnloh ''river (4 cublo yards wa- :>rop*r consideration of Hi* matter | ' Br l<vv « >1 capacity or more) TS SECTION 31. CERTIFICATES OF OCCUPANCY ,, .. :— ; -•- ••-•• i No vacant land In any dlslrloj es- o all thn regulations specified tabllshod by Ihlw urr1lnanri<, except I. «,-.»„„,.,.„ ,„„ ,t,« ..I....... «-! any A ., Of A .JJ d(||tl . lct wkh wh ,£ h no -II district IN cumbfnnil, nhall here- . •<> ,iv,<;i> vf HI i*-nni ui«w ol uie pell- » - "••* • nny Institutional u»o exUliii'g'l'n uny ! tlo "* r "' """Ming to the truth and ; Mechanic (troubhj shooter) U district at i he tlinu of tho ealab- i correctness of all farts ami maps pro- I Concrete worker for structure* of such district J?" 1 ';' 1 wlth »»' d P»l»l«"i. Such verl- i <«'«« and dryl 7t ,. locution of unv nf ' fixation (.hall b« dated and attested i Coin-rule mixer operator (except i In n district from] b»for« a notary public or before the] raving type* «.Topprm in CM! distributor boot man.... trlcls Nothing shall ' chanff ... designated front half of tho lot Is ater than grea on* (1) foot rise or fall in a distance of seven (7) •foet from tho established street elevation at the property line, or whore the rlovntlon of the lot at variance!*, except thai: ordinance and uny such permit or -. \. No publlc hearing noed be hnM J license, If Indued in conflict wtlh tl;«» ii«.. "i 't—f- i"i, ", construe-i Application for it certificate of oo- :!.°J! ".AW?* defined to be the ac- j cupancy for u new building or for tual placing of construction materials In their pormunent position tautened In u permanent manner; except that where n basement i» being excavated, such excavating irtiall" be drj«med to be actual construction; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure has bean begun preparatory to rebuilding, such demolition or removal shall be deemed to be actual construction; provided that in an CUHCN actual construction work uhall bo diligently carried on until tho completion of Iho-building or structure involved. Regardless of any other provision of tm* ordinance, any jqnk ywtf which, after the adoption of thU or* d Inane*, exists an a non-conforming us* In any "n". "C" or .H district above or below tho established street elevation, a private .garage may bei sane*. »nd rttaU be abated, removed or changed to « conforming um with" an existing building which hue been altered or moved shall be mad* u,t the »*m« time aa the application for a permit for such building a* required In Section 28 of this ordinance. Said certificate shall be Issued within three (t) day* *ft«r » written request for th* same shall have been made to the Planning Commission or to said officer or employee thereof after the erection, alteration or moving Of such building or part thereof Shall harvo boon completed In conformity with the provisions of this ordinance. Pending the licuanoo of njch a ror- tlfleato, a temporary certificate of occupancy ro»y be limited ' Hannln*; CommUslon or by ,_ _,. fleer or employee thereof tor K. period _ WORKS DIVISION OP HlOirvTAYS. thereon; 'provided, however, thut"iiiei provisions of YhlVoVdlTiance, 'shall "bo State HljrhVay Engineer. Planning Coinmlsnton may hold such I null and void. i By R. M. OILJJS. rings thereon <t« it may deem'to j It shall be thn duly of ihV Plan- I District Engineer, Dtst, Vt HtutiiiBjLry; niid provided, further, i ning ComnilHitioii to enforce the pro- t>at»J, September 11. m«. thai u public bearing shall be held on j vl«lous of this ordinance pertaining ' Published September It tn 14. Inc. y&Ae/t't-AUl y M- , , / -' ,'.C '-,-"^^^^^a •' any application for a u*e permit for the establishment of any use listed In the preceding paragraph numbered "B" of thin section. 2, The finding* of the Planning Commission, except an otherwise provided In tht» section, need Include only that the establishment, maintenance and/or conducting of the Use for which * u»e par ml t \t sought will not, under the circumstances of the pwUeuUr co»* be detrimental to t*io health, «amy, moral*, comfort, convenience, or general welfare of person* r**UMo* or working TH th* neighborhood of juch use and will not, under the plrpumsunco* of th* --"-•»« detrimental to the Injurious to prop. to the erection, construction, rocon- "(motion, moving, conversion, ullera- I. tlon or addition to any building or WINE TASTERS BialKDFOLDBD " ' ~'—' "' ~ ~ * — — structure. U «hall be tho duty of the Sheriff of the County and of the officer of (ho County herein and/or otherwise charged by law with the enforcement of thl* ordinance to enforce this ordinance and «U the provisions of the wane. Any person, firm or corporation, whether as principal, agent, employee or otherwise, violating any of the provisions of this ordlimnoo shall b* guilty of a misdemeanor, arj upon I conviction thereof shall be puttUihaMe & _ ,. , ., ^ . . . i . . by • fine or not more than Three! BetdeUohte* have celebrated their Hundred UOO) Dollar* or toy tawia-j »l*ty-auah , SANTA CRUZ. Sept. 84. (U. Seoluj; la not necessary for believing with wine tasters. Twenty from th« University ot California, all blindfolded, lasted (3 stunp pronounced, alt "sound"; 20 as urd for boullns" and 15 as MARK «TH WEDDING UPPER 8ANT3USKY,

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